“Oh my god I got so much information my brain can’t reciprocate all this stuff”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 18-56-47-006_jpg

6:54pm Storage room Goblins
James tells them Austin and the Twins are on board with keeping Vanessa.
They agree to form a goblin circle in the goblin den once Becky goes to work out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 19-09-13-703_jpg

Goblin form their circle
James – Oh my god I got so much information my brain can’t reciprocate all this stuff, I knew Becky was a snake in the grass
Meg says Becky was in the have nots when he was talking to Austin she told them they can’t trust Austin “I don’t know, none of it sounds good”
James starts to upload the information to them from his conversations with Austin and Vanessa.
James says everything vanessa is telling them is genuine it’s very detailed (Zomg)
Meg – even if she’s making things up there’s still truth in they’re (Zing Zomg)
James tells htm about Becky thinking he’s sexist so when he’s in power Becky tries to be the “women in the house” to romance him
James mentions Becky was feeding information to Shelli and Clay when he was HOH that is why they knew.
Meg thinks it was a bit of Vanessa/Becky
James tells JAckie Becky was telling them she can’t talk game with Jackie because she’s all over the place.
Becky was telling Shelli and vanessa that James was the target of Becky’s
James goes off about the 3 steps Becky did to prove to Shelli, Clay and Vanessa she’s loyal.
James – she told them she was part of the night crew gathering information from us, She switched to the day crew
James says Austin is agreeing with a lot of things Vanessa was saying.
James brings up Steve telling vanessa he’s sticking with Shelli and Johnnymac
James- you can’t trust Steve if you tell him something it goes to shelli
James- there was a lot of talk
James – Austin is onboard with whatever we need to do
James wants them to meet, “there’s all this other stuff they’ll tell ya”
The Goblins agree Becky is keeping Shelli safe because Becky knows Shelli is coming after them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 19-15-03-690_jpg

Austin rolls into the goblin circle they starts whispering to Austin about Becky talking shit.
James- the floaters are coming together and picking us apart
Meg – this is a game changer week
Austin – if Becky and Vanessa fight it out we’re safe same with you guys
The Goblins tell Austin the scariest Combo in the game is Johnnymac, Steve, Becky and Shelli.
Austin – that’s the final three the generals (Assuming Shelli goes home)
They all start laughing at the general’s (whenever Jackie laughs it always gets me)

Jackie asks him who are the twins and Austin targeting
Austin doesn’t have a issue with Becky but he’s really worried about Johnnymac and Steve
They all have noticed Johhnymac has the majority of the Diary room sessions. Austin jokes he’s had 40 today.

Austin starts pushing the agreement to keep each other safe through double eviction.
Austin brings up Becky saying She can’t talk game to Jackie but can’t take her out that is why Becky was trying to get Clay to take her out
Jackie – I’m loyal to my people

Austin says Becky is trying to create all these 3 persona alliance and sit herself at the top of them all.
Jackie – Vanessa is doing that too (-Zomg! the goblins are completely confused)
Austin – Who’s playing HOH this week Vanessa, and who is vanessa going after Becky,..
James – and it’s double eviction
James says Vanessa has more about Becky that she’ll tell them tonight
Jackie tells them she’s worried by all these stories Vanessa has “It’s not a good thing”

They agree Shelli is stronger in competitions than Vanessa.
They laugh that Johnnymac gets so much Diary room time she’s explaining all their conversations for the show.
Austin – what if he’s a mole for Production

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 19-25-47-551_jpg

Austin leaves
they goblins say they trust Austin
Jackie – He wants to protect his girls like you want to protect us
Meg says Austin and the twins are not as close to Vanessa. Meg thinks Vanessa is that groups 4th person like Becky is their 4th person

The goblins agree to tell Vanessa they will vote to keep her if she agrees to not put them up during double eviction.
James – 5-3
Jackie – no 6-2
James- johnnymac and Steve
Meg says until Becky told her she didn’t trust them last week that is when she got worried about her.
Meg – she doesn’t have our best intentions
james- she’s in it to win it
The goblins agree they are ride or die with each other.
Jackie brings up she doesn’t like to talk game with anyone but the goblins.
the rest of the goblins agree.
Jackie says once Shelli was giving her advice telling her to sprinkle game talk with everyone. The goblins think this is a stupid idea.
(Damn this season is good)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 19-41-44-296_jpg

7:40pm Twins Liz is making food

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 19-49-52-752_jpg

7:52pm Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa says Steve lied to him. Explains she’s been workign with steve kinda helping him out, “He’s working with Shelli and Johnnymac now..”
They agree it’s “So stupid” for James to keep Shelli because she’s going after him
Austin joins them.
Vanessa – I have to have one on ones with each of them.
Austin tells him the goblins are nervous that she more information that some of it are lies .
Vanessa- she’s not a floater she’s a flip flop she’s worst
Vanessa says steve made a major mistake turning his back on her.
Vanesa – he told me today he’s not voting for me
Austin – did he really say that
Vanessa – Austin he said it.. he told me to my face he said I’m being shitty
Austin – Double eviction is so easy we’re all going to be safe JOhnnymac is going home
Austin – unless steve and johnnymac win I have no idea what Steve and johnnymac are doing
Vanessa says they have to still be nice to STeve let him know Freaks and geeks are good.
Austin – she’s done everything wrong.. She f***d up
Austin leaves.
Vanessa asks Julia if she knows the expression a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Julia does
Vanessa says that is Steve

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 20-42-12-587_jpg

8:00pm Steve and Shelli
Steve saying he’s going to vote to keep Vanessa because of an earlier 2 week deal.
Steve – You’re staying no matter what at this point.. you have the votes from the gremlins and johnny
Shelli – what if the gremlins flop
Steve – The gremlins won’t flop
Shelli says right now she has few people to trust
Shelli says she was nervous about the 8 person alliance Vanessa made to turn on Steve, Shelli and John.

Steve tells her Austin is pressuring him to keep Vanessa.
Steve – I need you here
Steve says he needs her here more than Vanessa.

Shelli tells him she will put up Austin and a Gremlin is she stays. A gremlin would go home.
They agree to work with Austin to get rid of the gremlins once Vanessa goes.
Shelli – if we’re close to the twins Austin is extremely forgiving.

Steve says he will use his vote to build trust with Austin.
Shelli – if you vote for Vanessa the gremlins will know
Steve – its’ the same thing with Johnnymac and jeff , Jason and Da

8:34pm Julia joins them. Shelli asks her if she will do what Liz did if she won HOH
Steve – that’s putting her on the spot
Julia doesn’t answer. Julia leaves.
Shelli says Austin will only do what Vanessa is telling him.
Steve – asutin knows Vanessa is goign right now
Shelli – he does?
She wonders why Austin is pressuring him to vote out shelli.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 20-12-50-432_jpg

8:10pm Hammock Becky and Johnnymac
Becky – I’m so scared Vanessa is coming back
jmac – we’ll get her out again
Becky – stay tuned while I take out my first target things are going to get intense.
John – you’ve ever been attacked by a bear
Becky – only once..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 20-25-00-425_jpg

8:20pm Goblins in the hot tub forming a goblin circle
Talking that Austin and the twins are too sacred to turn on them right now.
Meg says once Shelli is gone it’s going to be Steve, John and Becky
Jackie – we need to get all of them on our side.. Steve and johnny mac
jackie points out that Becky is really pushing to get Austin and the twins out next week.
Jackie wants Vanesa out of the house next week
james – I’m putting Vanessa straight up if I win
Meg – I would be fine with Johnnymac going out too, Austin’s right he’s shady
The goblins agree Steve is better to keep in the house than johnnymac
meg – put those two up, Vanessa and Johnnymac, we have the numbers.
Meg – leave the noms the same and if someone wins put up steve
James – ya
Jackie – Ok
James wants to get Johnnymac out if vanessa put up becky and jmac.
Jackei – we have the numbers
Meg – how many numbers do we need
James – we’re almost to the point where we control their vote.. all it takes is three.
Meg says Austin and the twins never win HOH they always hold three votes.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 20-40-47-569_jpg

8:35pm Twins in the hammock room
Liz telling him that Steve, Johnnymac and Shelli formed an alliance.
Julia is pissed about Shelli asking her who she is targeting.
Julia never answered
Liz – she’s been following you around like a leech(?) you need to tell her she can’t talk to you like that
Liz tells her to not give SHelli any more information”She’s gone”
Julia says she doesn’t know what’s going on right now.
Liz – we need to talk to Austin he knows everything

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 20-47-42-081_jpg

8:50pm they get 4 beers and a bottle of wine.

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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NOO becky was helping the goblins out as much as herself when getting vanessa out, do the goblins notrealize vanessa leaving will help their game just as much for themselves?? I thought they were solid with becky, but now these fools are about to lose becky and johnnymac as allies, and probably even waste the double eviction on johnnmac steve or becky =l they need to get their heads in the game and stop making buffoons of themselves

Dead Men Walking

Thanks Steve!! DIDN’T MOM TEACH YOU HOW TO PLAY THE SWING VOTE?? How did this BB prodigy manage to SELL OUT his numbers heavy Goblins alliance and TELL BOTH VAN & SHELLI HE CAN’T VOTE FOR EITHER OF THEM.

Is it ego, feeling self importent he scurries from group to group and between nominees kvetching HE’S having a bad day deciding who to vote for and which promises to keep???

Does the hermit JMAC know misguided Steve has RATED ON EVERYONE now even Vanessa vows to take him out before the reviled Becky?

Shallow short-sighted James WHO CAN’T REMEMBER ANY CONVOS OR FACTS is looking out for himself and will take any fictional reason to FLIP and keep Vanessa to avoid getting evicted from the shirt-stealing Shelli. Meg squeals, James we gotta protect your game, you’re the only one on our team who wins or plays!

Jackie tried to defend Becky that Vanessa Clelli forced her to defect while she was on the block, but Meg James don’t care “she called me sexist” waaahhh, “she stole my t-shirt” waaahhh- “she can’t cook her way to the top”. James conveniently left out he didn’t negotiate a thing, IN FACT HE AGREED TO GET STEVE JMAC OUT DURING DE. Coward James so scared of Shelli, he’s GOT NO ONE LEFT ON HIS TEAM TO PLAY OR VOTE!!

He gets what he deserves, Meg to cry for him at his funeral. Happy Birthday Jason Meg & James blew up your alliance and handed your check to Vanessa! Bye-bye Steve & JMAC you didn’t play anyway, you were gonna hide and pop up at Finale? See you Shelli! Too smug to campaign to save face while Clay Steve JMac campaign & sacrifice their game for you?

Austin knows the score but he’s getting by nodding his head in agreement, cuz he’s at camp with a girl! You’re no Barbarian nobly protecting your women, you’re leading them to slaughter, coasters don’t win BB.


I can’t really blame the goblins, Shelli hasn’t talk to them and Jmac has been spending time with Steve and Shelli. If Jmac and Steve stepped up their game and talk some sense into the goblins they could solidify something and go after Vanessa and Austwins. As it stands they look like watchers waiting for Austwins and Goblins to go and attack each other and take out whichever team is left standing. Vanessa is playing a very strong game, no matter how frantic and how crazy she looks like, she has complete control over austin and his minions and is doing everything to secure the votes for herself. Shelli on the other hand is playing stupidly and relying on the words of the current HOH who has no control over her “alliance”.

No Respect for No Game

Hiding and playing dumb until they’re left standing at Finale is not only cowardly, but delusional, neither of which earns respect in Jury Votes. Steve, JMAC, Meg, Liz, Julia, Austin like half the cast is waiting for Production to tell them what to do in between pill dispensery visits & creepy hookups. Becky, Shelli and Vanessa are the only players, and the next to go.

Professional floating & coasting, screeching about lies. rats and loyalty with hours of sobbing can’t really qualify as game play can it? It’s as if, instead of collecting unemployment, they showed up at BB for free food and rent.


This decision will make or break their games. By saving Vanessa, they are ridding themselves of a dangerous Shelli but keeping a potentially more dangerous Vanessa. Vanessa will then have Steve, Austin, Julia, and Liz on her side. Vanessa will probably target Becky during the double eviction or potentially Johnny Mac. But after those two, the goblins are basically screwed.


I don’t even know what to think! I just want to watch drama so let’s get to it lol


Omg Jackie and them shorts yo


When I look at Liz and Austin I think of beauty and the beast.

Becky's fart

If Liz does not like Austin in a romantic way, I only don’t understand why she is whoring her self into him. In my opinion, I believe that she is a broke marketing intern by the day, but a rich prostitute by night.


Shooooot so what I wish i had her broke ass by day and filthy rich ass playing with me all night


When I look at Becky and Jackie I think in between the sheets…
Or some where else…

is it just me

you are right austin is pretty hot

Ariana Grande stinks!

All these swings make this season absolutely brilliant, but the Goblins will SOOOOOO get screwed up by keeping Vanessa in the house…

Ms Chiff

Wonder if there’s a chance things could swing back again in the other direction by Thursday, once Shellie get wind of the change in plans.

If she could promise JJM safety and suggest other targets, they might be happy to stick with the plan?

Which would be a bit of a let-down after all the excitement and drama of this week lol – and maybe the producers think so too, so maybe things are pretty much locked in place … but wow, is there going to be major drama once the rest of the house finds out!


Brokeback to BrokeAss: James vs. Shelli for the Love of Clay

Congratulations & Great Job Shelli! Your love for Clay, a 40-day day illusionary sho-mance:

Why not PLAY the game rather than cuddle in bed, sob, in bed, plan a marriage, mother his sloppy game?
Why not be friendly with everyone rather than abuse your power and treat everyone as subjects? Why rely on Vanessa for every plan and relationship? Oh yeah your busy with your weave and 7 layers of makeup to impress Clay. Why refuse to campaign and force Steve, Becky JMAC to be your negotiators and sacrifice their game? Oh yeah, you were busy sobbing into your pillow for days, fighting over Clay’s SHIRT alienating the remaining safety net alliances.

Now that Production fixed Vanessa’s makeup, took off her sunglasses she doesn’t resemble Audrey and can take another stab at RANTING PEOPLE TO DEATH til they want to commit game suicide and hand her the check to get away. She asked DR for sleeping pills and apparently got them. Now her #1 target is RAT James & RAT JMac for not following orders, and telling others of her plans. Bible in hand, she is resurrected to give James another couple of lies to pin on Shelli Becky so he can have Clay’s SHIRT all to himself. Coward, he wouldn’t bury the hatchet with Shelli for a big numbers Goblin alliance, he’s fighting to the death over Clay with the help of his useless NO-mance Meg. And then there were 3…WAY TO KILL YOUR OWN ALLIANCE JAMES & MEG cuz Vanessa & Austin gonna put you first? No Waaaaaayuh!


I think it will flip back at least once more. Lol. But ultimately James will most likely go against Becky. Becky just did way too much. Honestly that’s why I was surprised at the way Becky was acting toward vanessa, she just has too much info on her.


If you have cable, watch bb after dark on pop channel 46.


I hope Steve talks to Austin, Vanessa, and James and let them know that he is voting to KEEP Vanessa and I hope Vanessa gets her throwing Steve under the bus butt out during DE…good God what a witch she is…she has such an entitlement, typical narcissist

Goblins FTW

Shelli, Show some respect. It’s Goblins, not gremlins. It’s a Titanic Battle between the Witch of the West and her valiant Goblin warriors vs the Witch of the East and her scurrilous Rat Brigade. AAARRGH!!! Go Goblins Go! BRING ME HER HEAD!!!! 1

Angela M

My brain is on overload! What a crazy fun season thus far! Can’t wait for Thursday!


Does anyone watch BB After Dark?


So basically – if I want Johnny-Mac or Steve to win – then Vanessa needs to go. And if I want James or Jackie to win then Shelly needs to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing any of these 4 win – so I guess it really is a toss-up! Though I think Johnny-Mac & Steve need Vanessa to go a lot more than James & Jackie needs Shelly to go. Let’s just hope they are both gone after D.E.! Gosh – this season has been so much better than last year’s!! I love that there are so many different ways that things could go. At this point, it really is anyone’s game to win!!

Random Thoughts

Personal biases aside, this has been a fun couple of weeks. Some great big brother action.


Gave you a thumbs up, but I am still going to throw a tantrum if Vanessa stays!


No doubt!


Agreed this so far has been filled with good drama and passion for this BB season….these players get it and are greatly entertaining…pick your fav and root or not your fav and find yourself emerged deep in the BB experience…I love this show..
I also love me some Becky and Jackie….hell yeah…yummy!!!!!!!!


Honestly, BB17 might be the best post BB10 season, this is just non stop craziness and gameplay. This is casts phenomenal and just keeps on delivering.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Producers cast a good mix of personalities – the people-pleaser, the narcissist, the overly dependent, the follower, the compulsive liar etc…It makes for good television.


So, oh so, very disappointing that Vanessa is staying. I could give two sh1ts who wins or goes next. I just wanted Vanessa out. Sad face!


I’m pretty sure Vanessa and Steve will be right as rain again once Vanessa catches her breath. She’s dragging him through the 3 circles of hell right now, much like she did Austin. He’s just in a ridiculous position right now, on a torture rack, Becky and Johnny Mac pulling on the right arm and Vanessa pulling on the left arm.


Look at the the gremlins trying to talk all smart and use big words. Anyone whose seen my comments knows I don’t just make personal attacks just for the sake of it. But man this cast friends……

Austin – I actually just feel bad for you at this point. You are half getting used and half clearly strugglig with some issues you have with women.

Liz- you are the living and breathing example of why I don’t trust anybody. Especially woman. (Save your hate, cause everyone’s been burned by a bitch. I have a mom and sisters and I love then dearly. Doesn’t mean I trust them)

Julia- Biiiiitch

Vanessa- Audrey 2.0? Nah. Mecha-Streisand for sure.

Steve- again, I just feel sorry. But you’re young so here’s to hoping.

Shelli- conceited much? Too bad cause you were really one of the only game players this season. It’s a great quality for BB, but only if you can own it, and check it.

Meg- “Shut up Meg”

James- I expected nothing less from the hillbilly Asian

Jackie- man I was really hoping to see something good from you. Stupidity IS apparently contagious folks. Where’s the vaccine?

Jmac- I don’t actually have much to say here. Waited too long to start playing for sure, but with people dropping like flies I really can’t blame him. Entertaining though.

Am I forgetting anyone? Or right Becky……

Chill this Town

ugh, Becky talked too much about it. talked too much in general.

the only good thing for team J-MAC that can come out of this is if the double eviction still sends the other one out the door. Vanessa/Shelli, Shelli/Vanessa is somewhat irrelevant, but if Vanessa is still in the house after the double, J-MAC is in a lot of trouble, which sucks.

I expect MAC to just sort of disappear again and let Becky and Steve get angry and put targets on their backs, but I am totally interested to see how Becky responds. she was on her high horse this week with a lot of confidence. I wonder how she will respond to being made the fool in the week she felt she was the puppetmaster.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Becky is so busy patting herself on the back for a job well done, that she doesn’t notice that James, Jackie and Meg are all noticeably absent at the same time. That’s what being overly-confident does to you – secret goblin meetings go unnoticed. I can see JMAC or Steve winning the next HOH, which would be interesting. It would be down-right entertaining if Vanessa won the next HOH, went back on her deal with the goblins, and put Jackie and James on the block. JJM would feel like such fools for voting out Shelli.


It’s very odd because I have seen Vanessa on a few poker tournament shows and she is normally pretty cool, calm and collective. It’s weird to see her so manic on this show like this. Her profession is poker playing. This is a small excerpt on her wiki page. She might be acting and this is all just a long con.
“In college, she was on the Dean’s list. After studying some game theory, she became proficient with the Rubik’s Cube and then chess. However, because she considers both to be fairly objective static games, she began to prefer poker, which incorporated human psychology that allows for inferior hands to win. She graduated early from Duke University after two and a half years with a major in economics and a minor in political science in December 2003. Her collegiate duration of two and a half years was the shortest time to graduate in the history of Duke. Rousso began law school in 2004 and was the inaugural recipient of the Chaplin Scholarship from the University of Miami. During Law School at the University of Miami School of Law, she served on the editorial board of the University of Miami Law Review.”

GeekSquad McGee

That honestly sounds like something she wrote herself.

Read Her Real Press

interviews about Vanessa with players on tour are hilarious and she uses her scream of consciousness non-stop lectures there too. She has a reputation and us actually called crazy. She can’t discuss play, strategies or mistakes, she spews torrents of unintelligible arguments until others give up. Maybe why she’s applied to BB so often instead of tv hosting gigs, she’s not interested in anyone’s else’s opinion or experience.

She’ll be back in the block soon, Austin & Twins are really scared of her, realize she throws everyone under her wheels. And they can’t relax around her, these are the good old days and they just want to have fuuuuunuh!


I’m Dizzy 🙁


I hope this decision bites the G-Crew in the ass. I’m in the West Indies (Grenada), any one know how I can see Thursday’s show? Stupid football! Can you put it on this site Simon or Dawg? I remember watching the BBCA 1 Finale that way. Please..


I want one of the Austwins out soon!! Preferably Liz or Austin. Ugh. Break them up soon. I prefer Shelli to stay because I can’t stand Vanessa. The bully then victim crap that Vanessa pulls drives me insane.


I can’t wait till Thursday to hear ……
WELCOME TO BIiiiiiiG BROTHERrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Rubber Duckie

My little yellow brain hurts! So much talking!! Ahhhhhh don’t these people come with a mute button!

Hey sharky, what you doin’ with that slopcorn? You’re loving this shit!!!


I’m all for talking long term and thinking about the ramifications for your vote but JJM is killing me with their “who we put up when we win the next HOH”. I don’t really care which of the girls go home this week but I’d love to see Steve or Johnny Mac win and see all 7 of them shaking in their boots!

Mrs. Mac

God I really hate Meg.


She really is completely useless. Even Victoria could be counted on to vote the way she was told.


Every chance Jackie gets, she tells her Goblin circle she wants Van out. Then win it Jackie.

Ohhh Brother...

Isn’t Jackie going for the 2nd DE HOH win? HaHa!!! Too bad she’ll have been evicted during the 1st DE when Vanessa or Austin or the twins put their dumbasses up…Such nitwits this group.

Uh huh...

What a bunch of fools JJM are being right now…

If you say you’d target Van next week anyhow then why the hell wouldn’t you just take her out now, let Becky think she’s in good with you, and then surprise her next week by getting her on the block if you get the chance.

If you keep Van around then you’ve got her remaining in the game, only with what should be a better take from her on how she needs to be more clever with her maneuverings.

I understand Shelli has shown herself as one of the better players, but take her out when a proper time presents itself (like last f’n week before that somehow got turned around).

I’ve been pulling for JJM, but if they screw this up then they deserve to find themselves being picked off one by one moving forward with Van being a primary force behind making it happen.


Tbh…after seeing Shelly (like what dawg said) “being dangerous” again cutting deals and playing smart with Austwins a while ago JJM’s best option really is to evict her. I know its frustrating that Vanessa might be safe but this decision is I believe the right one for JJM. We are all just getting annoyed that Vanessa might stay but this is the closest we see Jackie and Meg PLAY real BB.
Vanessa is sure desperate and Shelly is more dangerous coming to DE. I want Vanessa evicted this week but Shelly getting evicted first is still fine with me. Vanessa or Shelly I dont care, both of them are members of 6sense anyways, only Vanessa is crazy and Shelly is DANGEROUS. I say go for it..evict Shelly. You have to take chances, its Big Brother. Lets play!!


Please get rid of austin. I cant stand him talking at all or the twins whiny voices.


At this point I don’t even care who they keep. I just want to see fireworks. LOL


Omg these people are soo stupid sometimes. I hope and think that shelli is going to find out what vanessa has been saying, she then will tell steve how she through him under the bus, then it will start getting around the house, shelli will take the chance to start making some deals and they will flip..again..look at last week so much back and fourth, still a lot of game left to be played this week! its going to get crazy..i cant even read the crap that meg says anymore, she is worse than victoria,..how is that even possible!


She definitely gives Victoria a run for her money. I even think Victoria may have understood the game better than Meg does and that’s saying something…… lol


Are you supposed to be able to understand this post?


Julia about Johnny he’s a little ghost and he blends into the wall.James about Becky she is trying to make the Generals happen like the word fetch(movie Mean Girls). lol

BB Party

Boy they sure ration out the alcohol…4 beers and a bottle of wine …U get a Sip. , in a sippy cup LMAO


This is on Shelli. She needed to campaign hard to James to make sure he knew they were good because he very well should want her out. She didn’t do that so….
Jackie Meg and Becky have every reason to want Vanessa out but Becky should have put up a twin and Vanessa to ensure the votes to boot Van. She played scared and now she’s getting screwed. If you are going to make a bold move in this game and be a boss you better grow a pair!

James 2 win

James it’s “regurgitate” not “reciprocate.” He is the Asian Gomer Pyle. I have been for James since day 1 but I am losing confidence. Why can’t the goblins see thru Vanessa? These people are clueless.


I’m so confused….. and annoyed. These people think they’re on Let’s Make A Deal, clearly they haven’t realized yet they’re playing Big Brother. By now they should realize deals get broken and your word in this game means diddly squat. Haven’t they figured out yet Austin is CLEARLY working with Vanessa? And why isn’t Shelli campaigning more? Never assume you’re safe in this game. Why can’t they make a plan and stick to it. I was rooting for James, Jackie and Meg but just the fact they can be so easily manipulated has made me a Becky; a flip flopper. Looks like I’m headed back to team Vanessa lol