“People are treating me like Audrey.. yelling at me and treating me like I’m subhuman”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 19-47-24-531_jpg

7:45pm Spot the Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 19-47-39-543_jpg

7:47pm Hot Tub Meg, jackie, Becky and James
Becky is saying that for this weeks eviction the five people in the backyard are voting out Shelli.
Meg says Steve is going to try and win the HOH and he’s targeting Austin.

Becky says if she has put up Johnnymac Vanessa would have tried to flip the house to get Johnnymac out.
Becky impersonating Vanessa – you’re words are so harsh..
Becky – you straight up told me a lie to my face
Becky – she believes her lies.. pathological
Jackie – she really thought she didn’t do anything
Becky – she’s a lawyer and a professional poker player

Becky is saying they have a strong group of 4 plus Johnnymac and Steve they have the votes. Jackie tells her she’s not switching her vote no way.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 19-51-50-535_jpg

7:50pm Bedroom Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa crying
Vanessa tells him her friends suck even Jason had people sticking close to him.
Vanessa – people are treating me like Audrey
Vanessa – do people even give a shit that I’m, OK .. what the f***
Austin – you said you were coming out.. we all thought you were sleeping
Vanessa- yup..
Austin – do you need anything
Vanessa- nope..
Austin says if she needs anything give him a shout
Austin leaves.. Heads to the kitchen to tell people Vanessa is upset.
Vanessa – my f****g friends F***g joke

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 20-04-39-157_jpg

7:56pm Bedroom Vanessa Julia and Steve
Vanessa crying
Vanessa- what the f*** it’s bullsh1t .. nobody can see me in 5 f***G hours.. that b1tch yelled at me like f**** game me no reason to do this..
Julia- I swear we thought you were sleeping
Vanessa – I know this is big brother I get it
Vanessa – Honestly I don’t give a f**k about the money you guys don’t know me.. I don’t give a f**k about the money..
Steve says he honestly thought she was sleeping.
Vanessa says Becky yelled at her “It’s the rudest thing ever”
Vanessa – do you know why i’m on the block because I don’t
Steve – you’re asking the wrong person, I didn’t see them putting up johnnymac
Julia – they’re so close
Vanessa – just tell me it’s a game move what’s the need of a lie then yelling at me and treating me like i’m subhuman.
Vanessa – she gave her word and she couldn’t keep it and now she’s feeling
Vanessa – I’m not going to give my word I couldn’t keep
Julia suggests they have another talk with Becky
Vanessa – everybody f***g knew and nobody had the balls to tell you and everyone is guilty that is why they are not hanging around me

Vanessa – Steve did you know
Steve – no
Vanessa- everything in my gut is telling me you knew
Steve – I was really suspicious I didn’t know know I kinda knew..
Julia- I swear to god I had no idea..
Vanessa – Steve I knew you knew.. don’t damage your integrity more.. I know you knew she had no reason not to tell you
Steve – It didn’t make sense that Becky would put up Johnnymac I didn’t buy it..
Vanessa – I’m telling you straight up I don’t think she’s a good person.. no grace
Steve and Julia offer to bring her food. She says she’s going back to sleep
Vanessa – I hate these people fake mother f****rs

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 20-31-29-301_jpg

8:28pm Backyard Meg, Johnny Mac, Becky, Jackie
Talking about Vanessa.. bringing up all her lies and bullshit. Shelli joins them. Becky does her Vanessa impersonation. (it’s flawless)

Becky claims she never yelled at Vanessa, says Vanessa was freaking out. Becky won’t talk to vanessa in private nbow because Vanessa is going to make sh1t up.
Johnnymac says nobody is believing her when she says you were yelling at her, “Rwwwhahahawwwwwhahhahwwwwwwwhaha”

Jackie starts saying she’s tired of people bashing each other. (Zong!)
Jackie says it’s a joke Vanessa thought becky was yelling at her “Stern maybe but not yelling”
Shelli – how long did she talk to y’all
Jackie – we were literally sleeping
They explain they were laying down in the have nots with sunglasses on.
Shelli – did y’all respond
Meg – ya a little bit
Jackie – she said she’s going to blow everyones Stuff up
Meg – she said it was really personal what she had
Jackie says vanessa was threatening James if she gets evicted she’s going to taint the jury.
Shelli – well everyone is going to talk in the Jury
Shelli brings up a couple times when Vanessa was stirring up shit with her and Clay.
Becky says this week is so comical the way Vanessa is acting.
Says Vanessa was making Austin feel indebted to her because she didn’t backdoor him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 20-54-24-703_jpg

8:39pm Vanessa continues her Audrey transformation

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 20-46-34-537_jpg

8:45pm Bathroom Austin, Twins
Talking about Vanessa blowing a fuse on him.
They think if Shelli wins HOH they’ll be fine.
Austin – we have to talk to James, jackie and Meg, I have already they said it’s good but you guys should.
They hear someone come in from the backyard.
Austin – Scamper go
Julia leaves the bathroom

They head to the backyard to hang out with the goblins for a minute. Everyone talking about the phrases being used in the house, Brass tacks, beef cakes, Scamper…

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So doesn’t mind when they treat audrey like that??? But she suddenly cares when it’s her being treated like that. She’s honestly a hypocrite lol.

more WTF? Another Alliance?

Vanessa’s first foray into the backyard after self-imposed exile and she announces “I want to form another alliance called The Nice Kids, the other group is called The Mean Kids”

Seriously? All that reflection and Bible study results in more false victim claims, power plays and fight baiting. Can’t she get along for 5 minutes without scapegoating, game talk, and demonizing others? I thought she was alone and wanted friends and real allies? She is actually unable to be diplomatic or build trust, while she lectures everyone else on their approach.

And her direct quotes “I’ve never lied” and “why don’t these people like me after I put them on the block and backdoor them? ” Denial, delusion, demented take your pick. Whatever friends she had left have not schooled her well on how to get back in good graces when they nod heads during psychotic rants, she really doesn’t have a chance does she?


Wow. Perfectly summed up. BB likes to put a smart, yet unstable, person on the show. I thought it was just Audrey this time, but it’s also Vanessa.


It’s laughable hearing her say all of these things and NO ONE calls her out. They just listen to her delusional idea that she has played an honest game and was loyal to every decision she made. SHUT UP about Becky yelling at you. What did you do Jeff? Or JMac? Just because you weren’t yelling and screaming, doesn’t mean you weren’t threatening or trapping.

The Idiots are SUCH SORE LOSERS. They really thought they would be in “power” the entire time. Their sense of entitlement is ridiculous. I really do hate the Twins. They are such bitches.

Like...I'm Jackie

And…why do Becky and Austin owe her for “saving” them?!? She put Becky up to backdoor Austin! Somehow in her warpped mind…they owe her! She is proving to be a horrible person!

Smart Guy

She was one of the only people to talk to Audrey after she was nominated by her own alliance member and she spent a long time telling her everything was going to be ok and talking her down and comforting her and even tried to enlist James because she said he was well spoken and could probably say some good things to make her feel better. All of that even though Audrey tried to turn the house on her in the first week, after she had made an alliance with her. No one else in the house had been done that way by Audrey.

The selective memory of you people is outstanding.

OMG!! James Keeping Van? WTF!!!

Another Phase of Insanity as James Meg Jackie plot EVICTING SHELLI KEEPING VAN?? Is James that abated of Shelli after the shirt stealing prank? Wet himself after Shelli shor the first arrow over his bow? Sure Shelli’s gonna win and target him? Is he petrified Meg can’t win checkers much less a comp and Jackie’s gonna throw it so she gets a full week in the HOH?

They think Vanessa is weak now, they look like idiots. First keeping crybaby Shelli at Sho-mance Clays request, now sh*tting bricks because they didn’t think it through?? So James is gonna screw up 2 HOH’s over Clay’s hoodie. Now they deserve to lose. Could expect it out of Meg, but now Jackie has lost all reason?

Vanessa staged all her crazy, she’s not incapable of winning. It should have been Shelli last week, Van this week. No they vote out weak no-win Clay. JMAC the only halfway decent houseguest to root for. I’m gonna stop watching this Sh*t Show. How’s that for your new alliance name? Here we are playing Bachelorette with the Military Prison Guard throwing away his game over the scorned woman. Good riddance to Shelli, but Underdogs really are losers! Step up wannabe JMAC & Steve!

Canadian Kevin

Seriously. I hope when they get out, they go back and watch the feeds and shows to realize just how fucking stupid they actually are.

James – let’s keep Vanessa
Meg, we have to do it (keep Vanessa), even if Becky is upset.

If they start pissing off their own group, they are just going to be picked off.

And deserve to go home. If they do this, they lose JMac too – and Jmac can work with Austin, the twins and Vanessa no problem.

What a bunch of fucking morons. I had such high hopes for this week too.


I was really hoping the “votes to evict Shellie” was a typo.
Strangely enough, I am torn….on the one hand, get rid of Vanessa.
You don’t make unnecessary enemies (Becky and JohnnyMac), you prove you can be trusted and keep the numbers on your side.
She is sneaky, untrustworthy, drama causing and is proving to be mentally unstable.
Get rid of her and you get rid of the common denominator of the opposing sides in the house as well remove the Twins’ brains.
BUT….getting rid of Shellie removes one person who is influential with the opposing side and you KNOW is gunning for you, it would be the true blindside AND you have exposed Vanessa and destroyed her game in one fell swoop.
Stupid? Probably. But oh, the fallout….


Yes, but you are forgetting one thing: Van told them about Becky throwing James under the bus to clelli, he also now knows it was Becky that wanted to backdoor him. He knows it’s true because Van, Shelli, and Clay already told him last week “a person that seems close to him” wanted him out but they wouldn’t say who. After Van said it, you could tell he sat in the chair and thought about it for a good long while. So in reality, he definitely doesn’t feel like Becky is truly a number for him.


Maybe James thinks now that they’ve all made the jury, Vanessa’s more likely to honor their deal than break it? Also, she threatened to poison the jury for him. And then there’s also the hoodie lol 😮

Her primary targets would probably be Becky and Johnny Mac too, while Shellie’s would for sure be James.

Wonder if the DR has been planting the seeds – they seem to like chaos :/


Agree w/ everything you said 100%. Saw this coming the moment James realized it was Becky who wanted to target him. He’s so sensitive and paranoid about that. Little does he realize he has been everyones target at some point. On the other hand, I don’t know what I’ll miss less, Vanessa’s emotional bullying and self righteous game talk or Shelli’s annoying squeals, shrieks and fake tears. Whatever happens Thursday, the good news is this power duo will finally be separated.


Shelli better wisen up. They keep talking about breaking these pawns up. The only pawns are Austin and the twins. They are the floaters and haven’t won anything, it’s too bad they are so focused on their crappy alliance that they didn’t make a better one or stick to plan to get dead weight out which would have made van and shelli more credible in the other sides eyes. If she would have taken out Austin, twins would have been next its too bad her game will be gone due to protecting 2 twins that can’t win anything


Vanessa’s raccoon eyes look in scary, man she is going crazy, sucks to suck!


Bitch crazy

Becky's boobs

She looks like a Morlock.


I laughed out loud at the Vanessa continues her Audrey transformation. Hilarious!


“Becky – she’s a lawyer and a professional poker player”. All I know is that Becky and JMac are 2 pretty intelligent people. They are quiet, observe and figure a lot of things out accurately.


Becky also was discussing America’s Player and said it could be something weird like making a voodoo doll out of aluminum foil. DINGDINGDING!

Captain Crunch

And Vanessa meltdown has begun…


Becky is Bae as f*ck!

Becky's boobs

Stacked and on the attack.

Uh huh...

Wow… seems pretty clear to me now that Vanessa has some chemical imbalances…

I also just posted the following in the previous update, but seems worth posting here now:

Here’s my real thinking on Vanessa and part of why she’s so upset…

She’s a professional poker player. And despite winning millions, she still applied to the show for five straight seasons. This indicates to me that, while yes, she would like the $500,000 it’s still as equally important for her to win because she’s not just a competitor, but because she also fully believed she’d outplay/smart everyone else. In her mind, she’s “just that good.”

She mentioned at one point that she “just wants to make it to the final four and then just have it play out from there on by whoever wins the HOH’s/Veto’s.” To me, that indicates she went into this game thinking there was no way she wouldn’t make the final four. While she still would want to win it all at that point, final four would have been an acceptable accomplishment for her within the game. It would have been enough to satisfy how great she’d be if she ever got to be a houseguest on Big Brother.

And now, the fact that it seems she is definitely getting booted far sooner then she truly felt she ever would be… well, she really can’t believe it. And in combination with that is the fact she really thinks she executed a brilliant strategy in flawless fashion. It’s all the more reason as to why she’s struggling so much to come to terms with this. I imagine she will at some after being evicted, but right now, it isn’t officially over for her so there’s still that fighting spirit left even though she’s all but officially out of the house.

The other reason she’s so upset is because she really believes all this loyalty nonsense and that she’s been betrayed to the point of thinking “people are so un-evolved… so hurtful.” When it comes to that aspect of it though, she just lacks the ability to step back from things and accurately access the flaws in her game play and what not. She seems to believe she’s 100% right about how she accesses everything which has occurred and that any other take, no matter how much of a minor issue it may be about, is an untruthful take on things.


I agree with your opinion that this is a poker/intelligence pride issue, but I don’t know, if I were her, I wouldn’t have applied to this show.
From personal experience…and also family and dating, I am pretty sure she wasn’t joking that time she said she is bi-polar. Her mood swing to her lows is very extreme and I actually feel bad for her that she’s getting this hate. But Jmac is right, you applied for the show, you should have mentally prepared for eviction.

Uh huh...

I pretty much feel the same. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if she was bipolar. I only heard about her saying that earlier today, but people said they weren’t sure if she was being serious or not about it.

If she struggles with that it would go a long way in coming to an understanding as to why she’s been a bit “off” the past few weeks (in regards to how controlling she was being without even realizing it, etc.) and especially how she’s been since she’s been nominated.

One other thing I was wondering about… have the other houseguests always known she’s a professional poker player. I never heard it mentioned by anyone until written here that Becky mentioned it to some people. I didn’t pay much attention to the first 1-2 weeks though, so I wasn’t sure if it was out there from the start.

I assumed that if it had been though that there would have been more talk about it since at least some would likely have felt it implies she’d be pretty clever, have a good read on people, and let them know she should hold a good poker face.

So basically, how long has this been known about Vanessa within the house, and has there ever been much discussion amongst them about it?

GeekSquad McGee

She talks about poker pretty often. She said that she played pro for two years, probably to cover her bases in case someone recognized her from TV. But she heavily downplayed the extent of it.


I was pretty shocked when Becky said: “she’s a lawyer and a professional poker player”
She went to law school, but didn’t finish, per wikipedia. How does Becky know that she is for sure a professional poker player? I guess Van told them.

Smart Guy

That’s easy for Jmac to say since he goes to bed about 9 every night. If your sole contribution is grunting in the DR, you wouldn’t lose much if you’re evicted. “If you want to keep me, great. If you want to vote me out, cool. I haven’t done anything but grunt in the DR, anyway. UUUUUHH!” 8-D


Here’s the thing… Regardless of how Vanessa has broken down, she ruled the house up until now. She had a hand, and quite possibly a major hand, in how everything played out. She played hard from the get go. If, and when she gets voted out on Thursday, 2 wks away from this game may actually be the very best thing for her. Considering, of course, she comes back in. If she comes back in refreshed, and absent of her ‘psychotic, paranoid’ state of mind, watch out. She could dominate the last few wks like she did the first. I’m not, by any means, a fan of hers, but she ‘went too deep in this’. Let her come out, see just exactly how big the ocean is again, and she won’t try to swim it the 2nd time. Houseguests be warned

Good Bet

Good points, I bet you’re right. Do you think her extreme emotional break is purely chemical and ego bruising or has she lost some other financial career type opportunity? Do you think she was shooting for some fame, more TV cred or celebrity exposure for her career, endorsements, a reality or hosting gig?

Also what seems to have hit her hard was the lack of personal connection with the housemates. She said something about always ending up alone in life, this house is like her real life, she had trouble trusting partners, cheating partners, Mel & her don’t have access to each others phones etc. She was only married for a year? Do you think she cane to make friends?

If she’s a professional gamer, doesn’t she have better coping skills than most to deal with loss, miscalculation, adjusting game theory? She is personalizing it sooo much, while others remind get its a game, involves chance, randomness of the universe and perhaps misperception, bad info and a faulty decision or 10?

She doesn’t have much empathy whether she’s horrified being compared to Audreys instability or others reaction to her. She didn’t mind making Jason pack over and over despite his job loss and lodgings in mom’s basement.

The guys don’t collapse in hystrionics when they’re on the block and demanded for it as if they are stupid, don’t care, deserve it or are expected to beast all types of humiliation. James JMAC Jason Steve all repeat pawns with no breakdowns or victim rage. Vanessa behaves as if she’s entitled, galley to be treated like anyone else. Maybe it’s the cult of personality & celebrity like Frankie, she can’t conceive of her failure or the idea that others don’t love her for her mistreatment. She used everyone so completely by putting people on block and demanding multi-layered deals for protection, like classic extortion.

Definitely a wake up call. Hope she pulls it together. It could be a great learning experience. Even if she’s killing future TV opportunities. Unless there’s a Housewives of the Poker Tour in development.


Vanessa has ADD and since I have slight OCD I recognize similar traits to a way bigger extreme so I think that she may have a mid to high level OCD.
I was curious about her real life and background, so I looked her up on Wikipedia today.- – she has always been an extremely competitive, over-achiever. Valedictorian, debate team, played a few different sports teams, etc, etc, 4.0 all the way through highschool. Then went on to study at Duke, with a major in economics and a minor in something I can’t remember but she graduated in only 2.5 years which is a record at Duke, was on the dean’s list and was involved in too many other academic extra curriculum activities to remember. After Duke, she went on to law school, involved in organizations, and started playing poker on the days that she did not class. In less than a year she had already won one cash prize of over $200k. It’s amazing how quickly she became one of the most $successful careers of all female poker players. She was also a part of a group that got the laws changed for online gambling. She was asked to teach a poker seminar to Forbes 100 most successful women.
She has a lengthy and very impressive resume. After reading through it, it helped me understand how such a smart and strategic person played her BB game with so many flaws.
It also had me scratching my head as to how it took so long for someone like her to loose her mind in a house full of brainless children who can’t even clean up after themselves or flush the toilet after taking a shit.

As for the histrionics when nominated or back doored ; Clay instantly blew up and started puffing his chest and screaming. Shelli had to snap her fingers at him and force him to shut up and go to their room. Then he moped while she cried for hours. Up until hours before eviction Clay was still acting like a hot head and chest bumping James.
When Jason was back doored, he cried like a baby for days.
Both of them had friends or allies gathered around them and sometimes thi’k even more than the nominee (Meg).
And useless Meg? She starts bawling if someone asks her to be a pawn with complete safety.
Let’s admit it, a lot of people act like moronic losers when nominated and some even when they know they are the target handle it with dignity, grace and class. (Kayser BB6 & All Stars)

Objectively Speaking

I didn’t say guys don’t show emotion I said guys aren’t crying for hours as patterned strategy. Aren’t you surprised with all her credentials Vanessa routinely throws tantrums, cries incessantly and shouts FOR EFFECT and MANIPULATION. She couldn’t do it in a courtroom, and otherwise relies on complex convoluted half concocted logic, but when that fails, she throws a childish tantrum to the extreme, then blames it on her period, meds, pill mix ups, bi-polar tendencies, or everyone else is making her crazy.

I’m a girl and I am surprised how often girls here use tears, less perhaps due to hormones more probably because it is culturally acceptable, or the only way to elicit empathy. Either way, Vanessa is over the top, she admits and is embarrassed by her lack of control and self diagnosis but horrified she’s compared to Audrey or worse. She ostracized herself in a social game by demonizing everyone. Her self esteem is clearly achievement based and the thought of failure is incomprehensible and unacceptable to her, so she lashes out more, rather than reflect & adjust.

There are tons of theories of what causes overachievment and perfectionism, most often low self esteem. Which is the irony as she is outwardly successful, and shouldn’t with her obedience have to resort to bullying type social tactics to achieve her goals, which is to win and be admired. She’s used to accolades and it was horrible she was put up as distrusted rather than because they were eliminating a superior player threat. All roads lead back to get fragile ego, which must reign at the expense of the money, status and friends.


I agree: She can’t get over her loss of power, since she thought she was smarter than everyone else. As a poker player, she has honed the skills of bluffing & hiding emotion.
So I was shocked she cried so much & lost her cool! At first I thought she was play acting for some reason, trying to get info by looking fragile & vulnerable. But now I think she is out of her mind with the knowledge she blew it already and lost her power.
I don’t watch the feeds so I don’t know if Vanessa ever works out or plays chess or does anything but obsess about her game. Did she ever join in drinking & socializing at all? I don’t remember ever seeing her smile…

Ms Chiff

She does seem to be exhibiting some of the same symptoms that Britney Spears did before she got treatment that was effective – remember Britney’s sobbing during the Matt Lauer interview, and her attacking the papparazzi with an umbrella after she shaved her head?

Wish it were possible to know which part might be the manic depression, and what part is definitely her.

Kind of unfortunate all around, for everybody, if it’s not being treated properly :/

Smart Guy

The only mistake she has made is thinking loyalty means something in the Big Brother house. If she had stabbed Austin in the back after he put a target on himself and her because she was expected to do the floater’s dirty work, she would be sitting pretty with a house full of floaters bowing at her feet, and everyone in the comments would be praising her to high heaven. If she was half as bad as Becky and the other clueless floaters in the house, as well as half of the people on this site claims she is, she would have stabbed Austin in the back because she knew she would have had it made for the rest of the game.

Note to future Big Brother house guests: Loyalty doesn’t mean anything in the Big Brother house unless you’re a floater that never gets into a situation where you have to prove your loyalty. You should not even attempt to win an HOH unless you are willing to lie to and deceive anyone and everyone. Acts of loyalty do not belong in the Big Brother house.

Tell It To Vanessa!

Vanessa is having a mental collapse over disloyalty. She’s the one who needs to hear the BB Rules: No trust, No morals, No truth, No loyalty, No Prizes. The rest need a dissertation on the differences between Big Brother, Bachelor and orositution, AND APPLY FOR THE RIGHT SHOW NEXT TIME! This is rediculous. There are no real men on this show either.

Yo Yo Yo

Can dish it out but Vanessa can’t take it…. Funny, she’s turning into Audrey. What is with these people?!?

Deep thoughts by Meg: “. .”. (Yes, it’s empty.)


She suffers from a textbook case of victim mentality in my medical opinion.


I don’t think BB is going to send Vanessa back into the house, or even take 1/4 chance to now. She’s pretty much checked out of the game.
Becky was definitely trying to show that she’s friendly with Liz and Austin in the kitchen, which was unneeded at that moment. Really awkward :/ from all.

Chill this Town

no sympathy. you overplayed. but really, your big mistake was obvious. if you were going to backdoor Austin, after telling 4 or 5 people you had a plan…with them to get him out….you had to do it. once you made that decision. instead you waffled, and lost the crazy control you had on the game.

they would all still be totally clueless. J-MAC seems to be one of the few who was onto her very early but didn’t care to say anything, same with Becky, so many she wasn’t doing as well as it appeared.

that said, she blew it. this isn’t a case of someone else screwing up your game. you had Jackie, who at the time I felt was so freaking trustworthy and so down to be her partner and ally, and she spit in Jackie’s face and chose Austin. Arguably the weakest male competitor both mentally and physically(comps) in years. of course Austin didn’t fight for you, even had you not made the decision to backdoor him initially, he still wouldn’t have done anything. they could have told him days ago and he would have sat on it.

you picked those friends, and now you are 100 percent Audrey 2.0

Smart Guy

She didn’t spit in Jackie’s face and choose Austin, she was already in an alliance with Austin. The only reason she was in a fake alliance with the floaters is because she was trying the stay off of the block. Jackie was supposed to be the one to get rid of Austin, not Vanessa. Vanessa had pledged her loyalty to her original alliance and kept it intact until they showed their lack of loyalty last week. She even took heat for not backdooring Audrey in order to maintain her loyalty to her alliance. If she dropped the floaters and didn’t do their dirty work and got rid of one of them instead, those people are fair game because her loyalty is with her original alliance. That’s the whole point of having an alliance, anyway. Alliance members support each other and everyone else is fair game.

LOOK at me! I want to see the light in your eyes go out.

Vanessa transforming into Audrey. LOL Van get a GRIP!

Never Mind

Becky-Pack your bags you can’t go home anymore
Vanessa-I’m a bad man
Steve-I think I’m walking into something
Austin-The war is done, the treaty signed
Vanessa-The story told with facts and lies
Some truths lives, some truths die
I don’t know which, so never mind, never mind
I got caught, I crossed the line


Having fun with True Detectives theme song by T Bone Burnett ! In response to Vince Vaughn line “Look at me, I want to see the lights go out in your eyes..” whole he’s performing a hit. And Geek Squad McGee line “Vanessa is best when she’s at her worst” from Colin Farrel. So funny!


Last season was funnier. Frankie acting like jesus


She’s (Vanessa) starting to blow


Hmm..,Jackie is still complaining about Vanessa nonstop with Meg… Is that needed at this point? She’s pretty much gone/invisible.
They should just speed up the elimination and get to DE.

Vanessa land

I know the game can tear you down, but I seriously think Vanessa is extremely bipolar, she needs to get her medication changed..She’s up down like a yoyo..


I would suggest Borderline Personality Disorder, very hard to manage just with medication.

Guy From Canada

BPD may be an issue, but a textbook example of BPD was Sabrina in BBCan2.


At the very least, there’s a STRONG weighting on Cluster B traits (narcissism). It seems to me that Vanessa has had a life experience that hasn’t required much from her socially. She has learned to “act” empathetic when she needs to, but at her core, is self-absorbed.

Gordon Ramsey

Vanessa looks like a California Raisen.


Vanessa acting like this isn’t big brother n that people like her ( decent game player, emotional as fuck) don’t get back doored all the time……SURPISE MUTHAFUCKER man I can’t wait to see her interview with j Chen no chill out

Becky's boobs

The meltdown has commenced. Someone should be a total smartass and make an omelet for her.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Shelli and Sssssssteve The Snake are still in her lap…


Becky looks like Jorja Fox from CSI Miami

Smart Guy

…and like she could eat an apple through a picket fence.


I’m positive that tomorrow Vanessa will calm down, but Becky will still be a bitch.


Exactly, Becky is by far the most annoying child left in the house, followed by Shelli…Wish Vanessa could be saved that would make this house a Main Event to watch!


Simon we should rename a few people, for instance

Liz and Julia should be called the “womb warriors” since we all know they were wombmates.

Also, Meg, James and Jackie should be known as “The Brain Trust”, because they know everything.


Vanessa is about what I figured…. a fool!
They get a hint HG might come back. So burn every bridge, light the cross on the front lawn and leave no one unaffected. She had a chance with James for starters to flip him. Being psycho not going to help that. If she gets evicted and returns some funky stuff would have to happen for her to have folks to work with. It’s almost like a 4 year old stomping their feet when mommy says no more candy!
The Audrey imitation is very disappointing. Lord who is the omelette maker this week? Such a let down if she sits in the room and sulks.

Shelli is stuck to after the shirt foolishness. You need James vote to stay you idiot! I’m saying it again James is ripe to be flipped but Vanessa is in cry baby mode. Watch Austin maybe save Vanessa by flipping James it might happen.

Howard Molson's Shovel

I think Vanessa’s apparent mental & physical collapse, within the context of the game of course, is really likely to have a very negative impact on her professional career outside the house. What poker player worth their salt is ever not going to reference her meltdown in BB17 if they need to get into her ‘poker head’? That’s kind of sad for her.

She really didn’t ever prepare herself, mentally, for the setback of facing eviction in this ‘cruelly’ (but exquisitely, from a viewer’s perspective) executed way. It’s probably the first time she’s ever really failed at anything in her life.

The Ninety Percent

Oh man. This cast is brilliant sometimes. It’s literally my dream come true watching her meltdown like this…

I have zero sympathy for someone who lacks as much self awareness as Vanessa. Plus, I hate this “bitter jury member” BS. So it’s okay to go back on your word before jury so the evicted house guest can’t use it as ammunition against you later? Obviously someone is lacking some maturity.

Vanessa with a V

This hissy fit that Vanessa is throwing is ridiculous. She had a hand in almost every eviction. Why would she think that she should not be on the block, using any means possible. This is Big Brother. Suck it up butter cup, stop whining, and start laying the groundwork for a possible return. Her antics have guaranteed that she will be talking to Julie on Thursday. So glad that this cast is not following the Helen rule; (it’s too early). They are swinging for the fences. They are not netting minnows, they are harpooning whales. It could be that Meg will be the last person standing, but what the hell, this game is fun to watch.


Vanessa being completely exposed renders her largely impotent in the game. I wouldnt mind all that much if they do flip and boot shelli-she is there to play and play hard. Really just want to see some spirited campaigning against each other and then on to the DE.


enough about “chemical imbalance” “she’s gotta be bipolar” comments
stick to the game please
it’s disgusting

thank you


If she is going to talk about it and go so far as to blame Big Brother for messing up her meds as an excuse for doing crappy in a comp, then I say it is fair game. I have a bi-polar sister and the signs are all there. Otherwise, Vanessa is just a narcissistic sociopath. One or the other…or possibly both.

YES seriously!

fair game??? please.. let me remind you that you’re only a viewer in all of this and whatever Vanessa’s condition is .. it does not concern you , so what’s it to you really???

and thank you for pointing out that you have a “sister who may have bipolar” STILL it does not put you in any better position for you to diagnose someone

attack their game all you want ,but not their personal life


How does Becky know she’s a lawyer and poker player? Did Vanessa admit that to anyone?


I’m wondering this too…??

Smart Guy

She told everyone in the house in the 2nd week that she was a pro poker player for 2 years. She’s also told people where she went to college. Becky probably found this out last week and the other floaters in her crew are probably just learning this today. Davonne said she knew in her exit interview with Jeff.

Shelli's Maturity level

What an idiot! Stealing the hoodie that Clay lent James. Hope you get to the jury soon! #crybaby


I loathe Shelli and her superior attitude, but James lacks common sense. Shelli is still in the house, a huge competitor and crazy in love w/ Clay. Meg told him not to wear Clay’s shirts but he did anyway. Shelli is going overboard w/ her James hatred. Clay is on twitter and has indicated he and James will still be friends afterwards. Shelli, Van, and Austin are playing way too emotional.


Lol this is gold! Bye stupid Vanessa!


I hate the interviews after someone is evicted. Their is self awareness. I love bbc after show the hgs are given a run down if their game. Vanessa and shelli gave up their game for Austin. The game is always revolving. Look at shelli you’d think she would have been the obvious choice after last week now it’s Vanessa. Saving Austin was their down fall.




i think this game is james to win nobody whould beat him only shelly got a shot
but I don’t see it next time she on the block she going to jury in my opinon
this how I see it going on double evection Jackie wins hoh
nom liz an shelly Austin wins pov take liz down then steve goes up
then they vote out shelly next Austin wins the next hoh to help the twins
in the game begins


I think Vanessa needs to have her Thyroid checked. People are always talking about her eyes bugging out, her mental ups and downs, her skin, being paranoid, these are some of the signs of a malfunctioning Thyroid.
Also, it wouldn’t hurt if BB had their Dr. run some tests and make certain her meds are working properly.


its disappointing to see van give up so easy wish she would at least try to flip the script and fight.. becky was smart to target her but think she was much better off just floating along minding her own business now she won’t shut up and has quickly become annoying..


There is no way Vanessa genuinely has bipolar disorder. It’s just that the Adderall makes her manic-like. People with true bipolar disorder would NEVER be prescribed Adderall.

Guy From Canada

Just checked my drug reference, yup counterindicated with BiPolar 😉 Also, its counter indicated with agitation. That medication could be adding to her moods.


Also she isn’t taking them at the right times from what I have read. That is very bad and can even cause a major breakdown.


You’re exactly right, it would never be prescribed if someone has Bipolar Disorder. Not to say you can’t get Adderall illegally, or pay someone to prescribe it for you. I mentioned this on a earlier post: I doubt Vanessa even has ADD/ADHD. There’s a lot of folks who are able to get a stimulant prescribed for “low energy”, etc. Coupled with her modelling experience and late-night Vegas lifestyle, I seriously doubt she has any medical need for a stimulant.

Kill the Goblins

If Shelli did indeed take Clays hoodie back from James I say good for her. It is pissing off that little troll and I love it! Hey James it’s not yours you little tike. I hate those 3..Meg Jackie James. But Becky I can’t fucking stand! Her coming around every time she saw Vanessa out of the room was beyond anything any human would do. She wanted to make sure Vanessa saw Austin and the twins not mad at her. Also she wanted to prevent Vanessa from talking to them or anyone. She accuses Vanessa of playing all sides of the house. When it was Becky that was doing that. Vanessa clearly only worked with her people. She drew lines in the sand. Becky is and was a little rat snake bitch. The main reason Becky so mad at Vanessa because Vanessa blew off her little Generals aliiance idea and since then Becky has had it out for Vanessa. Like Vanessa said Karma is a fucking bitch. If Vanessa stays ir goes and comes back I wana see Becky hung on a spicket and roasted like the pig she is.

I like that Vanessa late tonight got a little fire in her again and said “I like a challenge. This isn’t over. I’m not done”

That is the Vanessa we all wana see!

Becky the bitch thinks she is really something


Whew! Too Much Caffeine?

Glad you got that off your chest so you don’t express your rage-aholic tendencies on someone in the REAL world. Vanessa’s paranoia and delusions of grandeur are the reason she thinks Becky is following here around. Look at the feeds, it ain’t happening. Vanessa can’t control or intimidate Becky and is driving her ape-sh*t. Becky refuses to be alone with her for those reasons, and the others you openly despise follow a buddy system so there are witnesses to the unfounded stalking claims.

It’s okay. We understand your disappointment in Vanessa, no one expected her to crash and burn out so quickly and often. It’s her own relationship with lots of control and failure that the problem. Not James, Not Becky or the hundred other players voting her out. Even Austin her right hand dude has cut her off. Her instability has transcended the “Bible Reading Phase” to a “take no prisoners, scorched earth” strategy which dooms her in this game. She isn’t cut out for team sports, she only plays individual head games.

Do some yoga and start a support group in the likelihood Vanessa doesn’t win BB. Everything will be okay.You don’t need to kill any goblins.

My Thoughts Exactly



I agree with everything that you wrote. Maybe the two of us can team up and go kill those nasty goblins together 😉
Has Jame’s Angles laughed about the alliance name The Generals to Becky yet? I’d love to see her as they crack up singing their song and then laugh about how 6-8people is a lot of generals.
It was Becky’s legacy. Lmao
I thought that it was hysterical when Becky was sharing all of her genius tips to Vanessa like the gem “Don’t tell your army info that only your general should know.” She was so proud of herself for that nugget that she wanted to name the fake alliance that they let her think they were apart of The Generals. Bahaha.
And then after being dumped by her Generals and she won HOH, she not only told her army her top secret plan, she told her new buddies that she was ratting on the previous week, she then told every one who could stomach listening to her talk, about her top secret plan.
At first I thought that back flooring Van was a good strategic move, but that was an accident. Getting out Vanessa was a personal move for Becky and she still doesn’t have a clue about Van’s game or the SS, even though Audrey spelled it out to them before she was evicted.
Becky is nothing more than a smug, nasty, vindictive witch. And her strategic game still sucks even though she now thinks that she is guaranteed to win this season.
I hope her ass follows Van out the door on Thurs.


I like vanessa. I think she is the best player in the game and her little meltdown? It’s fake you guys…..it is purely strategic. She is trying to get the house to think she is a very emotional player and will make future decisions based on emotion and not strategy. That is why she said if she stays, her target is becky. But, vanessa is smart and her target really is not becky. Becky is so easy to get out. Vanessa will get out james or some other big target before she ever goes after becky. Anyway, I would rather shelly go home because vanessa makes this show far more interesting. I don’t get why people don’t like her. She is very smart and knows how to play this game better than anyone else. I want to see her and steve go to final two. I want steve to start back stabbing people including jmac just because it would be so evil and epic to watch.


Does anyone know how on earth Becky knows Vanessa is a lawyer and professional poker player?????

Ariana Grande stinks!

Vanessa is THE WORST, followed by Sssssssteve and the Jiz hooks. Shelli is just another immoral person but that’s her upbringing…

skeptical onlooker

I’m totally digusted with Vanessa. I get the delusional…I get the back peddling..the believing she’s the victim. I get it..because she’s definitely a sandwich short of a picnic.
What gets me….is how she no empathy at all. Giving a shout out to Jason…about him giving her cigarettes…acting as though Jason cares about her. Why would she think that? Well, because he certainly didn’t act out like she’s doing.
I wish someone would just give her a heads up..and ask her one thing.
Just ask her if she can sympathize with Jeff, Davonne, Jason…being crushed out of the game..for doing nothing wrong.
She sent them willy nilly out of the house…and didn’t give a shit. In fact…crowed about it…
But now that’s she’s on the block…OMFG. And poor Jason never got to compete in the POV..she never gave him any notice that he was going on the block. Vanessa had her chance for POV,
Honestly…she’s a sore loser..vindictive..and the biggest hypocrite in the game.
I never thought I’d say this..but I think I prefer Frankie. And that’s saying something.
Personally..I think Vanessa is broke. She’s said numerous times..she doesn’t need the money. And when people start of a conversation with a topic..it’s what most concerns them.
She needs the money..and she thought by wnning BB..she’d get a boost in her career…which is kaput.
You’d think she’d won a WSOP bracelet. Vanessa Selb is a much better poker player.
I mentioned to a poker player friend of mine that Vanessa’s on BB. She doesn’t watch the show..but immediately said..* she’s crazy*. I said..how do you know that? And she said the whole professional Poker Community thinks that.
I believe it as well.

Thank You!

Your post was fabulous! My sentiments exactly. Those are the same points I’ve been making for weeks! Now we have to stay praying James doesn’t keep her. She’d consider it a sign from God for trading the good book, and her egomania would reach epic proportions. I do think she’s lost most of her marbles and credibility so maybe she wouldn’t win anything and keep getting shut out as she did today.

skeptical onlooker

Thanks :}
I do not get fazed by craziness…especially in BB where it’s almost impossible to be *normal*. However..Vanessa sets my teeth on edge. There is something fundamentally evil about her. She has no compassion at all. And that has nothing to do with Big brother.
Her first meltdown…I think it was in the first week…crying about missing her girlfriend…was for sure fake. Trying to show that she was weak. ( remember,,poker players. Your actions are OPPOSITE to the way things are).
From that point on…it’s just the real her and desperation for winning the $$$$’s and career possibilities.
I’m sure she’s broke. I can hear her telling Mel and her dogs..that she’ll be bringing home the loot. Easy Peasy…Because…don’t ya know..she’s too brilliant..everyone else is a fool. And the thing is…she will NEVER get it. She’s warped. Even if she wins BB…she’s a loser.


I agree that she’s broke. She might look good on paper, but if her life was so great, she would not move in with a bunch of strangers and open herself up to scrutiny by America, all for the chance to win $500k.


I’m not surprised that Vanessa thinks BB should be interrupted so she can conduct her Pity Party. She shows a distinct lack of grace and self-awareness. I think when she’s out of the house and watching the season she might even be embarrassed by what she sees.

Smart Guy

What she would see is her being loyal to her alliance and her alliance turning their back on her. Clay and Shelli tried to pin the Jason thing solely on her because the floaters called them out and found out that they were being played because they thought they were in an alliance with Shelli and Clay dating back to June. (LMAO!) Vanessa said I don’t think so, we made the decision to get rid of Jason (Liz and Shelli spent a long time convincing Vanessa to keep Austin), so they decided to spend the week ratting out Vanessa and then ratted out Austin. Austin didn’t care what they did last week and doesn’t care that Vanessa threw her game away to keep him in the house. He only cares about being with a girl that doesn’t like him. Those are the things she’ll see when she gets out of the house.


The smart move for James is to try to get the house to flip and save Vanessa. Shelli will be out, and Vanessa will be an emotional wreck for the DE. Then get her out.

Bb fan

Vanessa needs to stop throwing a tantrum. Lady, you are a grown adult so start acting like one! Stop acting like a 5 year old who doesn’t get its way. Just when I thought Vanessa couldn’t get more annoying all hell breaks loose. Sad to see her on jury but at least she is finally leaving the house!


OMG We have Nicole 2.0 in Becky! Ugggggh Another whiny cry baby! Get that baby child out of the house!

Wishy washy goblins

I’m NOT an ounce surprised these folks decided to flip their votes once again.

This time, i’m not altogether against it, as i much prefer vanessa to stay over shelli.

Vanessa prolly might go to jury during double eviction, but at least there’s a fighting chance.

Don’t know whether the deciding factor was diary room-influenced, or as they said, shelli is more of a threat n is a comp beast.

They wanna rope the twins n steve in.

Not surprised if they change their mind once, twice, thrice more, depending which direction the wind blows. Even though they claimed its “100%.”

:: 2.49am PST ::


I doubt they are going to go through with this, but If Meg, Jackie and James really flip the script on Becky and keep Vanessa, which would really be smarter for their game at this point, i might start to respect them a little bit as game players.

twin hater

I just started watching after dark and I had to fwd through the first hour because of her crying she cries more then my 2yr old when she was teething. I had to get on my phone and chime in because she’s pissing me off and Steve is just as bed really Steve your that gullible please I hope your next. I feel bad for venness’s girlfriend she’s gotta deal with that Omg I wish big brother would follow up with some of these guests when they watch it for the first time to see how foolish they are.

another name

I’ve been away, so i’m doing a lot of catch up. my perspective may be a bit askew. sorry if it gets too long.
Vanessa is alternating between the I’ve got no room to maneuver so I’m giving up phase and the don’t count me out I’ve got information phase. neither are really useful to her staying in the game. if she’s going to be a Darwinist castoff, she might as well make her way to the tar pit now. she blew up her own game. not by keeping Austin, but by targeting him to the entire house to begin with. there is one thing i agree with as she’s sitting there in her audreyesque ‘maroon cacoon’, her allies have forsaken her. they talked about doing it, and that’s what they’re doing. Even if she chose the valorous way of leaving, having fun for her final days, she’d have to have it alone. or maybe with the ants. as far as her allies are concened, vanessa has cooties. i think she has played well, but that first big error has come back to haunt her too many times. If she stays somehow i’d be beyond shocked.
i have no problem with the game moves people are making, having greater problems with actually liking any of them.
John exaggerating the pattern of vanessa fights to put the target more firmly on her (to my recollection vanessa didn’t argue with day or Jason before final nominations as he contended, those arguments were with shelli clay and Audrey) is a good move. partial fiction considering his own interaction with vanessa was due to his own miscalculation, and partial fiction considering he exaggerated the background facts, but a good move to cover himself. He’s capitalizing on the rest of the house being inobservant, so more power to him. the delusion that he’d have her blood on his hands…. um…. how? he may have secondary bloodspray for voting against her, but he’s not pulling the trigger no matter how you look at it.
The james alliance moving to evict vanessa is also a good move, though i’m sick of the post pov trash talk. she’s nominated/ they have the votes/ she’s going to be evicted. The continuation of the trashing of vanessa post pov is tacky. Maybe they should have a house meeting without vanessa as a coup de grace. the clinging to ‘they did it first’ is juvenile. there is such a thing as grace and honour in victory, and two wrongs don’t make a right. most of it will never make air so that the underdogs look like more heroic figures.
they whined about the six alliance as the bad guy bullies , saying they’d never act like that all the while, and they act the same or worse when they have power for half the time. They’re already corrupt, and still talking like they are morally superior. i’m ready for another power shift away from them. Actually, considering all a couple of them do is trash talk without actual game contribution, i’m just ready for a couple of them to go away.
I’m over Jackie. I don’t think she’ll have anything to say once vanessa is evicted. hopefully they’ll be the first two in jury together. that’s a feed i’d watch. i didn’t have a problem with her until today. something hit me and suddenly i can’t wait to see her gone. it was the insincere exchange with shelli that did it. If i remember correctly she said that she’d hate for America to see her as a b!tch. if she doesn’t want to be perceived that way, there’s one sure fire thing she could do: stop being one. the horse is dead. stop beating it. the constant blame vanessa was a fun drinking game at the middle of last week. now it’s just become a broken record. the deal she harps on with vanessa as co-hoh is the deal vanessa actually kept. if vanessa was everything Jackie says, she’d have broken the deal and nominated Jackie instead of Jason. so she’s looking the gift horse in the mouth as she beats it post mortem.
Meg and Austin. not just the worst in comps this season, but the most clueless to what is actually going on in the game around them. I can’t name one theory moving forward that either is coming up with that actually fits into the reality of what’s going on. imo these two are the reason Velcro shoes were invented.
Okay. i guess i’m zeroing in on who i want to cheer for. hopefully after double eviction i’ll either be cheering for somebody, or be watching just to see the people i don’t like get evicted.


Great post. I agree with everything, which doesn’t happen very often this season.


I love seeing power shifts in Big Brother, but man are the goblins annoying. I love how Jackie is like “I’m so sick of people bashing each other” while she has been bashing Vanessa, and to a lesser degree Shelli, since Becky has won the HOH. It’s been 3 straight days of the same conversations. The 4 goblins create their goblin circle, bash Vanessa, then relocate to another part of the house and repeat. Form goblin circle, bash Vanessa, disperse, form goblin circle, bash Vanessa, disperse, form goblin circle, bash Vanessa, I think Steve will target Austin and the twins, disperse, form goblin circle, bash Vanessa, disperse, form goblin circle, hey Meg did you just fart?, bash Vanessa, disperse, form goblin circle, bash Vanessa, disperse.

another name

i just finished with the whole vanessa is going i’d be shocked if she can stay reply, and finished catch up as of a little while ago. i missed something big time.
apparently james is now pushing with Jackie and meg to evict shelli over vanessa.
NO. really. wth did i miss in the time it took me to come up with the thoughts in my last post?
is this james’ America’s player task? is it a complete joke? people on here are going to be going linda blair in the exorcist if they actually do this.