Second Endurance Competition “Midway Mayhem” On the Live Feeds

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Tonight the Head of Household competition will be Endurance watch it on the live feeds Here
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-09-12-541_jpg

7:09pm Feeds up

James is saying “Becky is in the lead”

1) Double Evciution next week
2) Jury from here on in
3) Jury Member might come back in
4) Endurance on the live feeds it’s going to take a while..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-11-28-066_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-10-11-082_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-08-00-533_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-08-41-541_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-19-36-738_jpg


Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-31-57-898_jpg

7:31pm It’s looking like Julia and Becky are in the lead

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-36-13-781_jpg

7:47pm Becky in the lead

7:55pm Still in the lead

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 19-58-11-396_jpg

8:00pm Unless she falls and messes up Becky will win this.
(She said she will put Vanessa and Liz up but may put Steve and Shelli to backdoor Vanessa. When becky said this she was assuming Clay was staying)

8:08pm Progress
Becky in the lead Julia second

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 20-15-54-321_jpg

8:17pm Progress.. It’s all Becky now

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 20-25-54-181_jpg

8:28pm Never Not, 5 Grand and the HOH

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172 thoughts on “Second Endurance Competition “Midway Mayhem” On the Live Feeds

    1. Way to show ur no floater! Can’t wait to see VaMessa & Smelli “scamper” to keep control, save face and spread more lies. Let Jackie keep you focused on who the real threats are. Ignore Steve he’s a non-factor, backdoor Austin/Liz if necessary, know who ur real outsider friends are! 6th “Scents” now down to 5 cuz your game play stinks!

  1. If Becky wins this HOH you know shello and Vanessa will blackmail her to do what they want since they know she’s been a rat

      1. I hope you are right. All Becky has to do to not appear “ratlike” now is put up a couple of sixth sensers. Start with Shelli and Liz and keep Vanessa for the backdoor. Vanessa needs to go to jury for some r&r before her head starts spinning and she spews pea soup.

      2. Oh just let Van try to blackmail Becky: Newsflash-none of the others(Jackie, Meg,James,JMAC)will care. They have more against Van, so that lil plan won’t work. Plus it’s Becky we are taking about, who can hold her own conversation wise, & is more intelligent. If it were Van going at it arguing wise with someone like Meg, than be worried. Meg couldn’t argue herself out of a paper bag,but Becky can. Becky will expose & blow up Van’s scams so let her try to throw Becky under the train lol, she will destroy Van & burn her green beanie with it!

    1. Please, if she won, James and his gang will gladly look past Becky’s betrayal. They want Van and Shelli out much more

    2. Becky already told the group she tried to work with them for a week & they played her. In a separate convo she told James how they would back her against a wall to get info. Since James feels he was used by Shlay to bring them intel & they still targeted him she’ll be forgiven.

      If they threaten her then having HOH works to Becky’s benefit as she can tell ADC she did tell them a few things b/c they browbeat her & they’ll forgive her anyway.

      Like James said “the past is in the past”

  2. Becky said she was good at running or wasn’t she a soccer player, she might have strong legs for this competition. Poor Meg! Bambi on ice, in her defense she did have surgery done on knees.

  3. Glad the quitter Clay is gone
    Your romance is not going to last that long
    Wait till your family gets a hold of you Clay

  4. Little pissed that I cannot see Shellie’s or Vanessa’s bowls!
    Although Jackie, JohnnyMac and Becky seem to be doing very well.
    One of those pussycats is doing pretty well also but I want to keep the power shift going.
    Is it just me or did Clay have the most uneventful (and boring) exit ever?

    1. Ugh that Hitmen segment on the episode made me sick, Cody’s spineless ass doesn’t deserve a segment he didn’t do anything besides sucking Derrick’s dick the whole time and what made me laugh is that Cody said he liked that someone finally made a big move on this season when he didn’t do jack shit on his season, it’s comical. Please stop making us remember BB16 CBS no one cares.

    2. I don’t like Meg as a person anymore. Supposed to be on James side but too scared of Shelli to vote to evict her. Mad at Jackie too. I really thought even knowing how it would go down they still voted to evict Clay. They could have blamed Austin and Liz for it if necessary, because of Shelli trying to get James to put Austin up for a backdoor.

  5. as a fan of the MAC ATTACK….I am actually rooting for Becky to win this, as not only does it give him a week to stay out of the fray by tugging on Becky’s strings, it also lets him play in that crucial HOH during the double. which is really important.

    1. Becky wins – yuck. Let’s hope she’s dumb enough to go with Jmac’s plan to put up Liz and Meg. That would be perfect as 6th sense would have enough votes to save themselves as long as at least one of JMac, James, Meg, or Jackie are on the block. Fingers crossed.

  6. The one HOH comp that is tailored made for the meathead Clay. He will be back at the hotel beating off tonight.

    Will be interesting to hear Jeff Schoeders interview with the wus tomorrow.

  7. I agree Chill… Tho I would love to see JMAC with power. I feel like Becky sorta cheating using both hands and cupping the oil she spills in her other hand then dumping it all in bowl. I would just dunk my hands in the oil each time and let the excess drip.

    1. If Becky can use her hand and cup to transport oil, then I would take a big swig and hold it in my mouth along with the cupful and spit it out when I got to the bowl.

    2. Dip her hands in the oil??? What, so it can drip on top of the Crisco/lard/bacon grease they slready have down? If she fell, she’d go flying so fast on her ass she’d go thru the wall. Wait…that might just be something worth seeing, especially if she took out Shelli and Liz in the process.

  8. I’m thinking Becky has the stamina for this comp. I don’t think Julia or Vanessa has the conditioning to maintain the pace. Same for Shelli. Jackie, John and Steve might last awhile too. I don’t see Austin doing well over the long haul. Meg…is there.

  9. I bet you if Becky,Jacquie or Johnny Mac win and want to evict the 6 alliance , they will use that next week is double eviction. Will tell them you can’t play and our alliance will come after you. They might be to afraid to make a big move because of the double eviction next week.

  10. How can anybody have respect for the Jackie/James/Meg side of the house after that vote? Completely spineless.

    1. Their threat was basically that if Shelli stayed there would be conflict.
      Both sides voted for conflict.

  11. Sad to say that come double eviction next week, there won’t be anyone left to put up Shelli or Vanessa. Not anyone that’ll stand up to them. You got a psycho b1tch and a narcissist b1tch that will run the game from here on out!

  12. Geez that was disapponting, 9 to zero. Not even one hinky vote. These people are sheep. For the hoh, anyone but vanessa, shelli or austin.

  13. omg meg.. “did somebody win already?” even julie chen was making fun of meg. i feel so sorry for jackie and james.

  14. At this rate, looks like becky is gonna win (sole person past 1/2 mark.)

    Meg and austin talks tooooo much, hence the poor performance. Not too surprised with meg.. She accomplishes NOTHING, is a total AIRHEAD, and is there due to looks n fake boobs.

    Hoping she’ll nominate shelli n vanessa, we’ll see. With becky, can’t till what’s circling in her head, she can sway back and forth.

    1. Not that it matters but they are real. (real and spectacular!) They were sitting around talking about implants early on (who had them who didn’t) But yea T-N-A is all she is in there for. Totally clueless to the game and not athletic at all. (bless her heart as they say)

  15. Is anyone watching Vanessa to make sure she doesn’t cheat by squeegee-ing the oil on her face into her bowl?

  16. Oh, the irony! Had James & Co. gotten their wish with a Shelli eviction, Clay would still be here to probably win this competition and sling James’ ass up on the block with an ally. Kinda funny that Vanessa goes through all that trouble to keep Shelli and it’s probably gonna end up biting her in the backside the very next week.

    With Clay gone, Becky is the obvious favorite for any purely athletic comp.

    1. unless it is written somewhere that she CANT use her hands in order to get more oil/water in the jar, then nope, its not cheating.

  17. My local CBS station carried a banner tonight stating next Thurs was firkin football and BB will be seen on a sister station. Does anyone know how I can see the show. I am located in the West Indies.

    1. Might not be much consolation, but you can get it the next day in iTunes. But you probably want to see the double eviction live!

    2. Check back next Thursday before the show starts at 9pm eastern. Simon and Dawg always post a link to Live Eviction

        1. Bless your heart but you are giving this oldie but goldie too much credit. My mobile phone is from 2006, no radio, no camera. I do not have an IPad or tablet and have never seen an app — unless it is a short form of appetiser which I get at my favourite restaurant.

    1. Yup, she’s going to go after Steve of all people. Playing like a high schooler who worries being nice to the weird kid will make her unpopular. Herp derpity derp!

    1. dont hold your breathe with becky, she was a rat to james alliance this week. dont be too sure with what becky will do with her HOH, this is a real toss up. vanessa is still in the house, get ready to see becky get bullied/manipulated into doing w/e vanessa wants.

  18. Damn! Becky has 10 grand, can never be a have not again, and won HOH.

    Steve and Vanessa are on her radar big time. But I don’t doubt that Vanessa (and maybe Shelli) will try to blow up Becky’s game, or try and bully/blackmail her to keep themselves safe.

    I just pray Becky sticks to her guns and slaps Steve and Vanessa up against each other, and hopefully Vanessa doesn’t win Veto, and nobody uses the Veto on her. Would love to see her go, and watch the game unfold without her.

  19. Ok….here’s your one chance at redemption. Stick to your gut and go guns a blazing at Vanessa and Steve. Or Vanessa and Austin or Vanessa and Shelli. Anyone with Vanessa. I can’t take her Adderall mania anymore. Please take her out of her misery (ours too!)

    1. Put the twins up and have either Austin or Vanessa as a back door. Its an easy sell to the twins to say you want Austin out, he’s a creeper, and the twins may be on board for that.

      1. Not a Becky fan, but that is Awesome!!!. Hopefully Shelva(Shelli, Vanessa) doesn’t get into her head and she puts them up

        1. I think the rules are, you can go for the prizes but the game continues until the HoH is picked. Becky had the time to go back for each of the prizes. She was able to outpace everyone.

  20. Glad Becky won but I hope she makes a smart decision on who she should put up. Shelli should definitely be going home next week along with Vanessa.

  21. Production would have stopped her by now if it was…she’s a soccer player, so perfect comp for her…now to see what she’s gonna do with that power…

  22. Please let Becky be strong and not be manipulated by Vanelli. Hope Jmac helps her stay strong and true to who she wanted out.

  23. Now that Austin, Liz, Shelli and julia don’t want to go up on the block I wonder which will be the first one to throw Vanessa under the bus for calling Becky a rat and wanting them to expose her to James before the vote?

    1. I believe Vanessa also told Steve and Jmac that Becky was a two faced rat and she hated people like that. She can’t say it was someone else because she was in the room when Becky was whispering to James and then came scampering back to bed. One of Vanessa’s plans is coming back to bite her on the ass. Instant Karma! Love it!

  24. Becky is a smart girl, she hasn’t forgotten that last week James/Jackie/meg were trying to get her evicted to keep Jason. Think there is a slow burn there but we’ll see I guess

  25. Vanessa is done.

    Man I really hope Jackie, Meg and James do not win. Johnny Mac is the only one to root for now.

  26. I’ll eat my spleen if Becky buddies back up with Vanessa and Shelli. If she puts them up together Vanessa’s ass is cooked. Shelli will tell Becky how Vanessa tried to throw her under the bus a few days ago. Becky will say to Shelli “why didn’t you tell me this days ago” oh it’s will be so messy. Vanessa will remind her of their deal (that Vanessa would not have kept loyal to) . oh it’s so predictable. Funny how Vanessa demands a one way direction of loyalty (to her) and god forbid she’s the only one that is allowed to talk game and have an alliance. If anyone else does they are on the bottom tier of loyalty (Wtf is that anyways). I,just want Vanessa gone. I’m exhausted by her manic cycles.

    1. Haha, so true. Vanessa said yesterday that she can go after James this week because they had a “one-week deal.” Wait, what? James keeps you safe for this week — and that was the deal? Huh? Her overthinking and overplaying will be the Queen’s downfall. She will be very fortunate to survive this week.

  27. Now I can only hope that Becky will put up on the block one of the Jiz whores and Vanessa. GO BECKS!

  28. Who do you think Becky will target? Do you think she’ll end up flopping to Van/Shelli AGAIN? I hope not!!!!!!!

  29. If Vanessa survives this week I will be very surprised. I wonder what Steve does with the information he has, knowing that Vanessa is clearly Jmac’s target and thus probably Becky’s target as well. Does Steve try to save Vanessa?

    1. Of course he will try to keep Vanessa off the block. He wants to keep big targets in the game, which means floaters like him get evicted. Super smart strategy for a superfan.

  30. And I hope the Sociopath Steve gets evicted in the double. That hard core natural born Ahole gotta go too!

    1. Steve, a sociopath? lol. Do you actually know what that word means, or are you just using it because you have a vague idea that it means something negative?

      1. Of course he is a sociopath! He said it himself that his entire communication with the world occurs through online messaging… That social misfit and awkwardness did not, hoever, prevent him from being a gigantic Ahole…

        1. Sociopath; You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means….

          sociopath is a person with no empathy; one who doesn’t understand guilt, or sympathy or understanding for others emotions….

          What you are describing, is a person who is socially awkward…

    1. I hope Becky is smart with this HOH. If I recall, didn’t she have a conversation with JMac earlier today about Shelli & Vanessa and both being left out of the loop with the Jason & Jeff vote? (Correct me if I’m wrong). PLEASE BECKY, BE SMART WITH YOUR HOH THIS WEEK!!!

  31. I can’t stand Shelli and her big ass teeth !!! Ugh send her home already along with that annoying ass Vanessa …. Ps Becky won HOH !!!

  32. do not target Steve. J-MAC and Steve should be safe this week, good news for MAC ATTACK. Becky won’t get to play in the HOH and will be an obvious double eviction target if she gets someone out this week(Vanessa?)

  33. Did anyone else notice how clay pretty much said Meg was the whore of the house when Julie asked what that touchy feely scene was about? Really clay?! You liked it!

    1. Yes, and I think that was terrible of him to say that: While he suck faced with Shellie, embarrassed his family and friends by giving up his game to a woman he barley knows (a spot well deserve by someone else serious about the game). He shot below the belt and hopefully apologizes to her after the game.

  34. I have a vision of Vanessa and Shelli’s lips already sticking to Becky’s ass as they “suggest” who she should put up lol. I keep thinking about how Shelli told Clay and everyone else this is “her dream”, to be in the Big Brother house….great aspirations, Shelli :)

  35. I’ve just thought of something … the feeds are going to be INSANE the moment Vanessa goes on the block (if Becky puts her up). I’m slightly excited but I’m still on the border of watchstop watching.

  36. Sorry, Vanessa. You picked a fight with the wrong HG this afternoon. You do realize that Johnny Mac is the current HOH’s No. 1 ally, right? Sorry, not sorry.

  37. I hope John, Jackie, James, Meg can talk beckie into putting up shelli/vanessa or vanessa/liz shot just put anyone up that is in that alliance….

    Double Eviction Week….. also, lets get vanessa/shelli both out of the house…..that would be totally a awesome week….

  38. Why is this the only BB site that hates on Vanessa? People talk about how lame this site is for it. Also people say the recaps all the names of who is saying what are wrong like “Shelli said to Shelli” or “Austin said about Johnny” when it was not that at all. This site blows. Mostly because 90% of the people here are just haters. I am going to other sites. Give me thumbs down because I won’t see it you losers.

  39. My dream is for Shelli to get evicted next Thursday, and then the second eviction is James. Then those two can spend a whole week alone together in the jury house!!

    James could talk about his “pull out game” and girls “squirting on him” all week with Shelli :)

  40. Yay!!! Becky finally won one!! Now let’s hope she gets vanessa out. Jmac should be safe one more week! Whoo hoo.

  41. I now officially don’t like Vanessa for saving Shelli. I hope she goes with Shelli during double eviction. Isn’t this double eviction? Does Becky have guts to put them up and will the other houseguests not be cowards this week.

  42. If she does target Vanessa and Shelli she should just tell the underdogs that she thought she was in an alliance with them and found out they couldn’t be trusted. Come clean with the other side of the house and confess to them, she realised that they were just using her. Vanessa and Shelli will use every trick in the book if she targets them. Beat them at their own game.

  43. Lol I find it hilarious ppl call Shelli ugli!! She is definitely not by any stretch of the imagination. I think what they have is very real & its so sad to see ppl hating on their relationship for no good reason. Not saying they’ve played a great game but they clearly have something more than short term outside of the house. I’m glad Shelli didn’t listen to Vanessa about outing Becky. I think she will target the three stooges that tried to get her out of the house last week. They finally showed up to play.. Lol its day 50 not day 5.. At least the others have attempted to play the game & not sit in a room giggling for a month like they were just on vacation.

    1. No- Shelli is not attractive at all! The dentist who gave her those awful horse teeth should not be in business- they are truly hideous and make her look 10-15 years older.

    2. She’s not ugly, she’s just really orange! And old, and cradle robbers are automatically ugly even when they’re not. It’s difficult to take any showmance seriously to begin with and starting one as such is her behaving like she’s on vacation. Three stooges? What’s so wrong with playing the game. Thinking getting rid of someone and keeping one should be about game, her staying was not about anyone’s game but Vanessa’s. This was a cowards vote. 6th sense alliance thought it was day 5 when they got comfy and thought they would be in power forever.

  44. Hopefully Becky picked up a couple of pointers from James’ HOH on how to be a decent one. Listen to everyone who comes to you, be pleasant, tell people to vote how they want…not that he was perfect, but he was a damn sight better than Vanessa with her demands of loyalty. This week’s going to be really interesting! (Ok, now back to work. Crap)

  45. Pucker up that poker face & get ready to kiss it VaMessa! The $hit is gonna hit the fan when you go up, and everyone is released from your fast talking brainwashing lies & reveals you for who & what you really are. Don’t let her cry herself, scream or bully her way out of this nomination. She’s not smarter than you, she threw one tantrum 2 many & she’s unraveled her own game.

  46. i got a feeling that shelli and vanessa are gonna go to becky and start an “all girls alliance” to make it to the final 6… just so becky can nominate james.. hope becky is not that dumb, but with these house guests you never know.

  47. For some reason I really like Julia, Johnny Mac, and Becky but Jackie is growing on me. She has watched Vanessa like a hawk!

    1. I cant believe Jackie was the only one to notice something shady during that little meeting they had because it was written all over Vanessa’s face. Its hard to believe she plays cards because she does not have a poker what so ever. Why can’t the rest of them see that?

  48. As much as they dislike Vanessa. The smarter move is getting out Liz. With her gone Julia WON’T work with Austin and she goes over to the other side. They lose their 3 votes and Vanessa is still in lots of trouble.

  49. Like it or not jmac is super close to Clelli & I really think he is still upset that Clay is gone. I see him maybe keeping Shelli off the block at least this week anyway.

  50. Really BB you brought the two douchebags back. Gee thanks that’s really what I wanted to see this week, a floater and his low-life tax payed security guard filled with the irony, “that’s taking food from my kid’s mouth.”

  51. Johnmac looks upset because his strategy is not letting anyone else know Becky and he are in an alliance. That is why Johnmac distanced himself from Becky as much as possible so that they will not be on the block together. Johnmac is very smart. John does not open his mouth unless he needs to. That is why nobody knows where is his head at. JohnMac knows Becky will tell him about her plan this week. JohnMac will enjoy this week. I hope JohnMac will be selected for veto comp. I start to like becky as well.

  52. WTG Becky! Now put Crybaby Horse Teeth and Talk To The Camera Boy up on the block, then pull one down and backdoor Jar Jar Binks!
    “Yousa betrayed meesa and gotta go-sa!”

  53. I don’t have any problems with becky other than she’s been boring.
    I just don’t know where her actual loyalty in the game lies, she seems to have been on clay and shelli’s side, on john’s side, on Jackie and meg and james’ side… but she’s made comments about shelli to john and steve, about Jackie, about vanessa, and if i’m not mistaken she made a couple comments about john. All in the last week. So I have no idea what she will end up doing. Guess i’ll have to wait and see what she’s really looking to do.

  54. As I said, I was a Vanessa fan, but she made her own bed!! I honestly don’t understand. She had the group already voting her way. The ONLY thing her little tantrum did was paint a HUGE target on her back. Even her own alliance is not going to want to deal with her. I would be very surprised if she survives this week. Something major would need to happen. I just really don’t want James or Jackie to win. I actually am rooting for J-Mac or Steve.
    I wanted a woman to win, but I don’t think they will work together long enough. Unless the twins do.

  55. I get why people don’t like Shelie as a player or even a person but the ugly I don’t get. For her age she is hot! Not a fan of her lipstick color but besides that she is doable if you could get her out of her cloths because of her obvious body insecurities.

  56. Considering not only Clay but also Cody think Shelli is the hottest girl this season.. I think it’s pretty obvious.. & her teeth are beautiful! Wtf did she do to you?? You can not like someone or not respect their game but it is disgusting to say such vile things about someone. Especially when it’s so far from true. Stop hating so much.

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