“I’m keeping her safe I‘m putting her up”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 19-15-29-229_jpg

(Becky stabbing Vanessa)
6:34pm Becky and Jackie
Becky is wondering how mean and direct she should be with Vanessa, “You gotta get down to brass tacks”
Jackie laughs “Brass tacks where did that start”
Becky – Austin

Jackie – She’s acting weird I’m staying away from her

They start talking about how pissed they are at Vanessa playing them for fools for the first half of the game.
Becky says Vanessa told her to make sure Shelli doesn’t know vanessa was in on the plan to get Shelli out this week. Jackie and Becky are pissed about this.
They are horrified by the thought of one of them getting evicted right after Vanessa during the double eviction.
Jackie – We’re taking a risk, If Shelli wins one of us is going home
Jackie says she talked to Johnny Mac he “HATES” Vanessa

Jackie now saying if Becky puts up Johnnymac Vanessa is going to try and flip the house to keep Shelli. Jackie has noticed her doing that already getting close to Steve.
Becky – oh for sure she would f*** up the plan
Becky brings up what she said in her conversation with Vanessa – “Of course you have my word Vanessa of course you’re safe”
Becky makes a backstabbing movement. (See image above and gif below)
Jackie says they can bang that whole group out.
Becky says she’s really worried about Steve becoming a competition beast she points out every time Steve has been in danger he’s won the POV.
Becky adds she always thought Johnnymac was the strongest player but it’s not it’s steve.
Becky – He looks like Ian but he plays like Dan (ZOING!)
Jackie – if Steve wins he’ll put up Austin and the wins (ZOMG!)
Becky – she’s sounding so stupid.. saying she protected me
Becky – it’s going to be so funny for the show..
Becky points out Vanessa nominated her and put up up against her friend, “How is that saving me”

They laugh that Vanessa is so excited for the Veto money dressing Steve up and everything.

Jackie brings up Vanessa ‘b1tching out” Johnnymac for not doing his dishes
Becky – I’m keeping her safe I‘m putting her up
Becky says the HOH coming up is not a good one for Austin and the twins. Their side has the edge. Becky warns her they have to always assume Shelli will do well in a competition
Jackie – But she’ll be all alone

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 19-33-39-928_jpg

7:17pm Hot Tub Jmac and Steve
Jmac is telling him to drop the whole Julia thing it was all a joke at first.

Steve start talking about what to do with HOH, “Create cracks”. He’s going to wait and see after the fights this week, “It’s going to be obvious”
Jmac – Rwwhaaa wrhhhrrrAAA

They start talking about their educations. Steve says having a legacy in a ivy league helped him get in. His father and two older siblings went there.
Steve adds there’s a hierarchy in engineering, Mechanical engineers are in the middle, Physics engineers at the top.
Jmac explains what Organic chemistry questions are like.

Steve – I wouldn’t want your job.. if I screw up something sounds bad if you screw up..
Jmac – you’re only human..
Adds after a while doing it you get confident and it’s not a problem.
Jmac – “I opened someone sinus one time but I closed it up it was fine”
Jmac checks out Steve’s sore tooth
Jmac goes over the procedures of a root canal

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 20-04-53-730_jpg

8:03pm Nothing has been going on

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 20-09-32-460_jpg

8:07pm Julia in the shower
Vanessa in the kitchen “Today’s a slow day holy sh1t”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 20-23-42-478_jpg

8:12pm Becky and Vanessa working out
They both appreciate a “Slow Day”
Very little talking going on.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 20-38-46-458_jpg

8:37pm Kitchen Collection of House guests chit chatting
Steve – Can I talk about a dream if the dream involves a producer of this show
Austin – No
Twins – No
Austin – Sheesh

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Anyone else find it funny that Vanessa’s face cleared up AFTER she sprayed herself with disinfectant? LOL

I like Vanessa, but that was just too easy!

Becky's boobs



Becky is a smoke bomb @-;—–

She's Cute

People give her a hard time because she’s not that pretty in the face but she has the best body in that house. Her face is not that bad when you look at her body. And I am a woman (not a lesbian) saying this.


Ok…Even iyou die hard Vanessa fans HAVE to agree,….THAT’S FUNNY!


Ya, maybe the bedbugs that were biting her didn’t like the product in her hair.

Ariana Grande sings like an Angel

Now the green beanie needs to be burned


I loved the show today. Becky saying how she can handle Vanessa because quote on quote “she has worked on Black Friday”… Child you’re dealing with a self made millionaire … Take a seat or go back to your minimum wage job… Your ugly side has reared its head and its gross


Not to defend her because she’s my very least favourite but I think she makes okay money as an AF manager (no where near minimum wage, maybe 55K a year).

I hope they show her bad side more because today’s show made me think they want the audience to ship JMac and Becky.


Actually my sister used to manage a hollister (which is the same company as Abercrombie) and she made $36,000. Which I always thought seemed low for a manager. Anyways once she graduated from college she was outta there!

BB Lover

So true! Let’s hope She taken out Thursday.

Becky's hot shorts

Vanessa is wacko bro, what’s her allegedly millions have anything to do with her being a shit player that’s on her way out the door. Taken out by person who’s got a 9 to 5. Wealth has nothing to do with your BB life. She got got

Sizzling Wok

Confucius say…man that got to bed with itchy butt…wake up with sticky fingers


Please allow me introduce you-

Spoiler meet reality.


Omg you like tossing salad too, haaaaaay


It’s amazing how little Becky understands about what’s really going on.

Becky's hot shorts

Becky makes stabbing you in the back look so sexy

Ms Chiff

OT Simon/Dawg, thanks for the great updates – really enjoy the summaries and pics! 🙂


Enjoy the quiet relaxing day today, Simon and Dawg. I have the feeling you are going to be VERY busy after the veto meeting tomorrow.

Geez Louise

I want vanessa to get to steppin and love watching it unfold but I sure hope this isn’t the prediction of what the feeds will look like once she’s gone…


becky must have brain issues from to think shes smarter then van van lost more money than becky will ever win or make van has a law degree from duke u and has 4.5 mil of winnings from poker and van made the game interesting with her gone it will be ho hum and jackie what has she done be sides run her mouth really turning out to be worst season ever where does bb find these people


Hopefully Becky will see what a fool she’s been when the show is over. Probably not….she is too impressed with herself. She refers to Vanessa as dumb. Vanessa may be a lot of things but definitely not dumb. Too bad Becky can’t see beyond herself. She does however fit in perfectly with the maturity level of Meg and Jackie.


Hearing Jackie laugh makes my ears bleed. She is an ugly troll. Becky is exactly what Vanessa has been holding up… a flip flop! She is also very two faced… it must be from when the train wrecked her head. Just wondering how ugly these girls must have been on the outside before all the fake boobs and teeth. It is obvious how ugly they are on the inside with their behavior.


Most people would agree that this is the best season in quite a long time. It’s only bad for you because your favorites are getting evicted.


I don’t even have a favorite and yet I still agree with the above posters. All I know for SURE is that Becky is my least favorite. Lol

Top Gun

Becky has to go! This week has shown her true colors and is acting like a little bit#$. They way she talks about Vanessa and demeaning her is beyond sickening. Then we have Shellie, she got her boy toy to give up his spot for her, and she’s helping to kick the one person who has protected her this whole game, and doing it without one world to her. And she talks about playing an honest game with integrity LOL. Then lastly we have Princess Jackie, stuck up and a snob. Man the women in this year’s cast are the worst.


I agree Shelli should have told her something. But I think Vanessa needs a break out of the house, she was acting a little off-base on the show with the attack on Clay, etc. That wasn’t smart.

BB Lover

Vanessa probably does need a break! She’s been trapped in a house with mostly immature ignorant teenagers. I would go a little nutty too.


Why would shelli help van at this point, its either her or vannessa. And if anything vannessa backstabs shelli the last couple weeks..


Ummm. Vanessa saved Shelli last week. Get a grip.

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

Becky does need to go!Who in the hell requests brussel sprouts and kale in their hoh basket? That must have been such a let down for the rest of them in the house because the hoh usually shares their goodies. I could have died laughing when James didn’t seem to even know what the brussel sprouts were.


Did you see the look on James face when he was looking at her hoh basket? Lol I was dying laughing.


(For JMac fans only.)

As a big JMac fan, I am concerned about the current dynamic. I see (both) Steve and Becky being loyal to him. But the obvious problem is, they don’t like each other. At some point soon, JMac will have to pick one or the other. To quote Danelle D. “Awkward!”

JMac fans, please share your thoughts on this.


I think it’s genius. Derrick did the same thing last year with Cody and Victoria. If he goes to final three with either of them. Both will take him to final 2. He has two really close allies that he knows won’t turn on him. But even better, he knows that they won’t conspire against him because they don’t like each other.


Derrick was the most predictable winner that production has put before us, after that horrible season he should have been left forgotten, can’t believe CBS brought him back as if he is knowledgeable. And having his butt buddy Cody there is not a good look.


It is awkward, but rather than choose one, I think he’s going to work at getting them together, along with (hopefully) Shelli Steve and Becky can learn to appreciate each other.


I don’t think Becky will survive much longer, so I doubt jmac will have to worry. At least he has steve.


Wow, Steve saying “having a legacy” helped him get into his “Ivy League School” fml…………….us poor peasants 🙁

Becky girl chillllllll

I really hate what I am seeing of Becky (& Jackie) right now, pure bitching nothing constructive. Yuk!


I wish they’d talk about if Steve did do the strange thing — leave himself on the block and not use the POV (I know it’s unheard of) — who they would vote out.


Steve. All reality shows have proven to punish these truly stupid moves.


becky is a B I TCH

Beatrix Kiddo

When people win HOH it seems like they are all righteous but really its just how it is. They have to go and talk to the HOH like their the Godfather because they hold everyones thoughts at the moment. The ones on the power trips are the ones that bug me. I think Becky is playing it well, like she should. I think the problem is we didn’t get to see too much of “the real Becky” because she didn’t have a leg to stand on until now. I think her speech about Vanessa and why she wants her up was really good. Its Vanessa’s time to go. She tried to many power plays and forgot you some times have to stick with the house to further your game. Hence Clay going home and Shelli now spending time worrying about being on the block and every ones target.


You are right that they didn’t show Becky much before now. Probably because there was nothing to show. As far as Clay is concerned, he wanted everyone to vote him home. He was claustrophobic of the place.


Crazy good stuff happening after the veto ceremony. Vanessa dominates for 48 hrs, but then double eviction has to take precedence. Who wins, spins the game. I see a triangle. James, Jackie, Becky, and Meg; Austin, Liz, and Julia; Jmac, Steven, and shelli. Every person, on every side, wants to pull one other person over. I think the neutrals remain neutral, and the two warring factions take their shot, with a neutral up beside them. Liz and James/Meg would be the fulcrum to target. Love Steve and Jmacs position. Need to drag Shelli with them


Please please please! I’m begging ! Let Becky be voted out during the DE Please I can’t take it. She’s ruining any enjoyment I find in watching and reading the feeds. If she could just stop talking.”………


I reallllly hope Jackie or James wins HOH during Double Eviction and sends shelli or liz home…..

Can’t wait to see the luck on vanessa’s face when she gets put on the block….. hell going to break loose tomorrow!!!:)


Becky is truly an ugly person. OMG!! Just go slap Van already. This constant non-game/strategy related character assassination is over the top for someone who sat on the block once? As a pawn Van helped to save. Yes I said SAVED. Was she even close to Jason?


Fuck my life

Becky has a vicious mouth

Yes, we get it she wants vanessa gone.


I see little need for her to use words like “plotting vanessa’s funeral” etc.

She’s extremely vindictive.. It’s her personality.. It just shows in all the stuff that spills outta her mouth when she talks about other houseguests.

She’s kinda crude, unforgiving and frankly, quite unbearable.

((((( get becky out – ASAP!!!!! )))))


Aren’t we all glad we don’t work for her. Can you imagine?


Instead of being pissed at Vanessa for playing them for fools at the beginning of the game they should be pissed at themselves for being fools. I don’t think that has changed. The tide will turn.

Shelli's not so bad

I would have never thought I would dislike anyone as much as I did shelli. Goes to show never say never. Becky raised the bar. At least with shelli I could separate personal and say she plays a good game. It’s BB play the game. We all got the memo. We know. But own it when it’s you and clay or you in dr. But Becky !! I’m having a hard time. James didn’t continue to celebrate and laugh at them every time they saw them. He said what he said and that was it. He didn’t act all superior because he made a good move.


this is the calm before the shitstorm, hold on to your seats folks, tomorrow is gonna be hectic.


“Jackie says they can bang that whole group”

-I’m sure she can…


And will. At least according to jeff

Who cares

Season is getting so boring. Too many immature “mean” girls. Johnnymac and Steve for the final two!!!!