“Are y’all afraid to target that side, you know y’all will be the first three”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

– The live feeds are going to be crazy leading up to Thursday’s Eviction –
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 15-18-16-868_jpg

3:03pm Bathroom Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa crying “People are so un-evolved.. they’re so hurtful.. I’m not, I know you’re not”
Vanessa says Becky yelled at her, “I was the sweetest I know how to be.. “
Vanessa- she yelled at me and did all kinds of sh1t and turned my back on my.. I was on the block I don’t know what she’s so upset.
Vanessa – she’s mad at herself for going back on her word.. she’s mad at her own damn self.
Vanessa says Becky never gave her a reason wouldn’t even tell her it was a game move.
Vanessa – she gave her word and broke it she’s made at her damn self.
Vanessa calls Becky a hypocrite adds that she was red in the face
Vanessa says the reason Becky has for taking her out are pathetic, “I would have given her a better reason.. if she asked me”

Shelli – I’m sure there’s other reasons she didn’t have the time to get to them all.
Vanessa – She walked away, She’s not a nice person.. She’s venomous
Shelli – I thought she was really excited to play the game with us
Shelli – everyone was going to put me up Vanessa you know that
Vanessa tells her none of the other side knew they had the votes. Explains the ploy was all along to keep Shelli nobody knew they had Steve’s vote.
Shelli swears she had nothing to do about this. Vanessa knows.
Vanessa- if I had won HOH you would have been fine
Shelli – in this house no one is on my side.. not even Austin and the twins.. they will put me up
Shelli – without that glue this doesn’t stick together.. this is the worst I lost the glue.. this is the least desirable scenario. (Losing Austin and the twins with Vanessa gone)

They agree to strategize so whoever stays has a really good chance. “WE need someone to come back into the game to”

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 15-25-00-284_jpg

3:22pm Austin and the twins
Liz talking about the day she found out wrestling was fake it was like hearing santa claus wasn’t real.

Austin goes on about how wrestling business has a lot of politics. People that succeed are sometimes not the best just at the right place at the right time. Austin says it’s sports entertainment like acting.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 15-26-08-285_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 15-50-59-113_jpg

3:27pm Bathroom Vanessa, Austin and Liz
Vanessa crying going over Becky being cruel to her. Calls Becky a hypocrite, “She was so angry with me at the pool she yelled at me”
Vanessa says Becky told her she forced everyone to give her their word “I must be pretty powerful I forced them all in that word to give me their word”
Vanessa continue to cry telling them how mean Becky Was in the backyard, “She turned her back on me…”
Vanessa – it’s a game move.. they took a shot at our side
Austin – yup that’s what it is
Vanessa – you guys have to be mad.. Austin you are next trust me.. I am first
Austin knows
Vanessa- if you think you can trust a deal you can’t
Austin – we just have to win
Vanessa – am I the target
Austin says Meg, Jackie and James are voting against Vanessa.
Austin doesn’t know about Johnny Mac
Vanessa – he’s voting to keep Shelli.. have you talked to James.. I can’t believe he’s voting to keep Shelli
Austin – I know
Liz – I know

Vanessa – Can you swing that vote
Austin sighs – “I can try.. there’s three days”
Austin – I just don’t see them not voting together
Vanessa – you should vote in your self interest
Austin – that’s the way they’ve been voting all season together
Vanessa – JAmes has no reason to keep Shelli

Austin is confused the other side was so adamant to get Shelli out last week.
Vanessa – Austin.. I made it happen for you when you back was against the wall
Austin – I know.. We have to think of the perfect argument
Vanessa starts crying
Austin – trust me we’re trying to figure out what to do
Austin says those three have to vote together they will have a better chance flipping all three goblins than just one of them.

Vanessa says she’s about mutual respect kicking someone when they are down like Becky did after Vanessa was nominated was tasteless.

Austin says Becky told him she has 4 votes on lock.
Vanessa – Austin you’re next 100% you gotta win HOH it’s so incredibly obvious.. this was a hit to your three.. they know you are closer to me than Shelli because SHelli threw you under the bus
Austin is worried Shelli is working with the other side
Vanessa is too “I’ll ask her tonight”
Vanessa wants to know if she has no shot because because she doesn’t want to spend the week spinning her wheels.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 15-49-08-120_jpg

3:47pm Bathroom Austin and Liz
Austin is saying the other side isn’t going to come after them on double eviction he thinks they will try and take out Steve or Shelli
Liz – If I win Double eviction I don’t care about the plan I’m taking one of them out
Austin – I understand why Becky did it .. Vanessa said a lot of thing
Austin – I don’t want to deal with it right now.. I just want to hang out…
Austin says they will talk to “team have a lots” this week, “jackie was in here telling me they are not targeting us, saying this is a becky thing they weren’t part of it”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 15-57-55-332_jpg

3:54pm James, Jackie and Meg
James saying if he wins HOH he’s putting Liz and Shelli up.
Jackie says that’s been her plan for weeks.
Meg laughs
James says they can’t put Austin up against her because the twins will vote him out
Meg laughs, “We need to win on thursday”
Jackie doesn’t want to win the double eviction HOH she wants to win the second one.

They all get out of the have nots together
Jackie – lets go see Becky.. we have to support her
Meg – ya

(Steve and Jackie have both said they are throwing the first HOH Thursday)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 16-05-00-488_jpg

4:04pm Austin and Jmac plan out their work out for tonight..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 16-14-13-254_jpg

4:05pm Backyard Austin, Liz and Shelli
Austin brings up Vanessa saying Becky yelled at her but Becky is saying she didn’t
Liz – I heard a bit of a scuffle
Julia joins them
Shelli – she’s crying.. big crocodile tears
Austin – it’s really Awkward
Julia – obviously we’re still going to hang out with her
Liz – once we started talking to her she was talking game and telling us we owe her all these favours
Shelli – ohhh
Austin – there’s nothing we can do at this point
Liz – I know
Austin – I mean I wish i can help everybody … f***
They mention Steve in hiding.
Austin – Vanessa is upset with Becky’s approach
Shelli says that is how it felt to her last week, “It’s the approach”
Julia – we have to win HOH
Shelli – girl you were so close
Austin – she just started pulling ahead
Julia – there was no way
They agree Becky will be tough to beat in physical competitions.
Shelli – are y’all afraid to target that side of the house
Austin – no way
Liz – Absolutely not
Julia – not after what they did
Liz – NO

Liz – they can’t even come out of the room without each other.. attached to the hip (LOL this is so true even more than Austin and his twins)
Austin – it’s getting bad
Liz – they’ve been hidden all afternoon then they all come out

Julia – I would never go after Johnny mac or steve it will be one of them (Jackie, JAmes, Meg and Becky)
Shelli – Actually it would be pretty stupid not to leave the other four, you know y’all will be the first three
Shelli – you’ll do their dirty work.. they’ll tag y’all and they are final 4

Austin to Shelli – what are they saying to you now
Shelli – nothing.. I talked to Jackie not a lot of game..
The twins are worried about James.
Shelli mentions JAmes telling her and Clay he’s leaving his morals at the door
Julia says she’s the most threatened by James, “You don’t leave your morals at the door when you have a kid at home”
Austin points out some point you have to choose your morals or money.

(I can see Shelli is going to start becoming dangerous again)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 16-38-46-882_jpg

4:32pm Goblins whispering about who they are going to put up.
James going on about nominating Liz and Shelli
Meg suggest they start studying
Jackie – If I’m not going to win it one of you better win it
James jokes that Steve is going to win it.
Meg says Johnnymac has her the most worried to win this season .
Jackie and James agree Johnymac is a problem.
James says the twins haven’t done anything in the game.
Meg agrees.
James – they’ve been protected since day one

Meg – we are set, if the two of them go.. (Shelli and Vanessa)
James – that’s a big IF
James – we really need Steve to come through that would be perfect..

James says Austin will not target Shelli he thinks they’ll try and mess the vote up.
Meg – they’ll target Steve (ZOMG!)
James- even if they put me and Shelli up they don’t have the votes, There’s nothing they can do
James – the only thing they can do to surprise us is throw two of us together then we’ll be f***
Meg – I don’t think they will put us up, they will put Steve up (ZONMG!)

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Not sure who else has noticed other than Johnny MAC but in his mind the 3 groups post Vanessa will be Johnny MAC/Steve/Shelli, Austin and Twins, James and the 3 girls. Clearly that’s assuming Shelli is with them but I take those three over the other groups.

Although James and the girls have now been in power for the second straight week we continue to see Becky, Meg, and Jackie lack the thinking power to strategize in this game plus they were all recruits so they don’t know the ins and outs of BB. That’s huge in my mind and then with Austin and the Twins, they have proven to be incompetent in comps and don’t seem to be the sharpest or best socially.

This brings me to the trio of Johnny MAC/Shelli/Steve. I love Johnny MAC but he seems to be starting to play the game and is a lot more of a strategist than I thought. Plus he has proven he can win comps or be wildly competitive when he chooses to be. Steve knows this game and I truly believe when Vanessa is gone a huge weight will be lifted off of his naive mind and get his head in the game. Plus it doesn’t hurt he has also shown the ability to win when he chooses. Finally, I have found Shelli tolerable without Clay and say what you want about her, but she has won comps, played a solid game, and without Vanessa and Clay she could really play this game for herself.

The game will be crazy during and after the DE and call me crazy but if the trio of J MAC/Steve/Shelli happens I could see them going far if they win a HOH soon. All depends if Shelli wants to join forces, which makes sense for her.

Team #LessIncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


Jmac is unaware of one main thing, how close Steve is to Shelli, Austin, Twins.


True but Steve has made it clear they his DRs and actions his top allies are Vanessa and J MAC. Vanessa was what tied Steve’s loyalty to Austin and the Twins. That really is the point isn’t it?

Vanessa leaves and Steve is alone with J MAC, then it’s up to Shelli if she wants to join them, stay with the AusTwins, or go completely solo.

I would say the top 3 smartest strategists left are Shelli, J MAC, and James. They pretty much control there own groups. It’s pretty fascinating.

Pinocchio Obama

So much depends on the results of the double eviction. One of these groups could seize the power because as we have seen the alliances fracture when their group is the target.


It also depends on who’s America’s player and what task they have been given to do. It could be something that really shakes up the house. Even more than the vanessa thing.haha
James seems to be the only one that realizes how fast it can change. So far he’s the only one I heard say he was going to get his stuff together just in case


I could not agree more with what you posted. I am elated that Van is leaving, & made the sane comment, now they(Steve, Austin, twins)can play their own game. Unfortunately,Austin & twins lack the game smarts, & as much as I enjoy the fun group,MJJ, they are clueless. They just now want to start to study? They have no clue about who is with them. They automatically assume,JMAC & Steve are with them per Becky but honestly have not said a word/spit game to JMAC or Steve so why are they assuming? Make the effort to find out what’s up.
This is how you lose potential people that can help prolong your game. Shelli will take the place of Van,& potentially play both sides of the house by working with the twins & Austin for #’s, but have a side deal(her real group with JMAC & Steve). Shelli is a great comp player & very dangerous. James or Jackie need to definitely win this DE to take out another big player.

Don't Touch Clay's Shirt!

Here we go! Shelli’s blowing her game by yelling about shirts James wears, that she thinks are Clays, because he looks better in them. She’s getting really pissed and yelling out loud. Austin says he thinks they might me James own shirts they were buddies, James took Clay to Outback Dinner and they shared-but Shelli picks her battle, (WTF) it’s blue Clay was so cute in it, James disgusting juice is all over it, it won’t smell like Clay anymore. What Clay couldn’t pack his own bag?

So Shelli isn’t as smart as we thought. Still focused on her lost love, and choosing Austwins over better players Steve, JMac, Jackie, Becky. She’s not gathering Intel, not using diplomacy, she gets pissed over the loss of Clay’s body odor and with the juvenile twins plans to steal the shirt from James and wear it on DE night to evict him.

Austin doesn’t want to get involved, he leaves to work out. She’s gonna have to win first and is not with the Austwins. So much for taking the moral high ground.


I agree Johnny Mac is good. During the hoh comp when jmac, James and Shelli were on the wall he looked like he could have lasted a lot longer but when Shelli started making that deal with James he went ahead and jumped. I guess he knew if he had won hoh at that time it would have been hyjacked by Vanessa, Austin, clay and Shelli. He tends to act goofy but if you watch his face it can all the sudden change and you catch a glimpse of the maturity and intelligence he’s really got going on.


“Shelli – I’m sure there’s other reasons she didn’t have the time to get to them all.” I found this statement priceless. LOL

Gordon Ramsey

My thoughts exactly. Went right over Vanessa’s head.

Rancy Pants

Regarding Vanessa, In the words of Spencer, “c*nts gotta go!”

Like...I'm Jackie

I love how she tells Austin to remember how she had his back when it was up against the wall! She’s the one that put him there! To all the people that keep saying Vanessa is so classy and hasn’t bashed anyone…ya…you still sticking to that?!?

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Spencer, is he still working for the railroad or did he end up getting fired? Last that I heard he was under suspension and his case was being reviewed by both the union and Pacific Railroad who wanted to give him the pink slip for the racist and mysognist statements he made on Big Brother.

Teri B

Is it wrong that I will miss her? Ashamed of myself. LOL


A lot of us agree, she has been our guilty pleasure for the 1st half of the game. I also have to admit that I think I can finally cheer for an alliance. The Shelli/JMac/Steve trio is growing on me. Always loved JMac (his DR sessions are my favorite); Steve is Steve (I like his quirkiness); Shelli 2.0 (comp threat) could make for a very dangerous trio.

James seems to be the only one with potential out of JJMB but his alliance is bringing him down. They spend too much time together and do not observe like they should be at this stage in the game. Power is not a good color on Becky and Austwins seem to be here for camera time.

Pinocchio Obama

i would love to see one of the twins win HOH and put Austin up.


If Shelly can survive the DE(BIG IF) and the 2 main groups start attacking each other then she is going to win this whole game because nobody will target her. Shelly vs ANYONE in F2 and she wins–everyone in the house likes her and she’s played a strong comp game.


Damn why doesn’t Shelli throw a bikini on and ride the shark! I ain’t scared of love handles.


I belong to Jackie. When she wraps those legs around me, I want to BITE something!!!

the coreys

Vanessa needs to up her meds. She’s out of control.

Maybe Austin?

Do you think anyone is getting booed this year?


Do you think Vanessa will get boo’ed? Not considering deserving or not.
She’s got more haters than the previous eliminated HGs.


Booed for playing the game aggressively. I don’t see any reason to boo. Does she bother you that much? Vanessa got out played and she is paying the price.


I actually still like her and want her to return to the house. I was only asking because she has a lot of blood on her hands and the recent week has not been great for her social media-wise. I am actually hoping she does NOT get boo’ed just because Becky slathered the hate on this week.


No, Vanessa is getting astroturfed by this weird lynch mob of Jason/Da’Vonne twitter followers. There aren’t that many of them, but they will social media the crap out of you trying to make it seem otherwise. Really, Jason and Da’Vonne are the ones who need to let it go – they’re just punks.

is it just me

Thats just Jason’s mom trying to get him to move out of the basement.

Chill this Town

They are making a huge mistake in underestimating what J-MAC and Steve can do. Steve proved he can win a comp when he needs to, and J-MAC is NOT some awful challenge competitor, I think he threw challenge after challenge and still placed well. they are sleeping on them thinking its just 2 useless votes and 2 useless challenge competitors…..OK….keep thinking that….please. I want a J-MAC BB17 win, then BB18 All Stars with more J-MAC, Zach Rance, and all the other personalities. but then Frankie would come with that, and part of me would sacrifice an all stars season if it means never seeing Frankie on BB again.


Yeah, James and Becky have won mostly physical competitions, have they? And Jackie won the competition that James sort of threw. While Meg won the fabric-matching competition.

But all the memory stuff (like the dance routine), and puzzle-solving (the big dice) – has been all Shelli, Steve, and Johnny Mac.

The twins seem to be somewhere in the middle, and Austin who knows …

It’d be just like the producers to tip things in favor of the other side of the house, just to throw things in chaos too :p

Would love to see Johnny Mac and STeve actually try to win an HOH, but it seems like maybe they’ll both keep floating so long as the house is divided?


Think i meant to put this comment below the first one, ‘WreckCity’s’ – it probably better fits there lol :/


I can see Austin getting some boos.

the coreys

I agree Simon and think this is the best cast in atleast 4 seasons but this house is still falling victim to the same last few have and do the whole vote with the house crap.

It basically waste an entire half of the season.

Jody H

Simon. I posted earlier but never got an answer. First, I donated to the site. Second if I buy through your site on Amazon, can I use my Prime account? If so, I buy a fair amount and would be only happy if you guys get something out of it.

I love your site. You guys do an amazing job.

Chill this Town

no kidding. shoot, I just placed a huge order. wish I could cancel it, I use amazon ALL the time, I will be going through that link from now on-

I Agree with You Simon

Shelli’s been laying low while they take Vanessa out but will take advantage of a power vacuum now. She knows Austwins are clueless but if she can get them to target anyone but her, she wins. She’s getting used to being on the block now, and thinks she’ll could play a pawn and pretend to take the moral high ground to target others.

If she were serious, she’d school the Austwins on comps, help them study but she might just try to play the middle non-threat. I don’t see JMAC or Steve trusting her much though do you? Clelli and Vanessa toyed with them too often as expendable pawns.


Bit off topic right now, but James has made ONE move! ONE MOVE! After that he’s gone back to being his same old douchey, sexist, stupid self. Why would anybody root for him? Or his horrible, bitchy, clueless bitches. Hope the power shifts on thursday and one of these fools leaves during double eviction.


I don’t like James’ comments but he has played a clean game so far. His allegiance was clear cut. I don’t count stupid “I will give you this win if you don’t nominate us” deals during HOH competitions as binding. You either win the comp or you lose it. He also had first HOH to deal with as well which is a hard one.

James has been much better without Jeff. Not awesome (some Meg comments make me shudder) but nothing terrible.

I don’t care who wins, but the front runners are fairly obvious now.


If James has played a clear game so far, so have Shelly and Vanessa. Their allegiance was clear cut. I actually count “I will give you this win if you don’t nominate us” deals during HOH competitions as binding. Because if they are not, just don’t make them. It is unnecessary dirty gameplay. Don’t respect that.
Wish it was true that James is better without Jeff, but do not see that at all. The comments are just as disgusting and bad as before, hope he goes soon.


I know! It’s funny how their group said the twins have done nothing and have been protected this whole game…they basically described meg. Lol!


It is funny. The twins were working the entire first half to survive 5 evictions and made deals to do that. Meanwhile, JJM just sat there and watched it happen.


Here you are calling James a douchey, sexist asshole….but you follow it up by calling the women in the house “bitches”??? POT MEET KETTLE


So did Jason


Thursday is gonna be AWESOME.

The speculation and the “planning” for DE night is great. Very excited to watch.
Poor Meg…. She’s so off on all her theories and observations.
I can’t believe anyone is comfortable enough at this point to consider throwing the first HOH on Thursday. Wow. What house have they been in all season?! There is no safety anywhere. You have to WIN.

Vanessa is gonna get even more difficult to listen to as the week progresses. The repetitive blahhhh coming from her is just gonna get worse. Will be equally annoying and entertaining.


Shelli is going to get very close to the Finals. Look at that smile.

James thinks he can put up Shelli next to Liz right now and get her out…he doesn’t have a lot of options that would get Shelli out. The way he’s thinking is wrong. He needs to put someone he doesn’t want to put up next to Shelli.

Shelli vs Julia/Liz. Julia/Liz goes.
Shelli vs. Austin. Austin goes.
Shelli vs. Steve. Steve goes.
Shelli vs. Becky. Becky goes.
Shelli vs. Meg? Shelli goes.
Shelli vs John. Shelli probably goes.
Shelli vs Jackie? No idea, pretty close.


I always thought that the comparison between Derrick and Vanessa was ridiculous… Vanessa is nowhere near the good player Derrick was…. Derrick was not even nominated once!


Vanessa has the ability to manipulate and control things. Her issue was (IMO) she didn’t have the ability to sensor herself. She involved too many people in her schemes. She gave too much information or demanded too much.
She had the concept down to being a great player… Her delivery needs work…. Like a complete demolish and rebuild “work”. Lol.


I agree re Vanessa …she hit ground running and played with too much intensity…that being said At least she played. So difficult to get behind the other girls…they are so ignorant and clueless. I’m afraid Becky is done too she is way too caught up in herself to stradigize. Jacke and Meg want to throw the HOH. What? They think once Vanessa is gone they can continue to lounge around, talk hateful chatter and coast. That may very well happen unfortunately for those of us who love to watch players that YOU know PLAY.


While I do agree that her second HOH was a disaster, I think with that one she was too influenced by the SS and their were too many cooks in that kitchen. Plus she originally had to deal with Jackie being the other HOH and while trying to hide the SS she agreed to that stupid Dark Moon fake-alliance.
But her first HOH she shared with Austin, who she was aligned with and it was Austin and his jealousy of Liz and Jeff that led to Jeff’s eviction. Vanessa should’ve just let Austin have that HOH and done his own dirty work to get Jeff out.
But Van’s NEED to always be in control got the best of her and she has never let up.


I get the feeling Vanessa has never needed to suck up to people or kowtow much because of her academic strengths/career/wealth. Which means she is lacking a big component needed for this game. It almost feels like she rarely gets told “no”.
If I knew I was leaving like she does but with a chance to come back I would apologize to some people and not tell people they owe me. But it doesn’t sound like that’s part of her personality.

Derrick knows how to make people feel good and feel cared about. But he had Victoria and Cody and I don’t think this season has those.


Really interesting insight! Would give 10 thumbs up if I could 🙂


oh wow thanks 🙂 (if you were replying directly to me).


Derrick hid behind the BOB all season. That it was thrown out of this game suddenly has changed the dynamic much sooner. There’s nowhere to hide. That’s why I don’t pay much attention to Becky and the 3 little pigs. One win by anyone other than them and they are back to whining about the injustice of it all.


Derrick built relationships with people from every corner of the house, talked to everybody on their level. Prayed with Jocasta, talked about trucks with Caleb, talked sports with Cody and talked about Victoria with Victoria.

Vanessa never did any of that kind of social legwork. Ultimately Becky’s manager skills (dealing with people) are more suited to Big Brother than Van’s poker skills.

Uh huh...

I just had to comment to say the “…and talked about Victoria with Victoria” statement provided me with a really good laugh! 🙂


I honestly hate when Van cries it makes me cringe it’s like a 4 year old begging their mom not to take away their toys!


Reminds me of Meg when you threaten to put her on the block.


Without Vanessa, Austin will be a lost puppy. Got to laugh at the things he comes up with.


Wasn’t it last week that Becky was Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa’s rat? Running back to spill what the James Gang was talking about?

Uh huh...

She did do that, and ultimately, she used what she figured out from doing that to her advantage without leaving anyone feeling like she was scheming.

Had she not won HOH this week, she most likely would have continued playing the “rat” role. It just so happens that she won HOH the week after playing the game like that (during James’ HOH) and was wise enough to call Vanessa on her BS immediately upon being in the power position she needed to have in order to do so. It was the right move to make considering otherwise she’d just be allowing Vanessa to control her gameplay only to then be the first or second person cast aside once it got down to her + Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, Liz, Julia, and Steve remaining in the house.

The “rat” role was a tactical move on her part. And like I said, she probably would have played it longer if she had to. Once she won an HOH though – whether it was this week or a week or two later – she knew she had to get Vanessa out of the house do to the manner in which she was pushing hard to orchestrate everything within it.

If she really were the “rat” people thought she had become than she wouldn’t have gone ahead and gotten Vanessa and Shelli on the block. She would of done whatever rocked the boat the least as opposed to flipping it over.




Vanessa, just please shut up! You break your word, but then talk about how good it is. And then you call OTHER PEOPLE hypocrites, when the biggest one has been YOU. And then you cry about how you’re just an innocent victim and that other people are just so cruel and deceptive. Please, go to jury, and don’t assault the person coming in with you.


She’s playing Big Brother. In Big Brother you make promises and break them, sometimes you tell the truth and sometimes you lie, and you profess your honesty and then do something awful. But above all, you never admit any of that to anyone. I have no idea what game you’re watching, but if you don’t want so-called hypocrisy, change the channel. Everyone of these houseguests has lied, and big.

Uh huh...

It’s the manner in which she’s reacting towards her game having fallen apart – due to the fact she’s done one too many of all the things you stated – as opposed to the fact she’s done them that has people taking issue with her.

The other issue would be that she seems to highly overrate her BB game playing skills.


Don’t mind “anon”. She has an unhealthy hatred of vanessa for some reason. Never mind this is a show on TV, you’d think vanessa killed her puppy or something. Lol!

Karma's a B---h

All this self-righteousness is from a woman who divorced her husband within one year of his cancer diagnosis. Enough said about her morals and good heart right there.


I was very curious after she mentioned her ex and googled it a bit (5 mins). I think she was actually on good terms with him after the divorce. Good enough to go with her gf to his funeral anyway. I don’t know if it signifies things one way or the other but it doesn’t seem like his family/friends would allow that if she hadn’t stayed in his life in another capacity.


That’s a tad extreme.
Why should anyone stay in a relationship that’s not working because of an illness.
If I knew the only reason a man was with me still was because I wal ill and he pitied me I’d kick his ass out so fast.
Don’t be so ridiculous and judgy.


What a troll. So you read something online about a person you don’t even know and you judge who they are by that? Lol gtfo


I kind of hope someone puts Liz up, them maybe Austin will start playing the game. He claims to be a superfan.


These people are clueless. JJM think Austin and twins will put up Steve. ZOMG is right. They still have no clue about freaks and geeks.

Simon I like the pic of Meg, subtle hint that she is worthless.

Karma's a B---h

All this posturing and self-righteousness is from a person who divorced her husband within one year of his cancer diagnosis. Enough said about her morals and ethics right there.


You people are just sick. Don’t spread rumors like that. She was there everyday with Chad’s first cancer scare. He had surgery and treatment, was luckily declared cancer free. They broke up after that, a mutual decision. They remained very good friends after their divorce. When Chad’s cancer came back Vanessa was with him until he died. Did you not here her describe his battle with cancer, how eventually the tumor grew out his belly button.

Big Brother is game. Get a life and quit trying to assassinate someone’s character.


You are an ignorant idiot, you have no idea what they went thru.


James tells Meg the twins haven’t done much in this game Meg agrees This should be the title under the picture of Meg sleeping!!!!!

Karma's a B---h

All this posturing and self-righteousness is from a person who divorced her husband within one year of his cancer diagnosis. Enough said about her morals right there.


Karma is only a bitch if you are. And you are, believe me. Please shut up. What a disgusting and disgraceful comment you made. You should be ashamed. This is a Tv Show, get a grip…

is it just me

3 times you postef this i bet you were thinking you were really clever and wanted to make sure everyone knew only one slight problem he was diagnosed after the divorce this was mentioned long ago
and all you ended up proving is that you are a dumb twat who does not have the patience to post once and wait for it to load


Jackie is going to throw first HOH? That is crazy. She is going to leave her fate in the hands of James and Meg during an intellectual comp.


-When you think of most of the truly great players in BB, at least they played with a level of subtlety. With
Vanessa, her total lack of subtlety led to her downfall.
-Meg=Victoria 2.0. She brings NOTHING to the game.
-I’m hoping that one of the Wonder Twins or Gleek (my new nickname for Austin-LOL) gets the second eviction on Thursday, but I’ve got this feeling that Jackie will be the second one leaving instead.
-Shelli? I can semi-tolerate her now with Clay out of the house, but I still don’t want her winning BB.
-This season is a big improvement over the previous two seasons; however, I’m not even close to declaring this season to be the greatest ever.


If Shellie, JMac, Steve or the austwins are smart they will gun for that solid foursome during double eviction to get a number out for that group (should be one of their strong comp players like Becky or James).

Uh huh...

Vanessa’s behaving as if a major crisis is occurring in her life. She’s turning to the Bible and pondering thoughts the likes of “people are so un-evolved… they’re so hurtful.”

Really, Vanessa? That’s how deeply affected you are by this? Seriously, get a grip. You’re on a television game show competing for $500,000. It’s not like you’re about to lose your home, or a loved one, or any number of other occurrences that could validly be considered a crisis or leave you in dire straits.

Get a grip and take it easy…


Although l’m not a huge fan of Vanessa’s game play….I feel she deserves to be in the house more then someone like Meg who is completely useless.

Uh huh...

It’s great that she played the game, but unless she were going up against a bunch of lemmings her approach was destined to fail.

In that regard, she’s no different than Audrey. They both came in and actively worked their strategy, but both were doomed to fail because they had fatal flaws within them. For that reason I don’t feel Vanessa deserves to last longer than it appears she is going to – even over Meg.

Quite frankly, it’s Vanessa’s own fault that she’s going home before Meg. And that in itself is an indication as to just how poorly Vanessa played her had. She started off well enough, but ultimately she blew it. She has no one to blame but herself.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Vanessa reading the Bible?!?! Hey Vanessa, why don’t you read Romans chapter 1? If you want to, I’ll exposit it for you, especially from verse 18 to the end of the chapter. Deal? (and I’m not talking about poker)


I’m confused, who are the Goblins? Is that a name that was made up here in this forum or a name that someone in the game made up for Jackie, James and Meg? Just curious, because as I read this translation to words, it seems biased towards Shelle and that crew (some of the personal comments within the paragraphs, specifically the “goblins” reference.


I remember steve and john calling the group of jackie, james, meg the goblins during some game talk. think thats where it started.


i think the goblins are just Jackie & Meg, playing off on Sabrina & Rachel being called the Gremlins on BBCAN2


Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I can see that Meg is all duded up with her big hoop earrings and red lipstick for her favorite pasttime: SLEEPING!

twin hater

Did I read that Liz was making fun of James meg and jackie about they can’t leave the room without each other but that bitch spent have the season hiding with Austin wouldn’t even come out of the room. They havta go there voices are so annoying Big Brother you ever bring those Biatchhhhhes back into Big Brother I will boycott Twins gotta go Twins gotta gooooooooo

oh my

This should be fun. Vanessa’s allies have already given her up for dead. Her only hope would be flipping james. Maybe vanessa will disappoint us and just fold.


Other than OTEV, I’m thinking there are no more straight-up endurance comps left guaranteed to favor Becky and James, other than Final 3, and I’m not sure James is even quick enough to win OTEV. So those 2 could just be toast at this point. I can only hope. Or I could just have a bad recollection.


Vanessa is hilarious. I think she actually believes Becky was ‘venomously yelling’ at her LOL. She also said Becky was yelling and pointing when Becky was just doing that just to show what Vanessa was doing lol. Also priceless how she said she was being at sweet as possible. Not like she came in threating Becky how she is getting a jury member pissed. Oh man this gold.


James’s only opportunity to get Shelli out would be this week.Vanessa will be always a target. Shelli is going to be harder to get out. I can see her having a secret alliance with Becky and Johnny Mac plus her original alliance with Austin, twins and Steve. Shelli is the most dangerous player to leave in the game than Vanessa.


I think through the conversation Austin and the twins just had with Shelli might buy them a few more weeks. She discovered that their targets are James/Jackie/Meg, and not Steve and John. She will relay this to JohnnyMac to take the heat off of Austin and the twins. This keeps Shelli riding the middle and they ALL can go after the Goblins. Add to the fact that she also wants the Goblins out, this could be a very good thing for her. She would be safe on two sides.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Simon, you have to understand that BB superfans have HG that they really like and those they despise. Nasty comments don’t break bones, they express the fan loyalty and distaste for HG that are unliked. All HG are aware that when they live 24/7 in front of a national audience, some very nasty things will be said about them. It should be water off a duck’s back to the HGs who signed up for BB and comments shouldn’t be censored unless they are downright x-rated and vile.


Oh that’s sad! Don’t want to age myself but what is zomg?


Thanks! If it helps– I love what you do!

Chill this Town

ok, that’s it. Meg…you have been a useless entity in this house, I tolerated you and didn’t bash you and your Chiana like movements….

now you are calling J-MAC a PROBLEM?

shut your mouth! can she just disappear completely and we move on with the game w/ one less person?


I said when they kept Shelli instead of Clay, they were making a mistake. {Shelli can win the different types of comps} When the opportunity present itself you take it. Austin and the twins are as clueless as Meg. They had Vanessa doing the thinking for them, now they will let Shelli do the thinking for them.
However, Johnny Mac, James and Steve will get rid of Shelli, the three of them know how dangerous she is. Now Steve is planning on throwing the Comp. that leaves Johnny Mac and James, if it comes down to those two, Johnny Mac will throw t to James, so Shellie’s demise will be at James’ hands.

The Shark

This is getting good!!!!!


In the twins defense, people were on to them so they were hiding out a lot as to not expose themselves and make it through 5 evictions. They had to be careful. I actually like the twins just because they make me laugh. I’m interested to see if Vanessa does go if they step it up at all. I’m hoping so. I don’t blame them for hiding behind Vanessa and shelli. Look who’s being targeted before them. Now to see if they have anything to offer the game. I hope they do.

Austins Big Nose

Vanessa was the reason the twins even both got in the house. And some moron here will say she wasn’t but you would be wrong. I can’t believe the twins just turn their back on her now. That’s low. What’s even lower is Austin. Not only did Vanessa keep his little twins safe she saved his ass. And she shouldn’t have because she wouldn’t be screwed now if she had cut his creepy ass loose.

Who to root for now? Steve also fucked Vanessa over. I just hope Vanessa can somehow flip James and make sure the three idiots Austin Liz and Julia know she flipped him before the vote. Cuz those three will probably vote Shelli to stay at this point.

No more feeds for me if Vanessa goes. Yawn.


Austin is hilarious! He doesn’t give a shi+ about Vanessa being on the block. His conversation in the back yard w/the twins and Shelli are absolutely hilarious! He’s a complete bum! He wants to just hang out now that he’s not the target. ” there’s nothing we can do.” The funny thing is that Austin was never going to do anything anyway! Bum


Austin is hilarious! He doesn’t give a shi+ about Vanessa being on the block. His conversation in the back yard w/the twins and Shelli are absolutely hilarious! He’s a complete bum! He wants to just hang out now that he’s not the target. ” there’s nothing we can do.” The funny thing is that Austin was never going to do anything anyway! Bum


Vanessa is freaking out , but she shouldn’t. She should have expected that this is what happens when you send so many people home who still have “mourners” in the house.
However, Becky should have let Vanessa known about backdoring her beforehand for the benefit of her (Becky’s) game. Vanessa will be a member of the jury who now will not give Becky her vote by any means.