“I’m literally scared she’s staying, She finds a way to move groups, I’m f**Ked”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

– The live feeds are going to be crazy leading up to Thursday’s Eviction –
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 15-04-45-464_jpg

3:00pm Have nots Shelli and the Goblins
(Most of this conversation was covered by Dawg in the previous post)
Shelli has been campaigning for a while telling them Vanessa is the one close to Austin and the twins and she is the one coming after them not Shelli.
Shelli – if y’all keep me it would be dumb for me to nominate y’all, do I even want to win this HOH
Goblins thank her for a good talk.
Vanessa comes in “I’m really sorry to bug you guys I need a bag to go to the DR
Shelli – she need her bag to go to the DR
JAckie – it’s broken

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 15-12-47-463_jpg

3:11pm Austin’s workout plan

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 15-19-10-401_jpg

3:17pm Have nots Goblin Circle
JAckie saying everyone in the house is wanting to work with them calling them the “Good Side”
Jackie – Too late now you should have talked us before”
They comment how pissed Johnnymac is.
Meg – Personally I want to Shelli but on a game level
The goblins agree keeping Vanessa is better for them.
Meg – Game wise I don’t trust her with us in a group (BeckY)
The Goblins plan on bringing Jmac in as their 4th person knowing that the other side is telling them they are targeting him.

Meg has a real problem with Becky telling them last week she didn’t trust them and now this week she’s want’s to be a “general” with them.

The goblins now agree they have a better chance to beat austwins in competitions than Shelli, Becky and Johnnymac.

Jackie – oh my gosh
Meg – I am torn there’s way more risk to keep Shelli
James – Ya
Meg – Vanessa’s cards are all out they’re
Jackie doesn’t understand why Shelli never came to them earlier and gave them the “Oh I’m alone” speech
Meg – Why was she with the twins she realized they aren’t voting for her
James- she’s trying to jump to this side
Meg – we’re not going to listen to Vanessa’s Bullshit.. she’s done enough for us to trust them.

Jackie says if she wins HOH she’s taking out Vanessa and she won’t feel bad but she will feel bad for taking out Shelli
James- I’m fine with whatever the group is for
Meg – that was good we had that talk
James – I was going to ask about the sweater..
James- Brass tacks
Meg says the numbers austin has isn’t a huge deal because sooner than later they will go up.
The goblins are generally thinking Shelli’s pitch was too little too late if she came to them earlier in the week they would have taken her up on the offer.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 15-32-59-837_jpg
Austin comes in.
Austin asks so is she coming after us now
The goblins tells him Shelli isn’t coming after them she never told them she’s coming after Austin

Austin – Jmac is really sad he said he wanted a team
James – HE said the same thing to us what’s going on
the goblins laugh

Austin – Brass tacks
The goblins laugh
Austin says Jmac was lying down near the bed when they were talking to Shelli. Austin was trying to get him to work out because he said he was soo sad.
Jackie – I feel bad
Jackie – get your personal feelings out of here.. we’re ruthless animals

Austin says Vanessa is pushing for them to target Becky but he’s trying to tell her to go after jmac.
The goblins agree taking Becky out is “Too MUCH”
Austin – If she wants to take becky out that blood is on her hands..
Austin – We are with you three more than anyone else.

Austin says if they hold power during the double eviction they should keep Vanessa and Becky in the game because if either of those two win the second HOH they will target each other. if one of them is gone they’ll start targeting the ‘Brass Tacks”
Austin warns if one of them get excited the whole thing will fall apart

James says the brass tacks is like a fist strong. explains that just two fingers are flexible can be bent but as a fist it’s strong.
Austin – where’s the 6th finger
James – in the middle
Jackie – can I be that person
James called into the Diary room

[envira-gallery id=”127931″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 15-35-37-839_jpg

3:33pm Jmac and Becky HOH
Jmac telling her about all the schemes Vanessa is spreading
Becky – I hate Vanessa, I shouldn’t have gone after here.
Becky leaves.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 15-40-22-149_jpg

3:36pm Have nots Becky, Jackie, Meg and Austin
Becky comes in they tell her the whole night is planned, Bowling.
Austin leaves
Becky starts saying that Jmac told her Vanessa plan is to get her separated with the goblins.
Becky thought it was James she was going to pull but it’s Becky.
Becky – she’s going to find a way to get my separated from you guys.
Becky – I just want to be in my HOH room and have the group decide who stays and who goes not talk to anyone
Becky – I’m paranoid about her I don’t trust her social game I’m literally scared she’s staying in the this house, She finds a way to move groups , She finds a way to plant ideas
Meg – her game is busted, I don’t listen to what she says
Becky says her hanging out in the sun with Johnnymac and now Vanessa is saying they are a group
Meg – I think Johnnymac is freaking out a bit..
Becky – maybe he is closer to Shelli, We kinda knew that though
Meg and Jackie say they feel they can beat Austin in the end.
Becky says it’s personal between her and Vanessa, Vanessa manipulated her. Shelli is more of a threat she gets that. (ZONG)
Meg – Vanessa is easy to get out
Becky – I need a buddy system for game talk..
Meg tells Becky she needs to talk to Jmac because he’s going around asking people to be in a team.
jackie – he asked Austin
Becky what the f****
Meg – why is he freaking out
Becky – he’s scared

Becky – I slept and sh1t hit the fan
Meg and Jackie say they are keeping Becky safe
Becky – I believe, I’m a believer
Meg warns her if Becky loses the goblins she won’t be safe
Becky leaves.
Meg – that is good she feels better about all this

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 15-39-27-148_jpg

3:37pm Serve and Jmace on the SKYBRDIGE
Steve says Vanessa convince the goblins Shelli is after James and Vanessa is after Becky “It’s as simple as that”
Steve – are you taking a nap
Jmac- my head is just circling.. thinking about things

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 16-01-36-521_jpg

3:59pm Shelli and Jmac
Jmac – my very last move right before eviction I’m going to tell them that story of me and Steve..
Jmac explains the time when Vanessa told everyone a different story about what happened in the HOH. He’s going to ask her what story is the truth
Shelli – they’re acting really weird the twins and Austin.. I don’t even know what to say

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 16-07-26-013_jpg

4:05pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin says Jmac is lying telling everyone he doesn’t have a team. Austin says he had a good talk with Steve, “The only person we have to worry about is Johnnymac, he’s the only wildcard”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 16-18-40-144_jpg

4:08pm Austin and Liz
Austin says Vanessa still doesn’t trust them. They chat about Jmac freaking out.

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I wish Austin and Liz would go. Nasty to watch them kiss and touch each other. Go to the jury house and have your good times in there where we don’t have to watch. Wish Vanessa was going with you, but it looks like Shelli will be going. It will be funny if Shelli is the one to come back after her 6th sense(less) alliance pretty much turned their back on her.

Smart Guy

Sixth sense turned their back on Vanessa after Clay and Shelli were caught playing the goblins who thought they were in an alliance with Clay and Shelli since week one but it turns out they had a major hand in Jason’s removal, which they tried to pin solely on Vanessa, and then they ratted out Austin to get James to use the veto. Austin turned his back on Vanessa after she saved him even though he outed the twins to Jason and put a huge target on his back and Vanessa’s back and forced her to choose between loyalty to her original alliance member and all of the problems that has caused her, or backdooring him and sitting pretty with a legion of floaters bowing at her feet. She chose to save the person who has turned on her while she takes the fall for something many people had a hand in.

Half the Story

You sure know how to sugar coat the truth leaving out plenty of important details. Your just as bad as the people that think Shelli does no wrong and that say Vanessa is a terrible game player. Vanessa has broken her priceless word just as much if not more than Shelli, and has thrown every alliance member she has under the bus more than anyone else in the house. BUT that’s the game of big brother. More power to her for figuring out that she can pull the wool over these has eyes as many times as she wants without having to pay for it. Right now even after her irrational blowupsshe still has a strategic game that is superior to the rest.
But please stop treating her like she is the pinnacle of morality and that if she wasn’t dealt such disloyal allies that she would be running the show still.

Smart Guy

You sure know how to make blanket statements without providing facts. Lying to someone who wasn’t in her alliance is playing the game, which is the reason for an alliance. Alliance members protect each other and everyone else is fair game…until the members of your alliance try to pin things on you that they had an equal hand in, and if they turn their back on you after you risk your game to save theirs. At that point, being true to your alliance members no longer applies. Vanessa even risked her game by not backdooring Audrey in order to show her loyalty to her original alliance. That was after Audrey tried to turn the whole house against her back in June.

Vanessa keeping a disloyal ally is why she isn’t running the show. If she had made Austin a distant memory she would be surrounded by wide-eyed floaters bowing at her feet, as we speak.


Details, please?




I went from hating Austin for being Austin. Now I hate him for wanting John out. And the twins annoys the crap outta me now too. For two girls who don’t like Austin they sure are looking out for him.


I agree. The Twins go on appearance-based witch hunts in between giggle fits and covering hickeys, calling JMac ghost, weirdo, Fker, because he gets more DR time to take care of dental practice business? They slander him for not kissing up, or laughing at their jokes but Austin is just as bad. He prefers people of the “same intelligence level’ “barbarian types” he says. Yeah it’s hard to find any that low, but oh there they are it’s James and Meg and the new Brass Tacks obsessed. He’s here to have fun, and JMac reminds him of someone with a life and career after BB so he’s got to go. Why JMac and not Steve who openly slithers around? Austin is just here for the Jury House where he can rape Liz in private so why does he care who gets evicted? Still waiting for any of them to win something.

Min O'Pause

I realize where I’ve seen the twins before. I thought they looked familiar. They were those creepy twins in that “Dead Zone” Verizon commercial. “We’ve been expecting yooooooouuuuu.”


Austin is a disloyal, backstabbing, Pu$$y!
After he threw his alliance member (Julia) UTB
His Stupid a$$ should of been gone
Vanessa took the heat and saved him, then he turns on her at any opportunity
Austin is a piece of $hit!
And the twins are idiots for listening to him after he already tried to screw them over
Vanessa has not done anything the rest of the hypocrites haven’t done
Austin n the brainless twins… see above ^
James broke his deal with Shellie
Becky lied to everyone and Vans face … JM should of gone on the block
Van saved Jackie because she said she would and Jackie will not acknowledge that fact Jackie would of been gone if Van didn’t keep her word … she should be thanking her not
putting her down at every opportunity
Steve bailed on Van as soon as she was on the block
If the idiot FnGs(except Van .. she’s loyal to a fault till crossed) would just be loyal they would be F5
I guess Austin said it best … With Vanessa gone only dumb people are left so were all on the same level.
A house of morons and a pharmaceutically spun out strategist
Got to give credit where it’s due … Van has flipped the vote on Becky … F Becky the Bit(h!

GeekSquad McGee

Austin telling Jason about the twins isn’t as big of a deal as it was made out to be.

Did it make them a target? Not in the slightest bit.

Everyone already knew they were twins. So what if they know her name is Julia? That doesn’t matter. Are they going to evict her because they don’t like the name? It had zero blowback against the twins, nor would it have ever.

And Austin saying he wasn’t close to Julia, IMO wasn’t true, he wasn’t trying to throw her UTB, he was just trying to make them look non-threatening and not a 3-way group.

I get why people were mad at him, but it wasn’t actually some terrible move like Julia and Vanessa made it out to be, which is why it didn’t put the twins on anyone’s radar whatsoever.

That's Why Austin Hates Vanessa

Everyone’s favorite psycho, I mean strategist blew that Austin move out of proportion. You are exactly right telling Jason Julia’s name wasn’t a big deal, neither was everyone passing it around. Everyone already knew they were twins, Steve played dumb bc that’s what Steve does. Everyone got a kick out of torturing the twins everytime they switched, and got caught up in the humor rather than seeing the threat.

Vanessa blew up Austins game because she was threatened by his social skills, pretended he was turning on a teammate (you know what happens to rats, disloyals anyone not following her orders or asking permission first), and used that as a reason to scare his butt back into her control. She was trying to pretend she was the twins protector and boss, and hated Austin for trying to get close to Jason and his allies. So, who goes up after she tortures Austin back into line? Jason of course! Blaming it on Clelli because Vanessa never made any decisions in the house as HOH or war monger.

Not only did Vanessa blow up Austins game to the house, she then ranted all over the house and to Julia’s face that Austin was plotting to have her evicted first to have Liz all to himself. Another lie Vanessa because she wanted Julia to be loyal to her, not both loyal to Austin. She knew Austin was going to have permanent numbers and Vanessa would have to suck up to them.

Austin knows who his enemy is and thats why he kept floating vote Vanessa out first and keeps reminding Twins how dangerous Vanessa has been to their game from the start, she is the rat, liar, disloyal, mean personal nominator; she didn’t go to Austin first, she blindsided him on the block and made him grovel to get off. And to cover herself for what a huge crime it was, to out Julia, executed Jason’s game and alliance instead.


It did have something to do with everything. They were trying to take Austin out so there is not a group of 3. That is why Austin was supposed to be on the block.

If Jackie was going to stay as HOH, Austin would have been gone and twins would have worked with Vanessa and Clelli.

If Vanessa put up Austin, she would have lost Austin, twins, and most likely would have been the one on the block last week.


I agree it was just an excuse for Van to backdoor Austin. However, I think it was a big deal to Julia… Austin approached Jason to discuss a plan to target Julia! By Jason knowing her name, it confirmed Jason was telling the truth about the plan. From what I remember, Austin had no intention of Julia staying after she entered.

GeekSquad McGee

Austin never said anything about targeting Julia. He said if she went home before jury, he would be fine with that. And he probably said that so that they weren’t perceived as a bigger threat.


What does ‘should of’ mean?


unfortunately I think Production has tainted JMacs game. They want funny clips for the show cause he’s a hit with the viewers. So he’s called to the DR constantly. And the house guests seem him continually being called to the DR and it’s causing a lot of unnecessary attention and suspicion.
Silly BB. Screwing up your golden funny boys game.


It is hard to know who is in the best position coming up to Thursday’s DE. One thing is certain Becky’s, Vanessa’s & Jonny Mac’s game all got damaged during the week

Don't Forget Steve

He’s really done a number on himself too. Austin says he “shorted out his circuits” and hiding under Vanessa’s hammock following her and Shelli around for like a wounded puppy. He’s surely seen a few swing votes on the years of superfan marathons he and his mom watch, he could have parlayed his position into something strong. Instead he’s first on the block again for DE. He reminds be of that character from Dracula who blindly follows and eats spiders in his cell…not a good look.

Min O'Pause

“RATS! RATS! THOUSANDS OF THEM! MILLIONS OF THEM!” Rotflmao! Steve would be the perfect Renfield! And we know there are rats in the house.

That's It He's Renfield!

Talking to the feeds, abusing oranges and begging for mom’s help, Steve is off the rails like Renfield! Vanessa is his Dracula, sucking the blood out of his game as we speak, making up with JMac by vilifying his ally. Again, aren’t she and Steve in a final 2? Doesn’t that make her a liar, poser and rat? Oh I forgot she’s a genius and those are labels for everyone else. Why does Steve obsess over that monster? I love how she rants about Becky with spittle flying all over the open Bible in her lap. You couldn’t make this stuff up. He’s crazier than me strategy.Don’t think JMac’s buying what you’re selling Vanessa. Suck on someone else!


To answer your comment… Meg is in the best position going into DE.


thats easy! vanessa is going to be sitting super easy if she stays. she got steve austwins and now the dumb goblins against jmac and becky. i cant believe how easy it is for these fools to be manipulated. vanessa didnt even have to say a single word lol. i still cant fathom why they are going to save vanessa, and she STILL has not exposed her true alliance; “the sixth sense”. its so unbelievable.


Austin actually has a very solid social game.

Austin the Playa

Austin makes very astute observations, and has Vanessa pegged, even as her right-hand henchman. His laid back style means he can sway and influence without browbeating anyone or making them feel stupid. Hey he makes the Twins feel smart and that’s hard to do. He keeps heads cool, walks away from confrontation so he doesn’t catch any of the crap flying. And he made the best power move by staking his game on protecting the Twin Twist and getting both players in on his side, winning Julia over even with his, ehem, various character flaws and rabid pursuit of Liz. No ones will put him on the block lightly with those 2 banshees promising revenge. He’s more than just a playa, he’s a player, in wrestler’s clothing.


Hey get out of my brain!!! Couldn’t have expressed my thoughts of Austin any better. Bravo/a


It pains me to agree, Austin is good with everyone. It’s funny that Julia, like most of us, is grossed out by Austin.

jmac attack

If Johnymac wants to stay in this game, he’s going to have to come out of the shadows and win this next HOH……and make a bold move, and put up Vanessa and Austin, because they are coming after him,…I really like JMac but he’s been laying low too long…and their jealous he get’s called to the DR 10 times more then them..Come on you got to win this next 1 johny…!!!! It’s do or die..


Johnny isn’t going home this early. The show wouldn’t allow it. There’s no need to worry about him.

I think the show is fine with losing Julia, Shelli, Meg, Becky.
They want James, Jackie, Meg, John, Liztin to stay.
I think they would be happy with John/James/Jackie winning this season.
It sounds jaded but I know Production will intervene soon if John gets in trouble.


JM is a horrible player .. He’s freakin clueless
People seem to like him because he’s on permanent laughing gas?
Too much fun at dental school? To much mercury exposure?
A weird voice doesn’t make a good player people!


I think he has been playing but not super well. His loyalties are really odd as someone said….. Jeff? Becky? Clelli? He’s none of these peoples closest ally, and I don’t really like how he looks down on Steve.

But beyond all that I think he is a decent person. It’s strange but I think most BB fans don’t like the person who plays the hardest, but the characters. If you lie or are deceitful it’s almost a negative to many viewers, but the point is you just gotta lie well and stab people in the back….how else do people get to the end for BB?


Too early for bold moves such as winning HOH. WWHD?

Why Soft Peddle?

Becky, Shelli and JMac have been avoiding “appearances” they are a team to the point they have not even campaigned for themselves with the Goblins, Austwins or BrassTacks. If Becky is the so-called apex of the pyramid, it’s only because she has the balls to speak, albeit too much. I call this the “Mad Hatter” effect. They are so afraid the bugged-eyed Vanessa will blow up games, point fingers and rant misinformation, they wont even be seen around each other. They should stop the tip-toeing, and make relevant justifications and vows to support the Goblins and Austwins. It’s clear Steve can’t get his head in the game so he’s a no-brainer target at DE…

But JMac can’t even articulate what he’s willing to bring to a team, which is confusing for a finance guy/doctor type. Why is he so silent and low key about how he can help someone else’s game. They all sit around waiting to be courted for votes, and now they are completely alone, known only for spilling secrets. James is still not seeing the big picture, Austwins will not back up Goblins till Vanessa is gone, and who knows when that will happen if they’re all going to nap til double eviction! Austin is ready to get out Vanessa while she gives Bible Lessons on Job from one side of her mouth and makes wild accuations out of the other. Only the Austwins are safe if Vanessa wins HOH Thursday. Shelli, however can be managed.


Him being a dentist has nothing to do with whether or not he can articulate what he will bring to a team. That’s personality thing and I know doctors who are only good in their field of study. But don’t have the best personality skills and can be quite ignorant about alot of things. Besides isn’t saying what he would do to benefit them because he doesn’t want to and wanted to work with his elite chosen few. Some people may worship this guy for whatever reason. But his social game is poor. It’s good he’s a possible target. He can’t be trusted and hasn’t established any trust.

Doctor's & Financial Analysts MUST Have Social Game

I’m a financial analyst, and if I don’t explain how I will benefit my clients, I won’t have any. Same with doctors, they are required to explain how the procedure they recommend will help the patient. That’s why it’s astounding after 50 days in the house he can’t fathom A) having a reliable relationship with anyone in the house besides Becky when they’re not pretending their not friends and B) he can’t describe why he is an asset to anyone, any alliance, any goal any comp. In fact the only guy he talks to is Steve who also has chosen a strategy of appearing so clueless that they not only disappear into the wallpaper, but convince everyone they’d be a detriment to any team or goal. Even if they do win, what will they do with it, they are so easily lead. Steve is not just under the radar, he slithers around eavesdropping they call him creepy. JMac never goes close to people outside and has become so pale hiding under the sheets they call him ghost. These are not an absence of social skills these are anti-social phobic tendencies. JMac couldn’t even describe his interest in Dentistry as having any interest in patients, merely for their money, creeping out the houseguests in the first introductions. Some of these guys make Jace look normal which is saying alot.


Oh, just get every houseguest in that place into the same room and just lay it all out there, for gods sake. The kid gloves can come off, everyone can put their rivals game on blast and they can stop repeating themselves all damn day.
And for the love of god, Jmac when Steve is saying you’re freaking out more than you need to, it’s time to get serious. Stop segregating yourself from everyone except Shelli, Steve and Becky because you’re far too hilarious to leave that house before Steve, Austin, Meg, Twins, Jackie…basically everyone.

And yes, I know the game shouldn’t be a popularity contest, I just can’t help it. Jmac is the only HG that makes me laugh without the laughs turning into tears of frustration.


I think I’d take back some of the credits I gave Becky.She’d really be stupid to think that Vanessa telling her she wants Shelli to go was true–It was a ploy to get Johnny out!!–strategically Vanessa and to some extend Johnny are playing at a higher intellectual level than the rest of the house,minus James or Jackie.

I had to idea Medieval Romance made 21st century Austins of the world really dull–I can’t fathom how Austin and his twins are so passive and idiotic,I hope it’s a deliberate strategy on their part.

– Vanessa gives him an information(about Becky being her target),he can’t hold on it for some time.
-He seems to pick his target based on feelings,first it was Jeff,because he looked at Liz funny.Now it’s Johnny because he’s acting weird,no strategy .


Seriously, who’s going to go home?

Predictions anyone? Simon? Dawg?


Sadly… I have to agree with Simon (that was my live eviction imitation).


Doesn’t James see how dangerous Vanessa is? ….She can tell when he’s lying…

Pinocchio Obama

You’re right. She read him like a book.


she did the same thing to steve, and steve was telling the truth, she was calling him out that she ‘knows’ he’s lying. they kind of got over that, but randomly telling people (who are the ones voting) that you ‘know’ they are lying in hopes that eventually you hit the mark is bad game play.

her talking to james that way was not a good idea. she always has to have reasons and get to the bottom of things, that is how she got on jmac’s bad side as well. Instead of going to talk to him like clay was suggesting, she ran around to gather dirt on him first. huge mistake, now becky has jmac in her ear about putting up vanessa to take vanessa out, instead of sticking to the house plan of evicting shelli?

she is a mind, but it isn’t a master mind.

The Ninety Percent

If I were Shelli, I’d take JMac to the Goblins and say, “Want to use JMac as your fourth? Well save me and that will show that he can trust you.” If they both went to them and offered themselves up, it kind of makes it look like her word can be trusted (even if she goes back on it during DE which would be awesome live TV). I want Shelli in this game. I’ve liked her so much more in this secretly conniving strategy she has going for her right now. She must know the Goblins need a number against the AusTwins.


“I’m not going to listen to a word Van says her word is crap doesn’t mean anything” “Van is not going to run my game and get in my head” etc…etc…This coming from the goblins. Guess what you idiots Van is doing just that getting into your heads and running your game. Van is way more dangerous than Shelli these people are so stupid…can’t wait to see what happens once Van stays. The twins can’t even think for themselves what a waste of space!! Once Johnnymac leaves there is not once person in that house that deserves the money.

BBcan fan

You stated in your comment how good Vanessa’s game is, yet you say once JMac is out no one deserves to win. If Vanessa makes it through this week,why doesn’t Vanessa deserve to win?


Becky is annoying on so many levels this week and I am ready for her to be gone. She played this week all wrong and deserves to not get what she wanted because if it. Id be surprised if she still has a job when she gets out after the way she acted this week since she’s working in retail and managing people-wow!


“Austin – We can’t have Vanessa force us to do something that has us against them (goblins) because then they will come after us and Vanessa is safe.. we have to think about our game.”

Austin, yes, thank you for saying this. Now please lay out your reasons, strategy and explain how you haven’t been basically doing whatever you’ve been told to do and to “get the twins” on board too. How will this thought breakthrough come to fruition? Will you be winning an HOH and blindsiding anyone? Are you comfortable being the leader with a strategy or will one of the twins be speaking for your group? Do you think you’ll start Operation: Get My Balls Back now, or just the twins each hold onto one until y’all regroup in the jury house?


I think this is the season that loyalty just plays a small part and having numbers is the most important factor. What do you guys think?


I concur with your observation and frankly numbers are better than Loyalty.I think with many members still in the game,there will be some degree of loyalty as a means to numbers–That is why I like the goblins targeting Shelli as of now, because if they join forces with Austin and his twins,they can easily go after who they want as oppose to keeping Shelli over Vanessa thus making a Shelli-Becky-Johnny-Steve alliance come true,which would be bad news for the Goblins and Austwins.


I am rooting for Becky, Shelli and JMac (don’t mind if they team up with Goblins). However, Shelli continues to make fatal mistake after fatal mistake. She just can’t stop going back to her puke. She needs to realize that the sixth sense turned against her long ago. Blow it all the way up, own your part, and talk for your life in the game. Yet, she wants to hold out hope for Austwins (and Vanessa). Argh.

Smart Guy

Sixth Sense turned their back on Shelli? Shelli and Clay tried to pin Jason’s removal solely on Vanessa when the fact is they and many people had a hand in Jason’s ejection, and last week Clay and Shelli ratted out Austin to get James to use the veto. I know it’s hard for some people to accept the truth, but thems the facts.


agreed, that was one of the first and biggest mistakes, edit from turned to let go…


Sixth sense blew up because they lost 2 straight HOHs. Plain and simple. Shelly and clay are the first to go because they were closer to the goblins and betrayed them the most. That’s pretty much it. The rest is just details. Sixth sense screwed up not by saving Austin, but by putting him up in the first place. Van and cilella got greedy and wanted the twins for themselves. It’s actually fitting that they are probably going to be the first 3 In the alliance to be evicted.


Right, that’s the realize it and own it part. Stop trying to make it better and hold on to it like it is there. Try to make something else, and blow it up to cast doubt on the others rather than hold out hope to still be together.

Smart Guy

But he was never put up and if they wanted the twins for themselves he would have been. Vanessa’s only mistake was keeping him and risking her alliance turning on her so they could worm their way out of their involvement with Jason’s eviction, instead of booting Austin after he put a target on both of them, so she could sit pretty surrounded by a legion wide-eyed floaters bowing at her feet.


We don’t all sit on mount Olympus.

Kim Kardasian West

Maybe you don’t ………

Min O'Pause

Hey what’s with the thumbs down? She paid a lotta bank for that ass so she must like it that big. Doubles as a stadium cushion.

Ohio fan

As soon as Shelli picked Vanessa in the veto,John should have realized where Shelli’s loyalty lies.

Min O'Pause

Judging by the look on his face, he knows…


I hope Vanessa stays, should keep things interesting.


wow .. guess the bottom line is this…. meg, Jackie, and james really should be called the 3 STOOGES…


lol how do they(JJM) not trust the person who agreed to work with them(becky). this HOH becky could have put one of THEM(JJM) UP instead. i cant believe these people are THAT dumb, it has to be more than that.

Smart Guy

She didn’t put one of them up because they’ve been getting picked apart as they float along, and she wanted to be their savior and new leader so they could continue floating together. She saw the goblins as weak vulnerable victims that she could quickly attach herself to. Basically she just needed some floating buddies. Unfortunately for her, her new best friends decided to start playing the game this week and figured her out pretty quickly.

Every time she tells them that Vanessa is so good at convincing people that they’ve been hypnotized into keeping her, they should tell her, “Moron, Vanessa had nothing to do with us figuring you out. We decided to keep her 2 days ago when she was by herself and even her own friends wouldn’t go near her.”


They should have been pissed that Becky changed the pre HOH comp agreement, which was getting Shelli out. And it seems like they did a turnaround, deciding to not do what she wanted, and to stick with the original plan. the plan was always to give James back what he had wanted, to get Shelli out. Becky changed it to a personal vendetta situation, to put up Vanessa. she has valid game reasons as do others for V to go out, but that was not what this HOH was supposed to be for.

and clearly they are not teaming up with her, they spend a total of about 10 minutes hanging out with her in her HOH. this must be the first HOH where at least some HGs don’t hang out with the HOH all day every day. that alone should have been a huge red flag for becky, i think it certainly allowed some wiggle room for vanessa when she popped her head up and said, hey, them guys don’t look that close. by that time, meg had pretty much reminded everyone with a ‘hey, isn’t shelli supposed to have been the target” isn’t shelli the one most likely to win comps and influence people?

of course, meg has personal reasons for getting shelli out, due to her strange belief that clay and she have a special connection, but shelli got in the way, so shelli needs to not win?

to Rosie’s comment, don’t forget Steve is part of a vanessa and austwins alliance. Telling him about something he has probably already known about is unlikely to get her his vote, in fact it might solidify his decision to get rid of her in case she spills any other beans.

shelli doesn’t have any of the recent events info. swaying johnnymac is unnecessary, and swaying steve is likely to backfire. she doesn’t know that there isn’t just a plan to vote her out by the goblins, they are actually aligning for a longer time with the austwins. there is literally nothing steve/johnnymac are going to be able to do whether shelli stays or goes.


Man I hope John wins HOH tomorrow. It’s not looking good. The more and more this game goes on it’s looking like Austin and James are the favorites. Steve and Jmac are on the outs, Vanessa and Becky will duke it out, and that leaves the Brass Tacks left. The twins will always be bigger targets than Austin because they are two people. James will obviously be the #1 target on the other side but I feel he can get out of it. I just hope the Final 2 isn’t Jackie and Meg. Yikes. This is the best season since BB10 easily.


I can’t wait to see the cover that says Austin smells! Zings got here before Zingbot

Uh huh...

What Vanessa has been able to do since being nominated this week is a microcosm of what she’s done throughout the entire game. It’s amazing how the entire house isn’t able to realize that that is the reason they should get her out NOW!

I know they’re all saying they’ll take her out after Shelli, but you know she’ll manage to spin things round and round again in a way that has people doing what she wants done.

Whether you like Becky or not, she’s right for wanting Becky out. And I don’t say that simply because it may be best for her personally. I say it because at this point the entire house is incredibly foolish for not knocking her out while they’ve got the chance.

Becky may be her first victim, but eventually most – if not all of them – will get screwed by keeping her around. She’s just gonna spin everything over and over again by making deals from week to week and selling people on deals simply based upon nothing other than who is the HOH. And they’ll by into it like the lemmings they’ve been for her throughout the entire game at this point.

The only people I have faith in that won’t be fooled by her manipulations at this point are Becky and JohnnyMac.


And that’s why she wants them out, because they are onto her

Uh huh...

Well yeah, but I’m not blaming her (Vanessa) for wanting them out. I’m saying the others are foolish to think she won’t come after them simply because they are apparently going to vote Shelli out instead this week. They’re setting themselves up to be blown up by Vanessa. And if they don’t vote her out this week, then JJM deserve to be picked apart at the hands of Vanessa, whether it be from her directly or by her influencing the next HOH to do it.


There’s an ad on the side of this page that is advertising brass tacks from Amazon and I can’t stop laughing.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans


If they ever make another “Police Academy” movie, Jmac can play the part of Zed, the doofless character whose voice cracks and talks with a high pitched voice.

James would be perfect to play in a new “Hangover” movie as Mr. Chow, the diminutive Asian guy with the small Johnson.

Steve would fare well being thrown into the cast of “Big Bang Theory”, his nerdy look and effeminate mannerisms would fit right in.

Liz will be a good Dr. Jeckyll and Julia a Mr. Hyde, they already have the male voices.

Austin makes a good replacement for Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler”, he’s almost as ugly as Mickey.

If they ever make a movie about Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher who slept with her 14 year old student, don’t cast anyone else, Shelli will work for free at the chance to play the part and copulate with a 14 year old actor.

Clay can play in an autobiographical movie about Liberace.

When they release the sequel to “Black Beauty”, Vanessa can play the horse’s a$$.

Word on the street is that they’re going to release a new “Rainman” movie with a female character as the nitwit, half-brain, Meg would be perfect for this part. If, however that doesn’t work out, she can star in a movie about Rip Van Winkle, BEFORE HE WAKES UP!!!

Jackie would be perfect as one of the denizens of “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”.

Becky makes a great Wonder Woman fighting crime and evil (Vanessa) and saving the world from destruction.


Yeah yeah, you like making derogatory comments about the houseguests. We get it dude.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

It’s so much fun! Most everyone enjoys it and you can tell that because over half the posters do the same. You’re just a crybaby who would fit right in the cast of the Big Bang Theory as Shelton Cooper’s left nut, it swings both ways.


Thank-you, for making my day! I can’t stop laughing!!!
The best comment I’ve seen all day!!!


I have this sinking feeling that Austin and the Twinkies will be F3. They don’t seem to be on anyone’s radar and just agree/disagree where necessary.
The venomous look of Julia’s face on tonight’s show was priceless. She was sitting in hot tub watching Austin rubbing Lizard’s stomach. If looks could kill, both Austin and Judas would have died a thousand times.

I said it

Shellie can’t do shit by herself .. She has no brain … Can’t wait till Vanessa learns shellie was in on the back door plan and and blow up the six sense alliance and go with the goblins and make the final four deal and put up Austin and Becky option to back door Liz… ???? whole new game starts

I said it

Shellie can’t do shit by herself .. She has no brain … Can’t wait till Vanessa learns shellie was in on the back door plan and and blow up the six sense alliance and go with the goblins and make the final four deal and put up Austin and Becky option to back door Liz… ???? whole new game starts

In this game

Are they required to say that? Puma Power Girl says it the most. It’s almost like they are required to say that to remind themselves it is just a game.

bla bla bla

Unlike some people I don’t like or dislike people because of their looks. I happen to like Chewbacca and feel bad for Frankenstein’s monster. If someone in my circle became disfigured – I wouldn’t hate them for it. What some are saying is repetitive and boring. Grow up . we get it – you hate Austin. Oh well … Makes me root for him more.

Smart Guy

Becky would make a good Brian in Big Brother 10 The Movie.

Plastic Pool Shark aka PPS

Austin is creepy and gross. Liz is even nastier for letting him suck on her neck. They both need to go away soon.


I hoping that vanessa and shelli leaves on thursday. Honestly tough decision on the goblins.

bla bla bla

Oh isn’t that special.


It’s probably Austin’s ex gf laying on the hate.


A woman scorned? Hell ? Fury ?


The way I see it Vanessa, James and Johnny Mac are the only three playing the game. Austin, Shelli, Jackie and Becky are only thinking about personal reasons. And the twins, Meg and Steve are just floating in space.

Vanessa won’t get the jury votes, James and Johnny Mac have a legit shot at winning. James need Shelli out and Johnny Mac needs Vanessa out.

So right now James is at the top to win. But a lot could change. Pretty interesting season of BB


I didn’t even know JohnnyMac was still in the house until a few days ago. The last time I saw him was when he won a veto about a month ago.


What is productions obsession with Steve on the show? They keep highlighting his silly ass antics of talking to the cameras alone. I personally don’t care what Steve thinks about his own game.


Shelly has nothing to lose. She should pull Steve and John into a room with the goblins and spill the beans that Liz told her she was a twin and that Vanessa brought her and Clay into it with Austin and swore them to secrecy and started the Sixth Sense. She should tell them that when Austin told Jason Vanessa felt betrayed b/c she wanted only the sixth sense to know about Julia and that’s where the idea of backdooring Austin came from b/c Vanessa felt betrayed but then Vanessa realized she couldn’t let go of a number so she flipped it on Jason. She should tell them how Vanessa planned to keep the twins safe until Julia could enter the game so that they would have the alliance to roll with until final 6. She should tell them her part in all of it and fess up everything. She should also point out that during Vanessa’s first HOH she made up the fight with Jeff that it was all lies, that she staged it so that she could have a reason to put up Jeff and that she put up Jeff b/c Austin was jealous of him b/c he felt that Liz might have gone to him instead of Austin. She has to point out how she’s that close to Austin and the twins otherwise she’s dead in the water.


and when I said SHE, I meant Liz told Vanessa not Shelly and that Vanessa is close to Austin and the twins

another name

i was good with the low key background game john was playing. i considered john, steve and becky the actual underdogs, not meg james and jackie. I’m thinking the more he is being noticed now, the worse for his game. not because he is being visible now, but because he’s still not attached to either of the factions in the house.
Yes, he has to make a move at some point to do something definitive in order to gain voter respect from the jury, but i’m not sure if he’s doing the right thing right now in being so visible with shelli instead of being visible with one of the two identified groups. He could have solidified something (no matter how fake) with some faction in the house. His game problem right now: too much of his process is through d/r. the jurors never see the d/r. so his plots and plans are invisible and unknown. That’s not a good thing.
he’s moderately liked by the house (in other words, nobody hates him, but nobody gives a damn about him either). in a game that has been so much about these people are a group voting block, and these people are a group voting block, it’s not very realistic to think that in jury each block isn’t going to support one of their own over the guy that didn’t firmly connect with any of them. perfect example of this method going awry: bbcan 3 godfrey. his game was played in the d/r. nobody knew his thoughts or opinions in respect to where he stood in the game definitively. he lost.
if john doesn’t make moves that get juror respect at this point, he’s playing for second.


Jeff was really really gross. Jackie say it isn’t so!!!


Becky walks into any convo and flips it to talking about herself. People are having fun and she walks in with her boring as fuck stories about herself. Buzzkill. Then everyone starts planning their escape to get away from her.


What a disaster Becky’s HOH has been. Not only did she blow her own game up, but she also managed to blow up JohnnyMAC’s, Steve’s and Shelli’s games, all while failing to get her number one target in Vanessa out of the game, who will now surely target her.

Brass Asses

Alright it’s getting really hard to root for the underdogs when they are idiots! It’s confirmed this week. I now believe they deserve to lose. Gotta give Vanessa props. As much as it kills me. I do like that this season we never know what’s gonna happen:) I’m rooting for Jmac! They wonder why he gets called to the DR more than any of them maybe because he is the most liked on the show!!!!!DUHhhhhhh idiots! LOL! I think Jmac and Vanessa will be in the Finals! With hopefully Jmac winning:)


I think Johnny Mac and his twin are switching in and out like the air head twins did. Day had a sharp eye and was able to pick up on the differences of the airheads. JM is just really good.
The girls are from Miami, why do they talk like valley girls? Too much Kardashian shows, they sound just like them.