POV Ceremony Results! “Why lie!? I have a lot of information on her! You’ll see!”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 11-03-20-978
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10:20am – 11:05pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto meeting to take place. When the live feeds return we learn that Steve obviously used the veto to remove himself from the block. As a result Becky nominated Vanessa for eviction. Originally Vanessa suspected she might go up on the block because Becky refused to make a deal with her. Stating she was done with making deals and alliances. Becky messed up by telling Vanessa she was in a four person alliance with James, Meg and Jackie and by making deals with Austin and the twins. After the veto competition Becky reassured Vanessa she wasn’t going up telling her she has “her word!” Becky doesn’t care about breaking her word because of how she feels Vanessa has played the game. Vanessa calmed down a bit but has still been paranoid. With this blindside Vanessa is going to go into FULL BLOW PANIC MODE. This week should be pretty insane however at this point Becky has the votes to evict Vanessa (James, Meg, Jackie, Johnny Mac + Becky as the tie breaker)

POV Ceremony Results: Steve used the veto / Vanessa is the replacement nominee

Shelli is talking to Vanessa in the bedroom. You knew! Shelli says I had a feeling and I told you last night I was paranoid. Vanessa asks why would she lie then?! Shelli asks she told you, you weren’t going up? Vanessa says 100%! Like why lie!? There’s no point in lying, if I’m going up just tell me. She doesn’t realize how risky that is. I have a lot of information on here. Shelli asks but what good is it going to do? Vanessa says you’ll see! It doesn’t do me any bad. I don’t like hypocrites. Everyone is going to know. She said we are the two people she trusted the most and we’re sitting on the block. Shelli asks she said that? Vanessa says “The Generals” alliance, you don’t remember that. Shelli says if she said anything about you flipping on people that didn’t come from me. Vanessa says my hand to god everything I did was to better our game. I’ve never said anything bad about you, Austin or the twins. Vanessa asks she didn’t tell you she was going up? Shelli says no she said she was confused about where you stand in the game. Vanessa asks why didnt’ you tell me!? Shelli says this is not my fault. I am extremely upset that you think I had something to do with it. Steve joins them. Vanessa says it is what it is, its a game. I’m not going to make a big production of it. I knew it was going to be a blindside. The last time it happened production woke up us early so that no one would have time to change their minds.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 11-20-08-022
Vanessa asks again so you had no idea I was going up? Shelli says no. Vanessa says she lied to my face. She made one hell of a mistake I am going to be one hell of a jury member. She is not going to win I will make sure of that!! Shelli says she is sitting in a pretty spot. Vanessa says for now .. she has no idea how many people are gunning for her. Why make another enemy. Shelli says its so weird how differently you feel when you’re up. Vanessa says I’m just going to tell everything I know. Shelli says we know a lot about each others games. Vanessa says don’t worry I have integrity. Vanessa says outside of here I have a good life trust me. Shelli says okay. Vanessa says The thing I don’t understand is why she lied to me.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 11-07-20-361

11:10 – 11:25am HOH room – Becky talks to Austin, Liz and Julia. She explains all her reasons for putting Vanessa up on the block. Austin says I’m just worried she is going to think we turned on her and that we knew the whole time. Becky says she is a strong social player that is paranoid. She’s paranoid for a reason because she is playing everyone. Liz says don’t worry about us. I understand that this was the best decision for your game. You have our support. You had to do what was best for your game. We appreciate that you didn’t put us up. Becky says we just need to shut our mouths and let her explode. I didn’t tell you so that your conversations and responses would be genuine. Austin says I just want her to understand that there was nothing we could have said or done.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 11-05-25-319

11:30am Havenot room – James says she (Vanessa) was having bible lessons the night before.

11:35am Vanessa talks to Shelli, Austin and the twins. Julia says now everything has changed. Vanessa says I will definitely fight! I won’t say anything bad about you Shelli. But I will make one hell of an argument to everyone in here. I appreciate that you were the first one to come in here and talk to me. That shows a lot of character. Vanessa says whatever I even got to play in the POV and my dumba$$ couldn’t get it together.

Austin talks to Steve in the cabana room. Steve says it didn’t make sense to me that she would put up Johnny Mac. Austin says I’m scared going into double eviction now. Austin says the vote is 4 to 4 with Becky as the tie breaker. Steve says Vanessa is gone. Austin says she is gone. Steve says can we win the double eviction HOH .. because its me and Shelli next! Austin leaves. Steve tells the camera I am riding a very thin line right now. The funny thing is Becky’s speech was just as applicable to me as it was to Vanessa. They are going to go after Shelli before they go after me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 11-42-20-147

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Van,ya got caught with your hand in the cookie jar & now ya wanna cry about it? Becky didn’t have to give ya heads up,but at least Becky told your alliance before time, unlike the Jason blindside.


Simply amazing. Van did the exact thing with Jason but she gives herself a pass. As if she gave people a heads up. Boggles my mind, the double standard.

Double D

Her error was Jason. If Vanessa had stuck to the plan and backdoor Austin, I think she would still be running the house.

Ya'll Seen My Hairpiece??

If Shelli spent half the time she takes to find a husband, spackle on her makeup, put in her extensions, boo hoo swoon over Clay or grab pitchforks to steal James shirts and huff his sweat, SHE’D STILL HAVE AN ALLIANCE WITHOUT A PERMANENT SEAT ON THE BLOCK.

SOMEONE tell Shelli this isn’t the BACHELORETTE IN PARADISE. Now her game strategy isn’t mending fences with Steve or JMAC, or keeping Becky close, she’s taking game moves from the Ho-Mancer Twins and rifling through James luggage BECAUSE THAT’S CLASSY. Give it up Smelli, I mean Shelli, Clay isn’t going to marry you and have babies at 23 to keep up with your sorority sisters.

Great job Austwins! Keep her distracted in that nonsense so she’s ill-equipped for DE and gets to Jury faster with all the votes she’ll get from the houseguests she can’t stop insulting. They can call their new 4-some The Elitists or Smelli’s Heroes, just can’t call them winners.


She took this a lot better than I thought, probably because she is a millionaire and doesn’t care about the money.

I thought we would get a massive fight. Boo…let down.


If she feels shes on her way out, she still needs to keep face for poker sponsors and i believe she still wants to go on Amazing Race. I don’t think that she wants to burn bridges.

However its still early, I expect a blow up tomorrow closer to the vote. She definitely expected this whether or not she says its a surprise. Her gut told her its a huge possibility last week.

Becky's boobs

It’s still early

Char Jax

Vanessa needs to save face – she has sponsors out there! She’s about her money!!

Canadian Kevin

Give it time. She’s just absorbing it now. It’ll get crazier before she leaves.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I understand why Austin is worried. If he and the twins vote to keep Vanessa, JJMB will be pretty pissed off. If he votes with the house, he could lose a potential jury vote from Vanessa. It will be a balancing act. He feels bad now, but he won’t for long. Vanessa will probably accuse Austin, Liz and Julia of making a deal with Becky to keep themselves off the block. She’ll probably try to blow everyone’s game up. It should be an exciting week.

Canadian Kevin

I don’t think anyone will be upset. As Austin said – they don’t want or need Austin or the twins vote. They have enough.

austin would be wise to start making sure he’s in good with the others. Once Vanessa leaves, he’s going to have to start thinking for himself.

the coreys

Shelli just said she knew becky wasn’t with them and that she was just with them because of Clay. She said “I picked up on it when she said how athletic Clay was”

No, what you picked up on is your jealousy kicking in. She’s in for a rude awakening when she’s outside of the game and I love it haha

"I Wish I Wasn't So Smart" You're Not!

Choked on my lunch! She blames her education, after Shelli & Production-She wishes she wasn’t so smart??? HER intelligence got in the way? Well she can’t blame it on being too classy!! Did she get “too smart” before or after she read the Bible to brush up on smiting her teammates, bearing false witness, and crucifying the anti-christ?

Delusions of grandeur much? Get ready for all 6 stages of grief,
1) Denial (I really didn’t want the money I’m rich biotches NOT, I didn’t apply 5 times, my mom did for me)
2) Anger (You’ll see I’ve got even more lies to tell about you, you’ll see)
3) Sadness (hiding in bed crying into her beanie like Shelli)
4) Bargaining (you better make a deal with me or you’re dead, Dear Lord..)
5) Depression (manic gibberish, sunglasses, sobbing)
6) Acceptance (I’m gonna kill your games in Jury then bitches)
7) File Lawsuits (CBS, Production, Cameras, Set Doctor, Comp Referees, Julie, Les Moonves, God)

I survived last seasons BB

Classic Vanessa !!! Great response !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not good with making up funny names like yall

Haha that’s great! Best comment of the week!

Venom & Vitriol Boo Hoo or Diary of a Mad woman or Death of the 6th Sense

“Uh Oh This Is Not Good” says:
August 10, 2015 at 4:17 pm
Hysterical! Austin is groaning, “Vanessa is quoting from the Bible like Jace, this is NOT good!” He says she’s acting like Audrey too and understands why Becky put her up.

Vanessa is throwing them all under the bus, telling Austin she was put up to strike out at HIM. They are punishing her for protecting Shelli, Becky really hurt her feelings, and she needs a team to come back to. Austin says we dont owe her anything, she’s the one that keeps blowing up our game.

Shelli says THERE IS NO 6TH SENSE ANYMORE Vanessa was the glue. They’re all going their separate ways. Vanessa says you caaaan’t, I need someone to come back to, I’m coming out of Jury.

Austin Shelli Liz Julia look at her, OH NO YOU’RE NOT…Van says I’m not gonna make a scene it’s just not me. HAHAHA…Shelli comes out says Vanessa is crying big crocodile tears. Austin says I’m not getting into it, I just wanna have a nice week.

PERFECT! Start packing Vanessa, you should know what that feels like too

Venom & Vitriol Boo Hoo or Diary of a Mad woman or Death of the 6th Sense

“Vanessa is quoting from the Bible like Jace, this is NOT good!” He says she’s acting like Audrey too and understands why Becky put her up. Austin says we dont owe her anything, she’s the one that keeps blowing up our game. Guess all the lies painting herself as the victim are falling flat.

Shelli says THERE IS NO 6TH SENSE ANYMORE Vanessa was the glue. They’re all going their separate ways. Vanessa says you caaaan’t, I need someone to come back to, I’m coming out of Jury. THEIR eyes say NO YOU’RE NOT. Austin says I’m not getting into it, I just wanna have a nice week.

PERFECT! Start packing Vanessa, you should know what that feels like too

Ariana Grande stinks!

HAPPY DAY! ::happydancing::


Yes, happy day!! Take your green granny hat and fly away! What a turd.


Bye-bye Vanassa!


Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.

Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.

Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low. Let them know the Wicked Witch is dead!


I remember you sang this song when Shelli was nominated… and than Clay left. Just sayin.


I sang that for the wicked witch of the East this time it was for the wicked witch of the west!!!!!!

Linda in Texas

Play it again Sam

Double D

I can hear the fireworks back here in Ohio


I’m in Ohio with ya!! Love this. Really all she can do is try to blow up Shelly’s game. Would not do her any good to make enemies of the others. Gonna be a great week at BB’s house!!


O H I O HERE TOO! I’m loving this week. Bye Felicia I mean Vanessa

Pot Kettle Black

Another Ohio in the house….! I was all about Vanessa at first. I thought she was going to be amongst the Masterminds of BB. Now, she annoys the hell out of me. I hope there are fireworks this week. She can dish it, but she certainly can’t take it…Bye Vanessa.


I love how Vanessa does an instant attack on her closest allie! She will throw Shelli under the bus in 3…2…1…
She is going to BLOW!

Like...I'm Jackie

She’s already thrown her under the bus! Now the bus is BEEPING as its backing up to do it again! BEEP..BEEP..BEEP…it’s the integrity bus!


Vanessa was so excited to draw that line in the sand, and then make sure than everyone knew that Clay and Shelli were on her side of that line.

She unwittingly started James’ Angels, and now she’s paying the price that Clay paid on Thursday night..

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Vanessa promising Shelli that she won’t say anything bad about her – HA! Vanessa really needs to stop making crazy promises. How does she intend to convince the house to keep her over Shelli, without throwing Shelli under the bus? I have to give Vanessa credit, she is managing jury votes even when she is on the block. It must be killing her knowing that the Jackie/James/Meg/Becky alliance got the best of her. How the tide has turned…


Me: bye Vanessa!!!!
The twins’ voices echoed from afar: we knoooooooooooowww

AKA Twistin'...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved this post! Loved it!!!!!


Sidenote: Vanessa looks way better WITHOUT makeup, sheesh honey lay off the eyeliner!

I survived last seasons BB

Let the Fireworks begin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

72 hours of non-stop Vanessa groveling= EPIC


Actually she is pretty chill. She said she isn’t going to give Becky the satisfaction of blowing up. Also she isn’t going to campaign.

I survived last seasons BB

We are about ten minutes in…There are over 72 hours to go…Business is going to pick up


… right…

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Vanessa would rather self-evict then beg anyone to save her. What she will do is try to bully Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve into voting to keep her. She will then try to work on JMAC for a fifth vote. She exerted so much energy trying to keep Austin and Shelli in the house, so I find it hard to believe that she wouldn’t do everything she possibly can to save her own game.


Grenade yo! BOOM


You don’t like hypocrites, Vanessa? Maybe you shouldn’t have been one.

this will be a good week

i hope vamessa goes bat sh*t crazy give me something to watch lol

Char Jax

Vanessa needs to save face – she has sponsors out there! She’s about her money!!


bye bye Vanessa. “I’ve never said anything bad about you, Austin or the twins”. UGH! – You tale sh!t about everyone. You’re DONE!

I survived last seasons BB

They should title the pic of Austin and the Twins getting the news as “Dazed and Confused”


I can’t stop laughing!!! Great comment. That is up there with, Nastin and the twits are at summer camp. LOL


Popcorn ready!!

TorontoVegan (the real one)

It’s about time! Have fun in jury Vanessa!

kathie from canada

Woo hoo! Now just let that voting block hold firm! Buckle up everyone!

Big Brother Lover87

Bye Felicia (Vanessa)! Don’t let the BB door hit you where the good Lord split ya! Enjoy Jury!


Bye Vanessa 🙂

The golden power of cheeto

The way vanessa has been, she might pull an Audrey

No Favorites

I love it when stuff like this happens. Now next week, I would welcome a Julia win just to see who she’s gunning for in the game. My gut tells me it would be James/Becky with Jackie as a replacement.

V's Green Beanie

and that would be sooooo boring..The way the twins talk?!?! If one of them is HOH, can you imagine the scenarios going through their heads…and coming out of their mouths!?? I knooooooooooowwwwwuh!

the coreys

It’s irritating to heat vanessa complain about why becky would lie, I mean isn’t it obvious why? Because telling you gives you plenty of time to lie your way out of the situation

These houseguest are annoying when they say if they send me to jury I’ll be a hell of a member. What a idle threat. All but TWO of you have to go and if I’m shelli I’m telling vanessa straight up so you think me going to the jury I won’t do the same?

It implies you have no game skills if saying me and the twins and austin have all this power if we goto jury so don’t put us there.

Well great, why not just give all the money to you 4 then, cause that’s such sound logic.


Vanessa should talk to James and Meg again to blow up Becky’s game. I just don’t think she has the votes to stay after that. Her messaging will probably be all wrong anyway, since shes angry, even if the info on Becky (and by extension Shelly/JMac) will be valuable. JJM currently think they can pull John in with them but if they see that BSJohn are tight, they will realize they are in a 3 group, 3 person per group faceoff with Steve helping Shelli and JMac until he can get rid of Becky.

Taking out Vanessa is actually not the best for JJM game, but they are stupid not to realize that Shelli came out of the Clelli+Van alliance in the clear.

Plus Becky can probably win more POV and HOHs with no Slop dinners.

I think Meg knows that Becky is shrewd but its Meg, so she just going to sleep on it.


Why would Becky put JohnnyMac up? She is not Kalia, who put her own alliance member Lawon up. Good job Becky. Vanessa would of screwed you over in a heartbeat. Beat her to the punch.

Oh Brother

Ohhhhh the drama….I wish we could get the feeds in Canada.


How delicious. Vanessa vs Shelli is what we have been waiting for all season.

I survived last seasons BB


Some appropriate music to set the mood




I live in Canada and I can see the smoke way up here lol




Im so surprised thaat Vanessa was so bad at this game. I mean shes even on Wikipedia and she won almost 3 million Dollars, just by playing Poker. She shoulda known how to lie and play the game and she was the worst. Its funny that Davonne played Poker just for fun and she was way better than her

is it just me

way better thats why she left second
some fine logic there

No Favorites

Did you mean to post that? I thought Da had potential but she couldn’t keep her emotions in check. Emotional playing will get you evicted.


Right, Davonne left week 2. Vanessa has made it to Jury with a chance to come back.

Vanessa went all in and the river card bit her hand off. Hér alliance ended up being floaters in the game.


jusit wait until van get to play to back into the house then see you get last laugh


So hilarious. Vanessa was already forming a plan to flip the vote to evict Johnny Mac and target Becky for double eviction.

Oops!!! LOL


Austin is such a coward.


This is why I LOVE BB!!

I survived last seasons BB

Lets break this Vanessa statement down

Vanessa says it is what it is, its a game. I’m not going to make a big production of it.( UMM YES YOU ARE)…. I knew it was going to be a blindside. ( UMM NO YOU DIDN’T ) …….The last time it happened production woke up us early so that no one would have time to change their minds. ( CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND HER OLD FRIEND MR PARANOIA )


The tables have turned, now vanessa knows how jason felt. TAKE IT VANESSA, TAKE IT HARD AND SLOW, LET IT ALL SINK IN. HOW DOES IT FEEL?


you know how she feels she gets a vote to sccrew becky out of 500.000 and becky gets to go back to work while van can go back to las vegas and live the good life and spend that 4.5 mil plus theres a chance she comes back that would be funny if she came back and took becky out


vanessa could give but cant take she made what she thought was blindside to the other evicted house guest..when someone else play her own game or pull a vanessa on vanessa she wants to play the victim wow unbelieveable ..vanessa always throw rocks and hide her hand


Is she really a poker player? Hard to believe she earns a living from it.


Let the fireworks began!!!!!!!!


This will be a crazy 48-72 hours for sure! Van unfortunately put her trust on all the wrong people and they certainly would not do for her what she did for them. It’s funny that Becky is too stupid to realize all of what Van did was protecting herself and her real alliances, maybe she’ll get it once she watches the season (and the big b*$ch she was being with all her mean comments these last few days). She will go home this week and it will be crazy! I just home JohnnyMac and Steve can take out the rest of these people.

Alliance infinity

Protecting her alliance (Vanessa)??? Which one Dark moom, six sense, sos, freaks and geeks, or generals alliance… Shes been in a new one everyweek. If she was looking out for her alliance she couldnt honestly vote out anyone, from week one shes been in a group with every person this season except maybe one…


Vanessa’s best move would be don’t throw her alliance under the bus. Realize she doesn’t have the votes.

Bank on a player returning from jury and she can possibly move right back in work with her same alliance.


I agree, she has enough people in her alliance that some will still be there when she has the chance to come back in. Let the house know Becky is a rat but keep calm, rest up in jury and come back ready to fight.


But she won’t; she can’t risk wheeling and dealing. (I just realized she must be a dealer, not a poker player in LV.)


It would be stupid of her to turn on the Freaks and Geeks completely. I think she would rather one of them win than the other side. She will just out Becky/Shelli to JJM. I don’t know if she is returning, might be that Jury can manipulate the game or award powers. This season is bloated. There needs to be another DE in August. Maybe after that 1 person returns or 1 person returns and a DE happens. It really depends if the Producers want a specific storyline but they are losing it. The feeds are quite boring without her drama. The Twins playing pool was more boring than last year’s pool playing.

I don’t think she will overdo this as much as we think. Its not like she depends on Big Bro for money, although I don’t understand why she went on this show in the first place. Perhaps she is sick of poker as a career for real?

Nene Leakes


Here She Goes Again "I Wish I Wasn't So Smart"

Really?? She said she wishes she wasn’t so smart! That’s what got her evicted. Vanessa’s blaming everyone but herself for her predicament. Here’s a smart idea, try DIPLOMACY Vanessa! Correct perceptions you’re out of control, stick to one plan. one promise, be loyal to someone! No, no, no, it’s gonna be threats of death again, I’ll ruin Becky, I’ll ruin Shelli, I’ll ruin CBS. That will win people over. Booksmart maybe, Emotional IQ zero.

First she blames Production for starting Veto Ceremony on time, everyone getting dressed up, purposely not giving her time to change people’s minds. (She’s had over a month to show people who she is, and she gave Jason no time to campaign.) Now she’s nasty to Shelli who’s getting angry Vanessa blaming her, saying she new, must have known, should have known, never breathed a word.

Now still hiding in bed (like Audrey) the threats against Becky, I have another alliance to out the Generals, she likes Shelli blah blah blah.

Now the threats to everyone, I’m gonna rule Jury, none of your games are safe! Way to go Vanessa, alienate everyone who might be able to help. The only card she plays is threat. In the same breath she says all I did was protect my alliance…BY CREATING 30 ALLIANCES? Her strategies the joke of the franchise. Julie calls it out every week. Pretend loyalty to everyone is loyalty to no one, double standards the definition of distrust. Say a prayer Vanessa for God to make you smarter, or dumber, if that’s possible!

The Whole House Is My Alliance"to infinity and beyond...

I agree, 6 sense, dark moon, sos, freaks & geeks, the generals alliance, final 2 with steve & shelli…If she was protecting her alliances she really couldnt vote anyone offf…Since week one shes had a deal with every single person in the house with the exception of MAYBE one person,has that ever been done???

17 person alliance" to infinity and beyond"

LoL, dark moon, sos, freaks & geeks, 6 sense, the generals alliance and a final 2 deal with steve & shelli…protect your alliance, she wouldnt be able to vote anyone off if thats thats the case…has anyone had a alliance with every single cast member on the show ever??? Even the players since week one, maybe with the exception of one…


someone should mention (shelli), if you are so smart why did you spray your hair with disinfectant thinking it was hairspray .

Ariana Grande stinks!

Next out should be one of the Jiz Twin hooks.


is Vanessa coming back after she’s evicted, Anonymous?

I survived last seasons BB

Vanessa says don’t worry I have integrity.

Wait !!! What ???????????????????


You people have short memories
The only thing Vanessa did was change up the Austin eviction
to Jason (Mistake on Vans part) … It was Clay n Shellie who wanted to do that
Clay n Shellie insisted that the need Austin for the numbers.
Vanessa would not put Jackie up because she told Jackie she would not
Once again Clay n Shellie were trying to get Jackie on the block
but Vanessa stuck to her word to Jackie … They also wanted to flip it to
getting Becky out but Vanessa refused to because they promised Becky that
she was safe… So Vanessa once again stuck to her word… Vanessa has thrown names
around to try to protect her alliance but that was just strategy … telling people what they
want to here. Ya Van has made some mistakes but she has kept her word to individuals everytime. Vanessa’s problem is there are no trustworthy people to play with in this house.
Austin is a Pu$$y and has broken his deals with Van numerous times .. zero loyalty
Shellie is a me me me person and a snitch
Thanks to Becky (I can’t stand listing to her) I now get to cancel my feeds and save $6 …
I could give a rats a$$ who wins now … Hopefully Meg will win this season though .. it would be fitting
Everyone left are ignorant, boring, clueless morons
Unfortunately BBAU has been canceled this year … BBCA hopefully will be agood season

I survived last seasons BB

Gee………. thanks for dropping that Book of Misinformation on My response


Her problem is trusting wrong people, no decent houseguests, being too protective??? Whaaattt? I thought she’s some poker prodigy that READS PEOPLE FOR A LIVING TO A GAZILLION DOLLAR CAREER? If she doesn’t take a couple more of hey famous chill pills, she’s gonna lose any endorsements, assuming she has any left.

Vanessa can’t keep straight who she promised what to, and is at this moment trying to explain to Shelli why she said she was going to keep JMac. How do you start 30+ alliances, final 2, final 3s, some lasting only a week, AND CALL YOURSELF A PLAYER WITH HONESTY, INTEGRITY??

She’s crying in the bathroom she hates everyone no one will talk to her. What next Wheel of Fortune? Can’t be Let’s Make a Deal. Could she sell used cars?As her student Steve says, get to steppin. She needs a new costume though, I think her baggy crotch suspenders hipster glasses beanie get up is 3 clichés too many. Another example of trying to pretend to be someone she’s not, fooling players who are as bad at reading people as she is.

Ariana Grande stinks!

And — as I anticipated– Sssssssssteve the Snake is throwing Johnny Mac under the bus right now.


I hope Nastin and the twits are next.

is it just me

good chance of james flipping the vote once he learns how becky screwed him during his hoh he is the vindictive type and he trusts vanessa to an extent
he will also be thinking of how audrey told him the truth and he blew it off as crazy talk and somehow i doubt he will want to make that mistake again, after all becky already stated a few times she does not want to get rid of shelly


best case bring in pandora boxc with rewind week right now


Like hello people this is big brother. Everyone lies threw there teeth. I can’t stand how they say all this lying. Like why are you on bb then? Lying is part of big brother.

I hope Ven does blow up Becky’s game, as she was playing both sides. Would love to see how Becky will get out of that one. Jackie can go and hide under a rock. Her game play is as interesting as the silent rock sitting there. All of a student she start opening her big mouth when her side is in power. I watched her on the amazing race and this person isn’t the person I seen on the race. Does anyone have any duck tape? If so can I borrow it to wrap around Jackie’s mouth. She thinks she all that and a bag of chips. She’s so ugly, not pretty at all.