“Becky is at the top of a pyramid of alliances, Becky is on my shit list”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 17-01-26-798_jpg

5:01pm Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa says she doesn’t have the votes to stay unless she can flip a Gremlin. (She calls them gremlins while everyone else is calling them goblins)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 17-09-30-284_jpg

5:05pm Hammock Liz and Austin
Liz about Vanessa – She reminds me of Audrey sometimes
Austin – Sometimes
Liz – she’s scarey
Liz says at this point she rather Shelli be here
Austin agrees
Liz brings up the double eviction.
Austin says going out during double is fast might be the preferred way to go because you don’t have any time to worry about it.

Austin says it’s them, Shelli and Steve that’s 5 people if they can’t win the HOH one of them will be going home.
Liz – if us 5 can’t win it wasn’t meant to be
Austin – Exactly you can always come back as well eventually

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 17-47-27-521_jpg

5:22pm James and Austin Hammock
Austin says he’s worried about the double eviction he wants them to be on the same page.
Austin – everyone is forgetting to have fun.,. these are the good old day they are the brass tacks days..
Austin – let’s get through the Double and meet up then.. Why throw the grenades right now when there’s too much unpredictable sh1t.
Austin warns the floaters are going to slip through the cracks and BAM they’re in the finals

James- there’s too many people
Austin – you’re right there’s too many people
James – there’s two queen on the block.. they’re queens

Austin – I don’t know where Jonnymac heads at ..
Austin says Shelli is aware of everything because Vanessa told her..
James and Austin agree they should be able to discuss the vote openly.
James says it’s a toss up with them (the nominees)

Austin – who’s more likely to win it.. who’s more likely to band together with the other side
James and Austin agree it’s equal
Austin – I have personal issues with both and i’ve been friends with both.. Vanessa is made at me for some reason like I had any idea Becky was doing this
James reminds him Shelli and Clay sold him out. Austin remembers that he also remembers Vanessa attempting to b@ckdoor him.

Jame s- Maybe Vanessa is the master manipulator
Austin – She’s actin Audrey-ish

Austin explains that Vanessa plays the game with percentages that is why she’s always trying to make deals.
Austin “Becky is playing a social game, Vanessa is playing a strategic game”
Austin says the game has been eating Vanessa up “That is what I don’t want around me.. Making things weird”

James says if Shelli wins HOH she’s putting him up.
james points out he’s protecting Jackie and Meg and Austin is protecting the twins.
Austin – we’re in the same situation
James- dude
Austin – together we’re 6 Jury votes
Austin – we need to protect each other so they can protect their women these are barbarian days
James- protect the women.,.

Austin mentions if Vanessa stays will becky be pissed at them.
James – are you and me still bros
Austin – yeah
James – thats all that matters
Austin – Bros before foes
James – Bros before foes

They talk about being the only eligible guys left in the house
James- we’re winners by default
Austin laughs says the girls have no other choice they’re the only guys left.
James- I feel like that about Meg a lot .. winner by default
Adds him and Meg joke about that all the time.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 17-53-33-567_jpg

5:50pm have nots Goblins
James says Liz, Julia, Becky and Shelli are all outside having girls night on the couch
James – shelli stays we’re f****D
Meg tells James not to commit to anything when talking with Vanessa.
James wants to find out what deals he can get.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 18-08-20-492_jpg

5:55pm James and Vanessa
James says whatever way he’s voting JAckie and Meg will vote the same, “Kinda like Austin and the twins”
Vanessa says she has some things to say about Becky that Jackie might not want to hear.
Vanessa will talk to JAmes and Meg together.
Vanessa – I have an offer for you and you know I’m good with my deals
Vanessa – I’m not a phoney, I’m not a rat and i’m not a f****g liar
Vanessa – I’m not fake i’m not going to try to be her friend (BeckY)
Vanessa says Shelli,Clay, Steve, Johnny Mac all wanted Jason up.
Vanessa says Becky pulled her Clay and Shelli aside and she said
“I’ve been waiting for you guys to pull me in a meeting I feel like i’m the low man on the totem poll me and jackie never talk game she’s impossible to talk game with .. I don’t have the same level of trust with the other side that I have with you guys, Shelli, Clay and Vanessa.

Vanessa brings up Becky’s generals alliance. She told them they’re are Generals and armies they tell their general’s information a different level of information than the armies.
Becky told them she won’t give general information to JAmes, Meg and Jackie.
James says Becky had brought up the generals awhile ago “I told her it was dumb”

Vanessa adds that Becky told them there was 3 steps for
Step 1
Becky was shifting from Night crew to day crew.. “Did you notice?”

Step 2
She use to sleep with goblins she moved to the comic room

Step 3
You’re a sexist to the so to the best of her ability she bakes and does all the girlie things for James.

Vanessa – she had me fooled
Vanessa says Becky was telling Shelli and Clay everything the goblins were telling her during James HOH’s. Adds that Becky was targeting James because he was sexist.
Vanessa – while she was sitting up in the bedroom she was coming downstairs saying she’s loyal to us
Vanessa calls Becky a rat

James – do you think you can get Austin and Liz on your side to vote
Vanessa – 100% .. they would I know they would I had their back
james – if you can talk to Austin ..

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 18-11-51-088_jpg

6:09pm Goblinettes
Jackie – I like Austin.. I feel OK with Austin
Meg – i feel ok around him
Jackie – I would rather get the twins out before him.. he’s really chill
Meg – I think he’s kinda awkward when he talks about game.

Meg – we got Steve in our back pocket
Jackie – And johnnymac, once we get rid of Shelli he’ll be with us
Jackie – Shelli has got to go

jackie wants to personally take Vanessa out says Vanessa is scared of her.
Becky joins them starts talking about Vanessa giving them reasons why Vanessa is her target.
Becky goes on about Firing up Steve to win the HOH to take out Austin saying to him that Austin is a bully.
Jackie says it would be great to get Shelli and Vanessa out on Thursday.

Becky – I’m not going to lie no side deal with austin will be real
Becky – We’re so powerful right now.. why would they go after our targets.
Becky – we have steve and John
Meg warns them Steve and Johnnymac are working with Shelli Johnnymac more so
Jackie – we need shelli out

Becky says they’ll target her and James and James will go.
Meg – Austin is not targeting you
Jackie – he just wants to stay safe

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 18-30-43-005_jpg

6:26pm Vanessa, James, Austin
Vanessa telling them that Steve told her Shelli, Steve and John have realized they were not in the 8 alliance.
I’m sorry Vanessa as much as we’re close if I keep you over shelli then there’s only 2 of us that weren’t in that 8 alliance 3 of us have to work together (Shelli, John and Steve)
Vanessa – Becky is at the top of a pyramid of alliances
Explains She now has ties to Austin’s three, Ties to Steve and Johnnymac and ties to James’ goblins
Vanessa – Becky is on my shit list I’ll tell you whatever you want to do.
Vanessa – i’ve never broken my word in this game.
Austin – she didn’t think this one threw very well

James tells them the rest of the goblins will be receptive to getting out Shelli.
They have a laugh that Becky was trying to make general alliances with James’ goblins and

James- Becky is a sitting Duck, You got me sold
vanessa – you just sold me 100% you need to tell the twins what you just told me
James – Liz and Julia close to shelli
Vanessa – no no
Vanessa – they’re close to me
James – that stuff about steve.. definitely
Austin – that’s not what I wanted to hear

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 18-47-34-489_jpg

6:44pm Vanessa and the twins
Vanessa gives her the speech she just gave to Austin and James. Tossing Becky and Steve under the bus spilling everything.
Vanessa says she told Austin Liz didn’t like guys that were all over her. Liz says she could tell it’s been so much better lately.

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Oh James James James, just when I was thinking there’s no way he’ll ever listen to Vanessa about Becky he does. Smh, smh, smh. Now Vanessa gets to stay.

At least it will be drama when Becky finds out that the target she thought was vanquished gets to stay. You cannot deny that Vanessa is playing the hell out of this game.

flipping floaters

I knew the script would be flipped, no Bueno!


But it isn’t really Vanessa’s doing. James and the Goblins has already decided to keep Vanessa and get rid of Shelli. They’re just playing Vanessa to make it sound like they need convincing.

I think they aren’t playing her hard enough. They should be forcing her into a deal to keep her. Then they vote our Shelli like they’ve already decided to do.



Also everything Vanessa told James was true. She has a very good memory. That info is a valuable tool for James.


Except Vanessa did/does lie. Are you forgetting her flip on Jason. Told the others nothing was changing when they’d already planned to b/d Jason. Vanessa is exhausting!


Everything she told James is true though. Becky finally beginning to pay for her hardcore shifting. Listening to her complain about Vanessa’s unpredictability is hilarious. We all know Van’s switch to Jason was the result of everyone in her alliance save Julia changing their minds about wanting Austin out. She decided to be loyal to her alliance. Becky on the other hand simply switched of her own volition and thought she could land safely into an newly formed alliance when she did. Now she’s going to pay.

I’m hoping someone takes pity on Becky and decides to form a fake alliance with her just so she gets to finally use “The Generals.”


the bigger problems with putting jason up was that I think most would have preferred that Jackie went up, but Vanessa had given her word/deal with jackie and refused to go back on that. If she had, I doubt it would have caused as much of a ripple as with Jason. A solid reason for Jason being up to get out was it was before the twins had made it to week 5, and he was blabbing all over the place about it. It was better for her 6th sense alliance to go for Jason, regardless of anything else. she never had thought thru the idea of what it meant to put up Austin. and when it was pointed out to her, she flipped.

but it isn’t exactly true that all those people told her to put up Jason, it was more like ‘who’s left who vanessa didn’t have a deal with?” I am pretty sure they mentioned Steve, but of course she wasn’t getting steve up there and still fulfil her promise to whoever was on the block with Jason.

Like...I'm Jackie

Vanessa – I have an offer for you and you know I’m good with my deals
Vanessa – I’m not a phoney, I’m not a rat and i’m not a f****g liar
Ummmm….you’re all those things!!!!!
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!


Uh, this isnt really vans doing. JJM have been talking about the flip for a while. Van is getting lucky or maybe some production help.


Austin talking to the twins . . . Austin – ” honestly i’m more at the point that Jackie, Meg and James are more our level of intellect.” Not a truer statement has ever been spoken in BB history. Six Morons.


This upcoming DE is going to be a blast.

I really..............

want Vanessa gone…then Meg…followed by Jackie and James – dumb goblins.

Meg Sez...

“So Pluto’s not a planet anymore?” Steve sez,” No Meg. It’s not.” Meg sez, “Wellll What about Goofy?”

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I see that Vanessa is still wearing that ugly green hat, a biosphere for crabs, bedbugs, mites, lice and fleas. Hey Vanessa did you read Romans chapter 1? Why don’t you share it with the other HGs like Jason & Audrey???

Triangles of Love

Don’t worry, the disinfectant ‘hair spray’ she uses will keep the infestation under control.


Blasphemy…..how dare you….I gonna pray to baby Jesus for you


1.45PM James: “We’re all adults here why couldn’t she (Shelli) just ask for it back?”

2.20PM James says that he kicked Shelli’s slippers under the couch.

Case. Closed.

Foreal tho

Now this is what I always loved about BB! The best moments are when an HOH gets too power hungry and the “target” flips the script. You go Vanessa! Shelly gave up in the last HOH and sent her man home. Now she’s going to jury. Becky is in trouble now. I’m loving it!


Vanessa didn’t flip anything. The goblins already decided to keep her on their own.

Ms Chiff

It’s fun to see the ‘divided sides’ talking game and actually finding common ground, now that the house has gotten smaller. Wasn’t sure that was going to happen, so that’s kind of an interesting development!

twistin with the twins

Looks like Becky the rat has been exposed. The green beanie may live to fight another day. The tides just keep on turning.


If Vanessa stays Johnny MAC and Steve are f.cked. Sigh. Those 2 need to go back to back with HOH wins on Thursday. If not it’s literally everyone vs Becky, Johnny MAC, and Steve (unless the Goblins win…..so pretty much it’s all on James)

Also nice to see how quickly Vanessa threw Steve under the bus. She didn’t even have to, plus the one thing that I dislike more than anything is her complete narcissistic beliefs. Gets old Vanessa, very old.

Come on Johnny MAC !!!!


Vanessa may annoy me, but i have to give her credit fighting to stay in the house. People just seem to give up these days


My thoughts exactly. Say what you will about Vanessa, she is not a quitter. She might be a little coo coo. But at least she fights to stay unlike so many others who end up on the block.


HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA… the feeds were packed with all the Vanessa haters sooo happy the other day, running their mouths. ..this is so awesome. Yeah Vanessa is throwing people under the bus but everything she is saying is true. It would be 2 teams of 3 and her against a team of 4 BSJS….not anymore Shelli is gone and the 2 3 oerson groups are gonna have a 6 person alliance….Becky is gone during de, good she was such a bitch and so cocky during her hoh


So….has nobody noticed that while JJM Are playing with the idea to keep Vanessa that Austin and the twins are toying with idea of keeping Shell I? if both side potentially flipped, the tie would result in Becky’s tie breaker. Just saying.

Canadian Kevin

James is a turd.

If Meg, Jackie and Becky, as well as JMac had his back, he’d be safe, even if shelli DID target him.

Now he’s alienating Becky, and JMac – and he doesn’t realize that Austin and the twins will take him out without blinking an eye.

He deserves to be evicted. And will be. Sooner, rather than later


I was rooting for James, Meg n Jackie but if they let venessa stay then fuck it, am rooting for the fish lol!


Looks like Vanessa is going to be safe this week. Shelli is going to be blindsided, Becky is going to be angry. Will Austin and Vanessa not put James, Meg and Jackie on the block? Van has been known to change her mind at the last minute.


If vanessa can pull this off I’m totally rooting for her! Especially when just two days ago there was so much hate talk.


James IS easily manipulated, but the know nothing goblins are between a rock and a hard place. They’re screwed either way. They will loose JMac and Becky if they keep Van, but JMac and Becky are trying to form an alliance of their own with Steve and Shelli. This would put JMac, Becky, Shelli and Steve in the middle of the fire between the two other groups-Austin and the twins and James, Meg and Jackie. The problem is keeping Van is just a short term solution, and possibility not even that. Van or the twins may still take a shot at James, Meg and Jackie during the DE. The goblins are on their own. Even if they have a cease fire during the DE and Becky , Steve or JMac goes homes, AFTER the DE all bets are off.
The problem is the goblins don’t really know how to strategize and they work off the little bit of info they get between sleeping hours and hibernating in the HN room. When Vanessa told them all that info about Becky, it never occurred to them to ask Vanessa how and why she used the info. Clearly another indication that Becky was working for a big alliance. James was too focused on hearing about what Becky said about him, not on utilizing this opportunity to get info about the larger alliances and shenanigans that have been going on for weeks. The goblins are done for , if they don’t win HOH from here on out, but its their own fault. Lazy and sloppy game play.

Triangles of Love

Vanessa is right about one thing, this has been a flip-flop season. They make these elaborate plans, then blow them up. They form these ridiculous 6 or 8 person alliances, then flip on them within a day or two. It’s like no one in this season can make a simple plan, stick to it, and see it through to the end. James almost did it last week, but there sits Shelli still in the house.


Vanessa looks way prettier without all the makeup


I was just thinking the same thing. Someone toss her makeup and that beanie in with wherever Shelli his Clays shirt…or burn it all.


Becky doesn’t give a shit bout James, Jackie or Meg. She needed them to get Vanessa out. She’s passed because Clay was sent home and her, Shellie, JMac had a final four. It will be interesting to see her expression when she watch the show later and see how much hateful shit Shellie said about her. And please shut up Meg! She’s always saying what they have to win and never wins anything. Send her floating ass out the door. Julia, Meg and Austin are total floaters.


Is it possible that Vanessa went from number 1 target to Becky being the number 1 target.

Becky went from being so Powerful to having a whole house against her.

Next we will find out Meg is a master manipulator and Austin and James are secret lovers and over compensating around women.

This game is all about manipulation whether it’s from production, viewer’s, or players themselves. I highly doubt that any player can win this game twice even if they tried 100 times.


Can’t judge if the goblins are making a smart or a dumb decision, while they are losing Becky and JMac, they are gaining four potential allies. That is if the ‘four sense’ are really going to keep their word and target the outsiders first.

Shelli is doing absolutely the wrong things possible by hanging out with people that are ‘swayable’ to vote for her opponent and not with her guaranteed votes. And JMac and Steve’s passive approach on not taking a side is going to blow up in their faces.


Wow, watched Vanessa blow up Becky’s game. Honestly that was really good and it was all true. Vanessa memory of events is almost picture perfect.

James ate that sh*t up…big time.

Who cares

Wow Vanessa has been running her mouth, not only is she trying to blow up Becky’s game, she outed the twins basically saying the are with her and not Shelli. Also, throwing Steve, Jmac and Shelli under the bus with their alliance. She needs to keep quiet. She really only plays for herself and doesn’t care about anyone else. I use to like her but now I hope she goes. Also if James was any kind of BB player he would bury the hatchet with Shelli because the two of them could win physical and mental comps and go to the end. But sadly he plans on being rude to Shelli when she leaves, what a upstanding guy who wants his daughter to not think less of him.


Guarantee Production had a huge hand in the ‘Goblins sudden Switch-a-roo’.. No way they thought Project Save Vanessa’ up themselves. Meg has had more original thoughts + talking points in the last 48 hours than she has had the whole Game combined. No surprise…like Evil Dick, Amanda Zuckerman, Elisa, Rachel (All-Stars) etc etc ….once Allison Grodner chooses her BB Season Star… it takes an act of God to evict her personal Pets. Oh well…I really don’t care for Shelli (and, or) if she leaves. But, if Vanessa does survive this week, she’s the odds on to win it all. IMO

Chill this Town

this house is crazy. constantly changing. its fun. best part is they continue to ignore the existence of J-MAC, or write him off as useless. OK. please keep doing that. I look forward to his DR sessions and would love it If he wins this game.


As of today JohnnyMac is done. Too little too late. He lacks social and strategical game and waited far too long to get involved. Him and Becky didn’t realize what Vanessas position in the house really is. They misjudged the situation thinking everybody would want her our, when in reality most of the people had an alliance with her.

Shelli/Steve/JMAC Out!!

Barbarians at the Gate- James and Austin summit, kings of their respective caves! The giggling Goblin Girls & shrieking Twins, lazy and cowardly, let James & Austin do all their negotiating and game playing for them. (while caning this the season of a woman winner!! explain that to the Finale Jury). The guys commiserate it’s “a disaster protecting all these women” except they are the “hunks under the sheets by default since all the other guys are out”.

They strategize with Vanessa how to target blaming Becky and Shelli for being on top of multiple alliances. She demonizes them for ALL THE THINGS VANESSA DOES HERSELF and adds Becky is a racist who called James a sexist. Becky’s blamed for looking for an alliance after ostracized by girls, and called out James on all his chauvinism that NONE OF THE GIRLS CAN STAND, except Meg who thinks it’s cute because she can’t win anything and is using him! Vanessa is jealous of Becky who played the game better with more friends. Now Vanessa wants to take her minions out – She says Shelli Steve & JMAC had got to go, then when she’s weak Becky will go next.

Vanessa’s rant chorus “I don’t lie, I’m loyal, I’m not a rat!” Austin nods blindly-he and the Twins dont like Van “she’s crazy scary” – BUT JAMES ANNOUNCES I’M CONVINCED, I CAN’T REMEMBER YOUR POINTS, AFTER I HEARD SEXIST. The cavemen beat their chests, the shaman’s mist billows. Austin still wants to know who said he smells bad as portrayed in the Comic Comp. Vanessa said I told Liz you would play hard to get, lean back she’ll come after you. Austin says thanks. Vanessa is trading Liz pelts for DE votes.

They all agree Shelli needs to go, and tell Vanessa and THEY’VE GOT HER COVERED without ANY NEGOTIATION AT ALL, THEY HOLD NO QUESTIONS OR CHIPS BACK. James says talk to “our girls” yourself, I get lost listening to them. Best of all, Vanessa says TELL NOTHING TO STEVE HE’S A RAT and you know how I feel about rats. He tells everything to Shelli and JMac.

So it’s a 3-Fer! The Shelli, Steve & JMAC are gone and now it’s time for the girls to cook dinner and clean the cave, “Just like we’re Barbarians” says Austin.

Goblins FTW

I don’t care about any of this stuff. I just want Jackie to get back on the damn SHARK!!! Go Goblins Go! Go Goblins Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best comment ever!


If they seriously do not get Vanessa out she’s gonna win and I’m not even gonna feel bad because their fucking idiots for missing this opportunity. Venessa is a liar and a manipulator. I don’t want to say that production is getting involved because it’s cliche but………… It’s ridiculous to think after so many days of bad mouthing Vanessa that their just gonna flip because of a sweatshirt. Oh god it’s gonna be another hat incident from a few years ago

Lennon's Ghost

Thursday is going to be football night on CBS. Where do we go to watch BB17 live?


Austin is going to come out of this in such a great position…freaks and geeks and now jjm all on his side? Who is left? Jmac and Becky


For James it is better to get rid of Shelli. Vanessa can be voted out next week. Or during DE if one of the goblins win. Gotta give props to Vanessa though. Really looks like she is going to flip the vote. Damn, she’s good.

It's Me

Goblins = gullibles
Vanessa is a nasty snake, she needs to go ASAP.

Yo Yo Yo

You have to hand it to Vanessa…. She recalls and retains all her information. I can’t keep up with her. Shelli needs to watch out!

Shelli's Maturity Level

Once Shelli felt safe enough she went ahead full force getting her hate on…against James. Big Mistake! She deserves to start steppin.

holy moly

looks like another flip in the house guarantee Becky won’t be happy, neither will johny mac….I just hope that James realizes in the long run he has to get rid of Vanessa..she makes deals she can’t keep…


I did not know we could write novels here.

holy moly

hahahaha I thought the same thing 🙂


Tbh…after seeing Shelly (like what dawg said) “being dangerous” again cutting deals and playing smart with Austwins a while ago JJM’s best option really is to evict her. I know its frustrating that Vanessa might be safe but this decision is I believe the right one for JJM. We are all just getting annoyed that Vanessa might stay but this is the closest we see Jackie and Meg PLAY real BB.
Vanessa is sure desperate and Shelly is more dangerous coming to DE. I want Vanessa evicted this week but Shelly getting evicted first is still fine with me. Vanessa or Shelly I dont care, both of them are members of 6sense anyways, only Vanessa is crazy and Shelly is DANGEROUS. I say go for it..evict Shelly. You have to take chances, its Big Brother. Lets play!!


It doesn’t make sense for James to take out Vanessa when Shelli is the one gunning for him.
It doesn’t make sense for the twins to want Vanessa out when they know she’s not targeting them and has no relationship with the other side.
The people who should be gunning for Vanessa are Jackie, Meg, Becky but now Jackie and Jmac but now they know her target is Becky.
End of the day Steve and Jmac have to get off of their asses and get into the game. Jmac should be fighting to keep shelli but he has done zero in this game and has no relationships. Steve should be fighting to keep Van but again he’s a nobody. They are the definition of floaters. I hope they go soon.


Random thought amidst this chaos but does anyone think Shelli seems extremely fake in her DRs? Everyone else whether you like them or not seems genuine to me.


Poor Steve, the psycho bitch is now convinced he got her backdoored and sold freeks and geeks out. Unfortunately him and Johnny Mac are done.


Let me just go ahead and say this,Austin is one of the most shallow and useless players in the house right now–It’s so obvious James wants to talk games with him,he’s only interested in hanging out and having a good time.

I think getting Shelli out is the best option for the Goblins strategically.With her gone,the Steve-Johnny-Becky-Shelli alliance falls,Vanessa is Targeting Johnny and Becky and they know that–With the 6 votes and 7 to 8 chances of winning HOH,they can take out Johnny and Becky easily.With Johnny and Becky gone,the Goblins can turn to Austin and his angels who are awful at competitions.


I’m done with this site after this week.. You guys all loved James meg Jackie last week and now turned on them? For what? They still plan to get Vanessa this week at the de but have a better chance at beating her than shelli. Sorry but these comments this week are more annoying than the ppl in this house.

Goblins FTW

It’s all your fault, Simon

Jody H

First of all, the site is awesome. Simon and Dawg do an amazing job letting us know what is happening in the house and they make us laugh.
People always have opinions about things. If you allow people’s opinions to stop your enjoyment of a game, well that is a shame…


I love this site!!! I’ve read on others and nothing compares. In every big brother the dynamics in the house change with each evictions. The hgs have to adjust and so do the fans. I disliked Becky a few weeks ago for ratting and loved her for making a big move this week. At one time Vanessa was my fav and in the last few has been my least fav. Austin is growing on me. So next week I maybe disliking someone and the week after favoring them. It’s big brother. THANKS TO THE PEOPLE WHO SPEND THE TIME DOING THE POSTS. ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE THINGS DURING THE BB SEASON.

B-bad owl

So Steve finally stood up for himself a little bit, and said too much. There was a reason he kept telling himself to keep being the camp dog. Let the others keep kicking him away, but always sorta wanting him around.
One time he did what many on here have wanted him to do (stand up for himself), and it will be his undoing.
Should have just kept staring at the ground, cow towing to others, and dropping little pieces of advice that got listened to, all the way to finale night.

Goblins FTW

Go Goblins Go! Go Goblins Go! Go Goblins! Go Goblins! Go Go Go!!!

Frankie Grande is depriving some village their idiot!

I miss the big brother seasons where house guests openly went after each other. The last two seasons of hush hush back doors and I don’t want blood on my hands is really getting old.


Vanessa better not look to happy, Becky and Shelli will know something is up!


Listening to Becky and JohnnyMac talking right now, have to say, it is painful and akward to watch. They are so out of the loop and blinded. Wish JohnnyMac didn’t go with this abercrombitch who would not even give him the time of the day in real life. She is such a bitch, hope they blindside her.

mama mia


Derrick's Disappoinment

Absolutely ridiculous. But, it is Big Brother. Shelli and Vanessa are both playing the game, hard. In their own respective ways. Shelli is more social, she can smile and laugh at you while plotting your demise. Vanessa is strategic; terrible on the social aspect, but a great read on people (Poker). I was hoping that after the childlessness of her behavior over the last few days; the outsiders would pull the trigger. I think their fear that Shelli winning the 2nd HOH on double eviction is conceivable, but Vanessa would be murder as well. Either way, the outsiders are going up. If you think for a second Vanessa doesn’t want to keep Becky around as a target, like a cat patting an injured bird it’s just bit, you’re wrong. It’s just a fact. The odds are not in the outsiders favor. I think that giving Vanessa a pass for the first eviction is too problematic. You might as well crown her the winner if she escapes this. Everyone has their own reasons for disliking people, either right off the bat because of how they relate to them, or later in the season because of their game play or lack thereof.
Austin and the Twins-Summer Camp-ridiculous.
Meg-clueless, hasn’t won anything that mattered.
Jackie-Pitbull-but still clueless.
James-Shotcaller, but his personality has killed it with so many of the relationships in the house.
Shelli-Despite the notion that Shelli is a competition beast, you’d notice that Shelli has been wearing those long tops covering her waist and her backside. Her workout regiment disappeared after she got comfortable with Clay. She’s certainly put on a few and I don’t think she would stand up to Becky, James, or Liz and Julia in endurance now.
Vanessa-An absolute mess. Brilliantly strategic, but socially inept. She can’t be compared to the best tactical players in BB history. Derrick makes her look like a sociopath in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
Becky-Isolated herself far too much when becoming HOH. Thus, leaving the room for the outsiders and Austwins to pin her as the person responsible.
John/Steve-Steve is a coward, straight up. His meagerness may keep him safe but only for so long. John, made no attempts to strengthen relationships on the other side of the house. He’s loyal only to WHOM he’s loyal to.
Had to get that off my chest!
Thanks Simon/Dawg


“Derrick makes her look like a sociopath in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Haha! That made me snort. Thanks for that.


James is such an idiot!! Stick with the plan!.. Vanessa has to go…I was rooting for James before, but now I hope he gets evicted during DE….


I don’t care what anyone says about James being sexist or whatever, because I find him entertaining and deep down has a big heart. We saw it when he went and made Audrey an omelet and took the tray into her. I think James, Meg and Jackie teaming up with Austin and the twins is a good move. Why go after each other at this point. Wait a few weeks and hopefully they can get the numbers down before they do that. Maybe between the six of them they can make a whole brain!!! I think Shelli going, and Becky exposed is the best possible thing to happen here. Shelli/JMac/Steve would just steamroll through the rest of the pack, and would not be any entertainment at all. I personally don’t favour any of the Shelli/Steve/JMac/Becky alliance, and hope that the other 6 can remain together and cripple them at least. Becky made a huge blunder this week, and I fear her game is pretty well over. She struck too soon. She is strong enough to have won again and that would have been the time maybe to try to get Vanessa out, or leave it to someone else. She wanted the blood on her hands, and unfortunately it might be her own.


Soooo..EVICT Shelli..James, Meg, Jackie, Austin, Liz and Julia..maybe Steve??
Evict Vanessa..JonyMac?
Who gets screwed…Becky, JonyMac..maybe Steve?
James better get some protection for the goblins before Thursday. ’cause Van is taking over the Astwins for the control. Too bad Astwins are so bad at comps it would make it a better game

oh my

This going to be bumpy ride.