“Bob Saget is underneath that, Austin is the opposite of everyone I’ve dated”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

(There’s very little game talk going on)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 14-42-40-939_jpg

2:38pm Backyard.. Mostly chit chat, Johnnymac, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa in the backyard. Austin and jmac are working out together,
The twins and Austin have been joking around lastly. They tell him using Johnnymac as a messenger that 310lb lift is what they like “It’s the hottest threshold”
(Last night Austin benched 305 which was a Season 17 record)
Austin – the weight is cut off at 305

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 15-09-55-167_jpg

3:02pm Meg, Austin and Jackie in Kitchen talking about the Shows resident doctor.
Dr Horowitz is a quack.. he used those little instruments to see if we had any broken bones.. that was it that whole check up
Austin – I probably could have said I had any prescription and they would have signed off on it ..
Feeds cut .. (lots of prescription drugs use in Big Brother Nowadays)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 15-14-44-265_jpg

3:12pm Playing around with the twinfoil mini me that James made and Audrey’s voodoo doll.

Austin jokes about Audrey wearing a cloak in the have nots room laying in a dental chair eating an omelette and making that voodoo doll.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 15-36-37-629_jpg

James finds a nice top to try on
James – who’s is this, this sh!it sexy as sh!t

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 15-47-22-585_jpg

3:47pm They get a shark to play with

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 15-49-14-865_jpg

Julia and jackie give it a ride.
The twins thank the live feeders for the pool toy.

Julia plays with the shark the most. Liz jokes around that Julia is having a showmance with it.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 16-04-32-516_jpg

4:08pm pool
The girls are talking about James asking Julia if she could pick a guy in the house. Julia said Steve. She was joking around she’s not interested in Steve. James told Steve this and now Steve thinks Julia likes him.
liz – Guys cannot take cues
Julia- I’m never joking around again
Shelli – You gotta be careful around here her Julia
Liz – James is the millionaire matchmaker
(James was the middle man during the Austin/liz back and forth last night)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 16-17-02-426_jpg

4:15pm Poolside
Julia is swimming laps in the pools get’s bumped by the sharks nose
Julia – it’s kissing me (The shark)
Julia – why does it have to be so realistic
They would prefer it was purple.
Shelli – I like him looking real he’s more natural, he provides more protection when he looks scary
Twin – we don’t have a castle guard no more

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 16-36-36-428_jpg

4:33pm The twins in the hammock

Liz – Oh my God Bob Saget is underneath that (LOL austin)
Liz – Austin is the opposite of everyone I’ve dated
Julia and Liz agree Austin is a gentleman. She likes his personality and muscles.
Liz – Jeff is probably a douche bag in the real world
Liz – what is one thing Jeff said
Julia – 90% of the girls I’ve slept with have been one night stands .
liz – WOW
Feeds cut

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I can’t help but laugh listening to Johnny Mac and Jackies laugh. Those two should team up.

the coreys

Julia just said that johnny Mac is irrelevant in this game.

Julia said that. Hahahha

Here We Go!

Feed updates now show Steve seething while Vanessa dresses him up like a doll for POV Noms tomorrow, parading him around and demanding everyone tell him how cute he is. All while Austwins discuss getting JMAC out, getting Shelli out, clueless what’s really going to happen tomorrow. Vanessa wants to cut Steves hair while he gets really annoyed at her patronizing tones. Everyone forces themselves to comply with Vanessa so she doesn’t get wind of what’s coming down. Vanessa been clinging to Shelli who is quiet and grinning…

I don’t think they’ll be able to bite their tongue all night. Grab your popcorn and beer is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Canadian Bacon

My dog knows what “Get the Ball” means. He likes Meg because of the Cheeto dust on her face. I like Jackie because she says F$%k a lot. My dog is a terrier/dachshund mix.

John is irrelevant

ya bye he’s not funny neither is his laugh. i dont know why he’s #1 on the polls when he’s making fun of people with disabilities by pretending to talk like he has down syndrome. he needs to go. i cant believe people are supporting him


And this mind boggling inference of yours came from where?

Lemon balls

If Vanessa leaves, and I hope she does, I wonder who Shellie would align with. Vanessa should of kept her word and put up Austin. And further back in the game they should of never let the twins enter the game. Now everyone doesn’t wanna piss off 3 voters in the jury, and those 3 have become the biggest floaters in this game . good season though


I used to love Becky and thought she was a very nice girl. Since she has won the HOH she has turned into a monster!!! She is acting like a nerd that got invited to the cool girl’s table, and just doesn’t know how to act. Her cursing, swearing and making fun of the other people in the house does not look good on her. Jackie does it much better. JohnnyMac said before that he liked her till he saw another side of her, and I guess this is what he was talking about. He doesn’t like Becky anymore, and I bet likes her even less now. Can’t get over the change in her. Becky, Jackie and Meg are acting like the typical nasty girls we have all come across in school, and tried to avoid. Very juvenile behavior, and they seem to have forgotten that we are all watching.


In my opinion, she is acting fairly reasonable. Sure, she is a proud little peacock, puffing her feathers right now, and it is off putting… BUT she has full reason to gloat. Van, Shelli, Clay, made fools of the other side! Kept on saying one thing, then doing another. Bringing them in, to manipulate them, then turning around, and blindsiding them. I am pretty conservative, but I think I would use more colorful language for what they did.
As far as the cool kids BS… Becky tried to create an alliance with them, it didnt work, and she was kept at the bottom and made a fool. She is now a top dog of her new alliance, and is getting her revenge for being excluded! She learned her lesson, and needs to be forgiven for the Shelly Rat fiasco.

Ms Chiff

Also, Vanessa has a jury vote – and Julie said that someone from the jury might have the chance to re-enter the house … what if it’s Vanessa?

Not optimal in this game – or in life – to be burning bridges. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, as they say …

That being said, it must be a pretty stressful environment, playing this game, and living secluded from society with a pack of strangers for several weeks – so am sure everybody’s doing there best … it must be hard being away from family, and then to have to worry about getting targeted, with everything being recorded – must be tough …


I dislike Becky intensely, but hopefully she doesn’t listen to Jackie’s bad advice and get too harsh at Vanessa.
It doesn’t seem smart to blow up at anyone in the jury when you’ve already got them 90% out the door.

I’m looking forward to Thursday and the second DE. I hope it’s either Becky or Shelli. But I think it could be Steve because of his 13 min + Trombonist.


Did JMac actually say that? JMac is very picky with girls, understandably so I guess. With what he’s said about his fears with women and dating, he should just try to find a nice supportive woman who’s also a dentist but is willing to work shorter hours after they get married.

Jackie…. I dunno man, her swearing is not that attractive but yeah, at least she doesn’t take it too far with things. But you know what? Liz has made quite a few comments that fly under the radar but are pretty to very offensive. I’m surprised no one has criticized her.

Chill this Town

yes, J-MAC and Jackie would make my favorite duo in recent memory. they just never speak. this is where I often hope the DR is paying attention, but then again that is asking a lot from people who can’t even keep DR sessions equal in length.

Julia can deny it all she wants, she totally flirts with Steve, and he has no idea what to do with it. I am not saying she “likes” him, but she definitely enjoys flirting with him, and like Liz she protests far too much. that said I am glad she isn’t like Liz, as if she was Steve would get played really bad, and J-MAC would be screwed. so thank you Julia for being the better twin.


Guess we should chalk it up to age, but neither twin can be respected for their strategy which is hook up alliances, humiliate the guy they use for protection, and refuse to take the game seriously enough to study, build real strategy, gather Intel or keep informed. They pretend to work in tandem, rotate who they hate like the hairstyle of the day, throw hinky votes, and talk big numbers with their respective goon squad flirt-mance. Why does Julia demean Steve so much talking about how a girl like her, would never entertain the thought of Steve, while romancing him for his power. Liz is disgusting with her demands of Austin and requiring go betweens to speak but all the while touting their 3 headed monster or 4 with Julias hookup.

Another screwed up strategy brought to you by Vanessa who threw Jason out for twins and Austin who won’t be saving her instead distancing themselves from that grenade. Feeds show her telling Twins how jealous she is of their physique how beautiful how she’s old and lost it. Just wait til she’s voted out this week, the Twins are inside the house Vanessa’s outside…jealous and victimized by her own strategy assuming she could control Austin and 2 of his minions. Riiiiggghhttttt!


I don’t think Vanessa wants the Twin’s strategy. She doesn’t do the flirt thing nor play the kissing games. Also I think she is just flattering them to ensure she’s on their good side as their looks are #1 for them. She also did the same with Shelli early on in the game about how she looks worse than her and Shelli is a year older.

The Twins really do suck though loyalty-wise. They benefited from Vanessa helping them and haven’t done a thing to help anyone except themselves. If Liz had been willing to throw the competition with James, the Sixth Sense would probably still be completely intact.


To be “the better twin” doesn’t take much. So sorry they have to use their sexuality so carelessly, it’s sad and ugly. Guess their brains have already atrophied from nonuse.


Johnnie Mac is a god!

Win next HOH your holiness.

Weeks been a lot of fun so far. AG no bloody twists. Oh lastly no Shelli and Nessa lying around together feeling sorry. Lets see some BB blood sport!


Wow – that was pretty disgusting, and it takes a LOT to make me react like that. If you insist on including scatalogical comments when posting, get off your lazy, basement dwelling ass and put some effort in it to make it at least clever and witty. If that’s asking too much of you, shut the fuck up.


Serious question- What is the point of moderating comments if comments like this make it through? I get it- free speech and all that. but these comments lessen this sight in so many ways. Simon/Dawg, you guys have a very respectable and loved BB website, why muddy it with this offensive and ignorant nonsense? The number one road to respect and success is to play to the top of your audience’s intelligence.
Just think about it.


The comment has been deleted.
Its extremely hard / impossible for Simon and I to fully read every comment. We receive a 1000 comments a day and there is only ever 1 of us working on the site at any one time. We are transcribing 2 separate live feeds simultaneously while taking screen captures, composing posts, creating gifs, posting on our social accounts (twitter, facebook, google+, tumblr, etc.), answering questions on top of a million others things… We do our best to moderate the comments but some times a few bad ones slip through because we have to skim through them. If you notice a comment that is inappropriate let simon or I know and we will investigate it.


van gonna coast this week


Okay the twins are just lost in space
Austin is being played and he does not realize it
Vanessa is gone ON MY WORD
Becky is just playing around yes she has a right to be proud of her backdooring Vanessa because Vanessa has been ugly to everyone in that house Karma is a nasty boy
James is a strong and level headed player.
JohnnyMac can read people prettygood
Steve is a lost puppy
Meg is unless
Jackie is a mean girl or guy
Those are just my opinions they all are little minidons in fish bowl

Becky's boobs

Becky is the breast.

Take YOUR A$$, Boob's & Poop

U R on the wrong site! Take your vile comments to the nearest BDSM chat room where someone of your caliber can best address your anger issues against women in kind. Like Shelli’s cheater ex who compulsively hides his text & phone, you qualify as serial killer material -eeewww. Do you kiss your mommy with that mouth?

Becky's boobs

Anger against women? Where did that and “poop” come from.

Becky's boobs

And liking boobs qualifies you as serial killer material these days?

Lady Parts Authors

Read the Jackie’s Poop author above, seriously deranged. Sorry if I lumped you in with that psycho, but all the woman’s parts contributors, see Megs Cleavage, Becky’s Boobs, Sweaty Parts, Upstair’s Downstairs Bongo guy…gets a little creepy.

I get it you’re fixated on all the implants CBS recruited, and threw in the pool with a rubber shark. It’s not your fault, you’ve been manipulated and they probably consider it a compliment! (as long as you’re rich handsome and experienced, they don’t do poor ugly virgin geeks behind computers Liz & Julia said!)


Uh- Shelli trying to spy and having no respect for someones privacy is the scary part of that story.. She has serious issues.


The only thing Becky has going for her is her boobs and she had to buy those. She’s ugly on the inside out!!!!

Becky's boobs

Your comment is ugly. Hypocrite.

Gordon Ramsey

Slow day in the house. Vanessa still sucks.


after last night it was epic!


Hell hath no furry


Personality really does a lot for someone’s looks. When they first entered the house, I thought that some of the girls were cute like Shelli, Becky & Vanessa. But now I find it hard to watch them, but Meg and Jackie who seemed sort of plain in the beginning now seem like the more attractive girls in the house.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

If you think that Meg the sloth looks pretty or that pus-man Van looked good, you need to make an appt with an optometrist!


I’m sorry but sloth? That made me lol. A sloth with bright red lipstick.

Nate Dawg

Ok, when is the Veto ceremony happening?!?!? I’m dying to see the response!!!!! Got my popcorn ready!


Monday on the feeds – Wednesday for the tv show 🙂

Modesty Blaise

Get Vanessa out, then Steve. It’ll be her own personal hell being in the jury alone with him for a week. And I truly hope no player returns.

I can see it now

Austin going to jury house after Vanessa would be fun. She will probably put him in time out but he wouldn’t care because he would be waiting for Liz to arrive.

here's a thought

I’m not jumping on the “production is controlling the game” bandwagon but I do believe they encourage Becky (as HOH) to be more vocal about Van than she normally would. This is, after all, a TV show and based on all the posts, Becky’s comments certainly have created a buzz.


In the Diary Room? Definitely. With the mimicry? I don’t know.
Depending on how much they show of Becky making fun of Vanessa, Production could be making Becky the next “baddie”. They don’t have one currently in the show. But then again maybe they’ll just start making fun of Vanessa more before she’s out.

Becky, Meg, Steve have been pretty invisible, so Production can still spin them anyway they want.


In the dr they for sure do. Other contestants have talked about it. But she wasn’t in the dr when she said all this stuff. We can’t see the dr interviews on the feeds. Only on the show.

Nate Dawg

I’m gay, but DAMN Jackie looked good riding the shark! Holy Hannah!!!


Damn Nate….that’s how good that ass looks yo

Jay Jay

That ass does look good, doesn’t it!

Becky's boobs

Steve is no Ian. He’s actually pretty unlikable.


I found ian to be very unlikeable. He was a two-faced rat. Worked well for him, but didnt seem like a nice person.

is it just me

oh the irony, floaters on floaties

big brother lost souls

I bet Jason is just sitting back at home and loving the chain of events that have happened recently…

Steve playing dress up with the girls

Is too adorable for words 😛

This year is a lot more entertaining than the last couple of years, i must admit.

Recruiting the twins add comic relief, and they are pritty entertaining. 🙂

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

90% of the girls Jeff has slept with have been in a Motel 6, and each time he was $25 poorer for it.

Mina Harker

I’m not being mean, but I have to be honest – Steve sometimes makes me a bit uncomfortable. I know he’s supposed to be super smart, and commenters have speculated whether he’s on the Aspergers spectrum or just really socially awkward; regardless, he sometimes gives me the heebie-jeebies.