POST Double Eviction “We can’t even sad eat right now” – Meg

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-10-39-005_jpg

7:10pm Jmac alone

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-13-38-896_jpg

7:13pm Bathroom

Meg – We can’t even sad eat right now

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-13-26-897_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-20-03-939_jpg

James – Hey at least one of them gets a chance to play again

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-20-36-945_jpg

7:19pm Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa says Becky will come after Her and Steve.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-21-05-942_jpg

(The goblins summoned a demon and now it’s loose in the house)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-24-59-606_jpg

7:24pm Bedroom Vanessa and Liz
Julia is happy Jackie is gone she was her target
Vanesa- you Austin your sister we’re going to final 4 this mother f****er the odds are we’re going to do it.. we are going to do it..
Liz – your speech was perfection
Vanessa says Steve is close to Jonnymac and Johnnymac is close to Becky that is why Becky didn’t go up.
Liz – “Meg, She’s crying.. Why”
Liz – you played a honest game.. what
LIz – “Meg why are you so sad you should have saw this coming you never was nice to the kid you never talked game”
Vanessa asks who Austin is after.
LIz – Becky

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-38-18-520_jpg

7:35pm What’s left of the goblins.
James doesn’t see Steve coming up with those nominations on his own. James thinks it was Austin or Vanessa’s idea.

Meg – I think we made a mistake with Shelli
james – you think so
Meg – I don’t know
Jame s- it could have happened either way
James – we thought Steve was going after Austin
Meg – He told me that multiple times.. I’m angry about it

James – we don’t have a powerhouse group.. I have a feeling if anybody else wins I’m next
Meg – I suck at every competition

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-44-48-775_jpg

7:43pm Have nots goblins
Steve says he’s not capable of talking but says he’s sorry .. Leaves
Becky and Meg are shocked Steve didn’t go after Austin.
Meg – I feel like a freaking idiot every week in this game.
James- that was the worst thing that could have happened.
Meg says Vanessa whispered a deal in her ear to get her vote “She’s so dirty”
Beckly – that mother f**** get her the fuck out
James – we’re on the bottom of the totem pole
Meg – It’s funny it’s every single week.. ugh it make me sick
James says they can’t lose Johnnymac right now
James – we still have numbers we need to get Johnnymac and Steve
Meg – Johnnymac and Steve just put us up

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-49-47-772_jpg

7:48pm Jmac and Steve
Steve – you throwing, you’re not throwing are you
Jmac – Nope

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 19-53-11-056_jpg

7:50pm Have nots
Meg is freaking out about Steve says she’s never had a conversation with him where he said he’s putting up Jackie it was always Austin.

Meg – He’s putting up people that are mean to him in the house that is what he said to me.. and to not have a conversation with Jackie before putting her up that’s what kills me.. If there’s anybody that wasn’t coming after him it’ was that girl.. we are going to use the veto on him that’s what’s funny.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 20-01-39-345_jpg
7:59pm Bedroom Liz and Austin
Austin – everything has changed now the floaters are more dangerous
Austin says Vanessa is still in front of them so they’re fine.


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins

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159 thoughts on “POST Double Eviction “We can’t even sad eat right now” – Meg

  1. Vanessa is the worst actress. I’d totally pick up on her grabbing her head every week in disbelieve on who went home.

    Steve messed up huge, he tipped his hand on which side he was on in the house by winning hoh when the alternatives were austin and Jmac, two guys who absolutely would not target him. He messed up bad.

    Also I wish Jmac didn’t win the veto, cause every one else would of used it and becky would of gone home and them he could see where Steve real loyalty is

    Goblins got what they deserved and should of saw this coming a mile away.

    1. the only explanation in this very confused mind of mine is Steve never intended for johnny mac to win veto and had intended to get Becky out but since this is big brother is intention was screwed by the worst possible scenario happening!

    2. I fail to see a correlation between The goblins voting Shelli out and Steve putting up Jackie and Meg–Why do we want to force a relation between two independent events??I don’t think it makes any sense to blame the move on Steve cowardly picking those two over Austin and Becky.Steve is close to Johnny and he was on board with Johnny to build a 4some(Shelli-Johnny-Steve-Becky) that would go after the other subgroups.

      1. but the Goblins put out there that Steve was a target, like the other side “did’ as well… they may not have been save voting out Vanessa, but they would have been in better shape (and even better shape if they would have worked with Shelli and JMac earlier in the week. Ha ha.

        1. becky put up steve as in the worst case scenario, steve goes home. There was no doubt that she felt she was working with the Goblins, which to anyone who is put up on the block by an HOH working with a group means target that group. It also means that those same people will continue to see him as a viable collateral damage eviction in the event the main target is somehow not there.

          Obviously he wanted a scenario where the veto was used, becky goes up and becky goes home. His plan for JM’s sake would probably be put her up with Jackie to make it seem like Jackie is who he wants out, but the majority would easily vote out becky, everyone except jm was on board with that idea. worse case scenario is becky plays veto and wins, 2nd worse is what happened, jmac wins veto and knows what the score is, so he doesn’t use it. and now, Steve has goblins unhappy and jmac unhappy, and becky suspicious.

      2. i thought Steve put the girls up as a slap to James for changing the vote from vanessa to shelli. i think he realized vanessa was the most powerful player and James pushed for shelli to go

      3. Someone called Steve a coward dude he did what’s best for him honestly would of been better to back door James he has better chance of winning hoh. JMAC is his closest pal in the game and Vanessa the goblins clearly going after them poss of 3 or possibly off 5 smart move by Steve bad move by JMAC but goblins were the worst most coward move in the house James telling shelling deal then do the complete opposite.. and Vanessa put up Jason and sent Jason home not sure how or why shelling and clay got the blame for that one makes no since I dislike Vanessa she is annoying

    3. Pretty darn sure next week the Aus-twins go on the block unless one wins HOH. They’re the only alliance left that has not been neutered. Gonna be fun to watch Austin lose his marbles. Johnny Mac or James would do it. Becky would continue dropping fbombs and pretending she’s head b*tch and waste the HOH on Vanessa. So fingers crossed she blows it.

      1. The only way that they can get Vanessa out now is to put her up with a twin. Austin and other twin will vote Vanessa out.
        I don’t know that anyone will figure that out.

    4. The Goblins were messed up either way it went. Even if they kept Shelli, they would have still been targeted. Totally surprised Steve didn’t put up Becky, though

    5. 3 Alliances destroyed in one night. Congrats Vanessa, Steve gets no credit. HE’S had a hard night? he wasn’t supposed to win? His delusional rambling into cameras like he’s talking to his mommy reminds me of Norman Bates in Psycho. What does that say about JMAC who follows him into nuclear war blindly. What’s he gonna be number 5 & 6 on Freaks Geeks team? Genius! Becky is the only one left with a functioning brain, so she’s a goner this week.

      Lesson for applying to BB18: you don’t need a strategy or skill, behave like a mental patient and follow the nastiest players orders. Talk to the camera alone, to convince America you aren’t as stupid as you appear, sleep the rest of the time. Alliances aren’t necessary, drool, mumble, refuse to bathe or comb your hair. Sleep and refuse to talk to people about game. Say I suck, I can’t win, I’m so stupid, I’m gonna throw the comp, ALOT. Let Production create your character, costume, and moves by listening to their questions in DR. Take your meds, take, too many, skip your meds, act certifiably crazy. Throw yourself at every guy, get a boob job and run around naked, giggle alot. Lie for the nastiest player, nod & protect them. Leave your morals, mouth and brains at the door. Okay use your mouth to suck the ugliest ones there and kiss the nastiest ones butt. And you too can win Biiiiiig Broootthhheeerrr!

    6. Austin has no loyalty to Steve. If he won DE and put up Becky and Jmac with the veto being played, he would possibly have put up Steve as replacement. It’s foolish to throw the DE.

    1. Production interference, Jmac is going to win HOH. Goes for Vanessa ! alum get taken out in the crossfire. You heard it here first!

    1. The HOH HAS NOT been played yet (for those without the feed). They’ve taken Becky’s name out of the HOH box. <3

  2. THIS GAME! Although I did want the goblins to stay together through the DE, I’m not too upset that Jackie is gone. I was a bit tired of the goblin’s kumbaya circles about how they were safe and had the game all figured out. And anyway depending on who the next couple of people that are voted out, she has a good shot of coming back. This is going to be a good week!

  3. and now Meg regrets her rallying to get Shelli out. As we all knew she would.

    I really wanted to like this girl, but she’s got no game. She needs to go next, I just wonder who would waste their HoH on her.

    1. Seeing JJM all go out on the same question was priceless!! All the while Becky is sitting in the corner saying “Why did I try to school these idiots”!! All I can say is poor Meg…so clueless and yet she makes me laugh!!

    1. Agreed.

      He is now whinning about people in the house probably not going to like him…. if he was worried bout that, he should’ve put up Vanessa. Is is ignoring Vanessa now blaming her for this..

      God, Steve is the worst. Whining bout his basket.

    2. What a waste of an HOH. With all the primo targets in the house Steve picked the 2 people who weren’t trying to get him out. Some superfan, some chicken.

  4. And this my friends is Big brother… and to quote my 12 year old super fan since the age of 5 daughter, “What the WHAT???????”

  5. I figured out what JMac was doing all that time in the DR. He was coming up with a new persona. Now he’s this bad boy who doesn’t care. Next he’ll be smoking cigs/ spitting in the wind and riding a motorcycle. I really hope he was not helped too much.

  6. Just thinking, why would James vote to evict Jackie? If im James i vote to evict Meg b/c Jackie is better at competitions and can help me. Now he has to depend on Jmac and Becky to win HOH if he doesn’t cuz Meg is not winning anything.

    Also Steve may have exposed he’s playing both sides, if u remember he made James promise he would tell him which way they (goblins) were voting. Then turns around and puts up Meg and Jackie which exposes that he’s working with Vanessa and not them.

    1. I think he did it because he knew everyone else was going to vote to evict the stronger player… his vote would not have made a difference.

    2. The reason everybody will protect Meg until the end is because in any final 2 scenario, with Meg,you are guaranteed to cash a check for 500K ….in other words, James is going to drag Megs sorry little butt all the way to the end!

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha deep breath hahahahahahahaha hahahaha

    Meg: I think we may have made a mistake with She’ll

    Hahahahahahahahaha ha

    Meg: we can’t even sad eat now

    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

    Best day this season!

  8. If Meg actually manages to win HOH, her nominations will be emotional instead of strategic. Cannot believe she is surprised that Steve put her up

    1. Everyone voted out Shellie and left Vanessa there to continue creating the drama Allison Groden HAS to have in the BB House. Then, Steve won HOH and nominated Jackie and Meg. Meg began crying before hitting the the Block chair and made a tearful plea. Jackie just basically asked for them to keep her in the house. EVERYONE but Becky (sulking from Vanessa remaining in the house) voted to evict Jackie at which time Meg continued to cry and is STILL crying (even though she didn’t get voted out – God bless those in the jury house when SHE arrives). So, Shellie and Jackie are gone and if I’m reading the HOH at the top of this page, Becky won the second HOH of the night. There you go, Shug. <3

      1. Thanks for the breakdown!

        That was such a weak/ stupid move on Steve’s part. He should have just let Jmac or Austin win. Now Austwins will be safe for another weak while Steve and Vanessa will be the targets.

        I really hope Becky has won HOH, and puts up Vanessa and Steve. I have respect for Becky voting to keep Jackie even though it was futile.

        Steve is an awful player. I can’t believe how far his head is up Vanessa’s backside. Vanessa is literally celebrating about going to the final 4 with Austwins. NOT with Steve.

        That’s Big Brother for you.

      2. Except the 2nd HOH comp has NOT even been played yet. So Becky is NOT the HOH right now, she is just acting like it.
        That fucking vulture couldn’t wait to run into the goblin den and ACT like she is HOH to start blaming Vanessa for Jackie’s eviction.
        Poor stupid goblins just got run over by a truck and General Vulture is already standing in front of the door, trapping the traumatized goblins into listening to her Vanessa rant. Again. Ad nauseam.
        Gtfot you selfish bitch and give them a chance to breathe (Or cry Meg). You can be the general later.
        Even crazy Vanessa wouldn’t pounce that quickly on roadkill.

      3. Liz won the HOH but Vanessa has already told her what, how and when to make a move! So, basically Vanessa won an HOH!

    1. They are the least attractive with the most annoying voices who think they’re all that lazy witches I’ve ever seen play on Big Brother. They came on here to become famous and get their names out there? Might better find a better day job . . . . . . . . just saying. NO ONE is EVER going to want to hear those voices ever again when THIS season ends. Just saying.

  9. Yes meg you made a huge mistake, but honestly you should be used to that by now because every week you have no clue what’s going on

  10. Meg looks a little crazy in that picture. The goblins had their moment in the sun but let’s face it, they aren’t very good at this game. James or Meg need to win this HOH. Cards are stacked against them…

  11. The Goblins tried playing with fire by getting Shelli out but they got burned by Jackie getting evicted. Hopefully one of them can win HOH and get an Austwin out or even Vanessa or Steve. Otherwise the goblins are toast. :/

  12. It’s entertaining with Vanessa still in the house…. it’s not her fault people buy her BS lol She’s the best at what she does, and what she does ain’t nice.

    Vanessa is ruthless… only thing she has to do is reign Austin back in and calm Steve down. I still think Austin may flip.


    I haven’t watched yet. Who was in Steve’s ear just before his nomination or did he do this on his own? Did JM and Steve talk before the veto ceremony to come up with a plan?

  14. Everyone knows you target HUGE threats in a DE. That’s the only way to get out a big target with the least amount of blood—there is simply no time for back deals, whisperings, paranoia, flip-flopping, etc. But JACKIE, really Steve?!?!?! And Meg?????? Way to further Van’s game and not yours. Some people. Always playing for 2nd.

    1. I can’t speak coherently- I need to compose myself cause I need to speak to my Mom. Oh yeah, and I’m an idiot!

  15. Hope James wins next hoh. If not Austin is for sure running back to Vanessa and the twins will follow. I don’t know if Becky is mad at James. If she isn’t and wins they could put up Austin and Vanessa, or one of the twins and Vanessa and they will get out Vanessa for sure. I have no idea what Steve and jmac will do now.

  16. Now we don’t have to hear Jackie make all those IDLE threats with her dirty mouth and do absolutely nothing

    Glad Becky stayed. Let Vanessa torture that goofy wench before giving her boot. Becky going to try to smooth things over with Vanessa. LOL! She shitting bricks!

    #Team Vanessa

  17. i still can’t believe no one is targeting the most powerful alliance in the house – the twins. But at least there’s some uncertainty in the house.

  18. Steve really put up Jackie and Meg? What an idiot. He just showed all his cards to the house. He was even in that much danger compared to Vanessa. Where does he really think he stands with Austwins and Vanessa? He’s always been at the bottom of that totem pole.

    If Becky really is HOH, or if James, and possibly Meg wins they will put up Vanessa and Steve, and one of them will finally leave.

    Jmac needs to get something firm with James/Becky/Meg otherwise those 4 will be picked off one by one.

    Austin and the Twins are going to go far because they aligned with people more than willing to show thier cards (Vanessa, Steve, Shelli, Clay).

  19. People who are sayingthat The Goblins are dumb for evicting Shelli and keeping Vanessa, make zero sense to me. Steve would have put up Jackie and Meg regardless if Vanessa was there or not, Steve is a weak player whether Vanessa is there or not. Evicting Shelli was a bold move by the goblins, they just couldn’t get the job done by winning that HOH a common theme for them this season. What I don’t get is how are Jmac and Steve working “together” if both of them don’t like the other person’s plus1 (Vanessa and Becky) I know it’s cliche to say, but lines have to be drawn in regards to Steve and Jmac. Floating is over, it’s time to pick a side and roll with them. Baffling double eviction.

  20. Austin sitting on the couch during the live show with his big ass bare feet showing….so gross…looks like a hairy caveman.

  21. I honestly just don’t care at this point. I mean, how stupid can a house be? Austin,Liz, and Julia are guaranteed to take each other to the end and watch each other’s backs and they are just letting them get by. Steve is a puss. What happened to getting Becky out huh? And Meg was really pissing me off in the live eviction. Shut up and stop crying you ain’t going home. Useless ass.

    1. I’m pretty sure his plan was to back four her. Jmac chose not to use the Veto when Stebe asked him to. Especially when he told Jmac who the replacement was. That is why Steve was upset. He had a plan when nominating them. Unfortunately Jmac wasn’t onboard with that plan, didn’t want to lose his girl. IMO.

  22. Way to go Steve doing the dirty work for the dirt bags of the house. I hope realizes he’s getting played very soon. James, Meg, Jackie were in fact the only who didn’t treat him bad. James saved him last week! He was suppose to be gone! Idiot

  23. I am so confused. Why didn’t Steve go for Becky, who he really does not like? Did J-mac talk him out of it? He is ticked at Vanessa. I don’t understand what happened.

  24. Steve made the best move he could make. The only people mad at him are James and Meg. Had he done anyone else he would have had several people mad. HE’s Thinking long term folks. Unless Jmac wins HOH I’m afraid Steve or Jmac will go home :(. I personally wanted those two to win HOH and POV otherwise one of them would have been gone! I think it was a great strategic move.

    1. Great points – and Meg never wins anything. And James might have larger targets in mind, like Vanessa, and JMac. So he hasn’t put a target on his back.

  25. Loved Megs speech about playing an honest game. I can see that because I honestly did not know she was even playing. Some play the game and some get played by the game. Meg is this year’s Victoria!!

  26. What did Steve say to either Becky or Meg right after JMac refused to use the Veto? It was just befor the commercial break.

    1. meg and jackie were asking why steve targeted them.
      steve said he was upeset and couldn’t complete a coherent sentance and needed a minute.
      meg said i don’t know if you have a minute.

  27. Do these two idiots James and Meg still want to target John to do the dirty work for Vanessa/Austwins. James and Meg thought they knew the house dynamics very well and they would be safe in DE with everyone. Haha, expect the unexpected. I guess they still wonder why their alliance is picked off one by one. Last week, James said Becky is the rat and untrustworthy. After DE, we have to trust Becky. Last week , they wanted to take John out. After DE, they want to bring in John. James and Meg, when they rejected other people’s offer last week, no one wants to align with them this week. After this DE, I hope this is the last wake up call for them. If they kept Shelli, Steve has probably switched side to target Austwins. Davonne, Jeff, Jason and Jackie are all left, and these two idiots James and Meg are still in the dark.

  28. Now we get to listen to a bunch of butthurt fans just because one of their favorites is gone. Who cares it’s a game! Either way there were two sides of the house and both sides had 4 people (jackie, james, meg, becky) and (austin, twins, and vanessa). Steve knew he was going to be at the bottom of which ever side he chose, but at least with austwins and vanessa he has more of a chance because of freaks and geeks. And for the people who said he should’ve put becky up fail to realize that in doing that he would’ve lost his closest ally johnymac.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand how so many think Steve should have put up someone else. Because of Steve’s alliance with freaks and geeks, he couldn’t put up autwins or Vanessa. And because of his relationship with Johnny Mac, he couldn’t put up Becky. The goblins were his only option, unless he were to break the freaks/geeks alliance or lose Jmac’s loyalty.

    1. meg is final 2 potential, vanessa would 100% win next to meg. the most useless player in BB history is meg by a longshot. i cant see anyone voting for her to win this game.

  29. If James or Meg win HOH and target Steve they are only compounding their stupidity. Steve will continue to ride the middle with Jmac. Vanessa and Austwins should be their target . Becky could at this point be pulled back to the other side since the Goblins did not support her HOH and vote Van out. Next HOH break up Austin and the twins!!!!!!

  30. What’s left of them plus Becky should nominate Liz/ vanessa If one of them come down its the other twin …these people have the numbers now, just ask Vanessa…don’t go back for Steve, get him later… you need one of these four gone, BIGTIME!

  31. James must have let his penis vote if he voted to keep Meg. He thinks he can get in her pants. Preempted by football……did Becky win 2nd hoh?

  32. During the first vote JMac was genuinely pissed. His manner was NOT an act! While there were likely MANY motives on what happened in the second eviction, one had to be “payback” for the goblins flipping the vote this week. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong goblin to send out. Jackie is inept. James is the one who went to the dark side and joined up with Austin. I actually used to like James, (and had been rooting for him) but now he is dead to me. I know he is popular on this blog, so let the thumbs down reign. I don’t mind. Go Rock Stars!

  33. I cannot feel sorry for the goblins although I do like them b/c they’re underdogs. I’ve seen Megs crying routine one time too many—“What just happened?”, “Im so mad !”, “What’s going on in this house?” ,”Everyone is lying to us!” “I feel like such an idiot!” Boo Hoo. Meg you are so useless.
    After a few days she and the rest of her crew will fall back into the same obvious pattern–trusting their enemies, sleeping all day , having fun and being goofballs. NO clue as to what’s going on around them. James, Becky or Johnny Mac will be next to go if any one from the 6th Sense is HOH.
    Meg knows no one is going to vote her out anytime soon. She has to be aware she is not being perceived as a big threat. I cant root for anyone who just stands by and watches their alliance members get taken out week after week and still does not play harder or make different/smarter decisions.
    And my biggest annoyance with the goblins is despite another member of their alliance going they STILL have no idea there is a bigger alliance at work. How obvious is it that everytime your group is not in power someone from your side is on the block?? James again tried to convince Meg about it, But good ole Becky tells them the house is not aligned and just made up of small groups.
    The sooner the goblins are out the door the sooner I’ll stop having such anxiety about them week after week and can relax watch the other players go at it.

  34. Steve I don’t think meg or James really care what you have to say.
    Was it you who made those picks or Vanessa .
    I think you just lit a fire under Meg’s butt . I hope Meg or James win
    HOH and put your ass up with Vanessa .

  35. Not bad for the show that Jackie went home so that things balance out a bit, and not have one side fully powered. In the moment, I would have preferred Jackie to stay but the house is somewhat balanced now (maybe in three parts) making this a very uncertain week.

  36. DUH!!! Goodbye Goblins you suck!! What a$$ holes to blow up their own alliance and keep targets on strongest players. Vanessa planted Jackie and now she’s planting Becky as going after Steve. ALL LIES. James has figured it out but it’s too late now idiots! Vanessa’s lies continue to haunt the BB House and sketchy Steve’s nominations. Jackie was Vanessa’s target from the beginning, is close to Becky, wanted to keep Shelli, & had planted & brainwashed Steve Jackie was after HIM so He would do her dirty work for her while SHE KEEPS HER WORD to them for keeping her in house. Now Steve aka Renfield has only one ally in the house Vanessa, aka Dracula and he will continue to do her bidding. Steve blew up Goblins, blew up JMACs game and now he thinks Vanessa is taking him to Final 2. He’s no genius. That ain’t gonna happen. Steve why not talk to Jackie, Shelli’s alliance Goblins. JMAC has no friends either, so he’s got to back up psycho babbling Steve & Steves mom. Now he knows he blew his alliance with Becky’s crew.

    James & Meg deserve to lose, blowing up Goblins, backstabbing Becky and her connections Steve JMAC and voting out Steves alliance Shelli. James & Meg didn’t care what their alliance wanted, and convinced Jackie to go rogue too. Austin is up next for getting close to Goblins-see what happens when you fight with Vanessa and try to link with others. Austins game is over.

    Hand the check to Vanessa. Let’s enjoy the rest of summer outdoors instead of watching Vanessa drain the blood out of the rest of these hypnotized villagers. I’m not watching anymore fights over shirts, pervs, and plants. Vanessa can take her law school rant, and rediculous quotes about running sobbing out of breath is better than the destination & money..give me a break. They’ll be pissed they got conned by a professional con artist. Lets see after gambling and ambulance chasing, next she can start a cult with her BB Bible, and con more unsuspecting idiots out of their money.

  37. Becky has two choices:

    1) The more obvious and emotional one of any one of Vanessa or Steve.

    2) The less obvious and bolder move of trying to break up Austin and the twins.

    Both options have merit.

  38. Johnny play for yourself!!! Not for becky or steve. YOU WANTED VANESSA OUT!!! why didnt u save jackie and steve could have put up austin? But i still love you Mac! Just play better cause you are now a huge target and now everyone knows u are working with Steve who is also working with VANESSA!!!!!


  39. How do you people not see that even if Shelli stayed, an hoh for anyone other than the goblins would mean one of them leaves? This was Steve’s doing because he’s a punk and his supposed plan to get Becky out didn’t work. And meg shut up for five seconds and think about what just happened. Look at who’s running to who after every major decision in the house. I’m so sick of her stupidity.

  40. Shelli was actually very tolerable this week (without the nauseating 24/7 Clay cuddlefest).

    Vanessa is psycho and not likable, but I want her in the game just a bit longer because of that!

  41. Do you think at some point the “goblins” will start to learn how to count at some point in the near future?? Doubtful since Meg is half of that duo, but to not realize that 4 (Austin/idiot twins/the master manipulator Vanessa) is greater than 2 small groups is the reason neither will get to the end. Sad, but it’s looking like the biggest floaters (twins/Austin) will win this game.

    1. I hope Steve’s little sorry rT ass hits the sidewalk face first. What. Stupid little punk loser Momma’s boy jerk!

  42. as of ten minutes ago houseguests were studying for the next hoh comp. i don’t think they’ve played it yet. so i don’t think Becky is the new hoh yet if they’re still studying.

    1. Thank you another name for reporting that. I don’t get the feeds (I’m NOT paying to listen to those twins with those fingernails on a chalkboard voices 24/7) and wonder why Becky’s name is still in the HOH box up top. Maybe we’ll know soon. <3

  43. Meg is horrible and clueless. Once can she has of winning a comp is a snuggle competition. You cant be to thrilled she is an ally of yours considering she is clueless and wont ever win anything. She is just a vote.. or maybe a easy lay.

  44. “James – we don’t have a powerhouse group.. I have a feeling if anybody else wins I’m next”
    “Meg – I suck at every competition”
    This has got to be the first smartest true thing the goblins have said all season. im glad the goblins aren’t in power anymore, i was getting sick of watching one great move only to be ruined by a stupid one in the end. at least vanessa KNOWS what to do. james and meg are still clueless, like always…

  45. So this is why JMac didn’t use the VETO, Steve would of put Becky up. He knows that Steve is playing with Vanessa too. He told Steve he needed to choose a side at one point. And Meg, “Steve and JMAC put us up”. You guys flipped the script, so JMac owed you nothing! Saying JMac has to go, but he is supposed to save you. Just pissed that it didn’t work out how you wanted it to in your dream world. Yeah, you should of kept Shelli. Ray Charles could see that you should of kept Shelli. The thing is Meg, you will probably be drug to the end, everyone can beat you in final 2. You are Sabrina from BBCan 2, and Victoria from BBUS last season.

  46. JMB are sulking in have nots, trying to figure out Steve.

    Meanwhile, Austwins and Vanessa are drilling dates for hoh comp.

  47. Please put up Julia and Liz together. They act like they are on vacation and don’t have a clue how to play the game.

  48. Austin told everyone he would not go after Becky. She should go after the twins and Vanessa or else they are coming after her.

  49. Some of you are mad at Steve when he was thinking of making a big move while your favorite “player” Johnny was the reason a big move wasn’t made. Johnny saved Becky. Steve did nothing wrong so get off his balls just because you mad your favs are getting and going to get steam rolled.

    Getting Jackie out is a positive for Steve so go Steve! Nice work! I’m sure he is sorry it isn’t good for most of you and fav crappy “players”

  50. Yes I’m pissed at Steve’s move but he actually made a really smart one for his game. He is 100% safe this week. He gained trust with Vanessas group and the rest of the house is now gunning for Austwins and Vanessa. He’s in the middle and has to do zip.

  51. Just need for Becky to drop the bomb on Vanessa again this week and everything can still work out for the remaining Goblins. Forget a revenge play on Steve, he’s a wimp and can be dispatched of later. This may be the last chance to get Vanessa out before Final Four.

  52. Steve just wasted his HOH. Jackie and Meg, really? wtf I think Steve has blown some circuit boards. Another chance to take out Vanessa goes by the wayside. Another big mistake. And by the way, Meg has got be in the discussion for the worst BB player ever.

  53. Becky…… what you should have done last week!
    VANESSA & LIZ on the block is the ONLY option.
    The goblins do not have the votes to evict anyone. They need to force 2 people to do it for them & they don’t have Jmac or Steve.
    If Van & Liz are on the block, Austin & Julia will definitely vote Van out to keep Liz.
    With Van out, there are 3 Goblins, the Austwins & Jmac/Steve.
    Much more manageable for the goblins!

  54. I figured Jackie or James would go if that side didn’t win HOH. Although, I actually was surprised James wasn’t backdoored.And I disagree Shelli should have been kept. She’s wasn’t going to go against Vanessa and her original alliance in the game. The same result would have happened with Steve doing grunt work.When he didn’t put up the twins it was pretty obvious where he was coming from. I hate players like him in the game.But BB is on a roll in casting spineless people in the game. Or people so backwards they work against their own self-interest because they are so convinced just because someone looks like them they are 100% for them. Vanessa should actually be moving to the bottom of the 6th sense and the house. But her side probably thinks it’s good she’s there for a target.So what I wish would happen is John, Becky,James, and Meg would stick together and put them up together if one of them wins HOH. A big part of Vanessa’s game is hiding behind the numbers on that side. So even if you can’t get her out, you weaken her by at least taken out one of those two girls possibly.

  55. Meg and Becky are telling Steve they hate Vanessa don’t trust her, blah…blah.

    Meanwhile Steve is soaking that in saying to himself, “oh you hate Vanessa, oh so you won’t vote for her at the end. I will continue to work with her and try to go to final two.”

  56. Wow what a brilliant move Steve you putz. Target 2 people who are in no way hurting your game. Don’t target the person that put you up. Sounds legit. Someone please take this creepy twerp out of action.
    I would love to see Meg win HOH put up Steve and Johnny Slack. Hey Johnny-ya didn’t use the veto to save me or my friend so up ya go. Steve- you’re a creepy idiot so have a seat.

    1. This is probably the dumbest comment I have read today. Why would steve put becky up, if he did he’d lose jmac and why would jmac use the veto when steve could’ve put becky or james up. And you’re hoping meg wins hoh?? Hahahahaha that’s a good one thanks for the laugh.

  57. If the goblins get in power this week, put up Vanessa and one of the twins. If one of the twins. Win veto, put Austin or the other twin up guaranteeing Van goes home. If Van wins veto (unlikely, she gets nervous when she is on the block) put the other twin or Austin. Kill the head and the body will die!!!


  59. Sssssssteve Snake in the Grass — I told you all along that he was a deranged harmless sociopath but a gigantic AHole! He showed his true colors!

    Hope you lose EVERYTHING you miserable MFer!

  60. Meg shut the f@$k up!!!!! Win something and then talk sh@t. She’s absolutely useless. Steve just messed up. JMac screwed him royally. He wanted Becky gone and thought that was his big moment. James has got to win HOH and throw up JMac and Steve up. Steve’s an idiot. JMac wouldn’t even use the veto on him last week if he played and won. Superfan my ass!!!!! Backdoor option Vanessa.

  61. No question Meg is one of if not the worst players ever. Some compare her to Victoria but shouldn’t. Yes Victoria floated and didn’t do anything but at least she didn’t do any DAMAGE! Meg is clueless and plays a big part in talking her alliance into horrible decisions. She floats maybe to the end. I wonder when Vanessa starts planning to get the creep and his twins out. If she goes to the final four with them she will have to run the table to win. I think she will have Steve and James put those three up for her and glide to the end with Meg. Meg should be embarrassed and James for listening to her.

  62. Steve is a dumb ass who shouldve just laid low and threw competitions, he had his fire lit up, wish he would get nominated with that stupid vanessa. Wish JMAC won the HOH and put the twiddle dee and twiddle dum twins

  63. I really Hope James, Meg, Beckie, John, Steve get their act together and win the next HOH and target Vanessa, Austin & Twins…..If they win, best thing would be to put Vanessa/Liz on the block….

    IF Vanessa, Austin or Twins win HOH I can see them not targeting Steve because of his hoh move tonight, they will likely target Beckie/James/John/Meg….

    Could be another awesome week……

  64. Watching the feeds looks like Becky. James and especially Meg are forgiving Steve for his noms. Meg “At least she (Jackie) has a chance to come back.” They are blaming it all on Vanessa and her evil mind tricks. He is playing it up. He could ride this for a James, Meg, Becky, Jmac alliance or he could stick with Van and the Austwins. Despite DE he seems to be in a good spot next HOH. Next HOH will determine which side gets the advantage.

  65. I don’t see losing Jackie as the biggest loss right now. Meg will reign it in and be nice to Steve, he and Jmac will hopefully take up arms with MJB, one of them wins HOH and they put up Vanessa and Austin, backdoor a twin if the POV comes into play and we’re saying goodbye to at least one person from Vanessa’s cult soon. Best case it’s bye bye Vanessa, worst case Spring break is over. For them at least.

  66. I always root for the underdog. At this point, it’s Steve. It’s him vs the whole house. He’s a sitting duck. If he’s taken out, my second choice to root for would be Johnny Mac. We’ll see what happens. The bad attitudes and/or sleazy behavior of the rest of the houseguests makes it difficult for me to root for them, no matter how well or poorly they play the game. Steve and Johnny Mac are the only ones left who behave like decent human beings who don’t want to hurt people. The rest of the houseguests would put their own mothers on the block for a chance at the $500k.
    #TeamSteve & #TeamJohnnyMac

  67. Still confused as to why Johnny is so popular. Is it his complete lack of social game, his near invisibility on the feeds, his depressive moping or his uncanny ability to always align with the wrong side?

  68. The goblins messed up, big time! And they realize it now. Vanessa is a snake. They should have kept shelli.

  69. I can’t believe you guys are saying that Steve made a bad move, like really ?
    He was the backdoor plan for Jackie and all the house, getting rid of her while being in the good grace with the F&G is great. He can ride along playing both sides at least for this week.
    Steve made the right move, you guys are biased because you’re rooting for the other side just that simple.

  70. say what you want to say about Vanessa… she is the reason this season is not full of floaters and every week is interesting… best season since BB10.
    I’m sad to see both Shelli and Jackie gone. I liked them both.
    Steve’s mistake was to nominate Jackie and Meg and not Becky with one of them,. then no matter what happened Becky/James would be going home.
    however Steve did break a strong threesome, and Austwins and Vanessa ar obviously way more loyal to him than the goblins are, and JM’s decison was obviously right cause he didn’t want to risk Becky

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