Big Brother 17 Week 6 Summary and Live Show Results Clay Vs. Shelli


Tonight the Head of Household competition will be Endurance watch it on the live feeds Here
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Week 6

This was the transition week for the season moving from early game dynamics to mid game scrambles. Most people identity this as when Big Brother really starts and man is it starting. With Shelli or Clay leaving one of the people who have been driving this season will be going home. There definite changes in the game now.

James won HOH nominated Shelli and Clay, James then won the Power of Veto. Sunday night Chelli went up to the HOH and tried to get Steve/Austin nominated. This didn’t work in the end James didn’t use the POV.

Vanessa from the get go wanted to keep Shelli she felt from a game perspective it’s better for their group. Austin and the twins flip between the two possible decisions continuously it seems like the half the house changed their votes multiple times a day.

Austin, Twins and Vanessa talked to James, Becky, Meg and JAckie it didn’t take long for them to realize there will be some major fallout unless Shelli goes. James wants Shelli gone and there’s no convincing him otherwise, he sacrificed a lot during the POV to make sure the nominations stayed the same and his target went home. Vanessa/Austin tried to shift opinion in the HOH but it didn’t work.

Vanessa/Austin/twins tried to make a deal with JAckie/James/Meg,Becky that they would go after the surviving Chelli member and a floater during the double eviction. JAckie stood steadfast that there will be no deal unless Shelli goes. Vanessa says JAmes demanding they all vote out Clay is unfair (She’s conveniently forgetting the last 4 weeks in the house)

Early wednesday morning Vanessa pulls her crew aside and give them the plan moving forward. They will expose Becky’s game to James, Jackie and Meg. She calls Becky a rat she freely shares information between Shelli/Clay and James/Jackie/Meg. Vanessa’s side has evidence and will release this. With the target on Becky they can enter into next week with some safety.

At the time of writing this I believe Clay will go home. (Steve, Twins, Austin, Vanessa and even Jmac are on lock)

Check out our power ranking post where we try to break down the week assigning numerical values to each player’s, Social, Entertainment and Strategy game components.

How the week went down (Links)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 18-06-49-476_jpg

Summary of live show

JohnnyMac votes to evict Clay
Austin votes to evict Clay
Liz votes to evict Clay
Julia votes to evict Clay
Meg votes to evict Clay
Becky votes to evict Clay
Steve votes to evict Clay
Vanessa votes to evict Clay
Jackie votes to evict Clay
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 18-41-57-653_jpg

Evicted Houseguest is Clay

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 18-52-46-509_jpg

HOH Competition

From here on in evicted house guests go to Jury house. Julie Chen hints that a jury member is coming back this year.
Mid Way Mayhem, Fill a bowl with a cup.

They have three choices of prizes the HOH, $5000 and not have nots for the season called “never not”

Next Thursday is double eviction..

Top 3 Animated Gifs of the week

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Pinocchio Obama

Things are starting to get good now. I can’t wait to see who grabs the power tonight.

Canadian Kevin

Vanessa, Austin or Shelli winning would suck

Like...I'm Jackie

It’s already off to very predictable safe evening! Weak, weak weak people! I knew it would be unanimous! Don’t want to piss off Juliet anymore since Romeo is gone! WEAK!


Vanessa has screwed up her game with her over emotional craziness. She’s on everyone’s radar. All she had to do was sit back and let the chips fall where they may, but no she had to get involved. I mean did she really have the nerve to ask Clay and JMac if they were related or gay lovers?! I can’t with this girl.

JMac said he wants to put up Liz and Meg because veto would be used and then BD Vanessa. Though he told Steve! Why?! He’s Vanessa’s pet!

James/Jackie/Becky/Meg all want Vanessa gone as well.

Plus tonight’s HOH is another endurance comp!!! Jackie, Becky, and JMac all have good chances of winning it!

Would not mind seeing Vanessa go next then either Steve/Austin/Twins.


Go ahead JMac, put up Liz and Meg. Meg will go home, and both side will hate you. Might need to get out of bed one and awhile. No doubt Becky the rat will come running in to tell you to put up Vanessa and Liz. that’s the only sure fire way Vanessa can leave


It would not be a good game move to evict Vanessa
if she is on the block with Liz
Vanessa is Vanessa …
(a public service poster child … that people should not take pharmaceuticals)
but Liz is the linchpin that holds
Austin and Julia together
It would be a much better game move to break-up the threesome
Of course at this point … who knows which way the wind will blow?


I’d say It’s smarter to evict Vanessa before Austin/Twins because she’s the stronger competitor Watcher.

Look at it this way. Who would you rather be in the final 4 with? Austin/Twins or Vanessa/Steve/Shelli? Austin/Twins are not going to be the strongest people to compete against when it comes time to do the memory comps.

Players like Vanessa, Steve, and Shelli will kill that near the end part of the game, if their allowed to get there.

Besides a three person alliance isn’t all that difficult to break up. Put Twins up against each other, and even if one wins Veto or Austin saved Liz, you still have the votes to take out Julia. The next week put Austin/Liz(Julia) against each other, and vote one out definitely.

Your potentially damned either way, but I think James/Jmac/Jackie/Becky (Meg, let’s not talk about Meg right now) have a better chance in the end against Austin/Twins than they do against Vanessa/Shelli/Steve.


My train of thought is that going deeper in the game …
Having a block of three votes is a huge threat
If Liz was removed now you have two individual voters
plus Vanessa
I’d rather have three individuals than a solid block of three votes


Don’t agree sorry….
Vanessa is a different kind of hamster. Half the house buys she is working with no one. She repeats it 10 times a day that’s how crap becomes some folks reality. She owns Steve. She seems to have Austwins listening to every word. Becky is just a rat. But not a Van only pet just a scrambling rat floater.
The puzzle is J Mac. She says she wants him out. Shelli the same if you believe her. Van is a very dangerous player. she gets F2 think she has the votes versus anyone but Shelli and that’s close.
PS… maybe Austin goes for the 5K 😛


No one knows that Vanessa has Steve on a leash. They don’t know he tells her everything.


Becky has mentioned to James/Jackie/Meg how close Steve is to Vanessa (and Austin). I can’t remember if she said he was Vanessa’s Rat (which he is), but Becky actually has a keen sense of the house’s social dynamics.


She’s a good rat because of that. I agree that she understands dynamics completely, more than anyone else. She is also not paranoid since she knows she pretty invisible. I just don’t respect her gameplay.


I thought Shelli goes home Simon

AKA Twistin' ....

I can’t even believe Vanessa’s latest Shit. She needs to be on the next thing smoking’ out of that house!

Hopefully people realize now that she is much worse than Audrey. If I were JMac I wouldn’t rest until she had been shown the door.


Thanks Simon and Dawg for all of the hard work that you guys have put into this site for our enjoyment

Twistin with the twins

Yeah looks like Clay is going home but with these people who knows for sure. If you saw this meltdown from Vanessa this afternoon it was unbelievable. She is literally turning into an emotional train wreck. I liked Vanessa in the beginning but she is putting a huge red X on her back now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her running around in a hoodie with a cape and sunglasses pretty soon.


Where can you watch the live streaming


Where can I find a site to watch it live?


Why did Meg and Jackie vote out Clay? James, you have a problem. These women ain’t loyal


I just want to say hats off to James for handling his HOH like a BOSS. never listened to Vanessa BS about pulling down Clay or Shelli to re nom Steve. he might not make it all the way but he’s a winner in our book got out half a showmance broke up a alliance and saved the season from going down as another boring season like last years all in a weeks work.King James u da Man only Male in the house that bat shit Crazy Vanessa can’t control.


Can you please post the link to view the live show tonight? Thanks for all your hard work.


I’m glad JMac has Vanessa in sights, that’s him, Jackie, Becky and James. And an endurance comp, this could happen! I thought his “Jackie as nom “was a blind earlier, I don’t think he’s ever been a big fan of Van, and he knows Jackie doesn’t care for her either. I’d love a JMac HOH, but any of the above will do!


At least Vanessa is playing her a** off
Although I do not always agree with her methods
What the hell has JM done?
Lay around, cry, barely even talks game with anyone
I’m not a JM fan


van is playn lyn cheat stealn!


I am having a very difficult time following Vanessa. I am starting to not understand her gameplay at all, and I genuinely wonder if she has anger/anxiety issues. She truly has an alter ego where she can talk logic and gameplay and then she’s a volcano.

I want her to stay because I find it entertaining but she’s not going to win Big Brother.

I survived last seasons BB

The edit Clay/Shelli/ Vanessa are getting is beyond sickening


What a crock of crap edit . Puke


Add Austin to the list. They don’t show his perve at all.
I think Austin is friends with production. There is no way he is special enough to get persued for this show and be able to turn down one year and go on the next. Ridiculous, there are people like him everywhere who want to be on TV.


Is it me or is there something going on with Clay & Meg???

I survived last seasons BB

For every Person who ever dreamed of being on BB…Clay;s speech must’ve made them sick

BB not a right

And I don’t get this sentiment. Being on big brother is not a right! Those who dreamed of being on big brother but haven’t been are not being denied that opportunity but were it for clay. You still have to try out. You still have to be interesting. You still have to fit the profile.

There are many reasons I am displeased with the vote, “but for Clay” (and the 100,000+ people like him) I would have been there is not one of them!”


OMG!!! Meg n Jackie voted out clay. Wtf?


They are just making it easier for someone other than James/Jackie/Meg to win the game. No ability to stick to a strategy at all. Even if it was a protest vote against the domination of the game by Vanessa, they still should’ve stood behind their conviction.

AKA Twistin' ....

I dont even believe this shit.

kathie from canada

I’m getting a sense that CBS would like to see Shellie and Vanessa as their ideal final two. Would not be surprised that they start pulling out all the stops to ensure that is what happens. Wish they would just back off and let the game evolve on its own.


The first unanimous vote came from the eviction people weren’t sure who was going home in. Ironic, isn’t it.


This is why I can’t get behind Meg and Jackie as players. It’s too funny that they absolutely have no backbone and say it’s war in DR but do weak shit.

Also I dunno who is more fake, Shelli or Jackie hugging each other hard while Shelli bawls.
Both are gross but only one is called fake.


Clay made me cringed big time with his interview with Julie. Really hope this buffoon does not get the chance to play again, he has stolen a lot of chance from millions of applicants just to make himself act like an entitled brat on tv. What an ass, I honestly prefer someone who is bitter rather than someone that has no respect for the game.


Clay be careful what you ask for, for you will surely get it………………..Shelli talking to Vanessa in Have Not room, “I can’t campaign against Clay, but I’am the better player.

April in Paris

What meg has showmanced everyone what when and more importantly…..WHY!?!?!



Did Clay just insinuate Meg’s been pretty loose in her showmance choices on national TV?! He was practically calling her thirsty!

I had to push my mouth closed after that one.


such a great poker move!


Can someone fill me in as to why the vote was unanimous? Did james & co figure out the others were voting to keep shelli?


Looks like Julia or Becky will win HOH?


Hahahahahaha Meg in this comp is useless!!


It is not funny. She’s useless.

Clay's Brain Injury

Didddduy rtyxe xreasgho? Rewqazxo!!


I think shelli, jackie, becky, or jmac will win hoh tonight. And wow a jury will return back and what happen to bbtakeover that is just messed up. It time for the sixth sense go down. Lets go jackie nominate vanessa


Julia was kicking butt!!!


It is official, Clay is a complete idiot for ruining his own game over a blood-sucking, selfish, man-eating cougar!!!!


I know right?!
Like seriously?! You chose her over the money?!
When I’m pretty sure if he’d gotten the money he’d still get her!
I found it hilarious when she kept crying about being separated from him for 2 months, when they’ve known each other even less than that. lol!

Min O'Pause

I’ve seen bigger balls on hamsters than that boy has.


I hope his family lets him have it.. I would if my relative was that dumb!!!


I hope Clay’s Daddy cuts his allowance in half.

Min O'Pause

What a bunch of gutless spineless wussies. Unanimous vote. Dumbasses.


I figured Clay would go home, but I figured some people would vote for Shelli! It’s not like she’s suddenly going to think no one is targeting her.

Min O'Pause

Clay:”Sorry coach but I had to hand over the Superbowl win to the other team. It’s been their dream to win it.”


Is there a stream to watch the live feeds in Canada?

Guy From Canada

Yup. There are a couple sites but they are unreliable, can’t rewind and just stream live. I recommend a VPN, US credit card and support Simon & Dawg……or google and donate to Simon and Dawg at the end of the season 😉

Clay's Brain Injury

Errrr I’m an idiot! I really meant uyoijklrtwserty and bhyuiert! Wait until qszfuytrebiptbyu


Ugh why is Meg so useless in comps?

I just keep praying to God Jackie, Becky, or Johnny Mac pulls out the win!


oh gosh becky will win this 🙁


Jackie is doing really well with the challenge so far.


This HOH was made for Clay. Ironic.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Shelli is like a cockroach!

Min O'Pause

Crap! I shoulda watched the Fox News debate. Donald Trump nearly castrated Chris Wallace a bit ago.. More entertaining!