Big Brother 17 Week 7 Power Of Veto Competition Results! “It’s perfect”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

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VETO Players: Becky, Shelli, Steve, Vanessa, Meg, Austin

Power of Veto winner is Steve

12:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto Competition to take place. When the live feeds return –

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 17-35-30-428_jpg

5:34pm Storage room Austin and Liz
“I don’t thinks she’ll put us up “
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 17-37-52-442_jpg

Chatting about the competition … It was BB Comics like last year.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 17-41-03-853_jpg

5:39pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa saying she f*&** up during the Competition, “I was staring at them forever.. “

Vanessa says she didn’t throw the POV. She congratulates him on winning.
He asks if there’s anything he needs from her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 17-43-06-846_jpg
5:41pm They’re happy
Shelli and Vanessa going up “It’s perfect”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 17-43-03-848_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 18-00-14-813_jpg
5:54pm Have nots Becky and Meg
Talking about how hard that competition was.
Becky – Shelli picked her I was thinking Ohh they’re f**** close

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 17-58-19-832_jpg

5:56pm Vanessa is pissed..
I wonder if she’s going to throw Austin under the bus to saty
Vanessa – That was very impressive by steve what a beast, Good for him

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 18-13-06-988_jpg
6:06pm Meg and James Have nots
Talking about how happy they are Steve won
James – Austin he said… Becky is going to put Johnnymac up as a replacement nominees..
James told him someone has to go up
James thinks Austin will be fine as long as him and the twins don’t go up.
James – Becky was talking that it’s pretty much perfect Vanessa can go up
Meg – everyone can decide it doesn’t matter who goes

James says he’s been gaining a lot of weight.
meg thanks BB for not making fun of her today on the comics

Vanessa comes in “Are we still good with the plan.. I’m worried she won’t put Johnnymac up
Meg – Why because they are close
Vanessa – he’s the easiest bet because no one will vote him out..
They start talking about the POV.. Vanessa leaves.
James – she’s stressed
Meg and JAmes want Vanessa gone this week.

James says if Shelli wins the Next HOH and takes him out he’s got a good chance to come back in, “They won’t beat me at a crap shoot”
(I spit out my drink hearing him say this)
Jackie comes in “That worked out well”

Meg – how did he do that how did he get 13 minutes
James – he was flying like superman
Vanessa – that’s fine we wanted him to win

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 18-29-04-116_jpg

6:21pm Jackie, Meg and James Chit chatting about the competition

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 18-23-34-416_jpg

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180 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Week 7 Power Of Veto Competition Results! “It’s perfect”

      1. It did work out, kinda perfect, didn’t it?

        I’m loving this.

        Can’t wait to see Vanessa vs Shelli. Shelli ought to be safe, and suddenly, Steve and Jmac are playing.

        And if they align with the outsiders.. Austin and the twins are fucked.

    1. If Van had won and taken skelli down would they both have been safe from nominations? Or if Van won took skelli down could Becky have replaced skelli with Van?

      1. No. The veto winner can’t be nominated. Otherwise the veto winner wouldn’t use it if it meant he/she could be the replacement.

        1. They had to make the golden power of veto because the veto was never used when they first brought it out unless a nominee won it… leading to it hardly ever used and a bad addition to the show.

      2. Who ever wins Veto is safe if they use it to take down someone on the block. Unless they are already on the block.

      3. No, if Van had won, and taken Shelli down, they both would have been safe. If you win POV, you’re safe.

      4. If a person on the block wins the veto, they can use it on themselves and be safe or use it on the other person on the block. If they use it on the other person, that person comes off but the user stays on the block.

        If someone other than someone on the block uses the veto then both the person coming off the block and the veto user are safe from eviction.

        If Steve uses the veto on Shelli, he stays on the block and can be voted off, if Vanessa won and used it on Shelli, Vanessa could not be placed on the block.

      5. veto holder and nominee who they veto from the block are safe. e.g. vanessa wins veto, she uses veto on shelli and they are both safe from being nominated.

      6. Thanks for the clarification guys. To the one d-bag that was a smart azz and asked me “if I have seen the show before” what does it matter? Even if I was a noob no point in being a azzclown!! If every time you asked a question someone gave you a smart azz reply… You wouldn’t ask questions anymore. Take that attitude to a different site!! This is a friendly site and has been for a long time. We don’t need clowns like you!!

        To be clear.. I thought they would both be safe but some of the comments from the HG’s made me wonder. Anyways, thanks to all but the one for helping me out. You guys are the best!!!

      7. I’d also like to add that this is by no means what I wanted to happen. Can’t wait till skelli or tweeter Van walk out the door.
        Only reason I asked was some of the HG’s conversations made me wonder if they would both be safe or not. Glad Steve won… Now we get to see the tweeker loose her mind even more. Hope her and her green beanie walk out the door

    2. I don’t care which one of them (Van, Shelli) gets evicted as long as they don’t win Big Brother. Hopefully they will both be gone in the Double Eviction Thursday.

    3. Vanessa needs to think this through. She will surely end up on the block, but it’s time for Austin to pull his weight. Austin could go to James before the vote and say that Becky, Jmac and Shelli made a deal that if the Austwins vote out Vanessa, they will all work together to get James out at DE. Austin could say, “James I don’t want to get you out. What can we do?” Let James come up with the idea to keep Vanessa. Austin could even ask James if he could talk to Steve to secure a vote to keep Vanessa.

    4. Steve will go down in BB history if he plays it right, and Vanessa goes home-he can’t resist that can he? How about his Mom’s pride? Stick with JMac, Becky, Jackie heck maybe Meg is even gonna step up after coming in 2nd. If they don’t pull it together to keep power away from Austin Twins Shelli Vanessa, they lost the game for themselves. Shift the power Steve put this and your game into high gear!

      1. OK, got some popcorn, adult beverages and am ready for BBAD tonight. Just need some fireworks and a meltdown from Vanelli

    5. It is beyond my compression who wants to listen and watch a bunch of immature kids attempting to play this’s like they are at a boy girl middle school party. If Vanessa and Shelli leave that’s what’s left…oh and Austin begging for attention from Liz. Enjoy listening to Becky talk about herself and Meg and Jackie giggling while James makes his gross comments. I love BB and respect the game but the if the only intelligent players leave it may just be suited for high schoolers after the DE.

      1. You’re right. It’s been long. I actually forgot about that. Anyway, good for him. I hope he’s not going to allow van sweet talk him into not using the POV. If she tries that and he leaves the nomination the same, then it’s over for him.

  1. Yas!!!

    I’m so glad Steve won! Now we get to see Vanessa and Shelli campaign against each other, with the votes being their to evict Vanessa!!! So glad that Becky’s BD plan worked!

    The wait for POV was so worth it now.

      1. You’re right Chessie_K!

        She’s already trying to grab Steve and Jmac, because she has big “things” to tell them tonight. BBAD is going to be so good tonight! Jmac rolled over in his bed, like he was going to sleep on her lol.

        She’s already trying to figure out why people would keep Shelli over her. Girl the underdogs want Shelli gone too, they just want you gone first.

      2. Finally managed to stream the feeds. Becky/Meg/Jackie really HATE Vanessa and Shelli. They way they talk about them really reminds me of highschool….ostracize Vanessa, pretend to be friends with Shelli. I dunno, they already kicked her down, why be so personal? Shes goid as gone.

        Vanessa should never have saved Austin… He might roll into the F5 at this point with Meg. Lol. This season could end up with very strong comp people (James, Shelli, Jackie, John, Becky) but low strategy convos.

  2. now this will be interesting. steve basically needs to choose between his two allies. will he use the veto and cut vanessa or wil he not use it and piss off jmac.

    1. not use it???

      um that would be the 2nd biggest BB blunder, when someone on the block (steve) doesn’t use the POV on themselves to take themselves off the block. Jmac isn’t going up, i think steve already knows that.

      1. What happens is Marcilous!
        Only fun is does Vanessa try and get Steve not to use it. Would be an epic convo!
        Steve seemed to have made a decision to roll with Vanessa to the end. His back up plan was J Mac so it seemed. Then Van outed Freaks and Geeks. Steve got PO’d as it outed that to J Mac.
        Who’s going Thursday? Let’s assume Van up she has Austwins. The next question is Steve going to vote her out and help J Mac? One of these 2 is going soon, very soon. If Steve votes Shelli Van needs 1 more. James the complete idiot or Jackie I need a home where I’m at the bottom of an alliance. Meg the musher who can do nothing. I don’t trust these folks not to collapse under three days of pressure. I think Van stays which sucks. I’d be very happy if she left myself.

        1. Steve till definitely take himself off the block and yes it be amusing to see Vanessa try and convince him not too. If she tries too hard she may lose his vote. The votes will be Meg Jackie James and Jmac vote out Vanessa and the Autwins vote out Shellli. Steve is a bit of a question mark which I think will depend on how Vanessa handles being on the block. If Steve does vote to keep her Beckie breaks the tie and Vanessa is off to Jury.

    2. He really doesn’t have much choice. If he doesn’t use the veto on himself he will look super sketchy to Jmac, Becky, Meg, James, and Jackie who would then have the power to vote him out instead of Shelli if they wanted too. Also it would make him a huge target going into the double eviction. Not using it would be one of the dumbest moves in BB history.

    3. If a nominated person wins veto & chooses NOT to use it, they lose it’s protection & therefore can be evicted. Only a veto winner who’s NOT on the block retains it’s safety after not using it. Steve being a BB fan knows this.

    1. I am afraid to celebrate. I did last week and got my feelings hurt. Hoping nothing stupid happens this time. If Steve doesn’t use the veto, he deserves to go home. No superfan worth his salt would refuse to use it.

      1. There’s a lot of game to be played between now and Thursday and we all know how Vanessa always gets her way.

        With the way things go, she’ll probably be the one HG that comes back after eviction.

  3. This POV lasted longer than Austin’s wrestling career. Chiclet AND Vanessa both on the block!!! I love it!!!!!


      1. Not getting together and thinking things completely OUT. Even with James making a BIG move the team still didn’t completely think things out. They need to use that SPY TV in the HOH room and do what it says SPY on people. Either way good win Steve.

      2. it was a puzzle of some kind, and they have to go one at a time, within a certain time period (someone said 35 minute limit). so if each of the 6 takes 35 minutes, plus reset the comp for the next person, then the finale where they find out who has the shortest time, and i imagine there is downtime setup time for that display to be able to be shown.

        steve took 13 minutes, and won, so you know right there, minimum just 30 minutes to get him set up, and reset the game after him. x 6

        anyway, someone mentioned how he must have really been flying. We’ve seen this as a ;recreate what you see over the fence’ comp before. in BBCAN3 with a swing to get up to see the other side, and in last years BBUS i think it was a trampoline? that is what i assume it was, there is a display (someone said comics ‘again”) that is correct you look at it, and then you recreate it with all the pieces that are on your side of the wall. i imagine if steve has a photographic memory, it would not take long for him to memorize the display, then recreate it without much effort, just finding the pieces and time after that.

        BB production figured that worst case scenario the comp would take 35 minutes, so they set that as a time out i guess but i bet you’d get pretty frustrated after about 15 or 20 minutes if you hit the button and it goes buzz buzz buzz all the time.

  4. Good for Steve!!!!! This IS perfect…as long as Becky doesn’t pull a fast one. Let us not forget she’s a snitch. Put Vanessa up…let them duke it OUT!!

    1. I realize that Becky’s floating to Clay and Shelli helped Vanessa, but Becky has never been pro-Vanessa; she wants her up! Yay!!!

    2. Listening to her talk tonight I wouldn’t say she was so much a snitch. She seems to have been genuinely confused about who to trust. And she blames Vanessa.

  5. If Steve is STUPID enough to let Vanessa talk him out of using the veto he deserves to go home! I don’t think he is that stupid, however, he is vulnerable to anyone that pretends to be his friend. If Vanessa plays him like that then she is heartless. I don’t care who goes, Vanessa or Shelli, but Vanessa would allow people to stop fearing her wrath and start grouping up the way they actually want to.


    And Vanessa’s meltdown starts in 5… 4… 3… 2…

  7. I’m so happy…finally Shelli and Nessa side by side on the block…let the campaigning begin….let them turn on each other…going to be a good week

  8. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. lol

    but on a serious note, thank you Steve cant wait to see Vanessa on the block with Shelli.

    1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the same way! I just had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Finally!

      Big Brother 17 is worthy to be praised!!!

  9. i remember getting pretty excited last week too. I’ll believe it when I see it! Fingers crossed that he will even use the veto. Steve makes me nervous!

  10. Beck’s plan was actually perfect because if she would have put up Shelli and Vanessa, Steve would have most likely played and removed one of the two. AWESOME WEEK!

    1. Perfect? I think this is sheer luck!

      Regardless of what we call it… It’s happening!

  11. This is only perfect……IF Steve takes himself off and Becky puts up Vanessa. Let’s not count our chickens yet…..

  12. Don’t get too excited. Remember these people change their minds at the drop of a dime. Steve better use it to save himself but….Vanessa will be in his ear telling him all sorts of nonsense.

  13. yay steve.

    does this mean vanessa gets voted out? probably not, because if she doesn’t then all their celebrating there just makes them all look silly lol

    they think vanessa is not close to steve and the austwins. we don’t really know what jmac is likely to do, i am assuming he likes the fact he isn’t on the block, otherwise might be not that sold on either one going out. chances are high he will go along with whoever becky really wants out, but that could conflict with his arrangement with steve and who steve suggests goes. One thing to remember, steve can say, shelli is probably better at comps than vanessa, plus vanessa clearly aimed for being backdoored now makes vanessa a bigger target to the meg camp than shelli is, as in keep vanessa.

    with austin, is he ready to turn on vanessa, and even if he is, don’t the twins prefer to have shelli over vanessa.

    one thing is clear this week like many other weeks, who knows what will happen, no one votes what the HOH wants yet again.

    anyway, assume vanessa and shelli

    steve evicts shelli
    james evicts vanessa
    jackie evicts vanessa (grudge points)
    meg evicts vanessa
    austin evicts shelli
    julia evicts shelli
    liz evicts shelli
    jmac evicts the preying mantis

    even if he votes in a way that makes a tie, does anyone really know if becky will break the tie to evict vanessa before shelli?

    1. Becky has always wanted to be on the cool kid’s side with shelli. It was Becky’s plan to get blood on her hands & actually wanted to be the deciding vote to get Van out. I would be blown away if Van & Shelli were on the block together & she didn’t get Van out. It’s going to be one hell of a week. Let’s see how classy(she is always telling those on block/real target,how classy they banished themselves. Van keeps it if/when she goes up. It’s gonna be a shit show this week-let the lies, manipulation,& backstabbing begin!

  14. Yayyyyyy Steve!!!!! Now the fun begins watching Vanessa try and talk him into not using it. Then, hopefully watching Shelli and Vanessa fight it out. Wonder if Shelli will continue to keep her mouth shut and pretend not to know when Vanessa goes up.

  15. Honestly hoped Steve would win for this exact scenario! Hell yes-BB God’s answered us with the next scenario! Bye Vanessa!

  16. Sssssssteve the Snake won?! Wow! Now he can protect Vanessa by not using the POV.

    The outcome of these 2 days is that JM’s game might be going down the drain: he opened up to Shelli but she still picked Vanessa to play POV (clear signal to JM); he completely opened to Steve and Steve is a snake in the grass.

  17. what are the odds steve won’t use it
    he knows if he does vanessa is gone and he doesn’t want that
    will be an interesting couple of days

  18. Will Vanessa convince Steve not to use the veto? She’ll convince him that she has the votes to keep him and that Shelli wanted to get rid of him next. If Steve doesn’t use the veto he’ll go home and Becky’s HOH will be a waste.

  19. Whew! Thank goodness things worked out. But it still doesn’t change the fact that Becky’s “plan” was a cluster f**k. She got lucky. Simple as that. I hope she is more thoughtful going forward. Go JMac!

  20. Steve wins and Becky gets the chance to FOLLOW THRU on her plan to put Vanelli on the block together to duke it out! They will have to campaign against each other BREAKING all of their fake “no bullying” “no ratting” “no throwing anyone under the bus” “no outing alliances” …. ummm RIGHT! They’re going to play sweet & honest and volunteer themselves to walk out the door LIKE CLAY for the good of their fake alliances and PROVING THEIR LOYALTY on the lives of their mothers & dogs! BECKY PLEASE DON’T CHICKEN OUT over fake deals with Vanessa, Shelli or Austwins they won’t put you up during DE!!!

    This could be great TV, and a chance for the underdogs and self proclaimed misfits NOT FREAKS GEEKS, to save their game!!! Will be watching what Steve says during his camera monologs this week!

  21. Why are they the underdogs???? If they would have won stuff early in the game they would be the guys on top and you all would be against them… least Vanessa and Shelli are playing the game. Meg does nothing but suck down liquor and complain… Jackie just uses the F word every two seconds then checks herself out in the mirror and then fixes her silicone boobs….James just thinks about who he can bone and then there’s Becky….She won one thing and thinks she’s the bomb…..I am sorry but you can sooooo tell her face got fucked up. Everyone in the house needs to realize that the power changes….I have no favorite this season and that’s a first for me

    1. AMEN!!! I dont get alllll the hate for the only people playing the game since day one. If Vanessa or Shellie is evicted, I hope they come back with a vengeance!

      1. If Vanessa was such a great partner, sacrificing her game for the team, WHY DO HER ALLIANCES HATE & ABANDON HER?? Clay said tonight in his first interviews he hopes JMAC or STEVE wins. Austin has been negotiating for he and Liz then adding Julia since the beginning, never for Austin BECUZ SHE PUT HIM UP! Shelli tells her to calm down, NEGOTIATES WITH BECKY BEHIND HER BACK, then she throws Steve under the bus, then it’s the FREAKS & GEEKS putting Shelli first, until Steve says HE WANTS TO KILL HER.

        Vanessa doesn’t have the Emotional IQ or Stamina to maintain successful long term relationships ask her Exes and cell phone. She burnt every bridge WHILE SHE WAS IN POWER now she expects them to have her back again?

        Btw- Is that green beanie her good luck charm her rabbits foot? She should change it. Played too hard too soon, isn’t that why she evicted Jeff Audrey & Jason for running their mouths of all excuses. Only Vanessa gets the mic right?!

    2. Exactly! If Vanessa and her group were the underdogs everyone would be rooting for them. They’re the underdogs for a reason…because they suck. I don’t understand why everyone likes James either. Before he won hoh last week no one liked him and said that he was a perv and now just because he put up Shelli and Clay everyone loves him. None of these “fans” would last in the bb house.

      1. I don’t like any of them on either side. But the nasty little man (James) did get the ball rolling to make it a more interesting season than we have had in recent years. And at least they aren’t playing like sheep being led to slaughter like last year. They aren’t the smartest people in the world but at least the game play finally started last week.

    3. That is so true. If James and friends had won the first 4 Hohs we’ d be rooting for Vanessa and her gang. Usually the slliance that dominates the first weeks gets hated.

      I wanna see either Van or Shelli go this week, but I don’ t want them decimated that’s boring. A little pwer back and forth is good.

    4. Ok praying for Vanessa backdoored she thinks she is high and mighty and good for deals when’s she did way worse than james little fib to Shelly and clay (not Vanessa’s ridiculous Clelli nickname please let’s stop this people) Vanessa your alliance a it celebs. If Vanessa owned her shit more often I woulda said from beginning great player but her hypocritical delusions make me want her backdoored! James and Becky have turned this season into exciting now! I want Jackie or James or Johnny Mack to win this year

    1. Just wondering if you reread this post if you think it might come off a little nasty? Yeah the have-nots have changed but if YOU know it is it just and OCD thing that you are demanding it be changed?

      1. I wasn’t trying to be nasty… this site and was just trying to be helpful…I know it’s hard to keep up with everything and I just wanted to let them know. Sorry it offended or sounded nasty????

  22. Yes! This is perfect. Send Vanessa’s “loyal” butt packing. Let her and Shelli campaign and turn against eachother

  23. Yay!!!! I am so happy for Steve. I will be so disappointed if he does not use it. I will be so disappointed if Becky puts up someone else besides Vanessa. Why is Shelli back in with everyone? I know there are bigger targets right now. I think Shelli may get back in the game and no one’s target. If Shelli does that she will win the game. I am glad to see a power from the sixth sense. Big Brother and the ratings needed it.

  24. don’t worry, Steve WILL use the veto, he basically panicked when J-MAC said he wouldn’t, fully knowing of a bigger backdoor plan in place. he plays far too scared to walk out like Marcellus and not use a POV(wouldn’t be quite as bad as that)

    this is perfect for everyone. Steve gets no backlash for anything he is doing. Becky will receive all the heat for J-MAC’s string tugging, and J-MAC/Steve are both eligible to play in the double eviction HOH. Sweet.

  25. BBLeak:”Meg almost won the PoV. She came in second to Steve. Meg: “I’m really proud of myself though.” #BB17″

    So can we talk about how Meg came in second place in this comp? I literally could not believe that when I saw that update. *_*

    If this is true then Austin really is the weakest at comps this season.

  26. They finally have to show Steve on the show where they aren’t simply making him a joke……….umm, wait. I’m talking about Big Brother here. The show will STILL make him look stupid no matter what he does in the game.

  27. I have to say, when I clicked “refresh” after a couple hours AFK, and saw “POV” under Steve’s name….well there was a lot of celebrating going on “STEVE!!!!!……STEVE????…STEVE!!!!!

    1. This is where you tell us she planned to lose as part of her amazing game strategy, and kindhearted desire to let someone else win due to loyalty to Freak Geeks Beauty she outed, tried to get Steve to lie for her to swap out Steves game for Shelli. Even played, hypnotized Steve said he was gonna kill Vanessa for that fake “boo boo”. Poker is an individual sport. Shelli gets how to humble herself to win back trust. Gonna get #Messya! Can you admit someone else, even Steve, played betta? Can Vanessa?

      1. Why don’t you use your other name you usually use here when you post at Free? I’m sure he doesn’t bite.

  28. I still say it’s risky to rely on a backdoor plan working out. Just throw 2 viable targets up to begin with.

  29. I’m very happy Steven won; however, I’m don’t want to celebrate too soon. There’s a lot of time before the POV ceremony and he’s going to have people coming at him from all sides. I just hope it’s not too overwhelming for him, regardless of what he chooses to do. And I will unbelievably pissed if Vanessa badgers, cajoles, whines, begs, and manipulates him to do what she wants.

  30. I thought it was the comic pov. Feeds were down this long last year this time for it. They should make it a beat the clock compition but for some reason they like to make everyone (Zach) break down.
    Im 90% sure vanessa is going up. She has the ability to play people but this will have to be her best work yet. Even if she goes up, does she have the votes to be evicted? Shelli is a bigger target to james (from his point of view), he could vote shelli out with Austwins & steve.

  31. I wonder when Vanessa is going to realize JMac is the key to staying and she’s burned her bridges with him.

  32. Becky has to now withstand two days of lobbying by Vanessa and Shelli. Believe me, they will come up with quite a few plausible theories that will make Becky think. They have two full nights to get in her head. Get ready for the verbal onslaught….

    1. I don’t think Becky will care what Vanessa tells her. She flat out told Vanessa “No deals” the night she won HoH.

  33. In the beginning, Van was a favorite. Then her entitled, bullying started. I know this is BB but to become one of the four least liked is quite a feat.

  34. This is so frustrating, Sad… and yay I love when a plan comes together.
    as a fan I love a big move and getting Vanessa Out is a huge move… even bigger than if James took out Shelli.

    I am dreading Steve can’t handle the pressure of knowing Vanessa going home he will choose to not use the veto and hope Shelli is a bigger target for people and a grateful Vanessa. I mostly dread it because if Steve sacrifices his game to save Vanessa… and they all know he is doing it…. they will all vote to evict Steve… it will be tragic. Don’t do it Steve, BE SELFISH.

    I also love Vanessa. The one thing she did that drove me crazy is that she spent way too much energy protecting and working to help the wrong people. TBH she would not be in this place if she didn’t protect Austin and the twins… sure they were numbers but Austin and Liz… did those number against the team…. twice and to frame up an ally Steve… not to mention they are utterly useless otherwise. They just lie around and talk smack all day.
    Protecting Shelly and Clay was bad too… but at least Shelli pulled her alliance weight… god…. even when she stabbed people in the back.

    So as great a player Vanessa is her downfall was Saving Audrey, Saving the Twins and Saving Austni. She should have just backdoored Audrey and just backdoored Austin because he is just dead weight that drug her down.

    Love you Vanessa, I will miss your gameplay and woulda shoulda coulda you just played with the wrong people
    :( bye girl bye.

  35. What a surprise. I don’t know if I am more shocked that Steve came in first, or that Meg actually almost won it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vanessa asks Steve to not use it because she has the votes to keep him. I really don’t think he is that stupid, but I bet she will try. I am looking forward to Shelli and Vanessa driving buses all over each other and the collateral damage to Austwins. This should be fun! I was fully expecting this to blow up all over Becky.

  36. Does anyone remember Marcellous. From Big Brother 2… I believe. Well if I remember correctly, he was the guy that Julie Chen took her cue card and slapped him on the head for not using the POV to save himself off the block because he did not want to ruffle any feathers. He was so sure he would be safe. But the Jason (Danielle best friend on the house) was the deciding vote that sent him out the house in shock. Well that was a dumb move. If Steve is a true super fan and he knows Big Brother statistics. He will not make the dumb mistake and stay on the block. And if he does not use the Veto. I hope Julie smacks him upside the head, like she did Marcellous, after he sits in the interview chair. I really hope Steve is not going to be that dumb to listen to Ness and stay on the block.

  37. JokersBBUpdates: “Liz didn’t understand why she was the evil twin. “She’ll steal your heart and your wallet.”

    Hahahaha production is soooo wrong for that! They are throwing so much shade at Liz for playing Austin.

    JokersBBUpdates: “Vanessa’s comic was the Mad Hatter #bb17 #cbsbigbrother #bblf”

    Vanessa’s comic is ironic in more ways than one as well lol.

    Audrey’s apparently was hilarious too. The blankets and glasses. I wonder if they did a E.T. kind of comic for her.

  38. I bet Vanessa’s fixing to get behind the wheel of the bus and run all over Austin and possibly the Valley Twins! Not many other options for her!

  39. FUCK YES! Only worry now is that they don’t switch and choose to evict Shelli. Think Vanessa will dig her own grave after the POV ceremony though.

  40. FUCK YES! Only worry now is that they don’t switch and choose to evict Shelli. Think Vanessa will dig her own grave after the POV ceremony though.

  41. He pulled it out when he knew he had to. So super happy for him. Becky got lucky. That draw was terrible for her. Can’t wait to watch the episode. So will the veto ceremony be tomorrow ? My first season on this site. Watched after dark but this is so much fun. Just stiil don’t know when everything is done. I won’t be counting Vanessa out tho. I really would rather shelli go. Vanessa is all over the place but I am entertained by her. Not a fan of shelli at all.

  42. Steve doesn’t need to use it, I seriously doubt James, Meg and Jackie would vote him out over Shelli. It’ll take some balls but it’s actually his best option. He keeps Vanessa safe, he solidifys his allegiance to The sixth sense

  43. I hope James, John, Meg, Jackie, and Becky gather around Steve. Don’t let Vanessa get near him. And by all means, don’t discuss the plan!

  44. Steve doesn’t need to use the veto, I seriously doubt James, Meg, and Jackie will vote him out over Shelli. It’ll take some balls but it’s his best course of action. He keeps Vanessa, he solidifys his allegiance with the sixth sense and he screws over Becky (who he hates). The other side can’t be too mad because at least they got rid of Shelli.

    1. Not playing the veto will confirm Steve is fully in Vanessa’s pocket. They’ll take him out just to weaken Vanessa. If that happens, Steve’s a moron and Shelli and Vanessa will remove Becky, Jackie, and James in the next couple weeks.

  45. I’m sorry to burst ya’ll’s bubble but if it’s Vanessa vs. Shelli on the block, I think Vanessa will have four votes to stay this week. Austin and the twins and Steve will vote to keep Vanessa. Shelli will be evicted.

    1. Uh, can you do basic math? There are 11 people in the house. One of them is HOH, and 2 will be on the block. That leaves 8 voters. Even if Austin, the twins, and Steve vote to keep Vanessa, that leaves JMac, Meg, Jackie, and James. They will vote to evict Vanessa and Becky will break the tie and send Vanessa out.

    2. James, Jackie, Meg, and Johnny will vote to evict Vanessa. Becky is the tie breaker. Vanessa will be evicted.

  46. YAY STEVE!!! Would it be wrong to pray Vanessa gets laryngitis so she can’t be yapping in his ear endlessly for the next 2 days?

  47. LOVE IT…LOVE IT,,,LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It’s perfect. Becky rolled the dice…and it’s not craps:)
    Vanessa is leaving. I want to see her sweat…just like she made Jeff, Davonne, Jason sweat. Jason and Davonne wanted to get to jury so badly. They’re not in a mansion. Karma, baby.
    Vanessa can twist in the wind. So..cry me a river. She’s unlikeable. Of course…it’s Big Brother..lies, deception and all that. But..she did what she did out of ego. The knight in shining armour. For her game.
    Good riddance.

  48. Am so happy Steve won … I can’t wait…cant wait to see the look on V-NASTY when she is put up —-it will be gloriousssssssssssss.
    — I bet Shelly will find something to cry about and make it about herself —but we will pay her no mind cause Vanessa is leaving and all is right in the world :). YASSSSSSSSSS

  49. If Vanessa tries to manipulate Steve to not use the veto, I’m sure Johnny Mac will be in Steve’s ear to use it. The underdogs just have to tell Steve to use the veto or he will be voted out because they have the numbers.

  50. I bounce back & forth between this site and Jokers, and just read on Jokers that JMac asked Julia if she would date a girl with green eyes and she said yes. What the hell did I miss when I was on vacation??

  51. steve not using the veto might backfire on him. it will piss off the people who want vanessa out and instead vote to evict the idiot who didnt use the veto instead of shelli. win win in my eyes.

  52. Queen Vanessa on the block!!!!! AND next to one of her closest allies. Love it. The underdogs are ruling these last few weeks. Anything can change but I would think that James meg and Jackie will vote Vanessa out. They only need one more vote which I’m sure good old Jonny will be happy to vote her to jury house. SWEET.

  53. When Steve is in jeopardy he always seems to win the comps. He did the same thing in Battle of the Block. Maybe he is a Keyser Soze. Everything is not quite what it seems. Also this year is a great season to watch and really hard to predict who is going to be final two.

  54. I love the happy giggles from meg, James, jackie and Becky. It’s relief…not * Vanessa;s * I HATE those people*.
    It’s in keeping with the game. They were the underdogs for 4 weeks.And..miracles of miracles..they have a couple of victories.
    But in a much nicer way than the others.
    It feels like a game. s my Mum always taught’re friends’re friends after…but not during.
    Vanessa et al are so hateful before and after. see Vanessa blindsided. She doesn’t give a feck for anyone except Shelli..and that’s because she’s attracted to her. Yep. But Shelli is going to play her own game. Notice how she did NOT spill the beans. Shelli is the game for herself. Nothing wrong with that, btw.
    Austin and the twins. Be of them is going up during double eviction , Keeping Austin and JULIA.
    Then the game REALLY shifts.
    Vanessa. What will she do? Oh..yeah. She will SAY she’s not campaigning against her bestie. But..she will. Threats..inuendos….spilling sh*t.

  55. I am Team Vanessa (Freaks and Geeks). So it would be sweet if they expect everyone to save Shelli and they save Vanessa instead. Ha ha. Or, better yet, talk Becky into putting up JohnMac to vote Shelli out and have the Freaks and Geeks vote JohnyMac out. Sweet.

  56. I will enjoy the craziness of Van and Sheli on the block but I’m really not liking the people who are left in the house…like I really don’t have anyone I want to win! Meg the drunk floater, Steve the emotional train wreck, James the perv, Becky the wanna be cool rat, Jackie the self obsessed fame seeker, Austin or the twins …ick to all these choices! Maybe JohnnyMac but he’s had some strange moments lately but I guess that’s the best choice for winner?

  57. Vanessa says thats fine we wanted him to win???!!! Really, Vanessa you wanted him to Win???? No, you wanted to win Veto!! You have to be worried its YOU that’s going up…… its about time you were shaking in your BOOTS…No, Becky isn’t going to put up Johnymac because she wanted you out in the first place…..I just don’t want anyone to tell her so she thinks Johnymac is going up….and it will be like dejavu with jason….Jason’s probably sitting at home loving every minute of this….Payback’s a BITCH…

  58. Vanessa talking very rapidly to herself –

    Okay, I have a 37.5 chance of getting picked to plat in the Veto.
    I have a 16.6 chance of winning the Veto.
    Chance of noms remainig the same after Veto – 0%
    Chance of me as a replacemnt nom – 12.5%
    Odds of vote being 4 – 4 and Becky voting me out – 100%.
    Odds of hitting that inside straight flush on the river – 2%

  59. So i gotta ask, why is everyone so happy that steve won? He doesn’t seem like a fan favourite, in fact, even with the live feeds i barely noticed him. I totally forgot about him the past two weeks.

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