Vanessa “You’re being so venomous with me! You’re a cold hearted person! What the hell!?”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 12-01-24-531
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11:50am Vanessa heads up to the HOH room looking for Becky. She doesn’t find her and goes looking for her. Liz tells her Becky is outside. Vanessa finds her on a lounge chair and says so obviously you can’t vote (Not true Becky is the tie breaker). Those were some pretty harsh words even for me. I’m hoping you can explain them. Becky asks why were you so paranoid when I won HOH? Vanessa says I told you because you’re friends with Johnny Mac and I’m not dumb I can do the math. When one person is close to one of the three and hadn’t been betrayed by .. and yes I am close to Shelli but I have my reason to do what I needed to do. I told you if you have loyalty to him do what you need to do but why make a deal if you couldn’t do it? Why make a pissed off jury member?! If you want a pissed off jury member you’re going to have it. Becky says when you brought that deal to me what was the look on my face? Vanessa says I was the last one in the room. Becky says whatever the order.. when you asked my for my word you force me in front of a group of people and that pissed me off! Becky says I did not like that idea and when you pointed at me and asked do I have your word in front of a group full of people. Becky stands up and walks away. Vanessa says I don’t know why you’re being so venomous with me, I don’t understand! I respect you for that but there is no reason to get upset. You’re a cold hearted person I don’t understand!! Like what the hell!? I am on the block!! Becky heads inside. Vanessa comes in and tells the kitchen crew never have I ever. She is being super mean for no reason. I am being as sweet as possible! I am on the block. She yells at me and runs inside.. like okay. Vanessa heads to the havenot room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 11-57-56-859
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12pm – 12:20pm In the havenot room – Vanessa talks to James, Meg and Jackie. Vanessa asks can I talk to you. Becky just yelled at me for no reason! Vanessa starts crying. I am on the block and I am asking for an explanation. She literally yelled at me and didn’t give me a chance to say anything. Stood up and pointed her finger at me.. yelled at me and ran inside. I don’t understand! Meg says I’m sure Becky will have an explanation. Vanessa says she is pissed off for me asking her to give her word. If that’s her only reason .. it was said to me like I had just committed a heinous crime! I know a lot of information about her… James you will be the first person to know .. Jackie you will be the next person to know. That is so ridiculous .. she challenged my integrity publicly. I have no loyalty to her now. I am going to give you all the information I have. She’s not my mom to yell at me and run away. I don’t understand!! Jackie says a lot things went down that week with Jason weren’t good and she was put in a bad situation. If she thinks she was a victim in that situation she was not! She is a master manipulator! She came to me and Shelli and wanted to make an alliance called the generals! She wanted to put you up last week James. She was the one I couldn’t tell you her name. She is the one! And I protected her! So ridiculous!! Vanessa leaves. Jackie laughs what was that?! Meg says I almost started laughing. James says the generals whoa!?! Jackie says lets not make any generalizations. They talk about how it sounds like Shelli was involved in that too. That’s a good thing. We can just sit back and let all this come out. Jackie says she’s a master manipulator .. she said that about everyone. She said that about Audrey too.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 12-11-52-848

Becky and Liz join them. Becky explains what happened in the backyard. She came in saying I yelled at her .. I didn’t. Austin joins them and says this would have been a good week to have the popcorn. (Havenot extra food) LOL Becky says she made a lot of good arguments on why Shelli should stay and we bought it… so Shelli will stay.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 12-31-49-654

In the storage room – Austin says if we win the power during the double evicion, we might have to do something different. Liz says Becky broke the plan so why cant we. Austin tells Liz, Shelli will be good. Shelli will be on their side. So will Steve. He needs to win the next HOH. They agree that Johnny has now joined the other side. Liz says that he is doing it just because of Becky. Austin says I still wouldn’t put up Becky if I won HoH. She could still potentially floats back to our side. Vanessa can make every point in the book right now. She is going home on Thursday. She is going to jury. The house is now 5 versus 5! (Austin, Julia, Liz, Steve, Shelli VERSUS Becky, Meg, James, Jackie and Johnny Mac) Shelli joins them. Austin tells her you know that we are having your back. We’re saying whatever we have to f**king say right now. If Johnny Mac is really with them, that’s their four votes. They decide what happens this week. It’s a done deal that Vanessa is going, unless some power happens. Liz tells Shelli we want to work with you obviously. Shelli says I knew that. No hard feelings. I want us to have each other’s backs. Obviously Vanessa is going to try to say a lot of stuff. You just keep your cool. Austin tells Shelli that I told Clay I would have your back and I will. Me and him were tight since day one. Shelli says thank you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 12-40-40-021
12:40pm – 12:50pm Bedroom – Liz talks to Julia. Liz says basically there is no way we can save her. Its us four against those four with Becky as the tie breaker.Johnny mac is on their side. We are screwed. We have to be nice to Shelli. If we win HOH, this means war! One of their a$$es is going up on the block. Julia says I am just scared Austin is throwing things. Liz says Vanessa has been so good to us. Vanessa is dead in the water. Just lay low. Don’t hang out with Vanessa. Julia says I’m scared that Austin is going to target me. Liz says he isn’t going to target you. The other side is going to try to get you out. Don’t flatter yourself. Johnny joins them and says he’s afraid to go out into the backyard alone because Vanessa is out there.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 12-52-57-405
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1pm – 1:15pm Havenots – James, Meg and Jackie are talking. Jackie says once we get rid of Shellie we will be so golden! Meg says I know! We will have Johnny Mac and Steve. They can’t do anything. Jackie says Vanessa is the big part of the glue. Without Vanessa, Shelli isn’t that threatening. Jackie asks why would Becky ask for you to go up on the block .. she would be next to you .. that doesn’t make any sense. Jackie says she wants us to trust her .. she put up Jason and got him out. Like no. She’s trying to make it seem like Becky was the one that got this whole group together to get out Jason. James says what is crazy is I was sitting at the whole table of them at outback steak house. Jackie says we’re in the perfect spot to just bang out the rest of the game. Austin and the twins can’t do anything. And they’ll be fine to go to jury house. Jackie repeats what Vanessa said you’re going to have an angry jury member. James says I’m going to vote for the best game player.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 13-06-00-623

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 13-23-53-574
1:30pm – 1:50pm Vanessa is alone in the comic room reading the bible. Meanwhile the backyard crew are chatting about random things and working out.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 13-30-08-248

2:10pm – 2:25pm Steve talks to Johnny Mac about his speech being slurred. Steve says the diary room gave him benzocaine. Johnny Mac says that’s what we give you right before we stab you. johnny Mac heads outside. All the house guests are lounging around.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 14-12-10-335

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I’m happy with Van being on the block, but man, this HOH went to Becky’s head faster than the train did…


I read a comment that said that Vanessa’s error was Jason. I think that’s a very crude analysis. While I agree that Van is smart, she’s really not that great at BB. To me she’s arrogant and has to have everything her WAY. Yes, she made a mistake but she continues to make the same mistake over and over. As an example, she just couldn’t sacrifice Austin because it was a number for her but she saves him at the expense of pissing off the other side of the house.
The same thing with Shelli, once Van secures her safety with James, she immediately goes hard to work to save Shelli instead of Clay. When she knows the majority of the house want Shelli out. And although she saves Shelli (a number for her) she pisses off James, Meg, Jackie,JMAC…She’s also seen as the one leading the charge. My point is when you’re already under the microscope you vote with the rest of the house to take some of the spotlight off you. But Van has to have everything her way, unable to sacrifice short term for the long run.
Finally, this week. Just as she tricked James into thinking she was on board to get rid of Shelly, she planned to do the same to Becky in order to help secure her safety. Once she believes she’s safe with Becky, she implies that she would vote to evict Shelly if JMAC is indeed backdoored. But, before the POV is even played she’s already scheming about how to save Shelly and evict JMAC plus get Becky nominated during DE.
It’s obvious she only looks cares about her current safety and numbers. She is somewhat unaware of the greater damage she is doing when she hard campaigns fairly directly for 3rd parties. It’s as if it’s almost her goal to make the other side mad (somewhat joking). Van would be a better player if she just understood that sometimes when you lose an ally/number it can actually result in a net gain in your game.

AKA Twistin'...

You just NAILED it!!!!!!

F*ck Clay

Nailed it like Becky just nailed Van, lol. Absolutely loving Becky right now! Her and James have been balls out bold and unafraid to challenge the other side.

Joe's Homemade Recipe

Sun’s out. Guns out. Both James (big-time) and Becky (finally had the chance) are playing big game. James being upfront and bold “Hey, I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do, then do it”. Becky doing the same thing but being questioned by the participants on this forum saying “She shouldn’t be saying those things” and “She should keep to herself” to which I say unless you’ve been in the house we really have no experience at this. If Becky wins another HOH and follows thru it will come down to James and Becky – who takes out who first?


Ultimately Vanessa is a mediocre player. As Johnny said last week “She is just a smart Audrey.”

She is very smart strategically but she has a horrible social game.

She can barely even feign interest in other people and talks about nothing but game. No one trusts her and no one really likes her. No one goes looking for Vanessa to hang out with.


Thank God people are finally seeing Vanessa clearly! I said this weeks ago.. Vanessa is an average player playing against terrible players. Everyone kept saying that she was the best. REALLY?? She would be destroyed in an ALL Star game. If she was really smart she would have realized that game theory is one thing and people are another. You never know how someone is going to react to your behavior. If you keep smacking someone in the mouth they will eventually smack you back.


I expected her to get to things through flattery more and to not create tension during an HOH run. But overall I think she’s very stressful, which I think no one expected given her poker videos and interviews. I still find her the most “interesting” of the HGs, even if I don’t think she is the best game player.

I don’t like Shelli but I think she’s going to go in very far with the remaining players.
Even if she’s up for DE I don’t know if she could go home. Actually, Steve, Becky, James, Liz are in bad spots for DE.

Austin is an asshole through and through after seeing him this week. Julia is right about him, he is going to “give permission” for her to be on the block.
Has anyone else noticed that people go to Austin for the Twins votes? It’s actually quite sick….put it mildly he’s their ringleader, put it in a bad way he sells their votes for his safety like a pimp. He doesn’t even give them a chance to say yes or no.


Austin is the biggest floater, and coward in the house. I hope he goes way before the twins.

Smart Guy

…and the rest just floated.


Meg should be automatically nominated for doing jack shit in this game. Why they hell is she still there.

Smart Guy

I guess she’s there to hang out with Jackie who has also done 0. If you ask her, though, being a pawn is doing something. No, it’s not. It’s someone else doing something and using you to do it.

I can’t believe they were talking about still being in the week one alliance as recent as 2 weeks ago. It hasn’t existed since before the 1st eviction.


Didn’t she make some cookies? Also she votes every week…there’s sleeping too…

Straight Shooter


What you said is so true and made me wonder if Vanessa’s occupation was really a detriment to her in the end. Her focus on numbers and statistics and mathematical logic corrupted her good sense and caused her to overlook, or overplay, the equally important social components of the game.

Smart Guy

No, she’s really the only one playing the game and everyone else has been floating along letting her do all of the dirty work and then using it against her. It’s quite unusual to have this many floaters in the Big Brother house, especially this far into the season. When only one person is playing it makes them look crazy because they’re being compared to people whose claim to fame is being used as a pawn and bragging about having done so little that no one has anything to use against them.

Ian's lament

I think your interpretation of playing the game is wrong. You can play a passive game and still be smart and make moves. Vanessa obviously didn’t play the game well because she about to be evicted. She is strategic only one move at a time. Derrick played a passive game and thought long term. You can’t play BB week to week like Vanessa because you have to make to many deals that you can’t honor. The Jason thing and keeping Shelli were very bad moves that she didn’t need to do. She just can’t relax. People stuck with you 24/7 eventually tire of the “players” because they never shut up.


That’s a great observation, about this game rewarding people for making lots of deals they can’t keep.

All the greatest players of the game have been puppet-masters – liars and backstabbers, who for some reason, people still like and trust, even after the person’s proved to be untrustworthy. People liked Derrick so much at the end still, that Cody was basically willing to give up $1/2 mil for him, and Victoria still voted for him (didn’t she?).

Guess the other two great players were Dr. Will and Dan? So they were all guys, and guys win BB twice as often as women.

What was interesting about Vanessa was that she at least tried to be active with making several deals – which is unusual to see from the female contestants, who more often seem to float until they *have* do otherwise? Although there seem to be lots of guy floaters too 😀

Guess it must take a certain charm to be able to break deals with people, and have them still like you – kind of an odd ‘skill’ to have, isn’t it? 😮 Also, maybe being a puppetmaster maybe takes being able to not need to feel in control at all times? Who knows …

PS Guess there’s always a chance Vanessa could come back into the house from the jury, with that twist Julie mentioned? If the numbers have tilted back in her alliance’s favor … who knows what’s in store for the rest of the summer …

Smart Guy

None of the floaters are playing a passive game, they’re just floating and thinking other players have been by themselves for 2 months, while they do things like get used as pawns and talk about their week one alliance that ended before the first eviction, unbeknownst to them. There are no Derrick’s or Dr. Wills in the Floaters alliance. No circuitry and wires, just fart and booger jokes.

If Audrey had told Derrick there was an alliance that included Clay, Shelli, Audrey, Vanessa, Austin, and Liz, and Clay and Shelli was supposed to be in an alliance with him like Meg, Jackie, and Jason seemed to believe until 2 weeks ago, you better believe it wouldn’t be brushed off like these floaters did with that info when Audrey told them.


When you see someone playing so hard like Vanessa that they are obviously heading for a fall, you just get out of their way and let them do it. That isn’t floating, that’s coasting, or good game play. If Vanessa had coasted a little she probably wouldn’t be in this position, but she couldn’t help herself. Only one person has HOH, so by your definition everybody else is a floater.

PF the B

The following within a few minutes on feeds;
* One of the twins says (as a put down), that Meg, Jackie, and James are joined at the hip, and Austin agrees.
* Shelli comments that Vanessa is crying “big huge crocodile tears”
* Shelli is complaining that “they” are making the game personal.
Is it possible these folks are unaware of their own behavior? Guess I’ll now climb down from my high horse.

Smart Guy

They’ve been floating for 7 weeks. No one in the game coasted in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th week because of something they didn’t know was going to happen in the 7th week. By your definition of playing the game everyone should just coast every week because somebody’s going to get evicted and they should just step aside.


Oh wait, think I misread ‘Ian’s lament’s’ comment – guess I share more ‘Smart Guy’s’ frustration with floaters – this show also rewards passivity to a certain extent unfortunately … not with prize money most of the time usually, but people who don’t do very much tend to last longer.

This show’s going get so boring if Meg makes it all the way to the finale 😮

It’ll be interesting to see now that Vanessa’s out of the way, if anybody else steps out of the shadows and steps up their game.


Amen to that


That was the most rational, well thought synopsis of Vanessa yet. You will get the usual “friends of Vanessa” thumbs down but don’t pay it a bit of attention because look at your THUMBS UPS!!!! Wow!!! Or as Austin says “whoa!”


So true, I loved watching Vanessa hatch plan after plan, even when the chips were down,but she played to personally. Austin should have gone. He begged and she got soft-hearted. now the paranoia in the house, she needed to blend in. And those weekly outburst finally put everyone on edge. I’m no fan of Becky, (she also plays way to emotionally) but I sensed Vanessa had made herself too scary to the house.

Vanessa land

If Vanessa was as bad at playing POKER as she is at playing BB, she wouldn’t of won anything…I’m surprised at her overall gameplay in the house….It’s like she’s on major drugs!!

Smart Guy

She was too loyal. If she had stabbed Austin in the back she’d be sitting pretty with all kinds of followers kneeling at her feet.


Perfectly said!

the coreys

Simon/dawg… question.

Been enough seasons to compare but how you like big brother Canada vs U.S.?

As an American I find it refreshing that the Canadian version is more game play and less hired actors crap. First 2 seasons of bb Canada were far superior to the American summer counterpart but I find this season of bb u.s. better than this year’s Canada version.

Just wondering your opinions as Canadians who grew up loving the American version.


BBCAN1 was fun
BBCAN2 was awesome
BBCAN3 was the worst of the three, pure rubbish. in my opinion BBCAN3 was the worst season second only to BBUS16

Casting is still a strong point for BBCAN but this season of BBUS had a great cast.

Canadian Kevin

BBCA rocked. Jeda! Hundo!


I’ve enjoyed some Australian seasons too!


This is the most entertaining season in years

Canadian Kevin

For me< BBCA 1 was the best bb season. I enjoyed it the most, all the way through.
I also loved BBUS 14. Again, enjoyed all the way through.
I did not like 15 or 16 US – or 3 from Canada though.

16 was just boring. 15 was ridiculous – and BBCa reminded me of BBUS 16. Christine and Brittany just won because all the power was basically given to them. It wasn't enjoyable.


Jillian, Jillian, Jillian, Jillian, Jillian, Jillian…Loved the first season!


How do I watch BB Canada? I’ve been looking online for years!!

Guy From Canada

They used to have all the seasons on Slice before it moved to Global….didnt see it on the Global site 🙁 There are youtube videos in poor quality, but I don’t want to post the links to get Simon/Dawg in copywrite issues 😉 When in doubt, google 🙂

Austin's Over It

That didn’t take long for GENERAL #1 to jump ship! Love it when Austin goes on & on about how sick he is of covering for Vanessa, cleaning up her messes, negotiating with new enemies she makes every day, goes on the block for Vanessa, he’s protected her more than she did him!

Live it when Austin tells Shelli he can’t keep up with all their convoluted lies deals alliances and they’re gonna turn on each other and call each others bluff anyway. Then he REASSURES Shelli she’s safe. Hate to say it but you know it’s bad when Austin is the BRAINS of your operation and the only DIPLOMAT on your team.

Now the Buddy System is in the backyard laughing at Vanessa scaaaary Generals Alliance confession…They count up 8 members and laugh “that’s alot of Generals”.

If Vanessa doesn’t start taking a few cues how’s she ever gonna win The Apprentice?

Becky's boobs

Becky’s plan was perfect and she is above criticism. 😉


I’m proud of Becky. She has more balls than pretty much every other player in the house.


Yep even if her HOH reign had some flaws Becky at least had the guts to plan the big move and actually go through and make the big move by going after the power player/schemer in the house.

Most other previous seasons we would have been treated to an idiotic player making an idiotic play like putting Meg up.


Quick observation from the cheap seats…….
Everyone basically talking about becks swollen head for lack of a better term. Have you guys noticed the “new” Meg. Her JJM convos you’d think she is the star of the group. She has some mouth on her considering she has done sweet F&% all the entire season!

I survived last seasons BB

The meltdown beginning took less than an hour..She is at Defcom 2 and by Wednesday will be at a full DefCom 5..Protect Your plants,pets and stay inside !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Biff Tannen

DEFCON 1 is actually the highest.



Like...I'm Jackie

I knew it wouldn’t take long for to blow!
Those who point fingers are themselves the guilty one! Vanessa is PATHETIC! As soon as the house is totally on to her she becomes a two year old that just had her lollipop snatched from her. PATHETIC!

Canadian Kevin

I’m loving how everyone else is a master manipulator – except poor, innocent Vanessa!!


LOL well that didn’t take long we knew Vanessa wouldn’t be able to contain herself. Cue up the bus she will be rolling over everyone. I just giggle at how Meg/Jackie and James just laugh at her antics now. btw the twins can go neeeeeext! I can’t take another second of that yapping about Tyrant Vanessa being their lord and savior.


Last week the twins kept whining how good Shelley was to them now it’s Vanessa. Lol. Clueless


Vanessa needs a chill pill!!!

Meg's Twig Legs

The blogs your reading about her melting down. In live feed time maybe lasted a total of 3 mins.

She now is just chilling on the hammock for the last hour.


You guys check out Vanessa’s house on youtube it’s crazy the girl has money her net worth is 4 million


Old news, she sold it, moved out of state blew her wad that’s why she’s playing BB or WAS


Even if her net worth is 4 million…that doesn’t mean that’s what she has in the bank. Thats just on paper…

Smart Guy

$4.5 million is her tournament winnings, which doesn’t include her cash game winnings. Pros can make $500 an hour fleecing Vegas tourists in a depressed market.

GeekSquad McGee

It also doesn’t include her losings either. It’s really impossible to know how much she’s made because you have to know how much she’s lost too.

She’s not as successful as she was though. 7-8 years ago was a huge boom for pro poker players as it became a massive craze, and the field was flooded with wannabes that were over their heads. There were a few sharks and tons of fish, and the eating was good. But then what happened is with that new influx of players, a ton of new sharks eventually emerged; and the new breed of poker players are extremely good. MIT caliber whiz kids running numbers at a much higher level than Vanessa. It’s a way more competitive game than when she was winning all those tournaments, and all those vets are having a hard time keeping up.


She’s on record as the #2 top female Poker Player. So she must have bank.


Exactly she is one of top female players in history. Also is considered one of better heads up players male or female. She has had more tv time playing poker, than being on big brother.

GeekSquad McGee

Obviously she does, her house is massive. I’m just saying the game is much more competitive than it was a few years ago, which is why she hasn’t had a big win in a few years now.

Smart Guy

Winnings is what’s left after the losings have been accounted for. That just blew your mind, didn’t it?

Smart Guy

I’m not sure what kind of numbers you think are being run, but Game Theory is the highest level math used in poker. It’s also the highest level math used in economics which Vanessa has a degree in that she earned from Duke in 2 1/2 years. You don’t need a degree in Economics to calculate poker math in your head, though.

The reason why it’s harder for people to win tournaments now is because of the size of the field, not because of someone using some math calculations that everyone else using math is doing. Lol! Cash games, on the other hand, are dependent on finding poker novices that have money they don’t want anymore. Those type of people vacation in Las Vegas in large amounts.

Shut Out, Shut Down

Don’t forget to take out taxes, capital gains etc. Her wanname be lifestyle and maintenance on big homes is large. Why does she list her career as DJ?

She’s reading the Bible hiding, thinking of arguments then dive bombing houseguest, running back to bed then more drive-bys. She goes on and on about Becky yelled at me lie, crying to Shelli in bathroom she hates everyone before Shelli goes to DR. Complaining no one will talk to her. What does she expect??? So she can stage another fight. Even Shelli said she can’t start trying to be friends on day 54.

Childish tantrums she’s not used to getting what she wants. Despiration, grasping and no one’s buying her scams or getting suckered by her tears. Becky reminded her she put friends on the block together first (Beck Jason etc.) and now she knows what it feels like. How hard was it for Becky to go against popular Jason. Austin said Van’s put him through days of misery threatening to send him home. Virtually no one listening to Vanessa determined not to let her make it ugly like last week.

Great Buddy System, Shut Down strategy to protect their relationships & keep Van a non-factor. She’s getting no traction and will just screw herself into the ground.

Shut Out & Shut Down

Don’t forget to take out taxes, capital gains etc. Her wannabe be lifestyle and maintenance on big homes is large. Why does she list her career as DJ? Like the reason she went on BB or off sheer boredom?

Van’s blow ups lasted more than 3 minutes. She’s reading the Bible hiding, thinking of arguments then dive bombing houseguests, running back to bed then more drive-bys. She goes on and on about Becky yelled at me LIE, crying to Shelli in bathroom she HATES EVERYONE before Shelli goes to DR. Complaining no one will talk to her. What does she expect??? So she can stage another fight? Even Shelli said she can’t start trying to be friends on day 54. Vans still flip flopping by saying she won’t give them the pleasure of watching her implode, then campaigning, not by describing her future value to others game or apologizing for hurting others or blowing up their game (like Austin & Shelli has done) but by threatening James that Shelli is targeting him.

Childish tantrums the only trick up her sleeve-she’s not used to getting what she wants. Despiration, grasping and no one’s buying her scams or getting suckered by her tears. Becky reminded her she put friends on the block together first (Beck Jason etc.) and now she knows what it feels like. How hard was it for Becky to go against popular Jason. Austin said Van’s put him through days of misery threatening to send him home. Virtually no one listening to Vanessa determined not to let her make it ugly like last week.

Great Buddy System & Shut Down strategy to protect their relationships & keep Van a non-factor. She’s getting no traction and will just screw herself into the ground.

much net worth

Considering the median net worth for Americans her age is <$10,000 I'd say $4,000,000 is doing amazing and better than the people commenting on this website

Meg's Twig Legs

She still lives in Vegas and she still has plenty of money and cars.

Don’t be jealous.


She lost her fortune in an investment, her strap on/dildo factory caught on fire, all inventory melted and went limp

Meg's Twig Legs

Go get in line for food stamps.

Smart Guy

She bought the house for $415k and sold it for $890K, That means she added to her wad, because she didn’t spend $475k on cosmetic renovations and putting a higher wall around the property.


Apparently Van doesn’t get the fact that she just approached Becky, the HOH in a rude manner. If Van was not trying to play victim by destroying Becky’s character, then why not pull her side privately,ask Becky in a calm manner, can you please explain your reasons or offer me some understanding. Hell no,Van wants a show in front of the house to assassinate Becky’s character. She def should not play that card because Van has way more dirt on herself that will explode in her face. Shit down Van & pull that green beanie over your eyes & be quiet. This will def be one hell of a week,& it’s just begun!

Canadian Kevin

Where have we seen that before?

Oh right, Say hi Jeff.

She and Austin did the same thing there. And a few other times i think; she even PLANNED To stage fights. This time it just happened to be real – but she didn’t let the opportunity to plant the seed with others watching did she.

Quiet wouldn’t have accomplished anything. I”m glad Meg and Jackie laughed about her attempt after.

So, Becky tried to get in the sixth sense. she couldn’t, and moved to the other side of the house. I think that is actually a smart move – rather than just sit around waiting for the others to accept you.

It’s called survival.


I don’t have the feeds and rely mostly on this site for updates, but the way that I read it Vanessa did approach Becky one on one and tried to calmly and politely (as calm and polite as she could be after being blindsided) ask Becky what was up.
Maybe I’m missing something in translation but it doesn’t read as though she needed to have Shelli snap her fingers and yell at her to heal the way Shelli had to call Clay off when they were nominated together.
I could probably list over 50 different things that Van has done wrong over the course of the game but the way that she just approached Becky doesn’t seem like one of them.
But the way she ran back in acting hysterical is a different story……

Linda C

Also, remember when Jeff came to her in a calm way to question why she was targeting him and she shut him down before he could even ask anything and acted like HE was attacking HER!!! She can dish it out, but she sure can’t take it. Becky doesn’t owe her any explanation if she doesn’t want to give it, especially when she comes at her in the way that she does. She just doesn’t get it!! You can’t act a certain way then act like if anyone else does the same thing it’s awful…


What Vanessa did only worked Season 12 when Rachel fabricate a fight with Annie and then left a room crying talking about how horrible Annie had talked to her…. after that it has never worked again.

It is one of the things Vanessa does like the fight with Jeff and then the fight with Johnny Mac…. She blows up and then says things
“I can’t believe he would say things like to me and I’m the HoH.”- Jeff

her fight with Johnny Mac when she tried to make him a target.

Her shocked outrage when Clay and Shelli tried to act like they were not involved… AKA the time she exposed them as being in on it and when they made him a target.

Not to mention the Jason Blindside.

I love Vanessa… but really girl… this is what got you on the block. She also managed to kick Shelli under the bus when she was Kicking Beckie under the bus with the Generals bombs… that is it Vanessa plant those seeds to make people doubt Shelli… it won’t work because you are doing it to people who don’t trust Shelli already… they should have told Vanessa
“The Generals… that’s old news girl. We didn’t think you would fall for that… it was just Becky getting into you camp… I can’t believe you fell for the Generals.”… I would have done that… just to get under her skin, but like I’ve said I would be a ruthless player and probably an extremely sarcastic person by this part of the game. Hell I wouldn’t make it to this point LOL.

the coreys

You don’t like how I feel a vanessa? The old saying if you can’t stand the heat…

The funny part is that had she just kept her word on the austin backdoor she be flying under the radar right now. This is totally, 100% her fault.

Member of the Ant Farm

Might be true, but we’ll never know. Still…Jackie, James and Meg were already talking about not honoring the 8 person agreement and going after Venessa, Austin and the twins and that was even before the blindside of Jason. Bottom line is,is that there is nobody in the game that has integrity and hasn’t lied…that’s the game!! Using it as part of your nom/pov speech is just plain hypocritical!!


Lying is one thing, but bold faced blindsiding while at the same time insisting that you have more integrity than others, is another thing. If she were just carrying on in the house strategically but then laughing about it in the DR, that would be more platable bc then she’d be acknowledging that she’s playing for the kill in what is ONLY a game, after all. But she really thinks she has some sort of moral high ground. Plus, her word is particularly worthless to the other HGs bc she convinces herself that her reasons for going back on her word are


Lying is one thing, but bold faced blindsiding while at the same time insisting that you have more integrity than others, is another thing. If she were just carrying on in the house strategically but then laughing about it in the DR, that would be more palatable bc then she’d be acknowledging that she’s playing for the kill in what is ONLY a game, after all. But she really thinks she has some sort of moral high ground. Plus, her word is particularly worthless to the other HGs bc she convinces herself that she’s the only one with morally sound reasons to change her mind or turn on allies. This isn’t just poor game play. I think she has some emotional dysfunction which has magnified in the house. Being in a relationship with someone like her is a dead end bc that person always excuses his or her own behaviors as ‘reasoned’, but flips out any time they feel they’ve been wronged.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Keeping Austin off the block was her downfall. They didn’t need to keep Austin. Her alliance had the numbers, even if Austin had been evicted. I am not a fan of Vanessa, but she should focus on being mentally and physically prepared to battle her way back into the house after being evicted.


Omg the Corey’s just said that, would you please eat some protein “meat” , no supplements!

Smart Guy

Unfortunately, her loyalty was with her original alliance not the Floaters alliance that she joined so Jackie would get rid of someone other than her. For her to lie to someone she hasn’t pledged her allegiance to to save or support someone she has pledged her allegiance to is part of playing the game. Your alliance members are the ones you are supposed to trust and everyone else is fair game. That’s the whole point of an alliance.
If Vanessa had known her alliance was going to turn on her the following week because they had been caught cheating on the floaters they were supposed to be aligned with since week one, she would have booted Austin and would be surrounded by wide-eyed followers bowing at her feet, awaiting the eviction of Becky this Thursday. If that were the case everyone in these comments would be singing her praises…for backstabbing one of the people she gave her loyalty to. Hmm…

No one ever said the mob mentality is working with a high IQ. An ape’s IQ, maybe.


Interesting to see Jackie, James, Meg’s reaction to Vanessa spilling the beans on Becky. Her involvement with Jason leaving and her wanting to make Generals alliance. Also James was once her target.

Meg didn’t care, Jackie brushed it off because she doesn’t want any chance for Vanessa to stay.

But James, he sat there silent for awhile. He took all that in. James is smart and processed that info.


Becky was on the block with Jason. Of course she’s gonna do what she needs to to save herself. I’m sure they are aware of that…

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I noticed that too. James is smart enough not to act on what he heard. He probably believes what Vanessa said about Becky, but he knows that now is not the time to confront someone in his alliance. They need the numbers. He will ask Becky about it after they get a few more people out of the house. He might even use the information to justify putting her on the block the next time he wins HOH.


I think James knows he is in danger. Becky, Shelli, John (and really everyone) don’t want to physically compete him.
The key is that Becky was running to Clelli when she was safe under James’ HOH. That should tell him enough, that Shelli has a team under her for DE.


Yes that is the key info. It pertains to James big time. It shows Becky’s true character, that yes she can be a rat.

At some point Shelli is going to tell James how Becky was telling Clelli everything during James HOH(prior to POV).

TorontoVegan (the real one)

If he ever finds himself on the block with Becky, he should use the information to secure Jackie and Meg’s vote.


She lies. Becky did NOT yell at her. OMG I hope she gets busted!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Vanessa is the victim. Everybody is after her, she has been nothing but honest and true in this game. That’s the way Van’s deluded mind operates. I hope that if she has any sponsors that they will take notice of her unethical, immoral and dishonest gameplay. If you are a sponsor drop her like a rabid rat, she will give your product, business a bad name.


Cry me a river,Vanessa. Get over it. Seriously. Can’t wait until you’re evicted.

Meg's Twig Legs

Vanessa’s only hope is James. He is the only one she maybe has a .1% chance at changing his mind. She is 99.9% screwed.

That and a jury member coming back into the house.


Love the line by Becky “She made a lot of good arguments on why Shelli should stay and we bought it… so Shelli will stay.”… Oh the Irony….

Bye Vanessa, next time don’t make so many arguments on why it was good to keep Shelli… LOL

Pinocchio Obama

This is going to be a very drama filled week. I think Vanessa is toast.

the coreys

Simon/dawg… question.

Been enough seasons to compare but how you like big brother Canada vs U.S.?

As an American I find it refreshing that the Canadian version is more game play and less hired actors crap. First 2 seasons of bb Canada were far superior to the American summer counterpart but I find this season of bb u.s. better than this year’s Canada version.

Just wondering your opinions as Canadians who grew up loving the American version.


Sure, Vanessa had this coming – she has been running everything, and for some reason the other side never noticed. That said, she was never cruel to people. Becky has done nothing the entire game, now she finally gets power and is making a big move (which I give her credit for), but she’s suddenly acting like she’s so smart and like Vanessa has been a villain. THIS IS BIG BROTHER! A degree of lying and back-stabbing and manipulating is needed.. Vanessa has been playing a great game, but she didn’t really do anything dirty, so for them to be attacking her now is over the top. She’s on the block, she’s going home… why be about it?


You know I don’t really think it’s the lying that’s got everyone frustrated with Vanessa, I think it’s the hypocrisy that she has displayed her entire time in the house. A good player (Dr. Will, Dan, Derrick) those players were liers too, the difference is that they were able to dish it and take it. Vanessa can light the match and stoke the fire so to speak but she can’t take the heat, and that is why I believe she is unliked. She is also a twenty somthing year old cry baby which is in no way attractive in any way, shape or form.


Vanessa has had this coming. She has attacked several people while acting like they attacked her. She made herself a villain.
If you’re gonna call someone a cunt…ummm big brother doesn’t air on Tuesdays…try Thursday…

GeekSquad McGee

Staging a 4-person lynching of Jeff was one of the dirtiest moves I’ve seen. After getting Clay, Shelli, and Austin to attack him, she screams in his face like a lunatic, and then convinces the house that he was the bad guy in the scenario.


Vanessa is finally getting her comeuppance.
Her ratty green hat must be fuming.
Prolly pretty stinky too. A mixture of sweat, zit cream and shame.


I will be glad to see the green granny hat go. She looks like a bag lady!


and thus ends the SIXTH SENSE alliance.

10 Stages of Volcano Vanessa Eruption

Vanessa quotes are better than we could have hoped for! Her current Post-Nom strategies…You know she’s On the Block when…

1) Blame your Allies (Austin Shelli Steve push back, don’t pull that on me!)
2) Blame God (you gave me my period, you made me too smart, I’m too rich for this S**T)
3) Blame Her Brain (This place makes you Bi-Polar -she didn’t have Audreys compassion, my brain is scrambled, I can’t tell my pills apart)
4) Throw a Tantrum Sob (Becky yelled at me pointed finger LIE mommy waaaahhh)
5) Stomp Your Feet (runs around rooms, pulls people out, THIS IS REDICULOUS she’s not my mommy)
6) I NEVER REALLY WANTED TO WIN ANYWAY (I’ve got a really really really really good life you losers don’t have the cash I have, I let you win)
7) Throw Allies Under Bus (Shelli I promise not to put your name in my mouth, I’VE GOT INTEGRITY, It’s Shelli’s fault, get her out she’s gonna put up James! I’ll get Jame vote! )
8) Say I’m not Gonna Campaign then Start Campaigning (definition of flip flopper)
9) Create MORE ALLIANCES (JJMJM laugh hysterically sing Call the General song)
10) Force the Buddy System (tell so many lies, stage so many fights, no one will be in a room alone with you)

Pull yourself together gurrl, pretend you’re on Poker After Dark, look at yourself in mirror, powder your nose you’re not in control anymore! It ain’t pretty or winning you friends.


At least she hasn’t played the victim, like a lot of people would in her spot


There couldn’t be a better week to subscribe to the live feeds and make some popcorn! I love seeing Vanessa and Shelli together on the block! It’s gonna be a fun week to watch for sure!


yeah but after that borring rest of the season if van gets back in it might save the season other than that watching these tards is not worth it good thing its football season

Better Than Last Year

James……….file that info away, but don’t screw up the vote this week!
One of the two of them will go & working with the crazy liar will not help you in DE.
Stay cool…stick with the plan this time.


can we have a 2 for 1 bamm boom goodbye bitches this week?



Becky finally won something and acts like she has been playing since day one. I may not like vanessa or shelly but damn they have been playing since day one, not like becky who woke up last week. This floater crap is annoying it gets worse thru out the seasons. I miss the days when stronger players got to the end making for more challenging HOH’s and cleaver mind games not high school girls with a power trip.

Becky's boobs

The goal is to win. Often times playing hard from Day 1 gets your ass sent home early.

Nobody Important

For a prime example of this, watch Thursday night.

Linda C

Just because she wasn’t the center of attention the first few weeks doesn’t mean she wasn’t playing, she just had a different strategy to sit back and take it all in for awhile to decide who’s with who, etc. Most seasons it’s the ones that don’t play hard from the get go who win. Sometimes you have to be smart and observe. If you’re gun ho right off the bat, you’re on everyone’s radar and that usually makes you a target!


The people who come out guns blazing rarely are around at halfway, much less at the end. The smart players lay low and let the a–holes take themselves out. Derrick ran a whole season by being low key and in the background. The power mad ones like Vanessa and Amanda eventually create enough ill will by abusing power that they get cut. Floaters is a very abused term for a very valid and successful strategy. Even Muhammad Ali used the “Rope a Dope” strategy, letting his stronger opponent punch himself out until Ali was strong enough to put him away..


Whoa Becky!!! My favorite player of the week! You’ve got a long way to go to get to Derek’s standards but I’m lovin it! Now we need Jackie or James to win at DE and it’s on!!!


Sorry, Derrick was great, but he never had the balls to take things in to his own hands. He never took HOH and evicted ANYBODY…….


never had the balls? He won! He did what Vanessa tried to do only better. He even got picked to go to the final two when pretty boy knew he could beat Victoria. If people don’t think he’s the best player ever he should at least be n their top 5. He made last season!

Bunny Slipper

He made last season dry as dirt. He sucked the life from it, like a fun sucking vampire.


Not really. Cody made one the alltime dumbest moves, not taking Vic to final. Derrick was given the win by his “Bros over Hos”‘ Butt buddy. He wouldn’t have made week 5 this season .

GeekSquad McGee

He evicted Devin at a pivotal time, when Devin was gonna blow up their entire alliance. He stepped up like a boss in that HOH competition.


Wrongo. He never took HOH but he evicted EVERYBODY.


As it turns out, Basic Becky has quite a mean streak, didn’t see that coming. But I guess that’s just consistent, basic meanness of a common girl. The urge for personal revenge could hurt her game, won’t go unnoticed.

Becky's boobs

I like her mean streak. The target of it deserves it.

No Favorites

I’m not sure why people are saying Becky finally won something. She won HOH along with Shelli one week and they lied to her then. I understand why she wants to exact a little vengeance.


Right, but people keep saying Vanessa lied to her, but Shelli is the one who duped her (didn’t want to be the one to send Audrey home, had other targets). She’s exacting revenge but also protecting Shelli who tricked her the most. Shell is honestly very very good at this game.

Vanessa never really considered Becky as a real player so never really bothered to trick her or talk to her much. That was probably Vanessa’s mistake with Becky. Becky knows this too, which is probably the cause of the hate.

Marvin the Martian

theres the kaboom I was expecting an earth shattering kaboom


I think its funny that Vanessa is saying she could have given me a chance to talk to her before she put me up. That’s why its called a blindside. Vanessa you didn’t give Jason the chance your asking from Becky to give to you. Its the same thing you did to Jason. KARMA just came a bit you. Vanessa you don’t understand that everything that is happening to you right now you have done to everyone. I’m so sick of Austin saying why does everyone think I can do something to save them like Shelli & Clay last week and now Vanessa. Let’s face it Austin you are just like Vanessa with the exception you are playing for yourself & Liz (not so much Julia like she just told Liz) Julia go after Austin & save yourself & Liz because the first chance Austin gets you’re gone. I really hope they get rid of Steve next because he is really a snake in the grass.


Vanessa all she does is say how loyal, trustworthy and talks about her word….please your caught up in your lies and your game is done! Vanessa the #1 victim “she was yelling at me” boo hoo I will not miss you…ticking time bomb comes to mind, are they going to have to have to carry her out of there kicking and screaming lol…also she bullies people!

Southern Girl

Vanessa said she was being as sweet as possible. LMAO!! She has never been sweet. I’m so glad to finally see her go. I never liked her and this is going to be a very interesting day. I hope After Dark tonight has a lot of drama bc it has been boring.

Van's Jury House To Do List...

1) Apply to Apprentice
2) Apply to Price is Right
3) Find Jason the Job I Promised
4) Take Off Green Beanie
5) Wash Hair
6) Read “How to Win Friends & Influence People” try it on Shelli, Liz, Austin when they get here next
7) Taint the Jury rant non-stop lies to vote with me
8) Threaten Jury don’t show your face in Florida ever again! do you know who I am??
9) File Lawsuit if I Lose Comp
10) Cry to Julie it’s her fault


you forgot

11) shake it off. go pack to the poker world and make more millions.
12) be blissfully unaware of the jackholes who hate me.
13) go shop at Becky’s quaint little Abercrombie store and re-enact the scene from Pretty Women.




I’m praying Shelli wins the DE and puts up James and Jackie. Hoping James goes home next.
I’d still love to see Shelli/Becky/JohnnyMac make an alliance.

Ariana Grande stinks!

OMG i died laughing at james and jackie singing “For a great low rate you can get online, go to The General and save some time!”.

This is whats wrong with America

Most of the people here make me sick…when did it all become about rooting for the underdog all the time? These people are worthless in the house. Everyone has a hard on for the Jackie, James, Meg crew…James is the only one that does anything. They are little gossiping bitches. Becky has a nasty attitude, but for some reason everyone is happy she is getting Vanessa out. Why? Cause Vanessa was good? Vanessa won comps, and made people do what she wanted….its Big Brother good for her. I miss the days when strong people would come in and immediately knock out the weak players…maybe leaving one around. I like the idea of the strong surviving. Who gives a shit about weak ass players? But this is why our society is weak its all about don’t bully them, be nice to them. Everyone looks at this little group as the small guys well sometimes its good for people to be be bullied and not have their hands held all the time, and not get a trophy for 6th place. Losing can build character and give you something to strive for. Yes this cast is more entertaining than previous casts, but damn the remaining house guests are so weak with the exception of Shelli and James.


relax, its just a game. we all can cheer for whom ever we wanna cheer for. dont get mad that people dont like the same player you like. get over it.


Vanessa isn’t a good player at all.

She belittles and threatens people when she feels safe, and cries and plays the victim when she feels threatened. In a social game where the power shifts from week to week, people catch on to that pretty quickly.

Murphy's Law

To compare the general likeability of BB cast members to American society is just absurd.


I completely agree, Vanessa may have been sneaky and manipulative but that is playing the game!
She never really made any personal attacks at all and everyone is ganging up on her worse than some BB15 players! I really don’t like Meg, Becky, or Jackie, as they all come off cliquish and kind of catty to me especially Becky, who has let this HOH get to her head…. With Vanessa most likely leaving, I am rooting for James, Shelli, or the Twins, as the rest, even John rub me the wrong way….

Becky's boobs

From now on I’m going to cheer for the people you don’t like simply to annoy you.

Becky's jacked teeth

That is why I cheered for Derrick last season. All the losers on this blog didn’t like him. So it felt great, actually still feels great he won. Because it pissed off everyone here.

Derrick = BB Allstar

Oh please

Its a tv show. Take a chill pill or Adderall like you favorite BB cast member. I don’t think BB17 fans are what is wrong with America. This is just a fun place for fans of BB to blog about a show. Now adults abusing prescription meds is a problem in America. So get it right.


We all have our favorites. The polls will show that. Vanessa has not been a fan favorite since she broke her own word and chose not to backdoor Austin. That was her dumb move and cost her the game. Vanessa took out who she wanted during her hoh time. The only one thus far who didn’t get his target out is James. And Vanessa was right there trying to save James’ target. Vanessa got sloppy making so many deals with so many players that someone eventually had to see it. Turns out Becky caught her. Good game play on Becky’s part.
I see no reason to name call or try to insult people who don’t agree with me. It’s a game and may the best player win. This week it’s Becky. Who knows who it will be next week. Smartest bet is for somebody to take out Austin in the DE. Whoever does that will be hero/ villain of the week.
Just relax and enjoy.


So who’s the underdog in this scenario? Vanessa. And Becky is making her bark like a dog. And then she’s sending her out. Looks pretty strong to me.


Those twins are a waste of space. They don’t deserve to win a penny. “Dont hang out with Vanessa.” All of a sudden she’s public enemy number one. I want Vanessa to fight to stay. Don’t let Shelli off that easy. Shelli was running her mouth the week everything went down with Jason. She was pushing for him to go big time to protect their numbers so if Vanessa is a bad guy then so is Shelli. Let them fight it out.

is it just me

i hope vanessa goes so we can get a couple of glorious months watching jackie, meg and becky strategize thats going to be some quality entertainment there akin to watching apes at the zoo only, you know dumbed down a bit

Smart Guy

I wonder how long it will be before Becky starts throwing her organic feces.


Wow Becky. She really is a bit too full of herself for my liking. Don’t like how she handles herself when on top. All this smirking, her mannerism, overstressing every point she makes…don’t know she really rubs me the wrong way. Hope she goes next week.

train wreck

Can’t wait for double eviction! Get to steppin Becky!

train wreck

Same jury house. It will be epic!

Smart Guy

“Liz tells Shelli we want to work with you obviously. Shelli says I knew that. No hard feelings.” Wow! These are the people Vanessa gave her loyalty to and sacrificed her entire game for.

Hey, Austin. When Shelli rats you out again like she and Clay did last week, don’t be surprised. You were on your way out the door two weeks ago, but since you’re still there, you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


Vanessa evicted Thursday…………….if Becky is evicted on double eviction would they put them in the same Jury house or they seperated?


Same house. It’s a game. Van would just laugh when Becky walked through the door and say told you so!


I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Becky, but karma’s a b1tch Vanessa! Sorry, your actions have put you in the position you’re in….

Bald Speemp

What did she do? I haven’t been watching the feeds so the only things I know of is that the floaters wanted her to backdoor one of her alliance members but Liz and Shelli talked her into overlooking Austin putting a target on himself by outing the twins; therefore putting a target on her and forcing her to play along with nominating him to benefit the floaters, and then when the floaters who thought they were still in a week one alliance with Shelli and Clay asked them if they had any hand in Jason’s nomination, they pinned it all on Vanessa, and spent the next week ratting on Vanessa because they’d been caught playing the floaters like fiddles. What I’ve discovered today is that Austin (the person Vanessa dunked herself into a 1,000 gallons of blood to save) has conveniently forgotten about what Shelli and Clay did to him last week and has tucked his tail between his legs and is not showing Vanessa any of the loyalty she showed him by risking her entire safety to keep him in the game. Outside of staying loyal to the alliance she pledged her allegiance to, I’m not sure what she did, because I haven’t been watching the feeds. If there’s more to the story, somebody fill me in.


Fun to watch the drama. Compelling arguments made here for Vanessa playing her hand too strong and Joe blowing up. Equally compelling arguments made here for the negative side of rooting for the underdog.

I find myself in the middle enjoying the ride and saving extreme judgements for the houseguests.


I just don’t get why they wouldn’t be focused on getting rid of that threesome DE night like their numbers and odds of winning things are rapidly increasing I would put up both the twins or a twin and Austin


If Steve and JMac are smart they would work with Sheli for a bit and nominate two from the current foursome (Meg, Jackie, James and Becky) because they have the numbers right now and have people better at comps than the autwuns … then go after the twins to break them up.


Ask yourself why you take such joy in others being sad. You failed at life and misery likes company.Losers like you are happy when you hear others problems or see them sad. You are pathetic losers at life who BB feeds ten plus hours a day.

Vanessa is playing a game and is sad for a moment that the people she trusted and protected turned on her. Her sadness won’t last long. She leaves the game and after finale night goes back to her very successful happy life. Meanwhile those of you who hate Vanessa will look for other people to try and cut on in hopes that they will join you in your lonely miserable lives.


I agree. Vanessa did nothing but protect Becky. Becky has went from about 8 to zero in my book. I really liked her at first but she turned into an evil bitch. Can’t WAIT for the double eviction and immediate regret is settled in. ALSO, as mentioned on the last eviction episode that even though they are in jury, doesn’t mean their game is ended.



Becky's boobs

Hey there Vanessa’s Mom. Thanks for contributing.


Not her mom – A woman, yes, but I’m younger than her so not sure how that could be.
Perhaps it might be a visit in the Tardis if you must.

I didn’t like Vanessa at first – like her now. This is how I root for people.

is it just me

i agree with you on this, a big reason why people root for the underdog is because the underdog is a sort of everyman they can relate to, therefore if the underdog wins it reinforces the idea that “they are like me if they can do it so can i” The underdog often has similar characteristics to the person rooting for him or her. So it can be argued that losers root for losers. People hate on success and especially a young succesful woman who made her money by using her brains and not her looks. But what do you expect we live in a society where everyone ges a participation trophy and we dont keep score because it might hurt the losers’ self esteem.


Half of the people on this site don’t have much going on in the cranium, that’s why the popularity poll shows that whoever is in power that week gets the most ‘favorite’ votes and whoever the people in power are against have a huge drop in popularity. The people in here who are expressing such hatred in order to hide within the safety of the mob have very low IQs and probably don’t even understand what you wrote.

In general, the mob mentality is very primitive and flipflops depending on which way the wind blows. The mob mentality is a followers mentality and is constantly looking for someone of perceived authority to tell them what to think and believe, and how to feel. The members of the mob will turn from one die-hard passionate position one week to a totally contrary die-hard position the next. This week’s perceived authority is Becky and the mob has adopted the same level of hatred in their beliefs and communication as their leader. Next week these people will switch to another set of beliefs that are in line with their new leader, AKA the next HOH. Whether it’s an extension of the current week’s beliefs and tone, or not, the mob always follows their leader.

becky tv

Becky got lucky, I think in any other scenario Steve would be going home…Steve won the veto when he had to! It actually worked better than if she won the veto herself, because she was going to take Shelli down, not Steve and put up Vanessa…and if the nominations stayed the same, I think Steve would go, Steve actually wants to get Becky out next.


And around this point last year Frankie was saved from the BOB and told everybody about his sister and was bragging about it exactly one year from today and that was our entertainment, GO FUCK YOURSELF FRANKIE AND BB16!!!!!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Well said. Frankie and Vanessa both the victim complex because they are both bullies.


I love how people go to the bible and God ONLY when things don’t go their way. LOL!! It’s a damn game Vanessa!!! You’re a millionaire! You sent someone home who lives in his mother’s basement. REALITY CHECK PLEASE!


So just because he lives in his mother’s basement he deserved to stay? It’s a damn game CD!!!


Very happy Vanessa is heading out the door. Tired of her crazy ways. But I will not forget Becky is a giant rat. JJM can use her for now, then she is gonzo.


Vanessa I have a saying for you “you made your bed, now lay in it”. She’s so down on floaters or who she thinks is floaters Becky, Johnny Mac and Steve. But they outlasted her!!

Vanessa is ALREADY a winner

No sweat if she goes to jury, she can even possibly return to the game, and takes it all.

In reality, Vanessa IS already a winner.

Becky, on the other hand, possibly wanted vanessa out due to her personal vendetta.

Becky is calculating, mean (she admitted she did not get along well with her colleagues at the previous retail store), vindictive, vicous, and is probably envious of vanessa, whom the entire house agreed is highly inteiilgent and is a good at strategizing.

Becky admitted she wanted vanessa out for a while now. She recognized the winner in vanessa and has BEEN highly threatened.

Vanessa’s main problem with this game was allowing liz and shelly to convince her to keep austin. It was a bad move that is coming back to bite her arse now.

Oh 🙁

Becky's boobs

“Already a winner” basically means “you lost”.

Becky's jacked teeth

Maybe Vanessa can help Becky out after the show and fix her f*cked up teeth. She is f*cking nasty!


Yep. Had Vanessa stuck to the original plan to vote put up Austin 2 weeks, she wouldn’t be in this position.

GeekSquad McGee

It’s impossible to say what would happen if Vanessa evicted Austin. For all we know, she wouldn’t have made jury.

I think her mistake wasn’t going back on the plan to evict Austin, the mistake was ever saying his name in the first place. If she evicted Jason without ever mentioning Austin before that, it wouldn’t have been nearly as big of a deal.


Van is just so smart, awesome, and perfect, how did she ever get duped by liz??????????

She is smart but she is NOT good at big brother- as has already been explained above. And she is a GIANT hypocrite.