Big Brother 17 Week 7 Top 10 Animated Gifs


When I started these posts I thought coming up with 10 animated gifs a week was going to be hard.. I had 17 on my short list this week and after cutting it down to 13 I can’t cut anymore. So for this week
Big Brother 17 Week 7 Top 10 Animated Gifs
Big Brother 17 Week 7 Top 10 13 Animated Gifs

Let us know your favourites in the comments below.

– The live feeds are going to be crazy leading up to Thursday’s Eviction –
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*** Presented in no order ***

Twin workout song

Becky impersonates Audrey

Scaring jackie

Open toilet on JAckie

Becky of course you have my word

Ride the shark


James Wearing sexy shit

Becky impersonating Vanessa

Becky scheming

Becky impersonating Vanessa give me your word

Liz shows Julia how Austin copped a feel the other day

Julia losing it

Bonus Gif Look at JAmes eyes as Becky crawls into the Hot Tub..

Second Bonus Gif.. Dawg just posted this a minute ago

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LOL the last gif of Julia is priceless. My exact reaction every time I see Austin / Liz on my screen

Pinocchio Obama

i see a restraining order in Austins future.

Big Fight Between Austin & Van!

Hope next GIF parade includes the fight Austin is having with Van right now. He’s sick of her nasty comments, treating him like crap, wants to flip the votes in tonight’s eviction! She got on him for hanging with the Goblins & now he wants out of her control. I’m sacrificed my life in this game and she’s questioning me. Vanessa’s paranoia getting the best of her tonight-she’s accusing him of sabotaging the HOH Comp Quiz training. She’s crying and getting the Twins to split from him. Julia treks Liz it’s time, she’s humiliating herself with the hickey and unser the covers, and treats them disrespectfully. Another alliance ready to blow. Austin better win something tonight!


Hey Meg, I’m not a sexist. Right?
Now be a good little woman and go make me something to eat.

Caughtya Lookin!

You know James is jealous of Austin’s girl Liz. Even though Julia’s horrified! Told ya that hickey was the tip of the iceberg. Then Clay hooked Shelli. So Becky will flirt with James right? No way, She’ll only go as far as cooking and cleaning. So Meg’s his sloppy thirds, and she won’t touch him either. Meg gets to do his laundry too, wah,wah,wah. Except for his underwear. Poor James! He’ll get his revenge! He’ll evict them and wear their boyfriends clothes as bait. Any takers?


Let the kids have a good time. They’re still young. I’m not a prude.


Julia’s face in that last one really sums up the Liz & Austin relationship. Thanks for that.


Anything w James just cracks me the hell up !!


two hours to double eviction.woop woop lol
last one is the best 🙂


Simon and Dawg….really enjoy yalls bbonline,thanks. tv guide is showing no BBAD for tomorrow night(friday) Tonites is 12am(I’m central time) So wthey??


AD IS on my tv listings for tomorrow night here in canada eastern time zone from 3 am to 6am …u should be ok.


Thanks Simon and JWall. Countdown to DE!!!! Excited to see what happens,


Top GIF of the week… Meg- “WE DON’T KNOW NOTHIN’!”

Runner Up… Becky- “Of course you have my word…”