“We’re telling them what they want to hear, if we win all fair in love and war”


POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 16-57-12-285_jpg

4:47pm Goblins
Talking about cutting a deal with Austin and the twins to get through double eviction. They seem to think Steve is the target.
James gets called into the diary room
Jackie and Meg talk about how set they are if Vanessa and Shelli leave.
Meg – Numbers are in our favour five to three and we just attack them like crazy
Meg thinks the other side will run to them to make deals
Meg – I would be scared of us
They laugh how ridiculous that sounds.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 17-18-26-917_jpg

5:13pm, Hot Tub Shelli and the twins
Shelli – if ya’ll win HOH what two would go up
Liz – the two I put up in the past.. (James and Jackie)
Julia – it’s getting down to the wire.. Not Steve and Johnnymac.. probably not Meg she’s not a…
Liz – Threat
Julia- Ya
Julia – for me it will be James because of what he did to you.. he has no heart he doesn’t care.. my worst fear is going up with Liz
Shelli – he’ll do that he likes to make BIG moves
Liz – it’s so critical to win next week
Shelli says she knows about the deal upstairs that was made between the 8 of them to put Shelli and Steve up.
Liz – it was bullshit
Shelli – the house is divided.. wouldn’t it be smarter to turn against that (8 person Deal)

Julia says they will never waste a HOH on Steve or Johnnymac
Liz – Or Shelli, that’s what they want
Liz – that’s been our whole plan we’ve been telling them what they want to hear.. if we win all is fair in love and war I’m not a idiot.

The twins say Becky’s side is doing the same thing to them just telling them what they want to hear.
liz – they’ve been hiding all day and they all come out it’s awkward as sh1t
Shelli – they never separate
Julia – I knowwwww
liz – You have nothing to worry about if we win HOH
Julia – no no you are not an option (Shelli)
Shelli – the last two weeks they’ve been Stabbing at us now they want you to stab at us
Shelli – Steve and Johnnymac are US, they are trying to get everyone else to play Their game.
The twins said Meg freaked out when she found out they were keeping Shelli over Clay.
Julia – then Meg started being super friendly with you that morning
Shelli – oh I know that morning she pulled me aside.. I knew she was trying to clear the air

They start saying james is wearing Clay’s charcoal hoodie and it’s pissing Shelli off.
They make plans to steal it back.
(Shelli is getting dangerous.. LOL love it )

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 17-33-52-493_jpg

5:26pm The Goblins

Meg says Becky was only trusting us since last week.
James says that’s because the other side was pitting Becky against them.
James and Meg agreed they both would have been gone if him and Becky Had never won the HO.
Meg – we have to keep winning
James- just gotta get one more outta here
James- one of us is going to win or an unexpected person like Steve or Johnnymac.. Maybe Liz or Julia
Jame s- f** Shelli can win..
James doesn’t think Shelli knows the days and numbers he hasn’t seen her study
Meg – we gotta start studying tonight
Steve joins them. Says he’s been hiding out today intentionally.
Meg – Steve man we gotta pull a win Thursday BIG TIME.
Steve heads to the hot tub
James – at least we know he’s going for Austin
Meg – He’s not going for us
They agree Austin won’t win the veto they can put him straight up.
James- put Austin and Liz up one of them has to go.. Bam
James – we win the Veto freeze the noms .. Bam

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 18-09-19-487_jpg

6:05pm Shelli and Julia
Shelil and Julia take back Clay’s hoodie that James has been wearing. They find a spot to hide it for now.
Shelli Smells like James now
Julia – ewww
Shelli – Actually doesn’t smell bad
Julia – Mission complete
Shelli – Phase one

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 18-18-49-662_jpg

6:15pm James making a twister board for “Taboo tuesday”
He’s using small corn tortillas, “These are perfect.. it just hit me like a ton of bricks.. how my god it’s going to be a perfect twitter board”
James- they’re durable they don’t rip ap[art they don’t slide.. get some nail polish

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 18-35-42-876_jpg

6:35pm – 6:50pm Austin’s fitness class

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-10 18-53-51-164_jpg

6:52pm – 7:20pm James and Steve have stopped.. leaving just the girls. (Jmac is sleeping Meg started late)

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Becky's boobs

James and Meg are making a big mistake with Steve.


I know a lot of people didn’t like the sixth sense alliance but I am SO OVET MEG. So useless. i don’t see why this group is any better if they keep winning, I hope one of the twins or even shelli wins this never HoH.
Also, say what you want about Shelli but she’s been doing good in comps and has came to play. More than a lot of the other house guests. And I don’t want another S15 where we have the worst final 4 in history….


Meg needs to shut ( so cliché but my genuine desire), she is completely useless, why is she in the top 5 Faves of this pool is absolutely lost on me. But she will float to final four with anyone who rises , she will be the final 2 pick of everyone haven’t done shit, guaranteed win…looks like we will finish the season with a pocket full of floaters and throwers…can’t wait to hear them list their accomplishments and feuille de route to the jury:


Austin: well judas was my alter ego, he voted Audrey against the house..! This was sooo relevant to my game, do you see ?? Oh, let’s see , I was in the sixth sense Alliance and spearheaded the 3 headed-twin-creature, and when I tried to do stuff on my own, I almost got booted off my own alliance…not working huh what else, oh I kissed a girl and she liked it ! (sort of)…..

Liz: I’m a twina-whore.
Julia: I’m a self-hating twin.
Jackie: I only got to test my power once and was outplayed, not my fault!
Steve: I socialize with the cameras , make a point to sound and look weird to up my nerd factor and plagiarized Ian’s game…if I say virgin, does it increase my likeability?
Meg: red lipstick.
Becky: I’m basic but I got to get Vanessa the villain out ( she is smart dumb ,ok?! I’m smart, i’m smart!!) so I could stare into a possible friendship future with Shelli the magical unicorn).

I think Shelli, Jmac truly have a shot at winning it, Jmac needs to show more now, he has not lots of accomplishments in the eyes of jury…it’s all about perception (remember how poor oblivious Cody really thought he had a shot and WAS behind most Hitman plans) lol….

Anyways, tis a very entertaining season so far, I just hope he fans will be happy with the outcome/winner (do u really want James or Jackie to win this?) , I just feel like most of them haven’t true.y played, just mostly “reacted”to the events….my 2 cents …


I had a dream that Vanessa would be the first juror.

BB is my crack

I keep having dreams that Jackie wins this season


I keep having daydreams of Jackie


You know what would be sooooo great!! Vanessa gets voted out and then Becky right after her in the double eviction. Then they have to spend the whole week alone together in jury house with nothing else to do but hate on each other. They might need to have security in there. Hahaha….so funny! I want camera in there for that.

Also, Meg just said she lives on 82nd and Amsterdam Ave., 6 blocks from my apt. by the way She might want to keep that more quiet i mean she is on national tv….just a thought….

"No One Believes Her Anyway"

Complete howling meltdown happening, Vanessa calling everyone MFers & other horrible names apparently upset everyone’s enjoying Austins exercise class and James game of twister. Vanessa is ranting at Austin she didn’t get a hug in 7 hours, everyone explains they thought she was sleeping under covers, wanted to be alone. She said she hates everyone, thinks they ask knew she was getting Nommed and lied to get face.

Everyone’s reaction so telling, Austin says she’s overboard blaming him for everything WORSE than Audrey. Austin says he’s not sleeping in there, she’s blowing up his and the Twins game now. JMac says she’s just going through what everyone else has gone through on the block multiple times and on her watch. Steve JMAC agree she’s always playing the victim. Vanessa continues to cry loudly and confabulates their 2 minute talk at the pool with slamming doors, and details NONE OF THEM BELIEVES they think she’s having a breakdown.

Jackie says Van keeps trying to pull them away to tell more lies and they won’t be alone with her because she’ll keep lying about it, Shelli says I know. I get it. She tried to lie to get about Clay turning on her. Liz Julia say they can’t take it.

What does this mean for Vanessa’s game?

The Crying Game

Tune in for another Staged Sob & Scream fest engineered by Vanessa for the BBAD Show after 7 hours of hiding under the covers. Crying that’s she’s getting no attention, it’s not fair, she’s not getting hugs, and no one kept their word, no one has a reason to evict her. Austin & the whole gang are over it. They apologize they thought she was sleeping. But Austin Liz Julia Shelli JMAC are done with her. She’s trying to blow up our game, I’m not sleeping in there, no one believes her, no one will be alone with her, she’ll lie on everyone like she has Becky, Steve, JMAC, Clay, Shelli, Jason Audrey…Austin Liz Julia JMac Steve say they’re sick of hearing THEY OWE HER, they agree they DON’T OWE HER ANYTHING. Why can’t she turn it around for herself? A pleasant outlook could change how people view get as a possible ally if she were to come back. She just keeps pounding more nails into her own coffin.


Don’t lie Shelli, you we’re dying to know what James smelled like. Could’ve just been an “adult” and asked for Clay’s shirts back instead of acting like a child. Isn’t Shelli the oldest HG this season? Sad.


Or James could’ve been an adult and just wore his own clothes, don’t know why he’s wearing another guys clothes.


I agree, James shouldn’t be taking clothes that don’t belong to him if that was on case or maybe Clay borrowed them to James during happier times-who b knows.. but Shelli has no prob running her mouth any other time, & could have been an adult & asked for them back.

Plastic Pool Shark aka PPS



In every season people have worn each other’s clothes, particularly if a HG has been evicted and left them behind. The girls trade off all the time. I’ve seen the same stonewashed jeans on 4 different girls.


Funnily enough, I heard someone compliment that shirt and James said “thanks my buddy got it for me.” And I heard James say he was surprised it fit both him and Clay. So I’m wondering if it was even Clay’s to begin with…

Uh huh...

I’m thinking it’s his too. Not too long ago he was telling Steve that he was missing his hoody. The way he said it indicated it was his. If it was Clay’s I tend to think he would have worded it that way when suing it’s missing.


Exactly! Shelli is the oldest in the house & very immature. Grow a pair Shelli. Seriously can’t stand her. Thought she has been better since Clay left, but still the same chic as before. Yea Shelli,he is purposely wearing Clays shirt as a strategy to piss ya off lol! The twins about me, & are obnoxious but expect that from younger, immature girls.


If his strategy is to piss Shelli off by wearing Clays shirt then that’s a pretty stupid strategy. Shelli could win the next hoh and that’s just another reason to put him up.


James probably has Clay’s cologne that’s why shelli says it smells good. lol


Great white Jackie fan! Just skip that 2nd HOH ,baby! Come back in the pool! YUMM!!!


i want liz to win frist hoh
then Austin reason Austin second hoh to see what he do







dbl eviction HOH #1 = Liz (we know she is doing James & Jackie, i suppose replacement is Meg or Becky)

HOH #2 = Austin (i think anonymous is wondering what Austin would be like as HOH for an entire week, instead of just short time (since he has already won HOH but got dethroned the next day)

I don’t think we should go by James’s Goblins to figure out what other HGs are capable of. Julia & Shelli were very close physically in a comp to Becky. If they removed Becky from the game, it is unlikely that either Jackie or especially Meg is going to beat them. Julia and LIz work out often, and they are not lazy in comps. They do very well. Also, Austwins study often. You don’t here any of them saying ‘gee, maybe tonight we should start studying’, like you do with Meg and Jackie.

they also talk game often, and they don’t move like a centipede or like they are scared to be alone (which just reminded me, actually they are scared to be alone. James has mentioned the ‘buddy system’, because he is rightly suggesting that if anyone is alone, vanessa will pounce on them lol)

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Meg’s idea of exercise: when she sleeps on the hammock because it takes coordination and muscles to get yourself up and balance on the hammock. When Meg is not exercising, she sleeps on the chaise lounge chair.

Uh huh...

Just looking at the image above of Meg attempting to squat is painful to look at… especially when you see the image of Jackie doing it the right way as a comparison.

And just to clarify, it’s not meant as any kind of sexual comparison. I actually think Meg is really attractive, maybe even more so than Jackie to be honest. And I also know she has at least one bad knee, so I understand why she’s limited. I’m just stating an observation is all.

I give her credit though for going out and doing it. Gotta admire those who fight through any limitations they might have.


I thought she was preparing to stand up after touching her toes!
Omg how can that be a squat XD How does she stay thin without working out? Good genes I guess.

Vanessa, get up girl…I hope she doesn’t pull a full Audrey. Sigh.


Meg james and jackie need to wake up and reqlize the twins and austin r not putting up Steve, they might just waste next getting him out which literally wont help any1 except becky =l

BB tv

James, Jackie, Meg better try to win next HOH or the other side is gunning for you….You let this slide and either James, Jackie, or Becky( not meg she never wins anything) is gonna be leaving next…You can never get too comfortable in this game! Shelli is on the comeback already..

Know Yourself

They’re planning to steal a shirt back? wow, this isn’t high school and Shelli is acting like a creepy attached woman.

Hey Ya'll Somebody Tell Them This Isn't the Bachelorette

Vanessa who? That was quick! Now Whaaaat???? Shelli coming out of mourning choosing her partners and her battles and it’s the Ho-Mance Twins and a fight over Clay’s Shirt??? Austin said I think it’s James, they were buddies and shared clothes, Jame took Clay to Outback Dinner. No matter Shelli yells shes pissed, Clay was cuter in it, and now he’s ruined Clays smell. The Twins shriek let’s steal it. Shelli says she’ll wear it while she evicts James. Way to stay classy! Shelli says I’d be furious if someone rifled through my belongings, let’s go.

You’ll have to win first girls, and if you spent half the time you did applying makeup, extensions, looking for husbands and boo hooing over lost love, TRYING TO MEND FENCES WITH JMAC Steve or maybe study, you’d have a chance. Way to take the moral high ground. Austin says he wants no part and walks away. Does Smelli I mean Shelli really think Clay will marry her and have babies at 23 to keep up with her serority sisters? She’s gonna have to make some money for plane tickets first?


Somehow Becky thought she was going to get an alliance out of this move. The way I read these conversations, she’s right back at the bottom come Thursday.


Good thing she’s got something going on with JMac, then. Always nice to have more than one option.


A least Vanessa is going!!!! Yeah!!


Meg called her Sneaky Becky as a half joke to her face. Proving that she can handle Vanessa is a double edged sword.


Don’t think Becky is necessarily at the bottom. The Goblins are doing a good job of courting her (even before her HOH) and she’s definitely proven herself a worthy competitor. I would put her with that alliance.
The Outsiders (to me) are Steve, JohnnyMac and Jackie. They are like freelance consultants aligning with whomever they have a common target with.
If anyone is at the bottom, it’s Shellie. She’s with Austin and the Twins and is easily expendable to Austin, Liz and by extension, Julia who will vote with Liz.

Becky's boobs

I didn’t read it that way. James acknowledged the other side was using her. She already opened up about that with them. Old news. They’re glad to have a 4th member now.

Uh huh...

Seems to me she could easily become a part of the Jackie, James, Meg group… If she wanted to. Odd thing is though, I can’t tell if she’ll actually ask them to be a four person alliance or not.

The way things are playing out this week it seems that would be her best move. A poor decision, in my opinion, is if she decides to move forward being most loyal to Shelli. At this stage of the game take the numbers where you can get them… ask about a final four alliance with JJM, or or allow yourself to get wrapped up in the mess of the Sixth Sense fallout while likely still being lowest on it’s totem pole?

It would seems to be an easy choice, wouldn’t it?


Vanessa and Shelli can dish it out but they can’t take being treated the way they treat people.
The twins are Verizon gullible. Shelli and the twins reminded me of little girls in middle school. It is a game, someone has to leave every week.
As far as the twins and Austin wanting the floaters out, that would you guys. Julia has done nothing. Austin has half of an HOH and Liz had one.
Shelli will go to the final two and more than likely Meg will make to 3rd place.


Can we just fast forward to when Vanessa comes back in? Lol


To be honest, that might be the only big even left. Sides have been drawn and it looks all but settled. Just depends on HOH victories.

James better watch it, those girls will turn on him so quick.


Meg, don’t get up from the dentist chair too quickly. I wouldn’t want you to sprain something.


Austin and Julia on the block…Liz in a real bind then.


Love the “Goblins” name!!
Funniest thing today: “Smells like James now. Not too bad.”
Is Steve really socially awkward or just a combination of rude and all game talk?
Liking the house divided…haven’t seen this since Season 11.
Not mad at the Goblins for taking out big targets and think James and Becky are “big fish” at this point.
JohnnyMac is a dark horse and would love to know who else are targets for him?
Steve and Julia are wild cards (not with targets but with their potential to win comps and good game play)….and so is Jackie. She has come awfully close in comps and is very observant.
Liz, Meg and even Austin (Meg had a better showing in the last HOH) are floaters.


To all the JMac naysayers:
JMac is now showing the game we (his supporters) thought he might have. Feel free to now convert to yaysayers. 🙂


EVERYONE has been waiting for his game play, just glad you took credit for calling it out.


Johnny Mac Is gonna slide right to the end. Neither side is going after him. The twins won’t put him up and I can’t see James/Meg/Jackie putting him up. I can see it now. Winner of Big Brother 17: JMac


I have a few questions I need answering.
1. Steve said he lied on the questionnaire. What did he lie about?
2. Steve said he had a secret and wanted to tell Meg but couldn’t trust Meg with the secret. What secret? And why specifically he wants to intrust that information to Meg out of all people?
3. Is James really walking around with Clay’s clothes on?
4. I read from a few people that Vanessa cheated on COMPS and blamed production on mixing up her medication. How accurate are these claims?
5. Is Steve really that strange or is he trolling BB fans?


2) He told Vanessa the same thing. He had something to tell her off camera. She guessed he was gay, he said no but a good guess.


He’s not gay because he is trying to get with Julia.

Factoids from the Feeds

Confirmed on feeds and other feed transcript sites
1) Vanessa cheated on the last HOH comp TWICE first scraping Crisco off her body and dumping it in her fishbowl instead of going back for more liquid. BB stops feeds after she doesn’t follow warnings.
2) After that “boo boo” Vanessa kept jamming her whole arm down into the fishbowl instead of letting cubes float to top on liquid. BB gave warnings, feeds stopped feeds again because she actually got her whole hand knuckles stuck in the hole on top.
3) Vanessa complained to Austin Production mixed up her pills that’s why she’s performed so poorly on HOH & POV comp she came in last. Austin has been her confidant often on feeds when she is manic, he tells her to get her meds, or eat or sit down don’t spiral. She also mentions being bi-polar joking or not and JMAC noticed you get anything you ask for from Dr. on set pills are flying – then feeds get cut. Everyday at specifuc times, she’s caked to DR for her meds. No one begrudges Van’s med needs for pills, but blaming Production because she doesn’t keep them straight, if they really got mixed up or not or blaming Production for wanting her out because she wasn’t allowed to campaign or change minds before Veto Meeting today is more than sour grapes. When Audreys hormone replacement therapy meds were getting adjusted she said they destabilized her, some housemates made fun of her until Production explained her very real situation.

For Vanessa this is a pattern, uses intimidation challenging cheating strategies on everyone to get what she wants and threatens the integrity of the whole game/Production CBS when she forces these conspiracy theories. I hope everyone gets the facts from multiple sites/sources before they pass judgement. Good questions.


It’s very odd because I have seen Vanessa on a few poker tournament shows and she is normally pretty cool, calm and collective. It’s weird to see her so manic on this show like this. Her profession is poker playing. This is a small excerpt on her wiki page. She might be acting and this is all just a long con.
“In college, she was on the Dean’s list. After studying some game theory, she became proficient with the Rubik’s Cube and then chess. However, because she considers both to be fairly objective static games, she began to prefer poker, which incorporated human psychology that allows for inferior hands to win. She graduated early from Duke University after two and a half years with a major in economics and a minor in political science in December 2003. Her collegiate duration of two and a half years was the shortest time to graduate in the history of Duke. Rousso began law school in 2004 and was the inaugural recipient of the Chaplin Scholarship from the University of Miami. During Law School at the University of Miami School of Law, she served on the editorial board of the University of Miami Law Review.”


would like to see James and shelli talk, making it Shellie, James, Steve and Jmac (secret as secret can get)
would like to see Shelli win the first hoh and put becky and jackie
james to win second hoh and put up Austin and Liz…
I think the secret alliance of SJSJ could actually make it to final 4 if they played it right.

Vanessa WHO?

Vanessa WHO?? Now we’re watching the Bachelorette in Paradise. That was quick, gotta hurt no one in her myriad of alliances is working to keep her! They’re are more important things to worry about! Clay’s smell! Clay’s Shirt! Oh No! It’s War! Vanessa must be dying watching this while her game slips away.

Seriously?? Shelli focuses not on JMAC or Steve or studying for comps. She’s picked the Ho-Mancers and their battle is James Hoodie, that Austin says really is James, Clay & he were buddies, shared clothes and steaks at Outback. But Nooooo Shellis telling now Clay was cuter in it, and now James Juices are stifling Clay’s Axe Cologne, what will I do??? Can’t believe she’s came out of mourning for this. Or I guess I can.

Shelli is here to find a husband, and believes Clay will pop out babies at 23 to keep up with her serority sisters. Riiiiggghhttt! She’ll need plane tickets first so maybe you’d better win some money. She says I’d be furious if someone rifled through my stuff, let’s go they shriek. Austin wants no part of it, he leaves.

So much for having 3 viable groups left to compete. The deafening sound of the death of 6th Sense or whatever Vanessa thought she created. Now it’s the Ho-Mancers and we’re watching everyone forfeit $500k for a smelly shirt. So much for hot feeds tonight!


Really???!! “Meg thinks the other side will run to them to make deals. Meg – I would be scared of us”

Oh my!.


The scary part is they are not joking, getting quite cocky too. They still don’t even realize how deep the other sides alliance was or who exactly has allliances with who. James just happened to take a shot at a power couple and Becky had some random personal argument with Vanessa. Those moves were not in unison as a shot at the freaks and geeks or 6th sense alliance.


It’s funny how they think they’ve now got the game in the bag, much like Shelli and crew in the beginning, one of the reasons which people hated them for, ie, getting too comfy in the game. They’re enjoying their power which they should, but I want what’s left of the sixth sense to attack them and take out at least one of them before they (the other side) win again.

Now that the other side is fighting back and it’s warfare, I want Shelli to win Hoh and do some damage because if she goes in the DE then whose left in terms of entertinment. She’s lost Clay (hehehe), is on the block again (double hehehe) but I want her to pick herself up and pull an HOH win.


Funny how Clay leaves and Meg/Jackie haven’t said a word to Shelli. Also what happened to them wanting her out of the house so bad. Jealous of her and clays relationship much?

Uh huh...

As fun as it’s been seeing the power shift and balance out in the house the last two weeks, it’s as equally disappointing to hear how off Jackie, James, and Meg’s radar seems to be at the moment regarding next week.

If one of them gets an HOH next week they need to keep the pedal to the metal and blow apart the Austwins trio. That group may not be among the strongest players, but since you aren’t really with them you need to get rid of their ability to heavily influence who gets evicted since they vote as a threesome.

Taking Liz out wouldn’t be a bad maneuver on their part either, but I still tend to think they’d be wise to remove Liz from the Austwins trio first. Take her out, and if you get really lucky Julia and Austin won’t be as bonded together as they have been. I don’t know how tight they’d remain if Liz is gone. They weren’t very fond of each other until about a week after Julia entered the house and they both knew they should work together do to their connection with Liz.

Uh huh...

Whoops, meant to say “taking Shelli out wouldn’t be a bad move for them either, but that I would still target Liz first.”


Is Vanessa sleeping?
I want to know Steve’s “secret”/lie!
I can’t decide if JMac has a plan or is just floating…..


It is obvious Jmac is working with Becky as his number 1. He was working on Shelli today, trying to put in her head to make up with James and target Austin. But Shelli wasn’t buying it.


I really hoped Jmac would have sided with the 6th sense. He did dirty work for them throwing things, why hasn’t he used that as leverage saying they owe him. I’m disappointed with him.


Do you realize that Jace is left off your face photos that indicate a person evicted/nom/hoh?


Jace’s picture was removed to make room for Julia on the memory wall in the BB house too.

Hey Editor

It’s because they replaced it with Julia’s picture.


This season was so promising. Going to go down hill fast with Meg , Jackie and Becky attempting to play. Who wants to watch immature children play ugh


This season kinda reminds me of season BB15. Where a lot of the big hitters got taken out right away and it continued.


After Thursday all the adults will have left the game. At least Jason Da and Vanessa could carry on an intelligent conversation. Pathetic watching the 3 ring circus..


Going into double Eviction…. Shelli, Austin, Liz & Julia have a really good chance at winning HOH and here is why….

Steve & John will likely throw HOH because they know that shelli side will go after james side and james side will go after shelli side, so why win it and put a bigger target on your back…let someone else do the dirty work.

Meg sucks at comps and will likely not win this HOH comp either

Beckie being out going HOH will not be able to play…..

So the HOH will pretty much come down to Shelli, Austin, Liz, Julia vs Jackie/James…..

Shelli, Austin, Liz and Julia will fight twice as hard to win this HOH because of Clay being evicted last week, and Vanessa being evicted this week …. Shelli for sure, because being on the block back to back.

IF they win chances are James or Jackie will be evicted during double eviction…. because Meg isn’t a threat when it comes to comps…..

How ever, If James or Jackie do win HOH…. look for Liz/Shelli put on the block


Is it just me or do the twins remind anybody of the blue haired twins in the Simpsons??


lol – they have the same deep scratchy voices … also they’re a little sassy 🙂


They kinda remind me of Sid on Ice Age

Uh huh...

Here’s my real thinking on Vanessa and part of why she’s so upset…

She’s a professional poker player. And despite winning millions, she still applied to the show for five straight seasons. This indicates to me that, while yes, she would like the $500,000 it’s still as equally important for her to win because she’s not just a competitor, but because she also fully believed she’d outplay/smart everyone else. In her mind, she’s “just that good.”

She mentioned at one point that she “just wants to make it to the final four and then just have it play out from there on by whoever wins the HOH’s/Veto’s.” To me, that indicates she went into this game thinking there was no way she wouldn’t make the final four. While she still would want to win it all at that point, final four would have been an acceptable accomplishment for her within the game. It would have been enough to satisfy how great she believed she’d be if she ever got to be a houseguest on Big Brother.

And now, the fact that it seems she is definitely getting booted far sooner than she truly felt she ever would be… well, she really can’t believe it. And in combination with that is the fact she really thinks she executed a brilliant strategy in flawless fashion. It’s all the more reason as to why she’s struggling so much to come to terms with this. I imagine she will at some after being evicted, but right now, it isn’t officially over for her so there’s still that fighting spirit left even though she’s all but officially out of the house. And it’s driving her crazy.

The other reason she’s so upset is because she really believes all this loyalty nonsense and that she’s been betrayed to the point of thinking “people are so un-evolved… so hurtful.” When it comes to that aspect of it though, she just lacks the ability to step back from things and accurately access the flaws in her game play and what not. She seems to believe she’s 100% right about how she accesses everything that’s occurred and that any other take, no matter how much of a minor issue it may be about, is an untruthful one.

LOOK at me! I want to see the light in your eyes go out.

Vanessa- no doubt you are a player, although you overlayed your hand in BB. Glad you are stepping. Do so with some sort of class.

GeekSquad McGee

Sometimes Vanessa’s worst self is her best self.

True Detectives

Becky- Pack a bag you can’t stay home anymore
Vanessa- I’m not a bad man
Steve- I think I might be walking into something
Austin- The war is lost, the treaty signed
Vanessa-The storys told with facts and lies
There’s truth that lives, there’s truth that dies
I dont know which, so never mind…


Vanessa looks so scary right now. She’s sitting in the kitchen while Austin is cooking and she’s just staring into space. Has her shades on and this expression like she’s about to kill someone. I don’t think she’ll last till Thursday. She’s acting very strange.


Ok. I know females are emotional and men generally are not But have any of the females that have been on the block handled it without all the tears. I’m honestly trying to remember. If I remember right Jackie got straight up mad which I like. The criers are making me crazy. I want to see anger and fight in these women that are suppose to be strong tough women. Maybe I would do the same being in the house. But I would like to think I would come out swinging. Not melt into a puddle in my bee.


Hope that Austin or the Twins do not with but I love watching them interact as a trio in the game as it lightens up the game and brings humor into it……… I do however like Liz and hope she goes far into this game…


I cannot stand the Austwins & Shelli ak.a the victims 24/7. They all talk how America must hate the other side coz they are nasty and ruthless … I almost threw up a little when the Twins said they wouldn t vote for James if he was in f2 even with Meg(like what? ). Then they all talked how they cannot understand why would Becky associate with James who seems to be in their heads nasty and ruthless(coz he went for an obvious power couple? )… They are delusional big time. They think they all are gifts from heaven & the rest are big bad ppl that doesn t deserve anything. I really hope Jackie/Meg will win the next HOH, otherwise I won t be able to survive live feeds where Shelli will be searching for the T shirt of her baby boy.