Meg “We can’t not send Shelli home when she’s up there!” Jackie “Becky is going to freak out!”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 03-10-44-231
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12:45am Austin and Liz are laying on the beds chatting.
(FYI – The flashback feature is busto from 12:04am – 1:38am on cameras 1 – 3 and from 12:05am – 12:47am on camera 4)

1:38am HOH room – Steve and Becky are talking. Becky tells him that he is more than fine to talk to her (Vanessa) all week. Steve says after the veto meeting I was in the hammock room and guess who came knocking and was really, really nice to me? Becky guesses Austin. Steve says yup. Becky says Austin and the twins I think will vote to keep her, so we’ll come close. Three votes that way and I have my three votes. So it will be another big week for you. They badly need your vote and Johnny Mac’s vote to get her to stay. Steve says right because the know you’re going to vote the tie against her. She is extremely good at moving votes and influencing HOH’s. Steve says she is a very good speaker. Becky says is very good at making it personal. Very good at making you feel she is being honest when she’s not. Vanessa has been telling me exactly what I want to hear. The twins like Shelli more but will listen to what Austin wants. Austin wants Vanessa more. Vanessa is playing all sides! She is playing everyone. She made a lot of I’ll keep you safe till jury. In reality she has no ones back only her own. Becky tells Steve to win HOH! Becky heads down stairs.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 03-16-05-838

Becky talks to Shelli and says we only need 4 votes to keep you. I’ve made it clear who my target is. I know Austin will keep Vanessa but the twins have more of a connection with you. Johnny has been like get her out. They will get down and dirty if they think there is hope to change it. The people that have realized how she is playing want her out bad!!! I will says its really hard because it truly is a game move. I don’t want to feel like she is being bullied. Its not personal at all. I don’t even know if Vanessa would talk to me after all of this. I know she takes the game more personally. She won’t forgive or forget. I want the house to be kind and nice to her. I really have no intention of telling her the whys because I don’t think she will get if even if I explained it a million times. She even has a second chance to come back in the game.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 02-07-43-148

1:38am Meg says Shelli is 100% going after us. Jackie says and will lie to us and do it. James says exactly! Jackie says she will be ruthless about it. She’s snappy. James says Vanessa’s not competitive she doesn’t win the competitive ones. Shelli can win both of them. James asks how many votes do we need? Jackie says 5 and Austin and the twins will 100% do it. James says we would have to tell Becky. Meg says its not fair to Becky. James says but she took 5k! Meg says if you think about it Vanessa would only be going after Becky, not one of us. James says Shelli is going after all four of us. Meg says we have a better shot protecting one of us than all of us. James says Shelli thinks she is golden right now! James says and next week we would have to get more blood on our hands putting Liz up to make sure Shelli goes. Its going to piss them off. Jackie says its going to be easier to get Vanessa out than Shelli for double eviction. Meg says I think this is our chance and that we will really be regretting it later. Jackie says there is nothing we can say, Shelli is going after us. James says right now we control the votes. Jackie says Liz and Austin will do it in two seconds. Meg asks you think they’ll keep Vanessa? Jackie says yes. Meg says she keeps going over scenarios there is no way Shelli isn’t going to win HOH or Veto during double eviction. We’ve put her up twice now and if we put her up again. James says he thinks Shelli has more loyalty in the house than Vanessa. Meg says we’re Shelli’s target which is why we would have to win to put her up.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 01-54-16-145

2am – 2:10am James says I don’t want to go against Becky but the whole house went against me last week. I gave up 5K. Meg says Becky has to realize that her game is looking really pretty right now. The only blood on her hands would be Vanessa and if she has 5 other people fighting for her 5 plus Johnny Mac to get Vanessa out of the house … double eviction is looking really good. James says Steve said he wants Vanessa out. Meg says that Becky is assuming too much about what people are saying about it all. I think a lot of people are neutral about the situation. They don’t really care that much that she is going. Jackie says Austin will keep Vanessa over Shelli. Steve likes Vanessa. Meg says we would just need one of Austin and them to do it. James says I think we should tell Austin if you do this we will get a target out for you next week. Jackie asks if Vanessa will go after us. I think she would put up me and Becky if she won. Meg disagrees. James says if we send Shelli home we could send Vanessa out right after. I am telling you Shelli has almost won every comp. Meg says I have a horrible feeling about it all, she is sitting right there .. why are we not!? James says if Shelli stays and wins one of us is going. James says maybe we have to tell Vanessa if we keep you safe you can’t come after us next week. Meg says you have to make it seem like this is a hard thing for us because we also want to support Becky. You don’t want to go into it having her think we’re that good with Becky. You have to leave a bit of a question mark. James says Shelli is sitting way to pretty. If she wins one of us is f**ked. Shelli is a huge threat. That’s why I wanted her out that week. James says nothing can happen for awhile. Meg says we can talk to Steve last minute. Meg comments that Austin and the twins might already vote to keep Vanessa so it would be easy to switch over. James says I think its the right thing to do. Vanessa is only after Becky. Shelli is against all four of us. Meg says next week there are more people playing to get out Vanessa then Shelli. They talk about how the second HOH in the double will be a physical and Becky can play in it. Meg says there is more of a chance getting Vanessa out during the double than Shelli. Jackie says I just don’t want to go against Becky. James says I think she will understand in the long run. Its not like we’re turning our back on her. Jackie says that Vanessa now knows if she f**ks with one of us she f**ks with all of us. James says it all sounds good its just whether or not we’re ready to pull the trigger. Meg says that Becky is thinking personal but needs to think what is good for the whole group. Jackie says we will take tomorrow to hang out and figure it out Wednesday. James says Shelli is sitting pretty like everything is fine. Jackie says Vanessa is desperate now.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 02-30-06-755

2:30am Havenot room – Jackie and Meg talk. Jackie says we’re such schemers. Meg says you have to be! You have to think smart. Meg says we just can’t not send her (Shelli) home when she’s up there. Jackie says yeah like we’re not going to not send her home again.. like what the f**K! I just feel so bad. Meg says yeah. We need to talk to Vanessa .. or do we talk to Becky first. Jackie says if Vanessa won who would she put up .. I think Becky and me. Meg says you and Becky up is better than you and James. Becky could come back into the game but I feel like James has a very different quality than James has. Jackie says James will win HOH again 100%! Meg says I know its awful to think about but. Jackie says do you think more people would vote to keep me? Meg says they would vote to keep you. Jackie says but Becky kept them safe this week. Meg says but Vanessa is gunning for Becky they won’t vote you out. Jackie says Vanessa is willing to make deals. Shelli probably promised Clay she would get James out. Jackie says we’re going to look crazy now. How are Austin and the twins going to trust us now. Meg says its easier when someone is mad at only 1 person. Meg says that Becky broke the promise.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 02-53-48-577

3:20am – 3:45am Jackie says Becky is going to freak out. We have to think about the best way to say it. Meg says we just have to be honest. This makes more sense. Its easier if we all fight to get Vanessa out right after. Jackie says if we don’t get rid of Shelli now ..she is not going home during the double eviction, I know it. We need to study our a$$es off. If we wait till the last minute Vanessa wont be studying and will get really flustered. She has really bad ADHD. She will either do really good or sh*t the bed. Shelli is way more consistent. Meg says the only thing that will be hard with this is that Becky sees no threat in Shelli. Jackie says exactly. Meg says but if we do this then we just have to make it up to her. Worst case scenario if she gets really pissed and doesn’t trust us who is she going to go to? Jackie says exactly its not like we’re ditching her. If she gets really mad then we’ll stick to it I guess. Meg says I have gut feeling Steve will win double eviction and he won’t put Shelli. He will go after Austin which I am fine with. Its all about breaking apart all these other people. Jackie and Meg talk about past events with Jeff, DaVonne and Jason. Meg says I feel like we haven’t done anything dirty. Jackie says we’ll talk to Becky and if she gets mad we won’t do it. We’ll just talk to her and say we have a gut feeling. Meg says we have more of a shot to protect Becky. And she can’t play next week. I would honestly take the risk of her being mad at us. Jackie laughs how many people can we blindside this week. Meg says we might actually be in control this week, that never happens. Meg says we didn’t really even give her our word. The plan was to get out Shelli this week.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 03-43-04-157

3:45am Becky and James are in the kitchen reminiscing about past house guests / past events. Becky and James head to bed.

10:15am – 11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. James and Jackie talk about how they have two more nights left of being havenots. In the bathroom – Steve comments to Meg – Big Brother problem number 500 … I want to go outside but Big Brother will make me put down the awnings.

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I hate Meg.

Six sense did a good job eliminating Jason and Day because these underdogs JJM (which I am rooting for) is dumb as rocks. What they don’t realize is that geek and freaks will never be loyal to them as same as shelli is, the sad part is they will not only lose JMac, they will also lose Becky. Having said so, Jmac is also partly to blame if he or Becky is sent out the door next, he could’ve solidify something with the goblins but opted to play safe, at least talk game with the goblins rockstar dentist!

Smart Guy

Rockstar isn’t there to talk game, he’s there to grunt in the DR and go to bed at 9pm.

Pot Kettle Black

I am calling foul on production… they are changing minds and results to keep Vanessa.
This show is wack.


Although, I wish Shelli could stay – I am loving this turn of events. Becky winning HOH revealed a gross side of her I didn’t think existed. She deserves a good kick in the rear from Vanessa and unknowingly, the rest of the house.


Here’s the thing about Meg. We have seen useless people in past seasons… that’s something most people can agree on. The problem with Meg is that she is so useless, and so illogical in her thinking that she is actually a very dangerous HINDERANCE to her whole alliance. Every. Single. Time. The underdogs finally are close to connecting the dots in any situation, she says something so completely wrong that it actually places them further away from having a clue about the people and the game. I truly don’t get how someone can be this clueless. I’m not one to insult people, but Meg is a fucking moron. It is not an insult anymore…it’s just fact..Meg has to just go…she is a drain on this whole game. And both sides would be much more intuitive and strategic without her stupid commentary. If she is this bad at reading people in a 24/7 setting like this, I can’t imagine how she makes it through life on a daily basis. She creates these little characters in her head, and even though she has all the evidence in the world to prove her analysis otherwise, she just ignores whatever doesn’t fit into what she already believes. I don’t care how much you hate Austin, van, shell I, Becky, James, Steve, and so forth….Meg is the true stain on that house.

OK…….rant over.


Meg is kind of an idiot savant. the only problem with vanessa in the house is how annoying she is. shelli is the one who comes closer to winning things, & doesn’t seem easily manipulated into doing other people’s ideas. vanessa spends hours and hours agonizing over every decision & attempting to get others to come up with names or ideas or ‘reasons’ for her actions. I think knowing that, and the fact that she really might be interested in only one target, it would be far better for goblins to keep vanessa and vote out shelli.

also, they make james happy, and themselves, since they all wanted shelli out first.

Of course, i think we all know that Meg’s reasons while based in fact, are also based on her personal feelings. She is still under the delusion that she and Clay had a special romantic connection.


Meg is obsessed with Shelly because Clay chose her over Meg! Meg needs to start playing the game and use her head!


Meg is probably the biggest idiot in the history of BB.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

And that is why she will probably be carried to the final 4.

Double D

Victoria comes to mind


Oh c’mon, you cant have forgotten Victoria already have you? lol


Holy cr*p. I think this is way too early in the week for this plan to stick until Thursday.

Ian's lament

What else would you expect from one of Frankie’s friends. She obviously couldn’t see what a horrible person he is.

Meg's Twig Legs


They are already turning on Becky. Yes, they are going to talk to her and ask permission. But it already shows that she as the bottom.


i don’t think it was just Meg. Becky had many bitch sessions about Vanessa last night and the last one I caught on the feeds I got the distinct impression that Jackie was beginning to figure out that Vanessa didn’t really want to be HOH again (one of the this Jackie thought she screwed her out of) and that one of Becky’s painpoints (being thrown up with Clay) was not meant to go wrong.

Becky also told 10 thousand travel stories about herself and Jackie had the “I’m bored” face but everyone kept the convo going to not be rude. I think Becky turned people off last night because they don’t actually really click.

Vanessa’s wheels were turning hard when Shelli openly complained about the shirts to her and Julia. I am not sure Liz was trying to help Vanessa though, because I feel like Liz is sick of Vanessa, just doesn’t want Shelli to be suddenly frictionless with the JJM crew.


If you join an alliance in week 7, you will always be at the bottom.

Pinocchio Obama

I love all the changing tides this season. I’m not sure who they are going to end up voting out but either way it is a victory for the James/Jackie/Meg side of the house.

Ian's lament

What boggles the mind is Meg’s logic. She wants to flip the vote because she thinks Shelli is closer to the twins yet she is confident in Austin and them going along with the plan. Why would they go along with the plan if they were closer to Shelli. Meg is so stupid that she is going to unknowingly create a 5 person( Steve Van Austin Twins) that will take them all out. This could be the biggest mistake and turning point of the season.

meg's always laughing

I don’t know who I want gone more. Vanessa or her beanie?
(it’s so nasty it has become some sort of life form).


I bet you anything……Vanessa had a side bet with all her poker buddies, IF she can manage to get an ugly, nasty GREEN BEANIE in a shot every single day, she wins a million dollars.

How else you explain it?

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Maybe Vanessa is being paid to wear it on the show. I know she has a lot of endorsement deals.


I hope someone destroys that nasty beanie, just like Victoria shredded Zach’s pink hat last year. Can’t stand it anymore!!


You dumb shits!!!!! Get Vanessa out, then Shelli!!! Honor Becky’s wishes!!!!!

TorontoVegan (the real one)

What a bunch of disloyal scumbags! They are lucky that Becky didn’t nominate one of them to go on the block. If they screw over Becky and vote to keep Vanessa, JJM will regret it. How selfish can they be?! Becky would not have been talking smack about Vanessa for the last few days if she knew there was any chance that Vanessa would stay. JJM better understand that Becky will not forgive them. If they flip, they can say goodbye to their tight four-person alliance (and loose six-person alliance).


The problem is James already knows Becky threw him utb and wanted to backdoor him. He’s not going to have any loyalty to her now.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

But now is not the time to take action. They need the numbers. They were being picked off one by one until James won HOH. James can’t win back-to-back HOH comps. What Becky did was despicable, but she wins comps and Jackie and Meg do not. After they dismantle what is left of the six sense alliance, he can focus on trying to get Becky out.


But that was in the past, this week she is HOH and she didn’t put James up or backdoor him so that means things have changed. It was funny to me Vanessa mentioning this to the goblins, like James is supposed to be pissed, well this week Becky won and she could have taken James out but she didn’t. Outing Becky would have worked when she wasn’t hoh, but her winning and picking the goblins kinda destroys what Vanessa was sayingn about her targetting James.


The problem with your theory is that he was pissed. Regardless of whether he was her target this week or not, he’s not going to trust her now. I watched him on the feeds, he laid there and thought about it for the longest time. You could tell he was tripping on it. Then to top it off he’s not liking shelli even more now because she took that sweatshirt. He was pretty annoyed by that. He’s wanted shelli out for the longest, they are just giving him reasons to pull the trigger.


They’ve been playing for seven weeks now, not one. For almost all of that time no one had any idea where Becky stood. It’s not too difficult for James to wonder if, after taking a swing at one side of the house, she will soon take a swing at the other. She just waited to long to show anything like loyalty to anyone and the mere mentioning of James name as a target (which was ONLY two weeks ago) is reasonably sufficient for James to trust her less.

Ms Chiff

Oh yeah, forgot about that part about Vanessa telling James that Becky wanted to target him – interesting point!

Interesting points by Queen Bee and then Anonymous again too – it seems like it might be a factor, even if maybe it shouldn’t be?

Also interesting to hear about how Becky’s not connecting well with them on a personal level (from a post above).

Hello Kitty

disloyal, Becky went running to fink out ADC til then end of last week…they are still loyal but want to do what is best for the team, as opposed to just Becky

Double D

STICK TO THE PLAN…Shelli may never win another HOH.
Remember the year Rachal won it? She was “the plan” several times.




Omg please don’t mess things up Meg. Honestly if don’t get Van out now….they r all gone after her and they deserve it because this is the best time to get her out and the we’ll see what happens double eviction. I hope Van is leaves on Thursday if not I’m done watching this crap. luv all fans

You Guys are Awesome

I don’t know why anyone wants the Goblins to win. They’re idiots. Meg “we haven’t been dirty”. Jackie”how many people are we going to blindside this week?”

By their own logic, Austin controls the twins, Austin will do what Vanessa wants. So they want to vote out Shelli? WTF? They are scared of Shelli who has a loose association with the twins but not Vanessa who pulls together a group of 4 to their 3 if she stays? Idiots.


Shelli thinks she’s sitting pretty and is practicing for the DE thinking she can take out James. Meanwhile Sithe Lord Crazy Train is just losing it and not even thinking about DE. So take out Shelli 1st evict and Crazy Train has a greatly reduced chance of winning the next HOH. That increases the chance of JJM winning or Johnny Mac and any of the 4 will put up Crazy Train and Liz so out the door goes both Shelli and Sithe Lord Crazy Train–2 blindsides in one night and the house is now 3-3-3.

tami marie

Idiots. Goddammit. Just hand Vanessa the fucking check.


OK… If they do evict Shelli after all that happened today, we’ll be able to say:
Shelli got evicted because she took Clay’s shirt back from James!


OMG the JJM/ADC are sooo stupid
like the entire house is going after you. changing your mind now turns Becky against you and the whole house now thinks you guys are even more sketch.


Becky was already after James, and he knows for sure it was her now. Van, Clay, and Shelli all told him last week (after James ask them all) that yes, someone close to him threw him under the bus, and yes, he was that persons backdoor target. Van spilled the beans on Becky yesterday, now he knows it was Becky that did all that. I’m sure that will play a big part in his decision to go against Becky.


JMM are a hot mess.How can anyone be rooting for any of them? No long term strategy. And they still don’t know who is close to whom. They actually think the twins are closer to Shellie than Vanessa. Yeah. Good luck!


OMG!!! You are so right!!! JJM has to be the dumbest group ever and I hope they never live this down. They aren’t seeing what’s in front of them even if it bit them in the f’in face. I luv how James & Jacki can be on point and you have Meg way out in left field redirecting them…AND THEY LISTEN TO HER!!! Un-f’in-believable!!! Not a fan of Vanessa, but if Van can pull this off…heck…I’ll root for Vanessa…then tell James, Jackie & Meg how stupid they are until they block me…HaHa! Idiots!!!

Smart Guy

This is the first time Meg and Jackie have come anywhere close to playing this game. They’ll probably tuck their tails between their legs when big boss becky lays down the law, though. She’s a retail manager, you know. She has the key to the cash register.

Good Grief eh?

And she worked Black Friday!

Bunny Slipper

Here’s the conversation:
Becky aka Trainspotter: “shut up, Meg. Jackie, go re-fold the display shirts.”


Regardless if you like her or not – Van is the one to keep – They are finally getting this game. It’s not personal. You don’t have to LIKE the person you are keeping. Shelli is the stronger physical player and socially better adjusted in the house but most of all no matter what she says, she is coming hard for all of them except Becky – I’m astonished the goblins actually could figure that out! Van is vulnerable and is starting to figure out Austin is a total waste of time so she is prime to flip and actually protect them. She has shown she is loyal to the people she “thinks” are loyal to her. Even to the detriment of her own game. If they are smart ….. They will keep Van


Having Vanessa stay would be better for their games… now James has to convince Austwins to do it. Can he do? Or has the Freaks and Geeks bridge officially burned down..?


They think it’s better for their games, but it’s not.

With Vanessa still in the house, you have a solid five-person alliance (Vanessa, Steve, Austin, Julia, Liz), then you have the After Dark Dunces (James, Meg, Jackie), and two people who are going to be pissed at Tweedle Dumb, Tweedle Dumber and Tweedle Dumbest for flipping the script.

That’s not good gameplay.

Vote out Vanessa, and Steve is a free agent. Becky is still working with James’ Angels. Johnny Mac is swinging your way. Shelli hates them, and the twins would put them up, and Austin (who knows).

Much better to take out Vanessa, but they don’t see that Vanessa is the glue that binds the Austwins to Steve.


They should go just for naming themselves JamesAngels. OMG


It is like the Lesser of Two Evils. Both Shelli & Van have potential to win. Are influential. Control the AusTwits. Both will lie and lead people on. BUT, I somehow think Van would keep the Idiots safe for at least one week. Whereas, Shelli can’t even bring herself to talk to James, let alone let him keep her son’s hoodie. Shelli showed them that she is still hateful. Holding a grudge. And mad at ‘them’. Shelli is the stronger player physically, while Van is mentally. CRAY!!!! This is a toss up. Also, Van would target Becky and JMac first, because she doesn’t like them, especially this week. While Shelli has nothing against BEcky or Jmac. I have to say the Idiots may be right. And how they came to this idea after lounging around in the dentist chairs for days, is beyond me.


I am with ya. First time MJJ have even begun to truly strategize or talk game play whatsoever. With that being said,it truly is a double edged sword. Yes,it will piss off Becky, potentially lose her in their alliance after all the drama that went down with putting up Van. Plus Becky will NOT want to be in the house with Van, & feel uncomfortable as hell & worry about Van coming after Becky. Honestly feel Van will still come back regardless due to all the drama & crazy she brings to the game. For JJM, Becky would def be the main target for Van,but James,Jackie or JMAC could win & protect Becky during the first DE.
More than anything,I can’t stand Van & have wanted her gone badly-still do! The valid point that JJM have is Shelli is a comp beast but Van is definitely good with mental comps so it’s something you could look at objectively from both sides. Also both Shelli or Van have the loyalty of Austin & twins. Shelli has the relationship with Austin & twins & JMAC & would truly be harder to get rid as the game progresses over Van at this point.
Steve is a wild card. He has been Vans loyal minion, & she has him wrapped around her finger,& believe he could finally play his own game & breathe if she left,but if she stays, Steve is not strong enough to go against her. Steve will cave I feel.
JMAC is more loyal to Shelli,& not sure who he would align with more: Becky or Shelli, maybe he feels he could pull them in to work together. JMAC has told Shelli he didn’t fully trust Becky but was that to throw Shelli off or how he legit feels? If Shelli were gone,JMAC would gravitate toward Becky & Steve I honestly feel he would-despises Van & would not work with Van & crew.
Now DE will go quick, so the comps should not be long/lengthy or very physical, so Van may have a better shot at winning those over Shelli potentially, which is scary & somewhat dangerous.
Bottom line is that JJM needs to keep Becky/potential numbers on their side. Becky will def take this personally if they decide to flip. Becky can’t play in the first HOH but having her there as a true competitor for the second one is crucial. Seriously don’t mess it up now during a week where DE lies right around the corner.


Wow, how things shift quickly.

This might all be late night rambling by the Goblins, they may come to their senses tomorrow, but I hope not. I’d love to see them make such a foolish move.


Would love to see this happen. Shelli is so smug. The PERFECT alliance would be Van, James, Jackie. They would be called the VAJAYJAYS! Epic.


Now that’s funny! It would be a crazy curve to this bb season.. I like it!


I love you for that!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Wolf Calls VaJaJays vs. ASSes

While everyone is high on their own supply, let’s consider this idea: VOTE OUT Becky, Meg and Liz for their strategy of shooting their mouths off, selling out plans from side to side like scurrying rats, disrupting plans with hinky votes, lack of loyalty and lazy self interest. Not too mention the most annoying voices. I knoooooowwwwah!

That would pave the way for a fabulous F*CK FEST BATTLE ROYAL VaJaJays vs. Austin Steve Shelli aka the ASSes!!!! They are the most unlikable, good for nothing, diseased parasites, but good at what they do, intimidation by giving you the CREEPs like Cockroaches that will survive World War 3. Austin perv, Steve far burp master who crawled out of the basement, Shelli whose love affair with her son and whose smelly shirt tantrum changed the BB house forever.

What do you say! The ASSes vs. the VaJaJays could F*CK each other over the rest of the summer with Vivid Entertainment sponsoring the Takeovers! Wouldn’t it be great to hear Julie doing the play-by-play, inviting the biggest pervs from BB history like Frankie back into the house as a nipplyTwisty Twist. Because this show is a real joke. As it stands now, with all the mentally unstable, basement dwellers, & circus clowns, it could be an event at the Special Olympics.


This is what it looks like when production puts ideas in their heads during DR to make the show “more exciting”. However, it was super exciting on its own. The next steps after Vanessa would be cool to watch given how the groups interpenetrate each other. The alternative, Sheli goes, then Becky because it’s safest – lame.


Hey! what’s going on
And Meg you win nothing
Please shut up


I absolutely love this season! There isn’t really anyone that’s an amazing game player, but i think that’s what makes it so great. Literally anyone could win at this point! Last season was too predictable, we needed a season like this.

Hot Topic

I agree. This is a really good season. I am not super attached to anyone but I do have respect for a few of the players this year. No one is really hateful, catty or over the top vulgar. Everyone is pretty likeable. Add that to the fact that there are a couple of really good, strong, smart female competitors plus James it makes the comps exciting and you never for sure who will win. Don’t care who wins, just enjoying the show. Great cast, they should all be proud of themselves. I can always excuse tears and some emotional outbursts, can you imagine the stress!

Pinocchio Obama

They needed a good season like this to get the taste of last years dud out of our mouths. I love how the house changes from day to day.


I would personally rather Vanessa leave, but it’s probably better for JJM to keep her because Shelli has a great shot at winning HOH and would absolutely put up James and Jackie. Vanessa would gun for Becky.

AKA Twistin'...

I totally agree with you. I can see their logic here and they are right. It’s a risky move, but they are right to think the way they are thinking. The three of them would be OFF Vanessa’s radar and Becky and JMac would jump to the front of the line. Shelli, on the other hand, would try to knock them out right away. Definitely a risky move but if James goes to Vanessa about this, it’s going to be a done deal. Vanessa is going to tell him EVERYTHING about Becky the snitch and it will be a deal-breaker for them. She will promise to keep them safe and for DE she will but they will have to follow up on getting her out because when all is said and done, when its down to JJM and AJL, Vanessa is going to choose AJL.

I’m totally for the underdogs.


The problem with Vanessa staying leaves the Austwins clear another week. Vanessa goes and they have to start playing – way better.

is it just me

if vanessa stays i would not be at all surprised if she puts up austin and becky she mentioned how he abandoned her right away im pretty sure she lost all faith in austin and possibly the twins
would not be surprised if she joined jjm to go against the rest of the house if they gave her a chance. she would bring steve along and it eould be 5 vs 3 and 2 with the 3 and 2 being easily swayed against each other.
she would also be a huge target shield for them because jmac and becky would be gunning for her so they would not even need to backstab her to get rid of her making her a good jury vote in their favor.

AKA Twistin'...

Agree, but they have zero strategy because they’ve been vacationing all summer. I don’t think they would be hard to outsmart…


I gotta disagree. I think if they keep Vanessa, they have to tell Becky first, or else they gain an enemy. She’ll do damage control before eviction and (if she’s smart) say she was pressured by JJM to put up Vanessa, but then fought for her to stay because she felt “so awful.” They make up, and then they turn on the idiots with Steve, JMac, Austin, Liz, and Julia. That’s like 7 vs 1 and 1/2. If you go with the Van eviction plan, you go with the numbers. Simple as that.


And, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see Shelli evicted with her yoga clothes and shoes on!!! Her cocky arrogant ass thinking she’s safe- safe enough to play in the HOH comp…. HA!!!!!

bb party

I do agree with this, although I don’t care who goes home Austin and twins will still be going after James, Becky., and Jackie…the only difference is Vanessa will be gunning for Becky, and Shelli will be goin after James….Although, I think keeping Vanessa will really piss Becky off, and Becky may join the other side again, remember Becky is a flip-flopper


LOL the goblins are so dumb. For the past 3 days they have been forming their goblin circles throughout the house and bashing Vanessa, and now they want to keep her. They are burning the remaining bridges they have left. Austin and the twins only tell them what they want to hear, they’ll never work with them, and keeping Vanessa will only burn the bridges they have with Becky and JohnnyMAC because they both want Vanessa out bad. They think they are being sharp but really they are blowing up their games faster than Vanessa talks!


Goblin circles haha

Jody H

Don’t be so sure. Vanessa was upset that her people didn’t seem to even come by and ask if she was okay for a while but played nice with the other side. If they approach her and say, we thought the treatment was awful. Let’s start over. We will keep you, but you HAVE to promise you will reciprocate and keep us safe for DE. If so, we will have built trust and work from there.
Especially it will make Vanessa gun for Becky and J-Mac more.


No! You idiots! Stay the course! What happened to you feeling safer in the house with Shelli than Vanessa? Why if you know how Vanessa operates, the way she is playing, are you going to continue to let her do so? She is with no one and everyone at the same time. Do you not see how dangerous it is to keep someone like that in the house? At least with Shelli, you know where she stands (with what’s left of Sixth Sense). I can foresee this backfiring badly for Becky and Johnny Mac. Imagine the vote is 7-1 to evict Shelli, and JMac is the only one who voted to evict Vanessa. Becky is going to be pissed at “her group.” And JMac and Becky will be the outsiders, ripe for picking during double eviction. Austin and Liz already want Steve and JMac out (sounds like JMac before Steve) because they are worried they could win the whole season. This is worst-case scenario when it should have been a lock. #TeamJohnnyMac

Flip flopperssss

Wishy washyerssss

But its ok, i got used to their style. Urghs!

Dumb Ppl

Meg and Jackie are so dumb. They don’t see the big picture. UGH….stick to the plan…..


Idk I happen to agree with them. Vanessa would definitely go after Becky now. And shelli will definitely go after James when she gets the chance. Plus Van isn’t very good at physical comps, so is only a serious threat at mental ones, whereas shelli is a serious threat at both.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

They keep forgetting that the only people in their alliance who can win an individual HOH are James and Becky. James can’t win back-to-back HOH comps. They never think things through.

is it just me

i think they finally see the big picture
they do not care about becky at all and they want johny mac out they know shelly will go after one of them but vanessa will go after becky and jmac.
chances of vanessa winning anything else then a mental comp are slim whereas shelly could very well win hog and put james and jackie up.
also by keeping vanessa they can pull in austin and the twins and steve leaving becky and jmac as outsiders. they are both better at comps them austin and the twins and not as wishywashy as austin and the twins.
the twins and austin already showed they are willing to jump ship whereas jmac has a history of not changing his mind and voting against the house.
i think this is their best move by far. they get rid of a big target make 4 allies in the process and no blood on their hands at all leaving 2 outsiders the whole house can gun for. after that its just a matter of beating austin and the twins in comps which if going by track record so far should not be that difficult.


Yeah and as all that happens (being safer for two more weeks), the side opposite grows in number against them to be picked off. Sending Vanessa home gives them the chance to firm up some soft alliances, get rid of some from the other side, and have their own numbers to fight it out several weeks down the road.


No! You idiots! Stay the course! What happened to they felt safer with Shelli in the house than Vanessa? Why-if they know how Vanessa operates-are they going to allow her to continue to do so? Vanessa is with no one and everyone at the same time. It’s like she spins around in a circle and whoever she stops on is her target…until she changes her mind again. At least with Shelli, you know where she stands (with the remaining Sixth Sense). This could end very badly for Becky and JMac. Imagine a 7-1 vote to evict Shelli with only JMac voting to evict Vanessa. Becky will be too pissed at the Gonlins to continue working with them, and it will be Becky and JMac as the outsiders. This is worst-case scenario when it should have been a lock. Austin and Liz already want JMac and Steve out (JMac before Steve) out of fear that JMac or Steve will win the season. I don’t like this at all. #TeamJohnnyMac


Now these other two village idiots are listening to MEG the useless ? They deserve to lose on their pure stupidity alone . The stench of that beanie alone would make me vote out Vanasty


Seems like production has stepped in again and asked Meg, Jackie and James to discuss the possibility of evicting Vanessa and keeping shelli. Same story line every week!!!

HOH's Before Bros

Production always does this, every stinkin year. DR sessions to invoke their wants and desires. It sucks and you have to wonder who is the genius behind it. Grodner? Would she be so dumb as to do it EVERY year, when SHE deems necessary? It wouldn’t be so bad if the DR sesh to do list was something America wanted, but when it’s her (AG) way or the highway, we just can’t stand it…..but we still watch.. Pretty decent year, so far


So JJM would rather have an extremely high chance of alienating 2 numbers, then a lower chance of losing 1. I don’t feel like rooting for them anymore.


This a repost from another thread and I have “updated” it.

I was really hoping the “votes to evict Shellie” was a typo.
Strangely enough, I am torn as the Goblins make some good points.
On the one hand, get rid of Vanessa.
You don’t make unnecessary enemies (Becky and JohnnyMac), you prove you can be trusted and keep the numbers on your side.
Van is sneaky, untrustworthy, drama causing and is proving to be mentally unstable.
Get rid of her and you get rid of the common denominator of the opposing sides in the house as well remove the Twins’ brains as well as keeping still in the fragile stage allies happy.
BUT….getting rid of Shellie removes one person who is influential with the opposing side and you KNOW is gunning for you, it would be the true blindside AND you have exposed Vanessa and destroyed her game in one fell swoop.
Let’s face it, DE is going to be a free for all blood bath…let it begin with the 1st eviction. Shellie goes and then (IF James wins HOH), put Van up with a twin.
Stupid? Probably. But oh, the fallout….

Jody H

Van is only untrustworthy to those NOT in her alliance. She has shown that she jeopardized her game to help them. Show her the semblance of the same and she might surprise them. Will certainly shake up the house and give them a shot. I LIKE it


Becky should have known better than to align with these three idiots only thinking about what is best for them.


I smell diary room interference


If the goblins flip the vote and vote out Shelli, I’ll actually have respect for them as BB players

brotalk to human dictionary

This is not the way I would have envisioned the stars aligning, and I still have my doubts but if things were to progress the following would have to happen:
James Jackie Meg talk to Vanessa. Vanessa reveals Becky was passing info to Shelli and Clay last week before nominations. reveals Shelli and Clay wanted Jackie on the block and Vanessa kept her word and put up Jason instead. Reveals Becky and John are tighter than they think (Becky revealed it to the Generals).
No more guilt by James Jackie and Mega-fool about going back on Becky’s wishes.
Get the twins in on the deal. Twins convince Austin.
Vanessa knows Steve knew about the plan and didn’t tell her. Betrayal in her eyes.
Vanessa knows John is after her. Betrayal in her eyes.
Vanessa knows Becky is after her. Venomous betrayal in her eyes.
New targets for Vanessa who takes things personally and thinks people betraying her is the highest sin (no matter who she betrays).
And none of them know this week is double eviction. they think it’s next week.
Is Shelli a greater threat than Vanessa? equal threat in terms of comp wins really. Since James Meg and Jackie seem to think Vanessa is a lone wolf I guess they think Shelli has more ties to Austin and the twins in the game? Somebody call mensa. tell them they have nothing to worry about.
It is the weirdest situation to consider. But it’s only Tuesday.
Even though James was already talking about taking the opportunity to get rid of Shelli before nominations, and is now trying to keep himself safe, I don’t know if Mega-dingus and Jackie have the stones to go against Becky. It’s a fact that Becky is the bottom of the totem pole for that alliance. Besides, someone will let the plan slip to Steve, and it will get back to John and/or Shelli. The chances of this plan making it’s way to reality on Thursday are about 20%. A lot of variables to cover in two days. And the Mega-useless, Jackie and James triad still haven’t decided for sure whether or not Audrey actually was telling them the truth about the big alliance, so will two days be enough time for them to cover all of the variables?
At least Tuesday and Wednesday shouldn’t be a rehash of todays 1 million and one ways we hate Vanessa. That was just getting sad and pathetic.
And yes, i’m not such a big fan of Meg. Sorry to her fans, but let’s get serious. Jace has a better shot at deserving to be named the winner than she does. Who would vote for her in jury? even Jackie and James would be thinking token tag along to ensure a win for the other player.


I love your post!


Production Production Production.. this idea reeks of it. Becky should lock the 3 stooges in the HOH till thursday and keep them out of the DR. lets keep the Villain its better for TV. Except Vanessa and her diarreha of the mouth ramblings isn’t a Villain she is a hypocrete and that is 1000% times worse. Hey idiot if you are going to make 20 deals and break them all Fine!! no probably with that its Big Brother!
JUST OWN IT!! Villain arent Sniveling little cry baby cowards. take the pacifier out of your mouth Vanessa, at least after Rachel cried for 4 hours she came out and kicked peoples As###. With time constraints u know the HOH is going to be a brain Game, which is the only part of Vanessa body she uses apprently in the outside wolrd so she WILL WIN. and the goblins will lose becky. Please goblins stop listening to production and use your head. get miss know it all out. and deal with The Queen B next week


People are looking at this scenario all wrong. Under what circumstances is Shelli ever going to align with JJMB?

If she turned her back on Austwins she could and would go to Jmac and Steve. Getting rid of Shelli prevents Jmac and Steve from aligning with her and forces Jmac and Steve to pick sides.

Getting rid of Shelli now is better for JJM and even Becky’s long term game. And here’s why.

If Shelli stays in the game, and even if Steve or Jmac went after Austwins, and JJMB helped JSS finish off the threesome, it’s going to be harder for JJMB to take on JSS at the end game stage. Austin and the Twins have been fairly clueless all season. Those three are easier to beat. James/Jackie/Becky have more combined wins than Austin/Liz/Julia.

Shelli has performed the best in all comps consistently, not counting this weeks POV.

If JJM approached Vanessa last minute, after she has resigned to being evicted, it would throw her off. She wouldn’t be studying for the DE, and is very emotional right now. Plus even if Vanessa won HOH she would probably put up Becky and Jmac (the two people directly after her). And if one won POV she could put up Meg to ensure the other left.

Becky would still be well protected heading into the DE. James/Jackie/Meg/and Jmac would be fighting to protect her.

And if James/Jackie/Meg/Jmac win HOH they can all go after Vanessa again.

Plus as the saying goes. When you feel safe like Shelli does this week, is usually when you’re in the most danger.

Vanessa and Shelli leaving is really good for JJMB. The order in which they leave however, can be strategically debated. Personally I’d want Shelli gone before Vanessa from a strategic point of view.


Talk to Becky first. Let her go to Vanessa and tell her this was all a test of her “loyalty / word”, Deal to keep her word and target Austwins, backdoor Austin like she should have to break up that threesome.

Jezus N' Nem

I’m all for watching train wrecks (no pun intended Becky), but the Goblins are stewwwwpid!


On the contrary, I think this is the 1st time I have seen Meg think through 2 scenarios


Now all vanessa has to do is get Austin and go propose a deal with James. She only needs one more, I think James will give it to her.


I love this season . Its so unpredictable unlike last season where derrick and his bitches ran the whole show.


Not Evicting Vanessa would be the biggest mistake in the history of BB next to Lawton volunteering to go on the block. They will be picked off one by one and then Shelli will come back in the house and the sixth sense will be in the final 5.


Dont forget Marcellus not using the veto on himself. Although its hard to pick between marcellus “i love you poeple too much to pull myself off the block” and Lawon “evict me so i can get that special power”


Meg is the Victoria of this season…. yawwwnnnn.


Meg is actually not as bad at this game then I thought. She personally likes Shelli more than Vanessa, but she is willing to put her feelings aside to make a better game move. If she keeps Vanessa, that gives them a better chance of keeping the goblins safe. Shelli will def. go after James whereas Van will likely go after Becky/Johnny Mac.

AKA Twistin'...

Say what you want about JJM but it would actually be better for THEM to keep Vanessa. Vanessa would immediately try to smoke Becky and JMac, where as Shelli would focus revenge on JJM. I am so on board with the way they are thinking right now and once Vanessa spills the snitch’s secrets, James will get the Angels on board.

I hate to see people call them stupid because while they aren’t Will, Boogie or Evil Dick, they ARE trying to play the game to the best of their ability. Everyone has their own style of playing whether it be hard or soft, but these people aren’t stupid. They are in a situation where every guess is a second guess, and a third guess, etc., while they try to land on the right thing to do.

We can see from Vanessa’s reaction that it’s extremely intense emotionally because she is HURT for real, even though she is extremely dramatic. The ironic thing is that they don’t see themselves in the middle of all of this mess and truly don’t see the crap they do, but are quick to see it in someone else. Shelli is the EXACT same – thinking she doesn’t deserve to be on the block. When she said that, all I could think about was her saying “let’s put someone small up…” I was like – someone small? Really?

Anyway – I’m #teamJJM and think them keeping Vanessa is better for their games right now. I hope they have the guts to do it.


Tbh…after seeing Shelly (like what dawg said) “being dangerous” again cutting deals and playing smart with Austwins a while ago JJM’s best option really is to evict her. I know its frustrating that Vanessa might be safe but this decision is I believe the right one for JJM. We are all just getting annoyed that Vanessa might stay but this is the closest we see Jackie and Meg PLAY real BB.
Vanessa is sure desperate and Shelly is more dangerous coming to DE. I want Vanessa evicted this week but Shelly getting evicted first is still fine with me. Vanessa or Shelly I dont care, both of them are members of 6sense anyways, only Vanessa is crazy and Shelly is DANGEROUS. I say go for it..evict Shelly. You have to take chances, its Big Brother. Lets play!


Holy Crap this game is giving me VERTIGO from all the whip-lashing back and forth!!

No Favorites

Wow things have flipped since I was last on here. I think it would be an interesting development if they target Shelli instead.


I’m gonna go ape shit if they keep that fool Vanessa in the game! They deserve to lose if they are that stupid. Geez Meg is an idiot!


These people change their mind every ten seconds. “Yeah, we’re on board with getting Vanessa out.” Ten seconds later…”Let’s get Shelli out instead. We can get Vanessa out during Double Eviction.” What is wrong with these idiots. Vanessa is obviously the bigger long-term threat. If they decide to leave her in the house, I hope she manages to win the first HOH on Thursday. It would serve them right. In the beginning, I liked Vanessa but as the weeks go by, she just gets more and more paranoid. However, after reading this post, I just want her to stay just to be responsible for either Meg, Jackie, or James’ eviction. It would serve them right.


I will SO HAPPY if Vanessa stays, wins double, and puts up Becky and sends her packing. After that, I don’t care. This season has been so entertaining and so back-and-forth, I’m rooting for different people all the time. I still want to see Austin go home ASAP though. Johnny Mac has been a favourite, but I’m ready for him to make some game moves. I still do like Vanessa, she’s made some mistakes, but if she’s managed to convince everyone that she’s less dangerous than Shelli, then she deserves to still be there.


Although their reasoning is off, getting rid of Shelli isn’t the worst move – she’s good at comps and is secretly developing a Becky/JMac/Shelli alliance.

Vanessa (and by extension the rest of the 6th Sense ?) will be gunning for Becky/JMac

Keeping Vanessa just makes things awkward for everyone (Including Austin and stuff he’s said yesterday about Vanessa) except Team Goblin, so maybe James has stumbled onto the perfect move ?

I survived last seasons BB

Wow….I am speechless


Its going to be tough trying to explain to my doctor what made my blood pressure spike. I better take an extra dose now cuz its going to be a long day.


I know everyone wants Van out, but what the goblins are saying makes sense. Shelli went from very meek and powerless after Clays eviction to her gaining confidence with the t shirt fiasco.. She is bringing in the Austwins, and she wants to allign with Jmac and steve. Shelli is much more dangerous than Van. I wouldnt have said that 2 weeks ago, but now everyone is on to Vans game. Shelli is growing power with growing confidence, she is on point with her social game play! Shelli is the better BB player, and she needs to go.


Are you kidding me? I bet the look on Vanessa’s face when she got put on the block wasn’t anything compared to the looks on our faces right now.


Too early in the week for J/J/M to have a decision like this, they will probably change by Thursday, but it will be really fun to watch if they blindside Becky like this.


I bet it will go back and forth but I think in the end James will go against Becky


YES! if Vanessa stays im REALLY liking this season. Power shifts and Blindsides are great!. i dont think it would be a bad idea to knock out Shelli for JMJ. But if i were JMJ i would try to make a deal with Austwins the night before Eviction (Dont give Vanessa time to study if she thinks shes going home). Offer them a final 6 deal, I think Austwins are getting tired of Vanessa and her theatrics. And Sorry but i dont like the way Steve, Jmac and Becky have been playing as floaters/floppers i know its a strategy but i like someone whos played the game to win it. Make a deal to take out vanessa and JBS. And you have a 3v3 in the final 6.


Flipping to getting Shelli out? There are still two full days and half of Thursday to marinate this idea and Im sure this will flip back and forth. If this ever remotely leaked out (and it will….) then the whole house would go batsh*t crazy! If Vanessa senses she has some hope, then WWIII will ensue between Shelli and Vanessa. And Becky will looooooose it too! I want to see Van and Shelli truly fight to obtain votes and this little nugget of info is all that is needed.

Anyway, at least this might make what would have been three dull days into something interesting.