Big Brother 20 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results

HELLO Big Brother Spoiler fans. Before we start the recap. It will be endurance Head of Household Competition TONIGHT! on the live feeds..  We’ll do our best to cover it but this might be a good time to try them out. Use our  link pay the same and help us out!

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This last week was a good pace even though the Veto wasn’t used and there was still a lot of game played and positioning for the next week. Of course there was Kaitlyn drama, mad speculation about powers and votes.. Don’t forget more Big Brother Outrage by JC and Bayleigh. WE also get to see the slow decay of some of the stronger competitors games. Mainly Tyler’s.

For anyone curious.. nope this season ain’t Kraken… far from it.

Part 1 Catch Up From the previous Week + any new powers

Swaggy was evicted, Scottie won the HOH. Have nots were Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett. Haleigh was awarded the crap app (doesn’t impact the game). Bayleigh was awarded the power up app. She can swap out the nominations but if Veto is played is still eligible to be nominated as a replacement. App speculation makes up 75% of in house talk this season for good or bad.

Part 2 Nominations

In his conversations with Tyler, Scottie was all about keeping the two sides of the house balanced so that they can ride that juicy middle.  When he’s with the remnants of the FOUTTE alliance he’s all about getting out Bros. Scottie seems to be taking the place of Swaggy in the FOUTTE alliance. Scottie wants a BRO out of the house his plan from day 1 is to put up Winston and Brett. There was a pretty good attempt made by JC and Tyler to get ROCKSTAR nominated but it didn’t come close. After the Bros get nominated Winston freaks out on Scottie. Scottie says he tried to intimidate him.

Part 3 Power of Veto

Veto players were picked :  Scottie, Brett, Winston, Rachel, Tyler, ROCKSTAR – Haleigh is hosting (Brett gets his first vision) . Scottie wins the power of Veto. The Bros offer Scottie a Final 3. Wanting him to take a shot at Kaitlyn. They argue it’s the only way to limit the blood on Scottie’s hands. Their argument is weak.  Scottie doesn’t buy this. At this point Brett is the most talked about as the target but he’s got some friends in the house with pull and has infinitely more BB tools to employ. Winston is identified as the weaker player . As the week progresses the number of votes Brett has to stay grows. FOUTTE still thinks Winston has all but Rachel, Angela and KAycee’s vote to stay. It’s slow but a potential for a blindside grows.

Part 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

Kaitlyn starts telling everyone the epic story of her Head of Household Week that includes the week 1 flip, Sam’s power, here backdooring swaggy and all that good stuff.  “I’m being well received by the world” . Scottie tells Sam he’s not using the veto only a power can take a BRO off the block this week. Kaitlyn finds out that the BROS have been shopping her name around to Scottie as a possible Backdoor solution. She confronts Brett some drama starts. Common to hear people at this point voice not liking Kailtyn and Rockstar.

During the power of veto Ceremony Scottie chooses not to use it, leaving the nominations the same. Each houseguest delivers their speech but during Brett’s speech  Brett has a vision that is a clear shot at Kaitlyn’s super powers. The Bros remain on the block. Later in the day Scottie starts to realize that Tyler and Sam are “playing him”. This is based on conversations with Bayleigh, Rocksalt, Haleigh. late that evening he comes to the conclusion that he will target Tyler if given the chance again.

Part 5 Pre eviction

Foutte girls reach out to the level6 girls to form a girls alliance. Both sides of girls are not serious about this alliance. If the situation presents itself they’ll go along. Bayleigh Told Fes and Kayceee told Tyler already. Winston and Brett do some heavy campaigning but it all comes down to what Tyler/JC/Sam want this week and they want Brett in the game. Brett’s speech tonight promises to be one to watch. Tyler has reassured Brett he’s all about level6 

Where does this leave us?

As of Thursday morning Winston is going home. Production has been working Sam hard to get her to use the power however. . There hasn’t been anything on the feeds to lead me to believe Sam will use her power. Sam’s power next week will be automatically applied meaning whoever gets evicted gets a chance to come back. This weeks HOH winner is going to get all the blood on their hands and the evicted person comes back in. It’ll be great fun. Pkus there’s all the other damn powers int eh game 1/2 of which I forget what they do.. It’sa  clusterf** of powers and I love it. If it’s Kaitlyn whose HOH get’s screwed I’m expecting a Chima moment.

This Weeks Big Brother Outrage

JC and Bayleigh just snuck this one in there. The OBB community had a great discussion on this covering many angles.

12:38:39 July 18th Cam 3-4
Bayleigh – let me ask you this is there a difference between a mi**it and a dwarf?
JC – Mid** is like saying.. g@y for f@got .. or
Bayleigh – so mid**t is just a name..
JC – or n**ger and bl@ck
Bayleigh – you are not allowed to say that don’t do that again..
jc – what
Bayleigh – that was out of control
jc – really
Bayleigh – yeah..
JC – I think when I am trying to explain something it doesn’t…
Bay – no you can’t do that..



Head of Household and Eviction results

Brett calls the girls pretty.. tells Kaitlyn that Rockstar told him she’s flipping the vote and pinning it on her.. (HUH)
Winston – Bro bros bros..

Kaitlyn votes to evict Brett
Rachel Votes to evict Winston
Kaycee Votes to evict Winston
ROCKSTAR Votes to evict Brett
FEs Votes to evict Brett
Bayleigh Votes to evict Brett

Angela Votes to evict Winston
JC Votes to evict Winston
Haleigh Votes to evict Brett
Tyler Votes to evict Winston
Sam Votes to evict Winston

Winston is evicted..
Says he threw the friendship bracelet Sam made on the floor.

Rocksalt losses her sh1t on Brett.. say she swears on her kids birthdays she never said the things he said in the speech.
Brett – Own it.. why can’t you own it..

HOh Competition is the wall

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That’s 3 words


You’ve got the best sense of humor!


OK Simon, you have to tell us now… I can’t let this go. I remember it was someone on the block telling the POV winner in his speech sth like: “I’d like you to use the POV on me cuz… why not, bro!”
Was it Frank in season 14?
Or was it Matt in season 19?


yeees! I remember now! Loved BBCan1 too. 🙂


Watch the live endurance comp at


Looking forward to tonight!

Save the bros

I don’t mind the bro’s, I think Scottie sucks. So I hope Sam gives one a chance to come back to eff up Scottie & Kaitlyns game. But if she does this and they screw her over I’ll be pissed!


So glad she didn’t use it and winston went… and would be even happier when Brett leaves. Go Scottie 🙂 he’s so much better than them and definitely doesn’t deserve all the hate here. The ones who support the bros suck.


Come on Sam, USE THE APP! I would not want to chance it next week.


She should save it just in case she’s the one evicted.


LOL Brett blaiming the rogue vote ROCKSTAR lol


Damn! Winston shot out of there like a cannon!


Oh $hit! This eviction was great. Now if only Sam would use her app! I am dying.


Sam isn’t a part of Level6, smart for not using it.

Voice of reason

Except the power is gonna nullify her HOH


It was hysterical…who cares that today is her daughters birthday. Like that has any influence on anyone in the game!


Did rockstar really say that to Brett or did Brett make it up to stir up the pot?


I hate Brett.


I knew I would get a thumbs down but I don’t care. He is still and ass and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Now go ahead and give me a thumbs down again. I’ll wear it as a badge of honor. He sucks.


Couldn’t agree more. So entitled and fake. People think he’s funny so they give him a brake and hating Scottie for… daring to do what he wanted to do from the first place?? Yea man don’t take the thumbs down here too seriously. As long as you stated your opinion people can at least see other sides of things regarless if they like it or not, and be true to what you really feel is right. 🙂


I’m so glad Winston is gone. What a sore loser! What an entitled little b***h!!!


Both of those guys are!


That was just beautiful! Kaitlyn’s face did not disappoint and then Rockstar goes and one up’s her with the meltdown on Brett.

Now for the real question: After 3 weeks, does the minority in the house finally realize they’re a minority…


Man, I regret I voted for Sam to win the power app. She didn’t use it to benefit her game. She wouldn’t be a target next week for anyone. Wasted app. I like her but she’s too weak to play the game. Shouldn’t ever waste an advantage in the game.


If she gets evicted next week, good for her for not using it.

Holy Lies, Batman

Not a Rickstar fan, but I feel a little bad for her. That was a d@#k move of Brett, but it was also BRILLIANT. I’m wondering whose idea it was??


For Comedy, I want Brett to win HoH. Also, just because I want to see how being HoH would affect her, I want Sam to be HoH soon if not now


Excellent coverage, Simon!

Rockstar looks like she is chanting.
I think I saw Kaitlyn’s eyes roll completely back inside her head.
I didn’t expect that from Brett, but it doesn’t surprise me, either.
I didn’t expect that from Winston, but it doesn’t surprise me, either.

I’ll be watching the feeds all night!


Agree Granny!

I loved Crazy Kat’s face when Winston was evicted! Bailey’s too.

Winston didn’t disappoint……..petulant little boy. “I want to go back in mommy. I want to go back in!” i was waiting for him to stamp his feet at Julie. Made me glad he was the one to go.

Box o Rocks is up on the wall praying. To whom I don’t know. Bret looks locked in. I still think JC has the advantage.


I really thought JC would go for it, and I think he gave his best effort. He said he had to rub his eye because it was burning and then he just slipped.

It really seemed to me like Rachel threw it. She “fell” off right after Angela and yelled “SH**” in a way that seemed to telling to me. I could be wrong.
I knew Faysal wouldn’t be able to hold his weight up that long and I think Brett just worked out to heavily the days prior to the comp with all his massaging…it was rather non-stop.
I was surprised Kaitlyn stayed up as long as she did, and loved it when Sam yelled, “I can see her arms shaking from here.” Kaycee dropped after Kaitlyn. SHe could have won, but it was wise of her to leave it for Sam or Tyler.

This is going to be an amazing week!


Well we all know Fes is going to win this. He’s said it all week lol

Refresh my memory. Has a big muscular guy ever won the wall HOH? I can’t remember. I do remember that they tend to cramp up and fall.


Oh how I loved Kaitlyn and rocks reactions !! But Brett. Seriously. Why try to blame the vote on rock. No one is going to buy that. Guess maybe because he knows she can’t ever beat him or level 6 in a comp. I don’t get the thought process. I’m glad Sam didn’t use her power. I just had this dream that they put Sam on the block and then Backdoor Tyler. Tyler is evicted but yayyyy. Sam didn’t use her power. Tyler wins the comp and returns immediately.. Kaitlyn lost her spirit guide and I got it. Can’t wait to see who wins HOH. But my feeling is Kaitlyn or Hayleigh. Hoping level 5 or Sam tho.


Rockstar is down


It’s kinda good for the level 6 side that Sam didn’t use her app. Next week if the level 6 side is in power and they put up two from the other aside Bayleigh will most likely use her app to switch the nominees and put up two people from the level 6 side. Then Sam can use her app after the vote to save the one evicted. Then the other scenario is if the other side is in power and put up two from the level 6 side Sam can also use her app to save them in that case. The only thing that puts a wrench in the situation is does everyone know if Sam didn’t use the app this week it automatically saves the evicted person next week?? In that case if two from Bayleighs side are on the block and she knows Sams app will save the evicted one Bayleigh won’t use her app and her side is safe next week and then Bayleigh still has her app for the following week. .


Disappointed in Sam, she had the best opportunity to improve her game. Final 3 alliance with the bros to use the app? Missed a big power play. That loyalty in the bros though… Bromance better by far from any showmance… That loyalty though… I would of used that to my advantage. Go Brett for keeping it real! Scottie and the fake Kaitlyn who expects loyalty yet turns on her own alliance can’t wait to see go…