Big Brother 20 Week 2 Summary and Live Eviction Results

When Kaitlyn won the Head of Household I sent Dawg a message “Buckle up we’re entering loony toons”. I was wrong the week wasn’t loony toons but the HOH sure the hell is. In Kaitlyn ‘s own mind the fandom is blown away from her move, it’s more like we’re blown away from her crazy. She pulled the backdoor off and got one of the more talked about Big Brother 20 house guests on the block slated for eviction. With powers still in the game there’s no guarantee someone will be going home for good. Wouldn’t it be crazy drama if Swaggy came back two weeks down the road to enact revenge? (production is sitting around with b****s right now thinking about it)  This season is different than what we’ve gotten use to watching. These houseguests are playing pretty darn sloppy but are playing hard and are learning the game as they go along, I love it!

Part 1 Catch Up From Last Week

Last week Sam and Steve were on the block for eviction. There was 2 side in the house, the side with the numbers wanted Sam out. Sam got the BBapp powerup. Tyler used this knowledge along with a falling out Kaitlyn had with Swaggy and his group to convince Kaitlyn to flip her vote thus saving Sam from Eviction. Kailtyn goes on to win the Head of household and blow us all away. read more –  Big Brother 20 Week 1 summary .

Part 2 Nominations

On July 6th Friday morning @10:30am Kaitlyn had this conversation with Tyler. sealed with a pink swear.

Kaityln – I want to backdoor swaggy this week that would be a cool move..
Tyler – I would say Bayleigh and a pawn
Kaitlyn – I’m not putting up Bayleigh
Kaitlyn – I might use Scottie as a pawn
Kaitlyn – maybe I’ll do Scottie and Winston

At 1:53am earlier that morning Tyler told Rachel that Swaggy was the target. This is who Tyler has been pushing to be the target having Kaitlyn win the HOH was perfect because she was already pissed of at swaggy and his group.

Kailtyn nominates Winston and Scottie at this point she is telling her Swaggy side that Winston is the target if Veto is played Angela goes up and is the target. She tells the Tyler side that Swaggy is the target and that POV will get used and Swaggy will go up.

Kailtyn has a conversation with Swaggy at 1:53pm on the Friday asking him if he wanted to be picked as host.

Kailtyn – do you want to play or Host
Swagz – yeah I’ll host.. I’ll gladly host.

Part 3 Power of Veto

The power of Veto players were picked:  Scottie, Winston, Kaitlyn, Tyler, Fez, Rachel. Kailtyn starts spreading that SwaggyC is the target she wants to be remembered for big moves.

Kaitlyn – I have not forgiven Swaggy.. so he has to leave..
Rachel – so everyone will technically use it
Kaitlyn – yes everyone will use it.. there’s no options where this won’t work (unless Fessie wins)
Kailtyn – I just really hope Fessie doesn’t get it because that will be F*****ed up

Tyler wins the power of Veto there isn’t much play that goes on. He makes it clear he’s using it on Scottie so that Kailtyn can put up Swagz. Her plan can be summarized by the quote below..

Kailtyn – I’m going to play it up like I’m putting up Angela, at the very last minute I’ll be like Ohh I’m so sorry Swaggy get up
Kailtyn – I want to see Bayleigh next.. (evicted)
Brett – she’s going to blow up she’ll put a big ol target on her back
Kailtyn – I f***ing love her as a person but last week was traumatizing for me..

Part 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

Parts of the house are finally cluing in on Tyler’s game. Rockstar and Haleigh being the prime candidates calling Tyler Palpatine and generally not trusting him anymore. Rockstar starts to make it known she wants Tyler out “Tyler has to go he’s the root of the disturbance in our force.. he’s Palpatine”

Tyler uses the power of Veto on Scottie and Kaitlyn puts ups SwaggyC in his place. There’s s no BLOW up like we were thinking. 

Part 5 Pre eviction

Swaggy starts campaigning..

  1. setting the record straight with what he said about Kaitlyn “swearing on my dad’s dead grave”
  2. one on one with in house therapist and the real life coach Sam “Open the Swaggy gate. Straight up, unzip your chest & let your heart fall out.”
  3. Change your name from  SwaggC to Sunshine Swaggy (he never did this)

Is Sam getting Second thoughts? She was pretty adamant to Tyler that shes not using the BBapp power up on Swaggy. 

Does Kailtyn want Swaggy to stay? Kailtyn is crazy that I wouldn’t doubt she’s going to flip 90 times before the final vote. She has told Swaggy if the vote is tied she’s leaning towards keeping him. She’s also said: “Wouldn’t be our fault if Sam voted that way .. if that’s what she wants to do”

Wednesday there was massive campaigning done By swaggy and Rockstar (here and here) which just made it worse for him. Rockstar now appears to be a major target. This has a lot to do with the fact that Tyler is in the best position in the house. Swaggy and Bayleigh having run through all their options have one last snuggle for us all to see. 

Where does this leave us?

Swaggy is most likely going home. After tonight it’s not really Swaggy sides vs Tyler’s side anymore. Hopefully Tyler’s power gets checked.

This Weeks Big Brother Outrage

July 5th 8:35:40pm cam 1 Kaitlyn says the N word
Scottie – 0 to 100
Kaitlyn – I did go 0 to 100 real quick N****
Kaitlyn – I’m getting F***ing drunk tonight.

Apparently this is a song lyric “We go 0 to 100 ni***, real quick”


Kailtyn’s boyfriend is having dealing with Kaitlyn’s constant flirting with Fez, Brett and Tyler. I wont’ bother documenting all the instances..  There was her telling Tyler she wants to kiss him 

Kaitlyn’s Boyfriend sister and Ex friend @cbkay89

I’m aireatlantica’s sister and Kaitlyn’s former friend. Stop tweeting at him. We are all aware of her psycho and out of character antics. Trust me, he can and WILL do much better than her and doesn’t need anyone’s pity. If you want to support him, follow and share his music

Head of Household and Eviction results


SwaggyC superstar.. “SwaggyC SwaggyC SwaggyC”

Winston “I’m not swaggyC”

Brett’s awesomeness…


Scottie Votes to evict: SwaggyC
FEs Votes to evict: Winston
ROCKSTAR Votes to evict:Winston
Angela Votes to evict: SwaggyC
JC Votes to evict: SwaggyC
Rachel Votes to evict: SwaggyC
Bayleigh Votes to evict: Winston
Haleigh Votes to evict:Winston
Tyler Votes to evict: SwaggyC
Kaycee Votes to evict: SwaggyC
Brett Votes to evict: SwaggyC
Sam Votes to evict:SwaggyC

Swaggy Evicted..
*** Note Julie told Swaggy that Haleigh voted for him to stay. therefore no pre-jury return.
*** Last week for BBapp store
*** Swaggy is pissed off at Tyler “don’t talk to me after the show ends, you’re soft”

Head of Household Competition

Video 1
Q1: Kaycee out
Q2: JC, Haleigh, Brett, Tyler, Bayleigh, Winston, Angela out
Q3: Sam out

Video 2
Q4: all got it right
Q6: Fes out
Q7: all got it right

Tie breaker question:

HOH Winner is Scottie



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I’m pulling for Hayleigh the queen tonight!!! Win HOH and send either Angela or Rachel packing! This has been such a crazy week, I also hope Kaitlyn has an epic meltdown.



This is reminiscent of the season Jordan won. Jesse was up on the block. Natalie was in love. That one girl, can’t remember her name, was in love with Jesse too. I am waiting for all the crying and “the world is going to end” when Chris leaves. I expect Bay and Rockstar will be a wreck.

I am trying to remember if I ever fell in love, in just two weeks, in my twenties or even teens? Who knows.

Tonight should be good!

Sakura Haruno

I’m sending good luck vibes to Tyler tonight. Hopefully the upcoming HOH would keep Tyler safe and go after someone of the core 4 of level 6. I don’t really want Tyler to get the hoh because he’ll have to make a move and expand the target on his back so I rather have someone who wont put him on the block. Does anyone know who wont put T on the block?


Yeah! 8-4 Just like I called it! So glad he’s gone!


Being an admitted Super Fan seems to be a kiss of death in this game


WOW no battle back for Swaggy. I thought for sure production would find a way to bring him back


Don’t think there’s a pre-jury buyback for anyone other than with Sam’s power. It has to be used in one of the next two evictions. With Scottie in charge of nominations and voting Chris out he may be trying to make something happen.


Black males shouldnt audition for the show …downvote me


You got more down votes than are showing. I pushed the thumbs down and my vote didn’t register. Just saying…


That fine keep the downvotes coming


And scottie won ..take down that silly lecep 6 alliance


Looks like Scottie gets the congrats on HOH. Sure hope Tyler plants himself in the HOH room so he can control him to go to level 6side.

Roll Tide

Tyler will be all over Scottie. He will remind Tyler that he saved him this week. Tyler will tell Scottie what to do. Scottie told Swaggy he would vote for him, he wore the shirt then voted against him.
Tyler will control Scotties every move.
I wanted a girl to win because it would have driven Kaitlyn crazy when Tyler would be all over the new HOH.


Thank goodness he’s gone.


Tyler might be soft in Swaggy’s mind but Swaggy showed he is salty to everyone. Tyler played his game better than him. He’s not in love with kaitlyn either. He played(ing) her like he played Swaggy. You think being a superfan he could appreciate the way “dollar sign” played him.


Completely agree with this. Swaggy was such a sore loser that it was gross. What he said was totally uncalled for. He can’t stand the fact that Tyler played better than him. Really hoping I never have the displeasure of seeing him on reality TV again.


And don’t get it twisted Swaggy is a superfan, and if he came in and played the game he said he was going to play and showed Christopher more often he would be in the game still. He had tons of potential. He didn’t get to show it because he was the leader of a big alliance and was too arrogant painting a big target on his back.


At least Chris admits he didn’t take his own advice about coming in and declaring yourself in charge. Anyway, HoH is interesting…could be a very interesting week depending how everyone realigns.


Who will Scotty target? I haven’t really been paying that much attention to him.

Longtime lurker

Just now watching the show and saw a preview/ad for TKO next Wednesday… And Tyler is competing. I don’t know when it was filmed, but it seems really strange to have “BB star Tyler Crispen.”


I see level 6 on the block this week.


I wonder if scottie will stick to his plan to get the bros or if he’ll let tyler control his hoh too


Glad Scottie won. Hopefully he can shake things up but I doubt it as I think Tyler has him under his thumb too. I don’t get all the level 6 love. Besides Tyler they are all duds. Tyler is clearly playing the best game and there isn’t even anyone in second place really. Kinda making a boring season for me. I have hope this week will shake things up and make it more interesting.


I’m so sad that Swaggy C is such a poor loser. I hope he changes his mind and accepts the friendship every single one of those houseguests has offered him.

I thought the ladies all looked gorgeous tonight. Rachel and Haleigh both did something different with their hair….they all looked very pretty.

Angela’s dresses leave no need for imagination. You can see every little curve and dimple in her body. But, I guess with a body like hers, why not?

Sorry, but Brett’s new look just screams 70s porn star. No thanks!

Thrilled for Scottie that he won HOH. It’s going to be another great week.


Yay Swaggy is gone!!! Just wanted to speak to all the Swaggy supporters who thInk he deserves to be there more than others. No one deserves to be there anymore than anyone else. Swaggy was cocky and that got him evicted. I was so annoyed Swaggy was giving his sob story about living in the hood, not being able to move to LA now if he goes home, Rockstar saying he deserves to stay cause he’s had it hard. Well a little FYI, I looked up Swaggy’s IG account, that guy is far from living it rough. In his pictures he’s always dressed to the 9’s, he has AirPods, an Apple Watch, in one picture he’s on a private jet…what a rough life!!! Also I’ve seen people saying he’s from Bridgeport which is suppose to be a high violent area and that’s why he says he has to wake up every day prepared to die. This is from one of his captions word for word “23 years young, made it outta’ Bridgeport & a lengend is being born right before your eyes”, clearly he no longer lives in “the hood”. All a bunch of lies to get people’s sympathy in true Swaggy fashion. That guy 100% deserves to go!! He also seems very disrespectful towards women. His family and Bayleighs family must be beaming with pride watching him talking about banging Bayleigh and potentially making her pregnant. Did he not even consider she has to go back to being a flight attendant and having tons of passengers looking at her and thinking that’s the girl that had unprotected sex in the B.B. house with a guy she knew only a couple weeks. Sooooooo unclassy.


Beyleigh’s choice to have $ex is not his fault. She’s a grown woman who should know how this may impact her future. Don’t pin her poor choices on him. They both participated in the act willingly apparently.

It is classless of him to speak so freely of her in such a poor manner. But that’s a risk she took without rally knowing him. Two weeks in a fish bowl is not long enough to know someone’s true self.


Just glad Swaggy is gone and Rock Star is not HOH.


Wow! No clue what Scottie’s plan will be this week. He’s not really in either alliance. From a numbers standpoint, the men should probably try to evict a woman this week.

I’d personally like to see Rockstar gone, but don’t really think she’s Scottie’s enemy.

Maybe he guns after fellow people in the middle like Kaycee or Sam (not sure if he knows she has power).

He could also put up Hayleigh. They’re not close, but he’d be doing dirty work for Tyler


Wtf kind of witchcraft was Rachel doing on her board? At first I thought she was multiplying minutes by seconds (9min x 60 sec= 540 sec). But then she holds up what looks like 3400 x 34 and gets 12,500? Must be that “new” math they’re teaching these days.

Like Literally

That was hilarious! I thought, she must be some kind of math genius and we just don’t know it. She lives in Vegas – maybe she counts cards… then she is so far off we just lost it LOL. She’s growing on me because she’s just funny and quirky. Cracking me up last night on AD. “Go back to our home… on Whore Island!”


After Kaitlyn using the N word you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know who she was gonna put up. And all her fake tears. Girl bye. Your true colors shouldwhen u forgot the cameras were still rolling. Very disappointed in Big Brother and their racist people they have in the house this season.

Like Literally

I don’t think she’s racist. I’m not in to rap (50+ old lady here), but if that’s what they listen to and that’s the words in the line, I get it. I’ve never understood that myself. It’s okay for that word to be used in songs and your fan base listens to the songs, and they repeat the lines, I couldn’t say it. But I think she’ll be crucified for it on the outside. My beef with her is that she’s just exhausting and nuts.


Don’t blame Kaitlyn, blame Drake, he wrote and recorded the song. If people don’t want to hear it, don’t put it out there.


Right…the N word is in the lyrics just like Kaitlyn said it. How come it’s okay for blacks to say that word all the time, but if anyone else says it they are deemed “racist”?