Rockstar “Brett needs to stay the f**k away from me! That rich, privileged motherf**ker!”

8:20pm Rockstar and Bayleigh. Rockstar – he (Brett) needs to stay the f**k away from me! That rich, privileged motherf**ker! Bay – don’t let him bother you. You make him feel uncomfortable. Period! I really can’t believe that was it. People really don’t try to win in this game. Rockstar – I really wanted to win that for (her daughter). What have I done to this motherf**ker!! Bay – switch it around and don’t let him be right. I need to pull my sh*t together!

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Big Brother 20 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results

HELLO Big Brother Spoiler fans. Before we start it will be endurance head of household competition TONIGHT! on the live feeds..  We’ll do our best to cover it but this might be a good time to try them out. Use are link pay the same and help us out!

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This last week was a good pace even though the Veto wasn’t used there was still a lot of game played and positioning for the next week. Of course there was Kaitlyn drama, mad speculation about powers and votes.. Don’t forget more Big Brother OUTRAGE we’ll always have something like that. One last big thing to come out of this week is the slow decay of some of the stronger competitors game. Mainly Tyler.

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Brett “F**K it! I’m going to rip her a part in my speech tomorrow. I don’t give a sh*t!”

12am Lounge room. Brett and Winston. Winston – you should have seen Tyler rip her during the charades game.
Brett – the whole thing pisses me off so much that she thinks she is so self entitled. Who the F**K are you?! Are you kidding me right now?! The way I got targeted in that conversation was literally like an upset girlfriend. I was like you need to go get a spork and eat my a$$! Winston – if you had handed her a spoon .. I would have literally been on the floor laughing. Brett – I was ready to say some f**ked up things.

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“Once the level six was formed this is my baby my entire world is to protect this”

**** UPDATED ***** 5:12pm Tyler and Brett
Tyler says the other side has told him they want him to stay and they are trying to reel him in.
Brett is happy they are still giving Winston a hope because that is all you have in this game.
Tyler – you still don’t know for sure
Tyler – I talked to Sam .. she was like whatever you guys want to do..
Tyler says Sam is acting like he’s always telling her what to do.
Tyler says JV wasn’t to pine the flip on Kaitlyn, Tyler adds it’ll be 6-5 that’s 6th vote they’ll say is Kaitlyn

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“praying for tomorrow to have Kaitlyn in front of me .. I just want to see her face”

Big Brother Spoilers 3:37pm JC and Brett
JC jokes about the other side being so Stupid they were so confident week one then they got shook, Week 2 all confident then shook, now they are all confident and about to get shook
Brett – they will sh1t their pants if I stay
JC – oh I know … i’m just praying for tomorrow have like Kaitlyn in front of me so when they say the thing I just want to see her face.. becuase what is coming is crazy.. I just want to see Bayleighs faces..

Brett – I want to see them squirm when I get HOH

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“we have this undeniable girls connection. Its disappointing for any girl to vote for [Brett] to stay”

Big Brother Spoilers.. Welcome the newest alliance The Maneaters 1:00pm Haleigh and Kailtyn
They are going to all their alliance the man eaters.
They are worried the guys are going to find out but because there is a split in the house they will never suspect they are working together
K – in the event a guy wins and a girl goes home next week.. we have to make sure it’s not one of our girls
H – clearly
K says when they down to just girls it’ll be their 4, We’re evenly split.

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“The only reason I’m on the block is because I’m the f**king man!” – Brett

*** UPDATED *** 8pm Bedroom. Rockstar the Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – He was like you think people are voting to evict me and they’re not. I will sh*t bricks if he stays. I will sh*t literal bricks if he stays. Rockstar – well hopefully he won’t. Kaitlyn – he is going home. He is going home. If its the last thing I do, he is going home. Love him sure.. my brother outside of this game maybe in 3 months from now. And there is nothing he can do to make me think otherwise. Rockstar – my one on one with Winston was suggestive.

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Tyler – I love seeing the same people vote the wrong side.. makes me so happy

**** Updated ***** 2:47pm Kaycee and Tyler
KAycee says something is up with Sam she needs to relax, “She’s got a stink a$$ attitude”
Tyler – I know
K – I can’t deal with it
T – when did you start noticing it
K – today when she was doing the dishes.. she has this attitude it’s so annoying like relax
Tyler says the last time she was like this she freaked out in the HOH. HE thinks Sam is irritated that everyone found out about her power.
KAycee gets it.
Tyler mentions that Sam wouldn’t tell him who told her they knew what the power was, “what would I do with that information”

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“left hand is the more dominate to receiving energy – I feel it on my left hand when I get a hit”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:15pm Scottie and Kaitlyn HOH
Scottie says his left hand feels funny.. “it’s beyond numb and my right hand is completely normal”
Kaitlyn – your left hand is the more dominate to receiving energy.. I’ve been told that so many times when doing guided mediation with someone or something..

Kaitlyn – is means you received it well You are intuitive you are acknowledging it.. If you were completely closed off you wouldn’t feel a thing
Scottie – when you touch my thumb it’s beyond pins and needles
K – I’m sorry .. don’t worry it’ll come back.. just put it down
Scottie – if I put it down will it close it off to energy..
Kaitlyn- it comes back.. you are coming out of the state you are OK.. I do this every day

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