Big Brother 20 Week 8 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Where does one start with a week like this.. Given how successful Haleigh’s HOH was the week prior I assumed Fes’ week will be as much or greater a shit show.. When Fes won the grueling 14 minute endurance I tweeted something to the effect, “so does this mean Haleigh gets evicted” well I was almost there. Fes is going to evict the only other person left in the Foutte alliance. go Fes!

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Big Brother 20 Week 8 Animated Gifs

This week was Dawg dog Slow on the live feeds. Lucky for us we had some crazy Sam moments and stupid Fes moments to pass the time. I just can’t get over the two attempts Sam made at playing the game. The time she went to Fes to get him to put Haleigh on the block as the replacement after Brett uses the Veto. The expressions on fes’ face after.. priceless. I do think that was our most popular tweet ever ..

My top 3 are

    • After Sam’s pitch
    • Sam’s campaigning to get FEs to put Haleigh up as the replacement
    • “I have got to stop biting dude.. Got to stop.. (cause it’s gross)
    • I also like the nose picking one cause I’m gross like that.. lol

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Big Brother 20 Week 7 Summary and Live Eviction Results

THE HIVE! One of the most comical alliances in Big Brother history. I love the HIVE! Every week they make the same mistakes it’s too good to be true. How Does this happen? Haleigh wins the HOH but her side cannot secure the Power of Veto or Hacker power, couple this with tragic game play does not bode well for our once ‘great’ FOUTTE alliance. Haleigh’s Hive was too feeble to sway anyone in the house other than Sam (in the end she won’t flip either)   The Level six alliance (+JC) ended up just toying with the HIVE all week. Rocks continued her same Schick attacking Angela with the same material she attacked Brett with. She also comes up with a killer speech that was way too much fun to type out.

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Big Brother 20 Week 7 Animated Gifs

This weeks Big Brother 20 Animated Gifs. My favorite and a contender for years best is the one of Rockstar sucking all the d1cks. Going to miss Rockstar. via GIPHY Rockstar "Who's d**k do I need to suck to get a power?!" #bb20 @bigbspoilers — Dawg (@DawgsBigBrother) August 13, 2018 Fes & Haleigh kissing […]

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“Come on JC come to this side where we’ve literally f*ed up .. ” – Rocks

**** updated *******

Big Brother Spoilers Slip n slide HOH tongiht. This is my favorite
11:09am Rocks and Haleigh
Rocks – it’s not that I would be blindside I just really want to know there’s an outfit I want to wear if I get evicted.. I wanted to know my finale dress.. I know that sounds stupid. .if I’m not I don’t want to pull it out.. if I am I kinda want to know..

Rocks – I totally get what JC is saying, How is he supposed to trust us. Come on JC come over to this side where we’ve accomplished every single thing we said we would do.. It’s Come on JC come to this side where we’ve literally f*ed up ..

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“We’ve only got 1 HOH on our side and we’re getting them all out”

*** updated ***
Big Brother Spoilers LOL.
3:58pm JC and KAycee
JC – you have my vote..
Adds the only person that’s pushing him to vote Kaycee out is fes.
JC says Rocks is targeting Tyelr and Angela
JC – you have to be very careful they have a bad concept of you..
JC bring sup Rockstar saying that KAycee is fake for not throwing the vote to Bayleigh
Kaycee laughs says that Haleigh brought the same thing up to her.. And KLaycee called her out on it because haleigh didn’t vote for bayleigh either.
Kaycee – I bet it made the show.. it was up in the HOH b1tch you voted her out too

Kaycee was blown away that riocks got so upset that Tyler didn’t use the veto on her. JC is shocked too.

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“I have a very good feeling it will be 5 to 1, for sure.. ” – Kaycee

***** Updated ******
Big Brother Spoilers Rocks up to her same old tricks.
11:59am Kaycee and Brett
Kaycee wanted Scottie to hear that Fes was sleeping upstairs last night.
Brett says with Scottie he doesn’t want to vote out Rockstar because that will break Haleigh’s trust.
brett – I need to convince him that she has a final 2 with Fes anyways sh’es just loyal to him he really see the showmance
B – he thinks Rockstar and HAleigh are close and Fes/JC are close
K – it’s like he doesn’t want to believe it
B – right
K – I was telling Angela to haleigh and Fes probably have this plan OK we’ll be the first showmance to make it all the way to the end.. she probably telsl him we have to separate ourselves.

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“Brett is helping ROCK with her Speech he’s going to tell her whatever I want” – Angela

4:53pm Angela and Kaycee
Angela – Brett is helping ROCK with her Speech he’s going to tell her whatever I want
Angela – he’s like think of some good thing and I’ll put it in
Kaycee – oh my god that’s going to be F*ing hilarious
Angela says all Rocks speech is her shitting on Angela. After Rocks gets evicted Angela is just going to smile and wave at her.
Angela wants to sneak “Level” into Rocks speech..
They laugh
Angela – next Level Entitlement .. Angela’s entitlement is on the next level like level 6 ..

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Rockstar’s Speech “I got the bones of it.. 1st step stay, 2nd step take over the world”

Big Brother Spoilers The fun continues this week :)
“Of course I wanted to win this veto and take myself off the block but I’m actually glad I didn’t because it exposes a infallible final 2 of Tyler and Angela. ”
Brett – that’s good
RS – “which is dangerous for all of our games as none of us are actually working together and we’re all just kinda lone wolfing it”
Brett – mmmhhmmmmm
RS – “Kaycee has refused to work with anybody throughout this game except for Angela so Angela is sitting real pretty right now with a infallible,e bond with Tyler and KAyucee. Are you going to let her have two shield protectors in this house”
RS – Kaycee also has a great relationship with Rachel and Rachel went out the door.. Kaycee spent hour long conversations with Bayleigh she didn’t even toss her pity vote whats her loyalty going to be to you in this house”
Haleigh – YEAH
Rock – soemthing along those lines

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Rockstar “I would like this entire cast a lot more without Angela.”

8pm HOH room. Fes, Scottie, Haleigh and Rockstar. Talk of piercings in the HOH room. Rockstar – can you imagine that this was all that was left of the show? (She points at the spy tv where Tyler and Angela are in the kitchen.) Scottie – as apposed to me going I can see you ear piercing. Fes looks at the spy tv and says her n!pples are hard. Scottie – they’re always hard. Fes – she was running outside in the blazing sun and her n!pples were hard. Haleigh – that’s what happens when you get a b00b job.

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