Rachel “For the alliances sake this HOH is crucial. I want those two f***ers out.”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

8:20pm Bathroom. Bayleigh and Winston. Winston – I feel bad you know. Its my boy, my buddy. Bayleigh – which is for me.. obviously last week was bed. Winston – exactly, if anyone knows, its you. There’s a lot of time, its only Monday… but idle time is.. Bayleigh – Idle minds are the devils playground. Winston – its going to be awkward. We don’t want to campaign against each other but but at the same time we should have one on ones with everyone and see where everyone’s head is at. I feel genuinely upset that it went this way but I have no control and had every right to win the veto. Didn’t win it. It sucks. The one thing that I know that went on last night was eye opening .. I feel bad for him but I know that put a target on his back. Bay – one side of me is like if we were to keep Brett he is a target and that saves us. The other side is yeah but they don’t think you’re threatening to them so why send you home. Winston – right, like am I going to win an HOH?! Lets be honest. And if I did, you would not be a target. Bay – that thing with Brett was unfortunate because Kaitlyn had made it her mission to keep him here. But on the flip side now its her mission to not. Winston – which I feel bad for but.. Bay – I am just going to sit back. I don’t agree with some of the things he said or she said. Winston – I kind of don’t like the way he has thrown my name out there. I was angry that he put me up and I had no idea it was happening. I apologized after. I just felt so blindsided. Bay – you have to realize that raise red flags too… if you can look straight in someones eyes and lie to them. Winston – I am just hoping if I just sit back and lay low.

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8:20pm Havenot room. Angela and Kaycee. Angela – I was telling Rachel that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I am hoping its endurance HOH. Kaycee – Scottie .. we were talking upstairs .. I don’t know who is telling him information about the six. Sam has the power ..is like if she were to go up she can pull herself off and whoever voted for her to go home she can pick who she wants to go on the block. Kaycee laughs. Angela – who said this? Kaycee – I don’t know. He knows a little bit of the details. Angela – who’s telling him? Kaycee – I don’t know .. Kaitlyn? The details are wrong. Angela – choosing who to vote out is like choosing between two little brothers. I am just going to wait to see what the house decides. Rachel joins them. Rachel – for the alliances sake this HOH is crucial for one of us to win. If its endurance or something that we can throw to Brett or whoever, I don’t know. One of us have to win. I want those two f**kers out. Angela – we need to make a hit list of who we want out first, second, third (who to knock out of the HOH). The list: Fes, Bayleigh, Kaitlyn, Rockstar. Sam joins them.

8:35pm Backyard. JC is doing his laundry. Brett comes over and asks him if those are his pink undies? JC – those are Rockstars. Brett – EWWW! JC throws them at him. Brett – aww.. that’s messed up.

9pm Bathroom. JC, Winston and Brett. JC goes to the washroom and comes out without washing his hands. Winston – aren’t you going to wash your hands? JC – it was only my d**k, you’ve touched it before.

9:12pm Backyard. Winston and Brett. Winston – I think he has one. Brett – I don’t think JC has one. Winston – I know Scottie doesn’t because he asked you. Brett – that doesn’t matter, he could still have on. Winston – not necessarily because why would he ask? Brett – because if he has one doesn’t mean he isn’t nervous about us having one. Winston – say he has one, there’s still one more out there. Brett – I think Bayleigh has one. Brett – they’re going to choose who they’re going to choose and I would rather leave with some dignity. If there is any hope of us doing anything its with Sam. Winston – I thought the word was that she couldn’t use it on anyone else. Brett and Winston talk about talking to Sam about trying to get her to use her power on one of them.

9:40pm – 10pm Bathroom. Sam and Bayleigh. Bay – she was saying that if she hadn’t flipped the vote we would have suffered dire consequences. Sam – what dire consequences? Bay – that’s why I keep asking what this power is. Sam – it wouldn’t affect anyone else. Sam – it doesn’t affect anyone else. Its for me and one other person. Bay – WOW! Sam – and its a good thing. Bay tells Sam that they’re saying if you used the power, anyone who voted against you would be the pool of people picked to go on the block. Sam – no that’s not what it is. I kind of thought everyone would think I got it because I got such a raw deal the first week.

HOH room. Scottie and Rockstar. Scottie – So hopefully if one of you can win this HOH .. we can get some combination of the three up .. which ever bro stays. ..if its Winston why even bother… But get Tyler and Sam up there just to see what happens. I want to see them sweat. Rockstar – I would hope that Fes would get it. Scottie – unless some stupid f**king power gets used on Thursday. Rockstar – I would feel awful putting Sam up there. Scottie – I would have three days ago… knowing all this ..that’s gone. Rockstar – I wonder what she’s got going on. I would love to win again and put their a$$es on the block. Rockstar – I agree with you that backdooring is a sleazy move but Tyler would win a veto. Scottie – well we’re at the point where if he is doing what I think he is doing his entire game is sleaze and if we get to that point then I would consider it (backdooring Tyler). With Brett and Wisnton, they were pretty straight up. I knew what they were doing with everyone and I was confident I could beat them in a veto. With the exception of Fes, every single person I trust in this game is a girl. I am at the point where I want to keep winning just so I can keep putting these shady people on the block.

10:45pm Haleigh and Bay. Haleigh – Winston staying here makes me nervous because he is using my name to throw out. Bay shakes her head no. I talked to him. When we were having our little chat he said I don’t know why Haleigh doesn’t like me. I said she thinks that you were talking about her. He said I have never talked about Haleigh. Rockstar, sure. But I have not talked about Haleigh. I think if he were to stay he would go after Scottie.

11:30pm – 12am Backyard couches. Rockstar, Haleigh, Scottie and Tyler chatting about random things. Meanwhile Rachel, Brett and Winston in the hammock. Winston – who the heck has these power apps? Rachel thinks JC has one. Rachel leaves and Haleigh joins them. Haleigh wonders what kind of twists could happen like the bb rewind. Winston asks what that is. Haleigh – explains how it would be like the week never happened. Winston – that would be amazing.

12:05am Kitchen. Kaycee – does Kaitlyn know that you know? Tyler – about the power? Kaycee – does she know that you know that she told everyone about the power? Tyler – no. Kaycee – that’s cold. Tyler – no the worst thing in the world but sucks for Sam. Kaycee – because did you tell Kait or did she tell you? Tyler – she told me. Kaycee – oh sh*t. So is it safe to say the whole house knows she has the power? Tyler – yeah. It had to be someone from the other side that told her. Rachel joins them. They talk about how the whole house knows about Sams power. Tyler – but I gave Kaitlyn a bunch of bulsh*t details and that’s now what the whole house knows. That’s how we know that Kaitlyn told everyone.

1:30am Kitchen – Winston – it just sucks but we had every opportunity to win. I can’t even imagine winning HOH because I can’t imagine getting passed Thursday. I am betting the next HOH is something slightly physical. Theres no way the next one is so quick. Its funny that my bad competing will maybe keep me here. Fes – did you talk to JC? Winston – no. Fes – but you’re cool with JC right? Winston – yeah but. Fes – I feel like he does what the house does right? Winston – I don’t know.

1:40am Big Brother gets Haleigh to read or not to read…

2:20am Backyard. Fes, Scottie and Haleigh talk about the app powers. Scoottie – I have no idea who has the second week power? Fes – or third. Scottie – I literally don’t know what they (America) wants, I did everything to try and get it. Kaitlyn joins them. Fes asks Kaitlyn if he is next. Kaitlyn – I am the type of person that trusts you until you give me a reason not to. So if you give me a reason to put you up, then yeah of course I would but why would you do that. Kaitlyn heads back inside. Fes – what the f**k was up with Brett’s veto speech!? Scottie – yeah what the f**k was that. Saying he had this psychic vision. That was a shot at Kaitlyn. All three speeches were completely different. Winston’s was lame. Brett’s was a shot at Kaitlyn and I don’t even know about mine.

***** Added ******
Scottie – how do you feel about Tyler
Haleigh – I think he’s covering all areas
Scottie – I think he’s playing, I think he has a deal with Brett and Winston
Scottie – I also think he has a deal with Sam, and I think that they were trying to play me and I kind just figured it all out today..
Scottie – two days ago Sam came in, THis was before the veto and they just pinky promised if anyone took Sam or Winston off the block I would put her up as a pawn.
Scottie says he thinks Tyler promised Sam something and it’s creeping him out. Scottie mentions how creepy Sam was about it all.
Scottie says he busted ass more than he normally does because he doesn’t want to put Sam on the block.
Once he gets the veto Sam came into his room saying she’s heard rumour that she was putting her up.
Scottie thinks Sam was playing him so he wold put her up and she would use the power.
SCottie – I don’t think you can use it on another person
Fes – I think you can
Haleigh doesn’t say that it has to be used on her
Fes – so she doesn’t want BRett and WInston to go home
Scottie – that’s part of the deal she has with Tyler
Fes – I never thought about that.. it makes sense you can only use it on yourself..
Steve brings up how Kailtyn told him this morning about the power. Scottie went to Tyler right after and he acted like he had no idea about it. Then he talked to Bayleigh and Bayleigh tells him Tyler and Kaitlyn were the first two to know about the power.
Scottie – I think him and Sam had a thing and they were trying to play my F(**ing ass. what else does he have going one.
Haleigh – a lot
Scottie – after this week .. maybe the next one we’re going to have to weed out.. as much as I hate saying it..
Haleigh – that’s going to be a b1tch and a half telling Kaitlyn
Fes – we don’t have to worry about that now
Haleigh – it does if he gets in power
Scottie – I think he threw that veto
They agree Tyler threw the competition. Scottie says when he huggs Tyler his breathe was worried and not a drop of sweat.
Scottie – with him and Sam i’m just going to play dumb for now.

4am All the houses guests are sleeping..
8:00am Still sleeping

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Seems like everyone is making up their own ideas about how Sam’s power works. I really think some of the ideas are hilarious. I mean, I’m not exactly sure what all her power entails, but since it wasn’t a Crap App but was the good app, why would they think it being used would hurt someone? Tyler was pretty smart to make that up when he told it to Kaitlyn. She fell for it and so did the people she told about it. I would not have believed it.


Yeah its messed up how gullible people are to believe that Sams power would work like that. I think Tyler picked the best app…. He’s basically guaranteed to make it to jury and he can sit back lay low and set himself up for the crucial part of the summer…. Sams power is basically just a part of the game that Big brother would have found a way to incorporate in the game, 1 way or another even if nobody picked that app


I think his power is the weakest of the three. He can protect himself from one nomination but he has to activate it before the nomination so he has to sense he’s the target.. If he wasn’t being nominated, he wastes it. If he’s protected from the initial nomination, he’s still available for the veto one. It’s not like it’ll protect him if he doesn’t activate it.


I agree with you – thinking Tyler’s power is the weakest. It seems huge to him “8 weeks” but it’s a one-shot, one week deal. If they want him and can’t get him this week – they’ll get him next week. Once activated – it’s dead.


bay picked the best ap. She can change the nominations up until there are 8 people left in the house. That is huge!


yeah, i agree bay’s seems the best. i’m wondering what the other unpicked ones were.


Plus I think it said secretly, so she doesn’t even have to tip her hand it was her. If played right she could really mess up an alliance.


na bayleighs is best… take an HOH and switch the nominees is amazing… Tylers safe…. but Bayleigh can make game moves


Sam’s power app entails that the person evicted must complete a challenge, or task and if they are successful they go back in, no one is evicted. This comes from Julie Chen

Generic Alliance Name

My question is why isn’t production yelling at Sam and Tyler for not being honest with what the powers actually do? Didn’t production call out Jessica last year for not being 100% honest with her power?


I don’t believe so. You are allowed to say whatever you want provided you don’t use production to try to sell it. So if Sam decided to tell people her power was to take over someone’s HoH any time she felt like it, she could. If someone buys it, that’s on them.

Like Literally

Part of that spin on Sam’s power has to do with Kaitlyn. She’s told it different every time she’s talked about it. Also, she’s tried to make it sound even more dire to her first so called alliance to excuse herself from betraying them all. “It was REALLY bad… I was like LITERALLY saving all of you!”


Why is Rachel so concerned about this next hoh doesnt she know about sams power possibly saving the person anyway?


no she does not know


Thank you i thought tyler told all of level 6


I thought they were all in the room when he told Level 6.


Wow! I missed that!!! They ALL knew!!! They were all using her especially TYLER! I under estimated him as a player in the beginning. I think he has been playing pretty good! I just never liked him. But he has been pretty masterful and manipulative. He just allowed Kray-lynn to get a little to close and get a little too much info. Although he may still be able to spin it. But he needs to be careful. People are FINALLY staring to catch on. They are just to slow to do anything about it. It maybe too late by the time they finally marshall a plan.


level 6 knows of the power. but only tyler. kaycee and sam know the details. doesnt matter what happens next week. it will be a dead week. because rachel doesnt know the details she is pushing for them to win hoh. L6 has been on the right side of the votes but they have won 0 comps


they all were in the room and tyler told them. however they dont know how it works. for eg. they dont know the person evicted automatically comes back. the details are only known from tyler, kaycee and sam. thats the only 2 she told. if all of level 6 knew, they wouldnt try so hard to win hoh knowing its basically a wasted week


I can’t keep track of who knows what. I think maybe also Tyler and Kaycee know the whole ins and outs of the power ap.


my impression is that kaycee and tyler know exactly what the app is. kaitlyn has a vague idea and almost everyone else’s information traces back to kaitlyn, making it a game of telephone.


RS to Scottie: “With the exception of Fes, every single person I trust in this game is a girl.” Hope S caught that.

I am at the point where I want to keep winning just so I can keep putting these shady people on the block. Guess I missed something. Would anyone tell me what RS has done this season, other than bad mouth everyone?

Watching Kaitlyn and Tyler this evening, I’d swear that K is in love with T. Of course, he made eyes at her too.

Is Kaitlyn really a nut job or is she trying to with an Emmy for best actress in a reality series? She cries on cue, switches from sad to happy about as fast as me turning on the lights.

Angela for the win!


It was Scottie who said “With the exception of Fes, every single person I trust in this game is a girl.”

Goony Burd

Would anyone tell me what [non-RS] Angela has done this season, other than float and do nothing to justify any broadcast screentime?


she was in that comp with swaggy, giving people the impression she’s a physical threat, and is part of the level six alliance which at least for now seems relatively strong but that’s about it. she’s pretty dull. well, pretty and dull to be more accurate.


Scottie said that not RS.


Baylee-Do something with your damn nose!!!


Yeah, the nose blowing is pretty loud. She could at least move her microphone. I feel bad for her because her allergies are crazy bothering her. She says she is allergic to dust.

BB Fanatic

What’s wrong with her nose? I think she’s beautiful.


She is beautiful, but she blows her nose a lot…directly into the mic.


I hate listening to her snort all the time. She sounds like a bull huffing.


I think it’s equal to Haleigh’s mouth breathing. You would think the DR would give these HGs the heads-up.


I can’t even imagine having a drink or food served by her on an airplane.

Kid Rock

I’m glad Scottie is finally on to Tyler Bs…. Time for Tyler to be exposed and put on the block


yes..people hate rs but truth is she has a good read on the game


Well, I could agree that she THINKS she has a good read on the game. Her thinking Scottie is an evil mastermind is far from true, although she did figure out that he flipped his vote on Swaggy….Scottie still isn’t owning that and probably wouldn’t reveal it until (which I do not see happening) he is in the finals and could use it as his major “play” during his campaigning.


I think that’s more like if you spew enough conspiracy theories eventually one may be right.




Angela: “Choosing who to go home is like choosing between 2 little brothers”

Haha. And some were trying to hint that she will have a showmance with Brett. lol. Too funny.

Rachel cracks me up trying to come up with ideas to make it look like Angela and her are not close. Ha. They were on hammock together talking recently and Rachel is like “Ok I feel like we should walk away” Then they walk in the house together talking. lol:-P

This next HOH 100% is going to be endurance. No Rachel do not “throw it to Brett” just go win it if you can. Stop thinking too much. Let’s do this!



Just sayin'

JC is just a little sassy pants lol hes jot much of a bb player but he is pretty entertaining sometimes


He is a disgusting little pig with a short man’s syndrome. “It’s just my bleep…you’ve touched it before!” – He disgusts me on an epic level and I can’t wait for someone to send his ass packing. Nasty a$$ pervert.


Tyler should be more concerned than he is about Sam’s power being exposed to all, ESPECIALLY since Kaitlyn is the one spilling and it’s the version he sold her. It could all end up blowing back on him, especially since he knows he has detractors on the other side who’d run with the theme that Tyler conned her and ran the whole thing. That’s where Kaitlynn the victim will go if she feels cornered…so he needs to be more actively managing that situation, rather than coast.

Tyler decided to play hard early, which means he has to play hard the whole way. Sitting back now leaves him incredibly vulnerable to exposure….and since he knows next week Sam’s power is out of his hands, he should be at least setting the table to get her to use it, even if he decides not to.


This week has been a week of reveals, for sure. Sam’s power is no longer a secret to anyone. Yet, only Kaycee and Tyler (maybe Angela?) know the right details.

Sam- is still my #1 mostly for just being who she is. Love that girl!

Tyler- is my #2 because I truly admire his game play. He still hasn’t told anyone about his power. He came to win!

Angela- is my #3. I like that she won something early but has been able to maintain the down-low since.

Kaycee- is my #4 because I dig this chick. She is good people!

Rachel- is my #5. She is comical, has a genuine heart, and has a powerful singing voice. Very likable.

Bayleigh is my #6. She is playing the game now and opening up, revealing herself more and more.

Brett- is my #7 and I hope he survives this week. If he leaves, everyone else moves up.

Scottie- has dropped to my #8. I like that he is trying to play, but he has had a few slip-ups since becoming HOH. He does not seem to have a true handle on his own HOH.

Haleigh- is currently tied for 8th with Scottie. I love her Hamlet reading.

JC- has dropped because he is becoming less likable, and his game play consists of revealing everyone’s conversations. Many of his behaviors are questionable

Kaitlyn- she had real potential as HOH, but she is a complete agglomeration of contradiction, tumult, and conceit.

Rockstar, Winston, and Faysal are non-factors thus far. I think Faysal has potential, but I’ve seen no effective game play to this point. I like that he won that veto, though, and he seemed to try to win the other (obviously has little knowledge of this game). Winston redeemed himself somewhat these past few days. Rockstar is just a background character to me, at this point.

I’m still not sure how this vote is going on Thursday, but, regardless, I really think Sam should save her power to possible benefit herself next week. She has stated that she wasn’t planning to use it, so week 4 will be very interesting!


Agree 100% with everything, except I have Haleigh tied with Bayleigh. I love Kaycee, too, and couldn’t really verbalize why. Lol. But you are right – she’s just good people!!! I really hope Brett stays. I’m liking Bayleigh more and more now that Swaggy is gone.


If Sam does not use it this week then next week it could just as easily work against her as for her.

I say use it now and then she makes sure it benefits her. Always concentrate on what you can control and never hope what could happen.

Make the game. Don’t hope and dream.


Well, whomever is evicted gets the chance to come back, automatically, so I think Sam, Tyler, and Kaycee (each have influence scattered around the house) could do some vote management that would be in their favor. If they pull Bayleigh into that group to make 4 by telling her the details of Sam’s power regarding the 4th evictee then those 4 could do some real work.


No way, she need to sit on it and this time next week talk game to the person on the block she favors most, let them know what exactly will happen on eviction night, she can swing to any side, if she does it know , she’s picking sides, and that ship is actually sinking. Scottie, Bayeligh, fed, rs, hay, have power for 2 week, bec of Bayeligh nominations switch this week. Sam best opt is to wait it out


As usual Granny, IMHO, you’re spot on with most of your observations. I have Kaycee as my #3. She has kept her mouth shut & is not on either sides radar as dangerous. Smart play! Tyler has noticed this and is trying to pull her in. Love that Tyler has not told anyone about his Cloud app. Also agree that getting rid of Crazy Kat serves no purpose. Couldn’t stand Bayleigh with Swaggy……without Swaggy I’m admiring her game play. She’s my #6 also. “Box o Rocks” is the bottom of the barrel for me. Her gossip game play is boring. Her contributions are nil. She is the only one who’s onto Tyler & she got Scotty on board so I’d like to see them up on the block next week with Rocks leaving. Scotty…meh.

I’d love to see Tyler & Sam at the end….how to figure the winner out of those two???? But that’s not going to happen. Sam would take Tyler but Tyler wouldn’t take Sam….he’s out to win.


“Yikes” – This is my list too for the same reasons that Granny expressed andbtem the reasons you gave for the slight differences in line up. I would love to see Sam, Tyler and Kaycee get to the end. I especially love Sam and would love to see her win. A truly good and kind hearted person winning Big Brother? That would be amazing!


but sam hasnt done anything. do you have feeds? she is in her own world. i am tired of the pitty party. sam sucks. she has no gameplay and is so boring on the feeds. watching her play is painful. her accent fluctuates, tyler controls her and she speaks slow as hell. its like she never know what to say. we are there to play big brother. there she was crying again las njght because she cant smoke inside and is on slop. if she cant take the heat do us all a favor and self evict


SCottie is starting to catch on to Tyler… So will this season shape up to be Scottie+rs vs Tyler+Production ?


I really think Scottie will be going next week. There is no real reason to get Kait out. I do not see a jury that would award her the prize.

Chick in Louisiana

But….. if Sam’s power isn’t used this week, it is automatically activated next week for the evicted houseguest? That’s where I would be worried. Who can they actually evict next week? I would have to use it this week, at least you know who would be coming back in…


Yeah, that’s true. But, I wouldn’t want to use it to save a Bro given that couldn’t really help Sam (both Bros love her but neither would take her to the finals…not sure anyone would, really, given she is the house mom and loved by all). At worst, I think saving the app for possible benefit would make a null and void week if Sam wasn’t able to use it to her own benefit. If she ends up on the block, she wouldn’t have to campaign at all. And…I think that if it benefitted the other side ( I see Sam willing to work with Scottie), Sam could play that off as something she knew was going to happen, thus possibly benefitting her (knew the person could come back). That’s why I think it’s worth the risk to save it for next week. It’s what I would do.


Scottie can’t go next week bec Bayeligh will change the nomination, she have to protect herself and that means keep the # that she have, so my prodiction is Scottie crew is running the house for the next 2 weeks


Lol. I hope not. That would call for Kraken.


I’m just sooo happy Scottie have a team behind him, and he did not fall for Tyler game, but honestly my fav are Tyler, Scottie and Bay, they playing the game, …. differently, but they r playing the B.B. Game. My F3


Too bad his team has Angie in it.

Kid Rock

I said the same thing up above and got 35 thumbs down…. You folks are crazy


…you added put Tyler on the block, his fans do not like that part…doh!


7:25 AM BBT and Sam is up slamming drawers and cabinets. LOL


Sam went back to bed, but when she was in the kitchen, the backyard was super loud with construction noise. Can’t wait to see what the next HOH comp will be. I’m betting the wall or something equally of the strength/stamina sort.

I think JC (compact rock), Rachel (dancer), and Kait (strictly due to her small frame) could do well on the wall. Angela, Kaycee, and Bay have great balance and overall athleticism. Tyler (this season’s dark horse) could probably handle any comp with ease. I think the other guys would struggle with the wall, especially Faysal (the token giant of the house). Scottie can’t compete, but he seems to lack upper body strength, in particular. I could see Haleigh throwing the comp. Rockstar? No, I don’t see that happening. If any HOH, I think this would be the one Sam would want to win.


If Sam doesn’t use the power Thursday, I wouldn’t want next week’s HOH. I wouldn’t care about being put on the block. I hope she does use it and Level 6 protects her next week. They can put up Fes and Scottie with RS as a replacement nom if needed. I doubt Bay will use her power on any of them.
I hope it’s not some big HOH comp that ends up being meaningless because the evicted HGs will most likely be walking right back in the door. I can’t imagine the comp to get back in will be difficult…unless of course BB doesn’t want that person to come back in. LOL


The get back in comp wouldn’t have to be all that difficult if RockStar goes next week. Only thing RockStar could do well at is a bad hair dye job comp. She goes out she is gone.

I’m with you that Sam should use the power this week and it benefits her because level 6 will for sure keep her safe. And most likely for more than just one week.

I Could Be Wrong, but. . .

Bay would almost have to use her power if Fez is going to be nominated. He is the only one she told about having the app. If she didn’t use it and Fez was nominated, he could totally blow up her game by telling everyone she has the power.


Watching AD Will someone please get Bayleigh a nose spray:(


Yesterday was the first day it started annoying me. I’ve had that before, Usually in autumn.


Yes some of us have allergies that get worse at times, but Bay makes annoying noises that sound like she has a 1980’s level blow habit.


Sam was hurt the most about Tyler telling Kaitlyn about her reward power no matter how he spun the story as to why he told her.

All it proves is he can’t be trusted.

I don’t get the love for Rachel. Yeah she’s pretty, but she’s fake as hell.

I don’t get the love for Brett either. He’s an arrogant A-hole, and I don’t find him funny at all. I guess he gets a pass because some people think he’s good looking or something.


I think Sam knows what Tyler did was to save her and he was working really hard to make sure Kaitlyn would be loyal to him and not blab. He just didnt realize until it was too late that she’s the loose cannon that she is. But it was all about saving Sam and keeping the power in play. Which was about him and his alliance also. I think Sam gets that. I don’t love Brett but I do like him. And it has nothing to do with his looks. He’s calm. Unlike Winston. He doesnt blow up when he’s pushed. He seems like a decent guy from what I’ve seen of him. Winston is too intense for me. But I still think he’s a decent guy also. Just don’t like him in the game. Rachel is not my favorite but she’s not that bad in my opinion.


LOL! I would have just replied to your post if it was here before I posted. 🙂


Honestly, I think Sam understands that Tyler had to tell Kait what was going on in order to get her to flip her vote. It saved Sam in the sense that she was not evicted. Had he not told Kaitlyn, Sam would not still be there. Sam even offered to save Kait with her power since it was her vote that kept her in the house.

I don’t think Tyler would disagree with you at all when it comes to him not being able to be trusted…in this game, that is. He came to win. Lying, manipulation, false friendship…it comes with the territory and anyone not expecting it, is too naive to find success in this game.

Rachel is pretty authentic. Are you watching the feeds? I can agree that during live evictions, she puts on a strange voice when she votes…..she is playing up for the cameras, but I think it’s more to be funny than anything else. Rachel is definitely a stage girl…great singer, dancer, actress. But from what I see on the feeds, Rachel could easily be a friend of mine. I like her!

Brett is rather genuine, too. He comes off as cocky and he’s definitely tried to make himself valuable to the ladies by becoming the house masseur. He is easy on the eyes, but I think everyone sort of loves him as a true Bro, guys and gals alike. The only barf I got from Brett so far was that stache. LOL

Douchey C

Agree, Granny….. I like Rachel as well, the girl has a good sense of humor and can laugh at herself


Tyler told Sam he told Kaitlin when he did it that’s the reason she went to Kaitlin and told her she had it


Everybody I expected to like this Season, other than Sam and Kaysee, I do not like them at all. Scottie is a clueless a-hole, JC is a pervy a-hole and the side I thought I would cheer for I want out. Then there are the people I thought I wouldn’t like The Bro’s, Angela and Racheal. I actually like them. They do not talk as much crap as the other side, they are more consistently loyal. Scottie lost me for good with the Sam Slam… I hope Fezzy and Scottie are up next week. I hope Sam uses her power this week and it saves a bro because for the first time in years I really want a wasted HoH. I want that look on Scottie’s face when he realizes that his HoH did absolutely nothing except expose who he really is. I am usually not a personal commenter I usually focus on game moves… but I just can’t help it this year, most of them work my last nerve.

The Other Shay

What was the Sam slam? I haven’t been watching as much as I’d like, unfortunately.


Scottie is saying that Sam is being devious and manipulative. He is mad at her for not telling him about the power. He wants Sam and Tyler out next. He talked crap like his side of the house does. The crap talk is really annoying me this year.

Kid Rock

You have no reason to not like Fezzy!


So wait who’s leaving Thursday as of now Brett or Winston? It seems like Brett.


It’s still too close to call, IMHO.


A lot could change but right now it looks like Winston goes home 6-5
Votes to evict Winston- Angela Tyler kaycee Rachel Sam jc
Votes to evict Brett- Kaitlin rockstar Haleigh bay faysal
Still a long way till Thursday but as of now this looks like the way the vote is gonna go


Sam needs to go bond with Scottie.
I don’t want those two at odds.
Frustrating because they could work well together.


Sam should stay away from that a-hole. I really stopped liking Scottie this week.


Scottie lost me as well. That entire convo with rockstar he was acting just like her. Passing judgements on everyone. Being so negative. Acting like a baby because Sam and Tyler didn’t tell him. Even tho if he had one ounce of common sense he would realize she was trying to tell him without actually saying it when she was telling him he could put her up as a pawn and it would be ok. She kept saying trust me. How he couldn’t have gotten a clue from that is beyond me. I just haven’t liked his attitude at all since he won HOH. But next week he isn’t HOH so. Hopefully he comes down from that high horse he seems to be on right now.