Brett “F**K it! I’m going to rip her a part in my speech tomorrow. I don’t give a sh*t!”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

11:30pm HOH room. Kaycee and Scottie. Kaycee – who knows that the circumstances really are. Scottie – I thought about it. I was wondering about that. Kaycee – would I use it on you? I wouldn’t use it on Kaitlyn. Scottie – yeah, that’s what I know. But I would usually pick… usually till now my picks have been Fes and Tyler. But I think both of them would use it on her before they would use it on me. Kaycee – they would use it on Kaitlyn? Kaycee – I wouldn’t use it on Kaitlyn. Scottie – I think they would use it on her before me. Kaycee – well I would use it on you before her. Scottie – that is perfect.

12am Lounge room. Brett and Winston. Winston – you should have seen Tyler rip her during the charades game.
Brett – the whole thing pisses me off so much that she thinks she is so self entitled. Who the F**K are you?! Are you kidding me right now?! The way I got targeted in that conversation was literally like an upset girlfriend. I was like you need to go get a spork and eat my a$$! Winston – if you had handed her a spoon .. I would have literally been on the floor laughing. Brett – I was ready to say some f**ked up things. I was like don’t do it. Don’t do it. I was fuming! Winston – and you had every right to. Brett – and then she comes up to me and says I hope you know its my choice whether you stay or go. Winston – she said that?! Is she in power? No! Does she have any influence? Brett – she was like right now it is dead even and I’m the deciding vote. You tell me who was campaigning and I’ll vote for you to stay and tell my crew and everyone will vote with me. Winston – who was (campaigning)?

Brett – ultimately everyone. Its my fault. I didn’t read that Scottie was a spineless b***h. I was ready to walk around this house and tell half the house to literally eat sh*t! But I had to tell myself don’t do it because if you stay .. you won’t be here next week. That’s the thing about this game .. so many people can’t swallow their pride. Its control. Winston – its emotional control. That’s what pisses me off, no one is here to play. No one is ready to shake things up. Brett – Going into this (eviction) I would like to light people up.. you’re a f**king idiot. You’re a dumb b***h! Winston – How good would that speech be.. Brett – I have like 15 different speeches. Winston – to go like Scottie you’re a spineless little punk b***h. By the way you voted to keep me .. like everybody is ignoring that fact. Brett – JC is convinced that it was Haleigh and not Scottie. Winston – no. I told you I confronted him and he admitted it. I would like to say that and get everyone suspicious about it but what is it going to do. Brett – the thing that drives me nuts about this is one of us is going home. Do you think being here this long is long enough to have an impact? Like outside of here. Winston – yeah I think so. Think about past seasons where people were evicted early but then come back in a battle back. I have to say we’ve had such a fun time here. I don’t know if I’m going to have lots of people that love me or hate me. People are going to say good and bad. I do think there will be a battle back. Brett – you can’t count on it though.

Winston – what is the worst that can happen? What if we pull her in here and say look Sam we’ve heard some rumors and wanted to confront you. We’re playing a game of honesty. Brett – I still think it would be bad to do both of us. Winston – right. What about one of us? Brett – yeah, I am leaning more towards one of us. I think if both of us do it she will feel cornered and overwhelmed. Winston – but think about this.. Evidently Tyler told Kaitlyn and then she told everyone on that side. But they don’t know what it is or what it can do. Brett – I think psychologically its better for one person to do it. What if it only saved one of us? Winston – he (Scottie) wouldn’t put up Kaitlyn. He doesn’t have the balls. Brett – he said he would put up the friend of who ever used the veto. I don’t think it would be Kaycee or Angela. I don’t think he has the balls to put up a girl. Brett – I just feel if we do a one on one with Sam she is going to shut it down… which doesn’t matter like I knew going to Scottie the little b***h was going to turn us down. The better way like she got pissed today at Haleigh and Kaitlyn. She was like I’m about to ring the little b***hes neck. She was so mad dude. She said I am about to f**king lose it. I think Sam is nervous that if she uses it she will be targeted. Winston – you tell her that we have a strong influence that Kaitlyn would be the replacement nom if she were to save one of us. Brett – Sam has a stronger influence on Scottie than we do. Winston – you’re right. What if it is right before? Brett – that’s why I am going to cater my speech to someone using a power. Winston – we don’t even know what it is. We need to figure out what it is! Rachel joins them. Brett – I am just trying to think of the best way to provoke Sam to use the power. He is the reality we lose a number if one of us goes. What is the point of getting these things if we’re not going to use it.

FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: Live Feed 7 day FREE Trial!

12:25am HOH room. Bay and Fes. Bay – JC has the power. Fes laughs and says JC doesn’t have a power. Bay – shut up really?! Fes – no. Bay – really!? Who has it? So he just made that up? We didn’t make it up. Rockstar and Kaitlyn asked him. Fes – you know he might but I don’t think he does. I think he is just f**king with you. Bay – who has it then? Oh by the way Rachel came and asked me today if I had it. Fes if we are going to be on the same team .. what’s said between us stays between us. DOn’t tell Kaitlyn sh*t. Fes – I’m not. The way I said it if all y’all girls are sticking together. You don’t have to worry about me. I don’t tell people sh*t. Bay – Tyler said if Scottie and Kaitlyn were on the block his priority was Kaitlyn. Fes – the way the power works .. its putting two people on the block. Bay – I know what the friken power is, don’t explain my power. We already discussed it wouldn’t be this week. One of us needs to win HOH and we need to save it for jury or double eviction. Fes – what if one of us don’t win it this week? Bay – then we need to figure out what the hell is going on. I am not using my power on anyone else but you and me. I would never burn it just to burn it. Fes – if its an endurance or physical I will win it. (The HOH this week is going to be an endurance competition.)

12:50am Rachel, Brett and Winston in the lounge room. Brett – I am debating on whether or not I have a one on one with Rockstar. If I do I am just going to end up flipping her the bird. Rachel – wait you’re going to have a one on one with Rockstar? Brett – not a f**king chance. She can eat a d**k! I really like can’t stand her. She’s had it out for me for no f**king reason. I did absolutely nothing to her. Rachel – she said in the beginning you were like bros bros bros and she was like what about the girls?! She was like offended you were saying bros. And then you made a comment saying the bros are going to run this house. Brett – Oh my god, I can’t wait to send that b***h out if I stay! F**K it! I’m going to rip her a part in my speech tomorrow. I don’t give a sh*t. Like guess what, you’re not 10 years old it looks stupid to have hair like that. The only people with hair like that are strippers and escorts. Winston and Rachel laugh.

1:40am All the house guests are in bed except or Fes.

2:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Winston is still going home tonight, and that’s fine with me.
voting out Brett = Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Faysal, Haleigh, Rockstar
voting out Winston = Tyler, Sam, Rachel, Angela, JC, Kaycee

Brett- he seems to be the only HG that suspects Bayleigh has the 3rd power. Good job, Brett. I like the way he handled Kaitlyn when she confronted the Bros in the kitchen. I mean, he was honest, saying she was the common sense target. I’m sure Kait will be irate when the votes don’t go her way tonight. I hope Brett doesn’t rub it in with Kait (words of spite or back rubs). I am hoping he follows through on revealing Scottie’s vote to evict Swaggy in his speech. That’s a powerful dig, and many are suspicious already, anyway.

Bayleigh- I like that she is playing the game now that her Swaggy C is gone. She is vetting everyone’s noms and alliances with her constant scenario probing…a good actress, but I still think she is revealing too much to other HGs. Faysal knows about her power, and that was not wise information to share, IMHO. I also thought she came off rather bossy during game night. JMO

Haleigh- she is adorable, and definitely not a dumb girl. I like her.

Kaitlyn- she is over confident. I look forward to tonight’s feeds, for sure. Kaitlyn has a false sense of self because she really is more like 90% GFY and 10% love and light.

Rockstar- she is digging herself a deeper grave every day, but she is a non-issue

Scottie- I’m impressed with his noms and sticking to them after winning veto. But, that’s about it. I really think he will be the next to go, especially if what’s left of L6 gets HOH, mostly because he really is a lone wolf. His play was one that should have come a little further down the line for the most impact. I’m afraid he is now more the easy target than the likely pawn

JC- he makes me laugh, and I really like the way he stood up to Bayleigh’s correcting him during their conversation over the offensive words yesterday. It seems everything is settled in that area, but JC doesn’t come off as the type to forget about those sorts of things easily

Tyler- he has gotten back on course and is petting Kait just enough to keep her at bay, but when L6 gets HOH and she sees his real loyalty, I’m afraid Kaitlyn will flip inside out

Rachel/Angela- they aren’t very good at trying to convince the HGs they don’t like each other, IMHO, but some of the girls seems to be buying it a bit. I like that Angela was not into the HG impersonation games. She recognized the insensitivity and wanted no part of it. I like these girls a lot

Faysal- still nothing to say about this guy. He is probably interesting irl, but in this game, he is just completely stagnant

Kaycee- is now my #3 mostly because she is loyal to L6 and her F2 with Tyler while also maintaining a facade with Bayleigh. She doesn’t gloat over her mad foosball skills, and she doesn’t talk trash about others. Some comments reflect she is not loyal given she told Tyler about the “man-eaters”, but she was never loyal to the girls on the other side, so of course she told him

Tyler- he is still my #2…very smart, and it was fun watching him on TKO last night (LOL that Kevin kept asking him if he was stoned and he replied that he has never taken drugs in his life). I thought he looked a lot skinnier on TKO, not as muscular. Tyler is good people and is still being underestimated by other HGs.

Sam- my #1. Sam got her feelings hurt last night by the games and the way some of the girls were acting toward her. But, she still owned that it could just be that she is moody and over sensitive…read the girls wrong. That’s a very mature way to look at things. I don’t see her using her power tonight, even though I suspect BB is pressuring her to use it. It would be really cool if Sam is able to get to the finals.

I really want JC to win the HOH tonight because he has the most stability in the house. He isn’t anyone’s target and he has a great way of justifying all of his decisions. I’m betting he would put up Kaitlyn and Scottie saying they were the last HOHs and it seems like the only two he could justify.

I really wish other commenters on this site would stop going after each other and stick to talking about the HGs and their game, which DOES include personal opinions on HG actions, words, and gameplay. But, OBB is not the place for personal attacks on observers/commenters, at least not for me. I know our world is full of people looking for a fight, but I decided many moons ago that life is much more fun when I live without anger in my heart. I appreciate everyone’s opinions, whether I agree or not. I never expect anyone to agree with me, but when you disagree with someone, do it respectfully. I’ve been with OBB for so long now, and this is the best year ever for kindness, but we still need to make sure we don’t feed the trolls or fire the hate. Our world already has enough of that. Just my opinion. *end rant*

editing to add: THANKS SIMON! 🙂


Thanks Granny 🙂 THUMB UP!


i am curious to know why is sam your number one? what game playbhas she shown?


If we are talking about “play” then I absolutely feel Tyler has been the best player thus far.

Sam is my #1 because I like her the most. Simple as that. Actually, this is the first season in a long time where I could actually list my order of HGs because I like so many of them. Typically I like just a few. Also, I do value “not playing” as a form of play, whether strategic or not.

This game is not near over, but I look at things on a week by week basis, and if it were down to Sam and Tyler in the finals, I would vote Sam simply because she is who she is. That’s why Tyler would never take her to F2. He knows Sam is golden.

I’m much like Sam in the sense that the game is not really what is important to me. The way we treat people and who/what we decide to be in this life is what really matters.

tyler for the win

If the game isn’t important, as you say, then why is sam there? Sam’s a weak link, who put her in charge as the morality police, she’s judgemental and phony, and anyone with an ounce of empathy can see right through her. She knows the game and is using her sad girl ‘i don’t fit in here’, poor me attitude, for pity and that’s her game.


Hmmmmm? How to reply to this? ……

I can’t agree that Sam is a weak link, judgmental, phony, or a self-appointed morality officer. It’s my opinion she has stated her platform to every HG, independently, and proven her own indubitable morality time and time again.

I think BB chose her to be part of the game after many seasons with a high lack of morality. It’s refreshing to see someone like Sam in this game.

I think Sam’s “I don’t fit in here” stance is 100% accurate. She is basically the type of person that would never, intentionally, personally attack another with her words or actions. So, she recognizes the dirty element to the game and blankly states she will not play that way. This is why her “non-play” is indeed a form of play (not at all manipulation because that would have already been revealed in DR if she was putting on an “act”). And I do think that some people’s qualities incite envy and vindictiveness for those that never try (or are incapable) to possess those qualities themselves. She definitely makes me want to be a better person.

Sam is a well rounded individual who recognizes her mistakes in life, learns from them, and just wants to be the best person she can possibly be. It’s good to see the Golden Rule alive and in action. That’s good tv, too (in comparison to the dark side of the game).


i agree


ok i respect your opinion. i do disagree. i thi k the best player should win. tyler is playing the best game because he is protected in each direction and people keep giving him info. however his lies will catch up this week with the votes. he will show his cards. i do not like him but he has the best play. rachel, rockstar. scottie and bayleigh are also playing. whether you like them or not. jc is a weasle. he will be a target soon because he thinks he is running the house.

Here is my take on sam. sam comes off pbony to me on the feeds. she is moody bc of no cigarettes. she acts like she is living in space. she annoys and confuses a lot ofthe houseguests but they dont want to be rude to her. she flips off the camera and cusses like everyone else. i am just not buying the good girl act. ive heard the accent fluctuate. she is 27 but walks around like she is 50. giving fake hugs and smiles. she has 0 gameplay. it is actually painful to watch. she is clueless. i am tired of the pitty party for her. she wont win bc she is well liked. will get afp for not playing.
i think the winner should be best gameplay


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, thea. 🙂
We definitely have complete contradictory ideas about Sam, but I respect your opinions a great deal.

Sam has definitely been moody. I’m not addicted to anything but love, caffeine, and sugar (and Gramps). But, it’s my understanding that being deprived of nicotine with a strong nicotine addiction (cigarettes resulted in emphysema for Mama, which led to her death at the young age of 54; so I don’t like to see people light up) results in definable moodiness. I witnessed it, myself, growing up with parents who smoked like chimneys and tried to quit, time and time again, with no success. I, also, get moody when cooped up. I like fresh air and sunshine. I imagine it’s rough for all of them to be confined inside for this long (backyard closed for HOH comp construction). Sam is also low on sleep, which brings grumpiness. I put up my “KEEP BACK” yellow tape whenever I am deprived of my “necessities”, or if I am feeling ill (happens more than I’d like). People who really know me, know not to take my foul mood personally unless I’ve told them they are the reason for it. I guess I can relate to Sam the best of all the HGs.

What I recognize and appreciate in Sam is her honesty about her mood. And, like me, I think Sam recognizes that not everyone will like her, and that’s okay.

I’ve heard Sam’s accent fluctuate, too, for emphasis….and it’s usually self-deprecating, IMHO. I have family from the same area Sam is from, and they sound the same. My Texas accent only comes out when I am very tired, sick, or drunk….when I can’t control it. I’ve witnessed Sam control her accent with certain people. But, I don’t think it’s phony.

I agree the best player should win. It’s been awhile since BB has kept me on the edge of my seat, and I’m really enjoying this season so, so much.


It’s true, when you’re from the South (Texas!) sometimes your accent has a mind of it’s own.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sam needs to use that power. She is petrified of doing anything. She thinks if she uses it she will be evicted next week. She thinks if she wins HOH she will be evicted the next week. If she doesn’t use it and it is used automatically and the result is her alliance takes a hit does she think anyone will rush to save her? Somebody needs to impress upon her that the power she has can give someone a chance at another life. It doesn’t harm anyone in any way except null out an eviction. No one else goes home in their place, The worst that could happen is Scottie would have some egg on his face. If Sam was targeted for using it her side still has the votes to keep her. Her equating using the power to save someone to her being a robot is ridiculous. Nobody is being turned into a stinking robot. UNLESS the evicted HG wins reentry into the house by agreeing to become a robot.


I think Bay’s nominee vetting is a MASSIVE misstep. I’m glad she’s playing…but here that’s overplaying and walking down a blind alley based on the same overconfidence she started with.

You ask anybody a Sophie’s Choice hypothetical and as often as not, they tell you what you want to hear…and everybody knows this, so if for instance she goes to Scottie on the Tyler stuff, he’ll think “of course he told you that because he assumes you tell Kaitlyn and he’s protecting our secret alliance”, then Scottie tells Tyler and suddenly Bay is a sh*t stirrer. Doing the hypothetical interrogation of the nom/vote vet is playing BB with the subtlety of an elephant tip-toeing.

Look at the snapping at Fez (“Don’t tell me how my power works”)…she’s still got the same problem as the rest of her side: They only know how to play from strength, so despite losing 2 (soon 3) weeks in a row, Bay’s playing from strength. She could be in an amazing spot to make calm, smart moves…under the radar post-Swaggy, secret power…but she’s blowing up that spot


You’re right. It could be a huge misstep, but at least she is playing the game (something Swaggy numbed for her…she even admits that she usually steps aside for her “man”. Vetting is definitely a risk that I think Bay is willing to take. What she does with it now will show us more what her play-ability is, for sure. It’s a shame, but Swaggy did squash her potential quite a bit.


Granny I just love you:)


Right back at ya, Lizzie! I wish you would post more! I’d love to see your thoughts and opinions! 🙂

Like literally

JC is a ass…


I agree. I think he would, too.


you rock, granny.

i think i’m mostly in agreement with you, but i’m not sure if jc is actually going to try in this hoh or if he’s still using a “throw comps” strategy. i wonder if the girls’ alliance has him concerned he needs to actually start winning. but i can’t imagine him going up as anything more than a pawn regardless.

personally i’m hoping kaitlyn wins tonight’s hoh as i’m curious how much tyler can get into her ear if he doesn’t vote her way. her noms could be almost anyone depending on whether this is really her hoh or she gets manipulated by someone else.


Yeah, JC is hard to predict for anything LOL


Always enjoy your comments and thank you for the reminders for everyone to respect each other’s opinions, very well said 🙂

The Canadian

These bros are agressive.

Not a thirsty aggressive like “I want to win that game”, more like uncomfortable to watch and hear aggressiveness.

Swaggy C was annoying to the core and still I never had that feeling that I have listening to the bros when I was listening to him trying to strategize in the corners.

Sore loosers they are, especially Brett.

Can’t wait for one of them to go (please Sam don’t use you app!), like seriously!

Like literally

completely agree . Wouldn’t like to have to work one of those they must be cutthroat

But, um

“Winston – its emotional control. That’s what pisses me off, no one is here to play. No one is ready to shake things up.”

Uh, what?? I’m pretty sure the last 2 HOHs have “shaken things up”. Like it or not, Kaitlyn did (and I didn’t like it…lol) and Scottie was definitely not “spineless” as they keep calling him. He put up 2 of the biggest guys in the house! And didn’t back down in talking to them about why. Scottie is the one that asked THEM if they wanted to talk after they were nominated. He didn’t hide from them.


I found their use of the word “spineless” funny, just in an ironic, no-self-awareness kind of way. Go, Scottie! He’s interesting. Not necessarily my favorite, but I like the way he’s playing the game so far.


Scottie wasn’t spineless at all he made a big move


I agree The Canadian these guys are mad scary and aggressive. It is funny how it was ok for other people to be on the block but for some reason that should not be put up. They made a target for them selves now they can’t live with the consequences.

Imagine if swaggy said half the aggressive things they are saying. People would be going nuts. But two white guys says it and some how it is not so bad.

BB Fanatic

Hello Rainey…people are saying it. Please stop making EVERYTHING about race! Swaggy was an arrogant jerk and so are Brett and Winston..period. They are all the same color of nasty!

Lay Low Scottie

Brett and Winston are more than arrogant jerks. Swaggy never went around saying he wanted to punch people or spit in their faces. He never called anyone b*tches or dweebs or whatever. He just liked himself. Most people on this site didn’t say a damn thing about Brett and Winston’s gross behavior until Swaggy left.


exactly, people dont want to admit the truth. race plays a factor. if swags acted like that all hell would break loose.

But, um

I totally agree!


Please don’t tell me what to say or how to feel if you feel it is not about race that is your opinion and I have the right to disagree


I do hope the network will do what they can to help Winston with readjusting to real life now. It appeared he’s armed to the teeth in his opening.


this is why i dont understand why people like the bros. their behavior is disgusting, especially bret. no need for personal attacks. the L6 alliance are always attacking the other side on looks or making physical threats. this is a game. you play strategic to win the money. all this is unnecessary and frankly ridiculous. i hope o is e of them leaves for sure. this is uncomfortable to hear


I get what you’re saying, but honestly think the insults have been pretty even on both sides of the house. The edited shows highlighted the Bros last night because they are on the block, but there has been some healthy negative judgment on both sides that is obvious on the feeds.

Bros threw poo at “the Others” (yeah, I’m a Lost fan)
“Others” (all of them) threw poo at L6
JC throws poo at everyone and doesn’t apologize for it
Even Scottie throws poo
Sam knows the poo is there, but she holds her breath and steps over it

I definitely see the Bros as Bros, filling their persona shoes perfectly. They certainly aren’t the type that I would gravitate to because a big turn off for me is people who constantly pat themselves on the back or claim superiority (which in my observations, every “other” HG has done). I really like salt of the earth people. I’m sure this is why I naturally sided with L6, always seeing Bros as mere #s to support L6.


i never heard anyone on the other side say i want to spit in this ones face, bash people’s head in etc. if i missed something show me receipts. they are always saying personal attacks. did swaggy acted this way when he was backdoored?


I’ve stated before that I really respected the way Swaggy handled things. I have also stated that I clearly do not like the Bros for the same reasons you have stated. I am not disagreeing with you about the Bros’ disgusting comments. I also agree that I have no recollection of Swaggy saying he wanted to spit on anyone or throw anyone against a wall….bash a head in. My comments are specifically related to you saying, “the L6 alliance are always attacking the other side on looks or making physical threats” when that is not the case. Brett and Winston made some physical attack comments to each other, YES. They did not threaten anyone directly other than Winston telling Scottie he better HOPE he is evicted because he will come after him (obviously that was related to him as a target, not a punching bag). All of L6 “attacking the other side on looks or making physical threats”, no. That is not true. I’m not picking sides at all. I’m saying both sides have thrown poo. But, I agree…..only the Bros have suggested physical violence to each other….no one else. I see it as venting, and I would see it the same way if Swaggy HAD reacted in that way to being backdoored. Race may play a part in the way you and/or others view these HGs, but not for me. I don’t see color. I see attitude. I don’t like the attitude that Swaggy, WInston, Brett, Bayleigh, Kait, and Rockstar have had throughout their game. I was angry over Rachel and Angela’s insensitive comments week 1 about their tans, too. They were stupid, ignorant words.

If you are looking for a fight, you will not get one from me. We can agree to disagree about things, and I do respect your opinions. But, you have nothing to prove to me, and I have nothing to prove to you.

Paul Treffinger

Granny, I know rockstar personally and don’t like her at all, she is not who she says she is, she manages and works as a house mom at scores strip club in Baltimore when she was pregnant…she’s been in the strip club business for over 15 years!! I know a lot more about her too!! She’s an idiot


I don’t think she was keeping Scores a secret, though, right?

BB Fanatic

Have you not heard a word Angie (RS) has said???


Those who are attacking the Bros for their “personal attacks”, conveniently don’t acknowledge that with the exception of Kaycee, Tyler, and Fuzzball…every last one of these HG’s have lobbed personal attacks at each other and behind the scenes. Rat, Rockface, and Hayleigh have been the worst of the other side. Even though I think much of the personal attacks being discussed between two buddies have been justified, the Bros are still are guilty of making them. Rockface is still the nastiest, most vitriolic of them all, from watching the live show, BBAD, and the feeds. I hope with all my heart that someone, anyone, wins HOH tonight, who Rockface is not tight enough with, to be spending most of her time lying on the HOH bed, staring at the monitors and spewing trash and hate. Personally, I hope it’s Brett, Angela, Rachel, or Kaycee. I want Bayleigh to win it, but it’s too fresh coming off losing a member of L6. She can take it next week. Btw, just wanna say that I really enjoy reading much of yall’s postings. They really are insightful and let me look at things from a different angle. Thanks for that. And thanks Simon and Dawg for giving us this platform to communicate and share our thoughts. As for the other slimeballs, race-baiters, and dumpster fires who just come on here to get their kicks, get a life. None of us really spend time dwelling on your stupidity, once we’re on to the next posting.


This has been the first season of Big BRother in a long time that isn’t kraken. All it would take was no vets. I like both side of the house

Looking forward to whatever happens tonight it’s win win this season.

Like literally

thanks to Kaitlin is is gift


These people are so crazy and violent and I’m enjoying every minute of it!! Lol

Haleigh's Melanoma

There hasn’t been any violence whatsoever this season, no physical altercations or threats issued beyond the routine BB ‘you put me up I will make it my mission to see you evicted’ stuff. People muttering under their breath or thinking out loud or venting frustration isn’t violence. Action is violence.


I like the fact we have many folks playing some level of game. No one is just sitting around waiting for Thursday and asking who is “the House” voting for and is there ice cream left? I’m glad the powers aren’t over powered but they could impact the game. I wish there was more latitude regarding Sam’s power. Perhaps if it wasn’t so granted early in the game it would have an even greater effect. Last year the tree of crap was useless because of when it was available. Only reason to use the tree is if you knew you were screwed or just wanted to make yourself a target.


I gotta say, i really like that there are a lot of strong female gamers this season, it’s really refreshing to see, unlike last season where every female except Jessica were all sucking just Paul’s d!ck all summer. We could have a female winner this year, it’s in their favor this season.


Winston & Brett are what happens when dudes join the “Nation of Pump” to stay fit instead of doing some real, honest work with their hands, like digging a ditch or climbing a pole. They are . . . meatheads.


The bros can seriously just fuck off… such entitled and personal digs. Rachel and Angela too for laughing and generally cooperating in that disgusting conversations. And JC is the real rat floater. Can’t wait until all of them and Kaitlyn will go. So rooting for anyone but those to win. KC is the only one I tolarate out of them.


i agree and bret saying he wants to spit in rockstars face took the cake for me. these people are ridiculous


i agree


I really wish someone would tell Krazy Kaitlyn, whenever she says “how can you vote for Brett to stay after what he said to me” – “because you’re not the most important person in the world” .

Team Jez

Someone should remind brett and winston people come to the BB to win money and not find a bruhmance LOl They call stupid and losers to others but neither is campaigning to stay and both have no social game LOL What was their purpose of their game? to meet date each other and hold hands all day? LOL


They have been actively campaigning by having one-on-one meetings the past two days with just about every HG. They are not campaigning against each other, but campaigning for why they should be the one to keep.


I’m really pretty fired-up about Kaitlyn’s potential reaction tonight when Brett stays. Will she:

a. Play it off like she decided to let him stay, claim to have known he was staying because of a premonition beforehand, or some such.


b. Go full-on apeshit on the rest of the house (especially the girls) for not standing with her in the eviction after Brett’s ‘attack’ on her.

It’s really funny that she’s acting like she’s calling the shots. Kaitlyn is just golden TV.


That’s definately something I’m lookin forward to as well. I think it will be A.

Just my opinion

It’s definitely an endurance comp tonight and I’m thinking Angela’s going to win. Angela and Brett are the only ones from L6 who have said they are going all out to win. Rachel has said she’s going to throw it because she doesn’t want to be seen as a threat after coming in second last week. Fez really wants it, also. It seems that smaller people do the best on a wall type comp (e.g. James) and Fez and Brett are too big and bulky. Out of everyone else who might do well, it seems like no one is hungry enough to stay in pain for hours. We’ll see. . .it should be good!


Angie’s got the wall comp, she’s not letting go.


I hope someone can convince Sam to use her power tonight. If she doesn’t I personally won’t be as interested in things for next week. I guess it will be interesting to people expose who they are targeting and what not. For next week: I also think Sam is potentially putting a target on her back if she doesn’t explain to others their nominations and eviction might mean crap due to her power ap.


Hate to see Winston go…but glad Brett’s staying. Bros til the end!


CBS added a running scroll at the top of the Live Feeds that says, “Tune in to the Live Feeds tonight after the episode around 10 PM EST/7 PM PST to see who is crowned HOH in the first endurance competition of the season!”

Al Buddy

Brett and Winston remind me a couple air head high school jocks or college frat boys who can’t get pass their our arrogance to concentrate on real game play. These two idiots just met each other and claiming they won’t campaign against each other. “Revenge of the Nerds” staring Scottie.