Big Brother Canada Spoilers “You ask why.. I have two words.. Why Not Bro”

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


12:15AM Hot Tub Emmett and Jillian Milkmancing
(Cause we don’t have enough Images and Videos of Jillian/Emmett milkmancing)


12:36AM Bathroom Topaz, Alec, Andrew, Talla, Peter
random chit chat.. Alec says that he would really get along with Liza outside of the house he just didn’t like her inside. Peter says the only reason why he didn’t like Tom was because of the entire “Liza thing” Alec asks him about that elastic he wears on his fingers. Peter says it’s Liza’s Alec wonders if Peter and Liza will hook up. Peter doesn’t think so.

Alec and Peter joke that they are going to the Vancouver casting calls for Season 2 of Big Brother Canada. Andrew mentions they should go as Emmett and Tom wearing muscle suits. Peter brings up something Tom said “You ask why.. I have two words.. Why not Bro” ALec breaks out in laughter (Damn i’m missing Tom )

Andrew, Talla head to bed. Topaz says she’s going to go into the Hot Tub.


12:46AM The alliance formally known as the stooges
Sleeping and re-positioning


12:47AM Peter and Alec Kitchen

They are still thinking there is a chance.. to save Alec.
Peter says if they survive this week they’ll need to lay low for a week before they go guns blazing for Emmett and JIllian . Peter is under the impression that they only need one more vote to secure Alec’s safety. He’s talked to Jillian a lot and he feels Emmett is the person they need to sway.

12:52AM Topaz and Alec

Topaz says there might be a twist
Alec: “I think if Canada Voted I would get it.. Cause you nap all the time”
Topaz: “What.. they only show a bit of the day on the show “
Alec changes his mind says that Topaz is a very good looking girl “I’m a somewhat good looking guy”

Alec thinks most people would be on his side about the Ipod thing.. Topaz agrees.

Alec thinks Canada likes Aj more than Andrew

Alec says that their showmance was a lot more real than the others this season because they had disagreements like you do in real life.

Alec: “Do you think this is a game?.. Peter calls it a sport.. I think a sport is a game”

Alec admits that he’s out the door..

1:08AM Topaz and Alec head to bed.. leaving the milkmance in the kitchen


1:10AM Milkmance

Emmett is teasing Jillian about her never being on the block because she’s not a threat. Jillian leaves to get ready for bed

1:12AM Kitchen

Alec: “Peter told me what Jillian said to him.. and I know you don’t trust me fully.. but I promised I would not come after you ”
Emmett doesn’t know what he’s talking about
Alec explains that Jillian told Peter if the vote is a tie she will keep Alec in the game in return Alec promises to not come after Emmett.
Emmett: “Yup”
Alec: “Let me reiterate I’ve never lied to you in this game.. “

1:33AM Emmett and Jillian HOH

Emmett is going to talk to Peter in private and tell him that Alec is going home. He’ll say Andrew and Talla are voting to evict Alec and Emmett doesn’t want to start a war with the Stooges so he’s going to vote with the house on this one. Emmett: “I trust Peter without Alec”

Emmett also plans to bring up that Alec is going around telling people that Peter will target anyone that votes against Alec.

Emmett knows that if Peter wins HOH he might come after them. Emmett: “Hopefully Topaz and Talla go up.. that is why you need to get closer with Topaz.. as soon as Alec goes Peter is going to her right away”

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So I liked Emmett up until this week. Wouldn’t his planned intimidation towards Peter be the same thing that he’s condemning Alec for?


What intimidation? He’s planning to talk to Peter so Peter isn’t blindsided by what happens. Really over-dramatic to call that intimidation.


I agree i don’t get how this is intimidation all emmitt is doing is telling peter the truth which is more then most people have. Yes, he wants peter to work with him but that is his choice. He isn’t threatening him or making peter do anything he just telling peter the truth so he isn’t blind sited on thursday.


Watching Afterdark right now on TV – Peter on couch picking his nose abit , staring around a lot, melting into the corner of the couch (same old, same old). It dawns on me – what exactly has Peter done or said in this game that gives him the privilege to still be there? Did I perhaps miss a brilliant and poignant moment or conversation he had with someone? What is he still doing there? Why does it seem that quite a few people see him as some sort of wizard? I swear I must have missed something because watching him day in, day out…..NOPE – he turns into some alter ego with a purple sash around his head which is, I assume, supposed to make us see him as eccentric and brilliant. I don’t know. I’d like to get different perspectives on this because I’m at a complete loss. WHAT’S WITH PETER?


Peter isn’t part of the Shield – he WEARS a shield – of invisibility.
He should call himself The Cloak.


alec must be in la la land if he thinks Canada would vote to save him.


i want this week to hurry up pass because i tired of all the house guest repeating the same shit … just send alec home lets get moving along


Fuc* you peter Tom never said that, he says “the questions why, my answers why not bro”. Gonna be nice to see Alec gone he wont be laughing no more =)


If Topaz goes home in the DE on Thursday, I see this happening:

Emmett will want Peter in the F4 with him, Jillian and Andrew. Emmett will try to convince Jillian to bring Peter in as their F3 instead of Andrew, because Emmett will think Peter would take him to F2 over Jillian.

Jillian will try to convince Emmett to keep Andrew as the F3, because Jillian believes Andrew will take her to F2 over Emmett.

Talla will come in 5th, and the PoV (when it’s down to the F4) will determine who is going to the F3 with Emmett and Jillian.

If they get rid of Peter on DE, then I think it’s the the original F4 plan of Andrew, Emmett, Jillian and Talla.

Man, this game has gotten good! 🙂

Mr. BiLL

If I have to continue to watch Emmett and Jillian make-out like two dogs in heat, I think that I will go and FLUSH my head
down the TOILET! “OOOH” it’s so painful to watch.


Isn’t Love Grand!


It is very amusing how some of the more unlikeable HGs are completely clued out as to how they are perceived by the public especially in light of the way they come across on the live feeds.


I think Emmett has been eating too many cow balls. I don’t like him any more..


Talla is actually getting on my nerves. I think Andrew has had about enough of her as well. I want Talla gone next. She is so irritating, you can’t have a conversation with her and she thinks she is entitled and adorable. Do you hear her order people to do this, get that?


Thanks Simon & Dawg for all that you do. I sent my donation 2 weeks ago. I figured I’d get in before the rush, lol.


Saksi vídeo


@ babybare

I have been anti Peter since day 1 and can’t believe he actually has fans. He is loud and annoying and thinks he is playing a great game. I said it before and will say it again. They need to get his white boney butt out of this house cause if he wins… It will be a very sad first season of BBC.


It IS a sad first season.
Too many clueless players cast. Too much interference.
Now I’m not caring.
I want Alec to stay and be a manic uncontrollable liar, everyone to turn on each other for a feast of paranoia, stress, and backstabbing psychodrama.
Then Talla wins to make an utter farce out of it all.
Good times!


Actually you may have just gotten use to returning house guests on BBusa. Most US seasons you find a future star or 2 that usually don’t win. The rest are as clueless as some Canadian HG’s. The casting though far from spectacular has been decent except why no Quebec based players. I find that odd unless there is no Francaphone adaptation in Quebec.
The shows bggest letdown has been production frankly. Used major twists way to early for the wrong players. Hardcore fans had enough and Gary goes jury house. AJ no veto and gone and so on. For a 1st season a C+ to a B- so far overall. I don’t rate my enjoyment of a season based on who wins but the totality of the events and entertainment value.


Hi STAN7777
The phonecall HOH ticked me off, then POWERSHIFT. And Arisa continues to.
Regardless of who the players were, it’s THEIR game, not the publics.
HGs don’t have to be clueless or big fans to be fun.
I’d rather they were all clueless or all big fans. Either option doesn’t prevent casting interesting “types”.
Oh well. C+ seems fair.

I’d like to see a BB with NO evictions the first few weeks!
But lots of tasks, earned privileges, punishments, forced shopping lists, KP duty, laundry and cleaning and food treat games,.everybody getting to know each other and us knowing them!
Maybe even comps like qualifiers to earn the right to compete in the first real HOH – with 4 noms and 2 evicted!
I’ll keep pushing for a BB Network. (!)


Who is he going to win against? Emmett-nope, Jillian-No way in hell, Andrew-nope, Talla-possible, Topaz-possible. Do you think he has the gameplay to defeat E/J and Andrew and bring either Topaz or Talla to final two?! No way in hell.


I thought I’d give a few minutes to his YouTube channel which Siimon/Dawg graciously posted a few weeks back. *WARNING* If you can’t stand him now, prepare yourself for being really annoyed (I was anyways). He seems to think his rants on topics makes him the discoverer of the missing link or something. He has not one original thought on anything and he’s way more arrogant than his Diary Room videos. His appeal is not helped in any way by the fact that it is rehearsed and REALLY BADY ACTED. That’s 15 minutes of my life I want refunded from Peter.


So agree with Scallywag!! I was listening to Topez and Talla talk about how they would be seen by Canada and they were way off. The Suzette thing too was hilarious, we only voted to keep her because we hated Tom. Really wish Liza would have played a different game she would have been fun to watch at this stage in the show. Alec, thinks he is somewhat of a nice looking guy?? How can any human not take repsonsiblity for the way he treated Topez in the DR. My favorite quote last week was when peter said, “the shield is in trouble”. So glad that Topez has started to throw Alec under the bus and tell everything she knows. I sooooooooooooooo want J/E up for eviction next week, therefore hoping Topez or Peter win and put her up. Thinking Topez won’t do this because she will be to scared for them to come after her the next week. I hate the way they play, I think that is why we were Gary fans he would have done it different.


I want to see J/E up during the double eviction also. Then it would be a free-for-all giant scramble with no more pairs, it would be super exciting for the viewer!


If you use the name Topaz 5 TIMES in your post, PLEASE make the effort to spell it correctly. It’s Topaz, not Topez.
Thank you.


I would actually like to see Jill get evicted. Not just because I am sick of the make out scenes (which I SO am!) but I think it would be better for Emmett’s game. I would like to see him and Andrew sitting together in the end but he needs to focus on the game, not Jillian. Whatever they do after the show is their business and I wish them all the luck but I like the way this kid has played and he has potential to go all the way. He just needs to stop playing with Jill and start playing the game


I agree Ann but I also have seen how Emmet is playing a good game, in spite of all the Jillmance. He doesn’t get rattled by gossip, lies or ‘promises’. He seems to have the ability to cut through all the bs Alec and Peter are handing them in spite of the Jillian distraction. But I also agree that all that showmance is getting sickening.


alec JUST asked peter about the elastic he’s been wearing EVERY SINGLE DAY now?! as a psych student, i feel like there is a ton of stuff alec should be noticing or realizing and he’s just NOT. like in a social situation, if you throw your girlfriend under the bus but also kiss her constantly, your friends will find this annoying. if you’re in a game situation, this will be made worse as HGs are looking for any reason to evict you. it’s just common sense… i feel as though alec’s downfall was more than his blind trust in emmett and voting to keep andrew, it was his approach to women in the house. shit talking topaz soooo early, never getting close to jillian even though she’s a really good player and underestimating talla, and now he won’t have any of their support/votes. he was also overly dependent on his “deal” with emmett, about taking him and peter to the end. it’s ironic if he thought jillian was riding emmett’s coat tails to the end bc as far as i can see, he was planning to do the same thing and is now shocked that emmett is not taking him.
alec was my favorite to win right before his HOH reign. i now think he deserves to go. i hate that he thinks talla and topaz are less deserving than him. i mean, the house has wanted topaz out for while now and she’s still there! she’s exceptionally good at talking herself out of bad situations, and has shown she is a competitor (she won 1, almost 2 HOHs). she’s even feigning a “girls” alliance with jillian this week and she hates her guts! that’s a smart player.


I hope you see this question or someone else offers the answer: What did Peter say when Alec asked about the elastic?” I missed it and would love to see it or hear it. Thank you


check their convo last night at 12:36AM in the post above…


The elastic is Liza’s.