Nomination Ceremony Results! “I want to take him by the throat & slam him up against the wall”

POV: ? Next POV: July 14th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots ?


6:17pm Lounge room. Winston – I just need to win the veto. That kid is a snake in the grass. He voted for me. JC – calm down before you say anything because right now you are heated. JC leaves. Scottie knocks on the door and asks if they want to talk? Winston doesn’t say anything. After Scottie leaves. Winston – dork!

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6:20pm HOH room. Brett and Scottie head up to the HOH room to talk. Scottie – its really straight up. You guys have a connection with literally every girl in the house. By the time we get the votes later, you’ll be like Paul and unstoppable. I am not about that backdoor sh*t. Especially if its a competitor that I respect. I want you to have the chance to take yourself off. Brett – I respect that, that’s fine Scottie. Scottie – and your votes will always be the same. Brett – I’ve promised you safety. I’ve been straight up with you. If you think otherwise, then that’s how you feel. Clearly you’ve drawn the line. It is what it is. I understand if that’s how you want to go about it. I think you’ve made the wrong choice but I respect that you’ve given me the chance to play for the veto. I am a little clouded right now. I didn’t expect this. I think there are some other people that are abusing their relationship with you. I understand wanting to get out strong competitors. There are people that you could take out that don’t add to the house and just cause issues. I’ve tried to talk game with you. Scottie – I definitely would have told you before but its against the rules. Brett – ok. They leave the room.

6:23pm Storage room. Winston, Kaitlyn and Tyler. Winston – I need to talk to Brett before he talks to him. Well he did it! Trying to think my way out of this. Putting both of us up is pretty rough. One of us needs to win the veto there is no question. Kaitlyn – what you need to do if one of you don’t win the veto is .. you need to separate from him for a hot minute. And start going around literally and telling people why you need to stay over him. Its f**ked up and sad but you want to make it to the end. Winston – Its also like Brett’s my boy. Right now there is now campaigning .. theres the veto. JC, Sam and you two (Tyler & Kaitlyn) are the only ones that came up to me right now. Kaitlyn – I think everyone is shocked. Winston – I can’t understand why he is lying to the house. Or who is lying!?

6:27pm Havenot room. Brett & Winston. Brett tells Winston his conversation with Scottie. Winston – I need to calm down because right now I want to take him by the throat and slam him up against the wall like high school. I will be like your game is done! Next week you’re gone! Brett – I said you drew the line in the sand. Winston – I’m going to say last night I came to you in confidence and even told you about the Sam thing. You’ve got both of the girls that I said would be up here all day. And everything that I predicted in this game has come true. You just wrote your own death sentence. I won’t do it in front of anyone. I will do it one on one and I will scare the little sh*t sh*tless. I’ll scare him, done! Don’t try to be coy with me its done! They head out of the room.

6:30pm HOH room. Scottie and Winston. Scottie – first of all I won’t tell anyone about what you said about Sam. that was an issue and cleared it up. The simple matter of it is.. you two are always going to be a vote. Once we get to the final 8 I am going to be able to beat you guys. How good he is socially.. Winston – no I respect it. But I came to you last night and told you exactly what was going to happen today. You can see who’s been up here kissing your butt and .. that’s going to go on all week. You’ve forgotten about the two people in your alliance that have flipped. There was an eighth vote out there and I’m convinced you voted for me and just lied to the whole house. I have no idea how what your incentive is on that .. I know Haleigh didn’t vote for me. (Yes she did) You did. You just drew a line in the sand. You’re gone next week! You just wrote your own eviction so you better hope I go home. Because I am telling you right now I am coming after you! You’re gone! Zero questions asked. You better hope I’m gone! You better hope I don’t win that veto. Good luck! Winston storms out. Scottie – I respect it.

6:35pm HOH room. Scottie and Fes. Scottie tells Fes about his conversation with Winston. Fes – he’s an idiot and he’s going to get voted out this week. Socttie – Brett was a lot more calm… that’s why he’s more dangerous. Fes – if one of them come off who goes up? Scottie – whoever is closest to the person that comes off. Fes – the way they’re reacting .. they don’t have the power. They’re going to try and feed you what every they want to feed you. That definitely showed me how big your balls are! One click – Brett! They talk alone all the time.. now they can’t do that.

Winston goes to the Havenot room and tells Brett what he said to Scottie. Winston – I think I scared him. I need to climb that rock wall. I need to get some of this aggression out. Or I am going to punch the kid.

Winston – Bros got to win the veto. Rachel joins them. Brett – I have no one to blame but myself. I should have won that one (HOH).

7:20 HOH room. Rockstar, Fes, Tyler and Scottie. Rockstar – hopefully its the veto with the prizes in it. I think that’s when there are only 8 or 10 of us. Rockstar – so if everything stays the same with the veto, we’re getting Brett out because he’s more charismatic right? Scottie – at that point we can all decide what to do. I am literally not even scared with his (Winston) threat.

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Right on!

Yes! Good move Sir Scottie! Now please back door Kaitlyn! Cheers


Hell’s no. Kaitlyn can wait . The Bros need to be split apart.


Winston such a fool needs to go scottie needs to play super nice with sam so she doesn’t help the bros at all!!!


@ Dawg:
6:30pm HOH room. Scottie and Winston. (…) Winston: “There was an eighth vote out there and I’m convinced you voted for me and just lied to the whole house. I have no idea how what your incentive is on that .. I know Haleigh didn’t vote for me. (Yes she did) You did.”
Winston is correct, telling Scotty he knows that Scotty did vote for him, e.g. to keep him. And that Scottie is lying about it to the entire house. Haleigh didn’t vote to keep Winston.


And we are off to another entertaining week!


I’ll be find with either Brett or Winston gone.

Your average BB Fan

Good Job Scottie ! You Came Through and didn’t back out ! Honestly I don’t care who leaves this week because at least level 6 will lose a number this week . I was tired of them getting through the week(s)not winning HOH or Veto and just skating by every week hopefully it’ll be a wake up call for them to win next week or get evicted that week by the other side.


Haha these two are a joke. Winston is a pathetic bully. Yeah Swaggy was annoying with his cocky attitude, but what I hate more is when a man try’s to bully someone he perceives to be weak. Hopefully he leaves.


100% agree with this. Winston is acting like a straight up douche, anyone who bullies at his age is a loser. The better move is to get Brett out, he’s the player that could go far, but since Winston is acting this way he’ll probably be the one out.


He probably will, but if he keeps it up the entire week, it might be smart to keep him if the target grows on him and his alliance realizes what a pos he is lol. It basically comes down to who his alliance wants out between the two if they remain on the block. Side note, I’m happy with the season that people are doing moves and not doing what the house wants.


Yes, take out Brett, ppl will like charisma if you keep him but not the bully so they will not follow Winston, so he can stay & wallow & stew in misery


I agree with you. I really liked Winston in the beginning, but he has to remember that this is a game, and that it has a goal. Scottie is making a smart move, not based on emotions, and Winston should respect that, not try to physically intimidate him! I lost a lot of respect for Winston with his reaction…..and gained some for Brett (who I couldn’t stand previous to this).


Scottie’s move is solid.. You’re totally right about Winston.

Jay Crimson

Wow Winston violence and name calling. True colors out I see

Lay Low Scottie

The true colors have been out. Everyone has just been focused on Swaggy.

Mom of 3 Boys

I like the size of Scottie’s balls ??

Mom of 3 Boys

I love the size of Scottie’s balls ??

Andrea stuart

Lol winston defintely sounds like a deplorable lol what a moron. He believes bully and violence would help his game what an absolute moron lol maybe winston attended trump scam university where racist like angela and rachel get a full scholarship and considered talented people lol


I think you missed your bus to Canada.


No Winston just took a page right out of Liberal Handbook, lol…He could work for Hillary, he so crooked!!


Hillary isn’t/wasn’t crooked. Liberals/democrats are Americans. Russians sure did a super duper job of dividing Americans and having them fight against each other. Rather than the real enemy of USA Putin.


No Winston is a Liberal, he is as crooked as Hillary!!


Without saying if I am left or right, I say this. I come here to get away from all this bipartsian CRAP!!! ALL OF YOU!!! Cut it out! This is a glorious break from real life drama!! It’s a game. It is a happy place in which to release the real and embrace the absurd! Leave my crazy happy BB out of your politics. I thank you.


I will.. I promise.


Sorry about that. No shade. This is just my escape. I love what you do for this site, you ad Dawg.






So the question becomes: Will Sam use her power this week and possibly negate Scottie’s HoH or will she roll the dice and risk next weeks HoH being useless? The bros know about the power, will they start pulling at Sam?


What would be great as if Bailey uses her power the same week sam uses hers. LOL. I hope Bailey doesn’t know about Sam’s power. Or at least the ins and outs of it.


I’m building a bro shrine tomorrow. Thumb me down.. send me hate.. the shrine is getting built.

It worked for Victor.


I’m all for it. I actually like the bros (ducking as the flames come hurling towards me). Scottie made the right move putting them up, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them stay to add more drama in the coming weeks.


Light a candle for me


I’m all bro until Thursday.. don’t bother reading my spoilers they’ll all be bro.


Love it Simon. I will light a candle in honor of the bros:( Just for you

Lay Low Scottie

Was Victor really a bro? Victor had the competition wins, the looks, and the sense of humor to back up the confidence he had. Brett and Winston have nothing.




I’m all for Scottie nominating the Bros, but he is spending an excessive amount of time listening to Rockstar (and even Kaitlyn on the feeds tonight). Please tell me that he is smarter than taking them as his advisors. When Rockstar and Kaitlyn are circling like fleas around you, then you need to check yourself, and then think long and hard about your next move.


Good Grief…..I missed something again! Would someone please tell me what the heck Winston said to Scottie about Sam????

Also, I think Scottie has made a BIG mistake putting up the bros. I’m not a fan of either but Scottie’s timing leaves a lot to be desired. If Tyler, Sam, Jc or either of the bros win veto…uh oh. One comes off the block. Four votes for the bro left to stay & Fez, Box o Rocks, Crazy Kat & Hayleigh vote for the bro left to evict. That leaves Rachel or Angela in the drivers seat (one of them would be a replacement). Both voted to evict Swaggy last week. And Tyler still has Crazy Kat’s ear (but I don’t think she’d defy Fezzie twice).

Boy…….do I love this season!!!!!!!!!

Like Literally

This is the last week for Sam to use her power isn’t it, without it being used automatically on the next week’s nominees? So regardless, they could “Save a Bro” – neither have won a competition yet so I don’t see either of them making it to the end anyway. I am entertained by almost everyone in the house for different reasons, with the exception of Wannabe Rock Star.

Smitten Kitten

No way is Tyler using the veto on one of the bros.

Right now, nobody in the Rockstar/Fez/Haleigh/etc. alliance knows that Tyler is perfectly straddling both sides of the house, but he’s really with Level 6.
If he uses the veto on one of the bros, they’ll be no doubt in everyone’s mind which side Tyler sides with.

Tyler has bent playing too smoothly to show his cards like that… if he’s picked for veto, he’ll definitely throw it so it doesn’t come to that.


Tyler’s power is only coming out if he can use it on himself! Go Tyler!
I know everyone thinks that they want to make a “big move” if they get HOH, but had I been Scottie, I think I would not have put such a target on my back. I would have put up two of the girls that haven’t done anything yet. Make them do something. Of course, the Bros haven’t done anything yet either … I hope Scottie doesn’t go home next week.


Unless he sells a backdoor of Angela to that side. It’s basically what he said last week, he used the veto thinking Angela was the replacement.


So Scotty takes out a Bro, remaining Bro takes out Scotty leaving 4 guys vs eight girls. Could end up with an all girl non-alliance by default.

Like Literally

Would be nice for a change. But perhaps a smaller girl’s alliance sub-text that excludes Rock Star and Kaitlyn (Rock Star bleh, and Kaitlyn, changes her mind every time the wind blows).


OOPs…forgot about Bayleigh!!!!!!!


Ughh,,, Winston is such a bully, can’t stand people like that. I bet he’s afraid…just hoping sam doesnt use the power app…


I kinda hope that Sam does. I want some of these powers used. Sure, her power gets put into play next week regardless, but I want to see the people that won them get to use them to change the game (even if it’s for a change that I may not like). It’s hard to feel powerful if you hold a power that you are afraid to use.


TV wise, it will be a great week. Strategy wise it is a bad move for Scottie’s game. Here is why. Say Sam uses her power on a Bro and bro battles back and get’s back in. You have a ticked off bro’s. Here is another scenario. Sam doesn’t use the power next week there is a battle back, whoever evicted next week, Swaggy, Steve, and Winston/Brett. You better pray Scottie Tyson is evicted next week. If Swaggy comes back… Fez, Tyson, and Swaggy can rule the house and with no Bro coverage… Eliminations could go as follow… Amanda, Scottie (I do not see him lasting two weeks.), Rachael… now the rest is in no particular order… Kaycee, Rockstar, Kaitlyn, Sam, and JC… hey what about bro #2. Once Amanda or Racheal go… Bro #2 will be absorbed into the dudes and probably evicted soon after the last disposable is gone.

In all honesty, Fez as a target means no Swaggy and Fez reunion guaranteed. If Scottie could have worked with Tyson, Sam, JC, and Kaycee,,, that may be enough to pick off the bro’s (they don’t win when they try.), whoever comes back, Then Amanda and Rachael… that leaves Rockstar and hopefully at that point get out Tyson or Kaitlyn… Scottie would be sitting in the game really pretty and not just another disposable.

Like I said Bro eviction fun TV/ Feed week…. in reality, horrible strategy.

True Dat

Two problems with your theory. Number one-no one named Amanda or Tyson exists in the house. Number two-there will not be a prejury battleback this year.


Tyler and Angela… That is how much I care… Might as well start calling them Tyson and Angela.


What are you talking about? Who are Tyson and Amanda. Swaggy is gone. He is NOT getting a chance to come back into the game. Remember, he was evicted?


Tyler and Angela… This how much I care this Season… LOL I am going to start calling them Tyson and Amanda LOL


Does Scottie know that it was Kaitlyn who flipped and voted Steve out?


Why baily got the power??!!! No!!!
Level 6 could of put rockstar on the block with this power!! Dam!!
I think sam power is gonna be in play this eviction. Stay tune.


A lot of non-live feed, no update folks vote and Bayleigh had a good edit and a fair amount of time the last couple episodes. I’m rather glad the power went to someone outside the main alliance. I don’t want one side to steamroll the season.


All Kaitlyn had to do was go along with her alliance and everything would have been fine. Instead she shows she can’t be trusted. Plus, made herself a target. And got rid of the biggest target in the house who would have helped her, and who she could have hid behind. She’s not even playing her own game. She playing for Tyler.


I’ve lost all respect for Winston that I’d had. Now, I give it all to Scottie! High school BS crap!


Winston acts like he’s privileged, Yes, take out Brett, ppl will like charisma if you keep him but not the bully so they will not follow Winston, so he can stay & wallow & stew in misery & hopefully not win anything…