Rockstar “Every girl thinks the same thing as you. That’s what’s dangerous. Brett is a threat!”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

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12:05pm Backyard. Rockstar and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – if I can figure out a way to make a deal with him. Rockstar – like the deal that you made with them last time? Kaitlyn – what do you mean? Rockstar – like didn’t you make a deal with them last time when you were HOH? Kaitlyn – to keep you guys safe? Rockstar – MMMhhmm. Kaitlyn – yeah. Rockstar – like that deal where he went upstairs and tried to get rid of us. Kaitlyn – his game relies on it so if that’s what he has to do. If you can’t commit to this then SORRRRY! You or your friend are going home. This is your chance but you are NOT f**King touching us. Bayleigh joins them. Rockstar – Rachel is coming more and more around me and Bay. Kaitlyn – Scottie has made it very clear he is staying out of it. Its not even the lesser of two evils because they’re both bad. Rockstar – Winston tried to pitch me to go on the block. Kaitlyn – if all the girls have a talk and we decide to be on the same page moving forward. Like sure he can stay this week but we are on the same page that he is not staying long. Rockstar – he is silver tongued and will wrap someone into getting rid of us. Kaitlyn – lets say Brett stays and then he wins HOH, we’re not his f**king target. He’s made good and clear who that target is. Good and clear! Rockstar – who is it? Kaitlyn – Scottie. Winston – told me that when I was HOH. They don’t like how he talks game with everyone and tells everyone they’re safe. Rockstar – I want to keep these three (Scottie, Fes and Tyler)… and Brett is a threat to that. We can take out Winston anytime. Brett is a threat! It even rhymes. Bay – I could careless. Rockstar – Winston doesn’t win anything. He doesn’t have a social game. NO one actually likes him. Kaitlyn – I don’t f**king like Winston. Brett is so nice and I can tolerate another week with him. Rockstar – every girl in this house thinks the same thing as you. That’s what’s dangerous. Haleigh, Angela and even Sam has said the same thing. Bay – he’s started touching me lately. We had a two hour talk yesterday.. and after I was like I love him. I literally do. Kaitlyn – he (Brett) has to go.

12:30pm Backyard. Bayleigh and Brett. Bayleigh – correct me if I’m wrong but there was a rumor going around that you had a big crush on Haleigh. Brett – really? First I’ve heard of this. Bay – really? Brett – that is interesting. I mean I love Haleigh but that is interesting. For me all the girls in here are stunning but the last thing I need is a showmance and have to live in the house with an ex-showmance. Bay – you really think you would break up with a girl as a showmance? You couldn’t last a 100 days? Brett – I wouldn’t want to chance it. Bay – what would you do to make her want to break up with you? Brett – that’s a great question but I’ve never know. I’ve only really had one girlfriend. I’m not the type of person to fake it either. Bay – why would you get into a showmance if you had to fake it. Brett – if its really worth it we can wait until we get out of here. Bay – do you know the game really well? Brett – I think I know it as good as anyone else. Bay – I watched my first episode a few months ago. Brett – I’m pretty much the same.

1:10pm Backyard. Bay and Scottie. Scottie – tomorrow is the veto ceremony. I imagine my day will be a lot of sitting around and a lot of people asking what I’m going to do. Bay – what are you going to do? Scottie – why would I do anything? Scottie – I mean they will probably come to me and try to convince me of something. Bay – I doubt it. Honestly when I talked to them.. both of them were like I’m playing a loyal game and don’t want to do anything to jeopardize his game. I’m not going to say anything bad about him. Both of them are saying that. Scottie – well that’s what they’re saying now but if I keep them up there together we’ll see what happens. Bay – are you still on the same page with who you want to go? Scottie – oh it really doesn’t matter to me. I think I know what you guys are going to do. Bay – who do you think? Scottie – I think B would go. Bay – that’s what I thought too but today Kaitlyn changed her mind. Scottie – she is literally the only one. She will go around and try and convince other people but if she tells you anyone else will, she is full of sh*t. Bay – she put Winston up so she thinks he is going to come after her. Scottie – that’s what tells you what her game is.. that she’s sneaky and paranoid. Whereas my game is straight up. Bay – she said she wants to be with people she can beat in the long run. Scottie – and in her eyes Winston going is perfect because she has attached herself with Brett.

1:20pm – 1:40pm Big Bother blocks the feeds.

1:40pm Backyard. Winston and Tyler playing pool. Rachel tells Tyler that she was talking sh*t about him. I told Bayleigh that I don’t trust Tyler. I said that he’s close to Kaitlyn and Haleigh. I makes me uncomfortable. Tyler – sweet. Rachel – I am trying to put in subtle things here and there. I think there are a lot of people that don’t want to win HOH. Its going to start becoming easy.

1:40pm Big Brother announcement “To read or not to read!”

2:25pm – 2:30pm Storage room. Haleigh gets all dressed up to read Hamlet. One minute later big brother gives the signal to stop reading “to read or not to read”. Then only a few minutes after Haleigh has taken the costume off.. big brother “to read or not to read”. Haleigh – They’re pissing me off! They’re being a$$holes. You’re trying to break me. You’re not going to break me! Not today! I will not be broken!

Haleigh heads out into the backyard to read her book again..

2:50pm Storage room. Bayleigh and Brett. Brett – I don’t understand how no one is upset about what she just did. Bay – everybody is upset, they’re just not saying anything. Brett – It’s got to be Kaitlyn. This would be a perfect opportunity right now. Bay – you think Scottie would take you off and put Kaitlyn on? Brett – I don’t think he would take me off based on my opinion. He might do it if he has your support. Bay – let me let you in on a little secret. At this point in the game, the only person that is pro for keeping you here is Kaitlyn. The only person! Brett – really? I am hearing the exact opposite. Bay – who is telling you the opposite? Brett – from multiple people .. Kaitlyn is campaigning for you to go. Bay – who told you that? Be honest, be straight up. Brett – JC. What is happening right now? Bay – I am going to be honest. Don’t repeat this to anyone. If you do I will literally kill you. Kaitlyn is campaigning for you to stay because she put Winston on the block and thinks that Winston is going to throw Scottie and her on the block. Bay – JC wants to keep the person that isn’t going to go after Scottie. Brett – but Winston blew up on him. Bay – JC doesn’t think Winston is a threat because he hasn’t won anything and hasn’t been HOH. Everyone is scared of keeping you because you’re charming. Brett – I wish I talked more game with people because I haven’t talked game with anyone. Haleigh and Rockstar think you’re coming after them. The more game things you have to say and less rubbing and hair touching. Brett – you’ve got me. I’m blindsided right now. Bay – they want to put Winston up for a third week in a row and watch him break. I am going to think about it and see what I can do .. because obviously I would like some muscle behind me. Kaitlyn is scared of Winston, she likes your massages and she doesn’t think you would take her out. Brett – I wouldn’t. Bay – exactly.

3:10pm – 3:24pm Big Brother “To read or not to read in the shower”

3:35pm Pool time..

3:42pm Hammock. Brett and Haleigh. Brett – I am like fascinated by JC. I just can’t stop watching him. I’ve never met anyone like him. He is like the strangest gay guy I’ve ever met. Haleigh tells Brett about how JC said he was sitting in a truck with his dad and two guys walked by holding hands and his dad told him if you ever consider doing that I will kill you. Brett – really? Haleigh – and that was when he was nine so he wall always so scared.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

4:20pm HOH room. Bayleigh and Kaitlyn. Bay tells Kaitlyn about her conversation with Brett earlier today in the storage room. Kaitlyn – Brett and I talked yesterday and I told him I have his back. Bay – that’s why he was confused when JC told him that. I said Kaitlyn is literally the only one advocating for you. Kaitlyn – what the F**K! JC is going around telling everyone. Bay – JC was just trying to cover his butt because thinks he is the replacement. Kaitlyn – I think that is bullsh*t. It would be me. Bay – I think it was just JC being JC. Bay – I think Brett should stay. He will know that you and I had his back from jump. Katilyn – that is so crazy. Kaitlyn tells Bayleigh everything.

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Anyone else noticed on BBAD last night when Fez and Bay were in HOH talking (around 1 hr mark) you can here the film crew laughing. I’m know they weren’t laughing at their conversation but their own conversation or whatever….


Maybe I’m a really bad person, but I am getting a lot of enjoyment watching Hayleigh have to dress up in a costume, read Hamlet, and as soon as she takes it off, she has to start all over again. Hahahahahahaha.


I wish that Rockstar got the crap app – that would be put enjoyment.


It would mean we’d see more of her though…


Scottie seems to be adamant that he is not going to use the veto, but I’m not sure I believe him. I hope he does use it and takes out Kaitlyn.
These girls are all confusing to me. I know Kaitlyn and Bayleigh, but the rest of them I have a hard time keeping straight. Maybe it’s because they haven’t really done anything for me to identify them with. I don’t have the feeds this season (no time to watch) so I only have the show and this OBB to go on. Kind of hard to get to know the hgs from that. I’m glad that you guys, Simon and Dawg, have this site to help me get a bit more insight. Count on a donation coming your way!

Melvin the Mighty

It helps to be a guy…. Angela is the beautiful blonde with the hot body. Rachel is the beautiful brunette with the hot body. Kaitlyn is the shorter beautiful blonde with the hot body who’s kind of nuts. Bayleigh is the beautiful African American with a hot body. Kaycee is the beautiful gal of ambiguous ethnic origin who dresses rather manishly but no doubt has a hot body. Hayleigh is the beautiful college student with the hot body. Sam is the beautiful blonde with the drawl. And then there’s Angie, who calls herself Rockstar and has the body of a woman who gave birth six months ago.

Houka Inumuta

I saw that I got downvoted. Can someone tell me how Scottie is in a bad place. He has Haleigh Faysal Bayleigh and Rockstar on his side going after the other side. Meanwhile players like Sam, Brett, Winston, Kaylee, Rachel, Angela, Kaitlyn, Tyler and JC cant strategize and win comps so Scottie could take them out easily. I would love to know who Scotties biggest treat


I think he’s in a really bad spot just because everyone knows that he’s the one that flipped on his alliance, therefore, he can’t be trusted. He put a bigger target on his back. Had he not won HOH he would have probably been the one going home this week. For him, it’s a good thing that Brett messed up the veto too.


What’s with Bayleigh sharing so much information with Brett. She says she wants muscle behind her but isn’t that why she has Fessie? Do either think they can really trust each other. Sounds like she really wants to save him. Do you believe her? Do you think he will tell anyone?


I don’t know why hayleigh gets a bad rap.
She’s cool, and she’s playing the game.
I like that she has spunk. Has been loyal, and doesn’t change her mind every five seconds.

I barely noticed her at first, but she changed my mind. I really like her around Scottie.
Cute friendship.

Love Sam.
Love Kaycee.
Faysal is growing on me too. He’s likable when he’s not trying to be a player.
I wish that he was more observant though.

Don’t really care which of the bros go.

Bayleigh has a good read on things. Glad to see her playing.


Hopefully Sam will use her power and neither one of the Bros will leave. If not, whoever is evicted will be saved. Possibly Scottie? He’s who I would want out next. Then either Kaitlyn or Angie (RockStar).


Bay is impressing me. I thought she’d fold and just become a whiny ghost, but she’s looking for openings and trying to play. Brett would be wise to simply accept it’s either him or Winston and it’s gotta be Winston. He should go to Tyler and together hook up with Kaitlyn and Bay as a side alliance. Even if JC has to go under the bus to a degree, he’s gotta get the votes

Carolina girl

I agree about Bay, she is playing the game. But Brett and Tyler are already together and Kaitlyn would be the worst person to align with.. she bases everything on feelings and changes her mind with the wind. Pulling Bay in would be great for their games though.


Whoa! Kaitlyn is telling Bay e v e r y t h i n g.


Oh wow. What all is she telling her ? Kaitlyn is such a loose cannon. Or cannonball. Whatever it was swaggy said she was. She is.


She revealed Sam’s power and everything that motivated her to flip her vote and put up Swaggy. Obviously Kait thinks Bayleigh will work with her, but I really think Bayleigh is going to work with Kaycee and Brett.

Like Literally

Kaitlyn can’t keep her mouth shut or her stories straight. Remember she told Tyler she told someone else about Sam’s app and he was frustrated and reminded her they PROMISED Sam to keep that a secret. She whined back that “EVERYONE knows”.. because she talks non-stop.


Yeah, she is really messing up Syler’s secret, but I honestly think Tyler had no choice but to reveal it to Kait in order to get her to flip. It was basically a huge risk, but it did get the results he and Sam wanted. Sam is playing in her own way.


The 6 would be smart to try lie to Scottie and make a fake 7 alliance with him. They save themselves this week then dump Scottie the first chance they get.

Scottie is in a really bad place either way and I could care less. He will go home first chance the 6(5) get a chance. Not to mention his side doesn’t even trust him. Clown.


Let me just say I would not totally rule out Sam using the power on one of the bros this week.

Just saying. Not saying she will. Just saying don’t rule it out. Production can get in ones ear a bit.

Winston would probably fail at the get back in chance anyway:-P So funny he thinks he is a big buff dude and he is literally 5’6 150 pounds. Haha.


Anyone know why we don’t get Big Brother After Dark in Canada this season…or is it on another channel and am I missing it? LOL