Scottie – “I was thinking of doing some crazy sh1t.. I was considering the BRos up”

POV: ? Next POV: July 14th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers – Bros going up… 

1:37pm Tyler and Kaitlyn
Kailtyn doesn’t have the powerapp they speculate who has it. Tyler says he’s worried about a potential backdoor done on him.

1:47pm JC and Scottie
JC brings up a examples of him looking for what’s best for Scottie’s game.
Scottie – you’re not on my radar at all.. the only reason I would consider it is the power app
JC – I haven’t got the power app and a lot of people think I have it.. They’re putting the target on me..
Scottie wonders if there is a power app maybe productions is making us paranoid.
Scottie- I have a pretty good idea who I am putting up
JC – no one is targeting you so there’s no necessary for you to make a big move
JC adds that if he gets a lot of blood on his hands he might be a target next week. if he makes a small move and does it smart no blood.

JC throws out BRett’s name “He’s done nothing to you.. ”
Scottie says he can’t beat BRett
JC – no as an example
Scottie – did he vote to evict Steve
JC – I don’t think so
Scottie – Steve did not trust them..
JC – swaggy’s group has been really sketchy from the beginning straight up i’m telling you they have someone flipping their votes.. what kind of alliance isn’t trusting each other..
JC – I trust Haleigh.. she will do whatever you ask her to. I don’t trust ROCKSTAR
JC points out that putting Kailtyn up isn’t bloody because she put Scottie up.

JC – she’ Literally like a leech she’s moving her votes all around
JC – who ever is in power she up there.. when Tyler was up there.. she was like ohh you are such a pretty boy Tyler is so cute.. you know
JC – don’t you remember her saying that
JC – now that you won she’s wearing your hats ahh Scottie ahah ah (JC is hard to transcribe)
JC – It’s like her game is to literally licking the HOH’s a$$
JC again reminds him not to get too much blood on his hands because he’s safe next week if he does.
Scottie wants to get a big threat that he can’t beat out.

JC says he needs to take out the person you has the same strengths as he does. Mentions memory and points out how good Rachel did in the HOH.
JC – I don’t work with the four .. they talk to me a little bit
Jc – if you do something crazy scottie remember next week you won’t be HOH
Scottie – I was thinking of doing some crazy sh1t.. I was considering the BRos up.
JC – maybe you can get the bros on your side.. I’ve never heard them say anything negative..
JC – it’s better to know who your enemies are more than your freinds..
JC says the other group is crazy, “I don’t trust ROCKSTAR”

JC agrees with Scottie if he’s going after the bros he’s going to have to put both up.
JC says takign out a bro is doing what 2 people want.
Scottie says even the people on the BRos side is saying that the Bros are teh scariest..
JC – ok go for it you have my support..
Scottie – I didn’t come here to be scared..
Scottie says the Bros have done nothing so why is everyone scared of them.
JC – why not ROCKSTAR and a pawn.. she has no loyalty to you
Scottie – she hates those two
JC asks him if the veto is played who does he put up
Scottie says if it’s Kailtyn that will guarantee 2 votes against the Bro left on the block.
JC – if you want to make a big move like that go for it BRO

Scottie warns him how “Smooth, Charismatic and Charming Brett is.. that’s why he’s dangerous that’s why I can’t beat him.. if he can use that charm nobody is going after him ”
JC – Winston is literally like a standing thing right there (A Lamp.. LOL)
Scottie says Winston is BRett’s shield.
JC – I don’t want you to do home Scottie..
JC says if he takes ROCKSTAR out the people in “the powerful part” of the house will not target him.

2:10pm Sam, Tyler and Kaycee

Sam says the people she loves Scottie loves she is so happy he won the HOH tells them they are all safe.
Sam thinks the robot is coming back.
Sam says production spent 60 thousand dollars on the robots each one cost 20grand.. Feeds cut..

2:20pm JC and Tyler
Tyler says that Scottie knows Rockstar is the only person throwing his name out there and he still won’t put her up.

Fes joins them JC tells him that SCottie is looking for blood JC thinks Scottie is looking to make a big move.

2:38am HOH Scottie and BAyeligh
Scottie and Bayleigh agree Brett is the most dangerous Bro and person in the house.
SCottie want Bayleigh to solidify the four of them.. Angela, KAycee, Bayulee and Rachel. She can unify the girls.

Scottie says ROckstar’s name is getting thrown out by a lot of people. “Apparently people are saying she is the one that flipped apparently she’s saying I flipped both weeks”

Bay warns him about her spreading the evil genius rumour about Scottie.
Scottie says if on of the bros get off the block he’ll put up Kaitlyn as a replacement< “i’ll want to put someone up that I know people won’t vote for”
Bay – she’ll be crying..
Bay brings up Kaitlyn coming to her about being overwhelmed with guilt.

Bay – you are going to go down in history for making a game move..
Bay – everyone loves BRett so much …
Scottie reminds her that Brett isn’t impressive in competitions.
bay points out his muscles, “he’s not going to be good at endurance”

Scottie says Brett’s game is based on his superior Charisma and not having to do anything.
SCottie will pick Fes for the Veto.
Bay – Anglea told me she wants to lay low..

Scottie tells her that Tyler’s number 1 is Kailtyn his number 2 is probably him.
Bay asks if she’s approached them with a final 3.
Scottie hasn’t but they were joking around about the “COre” saying now that Swagyz is gone they need a 3rd member. “it’s a joke at this point, it’s over ”
Scottie says Kaitlyn was very interested.
Bay – was that what the fights about.. remember her and swaggy got in that fight
Scottie – they got in a twitter poll thing
Bay – that’s what the twitter poll was about
S – it was about the core?
Scottie – I thought it was about joe (Kaitlyn’s boyfriend back home)
bay – no the alliance.. she was like what alliance and Swaggy was like I don’t have to tell you
S – Tyler’s the one that told me about joe and like .. I guess Kailtyn had a crush… Feeds cut…

3:08pm Fes and Scottie
Scottie tells him he’s putting up two bros.
Scottie tells him to get close to JC because if it’s endurance he has a good chance to win it.
Fes says he likes JC a lot, “for whatever reason him and me clicked.. we’re tight he trusts me 100%”
Fes – when you got HOH he was a little nervous.. basically what he said was.. I like Scottie..
Fes – the thing I like about JC is he’s a straight shooter.

Fes – he tells me right before the vote what he’s thinking.. so he tells me a lot.. I trust if I tell him to do something and he doesn’t want to do it he’ll tell me.
Scottie – he’s a total straight shooter.
Fes – I feel like he’s on my team heavy bro..
Fes – are you serious about this move
Scottie – yeah.. i have the backing to do it
Scottie says Brett talks a lot like Paul.

Fes – I’m straight up if that gets me to week 8 it does I’m going out with a bang.
Fes asks him when the nominations is Scottie doesn’t know.

3:49pm JC and Scottie
JC pushing to get Rockstar out. The same reason stated above.
Scottie won’t budge. JC says he supports his decisions.
JC – what about Rachel, she is more dangerous than Winston..

Scottie – if I take out the Rockstar side now there’s not votes let to take out Winston and Brett
JC agrees.. “you are right.. I came up here to put thing in your head but when you are right you are right.. ”
JC says he’s glad he’s had this talk with Scottie he’s right, “keep the house balanced.. ”
JC – what if one of them gets out.. they will be in your head..
JC – if one of them take themselves off I will probably have to put Kaitlyn up as a pawn that’s the easiest thing to do ..
Scottie wants Brett gone, “Bigger fish”
SCottie says he’s going to pick Fes for Veto. JC offers to keep the Nominations the same if he’s picked.
Scottie – you’re such a straight shooter..
JC says if winston leaves it will be very hard for Brett not to want to take revenge.
Scottie knows this, “I trust one of you win HOH”

JC thinks BRett comes from “some military thing… ”
Scottie – we put him on the block it will flush him out..

JC – go for it make your move man and I’m pulling the entire house against ROckstar next week..
Scottie – that’s ideal
JC – ROckstar doesn’t have any alliance, She wants you out, She wants Tyler out She gives me dirty looks.
JC – you don’t even know who the f* she is working with

4:10pm Scottie, Kaitlyn and Tyler
Scottie tells them they are both safe the only way they will end up on the block is if some power is played..
Kailtyn – I asked my guides last night what I would do in a tie.. Feeds flip… (WTF…)

4:14pm Damn Sam is super ridiculous pretty.. (BTW Bayleigh did the hair)

4:23pm JC and Bayleigh
He tells her if she has the power keep her mouth shut about it.
Bayleigh says she doesn’t trust ROckstar. Bayleigh was only close to them because of Swaggy.
JC warns her about Rockstar, “No matter who is in the HOH room she’s always there.. it’s a$$ kissing.. ”
Bayleigh – we still don’t know what happened two weeks ago..
JC goes on about getting Rockstar out, wants to do it next week.. JC says Rockstar is trying to get into Scottie’s head.

4:38pm Scottie and Tyler Bonding over the computer game Backyard baseball and backyard football

Tyler – backyard baseball 2003 or 2005 what one do yo think
Scottie doesn’t remember
Tyler doesn’t either but he figures one of those was the best.

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Sakura Haruno

Did something change? Is T getting BD???? I thought Kaitlyn would be their replacement nom if one of the bros come off.

Scottie's an Andy

The incel would love to take out tyler but he knows he doesn’t have the votes, so he’ll settle for the bros. He’s a male version of RS blaming good-looking people for his lack of social skills, and character.
If one of the bros gets off the block and kaitlyn goes up she’s gone.


Lol if Scottie is an Andy than he certainly doesn’t lack the social skills… He has a ton of character and doesn’t need to be jealous of nothing. He’s not against the bros because they’re “good looking people” lmao, but because he feels he can’t win if they are there, and he is right. I do agree with the rest of your points though.


OMG LMAO can you imagine the whining Kaitlyn would do if she was told she is just the pawn. They will have a couple of days of her crying to everyone and spilling everyones secrets or the things she makes up in her little head. You know cause she already thinks she is going to be a BB legend for getting scaggy out. You would think her spirit guides and the seagull would have warned her by now..LOL. These ‘guides’ are lying to everyone, little fessie even thinks that JC trusts him 100%, you know he doesn’t, he hasn’t never shown on the feeds or show that he listens to fessie. He is catching on to Tyler but he listens to Tyler more than anyone else so far – they all seem to for some strange reason. Never thought I would say this, but I am hoping one of the bros pulls themselves off and Tyler and his side can work it so that both bros stay…I’m rotten because I only want this to happen to see what scottie will do if his plan fails..LOL. I’m not keen of the brothers I find them to be just as bad as scaggy was. I just want the drama..LOL


Tyler is just worried that Scottie is going to BD him. Hopefully it is just him freaking out, as Scottie has only mentioned putting Kaitlyn as a replacement not Tyler.


tyler should be the replacement to ensure a bro goes home. if kaitlyn goes up she goes home. level 6 isnt voting for her. rockstar and bayleigh dont like her.


I don’t think he intends to BD Tyler at all, he thinks he is Tylers number 2 choice over Kaitlyn which is why I don’t think he would care if Kaitlyn went home because he would think he would become Tylers first, none of them know that he is with Sam. Now, if what he says about taking care of Sam is true or not, I don’t know but I like to think it is. I have a feeling that by the end of scotties hoh he will think he is top choice with everyone. lol.


I am so glad that Kaitlyn didn’t get the power app!


Its like kaycee and jc are in floaterland ..ive heard next to nothing from kaycee …angela and rachel are playing good games …i think the bros are going up and winston is heading out


Nah, it is Brett.


Where are the votes for Winston? Everybody likes and talks to Brett, except Scottie and Rockstar, so unless Tyler prefers Winston and goes to work, who is driving the train?


… and I hope the veto gets used.
If Scottie then goes through with what he’s saying now and puts up Kaitlyn as the replacement nominee… Can you imagine the sheer Armageddon on the feeds?
Plus I’d really like to see her go 😉


yeah, kaitlyn getting backdoored would be pretty amazing after what just happened with swaggy. sure he was going to go after you …in about two months when they were down to 6-7 people. her move didn’t do anything for her game, it just helped level six. i am very okay with her, winston, or brett going. make it happen scottie.


I’m really enjoying this season so far. I haven’t watched in a few seasons (Celebrity BB brought me back), and I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of real game play. As for Scottie, I think he’s making a huge mistake putting up the Bros. If he successfully gets one of them out, this is going to turn into a gender war real quick. When BB turns to gender wars it gets really boring. I could see the women of Level 6 scrambling and joining with Bayleigh and her crew. To me, the smartest move Scottie could make would be to put up Kaitlyn and Rockstar and have them tear the house up for a couple of days. As a fan of Tyler, he needs Kaitlyn gone ASAP.


an all girl alliance has never happened on bb. survivor yes. bb no.


JC needs to calm down….he’s really sticking his neck out for the Bro’s dude get over it Rock Star is not going up wtf kinda move would that be for Scottie she can’t win anything, I don’t think Brett or Winston can win much either but they are good at social game with these people. I think Brett’s out if he doesn’t win POV.


In all honesty, Sam may use her power on one of the Bro’s or Kaitlyn if evicted. This is her last week to make the choice hers and in my opinion she seems to be working with the three of them. And if she isn’t, tyler may speak with her and give her the pros on keeping them with the power. Because who knows? What if rockstar gets evicted and Sam’s power is given to her? No thanks!


This is very true. She either uses it this week on a person she’s sort of working with if one of the Bros is evicted or she rolls the dice about next week. If she doesn’t use it this week, it makes next week rather dull for us, unless some crazy is thrown in there and people get exposed. Much like that stupid rewind in season 16 (The Star Wars Christmas Special of Big Brother)


No Sam has 2 more weeks to use her power


She’s saying it’s the last week to use the power by choice. If it hasn’t been used by the 4th eviction, it’s automatically given to the person who is evicted (even if it’s not Sam). She can use it this week on someone she could work with, or she can gamble and hope it doesn’t go to someone she wants to stay out of the house next week.


The power works next week as well. However, that’s the last week and it MUST be used. Meaning she can’t choose not to use it. If she doesn’t use it this week then it is activated next week and imagine if she were HoH! That would really suck. This is the last week she really has any choice. So I’m thinking she’ll use it to save one of the L6 folks if they are evicted this week including the Bros.


I love how Scottie wins one comp. and is saying Winston and Brett do nothing and dont win anything.

Eyes Wide Shut

Agree. JC does not want to lose any man candy. Pathetic.

I think Bros should go up, but Kaitlyn is a serious mistake as a replacement nom. She is so expendable to that side it isn’t even funny. But there is no easy answer for this, as the replacement will need 2 votes. I think it has to be Angela or Kaycee and the sell a woman power narrative to get Rachel and the one not used.


in order to ensure a bro goes home, tyler needs to go up and this forces him to use his power and then scottie puts up angela


jc is a weasle. he needs to shut up playing both sides. hes loyal to level 6 and he dont even know about their alliance. they dont care about him. he needs to worry about himself. if scottie were smart evry person that asked him to put up rockstar, he should know are working together.


Good point, Thea.


That JC is such a lil fuc**** what a snake

Scottie's an Andy

This game just got stupid with Bayleigh’s power app


It’s to be expected with all the attention she and Chris got in the last couple episodes plus it would be nice if the power shifted a bit this week. Maybe she can put up a nominee…anyone know what the power actually is?


Scottie claims he is not a backdoor kind of guy (?) and I don’t really care who he puts up this week. I think he is out to avenge Steve by the way he has been questioning everyone about it. As the week progresses, I’m sure it will come out that Kaitlyn is the one who flipped and voted him out and Scottie will backdoor her. It has to come out…too many people know. Her being gone would help out my boy, Tyler!


Jc is a weasle, wants to be in everything. playing both sides. and i think tyler is really starting to like kaitlyn no matter what he says. that girl is batshit crazy. i bet tyler is regretting his decision to bond with her. glad bayleigh got the power app. doesnt matter whos evicted next week they are coming back in the house. hopefully bayleigh doesnt have to use her power next week. im so ready for one of the bros to go. its about time. tyler, other bro, angela, kaitlyn, jc, rachel, kaycee, rockstar all need to leave in that order

Big,black loopty loop glasses

Why does Crockstar wear three wacky outfits at once? It’s making me dizzy.


How did Bayleigh get the Power App? She has done nothing all game.