“The only reason I’m on the block is because I’m the f**king man!” – Brett

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

8pm Bedroom. Rockstar the Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – He was like you think people are voting to evict me and they’re not. I will sh*t bricks if he stays. I will sh*t literal bricks if he stays. Rockstar – well hopefully he won’t. Kaitlyn – he is going home. He is going home. If its the last thing I do, he is going home. Love him sure.. my brother outside of this game maybe in 3 months from now. And there is nothing he can do to make me think otherwise. Rockstar – my one on one with Winston was suggestive. Kaitlyn – you had a one on one with him? How did it go? Is he not familiar this game? When you’re on the block, you’re supposed to talk to people. He was like, yeah I’m planning on it. I was like no, last week. Kaitlyn – what did he say? Rockstar – he was like Yeah I really regret that Rock. I said you all want to walk around saying Swaggy drew lines but you guys drew definitive lines. You just stopped talking. If you’re talking game and someone walks into the room, you don’t just stop talking. You bring them into the conversation. He was like yeah you’re right. I said don’t bash the person you’re up against. Tell people why you’re good for their game .. and talk to everybody.

8:20pm Lounge room. Tyler and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – when we were talking I was like in the event that you do go home on Thursday. Then I can have an authentic conversation before about what you said. He said he is really embarrassed and said that his family is sh*tting on him. I said I would hope you would want me to go far in this game even if you’re not in it and I hope that you can tell me who those people are that were coming to you saying that I was gunning for you. I said lets narrow it down. I know it wasn’t Fes, Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Tyler. Tyler – you know those things for a fact? Kaitlyn – I am just telling you the conversation I had with him. He was just like okay Kaitlyn, making me believe that it was. I said you never talk to Fes or Tyler.. so you need to tell me whether it was Haleigh, Bayleigh or Rockstar. And he didn’t shut me off. Tyler – I love how you know for a fact it wasn’t these people. Kaitlyn – the girls were so upset about sending Brett home and I said the facts. Haleigh joins them.

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8:50pm Havenot room. Brett & Winston. Winston – Do you know how many people are sucking up to Scottie …when last week they didn’t even talk to him. We were in the kitchen talking to the kid. And he put us up!!? Brett – doesn’t matter he is the next one out. Brett – He is a f**k dweeb. The only reason I’m on the block is because I’m the f**king man! Winston – Well I’ve been on it twice so I’m twice the man. There is nothing we could have done to change the situation. Brett – All that I am getting from this is people taking revenge like we’re in high school. Brett – I know I need to talk to people but I don’t want to talk to her. I can’t bring myself to talk to Rockstar. I want to spit in her face. Winston – he (Scottie) voted to keep me and then put me up. He voted to keep me and then 12 hours later put me up?! Winston – its just a bunch of spineless people that are just going with the flow.

Winston – we just need to put on the facade and talk to people. Brett – I’m going to try and figure out who has the power app. Winston – maybe we can get Sam to use it. Maybe that’s why she’s distancing herself. Brett – she (Rachel) was all pissed that I didn’t come talk to her. Well even if you were my girlfriend I wouldn’t come talk to you. And that’s why I don’t have a girlfriend. Winston – maybe we’ll have a few double dates after this. Brett – all the girls hate me here. Winston – because they all want to date you. Winston – I don’t believe Scottie has never kissed a girl. Brett – f**king turd! Do we have the softest cast?

9:50pm Fun with the lounge room wall…

11pm HOH room. Bayleigh, JC and Fes. JC – This Thursday if its an endurance.. I’m going to f**king kill that sh*t! So then I can put Fessie on the block. Fes – don’t joke around about that sh*t. I bet you if we had money in this house I bet I would beat you and put you on the block. Just kidding. You ain’t beating me JC!

11:12pm HOH room. Rockstar, Fes, Bayleigh and JC. Fez – who do you think America likes more? Rachel or Angela? Rockstar – Rachel. Fes – who do you think is hotter? Rockstar – Rachel. JC – Rachel is very hot. Bay – I think they’re both cute. Fes – when Angela dresses up she looks really cute. She looks really good all the time but she looks really good when she dresses up. JC – she is the girl at the party that you don’t have any chance with. Fes – well not me but.. JC – I’m not talking about you .. I’m talking in journal (general). Rockstar – but she is not anyone you want to party with. Because she’s boring. She is pretty, like I would like to look at her in my magazine. JC – she talked about how she had a zoo in her house.

11:30pm Kaycee and Winston. Winston – Everyone has just been up in the air, which is fine. It might be that way all the way up until the vote, which is fine too. I have to do my due diligence and at lease try. I don’t know what happened with all that drama that unfolded in the kitchen. Rachel joins them. Kaycee there has to be more twists, this is season 20. Winston – maybe in a week or so there will be a battle back with vets. Bayleigh – oh don’t say that.

12:25am HOH room. JC and Fes. JC – I love Rockstar as a person but she doesn’t keep her mouth shut. Fes – so what benefits your and my game. All I know is that Winston doesn’t win a lot of stuff. Winston is a weak player so competition wise we could always beat him because he’s not that good. Brett is a physical and social threat. If we get him out now that is one less threat we have to worry about however if we get him out now that means he isn’t going to e targeted in the future which means I am probably next on the pecking list. JC – I agree. I think Brett is very honest. Winston is more like a girl, very sassy. Also if you send Brett out Swaggy has less of a chance of coming back. Fes – you can’t think like that. Brett is coming for Kaitlyn. Winston said that he can’t see past the eviction. To be honest I think Winston is coming for you or Rockstar. Fes – why would Winston come for me? If he’s not a good competitor then why would he risk putting me on the block if I stay and then come after him.

Last nights Big Brother OUTRAGE *****************
Bayleigh – let me ask you this is there a difference between a mi**it and a dwarf?
JC – Mid** is like saying.. gay for f@got .. or
Bayleigh – so mid**t is just a name..
JC – or n**ger and black
Bayleigh – you are not allowed to say that don’t do that again..
jc – what
Bayleigh – that was out of control
jc – really
Bayleigh – yeah..
JC – I think when I am trying to explain something it doesn’t…
Bay – no you can’t do that..

feeds cut..

(Let me know what you all think in the comments. This is a interesting one that has blown up.. Bayleigh doesn’t want JC to use the N word. JC says it’s ok to use the N word when trying to explain something. like the similarities between the N word M word and F word.. )

12:40am – 1:25am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:10am Kitchen. JC and Brett. JC – I’m so stressed. This is the most stressed I’ve even been in here. Sam comes to the kitchen to bake.

2:40am – 3am Bathroom, JC and Fes. JC – to be honest Fes, I don’t care who the f**k goes this week. If its our destiny to go out next week it doesn’t matter. Who would you put up if you won HOH? Fes – I’m not sure. JC – for me Rockstar is probably one of the worst game players in the house. But I talked to her as a person, she has children, she has a house and would like to make it to jury to bring some extra money home. Whoever stays and Kaitlyn is the only person that is getting on my nerves. But is that really beneficial to my game? Fes – its not beneficial to my game because she does what I say. These people make it another week because they are loyal to each other. Fes – who. JC – the four.

3:30am Sam is still up in the kitchen baking..

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um, rachel “won” a crap app and they’re debating whether she or angela is more popular? these houseguests really can’t take a hint can they?

Tom A

Even with the crap app, it seems the overwhelming majority of people like Rachel over Angela. Angela has done absolutely nothing to stand out. Rachel at least is nice to most everyone, and has a bubbly, fun personality. Now I’m just waiting for Freefromwhatyouare to clap back

Survey Says

Agreed. Also Freefromwhatyouare has an obsession with Angela that is becoming downright creepy and annoying. I’m sure he’ll be commenting.


Agreed. We may have to report him for her safety. No joke

What the heck

Both are irrelevant

Leopold Stotch

So you actually believe the voting results on Big Brother? >insert laughing emoji<


I felt terrible for Rachel.. she did not deserve this treatment by America,, She has been nothing but nice to everyone and she`s super smart

Houka Inumuta

Does anyone think Scottie is the best HOH this season? He’s splitting up the bros, expose tyler and even got the whole house targeting Kaitlyn. What other players can do all that in less that a week.

Haleigh's Melanoma

He’s demonstrated that no one can trust him because he has gone against both sides, betrayed confidences, and generally been a skeevy POS. It might be a good idea to wait a couple of days to see if any of it really come to fruition.


I think Scottie has actually damaged his game this week. He was sitting in a fairly good spot in the middle of the house. IMO, he should have put up Kaitlyn, who flipped the vote on his BFF Steve in week 1 and then put him on the block last week.

The bros were absolutely not targeting Scottie, but the one who stays def is now. In his mind, Scottie has inserted himself into Chris’ old spot in the FOUTTE alliance, except they don’t trust him either. They’re just going along since he’s going after Level 6.

Scottie has hurt Tyler’s game, which in turn has exposed himself. Tyler doesn’t trust Scottie anymore either.

To me, this week has really opened up the game for some of the female players. We’re likely going to be down 3 guys come Thursday. I think HGs like Kaycee, Bayleigh, and Rachel are going to be key players.


3 guys? JC, Scottie, Fes, Tyler, Brett or Winston. 5 guys. No one is going home next week. No anxiety next week for viewers.

To clarify. . .

bleacher meant 3 guys will be gone. . . “down 3 guys”.


Someone may go home next week, if they don’t win their change back in


the bros wanted scottie out. i watched it on feeds. they did not trust him bc kaitly. told them that scottie said the bros told him laitlyn was putting scottie up. winston was pissed. told his alliance scottie has to go. scottie drew blood first


Scottie completely ruined his game by becoming hoh. He was flying under the radar cool with both sides not a soul coming after him. Now I will be highly surprised if he even makes it to jury. He went from having no target on his back to having one of the biggest targets on his back.

vicki delahunty

I think he is a creep. Tyler takes his sorry ass off the block and he has turned on him just like he did Swaggy.


The bros disgust me…. I don’t get how people here love them yet give Scottie so much shit. Their conversation above was so pathetic and delusional.


Exactly Rony, Scottie is keepin his alliance safe, the same sneaky way Tyler did, its s game, Scottie can’t win the game by his self, he need his alliance, so let him play the game, he don’t want to be a floater, and he don’t want to BD anyone, he actually is playing a better game then Tyler(since he BD Swaggy).

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

what alliance…he was never with the 5 FOUTTE. They used him and Steve for numbers. Scottie doesn’t have a true alliance.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Yes, Scottie is a meatshield the Footsies are hiding behind this week only because he went after the side that had his back. Once his HOH is over he goes right back down to the bottom of the totem pole.

Haleigh's Melanoma

If you saw it in real time you would see they were just riffing off each other, just joking with each other. Scottie is dead serious.


Scottie just fell into the very same trap almost all of them fall into it is called HOHitis! They get that key to the kingdom, and suddenly their head grows 10 sizes! That being said, he was one of the more evil HOHs I have seen in awhile! But I do believe these next two weeks will be his downfall, as the price to pay will be his BB head! What I find most amusing however, is how some of them believe they still have the power after the veto ceremony! They always learn albeit in BB it is always the hard way! lol


I don’t get how he has been evil. He just hasn’t been a complete moron like Tyler and Kaitlyn. I’m glad that he hasn’t accepted the role of a floater that everyone automatically puts him in. He is actually playing the game.


I stand corrected, evil may have been the wrong word to use, perhaps conniving or manipulative would be better fits! When you threaten others to get the outcome you want deserves some descriptive title for sure!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Wait until he’s not HOH anymore.


Sccottie and Tyler gotta go…

mart ellen isenbarger

ok. i can’t understand a thing they are saying when they whisper so wants the point in listening because that’s what they mostly do. very disappointed i have watched the show since the beginning but just started watching after dark what a disappointment!!!!


Headphones make a big difference with deciphering the whispering


Yeah, I often have to put in my earbuds and turn the volume all the way up (please, no old lady jokes LOL) However, even with the earbuds, I sometimes struggle through the whispering. And then, there are those HGs that intentionally remove their microphones when they don’t want their conversation recorded (like JC and Rachel’s conversation in the HOH the other night).


I find Winston really hard to hear.. I have my audio going through a mixer and even with everything cranked up I can barely hear him. sometimes I’ll listen to something like 5 times just to find out it was useless.. lol

Good thing Winston is leaving.


I hate the whispering thing…I wish BB would have those walls that block the sound…and it has been like this for years….we can`t never understand the whispering….it is super annoying


Well seeing how rockstar is the worst human being in the house I don’t blame them all she does is talk shit about people and then gets butt hurt when people don’t want to talk to her


Save the bros.

I just think they add more to the entertainment value than say Scottie. I loved when Brett said “There is nothing more he can do as HOH so why is everyone still sucking his d1ck?” Bahaha:-P

Scottie will get a awakening when he is no longer HOH. Funny that before this week no one in the house gave him the time of day. Watching Haleigh flirt with him all week when before he was HOH she acted like he had the plague was laughable. Time to go back to reality Scottie boy. Your game is not in good shape no matter what happens Thursday. Good luck with that kiddo.

Scottie acts like a kid who lives at home. He seems 20 at best. Not the 26 that he is. He made this week like some weird revenge for getting picked on in high school. This week he got to be one of the “cool kids” and it went to his head. It was actually a little creepy to witness.


THANK YOU! You do not have to be a bros fan to appreciate the humour in their deprecation! I have been enjoying it from day one, and love the comedy in it! Some need to just lighten up, and take it for what it is simple humour! Lord knows with some of these hgs the house needs it!



I like the bros to based on comic relief.. Brett’s a frat bro and Winston is a gun bro.

I actually like everyone now.. even Rocksalt..


I agree hundo, I just wish some of them would come out of their shells just a little, if for no other reason, to remind us that they are there! Of course if they are broken up this week (bros) we will always have Kaitlyn to entertain us! lol


The bros gotta stay….I love them so much…They are super cute together


I think Angela did not get app because she was never in danger of leaving. App givin to sam so she would stay, Tyler to cover his rear, Bay to saves her rear without the numbers and baggy. We are simply reading more into why who got apps.


Well, it looks like Winston will be going on Thursday. JC and Sam talked very early this morning and both are voting him out.
Voting out Winston= Tyler, Rachel, Angela, JC, Sam, Kaycee
Voting out Brett= Faysal, Rockstar, Haleigh, Bayleigh, Kaitlyn

Brett- he had to go again and remind me of his non-likable self with all his frat party talk in the wee hours of the morning

JC- poor guy can’t get a minute of privacy to drop a bomb (#2) LOL

Sam- is currently working on a plan to make some jug wine using an empty milk jug, fruit, and a condom. She is like the MacGyver of the BB house

Rockstar/Kaitlyn/Haleigh/Bayleigh- still gossiping

Winston- still praying he doesn’t get voted out (he will)

Angela/Rachel- resolidified their final 2

Kaycee- still chill as ever (love her) I, too, feel like Kaycee is in a F2 with Tyler (authentic one)

Faysal- LOL nothing has changed

Scottie- HOH has brought out the worst in Scottie and I’m convinced he has relatives posting on OBB in his favor

SIMON or DAWG- I’m wondering if you know the details of when the feeds were down from about 12:40 AM BBT to about 1:28 AM. It was right after Sam’s conversation about the jug wine plan. When the feeds came back, they were on the bathroom but you could hear JC arguing with what I think was Bay. JC feels he is being misunderstood about something he said (possibly involving the “n-word”) and Bay can be heard saying “don’t put words in my mouth”. Scottie, Faysal, and Haleigh were in the bathroom listening in and Fay said “this isn’t going nowhere..this is unnecessary” about the argument. I really wish they had the cameras on that conversation. Later, Faysal walked into the kitchen and asked Sam if she knew about it. I need some help filling in these holes. I know JC is mad, but I still can’t figure out what happened.


you know more about it than I do.. I am going to see if I can find the conversation. I think Bayleigh said midg**


Check around 12:40 am. Something revolving around Bayleigh asking him if he is considered a Midg**. He says no and that term is as offensive as N***** is to blacks. She got angry at him for saying that and an argument ensued.


Thanks What, I added it to the post.


Thanks! I found it with your help! 🙂


I am sick of the PC crap in this country. JC did nothing wrong. Bayleigh telling him that was “out of control” was ignorant.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

JC was just trying to explain how it is offensive. Bayleigh should know better then to say midg to dwarf. She’s in the generation that would have been taught they are Little People. Bayleigh never should have asked that and then get upset when JC was trying to explain how offensive it is.


I think if you are genuinely concerned about the proper term and you ask someone, the best phrase is something along the lines of what do you prefer to be called. I think Bayleigh over reacted because she initiated the conversation with the offensive wording. I’ll compare it to me asking a Mexican if being called Beaner is offensive and they respond with it’s more offensive than Cracker and I get all indignant about the use of Cracker. That would be my fault. I don’t think Bayleigh was baiting him but it was very baitish.

If you want an honest dialog then we need to explain why words can hurt and if we are afraid to use those words in an explanation then they will forever have this power. Once we depower the word then it can fade. How many kids have been named Adolf since the 40’s? Some things need to go away until they have no power.


Join the discussion…Why can’t we just call him JC? He is short and I am tall. I would prefer to be called Trey then tall person.


She probably did not realize that little people have a history of being sold to things like circuses or freak shows. She does not know how they are treated by society as a whole. Midget is a highly offensive word for little people.

But, um

JC should have just said N word instead of saying the whole word. I’m a middle aged white woman and I can’t even say the word out loud when I’m in a room by myself!

special mom

I’d like to add a word to their list. The R word (retard). To families of people with special needs, this word is highly offensive, and used much too often. In my opinion it is just as offensive as the N-word the M word or the F word. I cringe when I hear it, as well as the others.


Yes! Absolutely.


Go to this twitter account and the video is posted regarding the conversation between JC and Bayleigh. Video is right below this post.

? @wukster
5h5 hours ago

D Retweeted Taylor Allen

For people with all senses intact and emotionally stable, what on earth is wrong with what JC said here? I need the emotionally unstable to not @ me please. #BB20


Thanks kp! I found it. 🙂


It’s the fact he said n****r if he said it’s on the same level as saying the N word for Blacks then it still would’ve been bad but not as bad as flat out saying n****r.

who me?

JC is a Midget (little person). There are physical differences between a midget and a Dwarf. Little people (or midgets) do not suffer from the same bone and joint problems as people with dwarfism. JC should know the difference.


The term midget is offensive.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

JC is a Little Person and Bayleigh should have known the difference!

Haleigh's Melanoma

It is Black Privilege, only Bayliegh is allowed to be triggered by a slur, that wasn’t even directed at her.


Nominating people to get evicted is part of being HOH. Why are people hating on Scottie for going after big threats? It’s ridiculous, he’s just playing the game and has been the most straightforward about it of anyone this season. I’ve loved his week because he doesn’t let the other houseguests sway his decisions.


Well you are commenting on a website dedicated to a TV show so I understand your “name calling” of the participants on said TV show. It’s not like you are concentrating on and “name calling” one of the posters here. That would be downright obsessive and disturbing.

It is odd though that you call out the Bros for “name calling” and in the same paragraph call them “pieces of crap”

I feel the bros are best described as entertaining somewhat lovable douche nozzles. I think it’s great that they see that themselves and play into it for the audience. Brett with his mustache and cut off shirts and shades for the live shows is outstanding! Ha. Can not wait to see what costume he comes up with this week.


Brett: I want to spit in her face. Yep Brett truly is woman not a man. Real man don’t try to spit or be be violent towards women.


I added the conversation that is causing all the drama on twitter.

I find this one fascinating how it’s blown up.


Bayleigh was clearly out of line here as well. Not defending JC but let’s be real for a second. JC was offended and made it known and lashed back understandably. Now he probably should have said “It’s like using the N word for blacks” rather than actually saying “n***er” Bayleigh should have also chosen her words more wisely/respectfully.

This will get the usual outrage from the usual suspects, but I feel JC will be the focus and not what Bayleigh said which is/was equally out of line.

My fear is that because CBS issued warnings to JC and the whole cast after his ‘Ice Cream Scooper’ incident that CBS may remove JC from the game. Hoping not, but they did say any further incidents and he could be removed from the show. Let’s hope not. And some can troll me for hoping he is not removed, but that is how I feel. I don’t feel this rises to the level of warranting removal.

And if they do remove JC I do believe they should remove Bayleigh as well. What she did was just as wrong and offensive. Who are we to say what group of people is more offended by these words used last night. Again, I feel neither should be removed and I hope that isn’t even a conversation and we move on from this.

There will also be calls to end the show completely and I think those are utterly ridiculous.


Agree. I think Bayleigh had the right to ask the question…to clear up her confusion over the terms. But, her reaction to JC saying the word when he was only using it as an example was “out of control”.

I agree with Faysal when he commented that the argument was unnecessary. They both used a derogatory/offensive term, but neither used it in derogatory/offensive context.


Thanks Granny. I was beginning to think the trolls had taken over the narrative here on OBB:-)

I want to add to those saying this show and it’s casts are the problem. If Survivor or The Bachelor had live cams running 24 hrs a day they would occasionally run into the same issues. To call for censoring of this show is going against the freedoms that I hold dear. If the trolls want to put on a big display and say these cast members are the scum of the earth and this show should not be allowed on the air(same is said EVERY season) then have it…just know that most of America and the world disagrees with you.


That’s my take of the whole thing as well. It should be pointed out to Bayleigh that her feelings regarding the use of the word n*****, is similar to JC’s regarding the word m*****. Little people have also been discriminated against for ages. They were oddities to be acquired, made to entertain, demeaned and worse. Much like African-Americans in the US the adoption of a name for those in the same group allows a sense of free agency where they aren’t here for the sole purpose of benefiting another group.


Of course you would think Bayleigh’s reaction was “out of control”, you are not of her race, you and people like you will NEVER KNOW that experience. I am, and I do, It is by NO MEANS AN OUT OF CONTROL REACTION. But JC’s response was OUT OF CONTROL.


Join the discussion…So based on your reaction, you are clearly not a little person. You are not of his size, you and people like you will NEVER KNOW that experience. See what I did there? You can’t have it both ways. She wasn’t called that word he was merely making a comparison. Too easy to make a lot about nothing these days.

Lay Low Scottie

If Bayleigh or JC leaves over this incident alone, I’m not watching this show ever again. JC should have left after his rampant sexual harassment and assault of other houseguests. Touching people’s private parts should never be tolerated. It’s not part of Big Brother and it’s not part of life. It’s a criminal act. And since JC was obviously given another chance after committing sex crimes against houseguests, and since Angela and Rachel were given another chance after their offensive conversation, then Bayleigh should also be given another chance for whatever wrong thing she did (from what I’ve read, I don’t think she did anything wrong).


I’m sure CBS execs are shaking as we speak from your “I’m not watching this show ever again” comment.


I’ll meet you half way .. Bayleigh, Angela, Rachel, and JC shouldn’t be removed. Warn them, report on what they say and let the game play out.


Is there talks of removing someone for this? That would be ridiculous baleigh said nothing wrong as she didn’t know midge was offensive neither did I tbh. Also don’t think jc was wrong as he didn’t call her it or use it in a derogatory way. Also with everyone saying he assualted people I dont agrer with him grabbing the people and if it was me i would have hit him but clearly the other houseguests didnt take it that serious or would have made a bigger deal about it and hed be removed


On the feeds no nobody is talking about it and when they do the feeds cut. I’m sure there’s petitions on Twitter to remove everybody..

Haleigh's Melanoma

Frankie Grande set the precedent for grabbing junk and CBS still has him back occasionally.


I missed the ice cream scooper incident! What happened?


JC was joking around and attempted to use the scooper on several folks. He went so far as to tell one of the girls to open up. He thought he was being funny, he was not. I’m not sure if anyone actually complained to producers but people said Kaycee looked uncomfortable. In this day, CBS needed to be proactive and not wait for a complaint. They warned him.


Simon, you said: “Let me know what you all think in the comments. This is a interesting one that has blown up.. Bayleigh doesn’t want JC to use the N word. JC says it’s ok to use the N word when trying to explain something. like the similarities between the N word M word and F word.”

Thanks to all of you for helping me get this all sorted out. I was so confused.

Regarding the “N-word”, my family is biracial and we do not use the word at all. The offensiveness of the term is enough to disclude it from my vocabulary, entirely. However, it gets tricky when the word comes up in music a lot, and the word is used on my husband’s side of the family as an everyday term (yet, if I used the word, even in the same context as they do, I’d probably be completely disowned). The N-word is tossed around a lot in the black community (positively and negatively), which makes it confusing. Swaggy C even used the word a lot. My husband and I both agree that if you are offended by the N-word in any way, you should not use it yourself.

From the transcript of the conversation and what I could make out myself on the feeds, I do not think JC was in the wrong with his explanation that the word midget is as offensive to little people as the n-word is to black people. If Bay went off because he said the word, then she should not have used the term “midget”. Anyway, that’s my take.

In the end, it seems like Bay and JC talked it out enough to walk away calm and settled. I suppose we will see if Bay brings up in her girl gossip today… how she is really feeling after that conversation.


Thanks Granny you always have a great way to explain things.


I had a professor in college who had been a student/protege of C. Vann Woodward (thus, she was a scholarly expert on race). In her class, we read several works that contained racial slurs. When discussing the works or other race-related issues in an academic and historical context, she encouraged us, being meek college students, to use the actual terms. I admit I still feel uncomfortable saying any slur, but in that instance, we used the word to illustrate and discuss history and other points about race relations, including the lived personal experiences of many black people as told through their own words in literature. The word, in that circumstance, was never used toward another person, to condescend, belittle, or degrade, but strictly to elucidate, enlighten, and educate a group privileged, though diverse, students about race and history.

For what it’s worth, I do think what Bayleigh said, the particular words she chose to describe individuals afflicted with various forms of achondroplasia, was highly ignorant and likely offensive to that population, but she seems blithely unaware of that fact. It works both ways, and I wonder what CBS is doing, if anything at all, to educate these houseguests. It’s not enough to pull them in the DR and tell them what they did was wrong or offensive; CBS and production needs to explain WHY.


I’m an English teacher and have come across the word in many books I’ve used as read alouds over the years. It’s a very difficult one to tackle. I always change it to “n-word”, but it does change the meaning of the word in context. I explain that I am reading the word as the “n-word” because I find it an offensive term, but I also tell the students that it’s the actual word in the book (if they have their own copy of the book they can see for themselves).

I will also add that when I catch my students using the word, I shut it down, regardless of their race. I’ve had black students tell me it is okay for them to use the word, but not for white people to use the word. That’s a whole other debate.

In Texas, many white people whisper the word “black” as if it is a bad word. This is likely from the history my state has with slavery and the sensitivities (and insensitivities) that have resulted. My husband is a black man. He does not consider himself an African American because he is not from Africa. If me using the word “black” offends you, I am very sorry. No offense whatsoever is intended. The term is simply being used to describe his race, much like the term man is used to state his gender.


I think that’s a great approach, Granny – to tell your students you don’t feel comfortable saying the word itself and just proceeding with the lesson that way, especially with younger students who are often more suggestible and might misinterpret usage of the word in their classroom as carte blanche permission to use it in any environment or towards others.

I live in NYC, and many schools here will suspend or expel students who use racial or ethnic slurs, without exception. The system is not perfect though. I’ve never encountered any issues with using the terms “Black” Americans, “White” Americans, “Hispanic” Americans, “Asian” Americans, etc. – so you give an interesting perspective on a different part of the country.


I may have missed something, but I find it odd that Bayleigh is throwing around the terms relating to JC, because she doesn’t understand, but when he throws the terms relating to race, it becomes a big issue. She did start it, didn’t she? If someone doesn’t like people using terms that are offensive to them, they shouldn’t use them on someone else. Neither should be removed, because both claimed to just be explaining or trying to understand.


Did Bay “go off” seems to me that they had a difference of opinion and talked it out. The end.


the feeds were blocked for like 45 minutes. Conversations after led you to believe things got uncomfortable. Like Granny said we’ll find out today if they are over it. from my understanding right now they are.


BB blocks they feeds every time “what happened last night” is hinted to.


If you’re going to self-censor the n-word, you have to for the m-word too. The main point in this whole argument is that there is equivalency.

Lay Low Scottie

You know why.

Lay Low Scottie

I don’t know if the M word is comparable to the N word or any other slur, but I do know touching people’s private parts without their permission is a crime.


A slur is a slur and one doesn’t carry extra weight over another. There’s still an individual on the receiving end who was hurt regardless of race, religion, sex, etc. And if a word is so offensive to a group, they shouldn’t use it themselves so prolifically.

Lay Low Scottie

What you’re talking about is reclaiming, in which the minority group identifies with a slur that the majority group uses as a pejorative. The goal is to take power away from the word and from the majority group that uses it as a pejorative. The term “Black” was once offensive, but it was reclaimed by African Americans in the same way some African Americans are trying to reclaim the N word. Words like d*ke and qu*er for gay people are also being reclaimed. Sexist slurs like sl*t and b*tch are being reclaimed by women. There are different opinions about people using these words. We don’t know if JC or Bayleigh use certain slurs, and their personal choice shouldn’t reflect the entire group. Bayleigh and JC have every right to make it known which words they do not want to be used in their presence. It’s important to listen to the people who are in these groups when talking about which terms to use or reclaiming words, as there isn’t a consensus. I am not going to tell Black people if it’s okay or not okay for them to use the N word, because I’m not Black. As a Latina, I can say I prefer Latino/a as a label over Hispanic, but I don’t care so much if someone calls me Hispanic or themselves Hispanic. I would just let my preference be known. As a woman, I don’t like when anyone uses the b word. [I censored myself throughout this post, not sure what’s going to come up after the comment goes through moderation.]


Re: the argument between JC & Bayleigh……….

IMHO….Words matter, but only if we accept them. Whether kind or offensive. But they are still just words. How we use them tells more about ourselves than what we are speaking about. They can show our bias or our empathy. We can accept them or reject them. In all instances, it is our choice. In order to give words power, we must accept the offence they express. If we do not accept the offence, the words have no power over us.

I do not believe that JC was trying to be offensive. He was answering a question that Bayleigh asked him (with her using an offensive word to describe him). Bayleigh objected to his use of an offensive word in his explanation. Neither person was trying to be offensive. Bayleigh accepted offence. I genuinely think JC didn’t understand. I’m not saying he/she were right or wrong. But if Bayleigh had simply explained to JC why that word is offensive, things might have had a much better outcome/understanding.

No one’s words have power over us unless we give them that power.



I love what you said…”No one’s words have power over us unless we give them that power.”

I do believe JC understands that the n-word is offensive, which is why he was using it as an example with Bay. I think he does not understand why she got so bent out of shape about it and told him he was out of control for providing it as a reasonable explanation.

They are probably all on edge now after being locked in side all day. I know I would be.

Kid Rock

So when do using the term M***T become offensive? This is new to me…


MI**ET! No need to this first letter last letter crap. That is by no way a comparison to what we were called and still are to this day. There is a lot more behind the use of calling black people the “n-word” opposed to calling some a “m**get”

N-word-a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person. … a contemptuous term used to refer to a person of any racial or ethnic origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. … The term ni**er is now probably the most offensive word in English.

an extremely or unusually small person.
synonyms: small person, dwarf, homunculus, Lilliputian, halfling, gnome, pygmy

There is no reference to a m*dget being ignorant, inferior, only being short, small etc. Night and day. So if they find it to be offensive, hey, so it is, but is NOT a comparison to the N-word. PERIOD!

Kid Rock

Lol at the M word Being bleeped out….. its an actual word in the dictionary! It’s not slang or a racial slur!!! You folks are hilarious …..


It’s not a contest about which word is more offensive. Obviously both are. It’s all about R E S P E C T ing each other’s perspective. I think bay was definitely over the line.


As a Black Women, yes the N word is offensive. But the M word and F word is also offensive to the respective groups. None of these words should be used. So yes, the argument should be a non-issue because both used offensive words but not in the context of wanting to offend each other. Let’s hope this will pass and not be something bigger going forward; easy to say this outside of the house. Who knows what heighten tensioned can do to people.

Bros go home

So winston wants to take scottie by the neck and throw him into a wall and brett wants to spit in rockstars face. how could anyone root for these 2?

Haleigh's Melanoma

Do you really feel that is what they really want to do? Do you think there is really a chance it would actually happen? Or do you think they might be a little on edge and speaking from frustration because they feel that they got jobbed? Perspective.


Since we probably don’t have a person to represent them here at OBB. I’ll include a statement from the little people of America on how they want the M word used.


“When we surveyed our community about the usage and overall impact of the word “midget”, over 90% of our members surveyed stated that the word should never be used in reference to a person with dwarfism.”

Snotty G

Q: What is a midget?

A: In some circles, a midget is the term used for a proportionate dwarf. However, the term has fallen into disfavor and is considered offensive by most people of short stature. The term dates back to 1865, the height of the “freak show” era, and was generally applied only to short-statured persons who were displayed for public amusement, which is why it is considered so unacceptable today.

Such terms as dwarf, little person, LP, and person of short stature are all acceptable, but most people would rather be referred to by their name than by a label.


Kid Rock

Soon you won’t be able to call people F@T!!! The F word is offensive to OBESE folks


Gee…it must be hard thinking trying to think up new words so that you can be an asshole to other people. Oh, the humanity!!


The “M” word is not comparable to Ni**** by any means. Midgets weren’t slaves nor were they lenched or oppressed. You can’t compare the two. JC is foul! He even used the term white trade when talking to Winston the other day! He knows exactly what he’s doing then blaming ignorance. No do not compare the two words their histories are by no means comparable!


How they hell do you know what the life of a little person is like TODAY or how they suffered in the past? You are only walking in your own shoes and think your feelings should surpass those of all others.


Were midgets slaves and oppressed for hundreds of years after? No! What I said was the two terms are not comparable because of their histories. That’s is my opinion. I did not claim to know what it’s like to be a little person. Move along….. thanks bye


Gotta agree with ‘What?’ right here. The m-word probably makes little people to feel every bit as sad/angry as the n-word does to African Americans. Therefore, each term is equally offensive, regardless of which group you may or may not belong to.


They were often sold to the circus by their own family. Lived in captivity by our own Barnum & Bailey circus. He is a little person who is gay. I am sure he has heard he has been belittled severely also. I am sure I will take a beating on this. But I honestly think he was using it a teaching moment but it was lost in translation.

I never and would never use the word myself. But bailey offended him and when he used the word that offended her it was all of a sudden not ok.

Am I the only one who sees it that way?


No on can And ever will convince me that the word “Midget” Carries the same same weight as a the word “Nigger”

BB Fanatic

I’m sorry Ricamac but unless you are a black little person you have no right to say which is more offensive.

BB Fanatic

You need to go educate yourself about what little people have endured and you will be surprised. You have no right making such a statement. That’s like a white person claiming the n word isn’t derogatory. Just plain stupidity.


Your not the only one.. I think we have a good collection of opinions here and I appreciate everyone taking their time to educate each other. I find it refreshing that we’ve had the entire gambit of view pointed out.


I don’t think Bayleigh offended him. She was just asking him about the terms and what they mean. He was trying to describe to Bayleigh in a way she could understand. I do not think either of them were trying to offend the other. JC does not claim himself to be a “little person”, which he says is a common term for dwarfism, because his testing did not reveal dwarfism. He says he is just short.

The circus has a sad history of basically putting anything or anyone “different” on display as a “sight to behold”.


Well said my friend, and I am sure many believe as you do!

Haleigh's Melanoma

My guess is that little people have been the subject of oppression, scorn and ridicule since the beginning of human history.


They were oddities put on display for thousands of years. They were given as gifts from one ruler to another. They were forced to demean themselves for normal sized people’s entertainment. They were made to be entertainment for courts around the world, they were forced to fight in gladiatorial combat for laughs, they were put on display in the US up until WWII and a great number of other. Side/Freak shows were generally one of the few ways a little person had to make a living.

In some areas and times they were killed on sight being thought to be a demon, spirit, or evil because they tend to have disproportionate torso and appendages. Not all little people in history are Tyrion.


Of course they are oppressed. You don’t think they are denied financial, social, educational, employment, etc. opportunities based on their physical stature (which stems from an inherited genetic condition)?

Same old B.B.

The convo was educational until jc tried to argue with bayleigh about him being able to use the n word. That was completely out of line. If you’re using or judging derogatory comments towards a group of people you don’t belong to, you don’t have the right to tell the person belonging to that group, if they can or can’t be offended. Jc is a little shit everyday so I guess most of them/viewers will look past it


I agree what you said “If you’re using or judging derogatory comments towards a group of people you don’t belong to, you don’t have the right to tell the person belonging to that group, if they can or can’t be offended”. That means that Bayleigh shouldn’t have used the M word to JC and that he can be offended as well.

It goes both ways. I don’t think that either of them meant it to be offensive but that seems to be the way Bayleigh took it.


I find it crazy when last season people didn’t like the way Paul played, “played to hard, lied too much”, but these same people are to blind to realize Tyler is playing the exact game method Paul played


Tyler isn’t getting 10 weak minded people to emotional break down each other in the hopes they lash out at the other players and hit them.


Spot on Simon

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Tyler is playing the game. Paul had 8 weeks of freedom so he could do what he wanted and knew he couldn’t go up.


Definitely not comparable.


There is no comparison. No one is being ostracized, screamed or barked at, no one being made to feel worthless and hated. People are being targeted for eviction. Angie and the Bros are probably some of the nastier folks in the house in regards to talking about others but none of it rises to the level of last year. Last year had such a herd mentality, that it was so easy to get out of hand, much like the Stanford Prison Experiment. I even think that comparison was made last year.


Tyler is a normal, well mannered, well raised, polite, kind, lovely guy. Paul was a gutter type bully who behaved obnoxiously to others. Tyler is making lots of friends and is accustomed to being a popular, well liked guy throughout his life. Paul was at the bottom table in high school and will always remain there. I can’t see any possible comparison between the two and I’m amazed you pulled that out of your hat. On a scale of pure class Tyler is a ten and Paul is a zero.


I have two nephews who are Little People or dwarfs. They are from my husband’s side of the family. One is in his late 20s, the other his early 30s. My husband and I have been married 25 years, so I’ve known them most of their lives.
They personally are not PC about it. They don’t get offended. They do refer to themselves as dwarfs.
In response to the comment that they (little people or dwarfs) did not have a history of abuse like Africans is false. The oldest used this topic for his research paper in college. He was just as clueless about the history as most people.
He found that centuries ago they were round up and taken by many royal families. They were used for entertainment in ways such as being forced in arenas to defend themselves, they were used for sexual exploitation and were used for scientific experimentation. I just googled it, since I obviously don’t have his research paper with me, and it said they were sold as well as given away as gifts. In recent centuries, they were often exploited in travelling circuses and carnivals for amusement. Today, they are often discriminated against for jobs and are often paid lower salaries.
So, while the history of their struggles isn’t as well known as with African slaves, it was just as big. If you were to survey all the little people and Africans throughout history to see what percentage was persecuted or discriminated against, I bet the percentage for little people is just as high. There just aren’t as many of them so it’s not as known.
Google is your friend. Read up if you think i am full of shit.


Thank you for that info, I knew a little of that, but the extent is much greater than I thought! Much appreciated!

50 Shades of Cra

Yeah, but is Rockpile really a woman?


I’m glad Scottie took charge of his HOH and nominated the bros. Personally, I think they’re hard to listen to (I’m looking at you, Winston). Hearing Winston complain on After Dark about other houseguests complaining was funny. Not sure which one I’d like to stay, as I think each are full of themselves to some capacity.


I se TMZ is already all over the JC and Bay misunderstanding! Boy that Harvey never misses a thing does he?


I think Winston is the man and Brett is the woman…..


Greetings OBB land- first post of the season- have been going crazy reading these JC vs Bailey comments! lol To anybody on this thread who is saying that any race has suffered more than Little People throughout history, is VERY sorely mistaken- I cannot believe that such a massive portion of the population seem oblivious to the fact that they are the single most mistreated group of peoples in the history of humanity! 1) Little people have suffered as slaves (for amusement and other purposes) for millennia, slavery of African people (by persons of European and American descent) didn’t begin until the first explorers began arriving in Africa (hundreds of years ago, as opposed to the thousands of years of torturing Little People). 2) Little people are parhia’s/ outsiders even amongst their own races and cultures- they are not safe from descrimination anywhere. 3) In some cultures Little People were terminated at birth, in most they were cast aside- sent away, and/or sold by their own families. Even today, a diagnosis of being “Little” is devasting to a great many parents- which means there is still ‘shame’ associated with their group- regardless of race, religion or economy- rich/poor, black/white, a Little Person will face comments and descrimination their entire lives, no matter where they go or who they are. Rant over!