“We could keep him [Brett] until Jury so if I end up in Jury I could get massages.. it’s a thought..”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

Big Brother Spoilers – I don’t think the Bros will make past Thursday.

12:10am Rachel Crying.. It’s her birthday and she misses her family.

12:58am THe Bros and Scottie
The bros trying to talk Scottie into a final 3 with them. Thee says the blow up Winston had yesterday is the perfect co er for them.
Winston – I don’t want you to think this is a last ditch effort.. this has been calculated since you’ve nominated us

Winston – everyone knows I blew up on you and a line has been drawn.. it would make no sense for you to take me off.. what I am offering you right now.. this right here could work and I will walk you through now.

B – when you look at it it all works out.. when you look at it from perfect game play it all works out.
B – Winston blew up you are upset with him.. no one will see this coming.. you can come out of this unscathed without upsetting anyone.

B – it wouldn’t make sense to take Winston off because of what happened..
Brett mentions there’s another person on that side of the house that people are very upset with.
B – that’s a fact because there was a really dirty move
B – Scottie I’ve played nothing but a loyal game with you and Steve..
W – if me and you play this up where we don’t speak in public .. you use me as a pawn I use you but the real pawn is our target.
W – it’s a beautiful hidden alliance that nobody sees coming \
Winston goes on that Fes is a good competitor but he doesn’t know the game.
W – You know the other side is very weak.. this is your opportunity to make a phenomenal game move
B – the reality is you have the votes.. you keep both sides happy.
Brett says there’s no way Bayleigh will vote to keep Kaitlyn after what she did to the swagyz
B – This is a phenomenal game move the biggest thing I ask yo to do Is sleep on it, Give yourself a moment.
W – if we did this .. I’m telling you right now it’s only us three..
Winston – we were debating about coming here at 5am
Winston – what I’m saying is, we know the type of player you are we know you got the brains and eventually these HOHS are going to need some brawn..
Winston – we have a opportunity right now because of the way I acted.. it was the perfect setup.

B – you come out unscathed from both sides of the house
Brett says the one side of the house will be happy because he avenged Swaggy the other side will be happy because you pulled one of the bros off.

Winston now tell SCottie next week when he can’t play in HOH they can promise him safety, “We have the majority of numbers.. you know it’s true”
Winston asks him if he is a super fan
Scottie – I don’t like the word superfan
The bros go on about how this is under the radar “that’s the beauty of it”
W – this is a great long term commitment
Winston says if they send a bro home Scottie will be fighting with the numbers he’s got.
B – you need to appeal to both sides here.. you walk out the reality is you have the votes where she (Kailtyn) goes home
they got on about it being tough to be a early HOH. Scottie needs to minimize blood on his hands.

Winston – this is not a last ditch effort either
Winston says the moment he had the argument with Scottie he thought this is a perfect chance for them to work together because they’ve gotten along better than 1/2 the people have in the house, “on a personal level”
W – we can ride this thing.. I’m telling you .. You are being quiet, I kinda wanna hear your thoughts
B – we can make this long term..
Brett wants to wrap this up
Winston wants to keep going tells Brett to “Calm down”
W – we’re giving you our game right now and it’s a danm good game..
W – what’s your thoughts..

Scottie – there’s reservations..
Scottie says that when they get to final 3 they will pick each other over him.
W – from the final 3 on it doesn’t matter.. when you beat us fair and square..
Winston goes on about how they have to make it to the final 3 the odds of that happen are slim unless they all work together, “we have the numbers right now”
B – we’re not even saying we have the numbers.. it reduces risk ..
S – I don’t know if this will mitigate blood.
Scottie says people from both sides were good with the bros going up.
B – right makes sense.. we’re boisterous we run around the house .. it makes sense..
Scottie – I’m at the point where I need to sleep on it.
Winston – Backdooring Kaitlyn is a revenge moves.. I love Kaitlyn..
Brett leaves.. Winston goes on about a ‘Golden opportunity” where he can please both side.
Winston says Scottie takes their deal they have a “95% chances of running this thing to the final 3”
If Scottie sends a Bro home, “We’re all fighting for our lives and you have a huge target on your back”
Scottie says if they are using each other as pawns to keep the secret he’s already won 2 competitions. IF Scottie is a pawn that’s low hanging fruit.

1:20am Scottie and Fes hammock
Fes – they haven’t talked to you
SCottie says the bros have asked to have a meeting with him. They haven’t had it yet. Winston just apologized to him.
Fes mentions that for the thurd straigth week a guy is leaving. “It might not be the worst thing”
Scottie – if you feel we need to pivot this week.. I don’t think so but if you need to let me know
Fes – no..
Scottie – three times Ive seen this giant group (of girls) KAitlyn was the odd one out.. this is the first time I’ve seen SAm in this group..

Fes – Sam doesn’t really talk game..

1:10am Kaitlyn and Brett
Kailtyn tells him she will work with the people she’s close to to try and get Brett to stay. Brett appreciates this tells her it’s tough right now because the season is just starting out and there’s not much to go off of. Kailtyn tells him for here there is a lot, “I’ve put a lot of Trust in you, you were there to comfort me during a hard decision and time.. I still owe you a lot and that doesn’t go unnoticed.. ”
Kaitlyn – you could easily go to SCoittie and say it was Kailtyn that flipped the vote
Brett – my game play is loyal game play..

Tyler comes out of the DR wearing his POV costume saying they made him put it back on.

Kaitlyn – Tyler we need to make sure Brett stays…

Camera flips back to the Hammock with Fes and Scottie. They are trying to figure out what the Bros are going to pitch. (Scottie pretends they haven’t ye t)
SCottie says they will probably want him to put up Kaitlyn.
Fes – the talk is everyone loves BRett they might wantt o vote him out becuase everyone loves him so much..
Fes says the only person that will oput SCottie up is Winston and Wisnton won’t win any competitions.
Scottie and Fes agree Wisnton is really bad at competitions

1:46am a Bro and Tyler
They agree Rockstar hates them both “for no f*ing reason”
B – all I hear is her name out of her mouth 24/7
T – me too

Tyler says Winston has lost a lot of comps and Brett is a larger Threat. Brett is nervous.
B – we’re down to 4 votes..
Brett says JC caame to him saying that Winston is a liability so he;’ll vote for Brett. Brett doesn’t know what is true rigth now.

1:54am Fes and Scottie
Fes is talking about never throwing a comp even if he doesn’t need it. He says hes sticking to his alliances .
Fes says season 18 was the first season he watched.. Bayleigh and ROCKSTAR join them. Chit chat about twists..

2:02am therapy session with Sam


2:45am Bayleigh, Haleigh an ROCKSTAR 
Bayleigh brings up a conversation she had with Kaitlyn where they formed an alliance call “team this”
Cheetah sisters..
Team this..
They talk about the dumpster fire the Bros have created with lying about who flipped.
Haleigh – Honestly, today when I was getting a massage, I considered maybe this wouldn’t be the worst thing.. we could keep him until Jury so if I end up in Jury I could get massages.. it’s a thought..

2:57am Backyard Sam, Rachel. Brett and Winston
Rachel thinks Bayleigh has the power.
Winston says the only chance they have is if Scottie pulls Brett off

Brett tells them if Scottie pulls one of them down he makes both sides happy.
Sam – I think y’all are living in the the two sided house and thats gone.. it’s smaller groups.
Rachel – do you feel really close to Scottie
Sam – f* yeah… I thin kit was easier for hinm to talk to the robot..
Sam says Scottie is leaving her alone, “He’s playing the game now”
Sam doesn’t mind because it’s less she has to worry about.

Rachel again points out that after the BBapp was awarded bayleigh ran up to the HOH and had a meeting with Scottie for 30 minutes. Sam shots that down and says it had something to do wtih Swaggy and avenging him. Sam says Scottie is avenging Swaggy by taking out a bro. Rahcel says Scottie is avenging Steve. They talk about Swaggy and Rockstar forming an alliance day one and hosting meetings.. Brett says they were the ones left out. SAm agrees.
Sam is surprised when the Bros say if Kaitlyn goes up she’ll be evicted. The bros mentioned how pissed off Fes was at her.
They compare notes about Scottie being a rat for Swaggy.
Winston – I saw him laying on the floor talking to Swaggy thinking he can’t be seen..
Brett gets called into the Diary roon..
Winston calls Scottie a “Chump” based on how Scottie made him feel and what Scottie said during the one on one before nominations.

10:12am Angela and Winston
talking about how him and Brett had a serious discussion about the boundaries of their campaigning. They’re not going to play it dirty just meet with everyone one on one

10:14am Rockstar and Sam
Rockstar mentions that Brett was pitching to Scottie that haleigh and RS are the two floaters that are always in the HOH’s ear. Adds that he was trying to pin the vote Flipp on them.
Rockstar says Brett doesn’t need the money calls him Silver tongued sale man.
Rockstar say Brett’s family is loaded. He travels to ST Croix.. i’m not being judgy
RS – I’m not being judgy the kid doesn’t need the money.. he’s doing great in life. He stands in the way of the people that need the money (u need a bra)
Rockstar – it’s the best game move to get rid of Brett..
Sam – alright between me and you
RS says Brett has every lady wrapped around their finger except for me and you
RS talks about all the girls being in an all girl alliance. The only girls that don’t know are Rachel, ANgela and Kaycee.
Rockstar – Angela refuses to talk to me.. I can’t tell if it’s me being judgy of her or her judgy of me I thin kshe’s a total b1tch she seemsvery snobby
Sam – she’s not.. you have to put that idea out of mind.. you have to change your way of thinking.. I was close to her she is not..
Sam – you have to clear your mind and your heart of that and you will see your new way…
Sam thinking Angela will come out once Winston and BRett are gone.

10:29am Kailtyn and RS
Rosckstar goes on about her conversation with Sam
Kailtyn says she wants Winston out this week she can’t stand living with him.
Angela walks in..
Kaitlyn – what the F*** are you going to do.. on Thursday..
Kaitlyn says the person best for her game (Winston) is the person she can’t stand to live with and the person she likes to have fun with is worst for her game (brett)
Angela – I told myself I was going to have a fun summer
Kailtyn – SAME
Angela – if that’s what it takes..
Kaitlyn – also spoiler alert think on day 2 I said to him I have your back… now that I’ve f**ed up all the other loyalty in the past IO’m trying to show America this b1tch isn’t loyal.

RS – if he doesn’t go this week he’ll win 500 thousand dollar
Kaitlyn – you think
RS – he’s got all the girls with his massages.. wrapped around his little finger
Kaitlyn – We’re stronger that that ..
RS – are we.. he talks to the men he’s liek Paul.. these are teh facts you’re smart I’ll let you draw the conclusions.
They go back and forth..
Angela says Brett will take them far
Rockstar says he’ll take Angela and KAiltyn far he’s targeting her.
Kailtyn – I respect that.. you gotta do what’s better..

RS brings up that BRett is loaded.
Kaitlyn – yeah he comes from money.. whatever..
RS goes on about how Brett will go after Scottie
Angela – I fee lliek BRett we can figure out

RS is dead set on taking Brett out.. Angerla and KAiltyn are on the fence leaning towards keeping Brett.

10:50am Storage room

Rockstar going on about Kailtyn not wanting to vote out Brett.
Rockstar says she wants to corner Kailtyn and remind her that she said her true loyalty was with them..
Haleigh – Me, you, Bayleigh, Fes,
RS – I think SAm .. she agreed.
Haleigh that’s 5 we don’t need her.. f* her
Haleigh – don’t talk to me about loyalty..
RS – got she’s annoying..
RS impersonates KAiltyn “I just don’t want America to think i’m not loyal .. Brett will take us to the end”
RS – brett will take you to the end.. Brett just tried to get me and Haleigh on the block
Haleigh – F* her..

Rockstar still going around rallying the votes to get Brett out..


Scottie – in addition to Brett who became a have not in the veto competition I also have to nominate three more have nots, Angela, Sam and Tyler

11:38am meditation

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I can’t believe Brett is going along with this hair brained desperate plan of Winstons. I had thought Brett has a little more brains about the game than Winston. I guess I was wrong.

I realize they don’t plan to honor it with Scottie, but that’s the point. He isn’t dumb enough to take this deal. Even if they did try to honor it and those 3 try and get to F3 together. Now it will come out in the wash to the rest of the house at some point. You think Angela, Rachel, Tyler, JC, KC will be happy they attempted this deal?

I enjoy the attempt for my entertainment purposes, but as a game move it is idiotic at best.


I thought for sure Brett would be like “Yeah Winston, great plan…but it works best if you pitch it alone, then stomp out afterwards all hot, like you fought with Scottie. That’s great cover.”

Meanwhile, if the long shot works, that’s cool…but if it blows up, then he stays inoculated, still looking loyal to the seven votes potentially available to him, while Winston is the say anything schemer.


scottie keeping the noms the same? which bro is going?


I have to give the Bros credit for a good plan even though we all know that they’d never follow through with it. Scottie probably won’t go for it, but they both know that the reason why Steve got sent home was Kaitlyn. Bros will use that to try to get her sent home and I hope it happens. She is really getting on my nerves, not to mention she is bad for Tyler’s game (he’s my #1).
Can’t wait until Thursday to see if Sam uses that power. If she doesn’t, what a waste. I’d want to use it regardless of what happens, just to use the advantage before it gets put into play next week with no control over it. Wouldn’t you?
As much as I don’t think he is the greatest game player, I want to see what happens when (if) Fez wins HOH. I think he plays more from emotions than actual strategy, he doesn’t know the game all that well, and he’s already confused. Just think how his head will spin if he is given that power! If/when it happens, I hope both Kaitlyn and RS are both gone first.

Like literally

you think Kaitlin is a bigger treat than the bros???? you are blind with hate


to tyler’s game? yes. kaitlyn is a loose canon who could easily say the wrong thing and put a target on tyler. the bros probably want to take tyler to final 3 and show no indication of being as loose with kaitlyn with information.

to op. if i were sam, i wouldn’t use the power in the off chance that i end up on the block next week (though it seems unlikely sam would be a nom for anyone). i would communicate the existence of the power to the hoh if it’s someone i have intentions of working with though (so basically anyone but hay, bay, fes, and rs).

BB Fanatic

Does anyone else thing Angie (Aka dumbass nickname Rockstar…I mean who are these people with these nicknames?) looks just like Toni Collette? The unfortunate thing is that now I don’t think I can watch anymore of Collette’s movies!! Angie spews hatred IMO, can’t stand her! Sorry, had to get that out!


Please don’t insult Toni Collett that way. She is a trashy version. Like one of her alter personalities on show she was on.

BB Fanatic

I know, I’m sorry, lol


I second this, she’s no Toni Collett. I mean maybe if you had Rockstar’s big glasses on and smeared them with Vaseline and then looked at her you could say they look similar, but even that’s a stretch


Toni Collette’s uglier sister. Bizarro Toni Collette.

Houka Inumuta

Back when I said that Scottie is going to win the game I got downvoted but now reading the comments I see that everyone is warming up to Scottie. Watch and see how Scottie is going to steamroll this game.

Here’s my opinion of the houseguest

Sam. Jc, Bros, Tyler, Rachel, Angela, Kaitlyn and Kaylee are all one of the same. None of them is smart and strategic enough to win. They all Suck and they’re just there for votes and to fill this house up. Bunch of non-players

I’m upset that Rockstar is exposing Scottie’s game as a mastermind. She has got to get out soon.

Feysal, Haleigh and Bayleigh are ok. Hopefully they will help Scottie take out his enemies.

As you guys can see Scottie is the winner of BB20

Julie Chen

Nice try Swaggy.


If you think “Rockstar” is a threat to Scottie’s game then he is a lot more vulnerable than you think he is. I don’t see him lasting much longer because he’s shown they can’t afford to keep him in the house.


i like scottie, but i honestly think he’s in the worst spot in the house and don’t see a path to victory for him. he’s lumped in with swaggy’s former allies and seen as more of a threat than any of them except maybe faysal, but unlike the rest of that side of the house he neither has the ability to float under the radar a la rockstar or bayleigh nor a strong ally that he could rotate comp wins with a la faysal and hayleigh. his only hope is to completely throw those four under the bus while remaining off their radar enough so that they continue to target level six when/if they win comps (and he needs them winning comps). i just don’t think even dan gheesling has those kind of social skills, let alone scottie.


I sort of like Brett. Hoping they send Winston packing. And rockstar or Kaitlyn would be my next pick to go. Kaitlyn does provide some entertainment. But her whining grates on my last nerve. They need to get a girl out next. I can’t stand the mentality of I want a girl to win. The winner should never be based on gender or anything but who played the best game. That always drives me crazy. So I’m hoping rockstar or Kaitlyn next.


Best bet would be just to come clean to the alliance about this move right away and say we were just trying to get Scottie to flip as last ditch effort to keep L6 together. Laugh it off and the bro that stays still has life in the game.

Winston talking about if this plan doesn’t work that he will blow up everyones game is more idiotic fodder from a desperate player that is not suited for this game. Running around with your hair on fire mouthing words was never a good look for him and it won’t ever be.

It will be interesting to see if Scottie leaks this to anyone here shortly if he hasn’t already. I have not watched anything since late last night. If Scottie would actually agree to team with the 2 bros right now it would be one of the dumbest moves in the history of game.

Carolina girl

Between the chance of Scottie taking their deal, Sam’s power and Bayleigh’s power I think there’s still a chance this week L6 can stay together.. I would like to see another secret alliance form though, maybe Tyler, Kaycee, Fez and Baleigh? Or just a good group of four.
Rockstar and her negativity and Kaitlyn (bad for Tyler’s game) cannot go fast enough for me.


Agree that I would like to see Kaitlyn and Rockstar go. Kaitlyn is ruining Tyler’s game.

Carolina girl

Lol she definitely works my nerves


What does having money have to do with the game? RS is jealous of everything…she’s not getting attention from the guys. In her eyes only poor people should be able to play?


Can’t stand Rockstar – and I initially thought I’d love her. She is so negative and has such a nastiness about her – probably just pure evil jealousy.
Simon – your “and you need a bra” was too funny


RS – I’m not being judgy the kid doesn’t need the money.. he’s doing great in life. He stands in the way of the people that need the money (u need a bra)

Simon, now that’s funny, and true. Like most guys, I like to look at boobs but I’ve decided that it’s quality over quanTITy, real over enhanced.

But don’t get me wrong, if a woman feels she needs enhancement, she should go for it., I seem to recall that Heileigh said she is enhanced, looks good.


Low Hanging Fruit!!! Now that’s really funny. Keep up the good work. I might have to make a 2nd donation to the cause.


This will be kind of a boring week – I am not sure I care which one of the Bros goes.

Usually, by this point there is someone I really dislike – and with the possible exception of K there really isn’t anyone this year like say Paulie. And though K is crazy – she hasn’t blown up yet and I would not say she is another Audrie or Danielle.


So you are saying your enjoyment is based on having someone to really dislike?

If so I can make a better case for you hating RockStar. Let me know:-P


Well. I wanted Winston gone anyway but now I pray Brett stays. And I hope he walks around right in front of her every chance he gets and just smiles at her. I thought I was annoyed with Kaitlyn. Rockstar is trumping her!! Please please save Brett. And in a perfectly beautiful world. Brett will win HOH and send her out. And she loses the comp to come back. I can dream I guess. She’s just not nice. I love how Sam was telling her to change her mindset about Angela being snobby. Letting her know Yes. It’s your negative attitude. Not Angela’s. But Sam sure has a nice way about telling people about themselves.


Every year, there is someone (often times multiple people) that bash other houseguests because they are already wealthy and “don’t deserve the money.” How is this a logical argument when playing a game? You don’t go to a poker table expecting wealthy players to drop out so that others can win!

Rockstar has an inferiority complex, it’s super unattractive and she will lose everyday of the week and twice on Sunday because of it.

(PS…this isn’t a political post, so don’t liken it to one. This is about a game.)

You Only Live Once

It totally is an inferiority complex that RS has. People believing their worth is somehow related to income use it as an excuse to believe they are more deserving, it is a paradox. RS projects this because she feels no self worth, no self value in herself, thus not being able to see that in another. It is why she has such an oppressed view of reality and life.


She’s playing on the hope that others don’t have a lot of money and will band with her against the evil people who work hard to make a living for themselves. Sometimes that’s a very effective argument, not one I would ever make, but for others who don’t recognize what she’s doing, they will fall for it.

Jay Crimson

LOL Is there a guy in the house Kaitlyn won’t lay up on Geezus. Queen Clingy


Almost wants me to wish I was in the house. Physically, she’s like my dead wife, short and petite. Maybe I’m just horny.


After seeing the meditation from all the girls, I think If I was Scottie, I would be thinking about taking a Bro off and put up a girl. The girls keep telling the guys, they want a girl to win. Kaitlyn said it to Tyler. WTF…you don’t tell a guy that. lol


the girls are too fractured to form a cohesive alliance. and while a mostly female jury could be an issue it hasn’t historically been an issue an (nicole with her vet status is the only female winner to beat a male runner-up, all other female winners had female runner-ups) and it’s hard to think the women will coalescence around this idea in jury when they can’t form a pact in the house.


Nicole didn’t beat Paul in that season. Production had a heavy hand that year and that’s why we got Paul 2.0 and the blatantly biased season. If production actually thought they had created a somewhat level playing field, they need to make sure the paste is non-toxic at CBS.


To Read…..To Read

Not Hamlet, but OBB by the pool


Granny I just love you insight an Simons jokes it’s what makes this the best site to get B.B. scoops.


THANKS! That’s quite a compliment. 🙂

sharp objects

RS – I’m not being judgy the kid doesn’t need the money.. he’s doing great in life. He stands in the way of the people that need the money (u need a bra) lololololololololololololololololololol


OMG I don’t get rocky, she is an idiot. “I’m not trying to be judgy” but Rachel is a B1tch and snobby”, Bret doesn’t need the money his family is loaded, Bret/winston (whichever one it was) is racist and has a confederate flag’ yes, rocky you’re not judging anyone at all. No not you, hypocrite. She has talked so poorly of everyone, I hope her RL friends start to think that she probably talks about them this way too, when they aren’t around. Girl has no class. I wish haleigh/bayleigh would pull away from her, my god – haleigh is starting to be as negative and hateful as rocky. I heard that the audience isn’t allowed to boo any HG when they come out anymore, is that true?? I hope not because they should be boo’ing when rocky comes out, I know if I was in the audience I would be boo’ing very loudly.