“They are expecting the vote to be unanimous.. It’s going to be a shitshow”

***updated *** Big Brother Spoilers

8:55am JC and Sam
JC – the cookies that Angela made yesterday I think she left them out
JC – did you see that
JC – it’s super dry
Sam – ohh f*
JC – I don’t know why she’s didn’t put them in the fridge
Sam – ohh rthat’s sad that will make her sad that’s her grandmas rescpice
JC – they didn’t even close it

Sam – I didn’t sleep very good
JC – why
Sam – i was up late.. ate a bowel of mint chocolate chip ice cream.. I still haven’t gotten my period it’s weird..

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Scottie “Make him feel like he has a chance so he doesn’t blow up on Rachel.”

9pm Havenot room. Brett and Fes. Fes – Tyler is good with everyone. Have you pitched to Tyler? Brett – I gave him a part of a pitch. Fes – if you can get them two, then Iwoud be on board. Fes – you would need JC and Sam. Brett – we’re cohabitating and to cohabitate with the sh*t that she does. She is a 30 year old going on 13! F**king screams like a child. Leaves dishes everywhere. The only thing she is capable of cooking is eggs and I’m not even talking eggs Benedict where its impressive, I’m talking burnt a$$ scrambled eggs and then she leaves the dishes on the counter.

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“It doesn’t matter what we do every week the main plan is keeping the house divided “

**** Updated *****
Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel is leaving it’s going to be sad .. BRett’s got a speech planned that will surpass “own it” in awesomeness.
3:13pm JC and Tyler

JC – after TOmorrow it’s going to be crazy.. it’s so peaceful right now it’s going to go out or proportion
T – we have to win HOH it’ll be amazing
JC – I don’t know if I want to in HOH
T – you have to try
JC – ohh yeah .. I’m not going to throw it.. i don’t think anybody wants to get me out so if I win HOH I have to pick people from different sides so that will target me
Tyler tells him the rocks wants him out.

Tyler tells him Haleigh, Bayeligh and Rockstar are all working together sharing information

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“A lot of people have no clue what’s going on… the odds are in our favour”

**** updated **** 11:30am Rocks and Bayleigh
Bayleigh saying that “the holy spirit” was compelling her to read a passage in the bible. It’s really help her deal with the stress, “It’s really good”
Bayleigh – don’t worry about anything and pray for everything…his peace will gaurd your hearts and minds”
Rocks – I like that..
Bayleigh – I had a bible study with Rachel last nice which was nice..

Bay – she has no idea about anything that is going on
Bay – like she has no clue
Rocks laughs
Bay – she was like why would Tyler win this veto i’m so confused
Bay – she has no clue.. poor thing
Rocks – A lot of people have no clue what’s going on.. a lot of people (LOL)
Bay – we got to watch Scottie.. he’s sneaky
they agree Scottie is on everybody’s radar so those people can take him out
Rocks wants Fes to win HOH to take a shot at kaycee and Angela

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Brett “I promise you’re going to love my speech! She will freak the f**k out!”

12:48am Backyard. Fes and Brett. Fes – What are people saying when you say you’re a bigger target? Even though I don’t know why people view you as a target? You haven’t really done anything. Brett – trust me I know. That’s what doesn’t make sense. I don’t have any resources in the house. Keep me around as an asset not an enemy. Fes – its kind of stupid how this game works sometimes. Fes – what did Scottie say? Brett – I didn’t ask him where his vote was at. He just said I had some valid points. You just never know who is receptive or who is thinking you’re an idiot.

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“This is not The Bachelor! This is not The Bachelorette! I’m not going to confess my feelings for you.”

8pm Scottie and Bayleigh in the HOH room. Bay – at this point there is no one in the house that Sam doesn’t like .. so I don’t know who she would put up. She put up Kailtyn and Haleigh because she felt they were bullying her. Scottie – of those three if Fes won which one do you think he would go for? Bay – I don’t think he would care. I think he would put up Angela and Kaycee and have Rachel as the replacement. Angela and Kaycee haven’t had to do anything yet.

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“we’ll be just fine.. I promise.. I got you Haleigh, Bayleigh I got You all.”

Big Brother Spoilers It’s been slow..
4:42pm Fes and Rockstar
Fes is talking about Haleigh and Brett on the hammock until 5am
Rockstar – do you think you guys are in the same life phase.. the right person at the wrong time is the wrong person
Fes – yeah I agree

Rockstar says Fes is in need of a baddie and settle down where haleigh is about partying..
Fes – I agree..
Rockstar stresses they need to still play the game together
Rockstar – have the sex and move forward no reason to be mad at each other

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“This is not what I came here for.. F* him and his attitude.. I’m not f*ing down with it

Big Brother Spoilers Rachel is going the HIVE is a mess

12:18pm Rocks, BAyeligh and Haleigh
Haleigh starts venting about Fes..
Bay – I need y’all to have a working relationship
Bay – we have to look at Fes point of view, you spend hours on the hammock with Tyler but you don’t spend hours with Fes,… that is humiliating to him
Haleigh – I TRIED

Rocks and haleigh are defending Fes for being pissed about her talking on a hammock all night with Brett.
Haleigh – what .. I’m not allowed to talk to people now..

Haleigh – that’s not what pissed him offf
bayelgih – it’s adding up
Haleigh – I don’t want to deal with it.. this is not what I came here for..

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Operation Throw Rachel Under the Bus! “We are going to ask for forgiveness not permission.”

9:20pm Bathroom – Angela and Kaycee. Kaycee – she (Rachel) asked me if she had my vote. I said yeah, I heard its supposed to be unanimous. .. I just feel so bad. Its sucks but.. Angela – I feel bad because I feel like I’ve been so loyal to Rachel but you can only do so much for someone. Kaycee – I know how much this game means to her. Angela – the other thing I am going to do before Thursday is I want Bayleigh to say to me that Rachel was the one that said the only way Tyler was going to use the veto is if I went up. I will go to Bay and say I just want to figure something out to see if I can trust Tyler.

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“She [Rachel] literally confronted me and was like I know you have a power”

***updated*** Big Brother Spoilers Nothing has changed.. Rachel is going, Rocks is all about the girls alliance, Bayleigh needs to slow down it’s Monday..

3:53pm Bayleigh and fes
Fes says using the veto put him in a bad position

Bay says haleigh did not act the way she supposed to, “All her loyalty should be with us.. you shouldn’t be defending Brett you shouldn’t be .,.. but whatever.. ”
Bay – Everyone forgotten abotu it now because Kailtyn ended up going home
Bay – Haleigh doesn’t understand the magnitude of you doing that
Bay – Even now.. and this stays between me and you Haleigh is kinda back to her own little ways. She was being all over Tyler today (poor wounded bird) and kidna flirt around with him.. I don’t know what that’s about I guess Kailtyn’s gone
Bay – I’m like.. I need you to focus.. you know what i’m saying .. stick to the play..
Bay says Rachel will put Scottie and Rockstar up

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“Nobody said this was going to be fair.. Throw her [Rachel] under the Bus Hardcore” – Angela

Big Brother Spoilers It’s still super early but it’s not looking good for Rachel.
3:14pm Angela, Brett and Kaycee

Kaycee about Rachel “she’s struggling”
Angela – dude, she comes at me she’s like .. basically it’s not fair
Angela snorts – “nobody said this was going to be fair
Kaycee – the sh1t already happened there’s no going back
Angela – she’s like Am I supposed to be OK with this
A – do you think Brett’s ok with this .. do you anyone that’s been on the block is ok with it
Angela laughs..
A – she’s like (snarky voice) I’m not ok with it
A – I’m like i don’t even know how to respond to that comment (LOL you had a final 2 deal with Rachel and a elaborate plan to fool the house into thinking you two ere enemies.. )

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