Big Brother 20 Part 2 Final HOH Results! “I feel like a loser but you did good”

9:10pm The live feeds return to the final three talking in the kitchen. Kaycee – I’m feeling that champagne. Not even tipsy, just relaxed. I am so glad we got that over with and to know that we don’t need to know the days or the faces. Tyler – hopefully! F**k! JC – so part 3 is live right? And I wait for you guys here? (Kaycee won part 2 of the 3 part HOH) Or do I sit outside seeing it? Tyler – I bet you get to watch. If its live. JC – I bet I know what its going to be .. its going to be physical.. why not everything else is physical. F**King, F**king swimming pool with sharks! Kaycee – great, I f**king lost.

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“You can all su*k it, except for you Tyler because you’ve been getting that Hilton Head.”

7:09pm Kitchen. All the house guests are chatting. Brett – Damn and Scottie told us all to suck it on his way out. Haleigh – he also ..when he jumped he flipped us off. Tyler – he did! I am pretty sure he did it. Haleigh – he did. Brett – I didn’t see him flip us off. Haleigh – he did. Brett – he was like you all can suck it! Angela – Wow! classy! Sam – his hair looked good! (LOL) Tyler – he said I don’t know if I am going to be evicted because everyone’s been d**king around. Angela – welcome to big brother. Haleigh – I don’t know how he thought that would be helpful. Tyler – I feel like they will probably be pretty upset with him about that.

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Big Brother 20 Week 10 Summary and Live Eviction Results

It’s the same thing as last week. As Level6 puts it the only thing different is they “actually” like Scottie he’s not a “douche” like Fes was. Inside the house it was very quiet, it’s really getting down to who wins the first batch of competitions and uses those wins to take out Level6. After this week 2 votes give you a tie giving the trios in the house tremendous power.  There was a bunch of Big Brother community excitement this week around Tyler winning or not winning HOH had people analyzing pixels. Twitter of course thought they heard JC say something and decided to get outraged over it.  In terms of on the feeds game play is was slim after level 6 locked the veto there wasn’t anything to happen. Felt like there might have been a late Wednesday night flip but it fizzled out within hours.

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“Haleigh sprayed me with a hose and I said Scottie is winning my heart right now”


JC joins them..
Brett – I am literally at the point of voting her out
JC – we can do it.. you want to do I’ll do it.. (NICE)
Brett – B1tch you are on the f*ing block and you feel comfortable enough to spray me before eviction.. then I make a joke and you get mad..
Brett – I was truly kidding while I was out there..
JC – I am dead serious… sleep on it..
Brett – she’s up there ranting and raving like she’s in a position of power…
Jc – if you are going to make a move like that bring in Scottie..
Brett – I know..
Brett – I was completely kidding then she turned this into a thing
JC says for Brett to wait how he feels in the morning.

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Sam “I would honestly feel like I couldn’t take it over you” Tyler “That’s not up to us”

1:58pm Bedroom. Tyler and Sam. Sam – What is supposed to happen? What do you want to happen? Tyler – I don’t know. Sam – you’re not going to tell me what to do? Tyler – I don’t know. You have to ask like Kaycee and JC. Sam – why? Tyler – I know what I want to happen but I don’t know what everyone else wants to happen. Everything is different so.. Sam – Oh well then what is it? Tyler – I think I want Scottie to stay but I don’t know if he is going to stay. Sam – Why because Kaycee and JC don’t want him to? Tyler – well not them specifically but I don’t know I think everyone is just scared of Scottie because we already voted him out. You’ve got to win the HOH next week.

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Angela “You can say it all you want but unless you get HOH next week, you’re going up.”

8:53pm Bedroom. Brett and Angela. Brett – Sam just gets on her tangents. Angela – oh my god, she drives me nuts. Brett – I feel like I haven’t hung out with you guys in ages. Angela – I know. Has Scottie pitched to you? Brett – he thinks he is the pawn so he thinks 100% he has you and Kaycee because he thinks you and Kaycee will do whatever Tyler wants. So he thinks he’s confident there’s two votes and all he needs is mine. He is also pretty confident will have Sam. Angela – yeah. So he didn’t really pitch it that hard because he thinks he is good either way. Angela – I think so too. Brett – I think he thought that he didn’t even really need mine.

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“let me shave your face.. don’t be scared.. just let me do it” – Sam to Angela

***updated ***

12:02am Sam and Angela
Sam – let me shave your face
Angela – NO
Sam – don’t be scared
A – hell no
Sam – just let me do it
A – absolutly not
Sam – you might be surprised and pleased..
A – no I won’t
Sam – you do it then
A – I don’t want to shave my face I’m not a man
Sam – it’s not.. it’s the same.. you would do the same thing in a spa I promise

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JC “What is going on with you & Angela? You have to tell me right now!”

8:30pm HOH room. Angela and Tyler are laying on the bed holding hands and chatting about random things. Tyler and Angela see JC coming on the spy tv so Angela runs to the couch. At 8:39pm JC rings the doorbell and walks straight in without waiting to be asked in. Angela – hey little girl. JC sits down and looks annoyed. Angela heads downstairs. JC – what is going on with you and Angela, you have to tell me right now! You have to tell me. Tyler – how many times? JC – you have to tell me.

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“America loves Level 6 we’ve been a very successful alliance. strong and loyal since the very beginning.”


Kaycee – America loves Level six we’ve been a very successful alliance.. from the very beigning
b – and we’ve been against all odds every time
T – every time..
B – nothing has been ohh this will be easy..
B – Battle back.. cool ..
Kaycee – we’ve been so strong and so loyal since the very beginning.. everything we said in between us is just between us it never got out of our F*ing circle..
Brett – other than Rachel
T – if only we had Winston..
Brett – guess who’s leaving because of that.. Justice is served..
B – I feel so bad Winston didn’t make it can’t wait to party with him.. Hope he feels the same..

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Kaycee “Did you tell her that you love her yet?” Tyler “Yeah, I proposed.”

6:25pm HOH room. Kaycee and Tyler. Kaycee – you know where I’m at. Tyler – I know. I never doubt it. Kaycee – You know you’re my number one. They don’t know about us. Tyler – nobody does. They dont’ have any clue. And Angela has no clue either. That sucks but. Kaycee – how are you guys? Tyler – we’re good. Kaycee – how’s the showmance? Tyler – shut the f**k up! Kaycee – did you tell her that you love her yet? Tyler – yeah, I proposed. Kaycee – you guys are good though. Tyler – yeah, just worried about people thinking we’re in a showmance.

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Haleigh “The only thing that could f**k me up is Sam. She is pushing me so f***ing hard.”

**** UPDATED ******

8:25pm Bedroom. Kaycee and Haleigh. Kaycee – how are you feeling about that? Haleigh – I don’t know. Kaycee – you should be good. Haleigh – I’ve already had people come to me like Brett and JC. Kaycee – about what? Haleigh – about if it stays the same I am good. Its literally a repeat of last week. Kaycee – you just have to keep your mouth shut. Haleigh – I’m not saying anything. The only thing that could f**k me up is her (Sam). She is pushing me so f**king hard. Kaycee – just (gestures keep your mouth shut), even with Scottie. Haleigh – I know. 100%! Kaycee – thats the last thing you need. Don’t say sh*t to him. They talk about how immature Fes is.

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