Big Brother 20 Endurance Competition Updates

POV: ? Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: ?& ? Have Nots ?

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Before we start the recap. It will be endurance Head of Household Competition TONIGHT! on the live feeds..  We’ll do our best to cover it but this might be a good time to try them out. Use our  link pay the same and help us out!

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Head of household Competition is live on the feeds. All houseguests remain on the logs.

7:06pm Kaitlyn says she’s metaphysically exhausted.
7:11pm Scottie is being very annoying watching them saying stupid stuff.. Haleigh says it’s not helping..
Rockstar says he’s going to pee herself to stay warm.

7:16pm Rockstar is the first one down. She’s sad cries in Scottie’s arms.

Scottie points out the Kaycee is getting hit the worst.
Rockstar says everyone but Brett is doing awesome. Calls him a D1ck.

Rockstar – I’m so embarrassed
7:24pm Fes drops…

7:27pm Brett Drops..
7:27pm Bayleigh Drops

7:34pm Angela off
7:35pm Rachel out

7:40pm The peanut gallery..

7:43pm Haleigh out..

7:45pm JC out..

Sam, Tyler, kaitlyn and Kaycee are left..

7:54pm Kaitlyn down
7:55pm Kaycee doiwn

Sam – Tyler you already got to do it jump down..
Sam – jump down dammit.. TYLER… JUMP DOWN

Tyler Jumps down

Sam wins the HOH

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Farris Fanik

Prediction. JC wins because of a low center of gravity.


It’s called lactic acid, bigger muscles generatebor quicker. He has no shot with that frame


rocksalt is out

Survey Says



Sam hollered Winston’s name twice as he was leaving and told him to wait. The popular conclusion being that production was on Sam all wk to use it, I wonder if she was really going to, but he bolted out of there so quick she couldn’t


It was prob about the friendship bracelet. Production would have known before hand and had the competition ready if she planned on using it.


Faysal struggling early

Rockstar fell first
Faysal next
Rachel (she obviously threw that comp)
Haleigh is out
JC went to wipe his eyes and fell
Kaitlyn fell then Kaycee
Tyler jumped down for Sam
Sam WON!


Rachel wouldnt throw it when kaitlin still hanging.

Team Rockstarz ?

Thank you rockstar for slamming Brett ego on live TV. That was so priceless to watch lol ?
Hopefully next week he would get evicted next to Rachel. Tyler was dumb move. But still he has protection for 8 weeks.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

What, a LIAR on BIG BROTHER???? Noooo! She made a fool out of herself.


Did you even notice that she didn’t call him a liar??? She said he was disgusting but NOT a liar…..and what does her daughters birthday have to do with it?

Survey Says

Oh the horror! How dare he lie about her on her daughter’s birthday! He has some nerve! Like that day means anything to him at all…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She did, though, say repeatedly it was a “ball face lie” (ball face?) several times. There was much righteous indignation lol.

Big Sister

Bald, not ball

Survey Says

I only heard her say “what a bold faced..” and then she stopped herself.

Smitten Kitten

“ball face lie” makes absolutely NO sense, Rockstar!


Fed is out


I think it would amusing if one of the L6 folks win and Bayleigh uses her power to nominate and Sam’s power is forced and the evicted one wins the comp to come back. Once again they’d be freaked out.


Exactly what I’m hoping but remember that person will have the chance to come right back


Exactly and I believe the reason Tyler let Sam have it. He could be planning on telling the nominees that Sam’s power will save them so it’s no big deal who’s evicted. Then there’s Bayleigh…


Brett and bay out


Noticed all the players had a choice of the black or grey shoes, that could be an advantage if you picked the right ones.


Ewwwww Rockstar!!!!


Isn’t this the fastest houseguests have dropped in this competition? I remember those in previous seasons lasting longer


Just got the live feeds. I have only watched for 20 minutes and JC is already starting to get on my last nerve. He is annoying, thats for sure.


Angela and Sam I think.


Can we just call Rockstar nastypants from now on?

Smitten Kitten

I second the nomination.


Completely disappointed in Rachel and Angela. I expected them to last longer.


Well this is a good week to Not win. They know Sam has some type of saving power, so they probably thought it wasn’t terrible if they werent the HOH this week


It’s down to Tyler and Kaitlyn but now nothing but fish for the last several minutes I like them both so either one is fine with me. But the fish are super annoying


Tico Fernandez

I don’t undersrand why tyler didnt pressure Sam to use the power. Then it wouldn’t have mattered how he voted and they would have had numbers advantage going into endurance comp. Now if one from their side wins they risk pissing people off for them to come back anyway.


But then he may have outed himself to the other side and not have Sam’s power for this week. Tyler’s still trying to stay good with everyone, or at least make them think they are good. At some point someone will have to count and figure out Tyler has voted against them each week.


Sorry not Sam was Haliegh so only Katilyn left for that side.


Throw it to Kaitlyn. Let her get blood on her hands and then her evicted nominee comes back!


Hahaha good idea!

don't like sam or lvl6

Why would sam keep brett over winston? Is she hoping to date him or something? Gross.

Kim Thomad

Is Sam going to use her power to bring Brett back?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Winston sort of made a jerk out of himself on the live show tonight. Disappointed that he acted like such a baby. I predicted (to myself) that Rockenstein would fall first. She looked like she was putting a hex on Brett mumbling on that post. Anyone but Kaitlyn, please win!


Sam is hoh hope she appreciates Tyler

don't like sam or lvl6

well sam is hoh so that means it’s tyler’s hoh again

Kim Thomas

Scottie, Rockstar, Baylee and and Miss Life Coach (?? all need to go. Irritating bunch of crybabies! ?


Sam should have used the app. Now she will cancel out her own HOH with the app she didn’t use. We can only hop Bay uses hers and then Sam’s app cancels her nominees out!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Well, since she gets most of her game strategy from Tyler, I’m sure they will take all of that in consideration. Good for Sam. She won’t fall for the permanent HOH fixtures kissing her butt after ignoring her and dirtying up her dishes LOL.


Sam is lowkey a genius for winning this one lol she gets a hoh under her belt and because everyone knows she has the power already so she can explain that whoever gets evicted gets a chance to come back and if she works it right people wont be too mad when theyre nominated lol


The trick is when to tell them. Bayleigh has done a great job keeping her power a secret. She may use it this week to try to gain some ground unless Sam tells everyone before nominations that her power gives them a shot at coming back and nullifying her HoH. I’d like both powers wasted.


Ok. Besides Tyler, who do you guys think will be in Sam’s HoH room the most


Yay!! Sammmmm!!!!


Way to go Sammie !!! Nominations are going to be strange this week. But I’m sooo very happy for her !!!! Was Tyler not wanting to jump down ? Or did it just take him a second.


Bayleigh may very well take over nominations to mask the fact it was her. She doesn’t know Sam’s power will be used this week. It would be interesting to see Tyler go up, not that I think he would get voted out but to see what happens. Hopefully Sam doesn’t blab about her power until after nominations in case Bayleigh is going to use hers.


Anyone else hoping Bayleigh waists her power this week lol?


I doubt Tyler’s will be used unless he gets wind that Bay will use hers before hand. Otherwise, he won’t feel at risk from Sam as HOH.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

They already have a head start on that giant mess between Kaitlyn and Rockenstein losing their s#*!.


If Bay WERE to use her app this week, She could:

1. protect her sides numbers
2. make it back to back weeks where level 6 loses a number. (shifting balance of power)
3. nominate Angela and Rachel because that would do MAJOR damage to Level 6’s camaraderie
by forcing them to choose between one of their own again
4. If the evicted level 6 member is able to comeback into the house, they would be bitter (just
like Winston was) that her own alliance voted her out.

Bay SHOULDN’T use the power this week (unless she’s nominated, doesn’t win POV or is back- doored) becuz it would be a COMPLETE waste of the power to use it and to nominate 2 people who have the potential to comeback. Whole house knows 2nd chance after eviction is an option this week.


She doesent know they will have a chance to come back. She got told the power is gone .
So she may use it.. i belive brett will be nominated . But she should keep it anyways to a week when she is nominated. I doubt sam will put her up.

Your Average BB Fan

Oh Great … Another Tyler HOH . Hopefully This week isn’t boring and there’s actually some sort of Gameplay despite it being possibly a wasted week .


Sams in an interesting position this week. If she nominates two from the other side it’s a big possibility neither will go home because of her app. She probably should have used it this week. Actually if you think about it it’s probably going to be a waste of an HOH. When she nominates two from the other side the evicted one gets saved, if Bayleigh uses her app to save the two from her side and puts up two from level 6 side the evicted one still gets saved from Sams app. The only good thing about it is they flush out Bayleighs app if that side doesn’t realize Sams app will be used automatically. Either way it doesn’t seem like anyone will go home.

Miss Conception

Remember,the evicted one only gets a chance to come back,not a guaranteed return.

Golden machine

Way to go Sam!


Does anyone think that Bayleigh will sacrifice a teammate this week and save her power. It’s good for several more weeks. She doesn’t know sams power will be in affect this week. Tyler will for sure want Kaitlyn out. Will they risk trying and hope she doesnt complete the comp to come back. I say roll the dice. Tyler already showed his cards. What a strange week it’s going to be.


It’s going to be a juicy week. Bay could use her identity theft and put up her own noms. The only one who knows Bay has that power is Faysal. But, Sam’s power could save the evictee. Another amazing week is coming.

Just me

I bet Sam puts up Rocky and Fes since they were the first two to drop.


Could be. I wish I could read her mind right now.


I hope she puts up Kaitlyn and Bayleigh. Then Bayleigh will freak out and use her power to change the noms and put up Tyler and Brett. No one goes home due to Sam’s power. Baum!


Yay… Sam won. There was a part of me that had hoped that Kaitlyn would have won because it would have been too perfect considering the apps. Here is how the deviousness would have played out… Brett up in the HoH giving Kaitlyn messages and swelling up her ego also have Tyler up there all the time so she can feel like a real princess. Then come nomination day… Tyler uses his power and has Kaitlyn nominate Rockstar and Fez… this would shatter her alliances with that side, she would never be able to get out of it. Now Bay could decide to save her app for herself and work to get Rockstar or Fez… I do see this as an opportunity to get with Brett and the other side because his alliance would be shattered. Then there is what the veto might bring. It would be a fun week.

This week if Sam nominates Scottie and KFez no one will use their power to save them. Bay is going to sit on her power for herself and Tyler would not need to change her noms. It could be a fun week.


Tyler’s power Is only for him if he thinks he’s going up…it doesn’t help anyone else.


I don’t care. I hate all these idiots.

Melody McNeil

Heck yeah!!!!!!!!


Sam won. Which is weird, because she is now kind of cursed. Whoever she evicts has the chance to come back.


how is it a chance to come back?? i thought it was an automatic come back into game. this is confusing


the power will be offered automatically to the evictee, but the evictee has to master the challenge to return to the house


She is in prime position. The only curse in the BB house right now is the one Rockstar cast on Brett (or is it the other way around????) LOL


Sam is actually in a real good spot to come out of this week with very little animosity towards her. She just tells everyone her power will be used this week.


I bet Sam is going to cry at least 6 times during her HOH week cuz she’s going to have to nominate people and she doesn’t want to disappoint or have anybody mad at her….. Perfect person for her to nominate would be Rockstar cuz the numbers are already there to evict and there is little chance that she would win any competition to get her self back in the BB house.

Marianne Martin

so disappointed in Winston … what a rude cry baby … i have no respect for him .. dont want to see him back .. you go girl sam … but would love to see tyler and sam at the end ..


Agree! Winston did not handle that eviction well and is as bitter as Swaggy C.


I’ll say his was worse than Chris’s. Winston had to know his alliance would vote as a block and they had to choose. I could see him being upset with Sam and at being the sacrifice but to be mad at everyone else is petty. Chris was legitimately blindsided and betrayed.


I could see him trying to be entertaining with that act. It was done terribly however he was trying to play it.


You’re kidding me Simon? She fell for that? Oh that’s great!


OMG! Brett completely has her convinced and now she’s in his lap. SMH
He has mad bro-skills!

Haleigh and Kaitlyn have both stated they can’t work with Rockstar anymore.


Maybe Tyler misted Brett into getting close to crazy and now he’s free !!! Crazy can ruin Brett’s game now. Good lord. I hope she watches the show after all this and takes a look at how easily she allows herself to be manipulated by a cute boy. Or are they just running to power because they finally realize after 3 weeks. They are losing


Well, Tyler and JC have masterfully crafted a week full of confusion for Fay, Bay, Haleigh, and Rockstar.

Bay no longer trusts Faysal and feels she is kept out of everything
Fay is so mad he can’t speak clearly…f this…. f that….f me….f.f.f.f
Kaitlyn doesn’t trust Rockstar and doesn’t believe Haleigh
Haleigh has been accused of lying, when she is being honest about her vote

Complete pandemonium in the house right now.


Should be feeds gold all week! Folks should get that free week at least this week.


Omg does she really??? Lol. Her intuition didn’t tell her otherwise?


Something very interesting just came out….

Rockstar is crying like a baby over Brett’s dis tonight and falling off the wall first, but Sam is reminding her that it’s just a game and 10 years ago today she did something Brett could never do…had a baby. Rockstar comments that he has money and didn’t even try out for this show. Sam said she didn’t try out either, and Haleigh stated she didn’t either. Rockstar then said yeah, but y’all are amazing.

So now we know that Sam, Haleigh, and Brett were all recruited.


Winston’s IG account is private, but he is followed by Bronte.

Kaitlyn’s Crazy Eyeballs

And did you notice, during the show, in Sam’s DR she was wearing a button-up worktype shirt with “Christmas” embroidered as the name above the chest pocket?. Wonder if they’re friends and that is how/why she got recruited? And hey Simon and Dawg! Fellow Vancouver Islander here…been a fan of OBB for years, great work guys, and have watched every episode and season of BB since the very beginning.


I missed that. There have been rumors about Christmas and Sam having a connection.


With all these power apps in play it’s hard to figure what will happen but here’s my fav………….

Ok….Sam puts up 2 Foutte & Bailey plays her Identity Thief app & puts up 2 Lvl 6(5 now). Probably Brett & Tyler. Tyler sits in the cloud & Sam puts up Box o Rocks. Veto is won by a lvl 5 & Brett comes down. Sam nominates Hailey. Box o Rocks gets evicted & fails the competition (Rumor has it that it’s a puzzle game) to return to the game. Since nobody comes back in……..double eviction the next week.



This could be a more interesting week than last. Kaitlyn and Angie are perturbed. Brett is going to be a bro and try to sell the Angie flipping thing. Bayleigh may use her power. Tyler may get outed. Sam may play the game by selling the fact this week is pointless for game play since the evicted person can come back in the game and people may be willing to not blame her at all. It would be even better for Sam if Bayleigh uses her power.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Rockstar was up there casting spells and reciting incantations but she still went out first. Brett really took a dump in RS hat. Winston still doesn’t understand the game or why the votes went the way they did. Being mad at his alliance, I’m glad he isn’t coming back. If Sam had any inclination to use her power to bring Winston back, ripping off the friendship bracelet Sam made for him and throwing it on the floor on his way out probably put the kibosh on that.




Bye Winston.


These big, hulking guys never do well in these competitions.

Haleigh's Melanoma

This is the perfect HOH for Sam, with her power being automatically invoked nobody leaves the game and her hands stay clean and nobody gets hurt and she can tell everybody that. Not Big Brother but what can you do?