Big Brother Spoilers – “Brett is the core Winston is the shield I’ll take either”

POV: ? Next POV: July 14th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers – Sounds like Bros are going up..

2:00am HOH Scottie, Bayleigh and Fes
Bayleigh – lets be honest Kailtyn isn’t someone that is coming after you
Scottie – but how myuch is she telling Tyler
Scottie – he was trying to ask me about the flip today
Bayleigh – if her and Tyler are close does that create a problem for you
Scottie – if she tells him everything than yes..
Bayleigh – will Tyler be pissed if you did that
Scottie- he better not be he put Steve on the block and Steve left../
Scottie asks BAyleigh is Kaitlyn and Tyler are final 2 close
Bayleigh doesn’t know but the way Kailtyn made it sound to the girls is that whatever Tyler knows she knows
Bayleigh – aren’t you and Kailtyn close
Scottie- closeish
Bayleigh – if her and Tyler are close does that create a problem for you
Scottie- if she tells him everything than yes

Scottie asks them if he takes a big shot does he have their backs
They say yes.
Bayleigh – it’s loyalty till I die.. maybe it’s a fault I would rather have that than anything else, period
Scottie goes on about wearing the swaggy shirt for hours before the eviction
Fes – you shouldn’t have a problem with me and them backing you because these first two I voted and it went the opposite way ..
Fes – you know I’m not doing it for teh house I’m doing it for what I stand for
Fes – if shot is fired back I’m here to go to war
Bayleigh brings up the rumours going around about Scottie being a evil genius, “I hope to hell that he is because he’s on my side.. ”
Fes – it’s time to even out

Bayleigh asks him if Tyler will be pissed if he puts Kaitlyn up. Scottie doesn’t think he will be since Kaitlyn put him up.
Bayleigh says if he takes this shot there will be a split up “it goes from a 4 to a 3”
Bayleigh says she likes Rachel the best out of the 4. Adds that they can take one out and pull Rachel in SHe doesn’t like to be associated with the rest of them.
Scottie – make sure you talk to her this week, tell her she’s the furthest thing from my radar.. make her comfortable.. tell her she’s the farthest thing from my radar..
SCottie – if we get her we can reel in KAycee..
Bayleigh says Angela and Winston are close but Rachel told her that Winston, Brett and Angela will go into a room and talk game and leave her out with Kailtyn.
Bayleigh – the world is at your fingertips right now

Scottie – it’s nice to have an HOH that’s not a pansy
Fes – I can’t wait.. lets go to war
Bayleigh calls the house 4 plus floaters. Says that Tyler is on SCottie’s side.
Bayleigh – he has you and has Kailtyn..

2:05am Haleigh and ROCKSTAR
Haleigh – Kaitlyn flipped she told me she flipped
Rockstar – last week right
Haleigh goes on about the reasoning Katelyn said. she gave because of the power. Haleigh doesn’t think this is a legit reason, “that would break the integrity of the game” (poor thing thinks there’s integrity)
Haleigh – she said she was saving all of us .. it was in all of our best interest..
H – she didn’t tell me she flipped until 4 day afer.. I mean I knew I’m not a  idiot..
H – She such a f*ing wild card
RS – yeah
H – like all over the place, erratic, up and down up and down
RS- her and Tyler need to go
H – she’s latching onto Winston right now
RS laughs, “That’s a good one to attach yourself to.. gawd”
H – I’m so over this house..

2:06am Winston and Brett
they are trying to figure out the votes.
BRett – Scottie is the one that voted Swaggy to leave..
Winston – scottie did not
BRett – yes I’ve talked to multiple people.. he lied..

2:16am Scottie and Tyler
Scottie – i think it’s best for me to start that war..
Tyler – yeah
Scottie – we’re at the point if this side loses another number they don’t have enough people to go after the other side..
Scottie – they put you and Kaitlyn together no

Tyler- I got a lot of shit to f**ing tell you..

T – first of all we made a really good decision to vote Swaggy ot
T – Swaggy told bayleigh about the core.. bayleigh told Rockstar about the core.. Rockstar told Kaitlyn about the core and Kaitlyn asked me about the core
T – Kaitlyn was mad… I was like you want to be in teh core we hneed a replacement
T – second of all Kailtyn won’t tell you this personally because Kaitlyn has a good relationship with Rockstar..
T – Rockstar is telling Kaitlyn that you are the swing vote for Steve…

Tyler – ROckstar is throwing everyone’s names up
T – from what I’ve heard from JC is Rockstar is using that as a cover up because she did it
S – I’m not going after her yet she’s a number on my side… She lost Swaggy and Swaggy is her knight in shinny armor
T – what’s the the f*ing sides?

S – Rockstar, Haleigh, Fes, Bayleigh and me
S – apparently there’s a rumor going around that i am a evil genius… who started that (rcokstar)

Scottie thinks Brett and Winston are a pair and KAycee/Rachel are a pair../
Scottie – you pluck a bro out they scramble
Scottie – we need to break that up. They literally pull in these floaters. For some reason… they;re scared of them
Tyler asks if he’s putting them up directly are is he a backdoor option
Scottie- I’m not a backdoor kinda guy

Tyler – now I’m starting to think the Brows voted Steve to stay
Scottie – they lied either way
Scottie goes on about how the bros don’t do F8ing sh1t in competitions.
Tyler – I’m worried about Rockstar she throws my name out she throws your name out
Scottie  about Haleigh – She was like I have nobody in this game… I’m like you have me in this game
Tyler – you have to keep Haleigh good she loves you
Scottie – does she
Tyler -yeah.. she crawls in you rbed every morning
Scottie- not this morning
Tyler – do you have a good relationship with Rockstar, Bayleigh and Fes.. like a good one
Scottie – yes..
Scottie – are you kidding me, I told them I wasn’t a pansy I’m making a big move.. they were f*ing eating that shit up ”
Tyler- let’s f*ing go
Tyler – I haven’t heard your name from the bros, I haven’t heard your name from Fessy and Bayleigh and kailtyn the whole time never wanted you to go

Kailtyn joins them
Scottie – we need to cross reference who is su***g my d*ck
Kailtyn -whats up
Scottie- whos the people that were up your a$$ and Fake
Kailtyn – Bayleigh… it wold be different for you ..

Kaitlyn leaves so Tyler and Scottie can continue their conversation.
Scottie – as HOH do you feel the people in this house will honor what you want to happen.
Tyler – I would say yes.. But I said multiple times that I wanted Steve to go

Tyler – Rockstar is crumbling right now because she’s a havenot.. she’s the only one that’s throwing my name out there
Scottie- from my conversations.. she doesn’t like yo
Tyler – she hates me she thinks I was in Kaitlyn’s ear telling her to do all this sh1t
Scottie – if I take this shot I will at least have her with me
Tyler – I hope you have her with you
Scottie tells him he will never put RS up as a pawn because she’s a vote against that other side.
Tyler – I will vote against that side, Kaitlyn will vote against that side.
Scottie – there’s not a lot of hate in this house the one hate is Rockstar and those two.. she hates them

2:43am Scottie and Kaitlyn
Scottie invites her to “the Core”
Kaitlyn – wait am I invited
Scottie – you are definitely and option
They talk about Swaggy’s Day 1 alliances
Kaitlyn brings up Rockstar coming to her about the CORE alliance she told her it’s Tyler, Swaggy and Scottie but it’s missing the OR part.

K – she was like the core.. I didn’t f**ing know .. Haleigh told me she was going to evicted Swaggy so I didn’t have to break a tie.
Kaitlyn brings up Ros bringing her into the geometry pushing Scottie as a mastermind

Scottie – I kept Swaggy.. I told Winston to his f***ing face I kept Swaggy
K – wait what.. you kept Swaggy…
Kaitlyn goes on about Rockstar telling people he’s a mastermind genius
Scottie- me Fess, Rockstar, Haeligh and Bayleihg… isn’t, think about it
Kaitlyn – if it wasn’t you or if it wasn’t Haeigh someone elase did it …
Scottie – Im’ still trying to figure out week 1 I haven’t got to week 23 yeat..
kaitlyn – don’t you think the power was used
S – they would have announced it that is what happening last year with the den of temptations
S – whatever these powers are they’re the only thing that will f* up my week

S – it’s between me, Fess, Haleigh, rockstar and Baylegh, one of those 5 didn’t vote..
Scottie – either way those 4 are good with me
Scottie goes on that Brett and Winston told him that they were voting Steve to stay

Kaitlyn Winston … either one that would be cool
Scottiue that’s the plan
Kaitlyn says she’ll understand to be the pawn.
Scottie – the only thing that can go wrong is a power
Kaitlyn says she’s getting the power “Look what I did last week sweetie”
Kailtyn starts spreading that she thinks JC has the power
Scottie says Sam has the power “she was the robot.. she’s very very likley”
Scottie – if none of them have a power the veto is their only hope

S – if I make this big move do I have your back
K – duh…
K – I don’t think Rachel kaycee and Angela are loyal to them
K – Rachel is not
K – I’m telling you right now the one thing I learned this week (her HOH).. they are not loyal together they are not in a final 4

K – I don’t even believe in the side.. Rachel hates teh way Winston treats her.
K – I’m seeing people as people.. (instead of th wicked sides)
K – I don’t really believe in the side anymore.. I don’t see side.. I just see targets
Kaitlyn says America watching this are going to be “what the f*” because the first 3 people are going to be “Insane” (LOL is Steve insane? )

S – Brett is the core Winston is the shield I’ll take either.. you lose Winston, Brett will say someone to piss people off..
Socttie says if Brett goes Winston will isolate himself.

2:46am Tyler and fess
Fes – what’s done is done, now we’re in a good spot..
Tyler – we are and we’re big ol targets too.. me and you
they start talking about keeping physical threats in the house as targets.

3:04am Winston and Scottie
Winston – congratulations.. everyone buggin you.. take a night and just chill
W – dude first of all today was crazy
W – were you the 8th vote
S- no.. I voted for Swaggy.. like I said
S – one of my objectives is to eliminate bullshit

S – I’m trying to figure out the Steve votes.. and you are telling me you voted Steve
W – Yeah I did.. I lied to Sam.. told her I voted to her..
W – I convinced her I voted for her and I didn’t she threw a vote to me today..
S – who do you think the bullshitters are
W – dude I don’t know (both of you)

Scottie brings up the day one alliance he had with Swaggy called the CORE
they laugh..

3:30am Brett and Scottie
scottie- I don’t know what is going on in this house I’m asking people about week 1..
Brett – I can speculate for you.. I can’t give you an answer,..
Scottie wants to know the Steve vote, Power apps and the dynamic of the house.
Brett – I’ll address Dynamic first.. I don’t even know..
Brett doesn’t see as many teams anymore.

Brett – it’s pretty obvious who flipped.. who was up here 24/7
Scottie – Rockstar’s name came up a lot, Bayleighs name came up a lot and Haleigh’s name came up a lot
Brett goes on about Steve being his hommie…
Brett thinks Rockstar and Haleigh Flipped week 1
Scottie says he kept Swaggy.
Scottie – the powers.. I want to weed those out..
Scottie says Brett has covered everything he wanted to talk about and did it in the most efficient way.

After Brett leaves.. Scottie says into his mic “Damn hge’s good.. he’s so f***ing good”



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I hate rats

Scottie wants to take out Tyler but he knows he doesn’t have the votes, so he’ll settle for the bros.

Carolina girl

If he puts up the Bros and one wins veto then he will most likely replace with Rachel, Angela or Kaycee.. All of which Sam would possibly use her power on since it would be used the following week anyway.. it will be interesting to see if she does and if Scottie paints a huge target on himself for nothing..


I don’t think Sam uses it on anyone but herself or Tyler. I can’t believe people haven’t called out Tyler. RS is annoying as hell but at least she’s trying to figure things out. I wish more would open their eyes and least start playing.


I don’t think Sam would use her power on any of those 3 unless it was the final week to secure that the 4th person evicted sides with her

double D

I don’t think she will use it either. If she doesn’t use it this week, next weeks evictor gets it.


No matter what he does, he still will have a huge target on himself. I think the bros are his best bet for noms. They both really want him out. Curious as to why he flipped his vote too.


he flipped his vote so he could try to claim to be in with the group had he not won hoh. he went on the block last week and knows he’s a target or at least expendable to that side of the house. much better for his game to push for faysal, rockstar, bayleigh, or hayleigh than allow himself to continue to be a target.

tom brady

The best option would be he put up racist angel or racist rachel up next to brett. Win the POV and take the racist down and replace it with winston LOL
OMG craziness is still craziness LOL would be cool if she explodes and reveals all the racist and bros plan to evict FEZ LOL

Goony Burd

Racially insensitive comments does not automatically equal a racist mindset. It’s not like they were race-baiting like Aaryn. I think that they seem to feel bad about their actions says a lot about them.
That being said, I agree that Angela or Rachel need to have a fire lit under their butts. Rachel has had more screen time, but Angela is a “who?”

Tom Brady

if see either tyler or scottie winning the game or perhaps JC

Tom Brady

racially comments and actions label you as racist for ever welcome to the internet and social media

Goony Burd

Oh, I’ve been on the internet for a very long time, f**k you very much, but thank you for pretending to spare my feelings by imagining that I’m some dummy who’s never seen the shotgun spray of reactionary hot-takes over ill-advised comments said by some vapid contestant on a TV show.

Angela and Rachel said some stupid shit. And they’ve been confronted by it. The fact they were shaken makes me believe that they’re not bad people- just boring floaters who probably don’t have many friends of colour who’d probably would shape what comes out of their mouths.


I agree. I would need more to go on before handing out that label. It was definitely an insensitive and ignorant thing to say and they needed to be called out. Aaryn … that’s another story … she was absolutely despicable! The worst when it comes to blatant racism and entitlement. There are several man boys who could share the misogynistic title.

Goony Burd

Empathy isn’t inherent. It’s a learned skill. And this is a lesson for both of these women. I think Rachel got the message clear, especially when she got that silly crap app.

(as an aside, does anyone else think that the Yell! guy sounded precisely and explicitly like Chris Farley? Like, not a good impersonation, but a wow-did-he-not-actually-die embodiment?)


Something is just broken in the makeup of those who love to get on the net and accuse others of being “racist”……… I can’t imagine that making me feel good in any way.

Actual racism still exists in this world, but those who accuse at the drop of a hat make a mockery of individuals suffering real instances. It’s like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

Tom Brady

yeah something is broken when you have trump and the deplorables pointing racist and neonazis as talented and good people right?

Goony Burd

By your logic, Tom Brady, Angela and Rachel are on the same level as ICE agents or some punk who throws a brick into the window of a bodega?

Tom Brady


Goony Burd

Wow. That’s the sort of logic that’s no better than the scum on the other side.

Loose lips sink ships

Nobody in this house keeps their mouth shut. People just spill everything to everyone.


I’m trying to respond to a comment a lil further down about the steamy sex scenes on some of the south american big brothers, but it won’t let me. Any links to where I can catch some of those shows? I need to compare their big brother game techniques with our version…obviously haha :p

Goony Burd



Thanks Sir…I’ve actually watched Big Brother Norge…that was good. But Australia is my fave I think. Most creative and I think I like the idea of viewers being able to decide. Plus their host was brilliant.


Yeah…I agree. Too bad they aren’t on anymore. Waiting now for new season of BBUK to start soon. They are my favorite. They are facing having their show cut too. You can catch them all (seasons) on YouTube.


Yea…I’ve watched a few and liked the uk one as well. I need to go and see some more of the seasons. Off subject…how are the peeps in the house trusting a grown, hetero dude who has never kissed a chick. Rockstar needs to go, followed by the rat. lol


Scottie- love that he won HOH; love that he is lying about voting Swaggy out; love that he is going to make a big move; Scottie has jumped to my Top 6 🙂

Sam- just the most genuine BB player of all time; some say she is not playing the game; yet, I believe that “not playing” (not knowing how to be manipulative) is actually a play I can support; She’s my #1, again

Tyler- he lost some of my respect this past week with his fake schmoozing, but I still like him as a player; I love that he told Scottie just about everything; Tyler is my #2

Haleigh- I have more respect for her now, and I love how she stuck up for herself with Faysal; she is a beautiful girl, but I worry about that mole on her forehead. I hope she has a dermatologist (I’ve had skin cancer in 3 places); I’m still convinced she will float as far as she can

Rachel/Kaycee/Angela- they are biding their time for less #s and playing low (smart). They are all very smart, beautiful people and they are in my Top 6

Faysal = Doofus

Kaitlyn- no words

JC- floater for sure and town crier

Bros- going home sooner than later; I’ve never cared for WInston; Brett is a mystery to me, and I think he dresses like a 70s porn star (especially with that stache; they are completely expendable

Rockstar- I respect that she has figured out some of Scottie’s play, but this chick is just 100% sourpuss; BLUK

Bayleigh- any respect I had for this girl vanished when she fornicated on live feeds; I mean, that is just trashy and I can’t understand why HGs think it is even remotely okay. DOUBLE BLUK!


Love your synopsis, Granny. I just hope Scottie isn’t seriously concerned about the Steve vote last week, a lifetime ago in the Big Brother house. Especially after his vote against Swaggy.


THANKS! Scottie has definitely tossed things up given his “I’m no goon” play. I don’t think he’s really that concerned about the Steve vote, I just think it’s all he has to work with (fake vendetta).

I honestly feel like Scottie’s move with the Swaggy C shirt but flipping his vote is a play that he can use to his advantage later, should he get to the finals (I hope he does). I seriously doubt anyone expected that from him (definitely not Rockstar, although she says she is on to him, now) Sam even suggested that he continue with his play tactics (he admitted it has kind of happened accidentally) because it’s a smart way to play.

Get Over It

Oh please! People has been having sex in the bb house for YEARS! While it is not something I would do, don’t act like she is the first to do it. Ever heard of Amanda and McCrae? Cody & Jessica and countless others? I bet you didn’t lose “respect” for them or considered it “trashy”. Give me a break! While, I don’t think at times she made the best decisions, I wouldn’t call her trashy. Kaitlin, who has a man at home (well ex now since he dumped her) is all over every guy who gives her attention, you didn’t call that “trashy”.

Lay Low Scottie

Granny has been around for awhile. I don’t think she condoned any HGs having sex in the past. I wouldn’t call anyone having sex in the house trashy either. I mean, sex is a biological function, and they were doing it in the dark under the covers. Let them have their fun. Just like Rachel couldn’t hold in her farts all summer, Swayleigh couldn’t hold in their sexual desires! Things that can be helped are making derogatory comments about entire groups of people (which HGs have done throughout the years) and leaving their crap everywhere. I will judge people like that. People who make racist, sexist, and other derogatory comments are 100% trashy. But it seems like this year’s HGs are cleaner than in previous seasons. Could this be true??


I definitely did lose respect for Amanda/McCrae and Jessica/Cody and Nicole/Corey and Paulie/Zakiyah – and so did a lot of other people. But then again, with the exception of Nicole’s epic fall from grace, who really had much respect for any of these people to begin with anyway. I mean, Amanda? So the double standard you think exists, actually doesn’t.

It’s funny that the majority of BB players manage to refrain from having sex in the BB house, but every year it seems, there are the chose few. It’s trashy and weak, plain and simple. Feel bad for their families. But since it’s no big deal to you, by all means, next time you have houseguests, maybe let them know they can have all the sex they want on your couch or in your guest bedroom.


“But since it’s no big deal to you, by all means, next time you have houseguests, maybe let them know they can have all the sex they want on your couch or in your guest bedroom.”

Hilarious! Thanks for the giggles!

Goony Burd

“that is just trashy and I can’t understand why HGs think it is even remotely okay.” I’m sure you’d absolutely LOVE Big Brother from some of the South American countries… Goodness gracious! 🙂


What’s up with BB from South American countries?

Goony Burd

Olympic-class level sex on display. You see EVERYTHING. And it’s hard not to just applaud how impressive it is. Those are some outstandingly beautiful houseguests.


Yeah, I have been warned and that’s why I don’t watch those.


Granny, your posts are great and spot on!!


Thanks! I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but it is some validation (not that I am right, but that I am human) when I’m not alone in my thoughts and/or feelings on things. 🙂


Trashy??? You must have just started watching BB, players have been having sex on the show since its inception. And I am not surprised you have her down as last, I see right through you. And who died and made you the authority on this site anyway? Someone asks Simon or Dawg a question and up pops YOUR response, stay in your lane, or go start your own site. Your assessments are no more important than any other person on this site.


Well, intention and perception are two very different things. And while you may think you can see right through me, you do not know me…only what you see me write on here (same goes for what I “know” about you). You are correct, my opinions and comments are no more important that any others’. Thanks for the feedback because I like to reflect and improve my human perspective (but, my perspective on Baggy hasn’t changed).

Oh, and I’ve been a US BB fan since inception, and an OBB reviewer/commenter, too.


It’s true there have always been hook-ups on BB, but it was the explicit discussion Swaggy had on the feeds about exactly where he should ejaculate right before he did. TMI. Kinda puts us right there doesn’t it? I’m sure Bay is not going to like seeing and hearing that discussion, along with the fact Swaggy exposed her Instagram password.

You Only Live Once

Granny, you must be “old school”, live a sheltered life or possible have very archaic beliefs when it comes to sex….? Welcome to 2018….I’m pretty sure Bay/Swag are not really concerned with “your” respect. Thank you for the write ups though, gives me something to laugh about!!


Hi! Thanks so much for your feedback! Truly!

I guess many would consider my beliefs archaic…I mean, I am archaic myself, so it makes sense. I am self-admittedly “old school”. I’m a modest, shy person. It’s just who I am regardless of the generation I grew up in.

I know none of the HGs care about what I think or they wouldn’t be displaying themselves on television.

You Only Live Once

That’s cool Granny, you do you….perhaps leave out all the backhanded name calling/insults….. Your perception will definitely change dropping your judgements of other people.


Okay, I thought that was what BB was all about….analyzing game play. No?

While I am a very judgmental person, I only share my opinions when invited to. For example, posting my thoughts on here and you responding (your response is judgmental, too, which is fine).

In the end, we are just too different to agree. I’m okay with that. Are you?

You Only Live Once

Granny…..if you feel analyzing game play is also accompanied by insults/name calling then it reflects on you more so then the guests…..but like you said you are archaic and perhaps have never self reflected on your own perceptions of other people.


Big Brother outside of the US is way more raunchy. You’d definitely wouldn’t be able to handle it. Consensual sex between 2 adults is really no big deal.


Agree and agree!

Consensual sex is perfectly fine, I just don’t want to see it . Raunchy is just not my thing (for those that like it, love it, live it….fine, whatever). I don’t watch any other countries’ BB shows for that very reason.


In defense of other BB versions overseas, I must say that most of them don’t broadcast scenes of sexual intercourse. I have seen BBs from UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Italy. The one in the UK is the raunchier one, but it’s on cable and not for kids. Now, if scenes of sexual intercourse are shown in live feeds, well that’s a different story because live feeds are supposed to be watched by people over 18. Live feeds are basically programming for adults, not just because of sex, but also because of adult themes, vulgar language etc. BB is supposed to have its cameras on 24/7… so people will catch that on if there’s a couple having sex.

I appreciate your comments, Granny. I just don’t understand why you berate people who are having sex. It’s not like you’re being forced to watch them. It’s judgmental to say X and Y are trashy because they had sex. While I also think it’s not classy behavior to have sex in front of cameras when your family could be watching it back home, I don’t think it’s something that qualify those people as undignified.


It’s no big deal, but I’m sure Granny didn’t toon in to BB to see porn. Having sex is one thing, but having sex on TV when you know you are being watched is another.


My favorite players in the game are Kaitlyn and Tyler my dream 2 . if they reached the end I would be soooo happy


Kaitlyn…never seen a person more flighty and indecisive as her…no way
And that’s saying something with the nickname I’ve got…dilemmadee!


I wish that scottie would be a backdoor kind of guy and us Kaitlyn as a pawn that got stuck on the block and went home lol
But the way he is doing it, he will be the one going home week 4


I hope Scottie does not drink Tyler’s kool-aid cause Tyler is only looking out for his L6 alliance. Scottie please for the love of Gad put Winston and Brett on the block, hopefully neither wins the veto and noms stay the same! Winston goes home, sweet sweet!


yeah, i’m hoping scottie puts the bros up. the tricky thing is if the veto gets used. it sounds like tyler is trying to convince scottie to put up kaitlyn as a “pawn” in such a circumstance but i think tyler would have the numbers to send kaitlyn home from there (and he kinda wants to as she’s such a liability). i’d still be happy with any of those three going though.

double D

Bayleigh calls the house 4 plus floaters…lol

So what are Bayleigh, Rockstar, Fez, Haleigh?

Its week 2…little too early to call someone a floater.


i would call jc a floater this early for sure.


He’s more like the towncrier!

JC is Pervy

Bay has been on a date so far. Zero game. Rocky is a waste. Fez is gonna try. Haleigh is looking for another coattail to hang onto. Jc just runs from person to person pretending like he is the master of information.

team fair

Really, I’m sure Bayleigh isn’t the first person to mention floaters and I don’t think its too early to be calling out floaters

Same old B.B.

R Rachael & R Angela & their sidekick lawn chair kaycee are ALL floaters so what do you call them.

True Dat

You people obviously have no idea what the definition of a floater is. Houseguests who aren’t making big game moves are NOT floaters. Floaters are people that switch sides depending on who’s in power. This is a basic BB term…might want to get better acquainted with it.


Angela was honest with Scottie from the get go. Scottie trusts her and he should. Angela not on his radar at all right now.

Scottie wants blood for Steves death and while myself and Angela hope RockStar ends up out the door this week, would not be earth shattering for a Bro to go either. They would be her target at some point anyhow.

Angela is playing smooth. She is influencing the decisions she needs to, but is also laying low enough that now even RockStar who was trying hard to paint a target on her has even calmed her obsession with getting Angela out.

Why did Rachel overthink that tiebreaker question? Damn her. Ha. Then she tried to downplay herself getting that far by saying she guessed on 3 questions. Rachel likes playing to the dumb girl persona, but she is not that at all.

Angela, Rachel, KC, JC, Tyler are all going to be ok this week…I hope ha. That core can roll to end if played correctly.


I’ll be sad to see one of level 6 go this week but that’s on them. Can’t go 2 weeks without wining HOH and expect to be ok.

Their only hope is if he doesn’t put both of them up and instead try’s a backdoor. Don’t think that will happen though.


I hate how Scotty is trying to call out Winston for lying while lying about his vote this week. Just admit to it and move on…..You are HOH this week so who cares.

I would love to see him put up Angie and Bayleigh but it looks like he is going after the Bros….I like Winston and really don’t want to see him go.


I see it as part of the game, it’s about painting a target on someone other than yourself. It may come back to bite him or he can use the rumor of yet more flips to try to sow discord among the groups.


For a guy who voted out Swaggy – wearing a Swaggy shirt, no less – and then lied to everyone’s faces about his vote, Scottie is sure high and mighty about “finding out who lied to my face” regarding the Steve vote. When told by Tyler than Winston voted for Steve, but lied to Sam, Scottie says, “Either way, he lied.” Ummm… you mean the way that you did (and are) about the Swaggy vote? Gotta acknowledge the hypocrisy here.

You Only Live Once

First time watching Big Brother? Lying is kind of the whole purpose of the game…..


Haha. I know it’s part of the game. My point is that Scottie is a hypocrite for going on a witch hunt to find liars about the first eviction when he is lying about the second eviction.

You Only Live Once

What you perceive as a “witch hunt” is all part of his strategy…….you are not seeing that I suppose. He wants confusion….you don’t think Scottie thought about this before voting out Chris?


Yeah, hypocritical people make me sick, too. But, Scottie gets a pass on this one, IMHO, because it is just him playing the game.

Now, when people blast others for something in real life that they do themselves (only okay for that person to do it but down right evil if anyone else does it)….that’s hypocrisy on a personal level which is just plain pious and cruel.


But this is his strategy so people don’t think he lied but more importantly it’s an excuse to get out one of the Bros with the least amount of blood. He’s lying because he wants to throw everyone off. So people keep questioning who is lying and who is loyal.


Scottie said that he wanted to have a reason to put people on the block and therefore he was going to use Steve’s eviction. I don’t think it’s about the right and wrong of lying. I think he’s worried about ramifications and wants excuses for why he’s putting people on the block.

Tom A

Best start to a season in big brother history? A lot of drama without any personal attacks, power changing hands, good game players, floaters, liars, everything. Great season so far


My respect for H grew last night. Scottie needs to take out 1 of the L6 of the season will become boring.

Sam is in an interesting position – either she uses it this week or next week becomes an irrelevant week potentially.


Glad Scottie is sticking to his guns and not letting Tyler convince him to get rockstar. Now i wonder if he’ll convince Sam to use her power so they can get rockstar next week or risk wasting a hoh next week

JC is Pervy

Steve ranks above Rocky……hilarious!

Goony Burd

Huh! Rachel jumped up a few. I suppose that seeing her get berated by that chubby Yell reviewer gave her some sympathy likes?

True Dat

If you watch the feeds or even after dark you’d know she’s probably one of the funniest people in the house. It’s not just sympathy votes.

The Beef

I’m telling ya, it’s “the gas” rise/bump that has moved her up! 😉


Simon and Dawg,

It’s been suggested…..I sincerely apologize if I have overstepped by answering questions that were posed to you. It certainly wasn’t my intention.

I know your spoilers are loved by all, especially me. I didn’t mean to spoil any spoilers. You can be straight up with me…it doesn’t hurt my feelings….but I certainly DO NOT want to pose any problems or be an issue for you two!



Thanks! 🙂


who cares this is just a comment session you guys watching to much big brother get paranoid with everything good lord


Hey Granny! Keep doing what you’re doing! I appreciate your insights & comments. You are one of the most objective & level headed commentators on this site. Which is obvious from the likes you get on most of your comments.

This is an opinion site. And I respect & value yours, even if we disagree. And I look forward to your opinions.

Keep doing what you’re doing! 😉


Thanks so much! I really appreciate that!!!

My two cents

Granny, from what I can tell most people enjoy your comments and I personally do. You tend to not be quite as negative as a lot of people on this and other sites are and when you disagree with someone you always do it in a respectful manner without bashing someone for their opinion.

And I happen to like that you’ll answer a question when you know the answer. Simon and Dawg do a great job, but they do have lives and can’t always answer right away, so iwhy shouldn’t you bless us with your input.

Maybe others disagree, so I think it’s great that you double checked with Simon and Dawg to make sure you weren’t stepping on their toes. As far as i’m concerned-it’s their site, so if it doesn’t bother them, who cares if it bothers anyone else.

You double checking with them can best be described with one word-Classy!,


I’m glad you see me as helpful (my intention) rather than overstepping. And I’ll be happy to answer any questions for anyone, if I can. I’ll just wait until I’m asked so I’m not misunderstood.

Thanks for the nice comments!!!!

The Beef

I don’t know why you would listen to that jerk who said that. Your comments are always insightful and entertaining. Please don’t stop making them!


Thanks!!!! I wil! 🙂


Hey beautiful people, I – the CBS broadcast only watcher – wanted to say I LOOOOOOOOVED Scottie’s lil speech during the voting yesterday: “I appreciate the flattery but I’m nobody’s goon” – LMFAO! Then to top it off he goes on and wins HOH. Hahahaha! I know he’s not a favorite among OBB commentators, not my fave as well, but I’m very interested in seeing what he’s gonna do. Hopefully something unpredictable. He could take out some of the dead weight from the Six, but I’d like to see Rockstar go unless she goes batsh!t cray and start attacking everyone. It’s never too little to have a bit of deranged people in the house.

Stay strong, enjoy the summer and keep on clicking on the ads and help support Simon and Dawg!

Sea horse

I’m totally loving Scottie and hayleigh right now.


“like literally”


Sam, needs to go back to a robot. I am not a fan. What was up with her and Scotties Champagne. I loved the face Bay made when she took it and put it in the mine fridge.


It wasn’t very cold so Sam was going to put it in the fridge or the freezer to get it nice and cold, Bayleigh wanted to drink it right then because it was cold enough. I’m not sure how chilled it was but considering no one else said anything, they were willing to wait so it would taste better. Warm champagne is not great.


Everyone going in the room for the new HOH is already always a awkward situation. Sam didn’t need to be acting like this was her HOH and grabbing Scotties things from people. She also took a box of crackers away from KC which got me heated lol. Scottie had said everyone could go nuts on any of his snacks they wanted.

Sam is great, but I can see where some will get more and more annoyed with her “I’m the house mother” routine over time. You are 27. Take it down one notch Sam:-)

Goony Burd

Sam is very disarming. I’m not sure if she knows she could weaponize it.


The only one that Sam should use her reward on is on herself.


Depends, if the power isn’t used this week, it will have to be used next week. That will make next week’s HoH complicated. For instance if Sam or her side wins HoH, what’s the point? There’s a good chance her target isn’t going anywhere. She loses control of the power after this week.


Steve votes… dude that was week one crap. If you know stuff. Fez didn’t use the veto on your boy. He let the nominees stand because they were afraid Tyler would put up Bay. How oblivious do you have to be? Scottie needs to wake up, he is disposable. Going after the Bro’s is a wasted shot. In all honesty, it is good for his game if Swaggy and Fez never have a chance to reunite. This is a week you ask yourself does the fan choice win out or does the strategist win out. Fan me wants Fez and the Bro’s still in the house for a battle back and Swaggy returns. Strategist me is the thing that is the smartest move is to get Fez out so if there is a battle back only one of them returns to the house.

Scottie already has Tyler and quite frankly the people who would be mad at him are Bay and Rockstar, not the biggest threats. His smartest move is to get Fez out, he can even nominate him with a Bro so Fez at least has a chance at a veto. Then put the other bro up if Fez wins. He should have noticed Winston is still there so his chosen alliance has NO power. Getting a bro out of Tyler is a bad move.


No battle back involving Swaggy. If he was going to get a chance at a Battle Back Julie would have told him on eviction night.

That is how it’s done. I’m sure someone will disagree, but they would be wrong.

I’m a a$$ hey?:-)

True Dat

Not only would she tell him there was a possiblity of him getting back in the game, but she also wouldn’t have corrected him concerning Haleigh’s vote, nor would he have been shown Tyler’s goodbye message that outlined the inner workings of his gameplay. There will 100 percent not be a pre-jury battle back this year guaranteed.

Like literally

Can someone tell why feeds are down? thanks

Yo Believo

“I’m not a backdoor kinda guy” That’s the attitude to have. Backdoors while effective, are riskier than just throwing up two threats on the block. More people need to play old school like this.


Bros are going on the block but one will probably win the power of veto, the only move after that is putting Angela up against one. I think if they put Kaitlyn or Tyler up there it will get interesting. But I think one of the Bro’s will go home over Tyler and even Kaitlyn.