Big Brother Spoilers – “I feel intuitively that I am being received very well by the world”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Scottie did not use the Power of Veto Leaving the nominations Brett and Winston. There will be a hefty level jockeying  these next couples days as the vote is going to be damn close. Looks like Sam’s game got a bit blown up during Crazy’s tirade.

11:13am Kaitlyn and Scottie
Kaitlyn tells him she flipped the vote. “I f*ing hated my alliance.. they told me I was shady”
She explains how she was told that threw as a power that if she doesn’t vote out Steve the person with the power was goign to put her up. She goes on to exoplain how crazy the week was with her flipping on her alliance and winning HOH.

Kaitlyn says when she was HOH all she wanted to do was tell Scottie.
Scottie says he had his suspicions.
Kaitlyn – the fact that I didn’t win a power up is Disrespectful.. what more could I have done.
Kaitlyn – there’s so many parts to this.. it’s not my power.. it’s more of the power thing.. it wasn’t my place to say this person has a particular power.
Scottie- ohh so she told you
Kaitlyn – she did when I won HOH

Kaitlyn says she told Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar..
Kaitlyn “I was so scared top tell you I didn’t think you would understand it”
Kaitlyn – I didn’t do it to be an as$$hole I loved Steve… the power goes against everything.. the whole thing about Big Brother is an anonymous vote..
Kaitlyn claims that the power is that Sam will know who voted and she would be able to switch the one nominees..
Scottie – that would have been nuts..

Kaitlyn – I feel intuitively that I am being received very well by the world.. I think because I am aligned with my general truth and I’m so dissociated with everything else I just want to be authentic..
Scorttie- I always had my feeling that you did it never once I was mad at you
Scottie says he’s going to make sure the bros are going he blames them got s lot of lies in teh house.
Kailtyn says the bros are manipulating her.
Kailtyn says this is the last week Sam has the power
Scottie- ohh so it’s only three weeks.. so that means the people that have it could burn next week and the week after that..
Kaitlyn says the bros don’t have the power.
Scottie- so they are going to sit on the block all week .. that’s exactly what I want.
Kaitlyn says is she goes on the block Sam will use the power on her. Sam doesn’t want anyone to know that because it’ll F** up her game.
Scottie mentions putting Rachel up as a pawn if a power is used.. “it’ll be a 10-1 vote.. I’ll say in my speech she is a pawn”

Kailtyn says JC has a power.
K – are you mad at me
S – no
K – you swear
Scottie – I tried so hard to get one.. I tried so F**ing hard..
kaitlyn wonders who has the power “What more could I have done” (Not be annoying)
kaitlyn – what Sam did see is when she picked her power there was four icons and the one she picked was HUGE the other two were small.
S – like physically
kaitlyn – it was almost like they wanted her to pick it..
K – she did say she was drawn to it because it was the biggest one and had gold things coming out of it
S – did she tells you what the other power pictures were
K – yes.. one was a cloud that had a up arrow, like you go to the top.. she didn’t remember the other one..
S – that one flip vote was never a concern for me I knew who the rats were and I had to get them
K – Brett’s going home this week we have the votes to evict him
S – Good
K – me, Bayleigh, HAleigh, Rockpuke, Fessy, Tyler and Sam will vote to evict him.. we need 6 votes I believe
S – right there is 7
K – maybe Sam or maybe JC will evict him, Brett is going home..
k – the following week, My, fess, Haliehg or Rockstar or Bayleigh will win or Tyler.. and .. the other one will go home.


They hug it out..
K – WE’re fine.. I have you..

11:43am Scottie and Tyler
Feeds come in with them talking about Sam’s power.
Scottie – she can only use it if she is voted out .. IF someone gets voted out and she wants to switch it.. like Brett got evicted and she would use the power and then anyone who voted against BRett can be switched on the block and re-vote..
S – that is why she’s so confident about it

11:45am Tyler and Kaycee bathroom
(talking about Kaitlyn)
Kaycee – she’s diggin herself a big A$$ mother f***ing hole
Tyler – yeah
K – ohh well
T – she has to go.. but next week if she has to go she comes back..
K – then we can take her right back out
T – she’ll be pissed
K – true dat
Tyler says Kaitlyn is pissed at her
K – it’s so stupid.. trying to put sh1t on you
T – every day.. f***

11:46am Tyler and Kailtyn
Tyler – just had a interesting conversation with Scottie
Kaitlyn – you have to trust my intuition .. I respect you and love you..
Kaitlyn tells Tyler that his dad comes to her in her sleep.. he tells her not to trust Tyler and is abrasive .

Workout before the Power of Veto Ceremony

1:00pm Feeds back Winston and Angela..

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Simon-I love that you used Kait’s quote for this update. I was so entertained by her conversation with Scottie, and I actually feel sorry for her intuition. I think her guiding spirits have abandoned her or something.


I think Katlyn is bat shit crazy, Her spirit demons are feeding her the same type of lies she’s feeding everyone in the house.


that “not be annoying” aside was also amazing. the lack of perspective kaitlyn has on herself is incredible. i would have loved to see her get the power app just to witness the power go to her head as she likely misused it, but she hasn’t done anything deserving of it, her gameplay is wildly disloyal and her “big move” was actually tyler’s. being flakey and easily manipulated is generally not a combo that will get you america’s respect (though kinda sucks for scottie there isn’t a fourth power, i imagine he’d be the current frontrunner for seeing through the bros’ lies).


Visions and voices isn’t intuition. That’s a psychosis. I wonder if Big Brother looks for people with mental issues or if “doctor” is giving house guests meds that make them crazy? Every year there’s at least one crazy person.

Tyler needs to get ahead of this and do some damage control before she really runs her mouth.


They should bring in Dr. Phil to give her some intervention. That would make for some good feeds!


Well, it is CBS.. would love to see that!

My Two Cents

“Kaitlyn – I feel intuitively that I am being received very well by the world.. ” Giiiiirl, you REALLY need to stop listening to your intuition/the voices in your head. They’re as crazy as you are!


It’s interesting. I see somebody with crystal clear mental issues like Kaitlyn and I feel a mixture of empathy and hope she will find help…BB producers see casting potential

I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise

I see another annoying Millennial narcissist.


I know right??!!! What the crap kind of stuff is that???? So much for peace loving intuitive. What an ass!

Carolina girl

Wait did she say HIS dad told her not to trust Tyler? I didn’t see it but I really hope that she didn’t go there


She went there.

Chick in Louisiana

What was his reply to this? Omg!


She was just talking her typical nonsense claiming that she is outrageously intuitive and has guiding spirits. Tyler didn’t seem offended, at all (when she claimed his dad was abrasive, he basically implied that was impossible…not his dad) and I do not think she was trying to offend him. She had been telling Scottie about it earlier in her “reveal” chat, and when Tyler told her that Scottie told him about their chat, she then sort of mentioned the dad dream.

She is a true wackadoodle.


I know right??!!! What the crap kind of stuff is that???? So much for peace loving intuitive. What an ass!

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

I want to know when Kaitlyn’s boyfriend will come to her in her sleep and tell her he dumped her? If her intuition is so great, she should know he’s done with her. lol

What a freak

Kaitlyn is nuts


I would love to see Sam use her power to possible save the evicted Bro and have them come back into the game. At this point, I love them both, but I think I would rather see Brett go over Winston.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

That would be great. Because with Kaitlyn confessing everything and then both Bro’s stay would be amazing to watch. lol


Right, I want that sooo much! Why cause just imagine how pisssssssed the other side would be! They have given all they have to get one bro out, so if he turns around and walks back in, my gawd how I want to see the looks on their faces! Would make me giddy for the next month! lol


That would SUCK… the level six side needs to dwindle in numbers, and seeing a week go to waste would not be fun for me. The seasons were the power went back and forth between two sides while they stayed somewhat even till the last stretch were the best to me.


I don’t think it would suck. If one side has more numbers than the other, someone is bound to flip on their alliance to take “the first shot” and that would be really interesting to watch.


About Kaitlyn-
At least she keeps them on their toes.
funny, and a little bit scarey.
I think she’s making up stuff as she goes tho.


I think she truly believes everything that comes out of her mouth.


I didn’t understand the part where Kaitlyn was talkin bout Tyler’s Dad coming to her in a dream & telling her not to trust Tyler? Is Tyler estranged from his Dad? Is his Dad Dead?

JC is Pervy

Oh geez! That is really low and nasty. I’m done with batshit crazy. We lock people in the BHU when they hear voices……..


Thanks 4 clarifying Simon, I wonder why she would say his Dad was abrasive & telling her not to trust his own son…. Maybe I’m reading to much into the words of a bat-shit crazy ding-bat LOL


I want to know what Tyler’s reaction to hearing that was. That’s really weird that she would say that to him.


She’s going to be starring in new episode of Snapped. Nuts !!!


That comment from her was so wrong. I dont care if you believe that happened or not why would you tell him that! He has got to be thinking this chick is off her rocker and she has to go before I piss her off without even knowing it an lose this game! I’m torn between wanting her to stay for the drama an entertainment and wanting her to go before she messes up Tyler’s game beyond repair!


On the Live Feeds, Tyler is doing the dishes and Kaitlyn is hugging him from behind, giving him kisses, taking off her shirt….. RUN TYLER RUN. Kailtyn is cray cray and delusional.


Ummmm. Taking off her shirt ?? Oh my !! He has to be about to lose his mind.


I am thinking, those nice men in white suits, need to come and fit Krazy Kait with a nice new white jacket! Shiny buckles and all! I feel intuitively they will receive you well too!

Kaitlyn’s Life Coach

Close your eyes Kaitlyn. As you inhale feel all of the love that is being extended toward you from the world filling up your heart center. See, feel and know that love has now become white light. As you exhale… use your mind’s eye…. to direct that healing peaceful white light to each of your housemates. See it fill their bodies from the tips of their toes…. all the way to the tops of their heads. How does that new light affect their perception… of you… being you? What does this new… loving… peaceful energy that you’ve received from others and have now shared with them…. do to contribute to their life inside the house? Are your actions and perceptions in allignment with this white, peaceful, loving energy? What would it take for you to be the energy this household requires to feel safe… and calm…and strong… and peaceful. On your next exhale please release everything that keeps you from being that energy………. you may open your eyes.


How did Sam get to put a post on here?

Ino Yamanaka

I just read somewhere that Tyler’s dad died. When did it happen? Poor guy. What was Tyler’s reaction to Kaitlyn nonsense?


That was the connection Swaggy thought he had with Tyler. Both their Dads passed around the same time. Don’t know his reaction, but probably didn’t bother him much knowing she’s a nut case.


Well…umm…so Kait…wha?!


Kaitlyn has one thing correct. She IS totally disassociated from everything! Hey, she said it herself. We fans are so disrespectful not giving her a power…hahaha. All she deserves is a boot…right out the door. I love how she makes stuff up in her own head like the symbols that were different sizes (?). I guess that escaped my notice.
I have a sister that has lived her whole life so disillusioned just like Kaitlyn. Good thing that I am not in the house. I’d be going nuts!

Kid Rock

Not a fan on Tyler… Fes will be final 3 watch


Not since the twins dis that the whole god told them to put up the black man and the gay guy have we had such whack a doo explanation for betraying everybody who trusted them. So let’s break this down… it started when she did not feel that Fezzy was paying enough attention to her because of he like Hay… So she rebelled and voted Steve out. She flipped and no one made her flip. Then she created the plan to evict Swaggy… that was all her idea. This Season is filled with delusional people. Was it some requirement this season? Scottie wants to avenge Steve so he targets the side of the house that had the least to do with it. Kaitlyn thinks the spirits are talking to her and even had the cruel ignorance to tell Tyler that his dead father told her to not trust Tyler, that is F’ed up. So Kaitlyn betrayed Steve, then Swaggy, the Bro’s and Sam (she was not supposed to talk to anyone about the power and basically told everyone. She swore to,). So Kaitlyn has broken her word at every turn and somehow thinks she is America’s sweetheart. Rockstar thinks she is relevant. Not to mention people are walking around with targets on their backs as threats that couldn’t win anything when they desperately need to… hile some real threats are walking around completely ignored. The house is delusional and the only two with their heads on straight is Sam, Kaycee, and Angela… the rest them don’t know their a** from a hole in the wall. It is the Summer of Delusions.


Bayleigh is not a whack a doo.
Give her a chance.

Trackin the Kraken

Kaitlyn tells Tyler that his dad comes to her in her sleep.. he tells her not to trust Tyler and is abrasive .

And that kinda comment Folks, is what separates Bat-Shyt crazy from your generic crazy

Ethan Carnevale

Kaitlyn is so cute!


Kaitlyn needs to get her intuition calibrated, when she gets home………………..


Hasn’t anybody figured out that Kaitlyn is another Vanessa only a bit flakier? Vanessa whined and fussed and got on everyone’s nerves but made it to the finale. On one hand, I applaud Scottie for trying to make a bold move. Unfortunately he is now a huge target because the remaining Bro will be out for revenge. If Sam uses her power and the evicted Bro comes back, poor Scottie is doomed.