“I want to b@ckdoor Swaggy this week that would be a cool move..”

POV: ? Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: ?, ? Have Nots ?

9:30am Nominations today

9:30am JC and Tyler storage room
JC says Tyler should make a BIG move.
JC wants them to work on getting Scottie and Bayleigh put up as pawns. Scottie wins the Veto and put Bayleigh and Swaggy up.
JC – convince her that Swaggy and Bayleigh are already the pawns
Tyler – I don’t need to convince her that she knows both Swaggy and Bayleigh went behind her back

9:50am ROCK, Kaitlyn and BAyleigh
Rockstar is claiming that she lives paycheck to paycheck to paycheck. She feels guilty for leaving her family but she had to take this opportunity. Bayleigh points out Rockstar had a baby 6 months ago she’s still trying to adjust.
Rockstar – we have a good relationship but he (partner) legitimately can’t understand why I’m doing this..
Kaitlyn tells her not to worry she’s not going on the block she has nothing to worry about this week.
They go one to talk about how Steve was Rockstar’s peer, she wasn’t close to him but the fact he was married with kids like her they shared a bond.

10:11am Bayleigh and Kaitlyn HOH
Bayleigh – whatever you are thinking I am on board..
Bayleigh says she knows Kaitlyn never talks to Kaycee.. “i don’t want you to feel pressure.. you have complete power you can make a BIG move but I don’t want this move to screw you up.. I know you won’t put me up.. whatever you do will be a defining factor.. ”
Kaitlyn says she needs to talk to Brett first because she can’t make any decisions before
Bayleigh says Anegla was overheard saying “if they want to go to war we’ll go to war.. she was naming the people on her side.. ”
Bay – she was like ok we got the numbers lets go to war
Kaitlyn – I didn’t know that.. thanks yo foir telling me
Bayleigh says Scottie was the one that heard it and he told Swaggyz so she should talk to Swagz to get confirmation

10:15am Kaitlyn and Brett
Kailtyn wants him to be as authenticate as possible
Brett – I can’t tell you what jit is.. it hasn’t been used.. All I can tell you 100% if it was used it would have f*ed you.. it would have f**ed the entire side.. that’s what I am saying and what I am saying is don’t position yourself that way.,
Kaitlyn – the people I care about most is Rockstar, Haleigh and Fessie.. I need to know what this means..
Brett – I understand.. you do what yo need to do you made the right choice..
Kaitlyn mentions that Angela said we’re going to war
BRett says that was her not him..
Kaitlyn – I don’t like the cattiness that is going on with the girls
Kaitlyn mentions Angela pushing the beds together
Brett said him and Winston haven’t slept in a bed and nobody is willing to rotate so Angela put the bed together.
Kiatlyn is getting annoyed that he won’t tell her the specifics of the power. she tells him she’s playing both side she need to know.
Kailtyn – right now I can only put people that haven’t spoken a ounce of game to me.. I wish there wass a way for you to be more clear.
Kaitlyn asks him why nobody has come up and talked to her about the plan.
Brett thought Tyler was taking care of that.
Kaitlyn says she needs to no more about the power so if she puts two from their side up and the power is used she can put Swaggy up. She says only Brett has the information she needs.
Brett – Kaitlyn I’m saying trust me I know this is hard..

Kaitlyn says she’s not putting up Haleigh, Fessie, Rockstar and Tyler. Brett asks about him. She’s claiming not to put him up.
Brett asks her if she’s putting up Rachel and Angela
Kailtyn – you’re putting a lot of words in my mouth..
Kailtyn – I have to put up people that don’t talk to me and don’t talk the game with me and that’s that
Brett – I understand..
Kailtyn – you share what you comfortable with.. it’s very off putting I had the final decision and I did that at the 11 hour and now you don’t trust me
Brett – the least amount the people know the better.. YOU are fine.. I was saving you from a scenario
Kailtyn is confused why they aren’t more trusting after she made that move
Brett understands her side.. points out from the other side it looks like she’s still sitting cozy back where she was. He adds that she made a move but it’s still a move in secret.


10:22am Tyler and Sam Storage room
They talk about telling Kailtyn that Sam has the power and she just told Tyler. Sam says the people that know the truth are the two of them Kaycee and now KAiltyn.
Tyler – don’t tell Kailtyn Kaycee knows.. tell Kaitlyn not to tell anyone and tell Kailtyn you just told me
Tyler fills her in on the plan he had to save her last week how it was a last minute thing, “now she’s in.. I got it”
Sam – there’s been a lot of talk about me and you, you might get the next trending super app, I’ll have mine you’ll have one.. I feel like America is behind out group our little tribe.. JC, Rachel and the Bros..
Sam – we’re going all the way .. America is taking us all the way..
Tyler – all the way

10:30am Tyler and Kaitlyn HOH
Kaitlyn tells him how frustrated she is with Brett because she’s not giving specifics about the power.
Kaitlyn – Brett doesn’t have it
Tyler – I just found out.. Brett played up he had the power just in case this happened to be used as a deflection..
Tyler – I was under the impression he had it to
Tyler – Sam had the power she just told me
kailtyn – I f*ing knew it
Tyler – it’s after the votes are revealed the other person goes home
Kailtyn – perfect I’m putting up Sam and Swaggy
Tyler obviously doesn’t like this plan. no

Tyler says he just told Sam that Kaitlyn was the 7th vote. “She owes her entire game to you”
Tyler mentions that Sam can use this power to protect KAiltyn so she can make a BIG ASS move
Tyler adds that Sam is going to come up and tell her about this “Sam has a lot of power right now”

Kaitlyn wants to put up Winston and KAycee
Tyler – you want that side up now..
Kaitlyn – I’m not putting up Haleigh, Rockstar and Fessie
Tyler – I don’t want yo to put up any of those three
Tyler what about Swaggty
KAitlyn – I want it to be a back door situation..
Tyler – then you have to secure who plays in the veto…..
Tyler – if someone on Brett side goes home and Sam has to use the power.. that is you throwing away a number and you throwing away a power..
Tyler – if someone from swagging-C side goes home this week and a power isn’t used..

Kaycee comes in and wants to be next.. she leaves..
Tyler – you know Swaggy and Bayleigh are the main ones..
Tyler says it’s probably best they don’t put Swaggy up in case he wins POV

Kaityln – I want to backdoor swaggy this week that would be a cool move..

Tyler – I would say Bayleigh and a pawn
Kaitlyn – I’m not putting up Batyleigh
Kailtyn – I might use Scottie as a pawn
KAitlyn – mayeb I’ll do Scottie and Winston
Tyler – if Swaggy wins the veto
Kaitlyn – he’s not gonna..
Kaitlyn says she’s picking Fessy for house guests choice and Fessy will try to win it and keep noms the same.

10:42pm KAycee and KAitlyn 
Kaycee – welcome to the good side
Kaitlyn says this cattiness has to end.. It’s not f*ing nice.. they are acting way too comfortable and it’s making it look suspicious to er
Kaycee agrees now.. “i got your back 100%”
Kaycee tells her KAitlyn now has the numbers.
Kailtyn says Fessie is her number one, “I legit need more validation from your side before I make a decision”
Kaitlyn – I’ve never spoken game to anyone on your side
Kaycee – everyone has your back you know what I’m saying.. you have nothing to worry about

10:48am Rockstar and kailtyn are next up..
Kailtyn – I think I know what I am goign to do
Rockstar – alright I support whatever you want
Kailtyn says she need to continue talking to the other side “I think I’m putting Scottie up as a pawn and Winston and in the event that the veto is used I’ll throw up Angela”

10:54am Scottie and Kaitlyn
SCottie – I’m going after the bros..
Scottie says the Bros told him they had his back but they got Sketched out because Steve picked Fessy to play in the Power of Veto.
SCottie says Steve overheard Sam asking Winston if he wanted her to cut his hair. and he said “I’ll just get it cut next week”

Kaitlyn – my target this week is Winston.. I want him to go home.. I can’t put up Brett and Winston together I can’t do it Brett has become a friend of mine
Kaitlyn adds if Veto is played she’s putting up Angela.
Kaitlyn – you’re fine.. you are definitely not going home.. It’s crossed my mind to put you up
Kaitlyn wants Winston and Angela on the block so people can pick a side, “I want to make a big move.. ”

11:04am Sam and Kailtyn HOH 
Kaitlyn says her side doesn’t know that she was the deciding vote. Sam thanks her for that.
Sam – I think you’re a smart cookie and I would like to get to know you better and learn from you.. and as far as being a teammate I have a lot to offer.
Sam – I have the power app
Kaitlyn – I knew it..


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As you once said, “one hundo”


“From your mouth to God’s ear”…..as my sainted grandmother used to say…………


I voted Scottie for everything. He seems quite neutral to get the power. I don’t want to support anyone from the either major alliance. I like Tyler, but he is so obvious.


Same, I voted scottie for everything too. If thing go too well for the level 6 it will not be fun to watch anymore.

Nanaimo in the house!

Just wanted to say a thank you to you two fine gentleman for once again providing excellent coverage of BB. Are you guys still located on Vancouver Island?


ugh. when will people learn there’s no point in backdooring when your plan b is already going to be on the block. just put up swaggy and bayleigh otherwise if swaggy plays and wins the veto, he takes down bayleigh and you’re screwed. putting up swagz next to bay, you’re fine. one of them goes.


exactly, put up winston and brett and backdoor swag.


Go home Smeagol you’re drunk.

I knew this unstable chick would stir up some crazy sht. HaHa.

She is all over the place. This will be the unhinged week. Things will change by the hour. Let’s do this! Wooo Hooo!




She’s putting up Winston and Scottie. Winston knows he is the pawn, with the target being Swaggy, if veto gets played.


Stay tuned. It could change before noms.

And before someone thinks I’m mean to call her Smeagol…I am joking.

I actually like that she is a little bat sht crazy. It makes for good TV.

I said Wooo Hoooo! Because this will be a fun week with Miss unstable in the HOH room. Watch her start to like Angela. They have not talked much. You can’t talk to Angel one on one and not like her.

Entertaining week ahead



Do I smell a Vanessa week? It should be a fun week.


Totally agree. However something yo consider, I think how Tyler played all over the place last week she may be the same style, or she may just be to in her own world to make a common sense move

Goony Burd

I’m a new parent (3 weeks old!), and I had pledged to try and not judge parents for subjectively poor decisions publically. But for chrissakes! She left her 6-month old for a chance- A CHANCE- to potentially, maybe, possibly win the half-mil, and she admitted that her family lives cheque to cheque? And for the potential, maybe, possibly?


Honestly, as a mom myself (my 3 are obviously grown adults), that was a blatant show of mom-guilt….and the fact that her hubby didn’t support or understand the decision says a lot.


I was wondering when her new mom guilt would make an appearance. I believe the HG make about $1500 a week when they are in the house. That may be more than she makes in a week anyways and it will benefit her family.

You Only Live Once

This “game play” has been used before, saying I live pay check to pay check. I don’t judge Rockstar at all for either this game play or leaving her 6 month old…..you only live once. I’ll wait to know more of this situation, perhaps she asked BB to come back next year due to her new born but they couldn’t agree to that…so it was a take it or leave it opportunity. Besides don’t all contestants get a stipend…..maybe the stipend could actually be more then making at their job?…..


This is the very reason you end up with a bunch of fame whores. There are not too many folks who can take 3-4 months off of life. This batch of fame seekers are entertaining though.


Not suprised Kaitlyn wants to get Swaggy out. She was caught saying the ‘N’ word on the live feeds now it’s all over TMZ. Get this racist skinny twat out of the house asap people. Amerikkka already looks bad enough with Trump.


*hits the wall with her cane*

Honey, you are repeating yourself, so I guess I will have to, too!

Time stamp, please? I want to hear that for myself.

Have y’all ever gone to the zoo and watched the monkeys throw poo at each other? I mean, it’s interesting at first, but then it just gets old and smelly!


Kaitlyn’s didn’t bother me that much b/c they were all talking in lyrics. Now Rachel and Angela’s comments were a different story.


Jenny how many screen names are you going to make to troll Angela? Her life is grand and yours is not, I know it’s hard. I will pray things get better for you.

Thanks for the downvotes. And now I have given you the attention you wanted. I will not be seeing or responding to your troll posts the rest of the summer. But good luck to you.



Time stamp? Lol. It’s all over TMZ.


True story. Young African AmeriCans on school bus throwing around the N word like they were Santa. Young white kid parrots them and gets disciplined. Word has no place in music or anywhere in society by ANYONE. Sad.


It’s lyrics to a Drake song, f*** off. You’re what’s ruining America. People get offended by everything these days…


I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not up to you to decide who gets offended. Common sense. You are obviously from the privilege white class who believes they can do what ever they want when they want.


This looks familiar. :\ SMH. Seriously


Trump2020 😀 Sorry, I just had to.

You Only Live Once

Ah yes, the oversensitive……it is difficult to see perspective when you are just out with your pitchforks looking to burn someone else at the stake. Do you really want to spend your life being offended……it is a very limiting way to live.


What the heck is “The Map” (my new nickname for Kaitlyn cause she’s all over the place) doing? Does she even know???? Fessie will not play the veto for Swaggy if he wins?? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, Tyler……you are the one Big Brother was made for. You are a master manipulator! Love the convo you had with the Map. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam is doing very well. Tyler was right to tell her to tell the Map about the power. Trust building.

Rockstar scares me.

I’d also like to see competitions for Have Nots. Volunteers are boring.

Just love this season!!!


Map haha. Good one. Thanks for the laugh!

Double Yikes

Rockstar scares me too…always making her devil horns hand sign. Lol


Ding Dong needs to stop making her nomination decision based on who she feels close to as a friend, and start playing Big Brother. Make some deals. Negotiate safety for future weeks.


I’m confused. Who does Kaitlyn think is being catty? The only catty comments I’ve heard are from Hayleigh and Rockstar. They are always putting Kaitlyn down and seem jealous of Angela and Rachel.
I need to see more game for Angela in order for me to continue to root for her. Right now Tyler and Brett seem to be the only ones with any game.


Wait what? Kaitlyn is putting up Winston and Scottie…then Angela if veto is played or is she just saying this? If she is even considering this she better put up Kaycee and Winston then Angela if veto is played. Putting Scottie up is a mistake because he’s not in Bro’s alliance and they will vote anyone else out that’s not in that 6. Kaycee’s probably a goner but at least she puts up people from the same alliance and get numbers down.