“I swear on my dad’s dead grave I never said Bottom of Totem Pole.. ” – Swagz

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers Swagz is handling this well. Rockstar, Haleigh, Swagz and Scottie are 100% onto Tyler it’ll be interesting how this plays out.

1:18pm Scottie and Tyler
Scottie says he wants to stick with Swagz and Tyler he would never vote against Tyler.
They talk about argument Kaitlyn and Swagz had.. Something to do about Swagz and Fez had a deal with the bros and when Katlyn found out she got pissed. Swagz thought Fez would have told her about it.
Scottie thanks Tyler for using the Veto. Tyler tells him if he didn’t use the veto on Scottie and instead on Winston Scottie would have gone, “It was too close for me to leave you up there”

Tyler – I did not want you on the block and I made Sure Katlyn knew that.
Tyler claims that the three of them are “So TIGHT”
Tyler – at this point.. he’s going home.. (Swagz)
Tyler – swaggy has made deals with everyone..

Tyler – the more I talked to the other side the more deals I realized he made.. Rachel, the Bros.. Angela but Angela tried to shut it down
Scottie – you are voting for him
Tyler- I have to I have to… i’m not 100% but it’s looking like he going
Tyelr knows Bayleigh and Fes will be coming after him next week because ROCKSTAR is going around saying it was his plan to get out Swaggy.
Tyler – this was literally brought to me and I had to work with .. I couldn’t deflect..
Tyle r- I have a lot of numbers right now behind the scenes that are against Swaggy
Scottie – if either yo uor me wins next week what should we do
T – my main opportunity is to make sure Bayleigh and Fes to not win the HOH.
Scottie asks him if the Bros would touch im.
Tyler recommends SCottie talks to them to see where their heads are at.
Scottie – I did tell Kailtyn I wold go after the Bros.. do you think she told them.
Tyler – no
Tyler says the best thing for them moving forward is for Scottie to build relationships with the Bros and Haleigh
Tyler- ROCKSTAR , Bayleigh and Fessie PISSED

1:56pm ROCKSTAR and Haleigh
Haleigh – she’s upset right now..
Haleigh says Brett/Tyler told Kaitlyn that little girls will look up to her for standing up for herself
Rockstar “Tyler and Brett really know what little girls look up to. They look up to a girl that does what all the guys want her to do.. f*ing a$$holes.. ”

2:01pm Haleigh and Swagz
Haleigh says give it time a lot can change.
Haleigh brings up Kaitlyn mentioning to Brett and Tyler that SCottie toldf her that Winston said he was going to target her. Brett and Tyler both shot it down.

Haleigh – the thing that pushed her over the edge is when Tyler told her about that conversation
Swaggz admit he did say the “shady” shi1t about Kaitlyn but did say bottom of the totem pole.
Haleigh warns him that Tyler tells one thing to Swagz then another thing to Kailtyn.
Swagz – I genuinely really like this girl.. we’ve gotten really close and we have 2 weeks together.. that really hurts along with the money aspect.
Haleigh says production told her that the power ups can happen at anytime so one of those might get dropped in.
Swagz didn’t know that.

Rock joins them says she’s “aggressiveivly sad” mentions that fes has been in the bathroom all day he’s really sad.
Rock – How did this happen.
Rock – Tyler is Palpatine..
Rock – Tyler’s a competitor he needs to get the f* outta here..
Rock – he’s smart but he acts stupid..
Haleigh agrees.

2:03pm Storage room Scotty and Brett
Scottie says the Ceremony came as a complete surprise to him, “Apparently I’m in the dark about a lot of sh1t”
Scottie asks why did Kaitlyn do that was there a fight?
Brett explains that he’s not 100% what happened, “honestly it was a big surprise to me as well”
Brett says “I’m human” and he say her crying so he comforted her.
Brett – essentially.. I don’t think it was a fight.. her name was in his mouth a lot and it was along the lines that crying to position her the last man on the totem pole.
Brett brings up Fes and Haleigh flirting “kinda a cutesy thing”
Brett – Swaggy positioned it as Kailtyn’s getting jealous of course Kailtyn is in a relationship.. that really upset Kaitlyn.. he made a target outta her for doing that.
Scottie – I’ve been hanging out with Swaggy a lot and apparently he doesn’t tell me everything
Brett – you know why Steve went home right..
Brett – Steve made a deal with Swaggy, I loved Steve I wanted Steve here..
Brett mentions how Scottie and him were going to battle for Steve and they told him but when the veto players were picked Steve picked Fessie.
Brett – Weird.. he looked at me then he picked Fessie.. the one person he picked didn’t pull him off the block..
Scottie – really looks like I was getting f**ing played.
Brett says Bayleigh and Swagz are 100% in a showmance
Brett – where are you at.. obviously Tyler and you are good he took you off.. Tyler is my Hommie
Scottie says he’s pissed at Swaggz for not tell him about the “twitter poll” fight with Kaitlyn
Brett – when you cast that vote.. thats for you Steve..

2:24pm Swagz and ROCK
Rock about Kailtyn – She’s so stupid.. why she keep saying you bullied her what did you bully her about
Swagz – I never bullied her
Rock – I don’t think you did but what is she talking about
Swagz – I know what she is talking boat

S – she had her little twitter poll talk show with Tyler. And she asked me a question and I said well.. umm ..umm.
S- She asked who do I want to see go next if I win HOH
S – I said Winston and she asked why I said he’s talking about me behind my back
She asked him about the Deal with the Bros
S – I was like it was nothing adn she’s like F*ing tell me right now
S – I was like OK first of all relax.. I’m a grown ass man don’t talk to me like that second of all they approached me we didn’t know what to do we never took it serious
S – she got mad that i yelled said Don’t talk to me like that
Swagz – swaggy just so you know I’m a 12 year old girl and you’re a grown a$$ man you’re scaring me right now ..
S – at the end of the day we talked it out..
RocK – Tyler and Bret told her So many little girls will be so proud of you..

ROCK – did you ever tell Tyler she was on the bottom of the totem pole
Swagz – no I said she was shady
Swagz – I swear on my dads dead grave I never said Bottom totem pole..
Rock – Tyler is so shady .. the dude is underestimated initially not stupid .. and shady as F**
Swagz – On my dads dead grave..

2:25pm enjoying the outdoors

2:50pm Chit chat.

3:16pm Kaitlyn and Rockstar HOH
Kaitlyn says there was no reason for her to send Winston home this week. Swaggy was the only person talking sh1t about her, “I did this for my younger self.. I did this for myself that never stood up for myself”

I get that you’re pissed..
Rock – I’m not.. you had a pretty face in your ear.. you were talking to Tyler
Kailtyn – this wasn’t Tyler’s idea.. truthful he backed me up.. the only person that talked about me is Swaggy

Rock – we had a 5 person solid thing
Kaitlyn – she said to Tyler I was a liability to the group
Rock says Tyler has been trying to get her to talk about avbout KAitlyn
Kailtyn – ROCKSTAR you beign on the defense about this I get it..
Rock goes on about how they were in a good spot with their 5.
Kaitlyn says Bayleigh came up here and told her she gets it based on what Swaggy said to her. Kailtyn – 2 days ago JC heard him say I was a liability
Rock – you are with Brett and Winston and Tyler
I’m no with anyone.. the only person I’ve gotten close with is Tyler.
Rcok – you could have talked to me
Kaitlyn could have talk to ROCK but says Rock is with Bayleighand Swagz she needed someone neutral
Rock doesn’t thin kTyler is neutral

Kaitlyn – he literally told Tyler and Scottie that he like runs us.. he controls us.. that is why he was sitting pretty when we were telling Tyler to put up Angela.. he sat there a smiled while we did his dirty work.. that came off sketchy to Tyler
Rock doesn’t think it was dirty work.. she say getting rid of a threat..
Rock – I guess we say our goodbyes when these people betray you and I go up.. Winston don’t give shit about me, BRett doesn’t give s1t.. Tyler doesn’t give a shit about me.. Angela.. no.. so maybe Kaycee and JC..

Kaitlyn – I’m changing the trajectory of the game..
kaitlyn says Brett and Wisnton don’t want to work with Rachel and Angela they think their morons.
Kaitlyn says Swaggy was the one that created the group in the house. Everyone wants a fresh start.
Kaitlyn – I’m sorry.. I love you to death..
Rock – I look forward to these tapes where you need to stick up for yourself..
Rock says Brett and Tyler got in her ear. Tells her Tyler always plays dumb.

Kaitlyn says there’s more people in the game looking for a change up suggest they can now team up wit BRett, Tyler along with Haleigh, Rock and herself.
Kailtyn doesn’t understand why Rock thinks her game is over because of this. “I’m sorry that you think your game is now just over. It’s not. You are f*** stronger than that ”
Kaitlyn feels horrible not because of Swaggy going up he talked sh1t about her she’s upset because she did this to ROCK, Haleigh and Fessie..

Rock goes on about Kaitlyn never spending time with her. (Rock spends all her time with Haleigh)
Rock says she never heard Swaggy say anythign last week.
Kailtyn mentions Swagz brought up Foutte to Bayleigh, “I don’t trust him”
Kailtyn – I can sense their energies change as soon as I won
Kaitlyn adds they spent the entire week before “Ignoring me threatening me.. making me feel like a piece of sh1t”

Rockstar says she just can’t get close to Winston and Brett they remind her of the mean guys in College. Points out that Winston is a “Trumper” he probably has a “confederate flag” at his house


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I guess since ur posting a shot of her in a bikini she ain’t too dark for u LOL


Hey don’t start trouble with our fearless leaders about bikini pics. I will fight you if you cause even one less bikini pic to be posted on this site.

Now dummy up and enjoy the smoke show around here or get ta steppin’:-)


Dang straight

The Beef

In the immortal words of Steven Tyler, she is F-I-N-E FINE!


Join the discussion…and you know what F.I.N.E stands for, right? F**K’d up, Insecure, neurotic, and emotional.


Your “Team Leader” Angela thinks being dark makes you ghetto….. that’s who y’all rooting for? Rachel who is also on that “team” and who’s picture y’all lovin was so appalled at being too tan and that it would “change her ethnicity” like it’s some disease or curse…. That’s pretty disgusting that y’all co-sign racism


It seems to me that you are the one that is racist. Do you always associate the word “ghetto” with the black race? That is very racist of you.
I associate the word ghetto as run down, not taken care of…
I didn’t even think of black people when she said ghetto and I seriously doubt she did either… So who is the racist here?


Angela herself associated ghetto with race in 8 words when she said “I’m looking ghetto here with the SKIN COLORATION.” (direct quote) But I guess she meant that she’s “looking Ghetto here” because she’s in the “run down” and “not taken care of” Big Brother house? LOL People like Tonja, who defend statements like this are just as bad as the prejudiced people who spew them #FACTS

team fair

thank you.!


Interesting how Tonja falsely accused ME of associating ghetto with black people and said I’M RACIST for doing so, but doesn’t think Angela is Racist for associating “looking ghetto” with “skin coloration”. I’d LOVE to see a response from Tonja to see how she tries to justify her stance on her comment that I’m Racist for an association I didn’t make (That she said herself is a racist association) but Angela isn’t Racist for an association she DID make. AND If you think I’m lying Tonja, I Challenge you to Google Angela Rummans and you will see the comment, word for word, consistently reported on multiple sites.


Where I live, there are a lot of ghetto people (and for the record, I’m not meaning black people), and they happen to hit the tanning beds ridiculously and their skin coloration is absurd. Not because they look black, because they don’t, they look like cheap, knock offs who are trying to have darker skin because it looks better. Imo, it’s really not a racial thing, it’s a class thing. If Ang and Rach did, in fact say, Bayleigh looks ghetto, that’s a racially insensitive comment that makes those of us who view the word ghetto, non racially, stupid. And I would not defend that.

Eyes Wide Shut

Nice try. Since your previous logic supporting racist Angela was blown up in a previous post, you try another angle. Still laughable. So its not about absurd skin coloration, its about using a tanning bed? According to that logic, Angela would have nothing to worry about because she was not using a tanning bed. Logic fail again. And, if you do not exclude sun bathers, the you would have to say most white folk are ghetto. Try as you might, tere is no way you can justify Angela’s racist comment. Or am I missing something?


This will be the last comment I make about race with people who are ignorant and only interested in class warfare and trying to pit blacks against whites. My previous post was not “blown up”, but nice try. And yes, there are a lot of “ghetto” “white folk. Now go back to whatever it is you do and quit directing your illogical hate rants at me. Peace


Very well said Sir, agreed. The corporations, the 1%, most politicians on both sides of our political aisle, and let’s not forget Russian trolls have created this for us to eat each other up. This comes from a well educated, well traveled, native Texan, who has lived in 7 countries, on 3 continents, and currently resides in the northeastern US. I’ll defend our system everyday. The problem is we have allowed the rich and powerful to create all these sub plots to keep us busy and enraged with each other, while they take our wealth.

Eyes Wide Shut

Last comment? Good. Now we don’t have to hear any more of your laughable pretzel logic to try to justify Angela’s racist behavior. But just so I get your position, anyone who overtans is ghetto? Ok, but this doesn’t sound like the logic of someone well educated/traveled. Also, you are not the only well educated/traveled person here.


I know most peeps aren’t this far back lookin at updates, but if u are, can I get a thumbs up if ya love pretzels or a thumbs down if u love anti-white class warriors who think just because they say they are well educated and traveled, means they are. What people say speaks for itself



They made ignorant comments that I hope they will be sorry for and hopefully apologize when they get out. I’m not saying it wasn’t a racist comment just saying it was a very ignorant comment.

Eyes Wide Shut

Well argued WTF. Angela won’t respond because you are on point and have her pea brained logic intellectually cornered.

Eyes Wide Shut

I meant Tonja won’t respond.

You Only Live Once

Simon, you’re an equal opportunist….love it! I guess WTF is so upset because he/she only focuses on one person?? lol


WTF is African American and not happy about the racist and ignorant comments made by Rachel and Angela….. they are clearly prejudiced and I don’t care how nice they look in bikini’s if they hold these types of disgusting opinions about African Americans in their hearts


Ok, Rock Star is pretty creepy. She sure does think she’s smarter and more experienced than anyone else. Maybe she is?? Oh forget it…she calls herself Rock Star!!! What an asshole!!

Paul Treffinger

She’s not!!! She is the house mom for strippers at scores strip club in Baltimore, md….I know her and no one calls her rockstar but herself

On point

Why are you so judgemental of Rock star? Why is she an asshole? It.is so obvious what Kaitlyn did to Swaggy…it is a common thing for young black men to be seen as agressive and scary…it is ok for winston to be aggressive..but as soon as Swaggy raised his voice everyone is sacred of him…bull shit. I am not black but I can relate to what rock star is saying.


Rockstar is absolutely crazy. She is part of what is wrong with the country. She is over here saying don’t vote out anyone gay or black. Umm ok so it’s ok for anyone straight and white yo be voted out?? What about looking at the person and the gameplay. She is trying to appear as though she doesn’t discriminate but by her statements she is the one actually pushing discrimination.


The Rock is not only crazy, but prejudiced as well. “Rockstar says she just can’t get close to Winston and Brett they remind her of the mean guys in College. Points out that Winston is a “Trumper” he probably has a “confederate flag” at his house.” She’s part of the reason the country is so divided. I really hate it when people hate others because they have a difference of opinion on a subject.

You Only Live Once

Interesting perspective you have, I didn’t know it was “common” for young black men to be seen as aggressive and scary…..or are you just projecting your limited perspectives??


Open your eyes! It is preceived as such! Winston, Brett or Tyler could of said the same thing that swaggy did, and no mention would have been made, and she wouldn’t have said, you’re scaring me! Really????

You Only Live Once

Nah, Jai….only you and others perceive as such. Don’t go including everyone in your limited perspectives.


What did Winston do that was so aggressive?


I’m a Black male and this is so true. If I’m passionate or assertive it’s preceived that I’m a scary and aggressive! Double standards all around!! No one sees how nasty and conniving Winston and Brett are? And let’s not forget Tyler (who I must admit, is playing the game) but he’s two-faced


Funny I’m a white female and get told the same thing because I’m tall.

Melissa D

I am female and white and if I am passionate and assertive I am perceived as bitch.


There are a lot of women who get scared when a man is aggressive or raises their voices at them, it has nothing to do with it being just because he is a black man, it can be any man. You don’t know peoples history, things women go through with men in their lives can change the way they view it when someone confronts them in a way that makes them go back to whatever that trigger is, which could any number of things. I know I run when a man yells at me due to having been in an abusive relationship (first there was yelling and then the hitting began). Doesn’t matter what colour the man is, it’s just because he is a man. Please don’t make that instance about race, she could have reacted the same way if it was a white man that raised his voice to her, we don’t know. People see what Brett/winston are doing I have seen comments earlier about them that weren’t good. Winston is the worse of the two, I do think when winston is gone, brett will be better off. I don’t like winston, he is right up there for my dislike with scaggy and rocky.


Here’s the thing….I respect what you said about being yelled at and disrespected by men. But, I will caution you about just going by comments you read. You have every right to dislike Winston for his personality, or whatever the heck you want to dislike him for. However, as for him being racist, as mentioned by RockFace and several posters on this board, they are only just labeling him as such because he is a southern, white man. I ask anyone to please provide any proof or hint of racism from him, other than him being from Kentucky. I would say to those who are calling him racist, with no factual evidence, you are doing the exact same thing that those nasty ass racists, degenerates, homophobes, or sexists, are doing/ have done to you.




why can’t there be more diversity on the show.

Moving on

Because no one would watch


More diversity?

gay guy
gay gal
Little Person
Only Single People (Steve is gone)

Missing? Asian


That doesn’t count Ken! I hate when people introduce facts into debates and discussion boards lol


I sure hope Scottie doesn’t fall for what Tyler is trying to do to him. Tyler knows that he is at the bottom of the bros so is trying to put Scottie below him.

Hopefully, since Scottie has seemed to be able to think for himself so far and is into strategy games, he won’t fall for it.

They’re all right, Tyler is trying to be sneaky. But the other players seem to be better at it then he is.


Looks like Angie will be the one to blow a gasket this week. Chris better get her calmed down before she blows it for him. He’s got a slim chance. Angie, Fez, Bayleigh, Scottie, Haleigh, and he’d need two more votes. JC is the first one and it’s possible, Kaycee might be willing to make a move and there’s a small chance to turn Sam against Winston/Brett. I don’t think Rachel and Angela would flip yet. Brett and Tyler are lost to Chris. Looks like it’s time to start reshuffling.


I’d like production to ask rickstar to stfu with all the bs. It’s wearing thin and if you have to keep reinforcing crap take a hard look inside. Thanks I feel better mow


I am not rooting for her but what she is saying is true.


Dang RockFace, you piece of crap…”He’s a Trumper. He probably has a confederate flag on his truck.” She is getting right up there with Paul as one of the most vile people I’ve ever seen in the BB house. She wants you to feel bad for her…the “mean boys from college” are targeting her, and then the next second, she’s labeling, judging, and filling people with reverse racist innuendo. What a true, open-minded, tolerant liberal she is.


I hate to admit it from a pure game move, Kaitlyn actually did a good strategy. She actually realized that she is a “disposable”. Rockstar is delusional because the 5 was never a 5. The reality is a showmance with Swag+Bay and a possible fomance Fez+Hay, then there was Rockstar and Kaitlyn… Steve if he stayed would have been above those two… bottoms of the totem pole. I can not remember if Swaggy actually said bottom of the totem pole, do I think he would, yes. Then if you look at people who have won stuff Swaggy=2 (and he got cocky), Fez=1 (best friends with Swaggs) and lastly Tyler=2 her best ally choice. The Bros are all bro with no show. Swaggy is an actual bigger threat to Kaitlyn than the Bros are. It really was not a bad game move. This assessment is complete without any feelings about any houseguest. It is a pure strategy.


Rock Star has issues, if anyone is racist it’s her. Swaggy on the block because his black, doesn’t like Winston because he probably likes Trump. She may not be a treat, but I would like her out because hearing this crap for the next 90 days will suck. And of course in her mind ” he’s not to go” but in this case “she’s got to go”!


I love how it’s always the people that throw out the word racist are always the first ones to judge people. Isn’t that what being racist is all about?

Rockstar disgusts me. Let’s go ahead and label Winston racist and throw Trump in there too. Stuff makes me sick.

Almost wish she was going home before Swaggy. She’s not a threat, but pure hatred spews from her lips 24 hrs a day.

Andrea stuart

Winston a trump supporter means hes racist just like angela and rachel which makes sense why they get along together so well.


Rockstar is stupid calling people racist when she’s the one being racist because she doesn’t like a person.


Rockstar is really judgemental for someone who portrays herself as open-minded and loving.


rocky needs to STFU with the ‘he’s a trumper, probably has a confederate flag” BS. I hope she comes out watches the show and see’s exactly how poorly she portrayed herself in those comments she sprouts off often. Just because he ‘may’ have voted for trump doesn’t mean anything other than he voted for an idiot. A lot of people of colour voted for trump too, what would she say about them? I get it, she doesn’t like winston but to make these comments about him is just ignorant, she doesn’t know his views, she just says/makes things up to fit her agenda. Loved her comments about them being like the mean guys she knew, wonder if she knows she is one of the mean girls in the things she is saying about everyone not in her alliance. Go at them about their game not about their personal lives or what she is reading into it to make herself feel better about speaking the way she does. She hasn’t even tried to talk or get close anyone else, so whatever happens to her game is her own fault. starting to dislike her more and more every time she opens her mouth.