Swaggy “Plan B, I can go ask for it.” Fes “yes, that’s going to be an awkward conversation.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – Swaggy’s going home.

Animated gif Swaggy and BAyleigh (NSFW)

12:30am Bedroom. Everyone is getting into bed. Kaycee asks Rachel if she farted. Everyone else jumps up saying it smells so bad. They all leave the room. Rachel – that’s just a natural thing in life. I’m sorry. Brett – I’m smell blind. I have a natural filter. Rachel claims she didn’t know it was happening. Angela – how did you not know it was happening? Rachel – because I didn’t feel any sensation. Angela – you didn’t feel anything come out of your a$$ ch$$ks? It didn’t burn? Rachel – no, nothing. Didn’t even know it happened until I smelled it. Angela – then how did you know it was you? Big Brother blocks the feeds. Brett – you’re lucky I’m a real man and this doesn’t bother me. Angela – I was literally being suffocated by eggs.

1:05am Kitchen. Swag and Fes. Swag – side note tomorrow isn’t an endurance.. Fez – why? Swag – I saw… Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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1:10am – 1:35am Swaggy and Fes. Swaggy – I’m all messed up right now. Fes – wait, she said she loves you? Swaggy – we had a conversation in the geometry room where in the event I do get evicted lets just share our feelings right now. So she gave me her Instagram password so I can run her account. So we were talking about our feelings and how we feel and love came up. Love is developing. We were having s** and I told her I was about to c*m. She said it doesn’t matter. I said it does matter. Do you want me to pull out? C** on the floor? Put it on your butt? Or do you want me to stay inside and she looks at me and kisses me and says I’m not saying anything. You can do what you want. I knew what that meant at that point. Fez – that don’t mean do it! Swaggy – IT DOES! But then I did it. But the plan B I can go ask for it. Fes – yes, that’s going to be an awkward conversation. If I go then I want you to protect her and if I stay lets get that HOH! I’m pissed its not an endurance comp. Fes – its not? Swaggy – I literally opened up the door and saw 15 booths lined up with our names on it. Its no where near endurance. Swaggy – you know what Bayleigh wanted me to do? She wanted me to hide JC’s gay flag inside Brett or Winston’s bag. So that JC can spazz out all day about it, then he finds it and sees it in their bag and then he doesn’t vote for them. But they’re asleep right now so I can’t put it in their bag. Fes – wrap the flag in bacon. Swag – and do what? Fes – leave it out. Swag – what if Sam wakes up early and cleans it up. Fes – so Bayleigh gave you her Instagram password? Swag – yeah its her dad’s last name and her basketball jersey number.

2am Swaggy says he is going to talk to Sam and ask her if its okay for him to go off in his speech. If she says its fine then I will thank my family. I’ll take my glasses off and say Swaggy is in the house. Personally Winston I think you’re a B***h and I don’t think you should be here. Talk to Angela and Brett .. then Rachel. I actually love you. Keep being yourself.


8:18am ZZZZzzzzzz

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Kaitlyn ruined this season


yes she did. needy, attention seeker and absolutely nuts. worse game move. i cannot wait till they turn on her

Smitten by Hayleigh

I agree. She and her so called “biggest move in BB history”. She has proven herself to be Tyler’s personal puppet. I can’t wait until she finds out that she was being used by the The Team 6 and they get rid of her ass.


Meh. She’s a great character I don’t think she ruined anything. We have a season of great characters. All we have to worry about is Tyler taking full control of the game and turning this into a Derrick season


I think enough folks are interested in winning that they’ll target him sooner or later. At least I hope so.


I’m thrilled she’s kicking that obnoxious little narcissist out of the house! I was worried we’d have to deal with him all season. Thank you Kaitlyn! Welcome to reality Chris. America does not love you.

JC is Pervy

Agreed the girl is bat shit crazy but, I have enjoyed the drama this week a bunch. I don’t have faves yet but I do have my “get em’ out now” people. Soggy, Bayleaf, and Rocky can go.


She’s a puppet, but her actions didn’t ruin anything. Don’t you remember last year when 70% of the season was just the HG’s throwing comps to Paul?


Y’all… as some of you know, I’m just watching the show on CBS – boohoo – but I must say last veto episode – the ceremony at least – was one of the best I ever watched in the last seasons. The facial expressions were priceless. I just think Kaitlyn should have cleaned her act by saying something like: “I appreciate confidence and game play… but I can’t stand fake people who talks about me behind my back. For that reason, Swaggy, you’re on the block.” She would have played the “I was betrayed by my “friend” card” and none of the waterworks would be necessary. She kinda effed her game with her old alliance but at this point they all seem pretty dead. Catching up here is cray because I thought Swaggy would not go up and talk to her. CBS needed to air this show at least 4 times a week…


That’s why I just love BBUK (United Kingdom). It is on like 4 times a week and then there is a show right after it called BB Bit on the Side which is sort of a hilarious review of the day in the house show that you just watched. If you need a BB fix, check it out on YouTube. All of the seasons are there. But you better hurry up; it’s rumored that this year will be the last. The show has just gotten out of control. Their show is way more graphic than ours. I can’t wait for this season to start soon over there!


You preaching to the choir, buddy! I have watched BB UK many times and I actually think they air it every day (BOTS only 5 times a week). It has entertained me to a degree but production is too lame: they can’t control their own twists!!! When they made a secret house adjacent to the main house is the best example. I also miss it having an HOH to call the shots, but I love when they have face to face nominations LOL! But what pisses me off the most in the other versions of BB is the fact that in the end it turns into one big miss congeniality competition! The audience chooses to keep the nice ones instead of keeping the players. I can’t with public votes! I don’t think the show is gonna end though. Probably some other network will pick it up if Channel 5 cancels it. This happened in the past and the show was brought back. Brits love it too much. But I do think the network would do itself a favor reformulating the show and its creative staff. It has gotten too similar over the years.


BTW, can someone please tell me where is this “hood” Swaggy talks about? As far as I can remember, during his intro video he was in a very nice house doing his “day trading” and he was also in a nice house while babysitting…


He is from Bridgeport CT. If you live near there you know it’s rough. It’s not so much drugs but a lot of violence/murders. I think we are top 3 or 4 in the entire country for violent cities. It’s bad but I don’t think he’s from Bridgeport from what he’s said on the feeds.


Thank you for replying, FromCT203. It was elucidating.


No problem.


Yeah its called Bridgeport…. Maybe hr works close by or towns over I live in CT n won’t go near Bridgeport not even for there Zoo…n my Hubby’s van was robbed when he was working in a apt building it was 10am broad daylight.


That’s what I was thinking. The house he was at in his intro is really nice so I’m thinking he babysits in someplace around BP like Stratford or Westport. Sorry to hear what happened to your hubby’s van but not surprised. It’s sad what happened to Bridgeport.

tom brady

HOOD? nice way to refer to someone who is back. let me guess you are cheering for racist angela and racist rachel wohoo!


he literally said he was from the “hood” on last nights episode. and bridgeport is one of the most dangerous cities.


He came into the house like that. Call me Swaggy C and I run this house. He’s not playing that part because that’s what they shoehorned him into it but rather because he thinks that was they way to build his brand while playing this game. It backfired and he placed a huge target on himself. From what others are saying, he does come from a rough part of the city but he seems to have avoided the obvious pitfalls of that life and is trying to improve his life legitimately.


Dear ‘Tom Brady’,

You sound misinformed just like some Americans who believe in cuckoo theories and repeat them constantly on FB. I’m not cheering for Angela or Rachel… actually I’m not – yet – cheering for anyone. As for “hood” I used the term because SWAGGY himself constantly repeated to both Sam and to Fez that he was from the hood. I wanted to know what hood was that and even used quotation marks to indicate I was quoting his own words. Why don’t you go get some education and learn to interpret text? It’s never too late to brush up your reading skills. Now, get lost.

Tom Brady

Dear Roxt, How lovely to hear back from you and thanks for your reply. Sorry for the misunderstanding but it gets confusing when you have some many racist trying to justify angela and rachel racism. May I ask you which part of the states you are residing? Everyone knows the meaning of the hood and implying ” as far as I can remember, during his intro video he was in a very nice house” sounds kinda silly unless you never drove around bad neighborhoods or you live on park avenue. Regarding the education I have a good one do you? I am very delighted to know I am taking to someone who wouldn’t justify racism as a form of “mistaken words” or I am happy to know you agree trump racism is what is making our great country america ugly again. Perhaps next time we can enjoy some British tea by the pool at my club. Don’t worry I’ll pay for your cookies. Kisses.


Dear ‘Tom Brady,’

I’d believe you have a good education if your manner to interpret my txt had not been so flat. I’d still believe it had you not been such a hunty in your manner to reply back my response. Anyway, although I completely agree that racism is a plague that handicaps our society, I must say that you need to look at things always with a fresh eyes because you seem to be seeing racism even where it doesn’t exist. BTW, I’m speaking in general and not about anything specific that has gone down inside the BB house. I’m still unaware about any racist acts commited by anyone of them. But that’s because I’m not watching the feeds and just read one or two posts by Simon/Dawg since I don’t wanna spoil the CBS broadcast – my only source to watch the show.

Schwaggy Sea

Actually, I would LOVE to see Swag and Bay go far. Even win but the hood is well… the hood. You seem to scream the word ” racist ” a lot. Why aren’t you SJW BLM folks raging at CBS for not having more diversity in the house ?? Every year its the same white dominating cast and you say nothing.


US race percentages according to the US census: 60% White, 14% Black, 6% Asian, 18% Hispanic. Some of those percentages are different when including multiracial ethnicities. So 10 Whites, 2 Blacks, 1 Asian, 2-3 Hispanics matches the US population. Pretty sure the folks at Big Brother make sure to hit all the checkmarks.


But doesn’t Slappy run the hood?

Lay Low Scottie

Would you feel better if he dealt drugs?


Nothing’s really changed…Swaggy will be evicted tonight. I’m looking forward to the show.

Baggy- having sex in the BB house last night, right there on live broadcast. BLUK! No shame.

Rachel cracks me up. Kaycee is good people. Sam is still so loveable. Angela is still cool.

The Bros still get on my nerves.

Looks like there was another electrical issue (fire smell) last night in the Have Not room. Rockstar, Haleigh and JC said it was smokey and smelled bad. JC tried telling the DR, but I don’t think they believed him (not sure what that was about)

Kaitlyn- She’s my #1 target in the house right now. Let me in there.

Tyler- SCHMOOZE city and it’s gotten old. BLUK!

Faysal- still crying over losing his boy

Scottie- needs to start aligning with some people because he is surely going on the block next week unless he wins HOH

My top 5 (in order) as of this fine morning are: Sam, Angela, Kaycee, Rachel, Tyler

*sprinkles Troll-Be-Gone all around before heading to the Kuerig

True, that

I agree with you, especially about Kaitlyn and Tyler. I am so over these two. I used to like Tyler, but I’m tired of watching him pacify and coddle K8, News flash, Kaitlyn. . . people are going to talk about you and hurt your feelings; it’s called life.


I wonder what Bayleigh would say if she knew Swaggy was sharing intimate (and kinda gross) details of their relationship with Fes and all the world. Not to mention her dang Instagram password. Pretty douchey move in my opinion.


Trey… and that makes it okay how? and that is relevant how? Shermie’s comment wasn’t theoretical or categorical, it was about Swaggy specifically.

Shermie – Don’t you think Bay gave her approval to any such ” sharing: of personal details by “doing” it on live feeds … We got the video broadcast, house guests have to rely on the verbal broadcast.

Still I upvoted you because I too was LOL about the instagram password… not so much that he blabbed it as that he mentions it as a sign of Bay’s true love! I hope she also gave him the answers to the challenge questions as well!


LOL is this normal behavior to talk about the sex you just have when you have cameras everywhere and share passwords ? ?? to be honest this was the best decision in the game so far. This guy….and Bailey lol


Can’t wait till they are both gone!

Uncle Teddy

Way to show class, Chris


So Swaggy just told everyones Bay’s Instagram password.


No, I mean you’d have to google for 5 whole minutes to get what you need!


Keep it classy Swaggy… What a goof. He needs to go! I’m glad someone made a big move early to get him out! I hope Rockstar follows him right out the door.


Rachel and Angela fake fighting last nite was hilarious. lol.

Swaggy thinks people wearing his T-Shirts is going to be some groundbreaking thing. Haha. Like the house will see that and then keep him. BOFL. Delusional. Haleigh: “I don’t want to wear the stupid T-Shirt and am not” lol. Swaggy thinks he will stay and “America will be talking about this T-Shirt thing forever” lol

After Swaggy is gone tonight this HOH comp is going to be epic. Will not finish on the live show.

Angela or Rachel would be the ideal ones to win HOH tonight, but really anyone winning but RockStar, Fess, Scottie, Bayleigh and we golden.




What time was the fake fight?


Sex talk, so gross. Couldn’t they have asked production for a condom? STDs people!


Oh, they offer contraception.

What is shocking to me is that Swaggy C seems to think being allowed to shoot his pistol without one means Bayleigh loves him.



I was confused by that. Does that mean Bayleigh is saying it’s okay if she has a baby with someone she just met, or is she saying abortion is easy so don’t worry. Either way is irresponsible. I hope she doesn’t get pregnant.


I’m pretty sure she’s also on some form of contraception or she wouldn’t be so cavalier about it. The houseguests are all screened for STDs.


THAT is a relief! Remember when they pulled Evil Dick from playing again?

Lay Low Scottie

Or maybe she’s using this new invention that almost every woman in America has been using for half a century called hormonal birth control. Women can take a daily pill or get a shot every few months or an arm implant or intrauterine device that lasts for years. And all of these options are over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. Men don’t control women’s fertility anymore. Die mad about it.


He is absolutely clueless! In the past seasons people have had sex in the house (lots and lots and lots and lots of sex) But at least tried to stay discreet about it! Swaggy C is proud as a peacock to tell the world, hey look at me, I am biggest douche bag in BB history! At least I won something while in the house! How sad is that boy?


And in twenty years from now there will be a 19-20 year old hg named Sway, and she will brag to all the others how her mommy and daddy made her right over there!!!

JC is Pervy

OMG. So now the plan is to get pregnant! Stupid fools!


Well I guess in Swaggy’s eyes, it would be the first BB Baby conceived in the house. Will that help him get out of the hood…hmmm!


It’s actually pretty possible (minus Plan B) given all the ladies were talking about how their cycles had already *synced up the first week of live feeds. Most women ovulate about 14 days after their period. So, the timing is right. If Bayleigh “didn’t care” what he did then I suppose she is open to changing diapers in about 9 months. I mean, they would have an adorable baby…they are both easy on the eyes. But, he went to the DR and asked for Plan B, so I suppose he isn’t interested in making a baby right now.

*Many debate this theory of menstrual cycles lining up when females live together as hogwash, but in all my years, it has happened time and time again.

Anyway, I wouldn’t even be talking about this couple’s personal business if they hadn’t been fornicating for the world to see last night.


It’s going to be boring with just one side dominating the whole house


I can’t help but wonder if production will change the HOH competition now that Swaggy has revealed what he saw (individual booths).

If not

Let’s see…I’m going to summon my psychic powers and predict tonight’s HOH winner
(HOH-ummm- HOH-ummmmm…..HOHmmmm…. I feel it…..HOH-ummmmmm…I see it…HOH-ummmm)

……. SAM


That works! Love her and when she flies the bird to have a private convo awesome!

Schwaggy Sea

Why do you love her? Why does everyone love her ? I just don’t understand. I don’t see it. She has done nothing. Only thing I have seen is her doing is turning on the waterworks when she had a punishment. I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike her but I’m not in love with her either. Show me the light so I too can understand.


I feel the same! Don’t love her, don’t dislike her! I think maybe it is because she is not stand outish like the others, she blends into the walls like wallpaper! Instead of a wallflower she is a walldecor!! So because we do not see her as much, we don’t get to know her like the others! (just my humble opinion) The first week being gone 75 percent of the time did not help us know her either! Those that already love her, I guess just have a reading on people quicker than most, either that or they are like many and are swooned by her southern accent! lol

Use protection

Wow the first pregnancy in the BB house could be possible.


that will keep Swaggy C’s name in the limelight! “First BB Baby”


Rachel: silent and deadly, she’ll go far in this season.


Bwahaha! But, she won’t even know it’s happening until she smells the stink.

I love her for being real about it. So funny.


Swaggy: “I literally opened the door and saw 15 booths with our names on it”

Ok first of all, after you go home tonight there will only be 14 people left in the house. 2nd..production goes to great lengths to make sure the houseguests don’t see what the comp is beforehand. I am not really buying he was able to just casually open the door and see the comp being set up.

If it is True False with the booths…I see that favoring Brett, Angela, Winston, Scottie.

No way in hell RockStar or Fess win a True False comp. Ha.


I think it’s true because production went to fish, and it’s likely he didn’t get the chance to actually count the booths.

True Dat

The other possiblity is that they set up an extra booth in the event that Sam’s power is used. If they complete the challenge then no one goes home and everyone except Kaitlyn competes.


LOL now ppl who know Bay have her instagram’s password..

Sammy Lo

I don’t blame craziness K for Swaggy. Swaggy started with the wrong foot. But let’s be honest even if Swaggy started with a low profile he would still be targeted by racist angela and rachel since they showed since day 1 they don’t like to be around people with dark skin. racist angela and rachel fans and friends can make all the excuses but once you are labeled as a racist sorry folks but that racist profile would stick forever. Ask trump and others who see racist people as talented people. There is no space for racism on our society period! Anyhow GO Tyler JC or FEZ


So you think a moron race baiter like you labeling someone “racist” has any bearing on reality or on whether a racist “label sticks forever”?

NO WHERE outside of the race baiter troll/s(I happen to believe we have one troll here with no life making multiple posts) NO WHERE, but in their mind is Angela Rummans thought of as or labeled a racist.

If you think a troll on a BB website is going to impact Angela Rummans good name you are more mentally ill and delusional than I already suspected.

Perhaps do something constructive rather than troll here on multiple screen names. If you do, you may find your life improving to the point you will no longer feel the need to be a internet troll.

And furthermore…The fact these constant obvious troll posts are allowed here is not only impacting the popularity of this website, but it is embarrassing to the non trolls sane BB fans and OBB fans, that post here, to be associated with such drivel.


Free, you’re just giving it what it wants.


Some of you are beyond judgemental …swaggy is a arrogant kid who made a lot of dumb decisions ..but some of you in here act like he killed your mother …


I believe narcissist is the word you’re looking for. Chris is a narcissist. Only a narcissist gives themselves a nickname. Only a narcissist assumes that America is going to love them & thinks they’re running the game because they won a competition. This kid has his head shoved so far up his own ass he can’t see daylight. And for some reason, the people in his group are feeding that narcissism.


For all those that defended Swaggy stating that he was a good person….I rest my case.

So glad he’s going home.

Schwaggy Sea

Yet, I bet you love Rachel and Angela…..


Can we start a campaign to get Kaitlyn out. She’s so crazy…she will ruin Tyler’s game. I will be happy when she and he fake best friend “Rock Star” are gone. Also does Rock Star even know this game saying shes a super fan but she secludes herself, talks cr*p constantly about other players and doesn’t win anything. How the heck does she thinks she will win this game?


OMGOSH…… that conversation Swaggy had to Fez about where to put “IT” was just over the top. So many choices…..LOL!!! I am so sure Bay has no idea he is talking about that on live feeds. I just have no words. And, then give us all her password to her Instagram account. How easy for anyone to figure out the password. For him to be a “superfan” he should know everything is being recorded and will forever be out there somewhere. Again, no words……


Honestly, I doubt she cares.


Who said there was a battle back? Julie sent Steve home.


I think the only pre-jury buy back is Sam’s power which has to be used. It’ll make the 4th eviction somewhat anticlimatic unless the comp is difficult.

Trish Fox

Best play I have ever seen!! Love it- Although the water works was not needed.


Slappy sure seems determined to ‘go off’ whether it involves the eviction speech or Bayliegh’s vagina. He’s primed for eviction but that’s not the focus of “plan B”.


As much as people think it will be boring, when and if Swaggy leaves this Week, I am looking forward to one of the girls, preferably Kaitlyn, catching on to Tyler’s game.
Can you see the bad Juju directed his way for her the rest of the game and how much fun it would be to watch those 2 go up against each other. You have Nutty against a guy who thinks he has the game won already how perfect would that be ??!!!


Problem with Kaitlyn at this point is no one trusts her. I’m thinking Haleigh reaches back out to some of the other girls, not Angie, and reinforces the idea that while we got the momentum with the guys leaving…


1:17 PM BBT Feeds are back


Chris is a D-bag and needs to go. Bayleigh needs to learn self respect and control.

I think they forgot the cameras run 24 hours a day.