“What Kaitlyn was leaning towards you using that power on Swaggy” – Tyler

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – I’m not seeing Swaggy staying.

1:02pm kaitlyn, Tyler and Scottie
Tyler says ROCK apologized for talking behind his back. She thought all of this week was because of him.
Kailtyn to Tyler – You’re not Feeding me anything.. no offense..
Tyler and KAiltyn tell Scottie they would love to see him win HOH.
Kailtyn – you’ll love it it’s such a fun week .. people tell you all the sh1t and s***k you @$$ and I’m like..
Kaitlyn – my Ego has definitely gone up by .5 percent

Scottie – how is it the week after
Tyler – Better, your ego goes up even more when you find out who is bullshitting you
Kaitlyn says she’s going to work on getting the consensus from the house.
Scottie says Swagz thinks he has 5 votes. This is a surprise for Kaitlyn.

1:31pm Scottie and Tyler HOH
Tyler – I don’t think I am in a good spot with Fez.. Rockstar
Scottie – you’re not in a good spot with fez
Tyler says Zwagz did the pitch to him and KAiltyn and said that the two of us were safe. He never mentioned Scottie.
Scottie says that is what Swagz was telling him to pitch to KAitlyn/Tyler and that is also what the Bros were saying. Scottie thinks this is a huge red flag .
Tyler – in the beginning he said it’s only the core i’m worried about then he switched it it’s only the core and bayleigh
Tyler – so we’re second to them
Tyler – he’s then making these alliance with 5 of them.

Scottie – If you and I win what do yo think we should do
SCottie- I think where we’re at it would be good for us to get Close to Haleigh and KAitjyn..
Scottie – having that four is a good basis
Tyler – they can keep Rockstar at bay
Scottie – Haleigh is scary good at this game.. did you see her working out with Kaycee yesterday
Tyler – she does her thing .. she’s flippy floppy at teh same time and that will come back to her..
Scottie – she plays a Similar game to me but she’s way more flippy floppy.. she’s way too smart I would rather have her on our side..

Swagz comes in .. “any type of word yet”
Scottie – from what she’ says she seems very in the middle..
Bayleigh comes in
Tyler says Sam came up to him and said she wanted to talk game. She’s never done that before so he should get a read on her.
Tyler leaves to talk to Sam
Scottie says he’s just talked to Kailtyn and Tyler and they are both very in the middle..
Scottie says he was asking them questions but their reply was I dunnos.
Swags – so the whole conversation was a bunch of I dunnos I dunnos

1:34pm Tyler and Sam
Sam – I started trying to make yarn out of the dryer lint.
Tyler – you’re just crushing it

It’s a hot day..

1:40pm Sam and Tyler backyard
Sam goes over her conversation with Swaggy last night. (we’ve posted this twice now in the last 2 posts)
Sam – I told him he’s zero personal and all game whereas she’s all personal and no game
Sam – I want you to wake up and be a new person.. Sunshine Swaggy
Sam says Swaggy is a very shy person, “I had a really good conversation with him and turned around and this morning had a really good conversation the Winston.. him and Swaggy have so much in common”
Tyler – they do
Winston – I’m like Winston you’re so shy.. you’re getting worried.. I said to him go to your porch sitting with Dixie and chill out you need a break.
Sam says she got to know each other Winston and Brett outside of the bros.
Sam – I needed to change my way of thinking to talk to y’all because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t talked to ya’ll .. they’re all so tight
Sam says she told the same thing to the BRos and Swaggy.

Tyler – says she’s doing a very good job in the game, “You’re so authentic it’s refreshing”
Sam – it’s not a game there’s a life outside of this.. I keep looking at all of yo with a kind eye.. that’s someones baby, that’s someone daughter..
Sam – when I’m talking to Swaggy I’m really talkign to my BRother and telling my brother waht to do giving him genuine advice.. everyone deserves their moment to shine.. Swaggy won his first compe and killed it
Sam – he thought the course was clear and he was going to coast through these next weeks.. it turned out he didn’t
Sam says Swaggy never talked to any of them outside his close group. She brings up examples where she tried to talk to him.

Sam – he said I was born a super star I am going to be a super star
Sam – I said you netter start acting liek it a super star doesn’t sulk and scoot around
Sam adds she told Swaggy he was all actions and no words.
Tyler – you know we were born the exact same day and both our dads passed away near the same time.. we’re so similar and so different.. I think the whole swaggy thing ruined it
Sam – I’m so proud of Rockstar she’s really blossoming.. I’m just tickled sh1tless with how everyone is right now..
They talk about how stupid the two big groups were.

Tyler asks about her conversation with Kaitlyn.

Sam – I said the easier person is Swaggy, Winston is a brick wall.. I think Swaggy is more emotionally pliable and feeling. As far as going to distance working with someone and eventually letting that person go it would be Swaggy..
Sam – Swaggy is softer, Swaggy has a heart.. Winston is a brick wall. I would be interested to see what would happen to the other three if Winston is gone
Sam – liek what Kaitlyn said by no means and I’m interested in Keeping Winston ..
Tyler – he’ll have to go too
Sam – if we get rid of Swaggy right now will we ever have the opportunity to get rid of Winston because a bunch of Swaggy sides are floaters
Sam – granted they’re not doing a whole lot to captivate those Floaters
Sam – it’ll be harder and harder to vote Winston out than Swaggy out
Sam – If we keep Swaggy we can convince more people down the road as we dwindle to get Swaggy out

Sam says Kaitlyn is the female mastermind and Tyler is the ale mastermind whatever Kaitlyn says for her to do she will do.
Sam – I’m just offering up my personal options as people.. it’s like I am a live in psychiatrist”

Tyler – what Kaitlyn was leaning towards you using that power on Swaggy
Sam – I’m not going to do that
Tyler – I was freaking out.. I don’t want that to happen
Sam – NO she never brought that up
Sam – NO I would never do that.. just the same reason why I didn’t use it on Steve.. I liked Steve.. I would rather use it on you
Tyler – or yourself..
Sam – ohh yeah.

1:53pm gollum on Fes.. My prescious


Rachel joins them.. Chit chat..

Kaitlyn and Fess enjoying the sun hard to hear.. chit chat about relationships.

2:36pm Bathroom JC and Tyler
JC – are you falling in love with Kaitlyn
tyler – is that a serious question .. NO
JC – people have really been questioning
JC – they think you are falling in love with her
JC – it really does look like that.. one thing to get in to fulfill your purpose another is doing it too much
Tyler – She’s everywhere I go
JC – of course you’ve gotten way to close to her
Kaitlyn joins them.
JC says he got called into the Diary room they told him he has to keep his mic on he keeps losing it
Feeds flip

When they come back.. Kailtyn ios in teh kitchen chatting with ROCKSTAR
JC – Rockstar hates you
Tyler – she needs to get the F* outta here
JC agrees says ROCKSTAR is putting things in Fez head.
Tyler – I told Swaggy I don’t trust ROCKSTAR
KAitlyn and Rockstar join them..

2:59pm Scottie and Kaycee
Scottie – I know you are keeping him.. (Winston)
Scottie – I’ve been talking to people and I’ve come to discover I have no fucking clue what’s going on..
S – I thought I knew.. you should have told me I was wrong
Kaycee – you’re wrong about everything
Scottie – you’re one of the few people here that is honest..
Scottie – I got a big decision to make on Thursday
Kaycee e- what are you going to do
Scottie – I’m pretty on the fence.. 55/45 I could swing.. if I would go in there right this season I wold keep Winston
Kaycee – KEEP
Scottie – is that what you would do
Kaycee – obviously
Scottie says the Bros promised him they voted to keep steve.. if that is true it means my side f***ed me over..

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Trackin the Kraken

Why is it when i look at J.C. I keep hearing “We represent the lollipop Guild” ????


good one!!!!!!


Why JC is come concerned about Tyler and Kaitlyn ?? Weird one


JC isn’t involved in the decision making process so he’s a lot more nosy than some of the others. Plus I think he’s normally a nosy one.


Have houseguests really made comments about Tyler being in love with Kaitlyn or is JC trying to stir up trouble?


I think it’s JC’s perception but he knows he’s out of the loop so he alludes that “others” have said what he thinking to see if he can get some information. Much like folks on the internet claim they read a study, article, or some other expert who supported their view.


I don’t trust Sam at all. I think Tyler needs to do a better job of reeling her in. I know he’s trying not to expose his true alliance but Sam is trying to talk the whole house into keeping Swaggy.

Get Swaggy out this week then they could sail their way to jury. Mess it up and they could be screwed.


I wish
ROCK and her glasses were on the block.
We saw adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies instead of fish.
Bay was playing by herself, not connected to Swaggy.
Chris left Swaggy at home.
I could see Kaycee and Sam wear their hair down once.
Tyler would cut his hair.
No one picked the pimples of others.
A punishment would be given to those who sing and cause fish.

But I like the season so far and the majority of HGs. Refreshing to hear an entire conversation without the F word used repeatedly. And so far, no voting what the house wants.




Yeah…why do these girls find it necessary to pick at others pimples? That is just so GROSS!
Not to mention unhygenic and it leaves scars. Come on, guys…why do we have to look at pictures of it?

Molly tunes

Doesn’t Kailtyn has a bf? Lol I have to agree dez is the hottest from the house lol

Survey Says

It sounds like her boyfriend may have left her now.. Eek.

Cat Nip

Crazy Kat is going to ruin Tyler’s game if she doesn’t stop following him around like a puppy. Jeez, she’s so needy and clingy. Wake up Tyler, distance yourself from her after Thursday, if it’s not to late.


The, what seems like constant, fish swimming into my live feeds are super annoying tonight. 🙁