“I’m going to play it up like I’m putting up Angela, at the very last minute I’ll be like Ohh I’m so sorry Swaggy get up”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – Looks like the plan remains to use the veto on SCottie and Nominated Swaggy in his place.

12:09am The Bros

Brett – we gotta take next HOH

Winston says Scottie drove him nuts today
Brett – he’s a f***ing c*** sucker he pisses me off
Brett – you know what we need to do bro.. we need to do something big this week first off to make sure this happens second off it’ll secure the trending next week
Brett – we need to make a BIG MOVE
Brett – we only have 3 more weeks of the apps
Winston suggests that maybe he’ll get the app because he was nominated and did terrible at the veto
Brett – I can see that.. do you want to see the bro split up
Brett – Scottie has the app..
Winston – Tyler told me yesterday he was pretty sure Scottie didn’t have it
Brett wonders where Tyler is getting this.
Winston wants them to leave Scottie/Swagz on the block to flush the power.

Brett says everyone knows Tyler and KAitlyn are working together but Tyler is going to use the veto on Scottie so he doesn’t expose his game.
Brett – I’m telling yo now you’re not going home.. I’m going to also say CALM down you are in a better spot than most people in your situation

12:12am Swagz and Fez


Rachel tells about the rules of her punishment.
– They’re not going to reveal anything about my game play, It’s not personal
– The only thing I can’t do is like Violence.. I can’t hit the person
– I can yell back at him
– Random 24 hour period the clock starts once the first reveal happens

12:55am Brett and KAiltyn HOH
Brett – how do you feel
Kiatlyn – I feel bad about blindsiding my friend but it’s something I have to do
Kaitlyh – it’s not personal I just don’t like the game play he’s doing.
Kailtyn mentions that JC over heard him say something today, “he’s playing too hard”
Kailtyn now saying that her close friend told her when she was leaving “don’t make any big moves early on”
KAiltyn – But I might not win the next HOH.. the only thing that makes me nervous is if Swaggy has a power

Kailtyn – what are we going to do live in fear because he has a power
K – I feel like Scottie is so sketchy.. he’s acting really weird.
They think it’s between Scottie and Swagy

Brett is saying if they take Winston down and put Swaggy up you 100% find out who has the app.

Kaitlyn – tell Tyler that lets see what Tyler has to say .. I don’t know how I feel about that

Tyler joins them .

Brett goes on about flushing the APP from play.
Brett – Scottie is with Swaggy.. they’re with each other constantly
Tyler says if they use the veto on Scottie that’s a way to pull him in.
Kaitlyn tells Brett that once Swaggy leaves they have Scottie on their side, “I hjave a really goo=d relationship with Sctottie”
BRett – Ohh I didn’t realize that.. he;s a worm to read
Tyler – that;’s because of Swaggy

Kailtyn says she’s not giving ROCKSTAR and Haleigh a second to think about it she’s going to warn them right before the POV Ceremony.
Kailtyn – nobody has spoken more about me than the people I thought were my friends

Kailtyn – I’m going to play it up like I’m putting up Angela, at the very last minute I’ll be like Ohh I’m so sorry Swaggy get up
Tyler – that’s a savage move
Brett – It’s great it’s a savage mood its what you need to do 100% \
Tyler – that’s what this game’s about
Brett – we’re working on Scottie and I want to bring Scottie in
Brett – we have Winston why not save the guarantee
Kailtyn – because of my game like because we told him that we would save him .. Like obviously I’m with you guys.. what you are saying is total sense..

Kailtyn – I’m already stepping away from all my values and what I believe as a person
Tyler – that’s the game.. it’s not like you back stabbed them they provoked it
Brett says Swags and them tried to make a deal with everyone in the house.
Kailtyn says Fessie is more of a valuable player than a threat, “He loves you boys”
Brett – me and Fessie hit it off
TYler and BRett blame the rift they had with Fessie is due to Swaggy being in his ear.
Brett adds that he’s close to Winston and Winston/Swagz are always butting heads so it rubbed off on him a bit
Kailtyn is going to make her speech so that it sounds like ANgela goes up. Tyler suggest she looks at Angela while she gives the speech.

Kailtyn – I want to see Bayleigh next.. (evicted)
Brett – she’s going to blow up she’ll put a big ol target on her back
Kailtyn – I f***ing love her as a person but last week was traumatizing for me..

Brett brings up Victoria from Season 16 how they put the Crap App in the game to prevent a player like that from coming back.

1:18am Backyard open

1:26am Rachel and Angela
talking about eventually it’ll be boys vs girls. RAchel would rather some more boys leave first. Angela agress.

Rachle – I think Scottie threw that competition.. he’s such a Big Brother fan
Angela – he needs to go out soon
Rachel wants Scottie out before Swaggy

1:26am Have nots the swagz and Bayleigh
They talk about putting Kailtyn and Tyler up on the block. .
Bayleigh says Kailtyn will be shook and she might come after him but she won’t win anything else.
Bayleigh says they need to start knocking people out but getting other people to do it. She suggests Swagz get close to Brett.
Swagz – if we put up Kailtyn and Tyler our side is happy Tyler goes the other side is happy we don’t put them up..
Bayleigh – I want to be the first African american to win this game

1:33am Winston, Kaitlyn, Brett and Tyler
Kailtyn – swaggy hasn’t talked to me once this week.. he’s so comfortable
They tell her it’s because he gets his minions to do it.
They talk about how Kaitlyn was a minion of Swaggyz in the beginning “A cute minion”
Kailtyn – SToooooop nobody tells me what to do.. who the f* does he think he is.. a$$ hole
Kailtyn – nobody f*ing tells me what to do..


1:49am Tyler putting in the extra work

1:49am Hot Tub Party
Brett talking about the person that put Ham in his short pockets.
JC has a giant smile on his face “I am safe.. you scare me and throw away my food”
Brett – that was Rachel
JC – well Rachel participated too..

Brett gets up to go put his workout clothes on “Hopefully it’s does’t have Ham in it”

2:00am Brett gets revenge
puts hot dogs in JC’s shoes . Brett laughs as he says “you f**ing c*** $ucker” This ham/bacon/hotdog JC has put in Brett shorts. So Brett is getting back at him.

2:04am Bathroom Angela and the BROS
Brett tells them they were pushing hard to get teh veto used on Winston but if they push any harder she’ll dig in her heels.
Brett – you’re ion a really good spot Brotha
Bayleigh ends the game talk as she walks in.

2:21am Tyler continues to rub Kailtyn. Brett is working out with Fez and Kaycee is chatting with Sam about Crossfit and Shitmas..

2:26am Rachel and Tyler  
Tyler says that once she puts Swagz up she doesn’t want to be in a room alone with BAyleigh.
Rachel says she doesn’t think they will get the power. Tyler agrees says Kaitlyn will probably get the next one. Rachel remind him they have only 3 weeks and all these powers are out. Tyler says if one of them do have the power along with Sams they can use those powers in the event someone on the other side wins the HOH.
Rachel – swaggy was like don’t worry about anything you’re not going up as a pawn and you’re not going up in a backdoor situation.
They laugh “when the hair’s down it’s going down” I definitely wearing my hair down  tomorrow
Rachel – don’t ever wear your hair up

3:05am a big chunk of the house is still up…

Rachel points out that it’s 3am, she’s going to bed soon.
Sam – I was going to dry these towels and take a shower so everyone has a clean towel.. I’m doing my best … it comes from a genuine place. Any opportunity I have to make people more comfortable and bring positivity to this that’s my purpose right now I’m taking that to heart..

Sam – Like I said in the bathroom this morning.. I look at each and every person in here like I look at everyone in my life. That’s someones baby daughter sister mom.. I want to feel that with all of you I want everyone to have a fair chance be comfortable and healthy .. I’m just trying to ah…
Rachel points out that the house is feeling more and more normal by the day


Faysal and Brett taking Kaitlyns advice and getting to know each other better by lifting.

4:50am Brett and Sam have some chit chat time on the backyard couch. Sam thinks Winston and Rachel are the two best looking people in the house.

9:00am everyone sleeping

10:16am houseguests waking up


10:24am ROCKSTAR asking for smokes says she might need one if she gets super stressed out..
Sam – I have plenty of regular but I have these..
Rockstar – no no I don’t want them..

Sam finds a wiener.. (from last night)
Sam – JC you should be ashamed of yourself.. come over here and let me slap you in the face with this

JC grabs it and puts it in Tyler’s ear..

10:42am Winston and Haleigh
JC is out side yelling how everyone is in a bad mood today he heads back inside.. Winston and Haleigh talk about the power and speculate what it could be.
Haleigh – I thought you were going to win the veto
Winston – to be honest I did too
They have a good laugh about why everyone thinks he’s a Doctor. Winston goes on about how he’s not smart enough to be a Doctor. (lol Winston is totally not a Doctor)
They laugh because he used medical terms twice.. Haleigh tells him everyone thought Winston was “so cute” and was single so he must be a Doctor He was in medical school and didn’t have time to find a Girlfriend.
Haleigh says no one would ever think she is a Doctor
Winston says sure they would but not now she’s too young, “unless you are Doogie Howser”
Haleigh doesn’t know who that is.

11:12am looks like a bunch are planning on spending some time in the sun today.

11:21am Scottie and Haleigh
Talking about how shocked they are about Steve going home.
Haleigh tells him his best option is to just Chill.
Haleigh adds that if the power wasn’t used it’s even more scary because someone flipped (she knows BTW)
SCottie knows Tyler is using the Veto he had told him. Scottie asks Haleigh who they will vote out. Haleigh says the replacement nominee goes home.

11:32am Kaitlyn gives out the Have nots this week.. Says that anyone who did it last week no.. menstrual cycles no, depression no, antibiotics no
Rachel volunteers
Kailtyn says Rachel is being yelled at this week she can’t
Kaitlyn wants it to be 2 boys and 2 girls
Have nots are JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

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Thumbs up this comment if you did NOT vote for SwaggyC to have the power


Winston on the block is glorious. It is killing him inside, but he is trying to kind of play it off like it doesn’t bother him. He is failing at that. He wants to scream at everyone “You can not fking take Scottie off the block over me. I need to be off the block. I am the brains of this operation. I am running this house. What are u doing? You all are so stupid”

It even is making Brett feel less like the Bros have this game in total control. Love it!

Kaitlyn’s HOH could not be going better. She just needs to stick to the plan and not waver. A long week ahead. Could be some wavering but should be good.




Finally, fresh faces. Starting to enjoy BB again. Never liked returning players.

Jake K.

This season is just ridiculously good. After having so many seasons in a row with returners it goes to show that house guests without returners develop their own game organically. Tyler continues to impress me. Starting to get a feeling this season will rank up there with 2, 6, 8, 11, and 14.

Mark wilson

AND 15


Kaitlyn is definitely not with FOUTTE, which is pretty funny because I’m pretty sure she was the one who came up with the alliance nickname, right? She is in an alliance with Rockstar and Haleigh, which will be her downfall.

Sam- love that she is taking on the “Mama” role in the house. She goes out of her way to make people “comfortable”…even made “fake maple syrup” to go with the french toast once she discovered they didn’t have any syrup in the house (get these kids some better groceries, BB) I truly believe that is her natural character. I think it’s hilarious that the house thinks her cooking skills come from her working at Cracker Barrel. No houseguests, Sam was taught to cook by the women in her life. JC was cracking me up yesterday over the gravy. He said he can’t eat pure fat.

Angela- it seems like she is in a towel, lately, more than clothes (it’s not just Simon and Dawg grabbing shots for the fan club…she really enjoys wearing a towel). Is this game play? It may be. I know this wardrobe makes Freefrom very, very happy.

Kaycee- mad crushing on Angela; love her as a person and in this game; can’t wait to see her really get the chance to play BB (Oh, and her tattoo artist(s) is/are pretty great

Winston- I’m actually surprised he hasn’t “lost it” yet. I do think that Tyler and Kaitlyn did the right thing telling him that Scottie will be coming down. I hope he remains calm because L6 needs him as a vote down the road

Rockstar and Haleigh- talk smack 24/7; mean girls to a T

Rachel- she has grown on me; I like her

Baggy- these two are going to get another big shock this week, and I can’t help but wonder what it will take to get Swaggy to see the reality that is happening all around him…right in front of him

Brett- he is a funny guy, but I do not see a lot of substance there. Maybe he just hasn’t had the chance.

JC- okay, this guy is raucous and gets on my nerves, but he has a genuinely good heart and is a kind soul. I really dig that. Also, JC has completely figured out why “Americans are so fat”…. fake food diet filled with sodium (insert discovery of ridiculous amount of sodium in noodle package that he grabbed from the storage room because he knows he can’t keep going in and out of there without having some sort of “purpose” to disguise his spy tactics.) Too funny.

Scottie- he is rather naive and is taking on his role as the house pawn really well (can’t feel sorry for him….he chose this when he sided with Steve) I think the only thing that could push Scottie to final 3 would be to make a HUGE move somewhere along the way. I can’t help but giggle at anyone who claims Scottie is playing a great game

Faysal- still have no words for this guy….just nothing

Kaitlyn- she is playing this game rather well now for someone who totally sided with the wrong people at first (although, the universe did show her the way). She is a kook, but she is growing on me, for sure

Tyler- He is my new #1 for the win with Sam in 2nd place

This will be another great week. I think the only thing that could blow this week’s plan is if Winston loses his cool. I’m looking forward to the veto ceremony and Thursday’s eviction.

BB is finally back!


Angela wears a towel to get to the shower. You want her to wear a bathrobe while walking to and from there?

She may take 3 or 4 showers a day. She works out, goes in water, and lives in and around digusting people. I may take 10 a day.

If you are suggesting she is using her sex appeal to get ahead…I do not think it’s that. Her actions and her wardrobe do not show any sign of that. She would look attractive in a potato sack. She can not be faulted for that.

And you can call me Free….thanks granny:-)



Defensive, much?

Calm down, Free.
I just think it’s funny how Simon and Dawg post pictures of her in a towel, a lot.
Oh, and her black robe is adorable, but she is adorable in anything….even a towel.

I am Team Angela, for sure. She is my #3.


“Calm down”? Yes I am really out of control. haha

You asked if it was part of her gameplay. I answered the question you posed.

Not “defensive” at all.


Oh, and I wanted to add about Brett now that I’ve watched more of the feeds on flashback, that I was pleasantly surprised by his heart to heart talk with Sam in the wee hours of the morn. He is trying to get to know her and revealed more about his true-self…good job, Brett.


Haleigh reminds me of Tina from Jaws 2. https://goo.gl/images/tdaFxi


Haleigh reminds me of Tina from Jaws2

Who has the power?

I think Tyler, possibly Scottie, has the power this week. Anyone else’s ego would have made him or her tell at least one other person. We know how much Swaggy likes to brag. . .I think he would have told Bayleigh if he had the power.


Sunday is a slow day, so for fun I’ll post my HOH music selections, although my musical interests are kind of all over the place…

I need something to get me hyped: Queen’s Greatest Hits

And something to help me relax: Alicia Keys Greatest Hits


Mark Glass

Yassss! Basshead!!!


Just had a thought that really worries me, what if Sam’s power gives a vet a chance to return. Julie said that Sam’s power gives her the chance to return to the game. What if the person whom the power is used on is forced to compete against vets?


No worries, that is doubtful.
Julie has already confirmed in interviews that this season is vet free (for game play).


I agree with Granny, there is no way they’d foist vets on us at this point especially since things seem to be quite entertaining without them. I also believe there was a shot in the live show that may have briefly shown the comp. Beside the only one who’d have a chance at reentering is Vic.


Noooooooooo rid those crazy thoughts. My only prayer if that were to happen is that the people I like seem to be strong enough to stand on their own. Shoot…even the ones I don’t like probably won’t let a vet just take over.


I understand everyone doesn’t like Swaggy and him being slightly delusional in thinking he is running the house. But the alternative is the other side. I find both Winston and Brett a bit disgusting. Everyone is using Kaitlyn and she wants to be a cool kid so bad that she is letting them. Not that I like her, but I don’t like seeing her being used. We all know they will throw her aside once she isn’t useful. She’s not part of that group.


Simon/Dawg……could you please remind me which Crap App that Rachel has. I think it’s the “Yell” one.

Thanks for the wonderful job you guys do on this site!


I think it has to do with someone coming in the house and yelling/roasting her. She stated something on the feeds about not being able to make physical contact with them, but that she could talk back. My guess is it’s some low grade comedian that comes in.


I fear it may be a previous fame whore who thought America would want to see him put on a cabaret instead of saving Donny…that’s a resounding NO!

The Beef

Expect to see Mr. Pectacular maybe?


Maybe ZINGBOT !!!


12:20 BBTime-Looks like the “Yell” just happened but they blocked the feeds. It seems like the HGs enjoyed it.


🙁 I didn’t enjoy the blocked feeds.


Same! I want to see it!


I think it’ll be Josh from last season with pots and pans.


I think there is a possibility swaggy will self evict after he gets put up. Looking forward to the fireworks.


Wouldn’t that be delicious? *teehee


Simon and Dawg – thank you so much for adding the “updated” notification for the recap! I missed a couple of updates in the past and then I got a little too obsessive about checking old recaps to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing – even if it’s about something as simple as bb updated. I love you guys for the awesome recaps, but also for your involvement and your responsiveness – thank you!


Hi Simon /Dawg anyone…
How do I add a picture to my name? Sorry to bother you!


Hi Lizzie! All you need to do is make an account here: https://en.gravatar.com/ and then upload the photo you want to use 🙂 Its tied to the email you use on our site.


Thank you!


I’m knitting and thinking, and knitting and thinking (y’all know I don’t really knit with yarn, right?…not that talented)

Okay, so regarding the power app:

We are looking at most trending, so Swaggy could have got it by default for negative trending; but, again, I just don’t think he could stay silent about it, especially with his Bay (LOL) 0% chance Swaggy has it

I do not believe FOUTTE has it, because they talk too much and we would already know what their devious plan to continue “controlling this game” would be. *as if 0% chance anyone with FOUTTE has it

It’s possible Scottie has it and is lying about it, but my gut says he does not have it. If he threw the veto comp intentionally, that would have just been stupid. I mean, he has no one protecting him (unless this is all part of a big move for Scottie, which I just do not think is possible) 20% chance

I suppose it is possible that Kaitlyn has it. Could she keep it a secret? Maybe. She could have been most trending given last week’s success was entirely up to her. And, now she is definitely taking credit for that, which makes me think it is sort of possible that she got it. I give that maybe 30% chance

The secret keepers would include Tyler, Kaycee, JC, and Angela, IMHO 50% chance, it’s possible
Any one of them COULD have it……BUT

I really think Tyler has it. He would keep the secret for himself because he really did come to win. It benefits no one for him to reveal if he has it. Forget about everyone else, I believe he 100% has it

Hopefully we will find out tonight.


I really thought swag had it. But I also think if he had it He wouldn’t have been able to keep quiet this long about it. I would be shocked at this point if he does and hasn’t told a soul. So. That does leave me with Tyler. Which. He is definitely the one that I can’t figire out who is his #1. Does he have one ? He is for sure his only #1. But I think he needs to have at least one ride or die. But who is it ? If he does have it. Will his alliance question and possibly doubt him for not confiding in them? He got away with knowing about sam’s. But how will they feel about knowing he has said he doesn’t know who has it. Then saying later on. Ok. I have it. I’m not sure.


LOL. Yes, Tyler’s #1 is (insert drumroll) …Tyler.

Carolina girl

I definitely think Tyler has it and is playing a phenomenal game. I also think he is smart enough to hide who his ride or die is… could potentially be Kaycee though. I think his loyalty lies with L6 and within that there’s the Bros, Rachel and Angela, and then Tyler and Kaycee. They seem to have this unspoken connection/similar demeanor and probably recognize that in each other and if so he would probably hide it.. But I could totally be reading into that.. or i just want my two favs to be ride or dies.. HA Hopefully L6 goes pretty far but im also not ready for Swaggy to go just yet for the rivalry… If they would just save Winston then Scottie can go and hope Kaitlyn doesn’t win another HOH anytime soon..

The Beef

I don’t think Saggy has it, or else we wouldn’t have received the F*ck you America speech he so graciously meted out after the app ceremony. Even Saggy isn’t that stupid to receive a “gift” and then respond with a “f*ck you” to the people who just gave it to him.


Tyler does, indeed, have the Power App. He picked the Cloud Power

“Keep yourself from going on the block at any one Nomination Ceremony or Veto Meeting. If you are worried you could be nominated, sit in the Cloud, and you cannot be put on the block. You have a two-month subscription to the Cloud. So for the next 8 weeks, you may choose one time in which to use the Cloud to keep yourself safe.”



Just gotta say…I think Brett might be playing the best game of anyone so far. Granted, I like the Bros, Ang and Rach, Tyler, CrazyKait, and Bayleigh. But hear me out…he’s not a floater, firmly in the L6 alliance. He’s made a genuine effort to relate and communicate with just about everyone. He’s not been a powerhouse in any of the competitions, yet you know he’s not weak. Lastly, it seems like he’s not on anyone’s radar. There’s still tons of time, but I really think he’s in a prime position right now, more prime than anyone else. Off topic….but I really can’t stand how RockFace and Hayleigh have co-opted each HOH’s room. Further, they have the nerve to badmouth and plot against Kaitlyn.


I forgot Kaycee in my “likes” list…reallllly like her too


I totally agree about Rocky and Haleigh have taken over the HOH room and are plotting Kaitlyn and Tyler’s demise! All this while eating Kaitlyn’s food, messing up her room, and using her shower as their own, not to mention spying on the other houseguests with the tv’s 24/7. They are way too comfortable and too spoiled! I wonder if this is going to be a pattern in the HOH for this whole season? Personally, I don’t think anyone should be in the HOH room without the HOH being there. This gives people who don’t deserve the HOH perks all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of being HOH.


Once Saggy is gone, Fez needs a home and I can see him lining up with several subgroups in the house. Bayleigh hitched her wagon to Chris and she’s in too deep. I can see the other two girls landing somewhere else as well. We’ll see how the 6 hold together with so many unaffiliated folks around, especially if Winston starts to rub some of the group wrong.


Now that Swaggy has tones down some, I don’t mind him staying a LITTLE bit longer. I actually want Scottie to go. I just don’t get what others love about him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s bad or evil, I just don’t think he adds much and I’m not ready for Winston to leave YET. He’s too much of a game player and keeps the other side hating on him so it’s fun to watch. I def want him to leave b4 Brett, but just not yet lol


I agree with Simon. If they pick Swaggy off this early, everyone is going to fall in line and we are going back to the “vote with whatever the house once.” This is the first time in a while that we actually have sides gunning for each other. As I said before, this isn’t Winston against Swaggy. It’s Tyler against Swaggy with Swaggy a bit clueless, but at least he does still have his people together, for now. If he is gone, the rest will scatter. Fez knows Kaithlyn is gunning for Swaggy and hasn’t even told him. That side will fall, but let’s get rid of some dead weight first.


I agree 100%. I’m not sure why people hate him so much. He is very full of himself, but on the other hand he seems like he has a sweet soft side to him. I hate when the teams are lopsided. It’s more fun when the 2 sides go after each other and play hard. I just know the game gets boring once the strong character leaves.


I don’t hate him. He needs to understand he has done absolutely nothing in this game except make out with Bayleigh. He was able to use his comp win to sort of build his little alliance but he can’t hold it together. He’s made himself too much of a target with his mouth and attitude (not a bad attitude just over confident). Everyone else is working to building relationships with various folks, except Swaggy and Bayleigh. They are waiting for some sort of power or HoH to start making moves. They need to be more proactive this year as everyone seems to be here for half a million dollars. It’s very nice.

Mark wilson

He throws the N word around (three times that I have heard) and said F you America…….GOODBYE !


No Swaggy has to go…he’s toxic and he’s against everyone’s favorite players. Let his negativity leave and have the others battle it out. It will be much more fun without him.


Do they have the votes to get rid of swaggy (ugggh I hate using that idiotic name) if they take Scottie off?


Absolutely. Here’s my take on where the votes are:

Scottie comes off and Swaggy goes up

For eviction:

Kaitlyn- can’t vote as HOH
Winston- can’t vote as nom

Brett- evicts Swaggy
JC- evicts Swaggy
Rachel- evicts Swaggy
Angela- evicts Swaggy
Kaycee- evicts Swaggy
Sam- evicts Swaggy
Tyler- evicts Swaggy

Scottie- unknown vote (Tyler may get him to vote his way for using veto on him)

Swaggy- can’t vote as nom

Bayleigh- evicts Winston
Rockstar-evicts Winston
Haleigh- evicts Winston
Faysal- evicts Winston


Thank you! I’m trying to catch up so a little lost…


Best case if Saggy goes up is JC being won over by Fez. That would be his only hope of staying but then Kaitlyn would be the tie breaker and she just blindsided him so…


I think Rockstar mentioned that Kaitlyn’s HOH letter seemed coded to her. When I first read it I thought the same thing. At the end of the letter she said something about going to Tampa and Bethel Woods (could be Tyler, Brett and Winston). The letter just seemed to go all over the place.


Ok…IMHO…Tyler getting Swaggy evicted is just good game play. If you were in there, you would want to get the strongest adversary out as quickly as possible. And you wouldn’t want him on the jury. This shakes up the players left & gives you the opportunity to pull more to your side. Honestly, if you were in Tyler’s position, would you keep Swaggy around? I know Swaggy is good conflict tv (we’ll get plenty of that after the veto meeting), but Rockstar & JC can provide that.

My best guess (& it is REALLY early in the game):
Order of Evictions: Swaggy, Rockstar, Hayleigh, Winston, Brett, Angela, Rachael (sorry Free), Kaycee, Fezzy, Scottie, Sam, CrazyKat.

That leaves Tyler & JC. JC’s just annoying & hasn’t done anything (so far) to claim the win. Tyler wins!


Where does Baleigh get evicted?


With Victoria?


Ha! Thanks Tinkerbell! How could I have forgotten Bayleigh???
Maybe between Winston & Brett. Wouldn’t want her on the jury either.


Only 1 thing could make this season better.

Less F word!




Hmmm, feeds down. Veto ceremony? I hope so!

NOPE! It was another “yell” *sigh