Power of Veto Ceremony Results “how do you betray your alliance week 2”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler used the veto on Scottie. Kaitylyn nominated Swaggz

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12:01pm Swagz, fez , Scottie and
Fez – I don’t even want to talk to Kaitlyn right now
Bayleigh comes in, Scottie and Fez leave..
Bayleigh – I’m pissed
Bayleigh – she said what use is sending Winston home he hasn’t hurt my game..

Swagz – I just need to figure out how to get 7 votes.. we have 5
Bayleigh – I think you can turn Rachel
Swagz – It’s going to be hard.
Bayeligh – people will be sympathetic you were blindsided

Bayleigh – we gotta figure it out.. Me, Scottie, FEssie, Rockstar, Haleigh, JC..

Bayleigh – I’m pissed .. when I joined your side I was like I don’t trust her..
Bayleigh – she was like is he ok.. i’m like no f*** he’s not OK.
Bayleigh – are you going to talk to her
Swagz – not today..

Bayleigh leaves..

Scottie and Fez come in.. Fex says when she told him before the ceremony he thought the veto was going to be used on Winston.
FEz -we work on JC first?
Fez – how do you betray your alliance week 2
Bayleigh and Haleigh come in.
Scottie says Bayleigh and Swagz need to spend less time together.
Bayleigh won’t have any of that.
Bayleigh – Winston is in a bromance.. he walks around s**king Brett’s d1ck all day.. it’s bullsh1t f** that

Bayleigh – when I sit on the bed Tyler’s leg touches mine and he scoots away
Scottie – close to her (Kailtyn)
Fez – b1tch
Bayleigh says she saw Tyler rubbing Kailtyn’s
Bayeligh – likes it’s OK kaitlyn
Fez – he started rubbing her leg
Bayleigh – yeah
12:18:00pm July 9 Fez – (something something” little b1tch”
Fez – our best bet is JC

12:32pm Haleigh and Fes
Haleigh telling him he needs to stop spending so much time with Swagz.
Fez says there’s no one he can trust anymore..
Haleigh – you can trust me
Fez – why didn’t she tell me..
Fez – obviously she’s rocking wityh Tyler
Haleigh – yes she is, She is still upset about what happened last week.. She doesn’t trust me and she doesn’t trust Swaggy
Fez – the two people I thought had my back the one might go home this week the other took a shot at them.
Fez – I look like a idiot.. I hung out with her all week
Haleigh – there’s still a lot of time that can pass between her and Thursday.. just keep your cool and not pop off
Fez – obviously playing a cool game is not the way to go.. when I try to play it cool my two best friends turn on each other
Haleigh – we don’t have the numbers right now.. if Swaggy goes home.. we’re f***ed collectively as a unit.. we need to reevaluate and see where we stand with everyone else
Fez – I’m coming for everyone.. if it’s endurance nobody is going to beat me..
Haleigh – you need to calm down we’re fine
Haleigh tells him that KAiltyn is full with the other side.
Haleigh keeps telling him to not get wrapped up in the drama.

Swaggyz is in there

2:41pm Kailtyn and Bayleigh
Kaitlyn says that people have over heard Swaggz saying thing about her like she’s a liability..
Kaitlyn- there would have been a point where he takes me out.. we never speak once.. he avoided me all week
Kaitlyn- he told Scottie and told Tyler he controls the group we do what he says.. I’m not going to to do that .
K – I would look so pathetic to America..
K – it’s too early for that.. Winston has not said a f***ing word about me he’s been respectful and kind.. I didn’t o want to do this at all but when I sat down for meditation..
K – I am upset about it on a personal level..
K – Last week really hurt me
B – I can’t believe it blew up to this Proportion
Bayeligh says the things said she didn’t consider to be back
Bayleigh starts crying He’s all I Have he’s my best friend..
Bayleigh – I don’t have anyone in this house.. you have so many people in this house.,.,
Bayleigh – I just don’t know hat I am going to do with him out of this hose.. who am I going to talk to
K – us
K – I want to change the trajectory of the game nobody is on a single side.. now that I’ve done what I have done people can start over.
K – now that we know each other we can take a step back who do I want to work on.. that is partially why I’m doing this..
Kaitlyn says have swaggy saying he controlled them really triggered her from her past..
Kaitlynsays she was in an alliance with Swaggy and hearing him say those things also hurt her more.
Bayleigh asks if she thinks the other side will stay loyal to her
Kaitlyn isn’t sure she had to go with her gut.

Bayleigh says that JC is going around saying she has the power.
KAiltyn says it’s between Swaggy and Scottie
Bayeligh – I htink it’s Sam
Kaitlyn doesn’t think it’s Sa,

Kaitlyn – I’m really sorry..
Bayleigh – this has been the most emotional three weeks of my life

1:00pm HOH Tyler, Brett, Kailtyn, Haleigh
Katlyn brings up that Winston did talk sh1t about her 2 weeks ago soemthing about putting her up. “Thats what Scottie said t me”
Tyler and BRett both say they never heard that from Winston plus he never had HOH.
Tyler says Swagz will try and get JC because he’s kinda playing the middle. Tyler adds that swagz is going to try and get Sam but it won’t happened.
Brett warns Kaitlyn about letting Bayleigh get in her head because Bayleigh is going to say whatever she can to help Swagz.

1:09pm Either out in the sun chit chat or in the HOH putting in work.

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Allies Mom

This is so awesome! It’s been way too long since there has been a true blindside. I also love that they think after the blindside that Kaitlyn is going to help the get votes to keep Swaggy. Hilarious.

double D

Wednesday can’t get here fast enough. Can’t wait until I see Swaggy’s face.


Swaggy is taking this a lot better than I expected….I respect that a great deal.

For end game I want Swaggy gone. But, I like Swaggy much more than Winston.

Like Literally...

Agree; i think we all have BB PTSD after they crammed Paul down our throats. I expected worse but am glad it didn’t get ugly.


Ugh you had to remind me of that Douche!?! 🙁

double D

I bet Swaggy will be trending come Wednesday.


Won’t matter if he gets voted out.


I really think it’s too early to say Swaggy is taking the blindside well. I think he’s in a state of shock right now and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t blow his top after mulling it around it in his brain. I know I tend to get more upset with something the more I think about it and considering he’s a superfan, the possibility of him leaving the house so soon is going to start eating him up.

team fair

I don’t think its too early, he handled it fine! Whether you like him or not, he’s handled very well…I think its funny now that he hasn’t blown up, ppl still want to keep a negative spin on it…Bayleigh is handling it well and strategizing and ppl still want to say something negative about her too….like give it up ppl, now matter how they react ppl seem to find something negative to say about it!

Franks Farts

I think zswaggy will have a chance to come back in……he mostly did this to himself so yeah arrogance bit him on the arse….


Remember Jozea Flores….muhaaa


I had to laugh when Bay called out the “bromance”

“Winston walks around sucking Brett’s d1ck all day” bahahahaha.

I do feel a little bad for Kaitlyn. She made a good game move and now people butthurt that would have also taken a shot were they in power. It’s a game. Don’t be mad. Game plan and take out Kaitlyn or Tyler rather than call him a b1tch for playing you. Fess is a coward with that “b1tch” comment. Just lost more respect for him.

Play the game. Don’t cry when you losing. Turn the ball over and score fool.


how is kaitlyn’s play a good game move? it gets half the house pissed at her and a ton of blood on her hands. plus swaggy wasn’t even going after her. this is a good play for level six (tyler and angela in particular) but kaitlyn ends up an untrustworthy flipflopper with no true allies.


They will forgive Kaitlyn, and now she has created a tighter girls alliance with Bay if Swaggy leaves. Plus, she has worked her way more towards the middle of the 6 alliance (with Tyler below her).

Really, it’s Tyler who has gotten screwed. All Kaitlyn has to do is blame it on him “manipulating” her into making that decision and she’ll have gotten through the week with no one seeing it as her having blood on her hands.

So now she is established on both sides of the house and has put a target on poor dumb Tyler’s back instead of her own.


Let’s hope Kaitlyn has Tyler’s back. Let the games begin…. loving this season so far.

True Dat

Swaggy was most definately going after Kaitlyn. Bayleigh and him talked about it several times and had he won hoh next week he was planning on doing it right then, according to him. Hayleigh and Rockstar have also talked about cutting Kaitlyn loose. So yeah, this isn’t putting her in any worse of a situation than she was already in. She probably won’t make it too far with the other side but she wasn’t going to anyway.


Completely agree. Everyone keeps forgetting that Swagz and Bayleigh….RockFace and Hayleigh were all targeting her. If anything, some in Level 6 will see her in a different light. I think this move will carry her further than if she had just sat idly by in her fake girl’s alliance, but agree that she still is going far in this game, I don’t think.


* …Agree that she still is NOT going far in this game…


How is this a good game move she was in a 5 alliance now she is a side piece of Tyler’s game which doesn’t help her she will be a pawn and a easy vote off if needed. Every year people cannot see thru the alliances level 6 is obvious Kaitlyn just helped them out again


Chris was the top person in their alliance. With him gone, there’s one alliance of 6 and a lot of loose folks. She may be able to rearrange the numbers to where she’s more of a shot caller.


Kaitlyn is in with the group with the numbers. When Swaggy leaves the numbers end that alliance. Haleigh is already 95% out of it. Doubt she votes with them this week even. She is on Brett’s nuts now. That is Haleighs game. Float to a male she thinks has power. If you count Haleigh as a number on that side you are lost. Even if she does vote with them one last time they don’t have the numbers.

Kaitlyn made the right move. No one on either side was/is going to stay with her till the end. She feels her and Tyler are a F2. I’m sure he actually does have her pegged as one of his possibles to take to F2.

I love how Tyler haters are mad cuz he won this round. Too funny.

We will see what happens next round. Hopefully the HOH is endurance and Angela gives Fess a wake up call on who the bad ass is in the house.




“On Brett’s nuts…” hahaha lmao. Yea she is


I just want to thumbs down you just for the “angela for the win”..LOL But I didn’t I agree with what you said. There are haters of everyone in the house, hell I’m sure at some point you wont even like what Angela says or does, it’s just the way it is. We’re not always going to like our favorites. I’m not a fan yet of anyone, I am waiting to see how Bayleigh starts to play when scaggy is gone. I was impressed with her and had high hopes for her in her interviews but it went out the window when she just wasted all her time with scaggy and forgot other people were in the house that she needs to build trust/friendships with. Well, except fessy, she was with him a lot too but that’s it for the most part. I want to see her go out and socialize, hopefully not with haileigh and rocky, I wouldn’t want her to behave the way they do. Still trying to be open about her. time will tell.


Swaggy C is always mad
Swaggy C has no swag
Swaggy C isnt very swaggy is he?

Goony Burd

“I’m a dumpster fire of unrestrained ego and unfounded confidence in my own ability to control other people who aren’t actively engaged in a physical relationship with me! How dare someone else see right through me!” Really, all Level 6 needs to do, it seems, is to hold onto Sam, and stay the course.


They will keep Sam, as Sam said to Tyler, I only listen to you and you know he will tell her to vote out scaggy. I just wish she would go out and do more, you don’t get kept around just because you do chores. That was proven in the past. Many HGs like her and don’t see her as a threat but that will change. I like that she snaps at people easily, I enjoyed her as the robot snapping at Kaitlyn it was funny. I’m sure we will see more of that. Even bayleigh when one of the girls asked who they vote out and she told them ‘whoever is the replacement’, lets hope she will vote out scaggy.


I want swaggy gone but Winston first.

Trackin the Kraken

Now that the blindside occurred , a few thoughts

RockStar typifies everything wrong in Todays social environment. She is the ultimate hypocrite, quick to claim how she is against Racism, quick to point out imaginary “signs” that someone is Racist as well. Part of the problem pretending to be part of the solution.

We knew when Kaitlyn won HOH, it would be a combustible week . She did not disappoint in that aspect

Lastly,,I have been waiting all week to say this… PACK YOUR BAGGY SWAGGY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ditto…I was waiting for someone in Rockface’s Coven to say Swagz was being targeted because of his race. It really is disgusting and reverse racist




Completely agree about rocky. Out of everyone left in the house, i truly hope that rocky is out next. I am tired of her comments about everyone. Saying someone is racist because as you said she saw some imaginary ‘sign’. She is the one that always brings up race, unless I missed it, I haven’t heard anyone else say anything about race. Kaitlyn and others want scaggy out for their own reasons none of which is “because he is black”. There is nothing at all swaggy about him nor anything rockstar about her. Both need to go and soon, I hope. Its funny I haven’t seen anyone say they are a rocky fan …yet.

Marianne Martin

all i can say is bring on Wednesday .. i want to see the look on SHAGGIES face .. i bet we see his tonsils then daggers shoot from his eyes.. duck american and BB fans …


Swaggy is really taking this backdoor situation really well I’m surprised to say the least. Kaitlyn played herself this week because she has no allies now and level 6 is using her this week to get out Swaggy and will throw her away next week because she is a liability and could easily spill the beans of what happened if one of them from the other side wins next week . If Bayleigh doesn’t win HOH next week then she’s going home I dont know who else would level 6 target but her .


Level 6 would be smarter to go after Rockstar. She has done (and can do) far more damage than Bayleigh.


True dat. I’ve said all along that I don’t think Bayleigh is dangerous, she’s likeable, and any stupid things she may have done is just cause she’s crushing on someone. RockFace is the worst, I think her and Hayleigh need to be picked off ASAP

Like Literally

Rock Star isn’t a real threat – she feigns moral high ground in trashing the 6 alliance (which they STILL don’t fully understand is a thing). Claims “those people” are the type who ruin a good Club experience (eye roll). She isn’t likely to win a comp. Too morally superior to fake a friendship with any of them. Fez is a physical threat. Kaitlyn “literally” lucked into her HOH win.


no kidding. She bad mouths everyone then tries to make up things for why she said it. She attacks people on a personal level not just game. She is the one that would ruin a good club. No one wants to be around someone who is that negative and hateful.


I think if L6 wins HOH, they would go after rocky and fessie hoping to get fessie out. He is the strongest of that side still left but it would be a BD just like with scaggy. Put up rocky and bayleigh, if neither win and veto doesn’t get used, hope they vote out rocky. I don’t think they will get rid of Kaitlyn just yet, soon but not next week, unless of course she loses her mind and causes drama. We all know when she says ‘don’t tell anyone’ that she will tell everyone..LOL. So, if she is up to something it will get back to everyone, regardless of who she tells. The more I see JC the more I want him out too. I find him obnoxious and annoying. I couldn’t imagine being locked up 24hrs a day with him and not want to choke him..LOL


Forever since a Blindside? You mean a week? They blindsided Steve. I think the word literally everyone in this comment thread is looking for is “Back Door”.


Kaitlyn is really delusional if she thinks everyone will regroup once Swaggy is gone.


The fact Haleigh didn’t spill the beans to anyone else is both impressive and shows she is looking beyond this HoH. I think she is looking to regroup and I don’t think Bayleigh is in that outlook. I could be giving her more credit that she deserves but with so many playing the game I’m optimistic it’s good game thinking.


Exactly!!! She thinks this is a reset. OMG! The only thing that will happen is that L6 will pick off the rements of the other side untill there are gone or they will HOH and a power APP or two for themselves!

I don’t know way everyone is so happy about Krazlynn’s move. She has essentially turned this into a one sided battle. I hate those seasons where the balance of power is not balanced. Especially this close to the beginning.

It will be a while before the L6 will have to start canibalizing themselves. And they will probably start with Krazlynn. BTW they talked much smack about her and the beginning.

And don’t get me wrong….I am not a Chris fan.


Also this brilliant game moved was spawned by butthurt feelings about Fessi and Heighly. She confided in Tyler and HE brilliantly orchestrated the situation. Kudos to him.


I think in this case it was a backdoor and a blindside. Swags alliance was sitting comfortably and laughing at Winston while plans were being made to “blindside” them by backdooring one from that very alliance. Good TV. I guess I’m too soft though. I was so looking forward to Swaggy being evicted but I kinda feel sorry for him too now that he is OTB, but I still want him to go.


While I’m glad Kaitlin put up Swaggy , it wasn’t really her game move…it was Tyler’s, and good for him! He’s playing a damn good game so far. I just hope beyond hope that he’s not really into her and is playing all this ooey gooey bullshit to manipulate her. I personally think Kaitlin is an annoying, unreliable, flakey jackass. She needs to go, and soon.


Why is everyone surprised that swaggy took it so well. What did people think he would do? He has never been a bully he has never treated people rudely. The only thing he did was say f@@ American.

Give the kid a break he is a immature 23 year would played to hard to fast.

I would not be surprised that in the Dr he cries.

His temperament is no way close to being a mean spirited person

Like Literally

Yes he HAS been rude. Bully is an over used word (like racist). No one has been bullied. But he’s rude.


One example please


Your comment makes no sense.


Rude…maybe. I just think he overplayed…came in “way too hot” and is cocky without a reason to be. When he toned down his cockiness, I think he’s an aight dude. If I were in the game and I was not aligned with him…I would definately wanna try and take him out though because there are always lil puppies in the BB house and I’d be too scared of them following him.


Did you not see Swaggy go off on Winston just because Winston said “cool meeting”? Then he went and bragged to everyone how he put Winston in his place. Yes I expected more from Swaggy, but it’s not over yet, just wait.


Yes, that is an example of Swagz being rude.

team fair

so what was Rachel being when she said that her skin was getting darker and that was ghetto?


That is an example of Rachel being rude. I never said being rude disqualifies you from playing BB. As a matter of fact, I gave my reasons of why Swagz is in the position he’s in and it’s not cause he was rude a couple times.

team fair

Really go off? Hardly….you guys are really reaching….


Are we watching the same show? Swaggy has done nothing but talk about his greatness and talk down everyone else the entire time he’s been there. I like how you said he only said “f America”, like that’s not big deal. So glad he’s going home.


Will my man, you make some sense


YEAH!!! She stuck to her guns and did it! I love it!!! To see Saggy sitting there under his green blanket tent, hiding his face…it makes me wish I was there to say to him, ” How are you feeling now, Skaggy? Powerful? Huh, feel like you’ve been the main man, running everybody? They all do what you say, huh?” Oh boy, what a loser. Thursday can’t come soon enough for me. And I hope Production doesn’t interfere and try to keep him.

JC is Pervy

Wow! That pic of Rockstar looks like the witch from Wizard of Oz.


Everything says Swaggz is going home. It’s big brother. I just cannot grasp him being out this early. I will be completely shocked if he leaves but that leaves me with. Who will flip and vote Winston out ? JC? Will Scottie vote him out even tho Tyler took him off the block? Tyler has his work cut out for him this week. Gonna be a busy boy. I don’t see JC voting Winston out but I just feel something is going to happen and swaggy stays.

brenda taylor

yep that would be BB production


More than likely there is a pre-jury buyback. So when 4 are evicted, they’ll see who’ll return.


Rockstar may be the only one onto Tyler but………..she scares the h**l out of me. Vicious is the word that comes to mind. IMHO, something is VERY wrong with that girl.

I hope Tyler is onto her. Really hope she leaves next.

Can’t wait for Wednesday! Should be epic! Loving this season.

Melody McNeil

Bye Chris


Honestly fez is a coward and so fake


Aloha snackbar!

Jay Crimson

In the end this was a great game move…. for Level 6. Unfortunately Kaitlyn’s HOH didn’t help her game at all. Its called Level 6 not 7. She will be gone next week she played that wrong. So what if Swaggy said he runs things. Actions speak louder than words. Swaggy wasn’t coming for her when it comes to sending houseguest home before sequester. I can’t wait to see how week 3 HOH will play out. K your HOH was put to waste as far as your game goes.

Used to be fan

Good to see racism is alive and supported by BB fans …Fes is a coward and swaggy needs to go…next will be Bayliegh …keeping it white and right…

Gold Cougar

If that were true Paul would have won it last year, lol


enough of the racism claims just because ppl want scaggy out. people don’t want him out because of his colour, it’s his attitude. people are talking negatively about white players too but I guess that is okay because they white after all..right? No one is really talking about bayleigh needing to go. So I guess no one is supposed to want a player out that is black or they shouldn’t say it because you will call it racism? come on. no one is saying anything about his colour, you’re reading into things to make it fit your agenda.


Depends on who is in jury and how she can spin it. She’ll need other things on her resume’ to sell it though.


Kailyn is not helping her game at all. I am no fan of Swaggy but why turn so fast week 2. She may be 7 or 8 on the alliance of 6 to get kicked out but she’s put herself on the radar of Swaggy’s alliance. I think she will be nominated either next time or the time after, chances are Fez’s side will win sometime soon and I can see them putting up her and Tyler when before they would have put up Winston, Brett, Rachel or Angela. The bro’s and there women are sitting pretty, so I am sure they are happy, Kaitlyn’s to busy crushing on Tyler to see what’s really going on!

The Beef

They may try to put up Tyler, but given he’s got the cloud app protection from going on the block, that’s a non-starter. FOUTTE needs to win HOH badly this week, or they will be nothing more than a memory in short order.


So now Kaitlyn is on the low end of the totem pole of the Level Six alliance. Sorry but I don’t see how this helps her game. She’s expendable to the Level 6 crew.


she is expendable to everyone. Even her own alliance wasn’t trusting her.


…and all this started over jealousy.

This is America

Well, I have watched this show for 20 seasons and it is so predictable and very much like what America has been like for African- American men—they are outnumbered and frequently misunderstood. The Swaggy persona is what is oftimes produced to counteract the consistent attack on African-American men. Notice that the show’s cast never is never truly representative America. In fact, I can name the strong black male personas to ever make the show on two fingers. The deck is stacked, so please do not bring up America voted for Obama. I hope this show is done after this season because I am certainly done with the show!

team fair

Right no matter what they do…they are a target…stand of for themselves “agressive”, quiet “not connecting”….someone gets along with them…they are guilty by association “so let’s get him out to hurt this person” and best of all “well if we get him out we will have no blood on our hands”…this one triggers me the most because in real life the loss of a black male’s life doesn’t matter…


That’s just ridiculous. If this was a white guy who was acting the exact same way, you would be cheering his demise. You practically admit that you want him to stay only because he is black. Don’t teach your kids that everything is racist. We need to stop crying racism over everything. Yes it still exists but trying to paint someone as racist all the time is NOT helping the problem.

Franks Farts

Fez and Kaitlyn are two peas in a pod….he needs all the girls attention or he’s pissed and Katlyn needs all the guys attention or she’s a bitch on wheels….I can’t stand either of them.