“Put old SwaggyC to rest and be Sunshine Swaggy” – Sam

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – All I’ve learnt in the last day is this Sam should be a therapist and life coach.

9:27am Sam, Angela and Winston

Sam – I sat out here last night for over an hour and talked to Swaggy
Winston – good.. does he feel in better spirits
Sam says she told him he’s all game and no person and she’s all person and no game
Winston – don’t discredit yourself..
Sam – I told him my honest opinion of him.. Is aid you were extremely intimidating, the mask thing, don’t talk..
Angela – bullying people around
Sam – yeah ..
Angela – that’s what GOt me was the bullying.. that’s not game
Sam – Yeah, you came in and you know..
Winston – King of the world
Sam – yeah like this is your house and you already won
Angela – you said that to him
Sam – yeah
Angela – F* yeah
Sam – I told him when he goes to bed tonight he needs to completely forget that past 20 days
Sam – if this is it if this is the real you that nobody got to know you need to wake up brand new..
Winston – that’s true
Sam – pretend you came through the doors again reintroduce yourself.. Apparently SWAGGYC is a persona he created
Winston- Absolutely
Sam – from hardship.. that’s not the real thing ..
Winston – call him Christopher now
Sam – no I call him sunshine swaggy
Sam – if you want people to see the real you introduce us..
Kaycee joins them
Sam – I said you look at people like they are commodities not people

They agree that Swaggy didn’t put any effort into getting to knwo people he got to wrapped up in the game.
Angela – every time he said something to me it was so artificial
Sam – that’s because he’s super shy.. SwaggyC is all a show.. it’s a persona..
Kaycee – I see that
Winston – and he’s younger too.. how old.. 23
Sam goes on about the talk with Swaggy and how she got to see the real him and she cried.
Angela points out that Swaggyz backs against the wall who’s to say he won’t turn back if he stays.
Winston – Agreed I hope nobody falls for that
Sam -Put old SwaggyC to rest and be Sunshine Swaggy .. It’s a brand new Swaggy Sunshine Swaggy

Winston says Swaggy barricaded himself in the back room while all of them were socializing.
Sam says when she was a robot she saw Swaggy for a total of 30 second in 3 days.

KAycee says Swaggy “totally forgot it was a social game”
Sam – you just looked at people like commodities.. ,, just like you right now Swaggy you’re a person you have feelings you just cried you have dreams same thing for anyone else in here.
Sam – and he was like I know and I had plans to make it to this.. whatever whatever and now I’m only at week two
SAm – I said Swaggy I thought when I came in here my plan to be al personal and no game. . I didn’t make it past the week so now i’m sitting in 20days i’m tickled shitless..

Winston laughs.. Tickled Shitless I love that saying..
Sam – if you come in here with something in your head OF COURSE you’ll get disappointed.
Sam – I came in here with zero expectations not a one.. same thing when I started welding and got a job every single thing was a victory.

Winston asks Sam “are you a therapist”


10:55am Kaycee asks Angela who the next big threat is
Angela – probably Fes..
Kaycee – and Scottie.. cause you can’t read him
Kaycee – I was thinking thew same those two..
Angela – for ma RS (ROCKSTAR).. literally I’m the only word she knows.. but yet again she can’t win a competition
Angela – it’s going to be Pawn, Target, BAckdoor

Kaycee says the two people she’s not close with is Fes and SW
Kaycee says if she wins HOH she’ll put up Fez and Scottie and if someone wins SR
Angela – it’s good that there’s three..
Kaycee – yeah
Kaycee – SR what the f*** RS.. (HAHAH I didn’t even catch that.. it’s like it bypasses my brain)

11:34am Winston and Fez bonding over music
“No Ceilings Mixtape by Lil Wayne” “icecream paint job”

12:10pm Ballet.

12:23pm Tyler and ROCKSTAR
RS – i just want to apologize I’ve made assumptions about you
T – I Understand
RS – last week you were HOH and you refuse to put certain people up (my targets)
RS – then home girl kicking me.. shit like just so you know anything you say to Tyler comes back to me and Im like WOOOOOH shorty I don’t talk bad about yo becuase you’re my friend… SOOOO chill
RS – then all of a suddenly Swaggy gets pulled yup and y’all have been hanging out i’m like DAMn yo Tyler is Palapatine in this mother f***er
(LOL RS sounds totally different when talking to tyler)
Tyler says he knew this was going to come to him because he has been hanging out with Kaitlyn a lot. He says last week he needed to do something what he needed to do, “that’s just how I am I didn’t want to screw up my own game by drawing a line and picking a side.. ”
Tyler says he was just with her to comfort her after all the Drama and help to figure things out
RS – Yo I like you from the GET
RS wonders what Kaitlyn means when she says be careful what she says to Tyler, “I ain’t say shit to Tyler other than are you confused”
Tyler says he’s heard from other people she’s coming for him.
RS – I want to apologize I’ve made assumption that aren’t accurate

12:25pm Kaycee and Kaitlyn

Kaycee bring sup a time when Swagz talked to Fez disrespectfully ..
Kaycee – I’ve seen Swagz character and how he talks to people.. I just don’t agree with it
K – if you go back and watch this show and see how he spoke to me you’ll be surprised
Kayycee – just thee way he talked to women.. it’s not OK..
Kaycee – Rockstar was walking to the bathroom and he was in there and Rockstar went to tell him something and he said I TOLD YOU TO STAND OVER THERE
Kaycee – jokingly .. he said he was kidding..
Kaycee says he demanding from people
Kaycee brings up her and Swag trying to do a hand shake. Fes said “don’t do that that is whack”
Kaycee – talking to Swag
Kaycee – Swag turned around I started the hand shakes here I do what I want mind your business
Kaycee – he’s like I started the trend you just follow
Kaycee – I was like I started the handshakes too
Kaycee says it was horrible to see swag talk to Fes like that she doesn’t like it
KAycee – it was not ok..
Kaitlyn- I’ve come to a part in my life that all i do is stick up for myself..
Kaycee says swagz pulled in all the people he thought he could intimidate, “everyone says he’s a shy guy”
Kaycee – the people he was intimidated by he tried not to talk to. He underestimated you and when you stuck up for yourself..
Kaitlyn says her and Tyler do a talk show in the HOH called Twitter poll with Tyler and Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn says there was a question to Swaggy about a deal (Tyler asked?) . He said the deal was bullshit. Kaitlyn didn’t know what he meant by it and pressed him for clarity
kailtyn – you’re here on my talk show and you just brought it up .. we would love to know.. America wants to know
Kaitlyn – he was like, You need to chill .. I was like I need to Chill you are my guest.. Stop f***ing around you’re my guest
Kaitlyn – Bayleigh was doing her makeup and her eyes were in the mirror she looked at me and said Kaitlyn don’t
kailtyn – DON’T .. Tell me about it lets talk
Kailtyn – then he told me about it . (the fake deal with the Bros and Swagz/Fes)
Kaitlyn now says Bayleigh yelled at her after saying that Kailtyn’s best friend Fes should have told her it wasn’t Swaggys job to tell her.
Kaitlyn – that f**ing night swaggy made up the whole thing that KAiltyn has a crush on Kailtyn
Kaitlyn – I’m in a 5 year relationship (and a 20 day relationship with Tyler, Fez, Brett)
Kaitlyn – sure thing I flirt with people that’s my personality.. but nothing more
Kaitlyn says it was the night she was off being a have not. She was on the stool and say Swaggy, Fessie, Baleyigh and HAleigh, “Like Saying my name .. and like What the F*** and they all go outside and are enraged”
Kailtyn says she she pulled Bayleigh aside asked them what is going on why are they talking about her, “she pulled me from the shoulder and said you need to chill the f*** out”
Kaycee – are you serious
Kailtyn says Bayleigh told her to her face she was super reactive and a cannonball
Kailtyn – I ran upstairs started crying, that’s when me and Tyler got really close

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Sam is a character… Is the woman married? Boyfriend? She lives in a van doesn’t she? I think she is totally psycho in the end of the day…I don’t believe that lovely facade she puts. Completely bs.

double D

I like Sam but she’s warn that same purple top the last 4 days.

And while I ‘m thinking of it…JC PUT SOME PANTS ON


Hey, where can she go? Maybe it’s her favorite top and she likes to do laundry every day!


Yep she lives in a van, down by the river! lol (how I miss the good ole SNL skits)

candy sweet

I would ask angela rachel and winston if being a racist like them is better than being a bully LOL
sad they have no game the only one Ive seen has game is tyler


agree with you, but see how many votes down you get cause you are calling them out. the truth of what they are but people don’t want to hear it, and they have the audacity to call SC out for being a bully? complete hypocrisy

Veto Winner

Yes you could ask them but since they have not shown themselves to be racist in any way, you would be dead wrong. What makes you think they are racist, because they are white? Because Winston is from the south? Because Rachel has a parent who is Hispanic? Because Angela wants an even tan? Maybe you think you have the ability to read minds (a third eye). Quit trying to label people you don’t like.

candy sweet

Have not? LOL I am guessing you either cannot afford cable or you are trying to hard to justify rachel angela and winston racism LOL So your logic goes if your parents are a minority you cannot be a racist? LOL and just like trump I am guessing you see racist as talented people right?


Quit living a cop-out’s life. Just live your own life and be the best that YOU can be.


Totally loving Sam. She’s got insight and kindness. Not sure that will help her in the game, but she’s got brains too. I hope she figures out that she does have “game”. She is an easy person to root for. An underdog, but one with endless potential.


it seems she’s working her way in with level six. i think she’s leapfrogged past jc as a potential number and now its between her and kaitlyn for the seventh spot. plus if the other side wins hoh she won’t be a target either.

Uncle Teddy

Being kind to everyone and not making enemies is excellent “game”

candy sweet

I think sam like Kaitlin are weak are weak and easily manipulated. I don’t think they would last too long.


Angela on RockStar:

“Literally I’m the only word she knows”


We need Angel to win HOH. We really do. Anyone that thinks this girl has no game is in for a awakening:-)



Douchey C

That is my hope for this Thursday Free, that Angela wins HOH and puts that mean gremlin otb next to Haleigh…… Haleigh will b kissing so much Level 6 butt it will make the purple haired witch melt….. Pockstar is so freakin hateful & jealous of Angela who in turn is cool AF,lol

dan wilson

Sorry I cannot support racist like angela rachel or winston. I am hoping tyler would win HOH


Man really hope Sam or Tyler wins this . Don’t understand the bullying thing though, Swaggy is from the hood and you do have to put up this facade and tough exterior to survive. The fact that he ended up becoming such a good kid and not falling through the cracks , I commend him for that. If I had a kid I’d def want him to be as confident and fearless as Swaggy.


Well she is just the female version of Donny as lovely as she might be as the same for boriiiiiiiing. What a nap. I hope she goes soon


Careful now. I liked Donny. Didn’t find him boring at all. He figured Derrick out early on, but he could rally no troops to take him down. Literal sheep that season. Donny was a rare gem put in with the worst cast of BB ever.

BB16 worst season ever!

Just me

I really liked Donny too, but I feel the need to remind you that BB15 was pretty bad too with McCranda, psycho Gina Marie, and pedo spenser. That season was nauseating! So, I’ll nominate BB15 as the worse season ever!
I’m actually enjoying this season. How’d you get a photo on your OBB profile Free?

Just me

Thanks Granny!!

Just me

Thanks Granny!


Totally agree with you Free. Donny was great. But the sheep wouldn’t let him in.
BB16 was the worst-most boring- BB ever.

Trackin the Kraken

10:55am Kaycee asks Angela who the next big threat is

Well Kaycee, it’s definitely not you if you need to ask someone. Jus sayin

Other than that and avoiding the race-baiters on here, kinda liking the first two weeks

brenda taylor

simon who do think is going home this week?


LOL! I just remembered…

“Someone’s in the Kitchen with Swaggy” was the cooking show Sam suggested in the wee hours this morning when talking with Chris, after he asked her if she would teach him how to cook.

Love it!!

Bruiser Brody

Just saw on twitter, Kaitlyn’s “5 year relationship” is finished. Supposedly he dumped her. He’s been watching the feeds. I guess he is a musician and now only wants to concentrate on his music.

double D

She didn’t feel the world shift around her?


Maybe (God forbid) in the coming weeks she’ll win HOH again and her letter could be from HIM !


Ended before or after she entered the house?


I’m so curious to see how Tyler acts with Kaitlyn once this week is over. What happens when he needs something from one of the other girls. Because we know crazy Kat won’t be going for any of that. If he even tries to leave the room she’s in. She has to whine at him about why or where he’s going. He’s stuck with her the rest of the game. It will be interesting to see how all of these relationships move and change throughout. I still think Tyler will protect Sam if he can moving forward. But I’m thinking he will get tired of Kaitlyns crazy at some point. Just seems to be the kind that doesn’t do clingy. He may even orchestrate her eviction. He’s a good guy but he’s definitely playing this game to win.

Bruiser Brody

Simon, type in cbkay89 on twitter search. This account is kaitlyn’s boyfriend’s sister. I guess she is the “spokesperson” for him since he’s being bombarded on social media. You gotta read what people are saying. They are totally on HIS side.


do you think Chris will vote out Swaggy?




Swaggy, the boy with NO swag, should be called “Surly”. He probably doesn’t even know what that means. I don’t see where Sam thinks he’s a shy guy. He’s anything but shy. I can’t believe he’s got her fooled. She is sweet but too trusting, taking people’s word as truth. Doesn’t she know she is playing a liars game? Guess not.
I know several arrogant millennials that are exactly like Surly C. Wouldn’t give you a dime for any one of them.
Get him out!