“do something funny and throw the bros on the block.. I can see him saying it right now out of his cocky little mouth”

POV: ? Next POV: July 14th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers –

7:06pm Tyler, Kaitlyn and JC
KAitlyn wonders if it’s Scottie that Flips. Tyler says SCottie was back and forth.
Kaitlyn – do you think I’m a target
Tyler – no

7:07pm haleigh and RoCKSTAR
Haleigh says Scottie is going to push this flip on her and try and get her out.
HAleigh says she swears she didn’t flip
ROck – I believe you
They both go on a tangent thinking Scottie is an evil genius that was the architect of these last 2 weeks and is now trying to put Haleigh up.
Haleigh says they have to win the veto.
haleigh says Bayleigh won’t believe her that she didn’t flip.

7:12pm Fes and JC
JC – who do you think he’s putting up.. yo don’t talk game to him..
Fes doesn’t know
JC – 2 of the four (bros + Angela/Rachel)
Fes does’t know
JC says he has no idea he’s in the middle.. he didn’t want one of the four to get into power.

7:20pm BROS
Brett – we need to put in his brain that Bayleigh and Fes might be after him because of the swaggy vote
Brett – he voted Swaggy out
Winston – really I thought it was haleigh
Brett – and Haleigh.. that’s two votes..
They count the votes…
Winston – Scottie voted for Swaggy don’t get twisted.. Scottie did not vote for me he voted for Swaggy
Winston – he’s full of crap .. You’re probably fine unless he says I’m going to do something funny and throw the bros on the block.. I can see him saying it right now out of his cocky little mouth.. one of us has to win the veto..
Brett – we’re fucked.
Winston – I don’t think you will go up.. he will base this off personal relationships..

7:28pm Fes and Rockstar
Rock is trying to tell him that Scottie flipped last week and this week.
Fes tells her 100% Scottie didn’t flip Week1. If he flipped week2 thta’s f***ed up.
Rock – I was thinking he was kind of a diabolical super genius
Fes can’t understand why Scottie would wear a Swaggy Tshirt and vote him out , how would that benefit his game?
Fes – you talk to Haleigh
RS – she swears she did not flip.. she voted Winston out..
RS – I Believe her
Fes – why doesn’t she coem to to me than
RS says HAleigh thinks this is Scottie’s plan.
Fes – who is he putting up
RS says if Scottie pins the flip on Haleigh she might be the target.
Fes thinks it was HAleigh, “I asked her are you voting for Swaggy to stay..unless he doesn’t have the votes to stay then I will do what’s best for my game”
Fes says he mentioned if being about loyalty and she walked away.

Fes – I know 100 that Scottie didn’t flip on Steve
RS – so you know who flipped on Steve
Fes – no … There’s no f**ing way he flipped
RS seems convinced that Scottie is the mastermind flipper and Fes doesn’t think Scottie flipped on Swaggy.

Haleigh joins them.. Rockstar now asking if Rachel flipped..
Rockstar says Scottie probably isn’t a virgin he went to “electric forest.. it’s a giant Rave”
Fes leaves

7:18pm Kaitlyn and Fes
Fes – you know what the votes are..
Kaitlyn – I assume it was you four.. Scottie, you, Bayeligh
Fes gets up and goes
Kaitlyn freaks out.. “what the F**”

Kaitlyn chases him around the house asking him what’s wrong. They end up back in the HAve nots..
Fes – you didn’t know Scottie Flipped.. What did you and Haleigh talk about..
Kailtyn didn’t think Scottie flipped. She never talked to haleigh.
Fes says haleigh told him that Kaitlyn told her to vote out Swaggy.
Kaitlyn thought she did, “I assumed she voted out Swaggy I told her to”
Fes – but you don’t know for sure
K – who else who have voted… I don’t understand where you are going with this none of what you are saying is makeing any sense.
K – you knew he didn’t have the numbers
Fes brings up a rumour that she said something during the competition.
K – I never said anything during the competition.

K – what are you so worked up you knew he was going home no ones lying to you .

They think Haleigh flipped the vote.

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I am so glad Rockstar figured Scottie out! This is a SHADY season!?


YES, love it mmuuuhhhaaaaa

hernanday oleary

Why did Scottie flip after saying he’d vote to keep swaggy and why did he wear his shirt, and why did he say “I’m nobodies goon”?


I wish Angela and Kaycee would do more to play the game…if they got away from the annoying bros I would support them more…

The Beef

I agree Angela and Kaycee appear to be the two biggest floaters of the season so far. Also Hayleigh and Blockstar have done nothing but run their mouths, as far as playing the game goes, IMHO. It wouldn’t bother me to see any of those four thrown up on the block, for no other reason than that. Maybe it would serve as a wake up call for Angela or Kaycee, both of whom, I believe, are potentially good players.

I also think it is time to send a female out the door, or the males are going to find themselves hopelessly down in numbers to a potential “girl power” alliance, which comes up almost every year. Let me just say I have nothing against a female winner. I just don’t want to see it come about because they end up with a numbers advantage, and decide to take out all of the males simply because they ARE males.


Like the Males do every year? Yeah…that would be fucked up. ?

True Dat

Angela and Kaycee are definitely not floaters. They’ve been with the level six alliance since the beginning and have never changed sides. Maybe you meant that they are flying under the radar, playing a quiet game, or not making enough big moves…but “floater” is not synonymous with those terms as it is defined by someone who flits from side to side based on who is in power at the time.


True Dat!


They haven’t made any moves because they haven’t had to and it wouldn’t help them at all at this point. This week might be different.

Like Literally

Do you forget that Angela won the first competition that allowed her to compete against Swaggy on the surf board thing? Two weeks have passed, that hardly makes her a floater.

Billie Fox

How about when the guys do the exact same thing to the girls?

Not a Rockstar fan

I agree. Hopefully Rockstar will be the one going home.


Way to go Scottie boiii!!! Shake up the house this week and put up Angela and Rachel! I know You have the power move in you!!



Shake up the house Scottie and send Angie (refuse to call her Rockstar) packing please! She is mean

Cock mouths

Winston and Brett are the worst. They are the cocky ones.


That mustache tonight…good lord!

Sakura Haruno

Who do you guys think would be put on the block? I just hope its not Tyler. I wouldn’t mind if he went after the bros or Rockstar and Haleigh.


I think it’s Box o’ Rocks & Fezzzy (once he finds out Scottie flipped, he’s going to scare Scottie). Tyler took Scottie off the block so I think he’s safe. I’m worried about Sam going up as a pawn.

Swaggy didn’t disappoint tonite. He’s had so many opportunities to be classy in this game, but no….right to the end he shows himself to be a narcissistic child. Glad he’s gone. Maybe we’ll finally see some gameplay from Bayleigh. Hope so.

Did everyone see Rachel’s hands shaking at the tie breaker? So close……….
Voted for Kaycee to get the next (last?) power app. Would love to see her gameplay. Hope Winston gets the crap app. Not fond of the Bros.

Lay Low Scottie

Where was he a narcissistic child? And what responsibility does he have to stay classy when his “allies” flipped on him and the people he kept safe didn’t return the favor? And what did he do to get the treatment he received from the houseguests and the people on this site? Did he like himself too much? He has every right to be pissed and he has every right to boast about himself because he had the competition wins to back it up. This is a game. You keep the players who can keep you safe, even if you don’t like them personally. We’ve seen downright abusive people (remember Paulie? Aryn?) get further in the game and be given the benefit of the doubt because they won competitions and kept people safe. But there’s something different about Swaggy where he has to be some kind of subordinate, humble individual who has to apologize for liking himself.


Yes he liked himself TOO much as Bayleigh is doing…doh


Pretty sure we all hated Paulie, I was born for this, Piecrier.

True Dat

If he were to put up Tyler as a nom, Sam would likely use her power app to save him from elimination. He’d have to complete a challenge, which he’d likely do with ease, and no one would leave this week. He could also use his own power app if he knew he was a possible nom or backdoor option. Tyler is probably one of the few you don’t have to worry about going home this week.


Hey Simon and Dawn based on Scottie convos what are his relationships in the house? Who you guys reckon is going up?

Johnny Depp

Nope, not liking where this is going…Scottie is a weasel and I can definitely see poor haleigh or Bayleigh being the next out but hopefully it doesn’t completely mean it’ll become a 1-sided game


Sorry the two twits gotta go!!!


Doesn’t Tyler sound like Jeff from American Dad?

Tom A



As much as Angie annoys the sweet baby Jesus out of me, I hope Scottie takes aim at someone other than Angie, Haleigh, Bayleigh, or Fez. I don’t see Fez or Bayleigh in danger with Scottie. I’m seeing Winston and Brett on the block with a replacement being either Rachel or Angela. Unless Scottie is playin a short game and looking to pick Haleigh as a flipper and try to build something.

Right now Fez, Haleigh, JC, and Sam are somewhat adrift in the alliances department and available to make something happen. Will Tyler come out of this week unscathed? Will Kaitlyn go spider monkey on Fez or Tyler first?

Lay Low Scottie

Did Brett get the Crap App and have to grow that hideous mustache? I guess I missed that part.

Not a Rockstar fan

Bwahahahaha! You just made me spit water all over myself!

Raegan Revekka

That Bros pic @ 7:20 looks like Lady and the Tramp


Best comment ever.

Sea horse

Alright Scottie!
Now what are ya gonna do man?
Please! Please! Please!
Shake the house up.


So called Rockstar gotta go!!!


Who do y’all think scottie will put up?


It’s a shame rockstar is such a negative person or I’d probably like her. Her intuition on Tyler and scottie is pretty good but i could never root for someone with her terrible personality. I hope Scottie isn’t a dumb ass and targets haleigh we need a flip in power a level 6er needs to leave preferably kaycee shes the least interesting of the alliance.

Tom A

I agree with everything in that comment besides the Kaycee comment. I personally think shes awesome, and it will just take one big shake up for her to turn on the jets. If anyone is the least interesting, it’s Angela. That’s my personal take on it all.


Angela is hot though


Coming into it Sam and kaycee were my fav 2. I still love sams personality though she has no game but kaycee i feel disappointed hasn’t shown much of either but i hope your right and she steps it up

Aron Morren

How was Tyler on another CBS gameshow “TKO”,, did he film it before BB or are they allowed to leave the house???


TKO was filmed awhile ago. They’ve been advertising it for months.

Carolina girl

It’s rare for me to pull for an alliance over just individuals but for some reason I really would like to see how far L6 can go and without anyone flipping from the group or being found out. I loved how the girls on OBB stuck together (minus one) and made it to the end.

It would be nice to see him find out Rockstar wanted him out and since Kaitlyn used him as a pawn he could put up those two.

True Dat

I am also tentitavely rooting for level 6. Not because I’m a huge fan of the bros or the pretty popular kids in general…but as a feed watcher I’m always going to lean towards the people that get me laughing the most with their conversations. Level 6 + JC have the best conversations. Fessy and Haleigh and the rest don’t seem to have a sense of humour whatsoever. Probably seems like a silly reason to root for someone but if you listen to hours and hours of mindless chatter everyday, you really start to appreciate the moments of laughter.


That’s funny- that’s why I’m rooting for the former Foute members. Everything’s in shambles now, but I used to enjoy their conversations the most. To each his own.

Like Literally

On After Dark the last couple of nights, I started liking Swaggy more, seeing him be authentic and dropping the facade of his self given “Swaggy C”. He seems like he’s smart, has actual feelings for Bai; it was nice to see him show some honest self reflection when Julie showed him his intro video when he said he thought those who flew under the radar in the beginning and stayed in the middle lasted til the end. He laughed and admitted he had done everything exactly opposite of that. But then calling Tyler “weak” was immature – Tyler was doing what Swaggy was NOT doing. Working everyone quietly one on one, listening and not talking so much, keeping secrets, not being cocky. Perhaps he’ll change his mind after it’s all over. At the end of the day, they both had alliance that that excluded each other, so what’s the difference.


Sorry, but the ‘authentic’ Swaggy was the guy who tried to appeal to everyone and when he got back to his room alone said that it was all just an act and he was lying to them and just telling them what they wanted to hear. The guy who said FU America when he didn’t get the power app. I have no sympathy for that garbage at all and good riddance.


So true. I honestly hope I never have to hear about him again after tonight.

Lay Low Scottie

Tyler was lying to Swaggy’s face. Tyler chose to keep someone he can control instead of work with someone who can actually win things. And good luck to Tyler “working everyone quietly” now that he got a loud distraction out of the house. Everyone who isn’t in Level 6 is on to his sneaky ways and wants him out. Tyler is weak in that way. He will have to continue to carry Level 6 since everyone else in that alliance cares more about their tan than winning anything.

Carolina girl

That picture of Brett is giving me the creepy uncle vibes from Napolean Dynamite


Was I the only one that noticed that Rachel actually guessed 12500? I had to rewind. This would equate to 208 hours. I couldn’t stop laughing. Was she nervous? What kind of math was she doing on that board?


Did you figure that right? I’m not the best at math. I got that 208 hours would be 748,800 seconds. What was the answer Julie Chen gave – like 496 seconds or something like that. That would only be 8.3 minutes.


I didn’t understand the question, what was Julie talking about?


Can I just say that Simon & Dawg are doing such an amazing job with the photo grabs! I am literally lmao! Y’all are amazing!
So is this game about to get good or what?


Well I’ll be amazed if level 6 makes it unscathed this week. This sucks.


Sooo glad Chris and his sawggy persona are gone, gone, gone!! Also enjoyed Julie calling him out on his game play by playing the clip of him saying he was going to play a low and middle of the pack game because front runners get picked off early. He should have listened to his own advice. Hahahahaha
Also liking Julie’s new stylist and style. Her outfits last BB were awful!