Sam “Open the Swaggy gate. Straight up, unzip your chest & let your heart fall out.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – Swagz is still going home..

11:55pm – 12:30am Hot tub. Fez and Haleigh. Fez – I feel like you’re scared to .. I don’t know give in .. or commit to. Haleigh – I told you .. what are you talking about?! Because we had this exact conversation yesterday or the day before yesterday and I thought we were on the same page. Maybe we’re not, maybe we’re on different pages. Fez – I’m on your page .. I’m trying to be on your page.. I’m all over your page. Facebook page… Haleigh – I can’t stand you. Fez – Normally I don’t do a good job at explaining my feelings and I feel like in this house I feel like I’ve done a good job at it. I know this is a game but I want to know you besides the game. Rockstar joins them (and saves Haleigh). Rockstar – I had imagined that if one of the five of us had won HOH it was going to be the five of us chilling up there and like talking. Its just completely different. You two and Bayleigh are the only ones that I completely trust. I think Bayleigh is better at this than I am.

12:30am Backyard – Scottie and Swaggy. Swaggy tells Scottie that Kaitlyn said that she would break the tie for him to stay. They said go talk to some more people such as you and Haleigh and see how yo feel. I don’t think JC and Sam would but it doesn’t hurt to talk to them. Obviously it didn’t hurt to try every angle as possible. I have 5 guaranteed votes. And Winston has four. He has Kaycee, Rachel, Brett, Angela. Sam and JC maybe guarantees for him. JC said three different times that I am going to be okay. Scottie – he’s pulled everyone aside. He pulled me aside, you aside and Haleigh. Swaggy – what did he tell you? Scottie – he told me that I played a stupid game last week. Swaggy – what do you think my best pitch to JC is? Scottie – JC is just trying to not draw attention. So basically if you can pitch to him that if you’re here you’ll just let him be. Every talk I’ve heard him have with everyone is that he just doesn’t want to do anything. That’s literally his entire game plan .. to be untouched.

12:35pm HOH room. Tyler and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn writes more love notes on Tylers arm. Big Brother – Kaitlyn STOP THAT! Tyler – its called a hand massage.

12:40am Backyard – Sam and Swaggy. Sam – so how are you feeling? Swaggy – hurt. You know I don’t cry. I’ve got this big a$$ ego. Naa.. I’ll probably shed some tears today honestly because one I didn’t expect it, two I love this game damn near more than life itself. I honestly didn’t expect it coming. But what can I do from here? Sam – what are you going to do? Swaggy – I don’t know. Just be myself. I think the first week and a half I’ve just been so tight and close to myself and not opening up to people that like people never got to see Chris. It was Swaggy C 24/7. Only Winston and Bay got to see Chris. Chris is a real person. People were telling Kaitlyn stuff about me. It was a misunderstanding that I hope we can get past. People say that this is just a game. Probably 8 or 9 people weren’t looking for this game, they just got hit up by a recruit and came here. I’ve literally been watched this sh*t for 13 years. I love Steve to death but he went home. At least he got to play in the veto. It not just what this game means to be its the opportunities that could come from it. You may not know but I come from a bad neighborhood. That’s why I wear this flag and do all these gun signs. Its all I know. Swaggy – growing up I transferred to 17 different schools within 8 years.

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1:15am – 1:55am Sam to Swaggy. You need to put the game aside and find a way to liken it to your life before this. Swaggy – I don’t want to do that. Sam – okay something that made you comfortable like a group of people from school or your basketball team. Find away to look at all of us, the same way that you looked at the people who were going to be your teammates. How did you treat them the first time you met them? Swaggy – I went to war with them so I treated them like family. Sam – you bonded up, you were a team. Find away to look at us that way. Open the Swaggy gate. Straight up, unzip your chest and let your heart fall out. Just roll with it. Its not just for us its for everyone else. Swaggy – coming from where I come from you have to be ready to die any moment. When I got blindsided.. I wasn’t about to freak out. At the end of the day I am going to open up and be personable with everyone.

2am The house guests are playing the Marry, F**k, Kill game with celebrities. Fez – Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Eva Mendes. Winston – I am marrying Eva Mendes but as far as Jessica Biel and.. Haliegh – you have to kill one. Fez – can’t we just change it to punch in the face? Winston – right, why do we have to kill one of them? That’s a hard three. Fez – Eva Mendes’s mole, I just want to suck it off her face! Kaitlyn – the boys weren’t honest about us. Fez – we wouldn’t kill or marry any of y’all.

2:20am Hammock. Fez and Swaggy. Swaggy – I thought Sam was a lost cause and I just sat there with her for 3 hours. I thought I couldn’t swing her vote. Now she said over these next three days if I show her I am cool and can open up. She said she will voting on how many times she can have conversations like this and how many times she can have conversations like this with Winston over the next few days. All this my dad died, I live in the hood. That’s real stories but my emotions aren’t the same. I’m platonic, I’m good with that now. I don’t care about that sh*t no more but to these people its like yeah sh*t happened and it sucks. No, I’m way over that. So its basically just empathizing with that and seeing how it works. That’s basically all I’m doing with Sam. That won’t work with JC. JC wants to play the middle. So what will work with JC is telling him I’m going after the other side and they’ll go after me so he can sit in the middle. With Kaitlyn and Tyler I can empathize with Tyler on how close we are and with Kaitlyn, its just a misunderstanding. We can get over it. If I go 0 for 4 then I tried my best. I really believe I can swing 1 vote for sure, two if I’m lucky.

Swaggy – Kaitlyn is letting me and Bayleigh have sex in her room. She said you can lock the door, go in the shower, do whatever you want. She knows I’m stress out. She said she would give me both.. let me have sex with Bayleigh in her room and keep her safe. Fez laughs. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:25am Big Brother switches the feeds to the BB re-runs..

2:43am The live feeds return. Swaggy is telling Bayleigh about his conversation with Sam.

3am – 3:20am Hammock. Sam and Kaitlyn. Sam – we don’t know each other too well. I told you about my power app thing. I don’t know a whole lot about the game. Kaitlyn – I know you say we don’t know each other too well .. but I read you. We still have a lot more to learn but I still f**king love you. You’re my friend. Sam – I love you too. You’re amazing. I think you’re playing the game. I’m not, I’m just here. I will offer you up some advice. The only way I will is if you promise not to tell anyone else. kaitlyn – just so you know. So right now you’re at a crossroads with your opportunities and who you would be sharing the house with for the long run. Kaitlyn – yes. Sam – me I am looking at everyone in the house as people and individuals. Kaitlyn – me too. Sam – not as commodities. Kaitlyn – I agree. Sam – not as part of a strategy where this person is expendable. This person is athletic. This person is game orientated. Kaitlyn – totally I don’t do that either. Sam – looking at it from that perspective the competition side of it is very small. Who you can live with is a much bigger part of this. You left my laundry out, who can you sit down and have a meal with. Sam – from that perspective, I think you are sending out the lesser threat. Kaitlyn – I agree.

Sam – I think Winston should leave. Kaitlyn – would you vote against him? Sam – no I am not saying anything that has to do with game stuff. And I know who would vote to keep me. Kaitlyn – no but it is. Sam – listen, let me finish! I am talking strictly as an individual. Forget the grouping that’s happened so far because it might not stay. Realistically there is some sway is Swaggy. He is emotional intelligent. Kaitlyn – he is an unbelievable person. Sam – being able to work with him or convince him is going to be much easier than Winston. Kaitlyn – I agree. Sam – and Winston is very solid with Rachel, Brett, Angela. Winston and Swaggy are both caught up in strategizing and they’re sucking at it. Winston is looking at you as an expendable commodity. I’ve lived with people like him. He is very clean and he cooks but he is only fun when he is around Brett. You should keep Swaggy and vote out Winston. Kaitlyn – I can’t do that, I don’t have a vote. That would me you, JC and Tyler would have to vote for Swaggy to stay. They have 5 votes, they just need one more. Sam – Winston is the brick wall. He doesn’t give a f**k about anyone. Kaitlyn – Swag swore on his dad’s grave that he would forgive me. Whoever voted to keep him, he said he would keep safe. Kaitlyn – just know I am loyal to you. Sam – I will go along with whatever you decide. Kaitlyn – I will know by Wednesday morning what my decision will be.

3:40am – Backyard – Fez obsessing about Haleigh to Swaggy and Bayleigh. Bayleigh – Haleigh and I were in the shower and she commented on how this was going to be a long summer and we would need someone to cuddle with. I asked her who? She said you know Fez would be down. Fez – wait what?! Swaggy – go for it!

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Thoughts on Tyler’s true feelings for Kaitlyn? A small part of me thinks he likes her, but a large part of me also thinks he’s just a really good actor..


yeah no idea. I think he only cares about the game we will do whatever it takes. He has many girls back home. But I would love to see a showmance with Kaitlin in LOL

Chick in Louisiana

Wondering the same thing. It will be interesting to see how he treats her next week. Last week he needed her vote and this week he’s staying close so she don’t flip. She’s easily swayed


tyler seems to be playing the long game much more than anyone in the house. he knows the level six alliance is better for him in jury than sitting next to him and kaitlyn (and sam to an extent) are perfect goats to take to the end.

Sea horse

I really like Sam.
She’s good people.


She is good people…but she is NOT playing the game. By her own admission, she doesn’t know the game. I really like her too, but the game is the game, if you get my meaning. Why don’t they (production) vet these people better? It’s like putting Gomer Pyle on Jeopardy. Golly, I’m here but I don’t know what the f#@k I am doing.

Swaggy is so full of bullcrap. Listening to him tell Bayleigh about his in-depth convo with Sam, about his life in the “hood” , and how every day he has to be prepared to die…whatever. Get real. And how he’s gonna change and treat people differently, can’t Sam see through that crap? You know it’s all lies when you hear him relate it to Bay. Then he immediately jumps to how he has to use a different tactic with JC. UH huh, anything he can tell people to get to stay.

I just hope that none of them fall for it…but at this point I’m beginning to wonder just how gullible some of these houseguests are. And it’s looking like there is one thing that Swaggy is surely telling true; he does know the game. What will happen? Stay tuned…

Same old B.B.

Clearly u know nothing about “the hood”. Swaggy isn’t lying about that! Stop speaking on thing you don’t know about & being dismissive! This is why I want Swaggy in the game because we’ve always had the same players & maybe 1 or 2 that look & come from where Swaggy comes from. Ask yourself why u don’t like him so much..I’m sure it’s why the houseguest think he’s so “scary” & ready to blow up


I don’t like him because he has been BEYOND arrogant and cocky. All the Swaggy C shirts make my eyes roll. It has zero to do with his skin color, what neighborhood he came from or that I find him scary. For someone that knows the game he should know to not be the arrogant cocky one because they get sent home quickly. Apparently his arrogance told him it would be different for HIM because, after all, he is SWAGGY C!


“Scary”….Are you serious? He is an idiot. Why would anyone be afraid of that smart-a$$, arrogant little wimp. Oh Yeah, I forget….he is : Swaggy C. Big deal. He needs to go. Lover of the game or not, he is not the leader of this house. It gets so sickening when people try to make it seem like every white person is “afraid” of someone because they are black. Wake up people. Get a life.


So it’s ok for Tyler to act like the leader and puppet master of the house?


Yes, yes it is ok for Tyler because he is not arrogant about it.


You really shouldn’t assume everyone is racist.


I don’t like him because he is a 23 year old posturing know it all. He is arrogant beyond belief. Even going on and on about America not giving him the App advantage. Love seeing the smug looks wiped off his face when things don’t go his way. What a tool. He needs lots of Humble Pie and a big attitude change.

team fair

Right but Tyler lying to him and acting like he’s such a good “friend” is good game play right??? Smh


It would be nice to have a season with nothing but die hard fans and no veterans. When was the last time that happened?

I like Sam but think she is naive to fall for Swag’s BS. Of course Kaitlyn will tell Tyler and he will do damage control. I’m not a big fan of Winston but anytime someone comes in loudly boasting that they are running the game within the 1st couple of weeks, I’m ready to see them gone. Swaggy is just too full of himself. Kaitlyn is delusional and a flake but like the idea of seeing how alliances scramble to find footing after loosing a leader.

I do hope Sam hasn’t put a big target on her back because I’m not ready to see her go. Hopefully Tyler can do some damage control ASAP before it can happen.

team fair

Why such a harsh judgement on Swaggy about trying to stay in the game? Isn’t that what he is suppose to do??? He did come to play a game…Tyler is straight lying to his face pretending to be his friend but he’s playing a good game, when Swaggy is telling ppl what he needs to stay its a problem…you ppl are straight hypocrytical and I’m so sick of it!!!!


Then stop reading the comments and watching the show.


I agree. And while Kaitlyn pretends to be intuitive, I feel like Sam really *is* intuitive. She has a good read on every single person in the house.


She is a good person and she is smart. Why keep Winston? She knows Swaggy is a better option to keep. I know he’s been acting all tough but that is because of his upbringing. I think he is a good person and he will always be an easy target for anyone on the other group vs Winston who the group is trying to protect and would turn on Sam and Kaitlyn as soon as they have a chance. I like Sam and hope she doesn’t vote with Tyler’s group.


I agree that Swaggy is a good person. If he could find a way to stop living life in survival mode, he may begin to actually enjoy it!


The hood is survival mode. I am a high school teacher in the hood of San Bernardino, CA, the same school Obama visited the families of the terrorist attack a couple of years ago. When Swaggy said he changed school 17 times in 8 years says a lot about his upbringing. A black kid in the hood whose father has died made Swaggy a target for gangs and he never gave in. He chose to keep up his grades to play high school sports, this is grit. Too many times I have seen the opposite happen to young impressionable guys in the hood. Four of my students have been shot and killed by the streets, more than one is in prison for armed robbery and many are on drugs. Only a few have kept up attendance, kept up grades and off the streets to go to college. I can seriously count the students on one hand that had similar experiences as Swaggy go to play college sports. Swaggy has a barrier around him that has been there for years to protect him. When I look at him through these eyes, I get why he is how he is and extremely proud of him, even though I do not know him. He pulled himself up from the hood and is determined to make something of himself.


I hear you. I am a middle school teacher in a Title 1 school. I see pretty scary things everyday regarding the lives of my students. I wish I could help them, but the most I can do is love them through their struggles and let them know I will always be here for them. Life itself is survival.

I was really referring more to Swaggy’s outlook on life rather than his predicament.


Never gave into gangs yet he just admitted to Sam that he throws up pistol and gang signs cause that’s how he grew up lol……

team fair

Always looking for the negative!

Lay Low Scottie

I love you and Granny so much! *hugs* I work in child welfare, and these kids’ futures are a real crap shoot. Not everyone can overcome their trauma, and I just hope that these kids find their way and stay on the right path.
Swaggy is a nice dude. Winston kisses his guns goodnight. I know which one I’d rather hang out with!

Small Town Mom

Granny never EVER before have I not seen eye to eye with you however in this instance I must! Yes I feel Chris is a good person however his upbringing has less to do with how he acts then his youth and the special treatment he was given as a basketball player. I lived in Vegas for 10 years and have seen the worst of the worst and the hood (his words) is no Joke and he is insulting my intelligence by trying to play it off like he was not afforded special treatment that others were not because he was an athlete pretty safe to say that boy has never went hungry or had to do things that would make your skin crawl to survive.


Swag you are a decent kid, but ya pitch to stay is weak af. Listening to you talk in circles is making me want you gone right now.

I am so looking forward to a Angela HOH. I feel like we are due for a movable wall comp this week. Angela would win that with ease. Who would beat her? Fess? That big oaf on a movable wall wouldn’t last 6 minutes.

Let’s get this!




Can’t stand Angela. Hope she leaves soon


Cool. Thanks for your opinion.

Hope you are enjoying the season:-)


I love that about you, Free!

Uncle Teddy

JC is going to win the wall comp


I was just speculating that it would be a wall comp. JC would probably do well on wall though you are right.

If not the wall hopefully at least endurance. We will see.

Stay tuned.


jc will throw every hoh comp until at least final 8.


Your #TeamAngela is past rooting for someone to win, it’s creepy and weird.


Man you are getting too many downvotes..
I’ll Give YO out to all teamAngela’s today!


Haha. Haters gonna hate.

We need some Angela Gifs to really get ’em shook:-)

Goony Burd

I’m not sure why you’re such an adamant supporter of her. Aside from that first night comp against Swaggles, she’s not really seemed to do anything noteworthy of a hashtag or attention. Is it because she’s cute? She’s a IRL friend or relative? I’m not trying to start a fight- just genuinely curious what you see in her.


It is none of your concern whether I know Angela or not. Not sure why you are so worried as to why I support her.

If you don’t like her or feel she doesn’t deserve support…more power to you!

Enjoy the season!




You must be her Mom.

Goony Burd

Look, friend. As far as I can see, she’s done nothing, and you’ve more than a few times have included in supportive hashtags, even in posts that have absolutely nothing to do with her in the slightest. I just want to know what’s so special about her, and my speculation as to whether or not you know her IRL is just my taking a shot in the dark for your rallying behind someone who seems to be floating.


Angela is a tiger…silently waiting to pounce:)


LOL! I knew I liked Angela when she said she had to be careful not to emasculate the men in the house.


It looks like Winston is in trouble. He needs to start making friends outside level six.


I don’t see JC, Kaitlyn or Tyler flipping.

As I said before It would not be horrible to have Winston go home this week. I just dnt see it happening.


yeah, even though i think it’s in jc’s best interest to flip (in fact, everyone not in level six should vote out winston), i don’t see it happening. kaitlyn will do whatever tyler tells her and sam will do whatever kaitlyn does.


Chris is playing the game and actually listening to folks. He’s growing on me, it’s just too bad he’s in a showmance. I can’t stand that. If he can manage to stay in the game this week, he could go far. Could Sam be convinced to use her power on Chris?


No way Sam would use that power on Swaggy


It would be fun and freak Tyler out quite a bit.


What the heck is Sam doing. Tyler needs to get her in line. Does she not realize Swaggy wanted her out. She’s all over the place.

Kaitlyns going to go right back to Tyler (hopefully) and tell him Sam is working to get Swaggy to stay. Once the 6 get wind of it they will make sure she goes next. I knew she was going to be an issue. Doesn’t make any sense for her to keep Swaggy.


I don’t think Sam cares about the game. She cares about people.




I think it’s both


swaggy didn’t want sam out, he wanted steve to stay. there’s a difference. swaggy’s targets are angela, brett, winston, rachel, kaycee, and potentially tyler once he figures out his game (which isn’t that hard). if you are not one of these five people, there’s no reason to vote out swaggy as swaggy gives you at least three weeks of safety (probably more) going after those five.



Actually, Swaggy’s targets are everyone but himself….Even Bay isn’t is F2 deal. I think he had potential to play the game well. But, as Dr. Sam pointed out, he came in all “game” and no “personal”. He wasn’t giving anyone the chance to get to know HIM. Swaggy is going, no doubt about that. BUT, I actually do think he is interesting television, so BB will have a real loss after evicting Swaggy C. Yet, the other HGs will be able to become noticed more…so there is that.

My guess is that Rockstar attempts to lead the next uprising, but it won’t last long because there is just no momentum once Swaggy C goes.


It’s all good that she cares about people but she is still playing a game and I was under the impression that Tyler and her were working together. If she wants to work with Tyler then they should get on the same page. If not, then oh well, couldn’t care less if she leaves.

Don’t forget that she wanted nothing to do with this game until she got that power.


Exactly…I don’t dislike her, but I’m not a fan. I don’t love people playin the heart and love thing every second. Don’t get me wrong, I love heart and love as much as the next guy, but this is a dang game.


Wow, Sam sure seems to have Winston pegged, not sure I agree with her thoughts about Saggy. At least she see the groups and as temporary and fluid and is looking at the individual people. I want Saggy gone this week, but Sam is showing that she is playing the game all be it on a different level. A somewhat original strategy that defies what everyone else has done or trying to copy?


I thin it all comes down to picking the lesser of two evils! But Sams head is somewhere up in the clouds, an although I somewhat like her, she backs Swggy, se packs her bags in a few weeks case all those who fought to save her ill e out for her head! And f al people she confides in Kait so you just know y todays end, the entire house will know what Sam is up too! All I can say, is goo thing she saved that life (unless she uses it on Swaggy hmmm) YOLO my friends!

Ninja Warrior Spirit

BEST comment and point of view i’ve seen on Swaggy vs. Winston… I would like to see Swaggy gone too but Winston is pretty boring n we all know on BB they love drama and they need an enemy on other side so i have a feeling Winston goes… #team Tyler!!!


Oh Sam- for someone who keeps repeating that she does what she says or however that saying goes – she sure did flip flop quite easily. Yesterday she had a conversation with Winston and Brett and said she was on their side and to just tell her what to do. Today – for the first time- had a conversation with Swaggy and is now on his side. So disappointed in Sam – Tyler needs to get to her quick.


I do not at all see Sam as being on Swaggy’s side at all. Rather, I see her as giving him advice to make the most of his limited time left in the house, because winning the game is not the most important thing, and he is already out the door.


I see Sam as giving good advice no matter who’s on the receiving end. I don’t think she’s going to manipulate like Tyler and the rest. I don’t think she has the head space for it.


yeah, i think sam’s pretty indifferent to who goes home this week, but she knows she needs to make allies and has an easier time bonding with people who feel isolated (as she feels that way herself). her dream scenario is forming an alliance of three with tyler and kaitlyn, which they honestly should be down for, but sam would not be the shotcaller in that alliance.


Yes, I totally agree.


Didn’t Sam go to Kaitlyn and say she wanted Winston out now after her talk with Swaggy?


The absolute best conversation this season was the marathon heart to heart conversation (2:30 AM – 4:00 AM BB Time) between Sam and Swaggy. Samantha is an amazing being. I just love her so much, and I love the way she sees life. She gave the most genuine advice last night that we can all learn from and become better for.


Sam is sweet, no denying, but that won’t win her this game. Although second place or America’s Favorite wouldn’t be a bad thing!


I agree with you! But, again, I don’t think Sam came in to win the game. I think she wanted the adventure, the experience, and to meet different types of people…to have fun.


Please excuse my typing, I just noticed that my keyboard skipped some letters! Time for a new one! lol But I hope you get the jist of what I was saying!


I have to correct my times on that conversation. It was 12:30 – 2:00 AM (I just noticed the flashback was reading CST)


Just a thought. What if Sam knows a lot more than she is saying. What if her strategy is to come back from the robot. Make friends and build trust that she’s behind on. And act totally clueless about the game to appear as being no threat. She is super sweet but she has also shown a pretty sassy side where I could totally see her playing some people. Probably totally wrong but she had to have some sort of strategy coming back into the house after losing so much time as the robot. Swaggy. I wish he could be the same person on the live shows as he is when I’m watching BBAD. He seems like 2 completely different people to me.


Televised shows are almost entirely crafted by production. They have in the past bore little to no resemblance to what actually happens in the game. The DR is a performance, just look at Johnny Mac. I liked Johnny Mac but he was a caricature in the DR.


Swaggy C = two different people because that is exactly what he has been playing. And Sam was advising him to put his persona to rest (because it hasn’t been effective) and just be Chris. In other words: Sam likes Chris, but doesn’t feel comfortable with Swaggy C.

“Swaggy C” is his suit of armor, but he didn’t really need that in the BB house. Being real is much more powerful. Sad thing is, it’s too late for him now (in this game, at least). He really believe Chris will go on to make a fabulous life for himself.

So, while Tyler is definitely playing the game and making undercover moves, he is still real. He didn’t name himself “Tidal Wave Tyler” or something equally ridiculous as “Swaggy C” or “Rockstar.”

Miss Conception

Swaggy is getting them to drink the Kool-Aid. If he stays,there will be a huge bite taken out of all the people that are buying his B.S.! Wake up and play the game to your satisfaction!

team fair

So why isn’t that considered good game? Everything Tyler does is so perfect…smh


I’m with Lizzie on the Sam debate. I hope me metioning you Lizzie does not gain you some of my haters. No worries though. It is most likely one hater with multiple screen names so we good:-)

I think Sam very much wants to win this game. But she also struggles with the getting to know people and having to then chop their heads off part.

She is smarter than she lets on. I think part of her repeating “I don’t know much about the game” a lot is strategy to be less of a target. This game isn’t rocket science. She knows now exactly what is going on in there and she will have to not let her personal bond with people get in the way of 500,000 grand. This is not new. Most players deal with these same struggles.

I’ve had Angela, Tyler, Sam as my F3 for a while now(I dumped Scottie like Day 4) and I am sticking with it:-)

Though I have been thinking lately that Rachel would be a good person for Angela to take to F2. Be a easier jury vote win than Tyler or Sam.


No worries. I can take it. Guess we can’t always have a healthy debate with some people:(


Granny disagreed with me and there were no insults, name calling or anything. My perception of the internet was shook.




I’m so sick of Swaggy. He came in the game all high and mighty and so dam cocky. Now that he’s on the block he’s all like I live in a bad neighbourhood, I have to be ready to die every day and the constant “I swear on my dead fathers life” is ridiculous. I hate when people go on B.B. and always use the death of a loved one as a way to get people to trust them and believe their words. For someone that claims he lives in such a bad neighbourhood maybe he should have saved some of that money he spent on all those ridiculous Swaggy Tshirts or that fancy clothes he claims that makes him the best dressed guy in the house, maybe he could have put that money away to put towards moving into a better community. I’ve watched B.B. since the beginning and it still shocks me how easily people are swayed when someone feeds them a sob story. If they keep Swaggy he will go back to being cocky and “running the show” plus he’s in a showmance, that’s never a good thing for the other players. Also I was annoyed how he’s going around saying at least Steve had a fighting chance cause he got to play in the VETO, he thinks he should have at least had a chance. For someone that has been watching the show for 13 years he should know dam well the blindside is a huge part of the show. Why would they wanna give him a chance when he’s proven he’s really good at comps. B.B. isn’t about fair chances and he should know that. A final note, super unclassy bragging to Fez that Kaitlyn gave him her HOH room so he can bang Bayleigh. I’m sure her family is loving hearing that.


YES. To all that!!

I like underdogs

I’m not completely sure Tyler is loyal to level 6! And I’m not completely sure he wants Swaggy out! Here’s why. He used his veto to save Scottie not one of his level 6 alliance members knowing Scottie will vote to save Swaggy and knowing Winston would vote for Swaggy to go home! I don’t understand why Sam wants to vote to keep someone who five days ago voted to evict her! If Winston goes home Tyler will leave Level 6 for Swaggy side! So it will then be the whole house against Brett Angela Rachel and Kaycee! I’m not OK with that


Tyler’s first loyalty is to himself. It’s refreshing. He used it on Scottie to bridge a gap with the guy after Scottie’s best buddy was evicted during Tyler’s HoH. He played it to Winston as trying to secure Scottie for post Chris time. He’ll ride with the group until he gets a better option, which is why he’s trying to play the middle so hard. He’s lost Angie and Bayleigh but Haleigh, Fez, Scottie and JC are still open and I bet he’s thinking to use them against L6. Tyler is playing the game.


Huh? Am I missing something?

I watched the entire conversation she had on live feed flashback and the play by play she had this morning with Angela, Kaycee, and Winston.

I’m not sure why people think Sam is going to vote to keep Swaggy. She really isn’t going to do that. No, no, no, no, no. Her advice was not offered as “do this to save your game.” Her kind words were offered to lift him up and help him see that there are some amazing people in the house that he should get to know and to open himself up so people get to know his REAL self.

Sam is not even looking to be in the finals (she takes it one day at a time and appreciates every single day), but if she picked a F2 it would be Tyler or someone in L6. While she plays day to day, I just seriously doubt she would ever flip on L6 after they SAVED her (particularly, Tyler).


I’ve seen many different houseguests who were arrogant, puffed their chests and bragged.
Some of them were even loved for it.

I’m not a big swaggy fan or anything but I don’t understand all the negatively towards him concerning his character, and,or ego.

What? Is he being too “uppity” for some of you folks?
Is it, “he has to be put in his place.” ???

At least he’s trying to play the game. And he’s using the arsenal he has available. Same as the rest.

He’s probably going, and I’m fine with that.
I just don’t see him as this “huge villain.”

team fair

Thank you!


It’s interesting that Tyler chose to use the veto on Scottie instead of Winston because if he used the Veto on Winston and Swaggy still goes up in his place Swaggy would definitely go home and the other side would lose a number for sure , while the level 6 is still intact. Idk it just seems weird that the people who he is loyal to aka level 6 are even okay with Winston still on the block and could have a good chance of going home because swaggy ( even though he isn’t liked) is really putting in the work to stay in the house while winston just sits around always talking to Brett I don’t think aside from Brett and level 6 he has made a solid connection with the other side which baffles me to say the least.


Tyler had something to gain by using veto on Scottie….nothing to gain by using it on Winston.
And, Winston was well aware of the plan.

Tyler has stated that Scottie could be lured, and I agree. Winston is not going home, but after eviction on Thursday, Scottie will have to do some repositioning. He will naturally gravitate to Tyler for saving him (even though Scottie would have stayed, regardless) or Sam.

I like underdogs

Did anyone see the conversation between Sam and Kaitlyn where Sam advised her she should keep Swaggy instead of Winston because Sam feels Swaggy can be worked with and Winston is set in with Brett Angela and Rachel? Winston originally wanted to keep Steve but listened to his alliance and kept Sam Swaggy never budged on sending Sam Home lol

I like underdogs

Also if Winston goes home and I think there is a strong possibility that he might if I am Rachel Kaycee Angela and Brett I’m gonna start working to get Tyler out because they should realize he used the veto to secure HIMSELF with Scottie and made it possible for someone to go that wouldn’t try to get them out! That’s my opinion and that’s the way I would feel If I were in that alliance!


Haleigh just wants someone to chase her. Poor Fez fell into her trap.


OMG NOOOOOO, Tyler quick go talk to kaitlyn so she can fill you in on what Sam said – you need to get a grip of that girl. She can’t vote to keep scaggy..NOOOO. lol. I can’t believe sam is saying this, seriously she truly doesn’t know what this game is. SMDH. She is playing a game of who is nicer to me, I will vote for them, instead of thinking about the big picture. Sam is completely unstable, her and Kaitlyn will be great friends, neither understand the game..LOL. So disappointed in Sam over this conversation, I hope Tyler talks to her and gets in her head that scaggy needs to go for all of their games. She does this and she will have put a target on her back. She said she would only listen to Tyler, god, I hope that is true. Any one else needs to talk to her about this too. Someone needs to talk to that girl. I hate when you have HGs that have no clue about how to play the game. It’s not summer camp, you are playing for 500grand. lol

Lay Low Scottie

Should I change my name to Lay Low Kaycee? I thought the spinning rainbow punishment was over. Where has she been?
Also, remember when Swaggy kept like half the house safe? No loyalty in this game! None!