Big Brother 20 – Kaitlyn writes “I Want To Kiss You” on Tyler’s arm..

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

APP Store Power: Tyler got the Cloud app & can keep himself off the block at one nomination or veto ceremony in the next 8 weeks.

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12:15am – 12:45am HOH bed. Tyler and Kaitlyn. Tyler – you know what’s going through my head. Kaitlyn – literally never. I don’t read minds. Tyler – like you kind of do. Tyler – alright little sis. What’s going through your head? Kaitlyn – you don’t want to know. Tyler – yeah I do. Do you want to write it. Kaitlyn just wrote on Tyler’s arm “I Want To Kiss You” She then turns over and he rubs her back. Tyler – you remember what I told you. I would never let anything bad happen to you and never lead you in a bad way? kaitlyn – MMMhhh. Tyler – I promised that and I would never put you in any situation that would screw you up in the game. Kaitlyn – thank you. Tyler – you know that. Kaitlyn yup. Tyler – and then we pinky swore. No matter how much the game sucks we have to stick together. Kaitlyn – you’re stuck with me. Tyler – I have your back in any situation in the game and I look out for your best interest. Do you understand what I’m saying. Kaitlyn – MMMhhh. Tyler – are you sad, are you happy? Kaitlyn – I don’t know what to feel. Tyler – me neither. That’s the fun part right? 81 days left. Kaitlyn – 81 days till I win. Tyler – I’ll take second to you. If it was us, it would be because of you. Tyler grabs her hand and tells her not to lose focus. Kaitlyn – I’m not. I’m not losing focus. You’re my bud. You’re my best f**king friend. Tyler – you’re mine too. I don’t even want to win competitions for a little bit. Kaitlyn – if you went home I don’t think I would be okay. Tyler – yeah I would be lost.

Kaitlyn – can you write something on my arm. I need some validation. Never mind I don’t want to force you to do anything. Tyler – I want to write the right thing. Some times it takes me a while to process things. You know that. Kaitlyn – I know. Tyler – I’m sorry. I don’t want you to be left up in the air for my response but I want to write the most awesome response. Kaitlyn – when will you write it? Tyler – I don’t know, when I feel it. Kaitlyn – do you want to go to bed? Tyler – do you? Kaitlyn – do you? Tyler – I’ll go to bed. Kaitlyn – I’m so impatient. Tyler reaches under the covers and grabs her hand. They look into each other eyes. Tyler – can you read my mind? Kaitlyn – are you saying something to me? Tell me everything you want to say. I’m not going to read your mind, I just want to try and read your energy. Did you read my mind? Kaitlyn – No, kind of. I just feel validated by the way you looked at me. Tyler writes out sentences on her arm. He starts after we .. Big Brother switches the feeds.

1:10pm Bayleigh – America, obviously I expect you to be biased and love us which would be the correct thing to do. I do understand that there are 13 other amazing people in this house and I give you permission to fall in love with them.. just not too much. At the end of the day we need you to be your top priority.

1:10am HOH room. Tyler says goodnight and leaves the HOH room.

1:15am Fez and Scottie. Fez – Do you think Haleigh is playing Brett? Scottie – I think so. Fez – what makes you think that. Scottie – usually if they engage each other she goes out of her way to engage him. Or he does to her. It never seems natural to me. I just feel like she is. She also sees how he is with every girl here. As much as she doesn’t play it off this way, I think she is the smartest girl here. Fez – she is. Scottie – the people I trust the most are you, those two (Bay and Swag), Haleigh and I am trusting Kaitlyn pulls through with her word and then she will be in that group too. Fez – I don’t talk that much game with Kaitlyn. She just tells me what shes going to do. I hit it off with her in the beginning and she told me she had a boyfriend. I was like cool, I’ve never had a female best friend. It doesn’t make sense for her to lie. I honestly didn’t know if she was going to use it because those were her noms but then she said she was going to do it. It makes no sense for her to say it and then not do it.

2am Bathroom. Swaggy and Fez. Swaggy – I feel close with Rachel but if she put me up, I would know what time it is. She’s with the other side of the house with dollar signs. What the f**k bro. Lets get dub out this week and then it depends on the power next week. I need some Chris Brown before I go crazy in this house.

2:05am Backyard. Bay, Haleigh, Scottie and Swaggy. Scottie – should I play my speech like I know or don’t know. Bay, Haleigh and Swaggy tell him to play it like he doesn’t know. Bay – at this point we have no option than to trust people. And I think Tyler has your back. Swaggy – the question is do you think he has my back? Scottie – not as much as he did a week ago. I think once it gets down to the eight of us .. the risk will be with you and Kaitlyn. Bayleigh agrees. Swaggy – its not that much of a big deal. Bayleigh – to you …but its a big deal to her. Swaggy – what do you mean? Scottie – she is trying to sell that you have the power. She told me don’t pick Swaggy .. pick Fez. Swaggy – it will either blow over or you get caught in the cross fire. Bayleigh – she’s not going to take a shot at you but I do want for the healthiness of the group for it to be discussed and for it to be mulled over. Swaggy – she needs to come to me. Its not a pride thing.. its we already talked it over and I already apologized. What more is there to talk about. Its like court, you don’t go to court for the same thing twice. Swaggy – on my dad’s grave I will not apologize to Kaitlyn for snapping at her. She talked to me in a certain way. I said don’t talk to me like that in a more louder tone. And then she played the victim of how she’s a 12 year old girl and she’s scared of me. She still talks about me. She needs to shut up. If I win HOH, don’t pull me aside and try and talk to me. Scottie – if anyone tells you to go talk to her, they’re not looking out for you. We are.

2:30am Bayleigh – do you think I’m cute? Yes or No? Swaggy – YES! You’re f**king beautiful!

2:36am – 2:45am Bay and Swaggy. Swaggy – people are pissing me off today. People keep telling me what I should do with my game. Bay – don’t even tell people what you are thinking so they don’t tell you what you should do. Swag – if I win Thursday, she better not come talking to me. Bay – don’t be mad at me when I am just trying to play devils advocate. They head to bed.

2:50am Fez and Kaitlyn

7:09am Rachel is up .

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YIKES. Yikes, yikes, yikes..


best reponse ever!


Oh Tyler! Stay the path:( Focus

My Two Cents

No, Tyler, Noooo! I’m not sure leading Kaitlyn on is a good move.. (game or otherwise)..she’s half crazy already. Hell hath no fury……


Her crazy may be why Tyler is saying what he is. He has to walk a fine line with that one. Tyler may have to work on Fez so Tyler can get some distance from Kaitlyn.


level six will probably turn on kaitlyn next week if they end up in power. after swaggy’s gone they have the numbers and she’s too much of a potential liability to spill the beans about what actually went down.


I agree with you. I think they will turn on her. If it were me, I would and I would tell her – you turned on your alliance with your first vote, then you put one of your own up to backdoor him. You can not be trusted…take a seat.


heck, even if level six isn’t in power they probably throw kaitlyn under the bus to whoever is. kaitlyn really screwed up this week. if she wants to play both sides, she needed to do something that made some semblance of sense to swaggy’s side of the house.


Uh, oh. Tyler is playing a great game so far and I would hate to see him mess it up because Kaitlyn has now put him in a sticky wicket of how he responds to her. Especially since right before she writes that she wants to kiss him he call her “little sis”. Oh boy, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practise to deceive! ” This is gonna be one big complication for Tyler’s game.


Is Tyler Luke Skywalker?

Survey Says

Tyler can do better..


Lol “Tyler can do better” they say…like who? Kaitlyn is pretty awesome long time with vanilla females and she has a fun personality that she is not afraid of showing. Pretty rare!

Like Literally...

Didn’t see THAT coming LOL. It was obvious Kaitlyn is crushing on Tyler but I didn’t think it was reciprocated. Danger, Danger! Swaggy D-bag is going to lose it, and i can’t wait. Kairltn isn’t even 5 feet tall so they need to keep her away from those nut jobs after Veto Ceremony.


“keep her away from the nut jobs…” – are you kidding? She’s the real nut job. She came in talking about colors of aura and essential oils – good energy. What she is now is a mean girl out of touch with reality. She was jealous and boo-hooing over Fes and Hay last week, no matter what she says and now she is crushing on Tyler? Tell me again – who is the real nut job here? Tyler needs to be on the first thing smokin’ out of that HOH bed/room!

Like Literally...

Roadie, i think Kaitlyn is a nut job too. What i meant is that Fez and Swaggy practically smothered her in size when she won HOH. She’s a tiny person. I’m small too and when people a foot taller than me get in my face It’s intimidating. The thing that bothers me about Swaggy is his arrogance, the FU, America, and his social game is non existant. Bai had potential for a good social game till she attached herself to him.




Tyler played that the best way he knew how.
She is catching feelings and wants to kiss n etc…and he is like “I told you I would never do anything to hurt your game. We can maybe do this after the show”

Kaitlyn is unstable mentally. If he had just said no I don’t want to kiss you, she would have felt “the universe” shift and have a vendetta against the poor guy the rest of game.

There is no way this girl is making a good living being a “life coach” Maybe someone goes to her once, but any sane person would never return after talking to this girl for 10 minutes. Life coach. Haha.

I was watching AD last night and Swag has watched like every season. I did not know he was actually that big of fan of BB. I like the cat more than I like Bayleigh. Would much rather see her go first.


Totally agree with you on all points. Kaitlyn is a coo-coo bird for sure.

As for Swaggy – he is a super fan and should know that his arrogance is destroying his game. That makes me so mad because he could have gotten much farther in this game but that narcissism has such a grip on him that it’s too late to shake it. “F you America”? Really! He is going to be filled with so much regret when he watches all this.

I would much rather see Winston go this week because I just don’t like him but unfortunately we’re going to have to wait on that!


I think the F U America was all about trending. They all think it is about actual trending, rather than just fan votes. I also think production might be steering him to be the antagonist.


Maybe it’s like that saying “therapists need therapy too.” Maybe in order to lead others down the lighted path you have to be bat sh!t crazy yourself.


Tyler’s got himself in a pickle with Kaitlyn.


tyler is overplaying but with EIGHT weeks of safety. i guess, why not? really wish that cloud only lasted 4 weeks.

True Dat

It lasts eight weeks because the power is a very weak one. If he uses it at a nomination ceremony, he can still be backdoored at the veto ceremony. And most likely would be since people would be none too pleased to find out he’d been keeping the power a secret all that time. If he uses it at a veto ceremony, he would have to have gotten wind that he’s going to be backdoored…which is tough because backdoors are meant to be blindsides. His cloud does not equate to eight weeks of safety.


It’s a one shot deal and he has to activate it before the nomination/veto. I had thought maybe it would protect him the whole week but it seems not. I’m guessing that’s why he’s told no one.


Why is Winston still here?? His threatening comments should get him kicked. Seriously what’s with the damn production?!


I’m sure her BF loved seeing that … yikes! I’m seeing a similarity to Christine here…anything for boys attention!


At this point, I am convinced that Kait will follow through on her backdoor plan, if only to impress Tyler. I’m thinking her crush on Tyler could take over future decision making given she has sworn allegiance to him, and only him. I have serious doubts that she actually has a boyfriend outside the house. I get the impression she made an arrangement with someone, but it isn’t what she is claiming it to be.

Tyler- the charm is overflowing, but I think it’s adorable. And, who am I to decide if Tyler is being genuine, or not? Right now, he is playing the game. He has told Kait “after”, which I think is wise, excellent game play. I do believe the Rogue Warriors are a legitimate final 2.

Kaitlyn- the type of girl to gravitate to wherever she is getting the male attention, which is sad, IMHO

Rockstar- I think her hair dye has affected her thinking process, other than that, no comment

Faysal- still nothing

Brett- who are you, Brett? He seems like such a nice guy and then he reminds me he is a Bro. LOL

Winston- He needs to floss if he is going to continue mouthing his sentences like that

Haleigh- I do not like this girl; and that says a lot given I’m a Texas native.

JC- hate him, then love him love him, then hate him He is a wild roller coaster.

Rachel- I like this girl more and more every day.

Angela- cool chick

Kaycee- cool chick

Scottie- lost puppy

Baggy- their relationship is cute…the kind that COULD last. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I’m afraid Swaggy will be too caught up in his anger come Thursday to remember that. I think he’s going to lose his mind. I still can’t get over how he reacted to not getting the power app on last night’s show. I love that Bay keeps him in check. He needs that type of girl, for sure. (btw: Swaggy reminds me of my son…I wonder if he’s a Scorpio, too)

I’m looking forward to the veto ceremony.


Agree with you Granny, but you didn’t mention Sam. I personally adore Sam. She’s cute as a button and so sweet.


True, I didn’t. But, I don’t think my love of Sam is a secret. She is my #2. 🙂


Kaitlyn is pretty dumb, she sold out her alliance and believes this group is going to keep her safe? You are giving them the numbers to ride it all the way, you dumb girl! #BBloyaltyfool


She really is making the smart move swaggy and bay are already saying if they win HOH next week they would put up Tyler and Kaitlin. She is taking the first shot kudos imo


Granny, over the past several days, you’ve written: “Faysal: nothing” about half a dozen times.
It worked: I now am really curious how you feel about him, and why you repeat this every time. Not a single adjective? Not a single emotion? Or is it a case of “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything”? If it is, then why single him out when you tell us about your dislike for some other HGs?
I’m really curious!


A wise old owl once told me, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, usual;ly for someone else.

If Kait had written the I want to kiss you to me, I probably would have kissed her, and then lived to regret it. Pretty face, nice figure, needs help with her head. She reminds me of the last woman I dated. The only regret I have is that I didn’t break it off sooner.

Like Literally...

Did you have to change your number? 🙂

Like Literally...

I felt sorry for Rachel when she assumed America hated her for least trending. I truly think she just wasn’t on voters’ radar for any of the questions so it wasn’t disdain. I think she’s funny. I like the friendship between Angela Rachel & Kaycee.

Small Town Mom

You are always spot on Granny look forward to your comments as much as Simon & Dawgs recaps (you 2 are amazing btw)


Safe to say Kaitlyn is no longer jealous of Faysal and Haleigh relationship.. Hahaha..

Aunt Cece

Kaitlyn is one week away from sitting in the corner, switching the lamp on and off and muttering “I will not be ignored”.


You have me rolling on the floor with that one, CeCe!

Cat Nip

Granny, I knoooow. Me too. Dying here laughing.


Seriously! Hahahaha!
Who is in the Rogue Warriors with Tyler?


Rogue Warriors = Tyler and Kaitlyn


Very funny Aunt. Kaitlyn is for sure a potential bunny boiler.

I still like her 10 times more than I like RockStar.


“potential bunny boiler” OMG……I believe that IS possible

and Tyler calls her his “sweet potato”


Tyler is smooth at this game. She is a number for him right now. It isn’t time to cut this nut job yet so “sweet potato” it is for now.

How you gonna have my Angela #3 Granny? Haha jk.


Hey, did you get your Gravatar figured out?


Let me know if you folks are experiencing problems with the images. There’s some tinkering I could do.


No.. how do I get a avatar? I press settings and all I get is ‘delete all my comments’ option.

You may not want me having one though as it most likely will just be pics of Angela. Ha. 😛


LOL! I already knew your pic would be ANGELA.

You just have to set up a “gravatar” (globally recognized avatar) through WordPress. Once you set that up, that avatar will follow you on any WordPress site, including OBB as long as you use the same email address that you use here.

Go here:
It’s easy….let me know if you need help.

Cat Nip

“bunny boiler” is going to cut off all Tyler’s hair when he’s fast asleep, if he crosses the her.

Cat Nip

Aunt Cece, HAHAHAHAHA!! I just spit out my coffee. And, you might be correct. 🙂 🙂


“7:09am Kaitlyn is up .” That’s Rachel.

I think it’s hilarious that she is so annoyed by the camera following her. SHe keeps getting startled by the sound of it moving.


LOL thanks. First update of the day. it’s a one liner and I mess it up.


because of the sunglasses, I thought it was Kait at first, too


Kaitlin, who has a boyfriend, can be summed up in a song:
“If you can’t be with the one you love honey love the one your with”

She falls for any guy who gives her attention.


That level of power going to Tyler is borderline Kraken


very true!


I need to go back and re-read that power. If I remember correctly, he has to use it PRIOR to a veto ceremony if he thinks he might be going up? So it wouldn’t keep him from being backdoored, correct?


Sorry I meant prior to a NOMINATIONS ceremony (need more coffee)


Quick question why is everyone hating Katelyn ? If she leaves that house its going to be a hell of a boring summer….didnt see anybody as fun in that house. You better make her trendy if you dont wanna a kraken one


I agree and think she’s a blast.

You Only Live Once

Some people just choose to hating others because it is the lazy option…or the default button. The same people usually walk around seeking approval and validation from others. Watching yesterdays episode I felt like grabbing Rachel through the screen and telling her not to care so much what other people think of her…..that is the downfall of one’s own ego….actually caring more about other people’s opinions rather then finding your own self worth. Anyone with self worth never hates another person.

I enjoy the diversity of ALL house guests and enjoy each person as an individual, life is short, there is no time to hate anyone.


I hope the “The game is rigged for Tyler. He will for sure be the winner. I guarantee it. I am out. I will never watch again” Crap doesn’t start.

The Tin Foil Hat Crew picks the player they say production rigged it for every year and nearly every year they are wrong.

Paul won last year according to the TFH Crew. They “guaranteed” it.:-P


The last few seasons has seen what seems like obvious production interference. Right now it seems fairly level but it’s obvious that Tyler is a fan favorite. We’ll have to see how things go when more of the house starts looking at him as the big threat.


Hope Tyler knows the rules… NEVER stick your dick in crazy.



I really miss the borders on the ranking grid. Are y’all going to use them?

Blue = Nom
Red = HOH
Green = POV


I’m on it Granny. 🙂


Tyler is such an idiot. He should be doing what Sam is doing right now and figuring out how to make himself indispensable to the house. Instead he is secluding himself flirting with some woman who another guy in the house already likes and who is unavailable.

Doesn’t he see that the around 30 crowd is getting rid of the outliers. Steve was too old. Swaggy is too young. After Swaggy is gone, that leaves Tyler as the only young kid in the house. Who do you think the house’s next target is going to be? It certainly isn’t going to one of them. Kaitlin would throw him under the bus in a second to save herself, and she actually has sold friendships in the house, which I’m sure she is aware of.

Such sloppy game play. Going for camera time instead of for the win. What a disappointment.


So Tyler should clean the toilet more? “Going for camera time”? Are you really watching him play the game? He is on point so far. That Kaitlyn situation was a on the fly move and his best move dealing with a stalker tendencies type chick in the house.

He is playing a very good game so far.


If that is what it takes to earn the trust and respect of everyone, then yes.

Kaitlin is not acting like a stalker chick. Tyler is in her HOH room when he should be bonding with the rest of the house. Bad on him, not on her.


“Tyler leaves the HOH room” lol yeah he’s like I’m getting away from this nut job…..Kaitlyn first liked Fez now Tyler and she has a boyfriend. Ugh she’s a step away from being a “single white female” get a clue Tyler does not like you, he’s play the game and not going wherever the wind blows like you Kaitlyn.


Trolls are rocking the downvotes. Ha.

I wonder if it’s me or Angela they hate more?:-)


Awesome image I’ll up vote that 🙂


Oh this is first up vote u gave me all season? You were trollin’me Simon. Ha. Jk



I’m upvoting a lot less this year. The new comment system doesn’t give me the ability to upvote in the moderation screen. I do 90% of the comment reading from that screen.

Douchey C

“ This place about to blow”……..


I hate to say it but I am Fez all the way. Why are people hating on him? Just curious… I watch BBAD but do not see it. Can someone please explain?


Fez is cool.. I like how he wants to stick loyal and go hog wild in the comps.


I think it’s mostly that he sided with Saggy. I like his attitude about not throwing the comps.

Like Literally...

I don’t hate Fez. I think his social game needs to improve and he needs to stay away from Haileigh. She’s a “man eater”.


Join the discussion…Yes, I agree. I am not a fan of hers.


Before Jaitlyn wrote “I want to kiss you” she wrote “I would drop everything for you.” Tyler quickly wrote and said “NO!”


Crap! Tyler is playing great. No offense here, but women have diverted men’s attention enough to topple governments, ruin presidents, close down companies and businesses, and down right snatch the attention of any willing participant mid thought. She can and will create a space between Tyler in the game. That space, that little tiny gap, he will have no control over. Big Brother is about controlling as many outcomes as possible. Controlling the odds is essential. She’s a kink in his plans. Dissapointing. And unfortunately now, if he DOES rebuff her advances, he creates an enemy in her. An enemy with power and a voice. The crack in his gameplay has allready been made. Can Tyler stop this tiny fissure from becoming a giant crater. We’re seeig it happen with Swaggy and Bay, and Fes and Haleigh, in real time. Just hope it doesn’t get Tyler too.