“Wouldn’t be our fault if Sam voted that way .. if that’s what she wants to do”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – Feeds were down for over an hour I have no idea why.

5:04pm JC and Swaggy
JC – I think Tyler has a really good physical game
JC – why did they put you on the block..
Swagz says him and KAiltyn got in a fight and Fez and haleigh told him not to talk to her which screwed him.
Swagz – people know who I am going after.. if I win hoh your not a target.

Swagz – keeping me I will never put you on the block..
Swagz – I have 5 he has 4 comes to 3 key votes.. you, Tyler and Sam.
Swagz – I have FEz, Bayleigh, SCottie, Hayleigh and ROCKSTAR

JC – I feel like Tyler will do whatever Kaitlyn says
Swagz says the whole game will be his side vs the other side and JC with Sam in the middle..
Swagz – I have 5 votes guaranteed all I need is one.. you Rockstar and Haleigh will never go on the block.

JC – I don’t really trust the other side of the house
JC – I know I’m not a priority for them.. I know if they can’t come for one of you guys they come for me
JC says he doesn’t feel secure with ROCKSTAR. JC says he see rockstar talking to Rachel.
Swagz – she (ROCKSTAR) told me personally that she wouldn’t’ put you and Kaycee up because you are gay

Swagz goes to tell JC that keeping him is the best way for JC to keep riding the middle.

5:18pm Kaitlyn and Tyler
Kailtyn wants to know about Tylers conversation with Sam.
Tyler – she didn’t tell me she was going to vote for Swaggy she told me she had a personal conversation with Swaggy and Winston.. She said she’s all personal and no game that’s how she’s playing it
Kaitlyn – when you are HOH I am doing what you want and I like hope it would be the same..
Kaitlyn – the only thing I trust more than you is my intuition ..
T – I didn’t expect to trump that ..
K – yeah likely Swaggy is going home..
Kaitlyn says the moment with Tyler was weird it triggered her that Tyler “doesn’t give a f**”

Tyler says it came off wrong, “I’m sorry”
Tyler – the reason why all this is happening is it’s best for me and you
K – do you really
T – yes, now more than ever since we talked to that whole other side.. if we would go back on that and Winston goes every single one of them..
K – that wouldn’t be our fault if Sam voted that way .. if that’s what she wants to do
T – I would have to vote that way too and you would have to be the tie breaker..
K – no just Sam and I would have to be the Tie breaker
T – well still they know you and I are together.. you know.. you go home next week because of that unless Sam uses her power”
K – which she said she would
t – MMMMhmmmmmm, that’s just one week
K – Winston isn’t promising me anything like Swaggy.. I want them to leave..
T – both of them have top leave.
Kaitlyn doesn’t want this to mean she’s working with Angela and Winston she wants them gone.
K – Look swaggy’s going home.. it’s fine I’m OK
T – all this is you stranding up for yourself, Swaggy has valid reason why he should stay.. and they are valid. you know.
T – at the end of the day this whole thing is you empowering yourself, standing up for yourself and everyone has to go home if you want to win

Kaitlyn – one of my biggest values that I stand bye is forgiveness and he owned it (swaggy)
K – again likely he’s going home but I want to talk it out..
T – I didn’t want to come off like that I genuinely feel Strongly and I’m trying to protect you
K – are you thought
T – I am I genuinely am and I think you know that .. I hope you know that
K – yeah..
after a pause..
Kaitlyn – what are you thinking….. Tyler… Tyler.. what are you thinking
Tyler – I don’t know..
Kaitlyn – you don’t know… Cool ..
Tyler – I feel like you don’t trust me now and I don’t know what to do
Kaitlyn – I trust you… you still think I don’t trust you ..
Tyler – I trust you
Kaitlyn – ok cool stop
Kaitlyn – you understand why that freaked me out right
Tyler – mmmmhmmm
Kaitlyn – I got a little freaked out..
Kaitlyn – I want to be able to make my own decisions..
Tyler – you did make your own decisions
Kaitlyn – I don’t want to go back and see I didn’t have a say
Tyler – I didn’t tell yo to put up Winston and Scottie
Kailtyn – I know
Kaitlyn – I trust you.. that’s all I’ve done Tyler you said don’t vote this way and I didn’t that’s all I’ve done is listen to you and like yeah it’s been good I just don’t want to lose track of what I think.
Kailtyn – does that make sense.. are you upset..
Kaitlyn – I don’t really feel like that..
Kaitlyn – are you upset.. are you upset..
Tyler – even when you first became HOH I said I will do whatever you want, I helped get things done. I talked to the right people kept things from the right people. Told you things about people I’m friends with.. I told you what Swaggy said and Swaggy was one of my best friends here..
Tyler – that’s how much I trusted you that’s how much I care about you I didn’t want to look back and have you look back and see swaggy and I having those conversations and you seeing me keeping that from you.
Kaitlyn – I know.. why are you sad .. stop stop.. don’t be sad.. I don’t like it.. thank you for coming up
Tyler – I’m not sad
Tyler- I was looking for you
K – were ya … when did you get up..
T – 2 minutes after you
K – stop.. stop..

Kaitlyn starts rubbing his hands..
Kaitlyn – this is very loose this thumb muscle
Tyler – thank you

5:56pm Chit chat

6:17pm Bayleigh and Swagz
Swagz – I talked to JC..
Bayleigh – did you tell him you only needed one vote
S – ya, he didn’t know that
Swagz says JC doesn’t trust Kaitlyn.
Bayleigh says he’ll need to beg for the vote.
Swags says he’s now worried about Rockstar
Bay – no no Rockstar cried on the hammock today saying I’m so sorry she’s furious
Bay – I don’t question Haleigh
Bay – Rockstar says KAitlyn doesn’t talk to her
Swagz – Haleigh doesn’t talk to me at all.. see her on teh Hammock with Winston everyday
Bay – she’s been with BRett.. they’re not talking game with Haleigh like that .. I don’t think she is going to flip on you..
Bay – don’t question the loyalty you have..
Swagz – I need Fess to step up to… (LOL)
Swgz – fessie doesn’t talk game
Bayleigh – Fess is trying to save his own butt
Swagz – which is crazy I saved his a$$ his whole group .. .him and Haleigh
Swagz – he hasn’t talked game..
Bayleigh – he barely talks game for himself.. just make sure they give you their votes and that’s all they can do
Bayleigh says she has a passage in the bible she wants to read him and it’ll help him relate to soem of the people. Explains the people like Fess are still with him.

6:35pm Kaitlyn and Haleigh
Kaitlyn tells her that Sam has the first power and she flipped her vote
Hayleigh – why didn’t you tell me to vote for same..
Kaitlyn goes on about how “America is bugging out” because she’s so awesome.

Kaitlyn goes on to explain the whole flipping the vote, winning the HOH, putting Swaggy up and ruling the world
Kaitlyn – it’s been a lot
Haleigh – did you get the power
Kaitlyn – No maybe I will next week
Kaitlyn says Sam owes her a limb and a thigh
Haleigh – OK wow..

Haleigh says moving forward she doesn’t have Tyler’s trust
K – that’s not true, that’s strange I’ll talk to him .
Kailtyn – America is going apesh1t over this week..

Kaitlyn – I let them have s$x in my shower today because I know he’s going home.. they’re boyfriend and girlfriend..
Kaitlyn – Bayleigh’s not guaranteed to make it to Jury either
Kailtyn – I don’t want to be known as the girl that just listened to Tyler
Haleigh – I just don’t want you to like him more than me
Haleigh and Kaitlyn agree they are worried about Rockstar going up.
K – I love her to but I have to let her react the way she reacts..

Haleigh says that Rachel likes Fessie, “I think she has a crush on him, I think that could be a thing”
Kaitlyn – that’s adorable

7:21pm playing soccer with a lemon

7:34pm Lota bros in there taking Football

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What happened between Kaitlyn and Tyler that has Kaitlyn so upset?


Don’t know for sure, but I suspect that Tyler is regretting that he has sided with Kaitlyn. He is maybe changing his vote. Says Swaggy has some very good reasons why he should stay and he also told her that he would be voting out one of his best friends. I didn’t think that he was that close to Tyler…


Nope….Tyler is simply playing his game. It’s definitely entertaining to watch, but I’m afraid Kait is falling madly in love.


Tyler is trying to get Kaitlyn back on board of wanting Swaggy out, because she can break a tie


Tyler didn’t check yes on the note.


Could you elaborate on this? What note?

Just Sayin'

I think that was referring to being in grade school and sending a boy a note. . .”Do you like me? Check a box.” with a “Yes” and “No” box.


Correct, she’s a bit crazy and she’s been writing notes on Tyler. Tyler may regret some of his actions this week.


Elena Davies from BB19 just posted this on her Instagram. She tried to reach out to Kaitlyn’s boyfriend on Twitter and this was the response she got:
“I’m aireatlantica’s sister and Kaitlyn’s former friend. Stop tweeting at him. We are all aware of her psycho and out of character antics. Trust me, he can and WILL do much better than her and doesn’t need anyone’s pity. If you want to support him, follow and share his music. Attention@aireatlantica “


I’m Back “B*****s!”- Rachel
Iv’e been overseas the past couple weeks, so ive been out of the BB loop. Getting caught up on the show currently. Stoked for another summer with Simon, Dawg, and the rest of you awesome people!

This is getting old

It’s going to be a long drawn out summer


Crazy Kate is about to put the whole house on the block, Tyler included


Does Tyler want Winston to go home now?????? Did production come and tell him to change the course???


No, he is just a master at reverse psychology.


I hope so Granny.

Big Dog

Fuck some of these degenerate ppl in the house

Molly tunes

Lol I feel fez is the hottest apple every girl wants to eat lol I would love to see fez reaction when he finds out Rachel and Angela are racist lol


Is it just me or is kaycee a floater. She does not appear to have any game or strategy L6 boy uses her as a vote. I would love to see her play the game. If I was swaggy I would try to flip her


Well, she is amazing at foosball.

Regarding BB, I don’t think she has had a chance yet to show us what she’s got.

I think the only real floaters right now are Haleigh and JC…..and Scottie will take on the title this Thursday.


I’m having a hard time watching Tyler schmooze Kaitlyn. Her whining is nails on a chalkboard, and her constant “you’re embarrassing me” to Faysal is too much. *sigh

I’ll be glad once she is out of the HOH room.


Kaitlyn has annoyed me since day 1. This hoh has gone to her head.
Hope she’s out of the house sooner than later.

Like Literally

So true – now she’s getting arrogant the same way Swagz did week one. These comments about the two of them killing this game, having America swoon over them, carrying everyone, is ridiculous. It’s week 2! You are on the block. My “Like Literally” name is because she “like literally” says that every few seconds. Literally.

Cat Nip

She’ll never be out of the HOH room. She’s like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You’ll never get rid of it. ; )


Can we talk about how absurd rockstar is?

She wont put up kaycee or jc because they’re gay?!?! If they’re not working with you and on the other side of house they should be your target regardless of sexual orientation. I think it was last season someone wouldnt nominate two black people even though they very clearly caused a ton of drama and were the obvious choices for least amount of blood because they didnt wsnt to look bad.

Swaggy is just an awful person and so manipulative but rockstar is a close second. Not manipulative but def dumb and feeding into this hypersensitive culture that causes so many issues nowadays. You should treat everyone fairly. Dont give people advantages because of sexual preference! Praying she goes next!


Who wants to bet production gives Chris a free save yourself card? Chris just said DR told him they love to watch him play the game. All I’ve seen him do is brag on himself, get zits popped and lay in bed. Yeah, that’s a good game.


What do you want him to do? He’s in the BB house; all anyone ever does is lie around. Besides, he cleans a lot, so don’t play that lazy card.


I hope Swaggy stays, and the cheater goes home next week


How does Chris figure he only needs one more vote? I think that it will come out to be an 8-4 vote with him headed out the door. Who am I missing? The only votes I see him getting (to save himself) are Fez, Bayleigh,
Rocky, and maybe Scottie. Anyone?


Chris thinks he has Haliegh, Angie, Fez, Bayleigh, And Scottie. A six vote would make it a tie and He thinks Kaitlyn would keep him now.


He thinks he has tyler


I think he’s saying that to give the ppl he’s trying to persuade the confidence to vote for him, if that makes sense. It makes it seem like less of a desperate situation.