“Tyler is scaring me .. I don’t want Tyler in this game for longer than 2 weeks”

POV: ? Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: ?, ? Have Nots ?

Midnight geometry ROOM Bayleigh, Swaggy and the Fez
Fez is saying he’s taking a shot when he wins HOH and if he misses and they take a shot at him they have to A) put him up and B) beat him at veto
Bayeligh says she owes fez one for him not using the veto last week.
Swaggz says even with him up they need to still get the votes.
Bayleigh – it’s not happening..
Swagz – so enjoy this week and just chill
Fez – as long as she (Kaitlyn) stays cool
Bayleigh – She will.. you gotta be a real good best friends this week
Bayleigh warns him to be careful what he says “you remember how she defended Tyler last night”
Fez – Right now KAitlyn feels closest to Tyler
Bayleigh – which is crazy.. when she was mad at us for excluding her she says he was there for her
Fez – if Tyler is playing on that side he’s doing a really good job
Fez wants to put Tyler up as a pawn. Swags says Bayleigh should put him up as a pawn since they were going to put her up as the pawn.
Fez says he’s worried about ROCKSTAR Flipping.
Swagz – if she flipped with good intentions to blame someone else we’re good if she flipped to make good TV show we ahve a problem
Fez – she knew the numbers were close
Swagz – we have a problem
Fez warns them to be careful what they say around her.

12:07am Sam and JC
JC says it was Brett, Winston, Angela, Kaycee, and Rachel that were fighting to keep her

JC says the people that voted her out were Fezzie, Swaggy, Bayleigh and ROCKSTAR
JC – Rockstar was trying so HARD
Sam – to get rid of me
Sam smiles
JC – I dunno.. I dunno..
JC adds that Scottie and Haleigh were the 5th and 6th vote.
JC leaves..
Sam – listen guys..

12:12am … Level 6
Brett – I really really want a grilled peanut butter sandwich

1:14am Haleigh and ROCKSTAR
(Hard to hear them over the noise from the other room)
Haleigh says not very many people in this house like Swaggy.
ROCKSTAR says she really doesn’t like WINSTON and BRett.

They talk about Kaitlyn flipping. Haleigh says in 5 days whats going to be a totally different dynamic.
Haleigh – we’re safe this week
Haleigh – they are just going to blow the 5 to smithereens

Rockstar about Kaitlyn – She lost trust in me because people were trying to tell her to chill out about not sitting in everybody’s f*ing lap I mean.. ..
ROCKSTAR – for somebody that’s supposed to be like our best friend she sure does spend a lot of time with like everybody but us
Haleigh – Tyler is scaring me .. I don’t want Tyler in this game for longer than 2 weeks..
Haleigh – he’s not with us
Haleigh says he’s telling KAiltyn sh1t
Haleigh says Tyler is Kaitlyn’s new guy.
Haleigh – I’m so serious…
Rockstar says she doesn’t want to pass judgment on anybody but Kailtyn plays weird games
Rockstar – Kailtyn attached to me at first.. that was ok..
Rockstar – you and I we got this whole Ride or Die thing..
Haleigh – we have to be careful about our next move… we just have to be more cautious about what we share
Rockstar – I feel like the relationship with Kaitlyn is a little bit disappointing..
Rockstar mentions that Kaitlyn would be more comfortable with a guy, “Maybe she doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends”

Haleigh says one of them needs to go up to the HOH.

1:41am ROCKSTAR and Fez

Fez – hopefully Kaitlyn puts two of them on the block.. hopefully
ROCK – Tyler’s in her ear. I’ve never met a girl that talks about being best friends with other girls but really forms the closet relationship with guys
Rock – she’s interesting.. hopefully she has some sorta loyalty.. maybe it was too early..
Rock – the people that form something and stick to it they go far but I guess it gets tricky when.. personalities.. whatever.. I don’t know guess we’ll just have to see.. whoever she puts up OKAY..
Rock – Tyler, I think he’s with the other side. He’s in her ear a lot
Rock – she felt like there was tension between you, Haleigh, BAyeligh and Swaggy.. she didn’t come to me to talk she went to Tyler.. I have a lot of female friends I have a lot of male friends.. we’re WOMEN we .. if you call somebody your best friend that’s who you go to right I mean..
Fez says in this house everyone is a best friend

1:49am JC and Fez

1:53am Tyler and Rachel
Rachel asks if Level 6 is Okay this week. Tyler nods and smiles.. he mouths SWAGGYC.
RAchel give him a thumbs up

2:00am SwaggyC and Bayleigh
Chit chatting about relationships..

2:57am JC and Haleigh

3:26am Haleigh and Rockstar
Rockstar – I was just crying on the Diary room.. this place is so f*ed up
They head into the Geometry room.. Rockstar says she wants to feel good for Haleigh but she’s jealous, “I want to trust her I just.. there’s something.. she’s like always like.. all these guys,, I don’t really understand. ”
Rockstar – I haven’t figured out my game and how to connect with these people.. the flirting.. The one person I connected with was Steve.. I never realized he was that important to me cause really sometimes he got on my nerves.. at the end of the day there was a dude that wasn’t flirty with kids.
Rockstar says there’s  an aspect of this game “Laying in each other’s laps”
Rockstar – I don’t want to
Rockstar says the entire flirting aspect of the game doesn’t apply for her. adds that out of their 5 person thing the one person that isn’t true to that is Kaitlyn. Rockstar thinks Swagz is loyal to them no matter what side deals they say he makes.
Rockstar – Real recognize real and I can tell where that kid is
Rockstar – a lot of these white kids are intimidated by swaggyz
Haleigh agrees
Rockstar says Kailtyn and her “Spirit shit” is wrong about Swaggy
Haleigh sys once people see the game kaitlyn is playing they are going to think she’s a bigger threat than Swaggyz
Haleigh says Kaitlyn has flipped to the other side and she took Tyler with her
Rockstar says she still believes in their 5 people.
Haleigh says their best move is to focus oin their three (Kaitlyn, Haleigh and Rockstar) and start working on Scottie and Kaycee.
Haleigh – I can 100% guarantee you and I are safe this week
Rockstar starts talking about how bad it is if they put up the two gay people or the two black people ..
Haleigh – if she (Kaitlyn) brings up Kaycee/JC again I’ll pull her aside (hayleigh doesn’t know how close JC and Kaycee are to Tyler)
Haleigh – JC is 100% on board with me .. he tried to get me to flip today

They mention how they are sure KAitlyn flipped but they haven’t had her say it to them yet.

Rockstar says she wishes Kaitlyn would shut up about the manifest destiny shit
Haleigh says a lot of what KAitlyn acts is “off putting”
Rockstar – she just in her 20’s I wish all these cameras weren’t on .. it’s hard to imagine.. it’s so over the top she seems like a single girl..

4:18am ROCKSTAR and Haleigh
Rockstar says she use to wake up early with Steve and Winston and they would chat..
Haleigh says JC talks a a lot of game with her
Rockstar – everybody is at my finger tips.. and I’m manifesting .. look at me I’m HOh sand see what I can do..
Rockstar says Haleigh is mad at Swaggy because he’s going around saying he’s the puppet master and that’s the same game she’s playing. (umm no)
Haleigh says the only people she can connect with on the other side is Brett, Kaycee and JC
Haleigh says she likes Kaitlyn but doesn’t like her in this game.
Rockstar says if KAitlyn doesn’t try to take out Winston… “I mean get that mother f*er outta here”
Haleigh – now she thinks he’s on our side
haleigh – the best thing we coudl have done today was vote with the house.. then there’s no lines drawn..
Rockstar – how did all of them become pals?
Haleigh – one weak link to flip that is all they needed.. her or me … that’s what I thought JC was doing
They agree they don’t trust Kaitlyn.
Rockstar – that baby voice gets on my f**ing nerves.. on my F**ing nerves (kaitlyn)

Haleigh – why does every guy she becomes best friends with has to be so feely touchy.. (That’s not far for Haleigh to say she’s been laying all over Tyler, Brett and Fez the same as KAitlyn)
Haleigh impersonates Kaitlyn (see image)
Haleigh – her and Fezzie are starting back up again.. i’m just going to let it
Haleigh – I told fessie I dont’ want a showmance with him
Haleigh about Fessie- I don’t think he wants a showmance I just think he wants to F**
Rockstar – I have someone I want to f* when I get out of here

They wonder if Kaitlyn is going to watch the hose with her boyfriend. Rockstar wonders if the Edit shows Kaitlyn as the victim.
Feeds cut..
Rockstar – I look at Swaggy like a boy.. that is who he is.. he’s 23 .. he’s a cocky 23 year old boy.. I thought I was the sh1t when I was 23.. he reminds me of myself being a 23 year old a$$hole he’s not running sh1t..
Rockstar – some people think I’m swaggyz underling.. you’re outta your f**ing mind and then.. it’s just crazy..
Rock – I don’t go to swaggy with anything he comes to me
Haleigh – I know that.

They head to the bathroom
Haleigh – Winston is a b1tch
They call Kaitlyn wacky, Halegih – f*ing weird
Haleigh – Every night before I go to bed I meditate.. But I don’t need to broadcast to the house to try and get attention
They go on bashing Kaitlyns mediation etc.. Rockstar says there things she would say if she wasn’t on the show about Kaitlyn.

Rockstar – I’m overtly sexual in all the ways.. everyone else is really wound up.. like extra wound up
Rockstar says that Kaitlyn has money.
Haleigh – I don’t have any money..

Haleigh says the one thing she loves about Tyler is he cares about the world and the oceans.


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Simon any idea where Kaitlyn’s head is? Think she is loyal to Tyler or Swaggy’s side?
Haleigh and Rockstar might blow this whole thing up.


That’s the question, and I don’t think even Kaitlyn knows.

If Tyler has the pull with her that I think he does then I would expect Scottie and Swaggy to be nominated. I imagine Tyler will have a discussion with her today about noms….and Rockstar…and Swaggy…and….



looks like she has decided to put up Winston and Scottie

double D

Tyler got into Kaitlyn’s mind before the veto. Will be interesting to see if he can lead her through her HOH.


My opinion of Haleigh has definitely changed 10-fold. She’s a dangerous one, that girl. Tyler already has her figured out, so I imagine she may be his first female target. Bayleigh will be powerless once Swaggy is gone.

Rockstar is definitely dealing with some jealousy issues, IMHO. I actually really liked her opening up last night about her kids and feeling like she may have done them wrong by not delivering shout-outs on the live show. Yet, she has a false sense of self…thinks she is a badass. LOL

Baggy- enough said about those two.

Winston- I laugh everytime Rockstar refers to him as a Vietnam Vet. She is talking about his intensity, for sure. Winston does need to get a grip. He is probably the scariest HG to me…unpredictable in his mood, egoist x 1 Million%…..just BLUK!

Brett- impressing me more and more each day. He has a grasp on how to control things, but he needs to get his foot out of Winston’s ass, because Winston is on his way out soon.

Tyler- My Man, for sure. I love him as a person, love him as a player. Well done, Tyler! Well done!

Sam- My Girl for sure. I love her as a person, love her as a player. People have underestimated her. She revealed just enough about her power to save her hide. She is smarter than people give her credit for.

Angela- Still impressing me with her laid back approach…Kaycee, too! Love them!

Rachel- she needs to calm down. She’s one interesting chick, for sure.

JC- I still don’t like him at all. He bugs me, but L6 needs him!

FAy- no comment

Scottie- I love this guy. He is interesting and funny. But, he is expendable and doesn’t really have anyone protecting him. He is now the classic pawn, which is too bad.

Kaitlyn- this is the ideal time for her to be HOH. She has to choose a side now, though. Once her HOH is over, she won’t be able to play both sides. If she is smart, she will roll with L6, because FOUTTE is a bear trap. Given she is 90% love and light (LOL) I imagine she will gravitate to Tyler.

This is going to be another fantastic week in the BB house!


Right on Granny


Yes ma’am!! Its like you read my mind Granny. 🙂


FOUTTE is over even if Saggy and Bayleigh haven’t seen it yet. Angie/Hayleigh are looking for an out. Kaitlyn is out. Some of them may be able to reconnect with another group. Scottie is alone, JC is hedging, and several others aren’t 100% with a group. Even L6 isn’t solid. Winston needs a leash and the girls may be willing to cut him if need be.

This week will see a new alignment of groups. The big groups aren’t lasting.


“This week will see a new alignment of groups. The big groups aren’t lasting.”
I respectfully disagree


This is the internet and you’ve disagreed with me but there were no petty insults, threats, or calls for me to be stabbed and dumped in the gutter…I don’t know how to react…=) I still see some of the folks shuffling the deck, Sam, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Haleigh/Angie need a place to land. Tyler might be able to walk the tight rope between the sides but I’m not seeing two clear sides after this week.

I have been wrong before but only if you count the times I wasn’t right.


Well, I do agree that the thing Kaitlyn needs to do is build a loyal alliance with Scottie and Sam. Kaitlyn pledged loyalty to Sam today and Sam shared a bit more about her power (“it does expire…but not for awhile. and nothing bad will happen if I use it…I can use it for anyone….I want it to be for us”) so I see a real relationship developing. I also think Sam wants to pull Rockstar into that group, but neither seem to trust Haleigh.


Haleigh and Rockstar keep dissing Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn’ s third eye is going to catch up with that. I see FOUTE falling apart real quick.
I do see Level 6 staying together for a good long time. I think Angela is going to slowly move over to be with Sam and JC,..she will keep Rachel around as well.
Basically I see both Tyler and Angela keeping Sam safe but I’m not sure if Tyler and Angela will ever be in a smaller alliance together.
Kaycee isn’t doing much right now. Not sure what will happen with Scottie.


I agree with so much of what you say Granny. I also love Tyler and Sam and hope Kaitlyn chooses that side.


I think Haleigh is jealous of the relationship between Kaitlyn and Tyler. First she was all about Fez, she clearly won his attention over Kaitlyn….now she wants Tyler’s attention. Just something I’m picking up on.

double D

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE let Swaggy C get the twitter punishment. I so want to see his face when he realizes he isn’t twittering.


Haleigh is irrelevant in the game. A floater can’t run a rebellion against anyone.

She fears Tyler because he saw her for what she is and he isn’t falling for her crap. She knows he knows her game. Trying to keep safe and get farther in the game by stringing guys along is not a good strategy Hails. Fess is a doofus and thinks you actually like him. See how far that one gets you Hails. Here is another hint; You are not that cute. And Texas A&M sucks.


Funny…doofus was the same term that comes to my mind for Fay. He is even blind to Kaitlyn’s flip vote.


I agree with everything you said. I gave you a thumbs up for the Texas A&M sucking comment. 😉


I wouldn’t say irrelevant, she’s pulling Angie with her to whatever side she lands on. So she’s two votes.

The Big Brother's Rubber Duck

This week is gonna be crazy and I love it . I really don’t know who Kaitlyn is gonna put up to be honest. I thought it was originally gonna be Swaggy and Bayleigh, but if Haleigh is able to get in her ear or get into fez ear and gets fez to get into Kaitlyn ear and say nominate people that are in the 6 then that would be awesome. Even nominate Tyler because If you don’t he is running away with this game and he can end up winning the game if he doesn’t get nominated soon.


And you would prefer who to win? Tyler is playing the best game.


i feel kaitlyn’s best play is to put up sam and jc. numbers for L6 that aren’t directly in the alliance (scottie is also an option and would probably be the replacement nom though he’s a number for the other side). this would allow her to continue to play both sides. do i see this happening though? nope. so this will be a fun week.


Wow. haleigh and rockstar are the mean girls. I thought it would have been rachel.


Give it time. They’ll all have their moments, I’m sure. When you’re feeling left out of the in-crowd, it’s human nature to try and convince yourself why they’re bad and you’re good. As soon as Rachel or Angela (and I like both of them) are in that position, they’ll likely do the same thing.


LOL ROCKSTAR getting pissed at Kaitlin when the crazy is the HOH someone is just asking to go home badly… apart from that Tyler has done a great job he is really managing well so far. The only real true game loyalty is between the bros and therefore for someone who have watched previous seasons we all know that the 2 pair who is real loyal have the best changes to make it to the end. If the manage to gain power one of the bros or Tyler will win the game! apart from that all the same petty females who cant do shit rather than speak other females down. Angel, Rachel and Kaycee are more brains but in the end of the day their destiny on the game depends on the willing of the bros/Tyler to keep them around so the can use them. at least kaitlin is a nutcase so she might think by herself and who knows what she up to.

double D

Love the season so far. Things I like.

No more 14-0 votes because that’s what the “house” wants.
Not only did Sam get the power. But she was able to use the power without actually using it.
Tyler found out about the power and kept his mouth shut.
Got to love BB’s Fear Factor veto comp. Nice change of pace.
The Swaggy C drinking game (not Swaggy himself).


hold on, no so soon…in two weeks when the true power is established the same vote with the house bullshit will be back…


Only if one side has whittled the opposing side down. Plus quite a few folks are actually thinking about the game and willing to shake things up a bit. I don’t see the majority of castmates becoming sheep later. There’s a lot of drama/crazy/shenanigans in that house and I can see most of them willing to turn things upside down if given half a chance.


It seems like Winston will be our new early bird now that Steve is gone. He is the only one up and moving around in the house. I do not trust this guy, at all. He is in his head way too much and thinks he has control of things when he clearly doesn’t even have control of himself. I want to like him, but I can’t get past his ego. I hope he calms down.


I like Winston only because he is always playing the game. He isn’t as good at it as he thinks, but he plays it always. A massive douche nozzle, but not boring. Now after a few of these fools are gone like Swag, Bay, RockStar, Fess. When it’s time to take a shot at the Bros my girl Angela will not hesitate to be the one to step up and take them down.

Angela, Tyler, Sam, Rachel, JC will make the bros cry soon enough and it will be grand to watch the boot hit a$$ and out the door tweedledee and tweedledum go.



T-Town Chic

I agree. I also don’t like how he tries to start s*#t with others when it’s not necessary. We DO NOT need a repeat of last season. He needs to remember that he is living in the house with “the others”, things need to be civil for the most part. I really though I was going to like him in the beginning but he has trouble controlling himself, thinks he’s a lot smarter than he is, and has a hard time understanding why anyone would disagree with him. Needless to say, I’m disappointed in him. If he was in my alliance I would be watching him very closely. Bret on the other hand has really grown on me. This season has been a blast so far:)

Goony Burd

In that Thumbs Up photo, Rachel has a double-jointed thumb.
Both of mine are too, so it’s neat to see them in the wild.


“in the wild”



Heard Kaitlyn saying the ‘N’ word on the live feeds now it’s all over TMZ. Get that racist skinny twat out of the house asap people. Amerikkka is already looking enough bad under Trump.


Time stamp, please? I want to hear that for myself.


Can we leave the comments to be about the game /houseguests and not bring political views into it? If she said it then that is awful and there is no place for it, but lets not call all of America racists please. I come here to be entertained. I don’t want to see politics spewed.


It is from a Drake song ‘0 to 100 nigga real quick’ is the lyric. Probably not the greatest choice to say, but they are not going to kick her off the show for this.

She was quoting a lyric and a lyric that is not a hard ER.

Some are sitting idly by ready to pounce on anything and deem it racist or sexist or whatever they can to cut this cast and show down. That is what trolls do. But hey they are watching so ratings are rising. Thanks trolls. I’m sure CBS thanks you as well.


I’m honestly hoping for a Have-Not competition today. I don’t want volunteers!

Maybe my wish is coming true right now (feeds have been down for awhile) OR production is taking care of fire cleanup.


I’d like that and hopefully it wouldn’t turn out as useless as the battle of the block fiasco/dual HoH where people asked to throw it. Imagine getting slop for a couple weeks at a time!


OK first off this is not me being mean or rude, but honest as chit! Simon, Dawg, that close up pic of Rock just scared the pa-jee-bees out of me! #justsayin Anyways Kait has many issues (and I am being nice) and I do not plan on voting her fav in any polls, but she did deserve the HOH this week, not only did she give great TV this week, but last night she went waaaayyyy out on a limb voting Steve out! Love her or hate her, so far she has been the best watched hg this past week, and I am sure this next week will only get better and better! They are playing BB old school this year, and I for one am soooooo happy to see it back! Great job on selection BB! Cheers!


I am sure Kaitlyn will put JC and Scottie up. I don’t think she’s a big fan of Sam either but the Bro alliance who she seems to be closer with these days want Sam as a vote. Kaitlyn’s kind of a weak player she’s not going to go against any side I don’t think. I don’t know who I like yet, but I think I want Scottie to get the special power this week just because it will be boring week if they are all against him. Also just throwing it out there but I’m no fan of Swaggy but him or his Gf winning next week would make this show more interesting because I really think he has the b*lls to throw the Bro’s(mainly Winston) and there girls on the block


“A lot of the white kids are intimidated by Swaggy…” Um no Rockstar. Swaggy walked into that house like he owned it. They aren’t intimidated, they are annoyed. That’s a big difference.


Yeah, whatever you say. Let’s be honest, many a male houseguest has walked in there like they own the place but haven’t gotten the same vitriol. Some of the assumptions in the house regarding him were just plain wrong, like Tyler thinking Swag sent his people upstairs to talk to him. You can tell he’s a good kid, but is slightly obnoxious. The way the whole way the Swaggy situation is playing is a good reflection of what’s going on in a larger context.


“Let’s be honest, many a male houseguest has walked in there like they own the place but haven’t gotten the same vitriol.”
To be fair, Swaggy C is acting in there very much like Jozea did in season 18. And I’d say just like with Jozea, a lot of people are enjoing watching the trainwreck unfold that so utterly lacks any self-awareness or basic understanding of the meaning of non-verbal cues and interactions.
And while Jozea was hilarious to watch for those reasons, even he didn’t dare tell everyone: “hey, call me Swaggy J!”… 😉


Paulie, Ariana’s brother, retread Paul, and several other just from the last few seasons have faced much greater venom and hatred from this and other sites. Chris is annoying but not despicable unlike some of the folks who faced real vitriol.


I think Kaitlyn will chicken out on making any big move that would clearly place her on 1 side or another.

John Xi

People are either deaf or blind. I wonder why Swaggy has all the hate coming from America and the house. Brett and Winston act the same way as him but not a word from you guys. Rockstars observations were spot on and this is coming from an asian guy lol. America good job at showing your true colours. Good luck Swaggy, Canada supports you!

#Team Swaggy


Honey, be careful with your deaf and blind comments. The Bros have definitely be tagged.


Wrong. Canada doesn’t support him – you do. You can’t speak for all Canadians. What are the Americans “true colours”? Are you actually trying to make peoples dislike for scaggy about race? It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the way he acts and things he says. If it was just a race thing then wouldn’t you think everyone would be against Bayleigh too? What does you being Asian have to do with a post about scaggy?? why are bringing that into it? to prove what? Not all Americans are racist so don’t try to make it appear that way. We have racist people in Canada too. I live in the GTA and many of my neighbours make racist comments. So, yeah, we have it here too. There are a lot of negative comments about the brothers. There are a lot of negative comments about most of the HGs, not sure how you can miss it.