Big Brother Spoilers “There’s a lot of little punks in here”

POV: ? Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: ?, ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers – I think the nominations will be Scottie and Winston but the universe is controlling this HOH so who knows..

11:56am Bayeleigh, Kaycee, Sam and Angela
KAycess is saying she wants to to be a fintess model and get into that
Angela – there’s a lot of people that will love you look
Angela tells her she knows agencies that would LOVE her says Kaycee’s look is called “ethnically ambiguous”
Angela – there’s so many companies that want sportwear models and they don’t want girly girls.. theres a HUGE market for your look
Kaycee – maybe we can do something.. I got a long way FOR sure.. I need to get your abs..
Angela – it’s all diet
Kaycee and Angela go on to talk about modelling and everyone in this world is beautiful.

11:57am Swagz and Bayleigh
Swagz says he’s only talking to Scottie and a bit Tyler.
Swagz is worried about Tyler he thinks Tyler will get the BBapp power and not tell them.
Swagz go on about not trusting Tyler anymore..
Bayleigh – there’s a lot of little punks in here
Swagz – Winston is a b1tch… can you say that nicer.. no.. (a line he gave the DR .. lol)

Swagz – I think Kaitlyn will put up Winston and Kaycee..
Bayleigh – when Kaycee walked out of that room with Kaitlyn she was smiling..
Bayleigh says their plan should be to rope Kaycee in
Bayleigh – make sure you talk to her.. and be nice.. don’t cuss her out and don’t ever say Who the F* are you talking to
Swagz says he only said it the one time
They agree to work socially this week.
Bayleigh – I think as much as Winston is the mastermind it’s Angela
Swagz – I agree it’s all Angela riling the troops, we got troops we got troops
Bayleigh – it’s a power struggle.. this game
Swagz – right now we kinda have the power
Bayleigh – Kinda
Swagz – from afar but it keeps us safe for 7 days
Swagz – If i get a power but a safety power.. and it’s Haleigh and Rockstar on the block.. I don’t think I could use it
Bayleigh agrees
Swaggz – I don’t want you to look at me weird if our two people are on the block and I don’t use it
Swagz is saving it for the two of them.
Wagz I want the power so bad I want to shake this game up f* this game up

Swagz I don’t think it was Kaitlyn .. I believe it was Rockstar (that flipped)
Bayleigh – I don’t think it was KAityln either and for ROCKSTAR to have those meltdowns
Swagz – back to back..
Bayleigh – going in she was so firmed..
they talk about Rockstar now saying “are you sure Scotties not a master manipulator”

12:10pm Kaitlyn and Rachel Have nots
Rachel tanks her for voting their way, “I’ve always liked you.. I feel we connected the first day”
Kaitlyn – I like you to
Rachel – I love you as a person and I respect you as a game player
Kaitlyn feels the same tells Rachel she doesn’t have to worry about anything she’s’s not touching the block.

Kaitlyn – I do what my intuition tells me to do.. I never ignore it
Rachel – I felt it to
Kaitlyn – everyone did
Rachel – I was like I can feel something is happening

Kaitlyn goes on about how she wasn’t upset about Haleigh and Fessie “I f**ing couldn’t care less.. I’m also in a relationship.. ”
Kaitlyn – I’m still staying tight with them they have no idea I voted against them
Kaitlyn – my plan this week is to do a ridiculous back door, “no girls are going up”
Kailtyn – I’m going to put up Wisnton and Scottie.
Kaitlyn – Scottie thinks Winston is the target.. I don’t care who saves themselves.. someone is using the veto and in the event that happens.. I want more drama from Swaggy..
Kaitlyn – a few days ago he said I was a liability and a cannonball to my group
Kaitlyn adds that Swagz was telling everyone he’s the puppet master.
Rachel – that’s such a big power move..

12:26pm KAiltyn and Feysal
Kaitlyn – Winston is going home this week.. he’s going up with Scottie
Fez asks who the replacement nom will be
Kaitlyn – probably Angela
Fez – if you get players choice you pick me
Kailtyn – yeah
Fez – and we keep noms the same
Kaitlyn – yeah
Kaitlyn now says that

Fez hopes she picks him to play the veto so he can be the one to send Winston home.
Kaitlyn – yeah
Fez – you voted for Steve righ t
Kaitlyn – for Steve to stay..
Fez – who do you think between me and you
Kaitlyn – I don’t know, Brett..
Fez – no who flipped
Kaitlyn – nobody flip it was the power.. it was a anonymous switch..
Kaitlyn says she hasn’t been thinking about it she’s trying to move forward.

Fez says Bayleigh was sucking up to her so hard “it was bad”

Fez – how do you feel about Tyler.. you trust Tyler
Kaitlyn – with my life
Fez – what side is he on
Kaitlyn says Tlyer isn’t on a side

Kaitlyn tells him he needs to start building relationship with other people
Kaitlyn warns him teh worst thing he can do is get wrapped up in Swaggyz bullshit drama with Winston. She tells him the worst thing he can do for his game is to follow along with all that drama.
Kaitlyn – allow Swaggy to dig his own grave you’re here to win 100 thousand dollars not to make friends .. except for mine
Fez says his whole thing in this game is to be loyal..
Kaitlyn – don’t be fake but get out of your comfort zone.. You’re safe this week obviously you have nothing to worry about so use this week to do that (build relationships)
Fez asks what happens if Scottie goes home
Kaitlyn – he’s not.. Trust me… trust me..
Fez – that’s how it works the pawns go hom
Kaitlyn – don’t worry I have this under control.. just know whatever I’m doing I’m doing for our game.. I trust you now

Fez – since you’re my best friend can I talk to you about Haleigh.. I started hanging out with HAleigh I liked her.. the way she is with everybody kinda turns me off in a way..
Fez adds that with Kaitlyn she would “pet Brett’s hair” and he was cool about it because he knew she was his number 1 in the game. With Haleigh he likes her and see the way she is with other guys and it’s not working for him.
Fez – she’s trying too hard
Kaitlyn – have you had a conversation with her about this so she knows you like her
Fez Says that Haleigh is preoccupied playing all angles of the game as for him he’s just about being loyal. “I stick to my people and loyal”

Fez – I’m telling you right now
Kaitlyn – your not down anymore
Fez – yeah
Kailtyn – I’m sorry.. that’s kinda shitty.. you were into her
Fez – I knew her 2 weeks I still like her she’s cool.. I don’t see myself.. like … it’s a game..
(last night haleigh deduced that fessie was just looking for s$x)

Fez – whats your end game
kaitlyn – you Tyler and Haleigh.. and ROCKSTAR
Fez – you trust ROCKSTAR
Kaitlyn – yes
Kaitlyn – I trust Rachel..
Fez – I like Rachel.. even though she’s crazy she authentic
kaitlyn agrees says she really likes Rachel, “She’s being herself, I love that ”
Fez – What about JC
Kaitlyn – Wild card
Fez – what about Sam
Kaitlyn – we don’t connect
Kaitlyn – I’m so tired I don’t want to talk game anymore.. it’s so stressful
Fez – I know you didn’t want to win it
Kaitlyn – I’m glad.. I’m so happy.
They talk about how tanned KAitlyn is. She says she needs to get more sun cause she’s starting to look sickly
Kailtyn – Botox to, I need botox

fez – Perfect scenario for you game, Winston goes home this week and I win HOH next week
Kailtyn – I would put up Brett and Angela
Fez – the thing about Brett.. He’s actually Cool
Kaitlyn – so cool, it’ll be fun to have him in jury to

They talk about how embarrassing some people are sucking up to Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn – it’s only embarrassing for Bayleigh
Kaitlyn says Bayleigh said so much sh1t about her last week.

12:55pm Angela, Rachel Geometry room
Rachel – if Swaggy wins the veto.. Scottie goes home
Angela – alright
Rachel – perfect
Angela – perfect
Rachel – Scottie scares me a lot more than Scwaggy does
Angela – mmmmhmm me to, same
Rachel – i wold rather Scottie home this week
Angela – same
Kaycee and Winston join them
Angela tells them she’ll say to Kailtyn if she Veto pick she’ll fight hard to win it and do whatever Kaitlyn wants.
Kaycee tells them after talking to Kailtyn all she wants is reassurance from this side.

Winston – at least I got a chance to compete for the veto and take myself off.. that’s the best case scenario

1:30pm Have nots Kaitlyn and Angela
Angela – i just wanted to say I am so glad you voted for us we all have your back.. whatever you do this week I support you and I hope it’s not me
K – i’m not putting up girls
A – if you pick me for Veto i’ll go hard and do whatever you want with it
K – I trust TYyler with my life.. when I put up who I put up there should be no confusion
K – there will be a ridiculous back door this week.. they have no idea how I voted (the other side)
Kaitlyn says the saddest thing for her is guiding Scottie’s meditation because of the stress and it was because of her that caused him that stressed.
K – it’s season 20 I want to make big moves I want this to be entertaining for people.. I feel like America is bugging out
K – I want to make it very clear Haleigh and Rockstar are my girls.. MY GIRLS..
K – Bayleigh Swaggy I want them gone
Angela brings up Fes coming up to her and offering her a showmance after the first hour.
Kaitlyn – he’s so strange
Angela brings up Bayleigh telling her she wants to work with her and 30 minutes later she’s taking her out in the HOH competition.

Kaitlyn says she’s going to pick Fessie for houseguests choice. She can’t pick anyone from her “new side”
Kaitlyn says if fess wins the Veto she’ll tell him to save Scottie and she’ll put up Brett, Rachel or Angela. This will f* up her relationship with him but at that point he won’t have anyone so it’ll be fine.

Kaitlyn – then last minute.. I start hearing all the sh1t swaggyz is saying about me.. I already know all the sh1t .. and I’ll literally go up there and say I know I’m 4’11” but I’m making big moves like the way you spoke about me is F***ing disgusting you are going on the block
Angela – oh my god.. that is a BOSS move
Kaitlyn – that’s what is going to happen
Angela – it’s so perfect because you are the smallest girl in the house and he thinks he’s this massive king pin
Angela – ohh my god take him f**ing out

1:46pm Fez and Haleigh Have nots
Kaitlyn tells her the plan to put up Winston and Scottie.
Kaitlyn says she’s not putting up a girl this week she’s made that clear.
Haleigh asks what would happen if Scottie wins Veto.
kailtyn says she’ll put up Kaycee or JC .. (LOL)

1:53pm SWAGZZZ and Kaitlyn
K – I think i know what I am going to do.. I am considering putting up Winston and Scottie..
S – whats the plan of action
K – I pick Fesyal for houseguest choice so will Scottie.. one of us will win and keep the nominations the same if the nominations don’t stay the same I put up Angela
Kaitlyn says if Winston is safe this week they’ll send Angela home.

Kaitlyn doesn’t want Winston to think he’s the target.
Kailtyn – do you want to play or Host
Swagz – yeah I’ll host.. I’ll gladly host.

Swagz leaves..

Kaitlyn – Oh my god.. my heart is pounding.. god please forgive me.. this is so … ohh my god help

2:00pm JC and Kaitlyn Havenots
JC rolls in
Kaitlyn – hey Sl*t, you’re not going on the block this week
JC – you are one of my favorite peoples in the house
JC goes on about how he wants her to do what is best for her game and to be smart. He supports her and trusts her.
Kaitlyn – JC you are going to DIE when you see what I am doing this week
JC says he’ll support her decision on who she wants out and he hopes when he wins HOH she does the same.
Kaitlyn – when you see who goes up for eviction don’t freak out
JC – babe there’s people coming for you in this house.. I started noticing.. I’m not good at this game I’m just with you going with the flow chilling with America..

2:27pm JC and Fez
JC thinks that whoever had the power was able to flip one persons vote.

Fez asks him who he trusts in this house
JC says he talks game to only Fes and a bit with the bro but not serious.
Fes – you trust the bros
JC – I like Brett..
Fes says in a couple weeks once Winston goes they can work with Brett
Fessy says he trusts Rockstar
JC says he loves ROCKSTAR as a person and he would hang out with her outside the house but he doesn’t trust her.
JC – I tell you this.. it be the 5 time I tell you don’t go blindfold people in here are you f*ing crazy don’t say stuff like you trust anyone man you’ve been in here two weeks and you already call someone f**iung .. don’t be F*** naive bro

3:23pm BBapp store opens

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Shocker that Fess says he is done with Haleigh when his stalker side piece Kaitlyn is HOH. Big man is scared to death of Kaitlyn:-P

Angela: “Take him f**kin out!”

How can you not love this girl? I do not understand some of you people:-)

Andy garcia

I cannot love racist Angela or Rachel sorry


what about Bayleigh calling a white person a “cracker”
and Swaggy calling the other HG’s the “N-word” ?

can you “love” them?


“Yea, I’ll host….I’ll gladly host”. HA HA HA HA HA!!! Now the Map can go to the others & say, don’t pick Swaggy..he wants to host. HA

Ok…maybe the Map isn’t all over the place. I’m starting to see the plan & I like it. If it holds together in the next 24 hrs. Swaggy really doesn’t have a clue. Neither does Fezzy.

This is going to be good.


I, for one, am so sick of seeing Bayleigh busting Swaggy’s zits. I so badly wish I could send in a gift package with a Blemish-Extractor so it could at least be done properly. Not that I want to gift Baggy anything, but SHEESH. They must be too bored.


Agreed…how gross is she? I don’t like her and hope she goes home right after Chris (I refuse to call him by his made up name). Chris has such a huge ego and thinks that he is STILL in power and running the show. His head is so big that he can’t see what is going on right in front of his face. I sure hope that Kaitlyn’s plan to backdoor him works!


Kaitlyn is crazy get the Bro’s out Swaggy might be annoying but he is not threat….what has he won besides the first competition he’s all talk. They can get him out anytime, Kaitlyn is crazy she will go wherever the wind blows if that veto is played. I think the only thing that will happen is Scotty will be out by the end of the week.


yeah, kaitlyn’s dumb (but did we not know that). despite her crazy she’s not on anyone’s radar and she should try to keep it that way. targeting scottie is probably smart for her game as he’s not terribly close with anyone (sam and jc are also options, probably even better ones than scotty), but i think he ends up as a “pawn” and whatever bigger target everyone else wants ends up winning the veto, keeping the noms the same, and scotty ends up evicted.

Christy Michelle

I hope she doesn’t go back on her plan bc if after veto there are two from L6 on the block they can all out her..

Trackin the Kraken

Well, i think we all figured the minute Audrey 2.0 ‘s ball landed in the right spot, we would be in for a cray-cray week.

Also can anyone explain to me why CrockStar reminds me of a Fish called Wanda ?

I’ve seen the future, and it holds Kraken !!


I’m seeing more a less prepared Vanessa. Her target will change if someone blinks wrong or she feels like someone is taking attention away from her. It should be a fun week.


Kaitlyn is all over the place that sometimes I can’t keep up. But. I’m following this plan. And it sounds good. However. I’m kind of liking swag and this role he is in. He does entertain. I don’t really want to see him go yet. Tyler is my #1 right now. Hoping to see the same type game from him even when he isn’t HOH. But I’m diggin Tyler side vs swag side. It won’t be the same without him to me. I definitely would not miss Winston. Even tho it would be great to see a beautiful blindside. I would miss swag. Can’t believe I just said that.


Hey Simon and Dawg!!! Huge favor…is there anyway you could mark posts as updated if you add to something you’ve initially posted? I think I miss out on things as I don’t go back to posts that I have read through once. It would be super helpful! Thanks either way!


You’re the best!! Thanks for being so accommodating!!


Forgive me, but I find Kaitlyn so freaking annoying!! She’s constantly “on” and just needs so much bleeding attention! She exhausts me. I also don’t like when people don’t give others the benefit of the doubt. To think she just followed along with Tyler and his scheme without confronting her supposed alliance member- Swaggy- first. That would’ve cleared some things up. I thought she was supposed to be so spiritually advanced. This is a sore spot for me because I’ve had many people believe rumors about me without question, and it’s so disappointing. I always take what people say with a grain of salt, especially if the info is slanderous. I appreciate that she’s spicing up the game, however.