Big Brother 18 Week 2 Summary and Live Eviction Results


What a week we just had on the feeds. The structure of the social game has changed drastically since Franks game blew up and Da’Vonne’s took collateral damage. The lame Vet alliance is all gone, the 8 pack is gone and most of the thousand and one deals Frank had are deals in name only. It was a interesting week because it felt there was 1.5-2 weeks in one. The first 1/3 was Victor’s campaigning. Once it was decided he was going the major powers of the house shifted their focus to preparing for following week which is Getting Frank/Tiffany out.

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This is how it week went down:


Victor is going home for sure. A few players may throw a trick votes out there just to mix it up.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 18-36-10-847

Results from the show

Bridgette votes to evict: Victor
Corey votes to evict: Victor
Michelle votes to evict: Victor
Natalie votes to evict: Victor
Paul votes to evict: Bronte
Nicole votes to evict: Victor
Zakiyah votes to evict: Victor
James votes to evict: Victor
Frank votes to evict: Victor
Da’vonne votes to evict: Victor

As HOH Paulie is the tie breaker: Not Needed

Evicted House Guest: Victor by a 9-1-0 vote

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 18-38-52-539

Julie tells Victor about the battle back competition where 1 of the first 5 evicted will return to the house.

HOH Competition “Kiss My ACE”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 18-47-00-220

Face off between Team Big Sister and Category 4 – Bridgette wins it for Category 4
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 18-52-34-238

HOH WINNER: Bridgette

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LIVE STREAM of Tonight’s Episode:


Its way too early to lose Frank, he has made deals with everyone but that is what is causing all the drama which is what we want. I hope this BD Frank plan blows up, if it does you will see a bunch of people scrambling…including Nicole/Corey Paulie/Z, Da who is obviously the fifth wheel in that showmance alliance. We need some good drama this week


Plenty of seasons have had drama and scrambling with no Frank in the house. No one player is that important to the game.

Butters Mom

Frank is safe.


I really was hoping to see a different ‘Frank’ this time around. He’s still as arrogant; which I had blamed on ‘Boogie’. ( So with that being said, cannot blame ‘Boogie’ anymore! )
I really want to like him, But Errrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Not fond of the backdoor, though.


Going to be a good one. Vic will be gone. James will win HOH based on his team win and will let Frank know he is gunning for him. Start squirming Frank. Easy out for James and everyone on board.

James ugly head

James won’t get the HOH. But even if he did that little rat wouldn’t try and take out Frank.

James is irrelevant. Just go throw a comp James do some stupid prank and obsess on Natalie and stay out the way.

Doran Martell

Big Frank don’t squirm sir. He makes others squirm.


Lol. The disco people are on the block tonight.


I’m really liking Da’Vonne’s game this year

Doran Martell

OMFG Victors speech was so awkward. He just blew any chance he would have had with Nicole..or any other woman in the world.


Thank you Paul for not making it unanimous. Now will that vote remain a mystery to be used as a strategic manipulation?


Except for the fact he will absolutely be the primary suspect…you’re so right….


Mystery to whom? Even Bridgette can figure out who the one vote was. James will have to explain it to Natalie.

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Buh Bye Victor. Hope Frank gets the boot next.

Natalie for AFP!

Tiff for HOH!


If Davonne was smart she would keep frank ( well want to keep frank because it’s getting annoying that she thinks she can call the shots when she sucks at comps ) but she should want to keep him because Nicole is with Corey and zakiyah is with paulie. She needs frank to take out those other guys , but fine day screw yourself ????


Frank wouldn’t want to do such a thing with her anyways. She has a kid!


WTF. Even when they showed the house guests right after Victor’s exit, Corey was standing there with his blank face expression. What does he do there besides “look pretty” in the house?

Hal 9000

I’m so sick of these girls with these whiney baby voices. It makes me miss the twins and their deep manly voices.


I knowwwww…

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Bridgette HOH smh. Her whole game has been trying to act like a 6 yr old. Now Frank will run her HOH. Seeing how happy he was made me barf


Oh c’mon…all the people s**t talking Frank will be back tracking faster than the French infantry at the site of Germans and the same people acting like they were in control have to humble themselves to her. It’ll be hilarious….

This is great

Power shift to the player that the least amount of people have tried to work with. This should be entertaining.


Although I don’t care for Bridgette I’m so excited for a power change. I’m hoping frank doesn’t get too much in her ear. And she nominates who she wants.


Yeah, like that will happen….

Min O'Pause

Paul stomping around swinging his arms reminds me of when we went to the zoo and there was this big gorilla and he got pissed at people staring at him and he stomped around and then turned around and bent over and pissed at the crowd.

Min O'Pause

Thumb me down if you must but I’m tellin’ ya the resemblance is uncanny except Paul has more facial hair.


Bridgette HoH, well I won’t be paying much attention to this week.


So sorry that you didn’t get your little predictable week.




Sadly, neither will she.


I wonder if Frank will go after Tiffany or Bronte. Frank’s going to rule this HOH.


holy crap. bridgette wins and frank is safe. who the heck does she put up? please please please don’t get manipulated into putting paul on the block.


was it Paulie or Frank that said not to put up Paul to give him a break from the block? (earlier this week)


Thank God for a non 8 pack HoH.


Its just for this week but I am SOOOOO happy Frank is safe, hopefully he learns about that 5 alliance and the BD plan they had for him. Watch Da’Vonne be the one to spill the beans to Bridgette/Frank about it if she feels the heat. Time for nasal Nicole and her lap dop to feel some heat


I think it’s a pretty safe bet that there will be a rush to rat the anti-Frank conspiracy in an overreaction to assure safety….so I bet Nicole will be 1st to pin it on Paulie…then the others will get revealed, most trying to reconcile with Frank as they realize Paulie can’t take the fall this week and it could all blow back on Nicole and/or the showmances


haha power shift all the frank haters now need him here comes the d riding


Victor is out and Frank is safe for another week,,, because Bridgette is the HoH. She has a very small group of people to choose from.

Zakiah, Paul, Da’Vonne, James, Bronte, Natalie, Nicole, Corey and Tiffany
My guess the nominees will be
Tiffany, Paul or Corey… then there is roadkill winner can nominate a third and then we have PoV… all I can say is that it would be an easier week if Paul won instead… they are going to bully that girl and Frank will not leave her alone for a week…. prepare for an annoying week. Natalie and Bronte you better not leave that girl in the room by herself… and Bridgette if they ask Natalie and Bronte to go… tell them you would like them to stay…. do not be alone with any of those guys.

Doran Martell

I like Frank. I’m happy he’s safe because of Bridgette winning. It’s awesome she won because she’s not really on anyside of the house and she’s kind of an outcast. Hopefully she’ll make her own nominations and won’t be swayed too much by anyone and I also hope she makes smart moves. Glad she’s finally getting into the game. She was kind of a wallflower before tonight, she still could be but hopefully not. Everyone else has been playing so much so far that I really don’t know who B’s enemies are yet. It’d be sweet if she put up Corey or Zakiyah or somebody random, somebody other than Paul and Bronte. I hope it’s a good week.

Corey the Doufus

Well Frank basically has HOH.

Bridgettes whole game is trying to act six. Frank will run this. Smh.

Anyone that is typing some long post how actually Bridgette will target Frank. Save it. You clueless.

Tiffany will be main target just like Frank wants. Smh.


I’m pretty sure most people here are fully aware that Bridgette can’t target Frank. he’s safe this week.

Doran Martell

Frank is safe this week bc he’s on Bridgette’s team. She won’t be able to target him.


Nor can any category 4 members be nominated by the roadkill winner… END the team B.S. as if Brit wins this type of comp all on her own… END the roadkill B.S. too while you’re at it.


paulie, corey, i heard what’s going on and you’re out, bye. Or, maybe i could still use you, and put tiff up in the roadkill and send her home. i haven’t decided.


shouldn’t of told tiff your plans, she ratted you guys out instantly, tellin me your plans while sobbing on the couch. Bahhhahaha


I love it. So much for handpicking the HoH every week huh 8 pack? lol


I already know who Bridgette will nominate: Paul and Corey…. She won’t dare nominate James, Day or Z…


Why exactly would she nominate James? He’s at least been decent to her. Some people have completely ignored her.


ugg I so dislike this team bullshit, BB used to be fun, I see my self more angry watching it than enjoying it…I am out


now frank safe let the games begain brideget should nom dayvon an corey


If Frank finds out about the plan to BD him, the alliance of 5 with Corey/Nicole/Da/Z/Paulie you will see a lot of people scrambling. Starting with Da’Vonne who if she feels the heat will be the first one to spill the beans about the plan to BD. There is still the RK that Frank can win and put up who ever he wants(which could be Nicole, Da)


Well this next week should be interesting bridgette is hoh and let’s see how many people will kiss bridgette’s ass .

Fatal 5 targeted

I’m really eager to see them squirm after basically refusing to so much as talk to “those other girls” for 3 weeks.

People please

Frank will not run this HoH. The very first thing these people are going to do is tell Bridgette that Frank blabbed every single word she said to him. Which will be fairly easy to prove. Frank is safe this week, but not in control.


Ok sorry don’t hate me but does this mean that Bridgette’s team is also safe from being nominated from road kill ? Please someone help !


Yep… entire team safe for the week.


Thank you!!


Bridgette won that joint cuz she was jealous them other hos getting all Frank’s ass slappin attention. She was tired of Zakiyah and Davonne getting all daddy’s love.


I think she put up corey an dayvon


Frank was the only one to really stuck out his neck for Bridgette, she’ll listain to him. Paul and Bronte will most likely be the noms and if Tiffany doesn’t win the roadkill,she’ll be the 3rd nom.


Paulie is by far playing the best game


Michelle is not on anyone’s radar except maybe Bridgette’s but even then B would rather they be friends than target her. Of all the HGs Michelle is slow playing her game while still presenting an edge to her without making enemies.


The roadkill winner should be able to put anyone on the block other than the HOH & the 2 noms of course


Showmances!? Nicole, seriously Cody over Hayden? Did they hook up or discuss digging each other?

Butters Mom

I wouldnt be surprised if she put up Nicole and Corey.


I wonder if there’s a special prize for those left with a team intact or with the most members left in teams, or if they will get rid of the teams altogether.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Nicole will totally switch to riding with what Frank wants to do. She will say she is ok with it as long as its not her. Then whine all week and say she is scared.

CBS edit was totally anti Tiffany setting up for this week of her as target. The drama will come when u see by Tuesday she is not going home.


Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Bridgette did nominated Nat and Bronte because I can see her being weak minded and doing whatever Frank say.


I would love to see Cory and Nicole up for nominations.


I think Bronte and Da will go up. Maybe Da will be told to go up as pawn to Backdoor Tiff

Weak Girls

I can just see silly immature Bridgette doing whatever her whole team wants her to do, instead of being her OWN person. What is up with this generation talking and acting like little babies it’s not cute.


Z, Mama Day, and Paul will probably be the noms, you know since Bridgette dorky butt won’t be able to think for her self, but maybe she will put up Cory and not be concerned about Nic being mad.