“He [Frank] is going to bring back chilltown with Corey.. He got drunk and Slipped up” – DA’Vonne

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 13-24-40-355

9:30am Frank and Paulie Backyard while Victor works out.
Frank saying he feels good even with his name being called out he’s still not worried. Frank says Tiffany has been hanging out with him more it kind of makes sense now after what Bridgette said.

Paulie mentions how Tiffany is already bringing to people’s attention that the 4 guys are working together. He thinks Tiffany is going around getting all the girls together. Adds that She’s already gotten Bronte and Natalie.
Paulie says they would have heard from Da, Z, and Nicole if Tiffany has approached them with something. He’s suspecting Tiffany is being very smart about this she’s waiting for the right moment.

Paulie says Tiffany is playing too emotional too soon.
Frank sees the similarities between Vanessa and Tiffany but he doesn’t think Tiffany is as good of a influencer.
Frank – she couldn’t influence Bridgette enough.. Me and bridgette are pretty close why tell her that sh1t unless you have a really good sell
Frank – she’s playing off her emotions
Paulie – it was too early
Frank – strait emotions.. If she just waited she could have taken a good shot.

They agree Bridgette is savvy “She knows what’s going down”
Frank – she gave me some good information yesterday.. We use her up then cut her when we need to
Paulie sees James being able to do that with Natalie. When Bronte is gone Paulie thinks Natalie will give Tiffany the boot.

Frank knows it’s Zakiyah birthday next week but he would feel better if someone from their squad wins the HOH, “While we still have the safety”
Frank – at the same time I don’t mind Z winning.. I trust her 100%.. We got each others back.. I feel confident we will win the roadkill comp

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 13-38-53-364
10:10am Frank, Da’Vonne and Nicole
Frank says he talked to Paulie this morning and he used the information Da’Vonne told him came from Bridgette..
Frank – your team (Nicole) and James’ team can’t win the next 2 HOH’s
Frank presses they should nominated Bronte and Natalie with the Roadkill being used on Tiffany.
Frank – My priorities are your priorities we’re all in the same boat

Frank is getting worried that Bronte will win competitions.
Nicole doesn’t want Paul saying so long.
Frank is more worried about Tiffany and Bronte
Frank – they’re so clueless though.. And they look at you (nicole) and Paulie closer than you and Corey and that is what you were worried about.
Frank says the one thing they have going for them is the other side doesn’t see the “Big Group, theres one person that could F*** that up”
Frank says if they can get Bronte out next week Frank will put Tiffany straight up.
Nicole – I’m not afraid of anybody

Frank says all the newbies are only concerned with getting to Jury.
Frank – they’re all going to Jury except for Victor, Bronte and Tiffany. She should have never said she wanted me out before Jury.. Team Vets.

Da’Vonne now saying she’s cool with getting the HOH, “I want to see my kids” Da’Vonne knows it’s Zakiyah’s birthday but…
Frank “I want Paul as a possible nominee, so our targets are open”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 13-52-58-339

10:55am Da’Vonne and Nicole
Nicole about their conversation “Bullshit”
Da’Vonne – Did you hear him yesterday he was going to bring back chilltown with Corey”
Da’Vonne says Frank wants to find a boogie so bad.
Da’Vonne – He got drunk and Slipped up was like YA i’m going to totally bring that back
Da’Vonne says she’ll throw the Comp and let the girls send Paul home.
Nicole says Frank really wants to protect Paul right now.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 13-56-44-935

11:32am Bronte and Bridgette
Bronte – Nicole kinda mentioned to me the idea of being a girls girls this season..
Bronte explains how last season Christine and Amber went with the boys
Bronte says if she wins HOH she will put up Nicole and Corey “To feel her out.. They are clearly connected”
Bronte – I would not want her to go home.. She’s the last girl other girls would go for… If POV is played I’ll put up another boy.
Bridgette doesn’t trust some of the girls in the house.
Bronte- I need to put up a girl no other girl will vote for.. I don’t care if Corey goes home I want another boy to leave so we outnumber the boys so much
Bridgette – it’s a good idea we need to win HOH
Brigette warns her that Nicole and Corey are closer than Nicole is letting on. Bridgette doesn’t understand what Nicole sees in Corey.
Bronte doesn’t either.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 14-09-49-062

12:03pm Frank and James Kitchen
Frank says it wasn’t Bridgette that Tiffany went to it was Da she went to Da’Vonne and said we want to taek Frank out before Jury and Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette are behind them.
Frank – we just need you and Nicole’s team to throw HOH, then next week only 1 of the teams need to throw it
James- i’m in a throwing mood this season
Frank can’t understands why Tiffany would go to Da’Vonne, “How do they not know that the 4 of us are the tightest 4 in the house”
James – cause we play good
Frank is amazed that Tiffany was that stupid.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 14-05-39-244

12:27pm Natalie, Zakiyah, Nicole and Tiffany
Zakiyah says Frank slapped her butt and she’s a bit upset about it. She’s going to talk to him about it. Natalie agrees.
Natalie – he jokes around a lot but it doesn’t feel nice

Natalie says she was flirting with Vicotr and he slapped her butt.. “I didn’t know how to handle it I wish I hadn’t talked to him becuase he did it again.. oh my gosh at home I don’t let that happens”
Natalie says she got nervous and laughed..
Zakiyah says Frank

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 13-18-33-351

1:24pm HOH pictures

1:33pm Natalie and Paulie

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 14-24-22-401

1:55pm Nicole and Da’Vonne HOH
Da’Vonne doesn’t want to work with Bronte and Natalie, “Stop this girl sh1t.. It’s a setup anyways.. O feel like Tiffany planted that seed so it would get back to the boys”
Da’Vonne brings up Frank telling Zakiyah he want Da’Vonne, Frank, Paulie and Zakiyah.
Da’Vonne doesn’t thin that is the truth Da thinks Zakiyah just inciorporated her into the story so she could tell Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne says she would not beat Zkaiyah in the fainl2 so she would rather bring Nciole

Nicole says Frank is causing trouble
Da’Vonne agrees says James doesn’t scare her, Frank does though.
Nicole – Frank has a final 4 with everybody.. if hes’ going up to them…
Da’Vonne – we gotta get people outta here.. Frank’s gotta go. He’s gotta go
They both have noticed Frank wants to keep his team solid four and get the other team members down.
Nicole doesn’t know where Frank’s true loyalties lay
Da’Vonne is worried about Paulie and Zakiyah, says she loves Zakiyah but her love for her does not go into the game.
Nicole is stressed says there’s people in the house playing really hard
Da’Vonne – he needs to go soon.. if we can get him and Tiffany out I’m with it.. If we send him home that’s a message sent to the rest of teh house
Nicole – the house isn’t going to be OK with that.. Corey won’t be OK with that.
Nicole has noticed Corey, Frank and Paulie doing the same ‘Action” shots on the HOH camera. They suspect those 3 guys have a “Chill city”
They are convinced Frank is making deals with everyone in teh house

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 14-33-52-354

2:05pm Zakiyah and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne talkin gabout them getting the votes to take out Frank, “Me you Nicole and Michelle that’s not enough”
Zakiyah thins they can get James vote.
Da’Vonne wants to get Frank out next week, they have 5 votes (Nicole,Michelle,Da’Vonne, natalie, Tiffany) but they can’t win the HOH because they need those votes.
Da’Vonne thinks if Corey has the HOH, they get Bronte, Bridgette and Frank on the block.
Zakiyah says Frank would have to be the roadkill nomination.

Da’Vonne says they have to mend things with Tiffany. If Frank wins the POV they will take Natalie out.
Da’Vonne is worried about Michelle flipping they need to secure one more vote to make sure. She’s got to lock in James vote.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 14-38-44-669

2:38pm Nicole and Corey HOH
Nicole says Frank is making final 2,3,4 deals with everyone in the house.
Nicole says Frank wants us all to throw the HOH and he’s talked before to me he wants you out of te house, “Has he talked to yop uabout gettin gme out”
Corey says he’s mentioned Zakiyah never has Frank mentioned Nicole.
Nicole warns him that Frank will win all the Vetos
Corey – then we’ll back door him
Nicole – Oh my Gosh Da is freaking out.. she is so pissed right now..
Nicole brings up Franks plan to take Corey out he told her once the nest 3 our out Corey is the 4th.
2:45pm Frank joins them says he’s not worried about Tiffany winning competitions. Theya re all worried about Bronte.
Frank – we win HOH we put up Bronte and natalie, we win Roadkill we put up Tiffany
Frank – we can’t count on Big Sister winning
Frank wants Tiffany out next week but Corey wants Bronte.
Corey says they can calm Tiffany down, ‘Bronte.. I just don’t want to take her lightly”
Frank – I’m not worried about her.. I know she’s going to put up 2 boys.. me and you likely… or you two or a combinations of us three.

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Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Lol and then tomorrow Day gonna say its time to mend things with Frank and instead take Tiff out? Get this indecisive nut out please!


No excuses for a guy slapping a girl on the butt!


Idk what girls you know, but most of em like that… Unless you’re doing it as hard as you can, which some girls still like lmao

No is no

An unwanted slap on the butt is sexual harassment .. If Natalie wanted to she could have frank kicked out of the game!! She did not like it!!


How about you fools get your stories straight. Victor slapped Natalie’s butt, not Frank.
We get it, you hate him because he’s actually playing the game, but you can’t blame him for everything someone does wrong in the house.
What next? Frank is responsible for global warming??


Frank’s blowing up his game & Production is covering for him big time. Everytime he loses it and gets nasty with girls he gets called to DR to break it up. Feeds in last 24 hours show he slapped Zak, Natalie twice, called Zak a hussy because her bra strap was showing & said he wanted to kick Tiff in the ribs off the HoH bed.

The girls are also sharing how he stares at their butts like a creeper, makes F2’s with everyone esp girls who won’t get Jury Votes, demands they throw comps & yells at them. Nicole finally lays into him about his lies & makes sure Corey doesn’t keep getting used. Day’s even turned on Zak knowing Frank asked her to be his F2. King Francis XVIII is finally on the chopping block & Vic will beat him in BuyBackBattle. The show might even get watchable.


I agree. I hope she says something to him. Plus, he has a girlfriend! Frank needs to calm down.


It’s ok if it’s your girl….if it ain’t, you gotta start at the back of her waist and eaze your hand down to the booty, in an attempt to caress that rump roast…if you get stopped before you get there….then, ball game over, you can forget the caress, forget to squeeze, and you could damn sure forget to spank

I'm with Hillary

Well, sometimes there is an excuse to. I have no problem with Frank and Victor doing that with the girls being flirty and flaunting everything. Obviously they didn’t care too much, otherwise they would of slapped them. They liked it and the attention. Its part of their BB game. They even say so in their diary room sessions that they will play the guys in the house. Well guess, what the guys are playing you too. The girls this season are beyond weak…

Give Me A Brake

Hillary sucks. How ironic that a Hillary supporter is justifying sexual harassment…

Jon Snow

I’ve had my ass slapped by girls in public all the time. Don’t see a reason to complain about something stupid like that. Just because it happened to a girl doesn’t mean it’s all of a sudden a horrible thing


Because there doesn’t need to be any excuses, it’s harmless! Josh season 3 slapped all the girls butts!


No excuses for a guy slapping a girl on the butt!


Da is playing the worst game ever , not only will Frank win the but back but he will get Da out so fast she would not know what hit her . Only thing she had to do was shut her mouth & play it cool but now she will be out trying to pull some slick shut.


These houseguests sure like to give Tiffany more credit than she deserves.


Whats funny is Tiffany has done not one thing of all these things everyone has accused her of… every person has a different lie about her. Mostly all made up by DaVonne Frank and James. And believed by idiiots like Paulie.

The ONLY loyal honest person in house has been Tiffany.

Smart Guy

It was the same thing last year with Vanessa. Every time someone was caught in a lie, all they had to do was blame it on Vanessa and the other people would believe it. I lost count of how many things she was blamed for that she didn’t know anything about.


I’m so over Day she didn’t even make it to Jury last season so why is she back in the house. I hope Frank is evicted & comes back & evicts her right before Jury so she can sit at home and watch from her couch. She only had to shut her mouth & then tried to make a big move but why go against someone who is a strong competitive.


Good grief! Frank says the information (about Tiffany) came from DaVonne, a reliable source. O.K. Mr. Delusional. Keep telling yourself that. Then he’s butthurt because Tiffany called him a chauvanist. #1-Frank is very condescending, patronizing and damn rude to females. He is a misogynist. #2-On season 14 Frank called Willie a homophobe on the live feeds and said that Willie was mocking Wil for being gay. I know Willie is not most people’s favorite but, I was watching the feeds when that fight happened. Frank lied. That was actually the beginning of the end for me. I judge the game by how people play but I judge the players by the flashes of their true character that they can’t keep hidden 24/7. People have different ideas of what makes a good player. I don’t think Frank is one of the greats. Competitively he is a beast. Strategically he tries to cover too many angles and people start to not trust him. Socially he comes on too aggressive and people get sick of being ordered what to do. But some people do think he’s a great player and I have no problem with that. However, as a person, I just don’t like the guy.

I'm with Hillary

I don’t think you like Frank because you don’t “get” the game we are watching. So you don’t like him because he “lied” about Willie, LMAO. Then you have never liked a single player in BB history, because they all lie! You must be a newbie viewer.The point is not to be liked, but to win. He is playing a solid game.


I’m happy to see day talking about getting frank out…I would like to see day, zak, tiffnessa, James & Nicole team up. I would also like to see Nicole realize Corey is more into men than he would ever be her

Fuzzy Num Num

Thank ya messiah Jozea! Fianally someone is onto Frank. Maybe this year we won’t have just a one sided house. Or not.


Damn, the Day vs Frank has come like a month early. LOL


it’s better than being a month late let me tell you…3 girls, please be a boy this time…it’s bananas yo


Frank is so bad at this game lmao playing wayyy too hard wayyy too soon bro. I’m loving that we finally have a smart cast of females this season!! Not a bunch of little girls looking for a showmance.

I'm with Hillary

You must be watching a different season…this is one of the weakest female casts. Nicole is the only female worthy this season


Everybody in the last post and their suggestions on how to make BB better. I agree with bringing it back old school plain and simple. Original…HOH, veto, eviction. Period. Every now and then a luxury comp. Those were fun. AND I have been saying this for years, but WHY can’t they simply raise the winning amount to 1 million? It’s not like CBS can’t afford it. It might make people actually play just a tad better.


A Chilltown without Boogie? This would be interesting, if Corey wasn’t watching dude shower. It could get weird.


Come on! That’s what guys do. Sit and watch other guys shower. Not!


Just a few thoughts here and there. Day needs to chill a bit, she is not on anyones radar and doesn’t need to be carrying tales. Frank is playing the godfather role however I think he needs to just go back to winning comps and not talk so much. Nicole seems to be playing better than last season however she’s not really willing to be a pawn and wants everyone else to do it as long as its not her. James is playing the better game to out of the vets thus far. Out of all the noobs I’m liking Zak the most. James is currently my fave to win.


Nicole shouldn’t be ok with being a pawn anyway lol the best BB players are NEVER ok with being a pawn. Everyone knows pawns go home!! Smart by Nicole to fight that at all costs.


I get what you’re saying and I guess I didn’t explain myself well. Nicole was all for James putting his neck on the line and taking one for the team had it come down to that. Anyway, I understand where you are coming from.

Danger Ahead

I’m ready for Frank to go. I’m tired of him calling the shots. If someone doesn’t stop him he’s going to steamroll thru. Even though I’m not a fan of Tiffany she needs to stay until Frank goes.

Mrs. Mac

I’m surprised how much I like natalie now. She is smart and capable, if only she hasn’t teamed up with those dummies the first couple of weeks!!!


Another season that shows why female alliances doesn’t work together. LOL

About Time

Ahh yes the first real leak about the girls trying to get the guys with Nicole to Corey. Come on Corey tell Frank and let’s get this show going.


Oh I cant wait till the boys to find out about this Frank plan next week, watch them flip the vote keep Vic and get rid of Tiff hahaha


ZOMG! I can’t keep up with these people. Now the target may be switching from Frank to DaVonne because Nicole admitted that DaVonne made up that Tiffany wanted Frank out before jury but in the other room DaVonne is filling Tiffany in on the plan to take Frank out next week before jury and……

Nicole, if you REALLY want to work with girls, if you REALLY are sick of Frank’s crap and want him out, WHY can’t you STFU!?! Why do you have to run to the boys and tell them EVERYthing?

What I do know is this-if DaVonne suddenly becomes a target and finds out it’s because of Nicole’s loose lips there are going to be fireworks. DaVonne will go off on Nicole and Nicole will be scared shitless. She will need the boys then because Zak and Tiff won’t want to work with her, and I think Bronte and Bridget still dislike her and she won’t have anything to offer Michelle or Natalie to make them want to work with her.

I have no idea who I am even rooting for at this point but with all these flip flopping targets and strategies the feeds could become very interesting.


I think Nicole will tell frank about davon
frank win hoh
an a new team is form cory Nicole pualie frank bridget james


One last thought—Da, Zak and Paul are on the same team. The guys no longer consider Paul target #1 and think they can trust him. Victor will do anything and offer loyalty to anyone for the chance to stay. Da could tell Nicole she heard Bronte is definitely targeting Nicole if she wins HOH or Roadkill. She could tell Paul the boys have been lying to him and that if he votes their way this week and teams up with them they will keep his boy. They need 6 votes (Da, Zak, Nicole, Paul, Michelle, ?) Maybe they could get James or trick Bridget or Natalie into throwing a vote to Tiffany. Then votes to evict would be 6-Bronte, 4-Victor or 5-Bronte, 4-Victor, 1-Tiffany. After that if Nicole runs back to the boys they would still have a shot (Da, Zak, Paul, Victor, Tiffany and possibly Michelle, Natalie or Bridget and James.) I know it will never happen but DaVonne may need to start thinking outside the box.


BB needs to try to subtly persuade Corey to tell Frank what Nicole told him!! Things could get real interesting…


Frank needs to go. I hope production actually addresses Franks unwanted sexual slapping targeting women …also known as sexual violence