Big Brother 18 Week 2 Have Not Results “All the berries you can eat”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 10-03-53-868

10:03am .. The houseguets think there’s a catch the have nots food looks too good, Blueberries, Strawberries, Coconut, ast berries.. .
Paulie reads the HAve nots card – “at the end of this weeks head of household competitions the team Big sister had the lease number of Berries this mean Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah are have nots”
Paulie adds they get to have “All the berries you can eat” on top of slop. (WOW! havenots ain’t what it used to be)

Paul – PISSED so PISSED.. guess we’re dieting again
James- sorry guys..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 10-07-51-056

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 10-13-13-287

10:08am Zakiyah turns into Audrey

Nicole – you’re going to get so small.
Zakiyah – I’m going to starve myself and pass out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 10-18-52-175

10:17pm Bronte and Bridgette
Bridgette says she’s outta the loop
Bronte – I’m outta the loop to..
Bridgette says if she talks to Frank and Paulie they will just lie to her So theres no point. Bronte says at this point they have to just put their heads down and survive..
Bronte- as soon as a girl gets power we have to watch out for each other..
Bronte adds there only chance it to survive until the “Buys” start taking each other out. At this the boys are running the show.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 10-20-56-634

10:21am Victor and Corey Victor is working on getting Tiffany evicted. Corey says she does nothing for his game he’s down for sending her out. Victor says he’s got Frank, Nicole and Natalie as votes. Including him that’s 4 including corey that’s 5.
Paulie comes in says Zakiyah is pissed ..
Vicotr – why did they get it the first time
Paulie – they were the first ones off..
Victor – it pays to be good at comps.. (laughs)
Corey – or at least be decent.. as bad as my team has done we got lucky..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 10-43-09-419

10:41pm Frank, JAmes and Nicole
Frank – we’re kinda trading Tiffany for PAulie
James says it will be crazy if the 4 of them make it to the final 4
Frank says it’s possible
James suggest they try to fight a bit so people don’t think they are so close.
James – I feel bad for other seasons if this happened again they would never work with vets
Frank – we got a crew that works really well together.
They agree production cast the 4 of them so they would all work well together.

(I can’t think of more exciting season where the vets run to final 4.. ZZZzzzzzzz)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 10-52-48-106

10:52pm Vanessa Tiffany and Corey (From now on I will use Tiffany and Vanessa interchangeably 🙂 )
Vanessa says she’s going to pick Corey if she gets house guests choice.
Corey says he’s played in 8 competition already.
Tiffany asks him who the next target is after Victor goes, Corey doesn’t have a clue.
Vanessa – let’s just say I won it I would never pull myself off..
Vanessa adds she’ll pull someone else off and Vic will et B@cldoored
Corey – that would be super funny…
Vanessa – you guys should throw it to me!!! (OMG do it and send her home)
Vanessa – nobody has done that and gotten away with it
Corey – the whole house would be f****g stupid.. I think it’s fun..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 11-08-43-934

11:06pm Tiffany and Corey
Corey is talking about jobs.. he’s part time coach of 3 baseball teams and part time bartender. His real “thing” is his “App”. He wants to get down to just 1 baseball team and bar tending. Bar tending pays a lot.
The app hasn’t taken off yet but it’s got potential..
Corey thinks the marketing of his App is the most important aspect and it hoping that his time on Big BRother will help it out.
Corey – it’s for people who want to connect to celebrities..
He goes on to explain it.. involves charities, celebrities, etc. Sounds like it’s more targeting for younger people.
Tiffany thinks it’s a great idea.

Corey says the name of the app is “Fan Connection”
Tiffany suggests shortening the name
Corey – people like the name if you look at my branding for it it’s sick.. it’s on everything it looks good.

Tiffany suggests he gets Franke Grande to use it.
Corey says it’s a no brainier why would someone not want to connect with their fans and support a charity..
Tiffany – it’s time consuming
Corey – yeah.. but how long does it take to make a money..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 11-32-32-184

11:28pm Tiffany, Corey and JAmes
Tiffany telling James her plan to win the POV and us it on someone else so they can put Victor up.
James- ohh that would be funny..
Tiffany asks him if the people of teh house would be down for that
Jame s- that would be bold.. would show the team you really trust them
Tiffany – as a seasoned player would you do that
James and Corey say they would be down for Tiffany to win the POV use it on Paul/Bronte so they can backdoor Victor.

James says Victor thinks Tiffany is the target, he thinks Paul and Frank are on his side, “He just wants to get someone out that’s not on his side”
JAmes – he has no votes to send anybody home right now.. everybody want him out.
Tiffany says wants Victor is on the block James can ‘F*** with him all you want”
James says he probably would , “Throw crackers in his bed”

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Min O'Pause

Twenty bucks says James hid some dingle berries in there somewhere.

Unbattled Block

LOL !! Good to see you are in mid-season form and its just week 2


I hate you for making me look that up lmfao

Unbattled Block

I still see Vic as the one going home. But Bronte or Paul leaving would be great too

They better hope Vic does not get POV Player draw. He may not be bright but he won 2 comps aleady


One side of the house getting picked off week after week is boring as hell. Something needs to shake this up.


the newbs are so stupid though. i kinda want them eliminated after paul was too dumb to throw the comps necessary to be 1st hoh. yes, you were putting yourself or an ally at risk, but you guaranteed a loyal hoh and a vet going home.


So all the “newbs” are stupid because of something Paul did?



they’re dumb for sticking with him after the fact. it was pretty obviously, throw him under the bus and readjust after that, but the majority of the newbs seem to have doubled down.


Thumbs down I see. I’m honestly shocked that people are rooting for predictability. Well enjoy I guess. I just don’t get it.

Tiny thumbs

Frank will make sure that Vanessa goes home this week. He’s traded her for his boy Paulie.

Natalie's Boobs

You used to post gifs of us Simon. Are you mad at us?

Natalie's Butt

What am I, chopped liver?

Capt. Obvious

Unfortunately for all of us, it looks like the threats of ugly, insecure women has gotten to Simon.
These trough-fillers also have made Simon only allow anti-Frank comments even though he is clearly a top 3 most likes HG AND the only HG trying to mix it up this season.


Not true re: Simon or this site


WOW, most delicious have nots week ever… If they can have ice and use the blender, Smoothies All Week… Yum..


I’m curious to see how the veto plays out. There’s still hope for some good drama if Victor wins the veto and saves Paul. At that point, Brontë or Tiffany could be in serious trouble.

Ideally, I would like Paul or Victor to walk out the door. But you have to admit, it would kinda cool to see the “revolution” wreak some havoc on the feeds.

Last note – Fatal Five FTW


I don’t know what Zakiyah is all pissed about, she could drink smoothies all week long. I miss the traditional PB&J have-nots.

Holy snapcrackle&pop

She’s just butt hurt that she’s sleeping in bumper cars rather than paulie’ bed:/


Fingers crossed that something bizarre happens this week and Tiffany goes home. I doubt it, but one can hope.


Although I do think Tiffany is a cool chick, I also secretly can’t wait to see her get evicted. The sooner the better. Not sure if I can handle another season watching Vanessa2.0 and her meltdowns. Last season was torture!!


Am I crazy to think that Victor’s best move should be to nominate himself so he’s guaranteed to play in Veto?


It absolutely would have been his best move. You can bet it never crossed his mind though.


Quite a few have said this….here’s why it’s incredibly dumb:

If you sense that you’re a house-wide target this early in the game and you nominate yourself, all you do is confirm your enemy status to everybody, that you know they all want you gone. It’s a very confrontational move even if it worked because it assures that you remain a house target, a safe target each ensuing week no matter who is HOH because it’s easy to hide behind you…and if it backfires, you lose veto, and get voted out, you look like the biggest idiot in show history.

The best and really only move is to ignore the target on your back, don’t let on you know. This way the votes you’re trying to win think they can play you, use you…and maybe in time trust you. Then you do all you can to move the target, make another nominee become target 1. There’s any number of ways to go about it and I’m not saying Victor is pulling it off or even smart, but he’s smarter to take this path and hope the luck of the draw gets him the veto, which means he can keep playing “nice” going into next week.


They all bitch about Tiffany freaking out about being nominated. Nicole is just as freaked before she found out it wasn’t her going up, and now Zakiyah is pissed because she is a have-not and gets berries as an alternative for slop? They should give her sardines and blue cheese and see how she acts.


Hahahaha, “Vanessa!”

Big Jim

Should have listened to Jozea and Paul. Looks like a Brigade type run dor the returning players. BBBOOORRRIIINNNGGG!!


Cool we now have a Vanessa hater doing recaps. How fun. U get all the names wrong of who says what often enough that I barely noticed your little Vanessa joke. Nice try at humor though. Claps. Now you gave the other haters fuel to post more boring drivel about Vanessa on your site. Jokes looks better every day:-)

Wasnt it funny last year when the haters all said Vanessa was going home from week 2 on and she proceeded to take out all their favs and didnt go out till the finale. You still mad or nah? Yes you are. Its obvious. lol.

Hey when Tiff is still in house in September and your stalking of Natalie subsides. Maybe then you two can have a little meeting and see why you making less money this season.

Buh bye now. Jokes on you.

Another Anonymous

Hi Vanessa.

C Ya Crazy Tiff

Buh bye Haters/Vanessa the messa. Tiff and the paranoia, hums, crying, and saying I’m a loyal person, the pimples need to go. She is ditto of you and last year was too much to take. This site gives everyone a chance to talk about the loonies that get recruited for it. We will root for only the good ones. We like to see bat shit crazy hit the road.


First, you really need to lay the whole pimple thing to rest. That’s really lame and this isn’t 6th grade, we get it, people get pimples. Second, do yourself a favor and stop trying to be witty with the 6th grade names. You sound really young and dumb. You’re mom really needs to monitor your computer time a little more closely. Smh


The only thing I took from this is that you clearly have no idea what stalking is.

Get out

If you dont want to read this website you can get out nobody is begging for you to be here




No haters need apply here. If you don’t like the site, then leave. I don’t imagine anyone here could do a better more thorough job of reporting the feeds than Simon or Dawg.


If that is how you feel, PLEASE GO TO ANOTHER SITE!


Well that’s what I was going to say. I don’t think it’s a put down to be called Vanessa in the game of big brother. Lol. Granted I didn’t particularly care for crying BUT she’s a boss at big brother regardless. So I don’t find it offensive. I think they just took it the wrong way, Simon.


I can definitely see that happening.Their voices are so similar, it’s crazy.


It’s all good to me. I just call her Vanessa’s sister and Cody’s brother. I forget several of them are even there. It takes me a bit to name them let alone put names to some of the faces.

sour grapes

Tiff wears the hats, hides eyes, paranoid and looks like Vanessa – minus the 3Bs bullying, brow beating & bribing! I found your comment about interchanging the names very funny! Haters (Vanessa?) does not like the truth – you are only reporting what you see.


Simon you’re not in the Twilight Zone Clearly a few other people are! Posters (is that what we’re called lol) who frequent your site know the truth and have your back:)


They look very similar, they sound nearly identical, and they have many of the same mannerisms. Vanessa’s sister seems to be trying to play the exact same game as Vanessa. Getting someone outside the main alliance as a secret buddy, Vanessa with Steve and now Vanessa’s sister with Cody’s brother. Quite frankly, I forget her name is Tiffany most of the time.

Berries for have nots -- not bad at all

I get that eating berries all week long will be horrible but that’s much better than just slop.
I do hope that they will be able to eat more during 4th of July. I’m hoping that production will give them a pass for that day.


LOL You wrote Vanessa in the post. I like what you did there!


OMG! Sounds like hater leaving a message is Vanessa. Ha ha ha. Just use your real name coward.


Nah actually Vanessa DOES have fans lol. Just because you or the “regulars” on here don’t like her, doesn’t mean no one else does.

DaVonnes Ugly Shades

And your real name is Cow?

Yes anyone who doesn’t post their “real” name here is a “coward”.

Thanks for your input keyboard warrior.

It’s a message board. Don’t take so serious. You really should re evaluate your life if you mad on a message board Cow.


Get your life.

Berries -_-

Who’s ready for big brothers first bathroom incident

Fancy Berries

I would give up my left leg to see Natalie slip a nip.


I definitely want to see Tiffanny or Bronte go home. I fee like Paul is manageable and the vets can work with him later on. He has a glimmer of hope. Zak is throwing a fit over berries? That’s a luxury have not meal! I’m tired of these BB18 recruits, learn the game already!

I definitely want the 8pack to replace Tiffany for Paulie. Tiff is too emotional and aggressive the only time she wants to talk game is when her name is mentioned. Hope she’s evicted this week


I still stand by my original post that if Tiffany gets evicted over Vic or Bronte that Paulie will go to war with Frank in the house. I am sure Paulie is just telling Frank what he wants to hear this Week as to not get any blood on his hands – but Paulie has always maintained he wanted Vic out from the beginning and if not him then Bronte.
I would love to see Paulie and Frank at war with each other but with Tiff still in the house. With everyone having to choose sides. That would surely shake the house up and you wouldn’t see this one sided crap we are seeing now. I think it is time we see Frank scramble for a change.
I am also sick of seeing whiny little Nicole flip flop just to keep herself safe. Throwing Tiffany to the wolves this Week. Having that chat with Vic on the side last night made me sick. I hope her and Corey get put up together so they can have a good cry together.


I foretell doom and much slathering of pimple cream. But no one ever listens to me.


I’ve been sat here for a while trying to think of a past player dumber than Jozea.. I just can’t! Can someone help me out here?


Well Vic is pretty stupid too but jozea is just a tad worse because he’s so obnoxious



Misty Beethoven

After Devon, Victoria comes to mind. She thought she was gorgeous and didn’t win a damn thing, didn’t seem to try all that hard at comps. She was a real piece of work. And then there was what’s her name – Danielle? – that Dan dragged along for some reason. There have been a couple of them.



You can’t make final deals with every person in the house.