Frank “1 of us 4 need to win Roadkill & we need to secretly put up Tiffany and get her out!”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 20-56-34-597

8:45pm In the bedroom – Michelle says that she wants to win HOH next week just to contribute. James says just so you know I’mg going to be gunning for it next week. I’ll put up Bridgette and Paul and ya’ll decide who you want out. James says next week is going to be endurance. Nicole joins them and says I don’t trust you guys are you scheming?

DaVonne tells Nicole and Zakiyah that Tiffany came to her about how those girls (Bronte, Natalie & Bridgette) came to her wanting to come together to take out the boys. Nicole says it might just be their way to stay longer. Davonne says we might be able to use it to our advantage so that we’re not the ones pulling the trigger. Niocle syas the only reason why I want Bronte out is because she said she was coming after me. But it might no longer be true. Davonne says I don’t want to take that risk. DaVonne says that Frank only wants people in jury that will vote for him. Davonne says she thinks Tiffany and Paulie formed something because he talked to her more than anyone else. Nicole says it must be the sibling thing. James and Michelle join them. They talk about how Vic is going to have a fit.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 21-29-12-643
9:30pm James and Nicole find beer and wine in the storage room. James says we should hide it and drink it .. for the first time in BB history! Tiffany joins them and they talk about hiding it. They decide not to hide it and head up to the HOH room to show the others.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 21-32-51-606

9:55pm – 10:10pm Storage room – Frank says I am getting a weird energy from him (Vic) too. He’s got to realize its a possibility (of going up as the replacement nominee). Paulie was saying he was going to say something before but now I think he’s going to wait until the veto ceremony. He wants to take all the heat. You don’t have to take all the heat. I think he should just say its what the house wants. James says its like saying you’re in a house where everyone doesn’t like you. Frank says its kind true though. We get Bronte out next week right. James says right, which means I have to throw another HOH. Frank says me or you or Day or Nicole or even Corey … mainly one of us four needs to win that Roadblock (Roadkill) and we need to secretly put up Tiffany and get her out. Paulie doesn’t really want her out and he thinks he can trust her and he wants to keep her around a little longer. I want to get her out. I don’t trust her. I don’t trust her and the fact that he trust her so much makes me trust her less. James says right, that sounds like a Derrick move. If someone trusts someone so much like get her out. She rubbed Day wrong today. She rubbed me wrong and she rubbed Nicole wrong the other day. I’d rather have Natalie and Bronte in the house longer than Tiffany. I don’t want Tiffany winner HOH. She’s not going to listen to us. James says if she was going to go after someone it would be you. Frank says that’s what I’m saying. Frank says you could even toss an HOH to Natalie and let her put up Tiffany. James says we’re just getting to the point where we need to start cutting into our group. Frank asks how far do you want Paulie to get? How far do you want Corey to get? James says yeah. We need to keep the integrity of our 4 together. Frank says if we don’t get rid of Tiffany we need to get rid of Paulie. James says I’m on the same page with you. Frank says I would rather have Bridgette & Natalie in jury than Tiffany. James agrees. Frank says we’re getting out the trouble makers and we’ll be left with sheep in the house. Frank says I think we need to get Bronte out next week and Tiffany the week after. If we can’t get Bronte out then we get out Tiffany next week.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 21-56-12-059

10:20pm – 10:40pm James, Frank and Nicole – Frank tells Nicole that he was thinking getting Bronte out next week and then Tiffany the week after. Nicole says okay. Frank says get out Vic, Bronte, Tiffany, Paul and then we’re down to 10. Then we just figure out who the last one to get out before jury. Frank says we don’t know how much longer the roadkill is going to last .. we need to utilize that. Frank says if we can get Corey or Paulie out …it would be a cake walk to the final 4.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 22-34-28-984

11pm Zakiyah is still cleaning the kitchen. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Nicole, Bronte, Natalie, Paulie and Bridgette are chatting about random things.

Bridgette and Bronte are talking. Bridgette says she is trying to figure out what the f**k is going on without getting involved in conversations and getting my name attached to things. Bridgettte says I want to be with Frank because he is powerful. Natalie joins them. Natalie says they think I’m dumb. Natalie asks we have to save Victor ..possibly .. what do you think? Bridgette asks why. We need Tiffany. Natalie says we need to get the girls to come together.

11:40am – 12am HOH room – Nicole says that this is the first time I feel bad because when he (Vic) enters a room, I feel like I have to leave. Paulie says he has no clue (he’s going up as the replacement nom. They comment on how it used to be Paul that was annoying and now its Victor. Paul says “Like a midget at a urinal, I’ve got to stay on my toes.”
Paul says “Like a blind guy at an o*gy I have to feel out the situation.”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 23-36-21-335

11:50pm – 12am Bronte, James and Natalie are having girl talk.

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So anyway

Frank has to go! He’s obsessed with Tiffany and it’s getting to be too much.


Uh, Frank is not obsessed with Tiffany.

He just knows that Bridgette and Natalie will be easier to manipulate, so he’s laying the groundwork to get rid of her before them.

Frank's Ascared

Frank can’t take smart chicks who aren’t afraid to talk back, she’ll organize the revolt and put him up since the girls on his team can’t. He knows the team protection he’s got won’t last since his power trip is so transparent.


The problem with Frank is he cannot just relax and let the evictions play out until he has to get rid of problem people. Right now he has Tiffany, Corey, Paulie on his radar and they only have two evictions so far! There are many weeks ahead and all this slimey scheming is going to bite him in the ass…Again!

An ornery mouse

I don’t see why so many viewers are getting irritated with Frank. When you add the fact that he’s playing too hard to his “Comp Beast” reputation, I don’t think there’s any way in hell the guy is gonna win this thing…. he’ll be one of the biggest targets once the game’s fat is trimmed.

But, it’s still entertaining to watch someone play the way he’s going about it. He’s got his hand in every friggin’ cookie jar and I enjoy watching the dude attempt to manipulate everyone. Gonna be pretty sweet when the 8-pack and friends start to target each other.

I think Zak and Cory are sitting the prettiest outta everyone left. They’ve both been drama free thus far and they’re low on the totem pole within the dominant group.


Which is why I think he wants to start cutting some of the folks from “his” side now. He doesn’t want to be sitting in the house with folks who can upset his path. He’s looking to cut people who are capable of building groups, which is why he’s not worried about Da’Vonne. She’s not a team builderso he’ll be able to rally the trops against her later. He’s trying to eliminate folks so he’s the one left in charge and no one left to challenge him.

There can be only one!

Make Me Proud Paulie

I hate to say this…but if any of these new guys want to win, something big has to be done now or this is going to be a very long and boring season. Paulie needs to pull Paul off and put up James or Da’Vonne…if he’s not in the main alliance, he needs to do something.


Why couldn’t Paul act this chill from day 1?? He hasn’t been an annoying, cocky, asshole at all tonight from what I have seen on BB after dark. I could actually root for him if he starts showing this side more often. He would prob go back to being the same as before though if he wins HOH… I just wanna see unpredictability.


I was saying basically the same thing earlier today. If Paul could chill with all of the overly dramatic “your boy is going to rip his nuts off and beast out all over this house graaahhhhhgrrrrrrr raaaage” *beard fluff* BS, he’d be fun to root for. As it stands, I want to shave off his beard and stuff it in his mouth.


Paul and Jozea both went crazy with power, drunk with power, became nasty dictators with power, cruel with power, mean with power and just generally showed what kind of men they are when they thought they had power. The fact that Paul is now civilized really doesn’t alter the fact that underneath he’s just a prideful arrogant jerk, he just knows how to hide it. I mean, can we ever forget when he decided there would be no more girl talk without him because he was powerful and could dictate that. Or all the dictator rulings he and Jozea kept making, yikes!


I think this would be a good opportunity to get rid of Tiffany


I think an alliance I would like the most would be James, Nicole, Paulie, & Tiffany (if she can keep her emotions/paranoia under control)


Frank is no Derrick… He is setting himself up for a shorter stay, in the BB house, than his first time around lmao

King Francis XVIII

Nicole & James can’t possibly believe King Frank plans to take the Vets to Final 4 and hope the Newbies on Jury know who to vote for. He’s not playing close to the vest but dictating every eviction, never asking for input but expecting they agree with him. And their Jury Speech will be, I deserve it more than Frank because, well, I didn’t get in his way. He can’t even remember who he’s told what & when Paul spills the beans Franks putting the Vets out before Jury, maybe Nicole will wake up. Day & Tiff better get him out.


I would love to see Frank get blindsided!


It would best for him to get evicted now, rather than later. He would get a second chance and would smoke Glenn or Jozea in a comp.


I hate to say it, because I loved him in 14, but he’s too overbearing in this one. Wtf with his hate for Tiffany?! Maybe he’s just wanting to play hard and bring out everything that Boogie taught him. Idk. I still love him but not liking his gameplay, so far, this year.

Never worst then bb15

Well said! I liked him too and was excited to see he was chosen to return but he seems to have a game mantra of “WWDD” and I have to wonder how long his interpretation of this will work for him….


Hmmmm… Day and Zak will be gunning after Frank very soon. I believe that them 2 will rather Frank go than Tiff.


Ugh… I can’t wait till someone evicts Frank i don’t care who does it I’m tired of him talking about tiff if it’s not him then it’s day they just both need to get evicted .


I can’t believe I’m agreeing, because I loved Frank in 14, but I’m done with his arrogance now.
Da has angered me about wanting Tiffany out also, but she might be coming around, to make the girls strong. I hope they can do that before those guys get Tiff out.


Was it confirmed that Glen was sequestered and Josea was going square off with him or did the buy back start with Jojo? Either way, my money’s on Vic coming back.


Yes … it was confirmed on the eviction episode.
Messiah and Glenn will battle it out first. Winner will battle out this coming week’s evictee.
This will go for the first 5 evictees. Whoever wins the last battle gets to back in the house and play again.


It started with Glenn.


I love Frank and he’s playing well, except for his obsession about getting Tiffany out. Those two could work so well together, as a final two. I just don’t get him being so intimidated by her and not using her assets (strong mentally and socially) / weakness (emotionally), to his benefit.
Him talking to James, to bring this about, is good. James is finally playing.
However, Frank saying that the girls would never go against them…

Cut to DaVonne and Zakeyea talking about a scenario of getting all the guys out, by them taking each other out, as it progresses. Then it is all girls to the end. They are down for this.
Nicole comes in and they go over it with her. She is afraid to even mention an all-girl alliance and hopes that it could all happen organically. If so, she’s down for it.

Then there’s Bronti, Natalie and Bridgette, separately talking about how working with the girls to get the guys out, would save them.

So, the guys, especially Frank, have their plan in motion. I’m hoping the girls will throw a quink into that! In doing that, I hope that they save Tiffany. I want to see her play more.


Sorry, correction, and I don’t know what I was thinking! Frank is not playing well, at all, this year.
I did like him in 14, learning from Boogie, and being a comp beast.
This year, he’s too overbearing, and I don’t like it.
I’m still wanting Tiffany to do well.


I thought Frank blew it when he told Nicole about his eventual plan to go after Corey and Paulie…something tells me Nicole is going to repeat her big mistake of letting the guys dictate her season.


Simon and Dawg, you have the best recap site and yours is the only one that I always go to.
You have all of the best happenings on the feeds, and a great commentary, to go along with it.
Thanks for all you do. Plus Simon on “The Kill Show” … come on! Too good!


Wow , Frank….I was rooting for ya but you’re making it hard… The ditzy spy girls have enough sense to realize that they need to strike a big target….like you Frank, the head of the snake


I just love your name, Hodor


Everything to me! Love you, Hodor. I’ll hold the door for everyone I meet, in your honor. Always.


I’ll hold the door
Got you boo


Love you, Hodor. I’ll always hold the door for you.


Quick question, who is Frank actually alligned with? I think the vets but I am not for sure anymore.


He’s a floater, so he floats to whoever has the power so he can play both sides. Most people don’t recognize his floatiness because he talks loud and snaps at women, but is his game really that much different than Andy’s? No.


Yeah, his game is just like Andys…. Minus the fact that he absolutely owns every comp he decides to win. That’s all.

Smart Guy

Andy won 6 competitions, including parts 2 and 3 of the final HOH, and Frank won 6. That looks pretty even to me.


Natalie’s attachment to James….so wants to be the Meg this year…


ugh…Nicole never stops bitching! My Little Moany whines about having to keep on leaving rooms to get away from people who are annoying her. Ironically…all of America switches the feeds when she comes into the room for the exact same reason…


My Little Moany, hahahaha, nice 😉

Slop says

Frank is gunning to get himself out of the house (it will be exciting when his game implodes if everybody uses their brain). I want to see Da mobilize with Nicole and Zak, pull James in because Frank will ultimately get rid of James as he is well liked in the house. I think Frank will get rid of James before Paul at this point.

Was it me or was there a lot of flirting happening in the house tonight?

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Please get Frank out… he thinks he is making the game interesting for us but he isn’t even an entertaing manipulator and is ruining potential drama.

Fancy Berries

Exactly what potential drama is Frank ruining?


Here is a big problem for me…Paul! He thinks people in the house, and I guess us?, want to give him all the liquor on july 4th because he is pure entertainment when he is drunk!…huh???Newsflash Hipster Wannabe…you are revolting, idiotic,intolerable,nauseating,and I am going to be doing a Snoopy happy dance when your idiotic presence is no longer on my tv! Okay…that is all.

Rambling Rose

Tiffany’s whole family is on this sight- going on and on about the virtues of TIFF and the grand plan to have a female win. Is this the plan of BB also? She has not done anything impressive yet to get all this positive feedback. I just want a good game with a lot of paranoid people in different rooms whispering. This shit is so boring. I find myself FF most of the time .


It boggles the mind that Victor and Natalie haven’t realize they are on the Titanic. Bronte, Paul and Bridgette’s light bulbs are slowly turning on and are headed for a safety boat.

Knowing Victor is the target and the other side has the numbers …. how can you (Natalie) save Victor from being evicted and not make yourself the target? Natalie are you having a major brain fart???

You had the other side figured out before anyone in your team. You drank the Messiah’s Kool-Aid and let him convince you were off basis. Now you’re on the other sides totem pole to be picked off!!

For the love of god ….Natalie … it’s time to jump ship and abandon the titanic.


What show are you watching? Natalie got a clue before any of the others on that side.

Smart Guy

Frank is weird! He and Da need to go brawl it out in the backyard until there’s nothing left but a bunch of braids, pieces of curly clown wig and shredded flesh covering the backyard.

Jimmy 64

I hope they do evict Victor because he’s the only one who can
keep Jozea out of that house . I don’t think Glenn stands a chance.
Unless he surprises us all.


Victor is not the “only one”… do you realize Jozea would have to win 4 comps in a row in order to get back in? And you think Victor is the only one that can stop him? Really? Were you even paying attention when Julie said how the battle-back works?


I guess “Hodor'” and hold the door are not allowed on here, but Simon and Dawg, was that not the best thing ever ?!
And then GOT got even better!!
I’d love to hear your coverage of GOT!
Love what you cover on BB!


You got me all curious, what’s the background story between you an HODOR? It seems to be more interesting than what’s going on in the BB house. And what’s up with GOT? Does that stand for Game of Thrones? And how does that play into this scenario? Gosh, I’m more curious than an alley cat! At this point who cares who gets evicted from the BB house. I want the full scoop on the “HODOR” situation.

Min O'Pause

And gosh dang it while we’re deviatin’ here is it true that Lucille clubs both Glenn and Abraham? And what in the he’ll is a HODOR?

Min O'Pause

Is a HODOR a sleazy female greeter at Wal-Mart?


What kinda season am I watching when James seems to be one of the top players ?
I loved him last season, but for sure not for his stellar gameplay…-.-


Trust me kiddos, when I tell you that this is going to be one hell of a season. ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!!
The house is already plotting and scheming and remember that things change on a whim every second and every minute in this mother fucking looney bin! I have a feeling the girls are going to revolt against the guys and it’s going to be epic! It’s about time that we have an all strong female alliance that won’t crumble but will ICE PICK and Sharon Stone their way to the finals!!! Keep an eye on Natalie and Zak – I have a feeling they will form a strong bond with a few other girls. I don’t see Bronte lasting long. Karma darling XX


Hope James wins hoh next week because he will put up Frank and stand by it if the others ask him to. I want Frank out,!!! Now isn’t soon enough. Arrogant, obnoxious, irritating, demanding pos. Somebody tell James Frank’s no parents at the final plan.

Yup Yup

Nobody wants James at the end. Nobody wants Frank at the end. Neither will be in the final two.

Yup Yup

It’s hard to see a path to the final two for James. Even the people that like him don’t want him in the end. And he doesn’t really have anyone watching his back.

On his own side he’s stuck between the 5 harpies and the alpha dogs. He can’t pick up strays because the 3 girls are team vag. That kind of leaves him with Paul as a fellow little person outsider, but they have no connection and are unlikely to hook up.


I for one would LOVE to see Tiff win next HOA AND Roadkill, watch Frank kiss some serious A$$… Would be the perfect time to try to back-door him!!!!!