Big Brother 18 Week 2 POV Players Picked! “tomorrow is going to be awkward as f***”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Power of Veto players have been picked.. : Da’Vonne, Bronte, Paul, Tiffany, PAulie, and Zakiyah
POV Host: Corey

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 12-26-25-757

12:28pm Frank Frank, Da’Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah
Frank and Da’Vonne say they are proud of Paul he got houseguests choice and didn’t pick Victor.
Frank – tomorrow is going to be awkward as f***
Frank to Paul – “Hommie.. you’re doing great”
Paul – I was lied to..
They go on about Victor getting backdoored this week.
Frank says Victor tried to make James look like a malicious person, “that’s just dirty.. I don’t feel bad”
Frank says Victor threw Bronte and NAtalie under the bus yesterday.
Frank tells Paul they won’t have the Veto until later today it’s too hot out right now.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 12-32-41-305

12:33pm Bronte, Bridgette, Paulie, James, Tiffany.
Soccer chit chat..

12:37pm BAthroom Frank, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne
Talking about how they thought for sure Paul was going to pick Victor.
Frank says they are on-board with sending Victor out this week.. Bronte..
Frank – Honestly I don’t mind we send Tiffany home before Paul.. Victor Bronte, Tiffany, Paul Bridgette than Natalie..
Frank wonders if they should get Natalie or Bridgette out first.. which one do they want in Jury.
Frank – I honestly don’t care which one to be honest.. maybe Bridgette because she might vote for me..

Da’vonne stresses Tiffany must know she has to throw the POV.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 12-41-25-571

12:42pm Bronte and Paul chess..
Paul tells her there’s some game she needs to know.
Bronte – I can’t stomach it…
Paul – trust me …
Paul – right when Jozeas got evicted Paulie and Frnak pulled me aside and said they liked me the most..
Paul – they are using me as a pawn to get everybody else out then they will get me out.. they want to get Vic out right way and they want to use Natalie..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 12-47-15-426

12:46pm Paulie and Paul
Paulie says they are looking at taking out some of the girls later down the line, Michelle, Natalie, Bronte..
Paulie – me and frank don’t talk about anything in particular.. we don’t really talk about things moving forward.. .
Paulie says after the 5th week everyone is a target.
Paulie – we trust you and corey
PAul – what about James
Paulie – we do trust him he is close to… he’s good with being close to everybody.. the best we can do is spread ourselves out not keep ourselves in the same spot.. every night we reconvene and talk.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 13-01-38-695

1:00pm Zakiyah and Da’Vonne

They are onto Frank..
Da’Vonne says Frank has got to go early. it sucks because she really wanted Frank to go with them to the final 3.
Zakiyah says all these people with good jobs outside need to end out.. Marketing, Nurses..

Da’Vonne – I hitnk Bridgette needs to go to the end.. She loves yo..
Zakiyah – he’s controlling it..
Da’Vonne – he calls me a slut I’ll slap his sh1t.. 9Early
Zakiyah – he’s a bomb a$$ competitor..
Da’Vonne – he orchestrated this whole eviction.
Da’Vonne says Paulie will vote over Frank than Zakiyah..

Da’Vonne calls Frank ‘F****G a$$hole, “I listen to him i’m like you got this game in teh bag..”
They are both sayign they can read right through Frank.
Zakiyah – You gotta be kidding me

Zakiyah is goign to talk to Paulie about Frank
Da’Vonen – can’t do that now.. can’t do that no time soon..
Da;’Vonen ohh.. he’s f***g smooth
Zakiyah – working the crowd.. Professional bullshitter
Da’Vonne- he playing.. he playing.. I’m going to keep making him feel comfortable keep making him think he’s controlling stuff..
Da’Vonne wants Vic, Paul, Bronte and Frank gone in that order.
They talk about Getting rid of Corey because he’s gotten so close to Nicole and Frank.

Nicole joins thems ays Victor is being so nice right now.

They tell her if they win the Veto they will take down Paul and Paulie will put up Victor.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 13-32-08-616

1:32pm Chit chat walking around before the POV starts.

1:45pm Paul and Paulie chess.
Paul talking about trying to squash whatever he has going with Michelle.Paulie thinks he needs to just keep having legit conversations with her.
Paul says he’s trying doesn’t want them on bad terms. Adds she’s stopped rolling her eyes at him so he thinks it’s working.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 14-29-13-900
2:10pm Frank and Paulie talk about after the POV they want to go up Vic and tell him they’re putting him up. Paulie says I did feel a little bad. Just a little bit because we reeled him in real good! Frank says I know man. Just to make the last four days not so hard on us. He’s just going to be a stormy cloud walking around the house. Paulie says I could be like the house came to us ….or you tried to vote me out. He’s a cool guy to be around .. just in the game he’s not a good person to have around. He would have definitely been loyal to us. We probably could have used him to get out people on the other side. On a week to week basis its just too risky. If we had him to create all the drama then he would be the first to get slit. Frank says But once he gets into power …he’s too impressionable. Frank says almost everyone on our side likes us.. I don’t see them coming after us. That’s the thing with this RoadKill thing is that we can use it to do some sneaky sh*t. Paulie says that its good that Corey is close to Nicole, I’m close to Z and you’re close to Day. Frank says I honestly think that Z, Day and Michelle will never go after us. Frank says one thing I was happy to see with Tiffany was after the names got pulled she was grinning from ear to ear. Nicole joins them. Paulie talks about how he’ll let Victor know he’s going after the veto. I’ll say it like it puts the heat on me. Zakiyah joins them.

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Yay!!! Victor is gonna get backdoored, expect some fireworks this week in the BB house!


Tiffany will win the POV comp. In the meantime, Frank will continue to do things to make Tiff angry and paranoid. Since Frank yields influence over a number of HG, Tiffanessa will use the POV on herself. Since Vic nominated Tiffanessa, he will now have to name a replacement. The number one person coming after Vic is not James but Frank. Frank will be nominated as the replacement for Tiffanessa. Vic will vote for evicting Frank, Za and Da hating Frank will take this opportunity to evict him since another one might not come up. Paul and Bronte who will realize that Frank has been playing both sides will convince Natalie and Bridgette to evict Frank. That’s five votes to evict Frank, the other five will vote otherwise and if their votes are not split between Paul and Bronte, then the votes will be five/five.
As HOH, Paulie is the tiebreaker, with Za in his ear and pants; Paulie will jump at the opportunity to evict a vet who is playing both sides. Frank will go home and Vic will win the next HOH, putting up James and Nicole on the block. No matter who the third person on the block is, James will be voted out next week and the BB house will be left with 8 females to 4 males. I had originally predicted that the final three would be all female, touchee!

Unbattled Block

Looks like Operation Backdoor Vic will be a success. There is not a POV Player that won’t want to come off the block or pull someone off the block. Buh Bye Vic


Yes! Now Da and Z are onto Frank too, finally! Hmm wonder what made them realize all the sudden?

Oh well, who cares as long as Frank is sent packing.

Crooked Hillary Clinton

Are you kidding? Frank will outplay Da and Za, he already is, run circles around them, Plus he is a beasts at comps. He will go farther than them, book it.




As long as Da’Vonne can control the attitude when she’s not in the power group, she has the insight to see what’s going on. She’s much better at socializing this time around too although I’d say she should be making some in roads towards Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette. You can use some fodder for votes.


Franks side vs DaVonne’s side will end up being the Men vs the Women and given the Men’s ability to win more Comps I see them coming out ahead in the end.


I’d liked that better than 9 people picking off the remaining 4 outsiders week by week.


Nicole has been suspicious of Frank for several days. Tiffany wants him out because of how he treats her. Michelle will do what the fatal five wants. Bronte will be relieved to be saved. Bronte can convince Natalie to go along with her. So, if the competition is mental challenge the ladies could win and make Frank disappear. James will go along with the women…’s possible and I would love it.


Lol I don’t expect Da to take out frank. Just happy to add her and Z on the list of people onto him. There’s only a couple left that don’t know what he’s up to.

Lil Sister

The newbies should take Tiffany of the block and Victor can backdoor Frank.


That would mean Zakiyah would have to win it and she’s so far up Da’Vonne’s & Paulie’s butt that will not happen.


Great idea and all.. but Frank is safe. One of the reasons teams suck.. CBS’ way of keeping the vets around


Anyone in the BB house that says Tiffany would be stupid or overly paranoid to try to win veto and use it on herself is full of more horse shit than a stable. No one on the block should ever feel safe. And thank you DaVonne and Zak for catching on to Frank. I know you still don’t love Tiffany but you need to keep Fatal 5 together at least long enough to get rid of Frank. Besides, according to facebook, his girlfriend had second thoughts about him leaving for the summer and she really misses him so the kindest thing to do would be to get rid of him before jury. I would love to see Frank lose a battle to Jozea (or Tiffany if she gets evicted) to get back in the house. I know Jozea is super annoying but it would be worth it to see the utter look of disgust on Frank’s face.

Min O'Pause



I though Simon was just antiTrump.


Not at all. I’m a Tiffany fan and a Frank hater lol. And I don’t see you being biased at all. Well I’m rooting for Tiffany I should say. Not sure if I’m a “fan” yet.

canadian girl

Not at all. Not everyone reads what you write. Some only skim and you can tell by their comments. Keep up the good work


Ok Simon….you can’t take most of what is said seriously. No, I haven’t read any bias into your or Dawg’s postings. Your reporting on this blog has always been exemplary. And your comments are hilarious!
Don’t question yourself…………..haters gonna hate.
Keep up the good work………..most of us sincerely appreciate the job you do!


Probably just someone who likes trolling

Unbattled Block

i don’t see how anyone could come to that conclusion in either scenario

Dawg on the other hand….hmm

Just kidding, You guys both do a great job of calling it down the middle fairly

Danielle's Cankles

No. But you have a clear Dawg bias. Have for years.


You’re fishing for compliments.


Yes, I see it! I’m going to resuscitate you and shave off your eye brows!

Wait I thought you said a Natalie bias…


Simon, I think your posts are wonderfully unbiased except for your obvious affection for Natalie’s body. Lol….I love that you found one to appreciate. Frankly, with all the time you spend watching and reporting, I don’t see how you do it. Fans become anti somebody immediately.


We try our best .. its not always easy to keep our opinions or comments out of the posts. 🙂 Its hard not to get distracted by Natalie’s assets. 😉


Exactly. It’s hard enough to keep up with feeds by watching and reading recaps. I can’t imagine the strain it must be to consistently post updates for others. Good job guys.


Thank you!


Simon, any time you get accused of being biased from opposite sides you know you are riding right down the center of the road…

Bed Crackers

Where’s the anti-Frank accusation?
I only saw the anti-Tiff rant.


You’re doing us all a massive favor, so you have as much fun with your recaps as you want and if we can’t handle some lighthearted shots at our personal favorites, tough. This is supposed to be fun, right?….


No, you’re more fair than most. Can’t imagine who… unless it’s the same posters who are obvi unreadable racists saying vile things about everybody, you’re so fair you don’t censor those either. Maybe you call Tiffany Vanessa, but she does too. And you only print what Frank says, which the most gullible HG’s have called out. Your job isn’t to make all the HG look better than they are, now that would be biased. Keep keeping it real.


The real problem is people want their favorites to be fawned over and a bias displayed toward them. So much so that to them middle of the road objectivity seems like a bias against their darlings.

Here at Home

You are only reporting what the houseguest are talking about and they are talking a lot about how sneaky and smart Frank is and how few of them seem to understand Tiffany and are therefore suspicious.

Min O'Pause

Cmon people and just relax and have fun here. You want to see shit to get upset about, follow me for a day. Chill already.

Min O'Pause

I find it refreshing to come here and see the witty repartee everyone posts. And I don’t care about real or fake names. First instance you would never guess that I’m a 28 yr.old supermodel whose made the cover of Cosmo 17 times would you?

Misty Beethoven

You win. I won an Olympic medal in fencing and didn’t get one magazine cover:(

Min O'Pause

Ok I confess. I’d be lucky to make the cover of AARP. But kudos to you WOW! 🙂

Misty Beethoven

Oh Min, I was only kidding! I can’t walk and chew gum without tripping!

Min O'Pause



I’m “presumptive” to be the POTUS, which will happen, I guarantee it. And I’ve been on dozens of magazine covers and still get no respect from the MSM. Not looking for it either, the contentness of virtue is better than the praise of fools.

Min O'Pause

You rock Donny. Got one of your signs in my yard.


It sound like the return of Nokomis 6 Finger Plan. if they don’t spill the beans this time. Should be a good Pov ceremony.


Simon do you remember the reason they don’t want any of the house guests singing? Did someone try to get paid because a houseguest sung a lyric of their song? Heard production tell Paul to stop.

Min O'Pause

I’d like a good blindside. Jozanna Hozanna new damn well he was going by the look on his face before the vote was announced.


So, let me get this straight — Da’vonne doesn’t want to work with Frank, doesn’t want to work with Tiffany, and doesn’t want to work with the newbies.

So how is she going to get to the end of the game? Winning competitions? Does she seriously think she can power all the way to the end with just Nicole and Zakiya on her side?


Like I said it’s going to be Frank vs Day . It’s too early but Day has the upper hand so far. Day will have Zak, Nicole, Michelle , and Tiff. Tiff hates Frank and doesn’t trust him and she has a bond and friendship with Natalie who I think can make it far especially when Bronte leaves. I think she will team up with the girls with Bridgette who I see being team girl. I think Frank and Paulie will be public energy #1 because Vic has a good chance in coming back in the house and he will definitely be coming after them. I think James is playing it smart and will be playing both sides. Frank will either be 1st in Jury or out before then by a backdoor. I see Paulie being in a ok spot since his little showmance with Zak . I can see Paulie, Zak, and Day being like Dan , Danielle, and Shane and making far in the game once Zak tell Paulie and the 8 pack and how he was left out and kind of throw Frank under the bus .


Day does not have Nicole, Frank does. They have made a final-2 deal. At worst she’ll be stuck in the middle like James where we’ll have to listen to her whine. If James finds out that Frank doesn’t want any parents at the end, he’ll side with Day. Also yesterday Day hated Tiff more than Frank. Day changes her shitlist every day (no pun intended). Frank vs Day will be the season so I hope it lasts longer than just jury. Also rooting for Frank. Just a matter of time before Day can’t keep her trap shut anymore.
Corey + Paulie + Frank > Catty Fatal 5

Sho Nuff

Big Brother ain’t the welfare office, ladies.

Hey Yo Xeno

Your worst side is showing again. Where were you when Frank announced he’s evicting Day & James with kids cuz he doesn’t want to compete with a sympathy vote? Or when Derrick stabbed everyone in the back in the name of his daughter? Or when Newbies said Vets had their chance? Zak & Day are saying folks with the most cash don’t need the prize, and that’s, why all the Survivor contestants lie about their jobs. Derrick didn’t divulge he’s a cop, and Van kept secret she was a “milionaire” until she had to start bribing HG’s for votes. Keep spinning your vile hate cuz Dan lying about his dying wife was the best Finale Speech right?


We know Vic is pretty much going next. There is a sick part of me that is curious that the other side wins HoH… and this happens

Corey and James are nominated the Roadkill puts up Paulie
the PoV is endurance and James wins so he is replaced by Frank.

What would happen in the house if Frank, Paulie and Corey were up on the block at the same time.
I think it would be a fun week that would put the house in utter chaos. There would be serious backstabbing, a huge test of an alliance, and a possible fight the campaigning for votes would be crazy. The whole house dynamic would flip on it;’s butt and what we thought is going to happen is upturned.
The votes would be all over the place and things would get intense… an honest to goodness nail biter. It would have us wondering who is going down to the wire because all three are popular with the houseguests. There would be NO guarantee. It probably will never happen, but it would be fun to watch.

Hand of the king

Davonne will get herself evicted if she goes after frank she may succeed in getting him out but by watching day and going off last season I could see by her going for him she will get herself out in the process or a week or two after him


It really helps when people don’t know the game. Otherwise Paul would have chosen Victor as house guest choice in the POV. How he and Victor don’t see this is beyond me. By doing what Frank & Co want Paul is just putting off his inevitable eviction by a week or two. He should have tried to keep Victor safe by giving him a shot at POV.(smh).


I think some of these people forget you need to win comps to win Big Brother. Ummmm, I am talking to you Da.

When her game depends on it, she won’t win shit. I guarantee it. Meanwhile Da will ride on the coattails of her alliance member’s victories.

Full House

That goes for Nicole, James the professional comp thrower, Natalie, Bridgette, Zak no one’s down to actually play a game… Tiff tries to memorize stuff bc that’s all Van & Steve did on feeds when not putting on a show.


I have to say this. How does anyone come to this site, read thru the postings by Dawg/Simon and then criticize them? If you skim thru them that’s even worse if you criticize them. I’m pretty sure these people have real jobs and they do this for our benefit. If you don’t like what they have to say get the feeds and stay up until all hours of the night watching them. Simon, you’re spot on in regards to Tiffany, every day she is more and more like Vanessa and if anyone is watching Frank is becoming Boogie right before our eyes. Way too arrogant and he’s going to shoot himself in the foot with that attitude. So Simon/Dawg I have the feeds but I thank you for all that you do!


Love this site. Totally appreciate what they do. Doesn’t make them perfect or free from criticism.

My biggest annoyance was how terribly they covered bbcan in the spring. This site is normally a godsend for sneaking out my phone while at work to discretely read what is happening in the house. It pissed me off to no end when they constantly posted updates of just YouTube videos. Defeated the purpose in my opinion. And when commenters called them out, the response was something along the lines of “I’m not invested in this season, can’t be bothered to watch the feeds’ I get that they are doing us a favour by volunteering their time, but it definitely rubbed me the wrong way. Thank god bbus doesn’t allow them to post videos.

Anyway, I’m much happier with the coverage right now, thank you both for keeping me entertained and in the loop while at work!


You certainly have insulting someone whilst giving a backhanded compliment down to a fine art. This site is free and Simon and DAWG donate their time so that BB fans can stay current. I cannot believe that people would even think to complain about coverage or lack of same or personal opinions posted by them. SImon and Dawg ask for donations in order to maintain the site and I know that numerous people are thankful for the hard work the guys do and are happy to make a donation. It is usually the whingers who would not consider donating. Perhaps S&D need to charge a flat subscription fee. Keep up the good work guys and if you feel to kick back with a Blue, enjoy the Canada Day weekend and forget posting, most of us will understand. BTW, Happy Canada Day and Happy Memorial Day to posters. Stay safe.

sour grapes

I loved the videos they posted for BBCAN I could catch up on what I missed. I am wondering if this site only can post Canada BB videos due them being free as you have to pay for it in the USA (copyright)? This is my favourite site for BB.


Yes, you’re right. We’re an affiliate partner with CBS and cannot post videos. CBS charges a small fee for the feeds so they obviously don’t approve of people posting videos of the live feeds. The best way to follow whats going on is to sign up for the live feeds and use our site to catch up and use our time stamps to flashback to watch the best moments.


lets say they take frank out next week then he comes back in two weeks
with a mind set that the women got to go that whould be great tv cause frank
will start to compete at his highest I belive frank james an pualie will team up with paul
in start owned this game


ill just wait until wed show showdown once triple rhreat aka agt vs bb vs nc go h2h2h


celebrity family geid win win again in the ratings wars


I just don’t know if paulie has the guts to put victor up. It’s a “statement” play and very early. And if you’re Tiffany do you trust anyone other than yourself with your game? Why? It’ll be an interesting couple of days. I’m grateful for Simon and dawg cause I do waiting well.


Oops I forgot that almost everyone knows about Vic already. And meant to post *dont do waiting well .

Slop says

Dawg and Simon,

I’m wondering when you two will appear in BB as house guests?


Simon or Dawg

Didn’t Dawgs try out for BBCanada the first year? Would the popularity of this site, and being obvious superfans, help in the process?


I thought about it but didn’t actually audition. After all who would update the site? My wife auditioned but wasn’t selected. She mentioned the site in the audition but it didn’t seem to matter to them.

Slop says

They let Willie in. I think that was his name. That guy????


Really hate Dayonne. Really like Zakiyah. I just feel like Dayonne complains way too much when things aren’t going her way. Zakiyah actually makes things work her way. Paul and Corey suck. Paulie and Tiffany are like clones of Cody and Vanessa except no brains and more talk. Bronte and Bridgette are annoying. And no Michelle or Victor. Two most boring personalities in the house. Basically that leaves me rooting for James, Frank, Nicole, Natalie. And it doesn’t look good for any of them. Still pulling for Frank the Tank.


I really hope Day and Z reconsider telling Paulie that they dont trust Frank…coz he will spill the beans…and I cant even blame him coz at this point Frank is his NO1 man.


Did anyone see what Victor said to Paul after Paul didn’t choose him for POV?

Alice in Flames

Because we are traffic on a website doesn’t mean we have to kiss the ass of those running the site. “Oh gtfo if you question or say a anything negative abouy Simon or Dawg” The reason this site is able to be here is because of us the “traffic”. I will say and type what I please thank you.

Simon and Dawg can delete what they want but stop editing peoples posts. Changing posts to make yourself look better is not only lame…ok. I digress. Not worth it.

Great season! Will get better.

Hope you all are enjoying it as I am.